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What Is The Best Revenge?

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A massive success!

No matter – what you do, how much you know, at the end of the day – success matters!

If you are not successful (in terms of money or becoming huge in terms of a product); you are not successful at all.

So, what you are looking at?

Go back and get back to work.

Work on the things that matter.

Work on stuff that gradually pick you up at the top.

Be consistent.

Be rigid.

Stay focused.

Set a timeframe and daily work-time for that particular project.

No matter what other stuff you do everyday, make sure you hustle your ass off for the given time for that specific project.

Because you have to be massively successful.

You have to show who you are and how invaluable you are by being massively successful.

There is no other way around.

So, get back and start working that really, really matters!

Best wishes!

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