Top 732 Suffering Quotes

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“I don’t look at myself as suffering.”

― A. J. Langer

“We have the sense that medical students come to medicine with a great capacity to understand the suffering of patients. And then by the end of the third year they completely lose that ability, partly because we teach them the specialized language of medicine.”

― Abraham Verghese

“I never saw myself as a women’s footballer. Not when I was in my tiny village in Norway. Not when I was suffering in Germany. Not when I finally made it to Lyon.”

― Ada Hegerberg

“Pacifism as a mass movement aims to avoid suffering; pacifists often say that no cause is worth suffering or dying for. The ethos of Solidarity is based on an opposite premise – that there are causes worth suffering and dying for.”

― Adam Michnik

“Wisdom comes alone through suffering.”

― Aeschylus

“Justice turns the scale, bringing to some learning through suffering.”

― Aeschylus

“There is no disgrace in an enemy suffering ill at an enemy’s hand, when you hate mutually.”

― Aeschylus

“Egypt was the first democracy in the Middle East. Women were unveiled in the 1920s. Egypt is a country of civilization, of culture. It shouldn’t be suffering.”

― Ahmed Zewail

“We don’t have a major problem right now in our country, and life is normal. Things like unemployment, which the youth are suffering from, and the rate of inflation – these are chronic conditions and we have to solve them.”

― Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

“Writing about what happened to my brother and to my family was awful. It was hard to look back at how much suffering there was and at how certain bad situations were made worse by our decisions.”

― Akhil Sharma

“Coping with the demands of everyday life would be exceedingly trying if one could arrive at solutions to problems only by actually performing possible options and suffering the consequences.”

― Albert Bandura

“Above all things let us never forget that mankind constitutes one great brotherhood; all born to encounter suffering and sorrow, and therefore bound to sympathize with each other.”

― Albert Pike

“Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.”

― Albert Schweitzer

“In fact, this is a blackmail of the terrorists at the expense of the suffering of the hostages.”

― Alberto Fujimori

“To write is to give meaning to suffering.”

― Alejandra Pizarnik

“Righteous is the one who was able to demonstrate compassion in face of human suffering.”

― Aleksander Kwasniewski

“The web of life, love, suffering and death unites all beings.”

― Alex Grey

“But you cannot expect every writer to dwell on human suffering. I think my books do deal with grave issues. People who say they are too positive probably haven’t read them.”

― Alexander McCall Smith

“I would never inflict my bassoon on anybody really other than the long suffering audiences that come to the concerts of The Really Terrible Orchestra; which actually is really terrible.”

― Alexander McCall Smith

“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.”

― Alexis Carrel

“Using medicine in the service of cosmesis is generally bad for patients, bad for doctors, and bad for democracy. The only exceptions are when we know the intervention will actually reduce suffering, as with a primary cleft lip repair.”

― Alice Dreger

“It is heartrending to read the entries in many an old family Bible – the records of suffering, distress, and blasted hopes.”

― Alice Morse Earle

“I have a collective sense of suffering.”

― Alice Walker

“What breaks my heart is suffering of any kind. Too often, our world is divisive and cruel where it needs to be uniting and loving.”

― Alicia Keys

“The violent rioting that is sometimes now being called protesting – it makes the emotions so high that you almost cannot see the insults and injuries that are the people are suffering.”

― Alveda King

“As a working mother, wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law, I have to make constant moral choices. Every choice I make results in someone else suffering.”

― Amanda Foreman

“When our TV screens are filled with heartbreaking images of suffering, we have to dig deep inside ourselves in order to keep going.”

― Amber Rudd

“I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing.”

― Anais Nin

“A lot of compelling stories in the world aren’t being told, and the fact that people don’t know about them compounds the suffering.”

― Anderson Cooper

“For the religious, Passover is the grateful remembrance of a homeward journey after years of suffering.”

― Andre Aciman

“Opium teaches only one thing, which is that aside from physical suffering, there is nothing real.”

― Andre Malraux

“Being a Jew, one learns to believe in the reality of cruelty and one learns to recognize indifference to human suffering as a fact.”

― Andrea Dworkin

“In Shakespearean tragedy the main source of the convulsion which produces suffering and death is never good: good contributes to this convulsion only from its tragic implication with its opposite in one and the same character.”

― Andrew Coyle Bradley

“I have been drawn to stories that are attempting to turn suffering into beauty.”

― Andrew Garfield

“Is the patience of the American people that long suffering? Is there no outrage left in the country?”

― Andrew Greeley

“Music is a mysterious phenomenon – it seems both to magically overwhelm and sublimate our suffering, but also to starkly dignify the struggles of our daily life.”

― Andrew W.K.

“Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue.”

― Anna Maria Chavez

“Sometimes when you’re suffering really intensely, you can’t pray for yourself.”

― Anne Graham Lotz

“I read God’s word when I am not suffering. And then I don’t have to all of a sudden establish this habit when I am hurting.”

― Anne Graham Lotz

“When we’re dealing with the people in our family – no matter how annoying or gross they may be, no matter how self-inflicted their suffering may appear, no matter how afflicted they are with ignorance, prejudice or nose hairs – we give from the deepest parts of ourselves.”

― Anne Lamott

“I think we are definitely suffering from an information overload, but I believe that there is going to be better and better ways of organizing that information and processing it so that it will enhance your daily life.”

― Anne Wojcicki

“Of what worth are convictions that bring not suffering?”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“He’s suffering from Politicians’ Logic. Something must be done, this is something, therefore we must do it.”

― Antony Jay

“Being knee-deep in sadness or suffering and refusing to look down – to me, that represents something more powerful than someone who’s never gone through difficulty.”

― Arca

“The ongoing conflict between us has caused heavy suffering to both peoples. The future can and must be different. Both our peoples are destined to live together side by side, on this small piece of land. This reality we cannot change.”

― Ariel Sharon

“There is no love without suffering.”

― Arielle Dombasle

“Suffering becomes beautiful when anyone bears great calamities with cheerfulness, not through insensibility but through greatness of mind.”

― Aristotle

“The film itself involves a New York City radio storyteller, Gabriel Noone, who strikes up a friendship with one of his fans, an abused 14-year-old teenager who is suffering from AIDS, who does not have much longer to live.”

― Armistead Maupin

“Experience is the extract of suffering.”

― Arthur Helps

“Four years of world war, at a cost in human suffering which our minds are mercifully too limited to imagine, led to the very clear realization that international anarchy must be abandoned if civilization was to survive.”

― Arthur Henderson

“Suffering by nature or chance never seems so painful as suffering inflicted on us by the arbitrary will of another.”

― Arthur Schopenhauer

“We don’t need flowery words about inequality to tell us that, and we don’t need a party that has led while poverty and hunger rose to record levels to give us lectures about suffering.”

― Artur Davis

“Look at the world, all the suffering… Being under house arrest is the least I can sacrifice.”

― Asma Jahangir

“The ‘Third World’ is a term I don’t like very much because we’re all one world. I want people to know that the largest part of humanity is suffering.”

― Audrey Hepburn

“Fires of suffering and strife are raging around the world.”

― Aung San Suu Kyi

“Suffering degrades, embitters and enrages.”

― Aung San Suu Kyi

“I never thought I had the monopoly on struggle or suffering.”

― Ayanna Pressley

“I learned that I suffered from bipolar II disorder, a less serious variant of bipolar I, which was once known as manic depression. The information was naturally frightening; up to 1 in 5 people with bipolar disorder will commit suicide, and rates may even be higher for those suffering from bipolar II.”

― Ayelet Waldman

“Every day, we at the United Nations see the human toll of an absence of regulations or lax controls on the arms trade. We see it in the suffering of civilian populations trapped by armed conflict or pervasive crime. We see it in the killing and wounding of civilians – including children, the most vulnerable of all.”

― Ban Ki-moon

“Death remains about the one certain fact in the lives of each one of us, and there will be suffering, sorrow, and sadness next week as there was last week.”

― Basil Hume

“Behind every crucifix stands our risen Lord. Hidden in every suffering and pain is the joy of closer union with him. His is the victory. He invites us to share it.”

― Basil Hume

“I think viewers quite like it when I’m suffering or eating or drinking something horrible or really up against it in some quicksand or whatever.”

― Bear Grylls

“It is women who bear the race in bloody agony. Suffering is a kind of horror. Blood is a kind of horror. Women are born with horror in their very bloodstream. It is a biological thing.”

― Bela Lugosi

“Women have a predestination to suffering.”

― Bela Lugosi

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”

― Ben Okri

“When you can imagine you begin to create and when you begin to create you realize that you can create a world that you prefer to live in, rather than a world that you’re suffering in.”

― Ben Okri

“Seeing much, suffering much, and studying much, are the three pillars of learning.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

“Obviously, I’m suffering from lack of sleep, but it truly is a blessing to be a mother.”

― Bernard Lagat

“Men weren’t really the enemy – they were fellow victims suffering from an outmoded masculine mystique that made them feel unnecessarily inadequate when there were no bears to kill.”

― Betty Friedan

“Women, especially in rural India, have to undergo such suffering and pain. It is important for our cinema to address their pain, anger, and frustration.”

― Bhumi Pednekar

“We make the future sustainable when we invest in the poor, not when we insist on their suffering.”

― Bill Gates

“It is shameful that millions of Americans are suffering the economic injustice of working a full-time job and earning a wage that leaves them below the poverty line.”

― Bill Pascrell

“The most challenging part of being a boss is that nobody will tell you if your work is suffering.”

― Bill Williams

“’Suffering should not make us bitter people,’ my mother once said, ‘it should make us better comforters.’ Young people need to hear this from those who have walked before them, because someday they’ll be walking those same steps, but there may not be anyone following behind.”

― Billy Graham

“Some pro-life advocates focus almost exclusively on the rights and suffering of the unborn baby, while some pro-choice advocates focus equally exclusively on the rights and suffering of pregnant women. This is a distortion of the moral choice that confronts us as a society.”

― Blase J. Cupich

“We want to let people know that we can build solidarity with suffering folks so that they are not excluded, they are integrated.”

― Blase J. Cupich

“That whole sex symbol thing I never took seriously to begin with. Thank goodness, or I’d be suffering right now because it’s out of your hands what happens to you with age.”

― Bo Derek

“As freedom-loving people across the globe hope for an end to tyranny, we will never forget the enormous suffering of the Holocaust.”

― Bob Beauprez

“Trump is part of the reason you are suffering. Trump is the one playing on the not-so-level playing field where he wins and you lose.”

― Bob Beckel

“Not suffering another existence is reaching the Way.”

― Bodhidharma

“All the suffering and joy we experience depend on conditions.”

― Bodhidharma

“We study play because life is crap. Life is crap, and it’s full of pain and suffering, and the only thing that makes it worth living – the only thing that makes it possible to get up in the morning and go on living – is play.”

― Brian Sutton-Smith

“Fur is not luxury: it is an industry of death and suffering.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“At the heart of all romanticism is suffering.”

― Brin-Jonathan Butler

“It was quite a ride and very conflicting for me, too – to be nominated for an Oscar, to be straight and healthy, and to be getting all these accolades while these people around me were suffering and dying from AIDS.”

― Bruce Davison

“So much of Judaism is about suffering, survival, and pathos.”

― Bryan Fogel

“I think when you see that the status quo creates pain and anguish and suffering, what I am most afraid of is that things will stay the same.”

― Bryan Stevenson

“Suffering is one of life’s great teachers.”

― Bryant H. McGill

“Without health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering – an image of death.”

― Buddha

“This must be such a relief for the TV executives managing a business in decline, suffering from a thousand cuts from social media and other new platforms. Trump arrived on the scene as a kind of manna from hell.”

― Campbell Brown

“Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering.”

― Carl Jung

“A psychoneurosis must be understood, ultimately, as the suffering of a soul which has not discovered its meaning.”

― Carl Jung

“All Democrats are not entitlement people. These are the people who are going to suffer the cost of Obama health care. These are the people who are suffering because there’re no jobs.”

― Carl Paladino

“War is the domain of physical exertion and suffering.”

― Carl von Clausewitz

“Nor is the suffering limited to children in developing countries.”

― Carol Bellamy

“I think many times news organizations, whether it’s for lack of resources or something else, cover the headlines and don’t follow up, even though the story continues for the people living there – they can’t leave. I think it’s critical that they do these follow-up stories to realize that there is still suffering, and the need is dire.”

― Carol Guzy

“It is part of my faith as a Muslim to try to help those who are suffering from poverty or economic or political injustice.”

― Cat Stevens

“As Christians, we are responsible for our fellow brothers and sisters suffering and fighting for the basic resources we all need to survive. To deny this is to turn a deaf ear to God’s teachings.”

― Catherine Cortez-Masto

“Love is suffering. One side always loves more.”

― Catherine Deneuve

“How little remains of the man I once was, save the memory of him! But remembering is only a new form of suffering.”

― Charles Baudelaire

“If every call to Christ and His righteousness is a call to suffering, the converse is equally – every call to suffering is a call to Christ, a promotion, an invitation to come up higher.”

― Charles Bent

“Clearly, the oil spill in the Gulf is a terrible tragedy; we lost 11 lives on the rig, and their families are suffering, and it’s also an economic tragedy for our state and ecological tragedy for the Gulf. But Sept. 11 was a different type of event: it was an intentional attack on soil.”

― Charles Boustany

“Monica Besra, a Bengali woman from a remote Indian village, was reportedly suffering from a malignant ovarian tumor when she went, in 1998, to a hospice founded by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. Nuns at the mission reportedly placed a medallion with Teresa’s image on Besra’s abdomen, and the tumor disappeared.”

― Charles Duhigg

“In 1880 at the Military Hospital at Constantine, I discovered, on the edges of the pigmented spherical bodies in the blood of a patient suffering from malaria, filiform elements resembling flagellae which were moving very rapidly, displacing the neighbouring red cells.”

― Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran

“I’m not someone who seeks out stories of people who are suffering. I think they just kind of find me.”

― Charlie Plummer

“Even though I am smiling, I have some suffering in my heart.”

― Chen Guangbiao

“I had my appendix removed in my 20s. I was in the middle of a play with Helen Mirren at the Royal Court Theatre, a fabulous career break. Then two weeks in I began suffering the most horrendous pain and had to pull out. Sadly, by the time I’d recovered, the show’s run had ended.”

― Cherie Lunghi

“I had to go on without my mother, even though I was suffering terribly, grieving her.”

― Cheryl Strayed

“When suffering knocks at your door and you say there is no seat for him, he tells you not to worry because he has brought his own stool.”

― Chinua Achebe

“I can’t stand the idea of a veteran risking her or his life for this country, suffering the wounds of battle, and then being kicked to the curb as a result of those wounds. But that is exactly what has happened to tens of thousands of men & women who have fought and bled for our country.”

― Chris Murphy

“Suffering isn’t ennobling, recovery is.”

― Christiaan Barnard

“The prime goal is to alleviate suffering, and not to prolong life. And if your treatment does not alleviate suffering, but only prolongs life, that treatment should be stopped.”

― Christiaan Barnard

“Although attracted by the humanities, I had chosen medicine as a career, seduced by the image of the ‘man in white’ dispensing care and solace to the suffering. But science was lurking around the corner, in the form of an unpaid student assistantship in the laboratory of physiology.”

― Christian de Duve

“You care about the deficit because it allows you to do things you need to do to help people who are suffering.”

― Christina Romer

“Many people are allergic to process and structure because it causes traumatic flashbacks of working at BigCo and suffering through bureaucracy for bureaucracy’s sake.”

― Christine Tsai

“Imagine the possibilities if humanity banded together before disaster struck to relieve everyday suffering worldwide.”

― Christy Turlington

“If nothing else, there’s comfort in recognising that no matter how much we fail and sin, death will limit our suffering.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“An institution or reform movement that is not selfish, must originate in the recognition of some evil that is adding to the sum of human suffering, or diminishing the sum of happiness.”

― Clara Barton

“The Middle East is more angry than ever. I’m afraid that the sort of deceit on the route to war was linked to the lack of preparation for afterwards and the chaos and suffering that continuous – so it won’t go away will it?”

― Clare Short

“I think the suffering, violence and cruelty and Guantanamo and the rest is going to go on and on in Iraq.”

― Clare Short

“And we know there has been horrendous loss of life and suffering and we know that there is anger. Anyone who came anywhere near the general election in constituencies with a substantial Muslim population knows that.”

― Clare Short

“To live forever should not be an obligation. In fact, eternal life should only be for those who wish for it, because if we are depressed and unhappy with our lives, just the idea of living forever is an unbearable source of suffering.”

― Claude Vorilhon

“The idea of somebody suffering is really painful to every human. In our collective language, we all too often see those who are suffering as a victim to be pitied, to be feared, and even sometimes to be despised. I want to redirect that narrative.”

― Clemantine Wamariya

“Empathy should not be contingent on our proximity to suffering or the likelihood of it happening to us. Rather, it should stem from a disdain that suffering is happening at all.”

― Clint Smith

“Suffering is too strong a word, but writing is serious work. I pull the stuff up from me – it’s not as if it’s a pleasure.”

― Colm Toibin

“Towns are suffering from all these things, we should unite until we are all satisfied, man cannot be killing each other as if we were animals, as if we had no culture; that is a lack of culture.”

― Compay Segundo

“Nelson Mandela sat in a South African prison for 27 years. He was nonviolent. He negotiated his way out of jail. His honor and suffering of 27 years in a South African prison is really ultimately what brought about the freedom of South Africa. That is nonviolence.”

― Coretta Scott King

“To those out there who are suffering from cancer, facing adversity, I want you to know that your will to live can make all the difference in the world.”

― Craig Sager

“God has created us and poured love into our hearts so that we may do our best to alleviate the suffering that is around us.”

― Dada Vaswani

“Physical comforts cannot subdue mental suffering, and if we look closely, we can see that those who have many possessions are not necessarily happy. In fact, being wealthy often brings even more anxiety.”

― Dalai Lama

“There are tons of examples of U.K. and European mistakes. A classic one is pensions. That’s obviously not an America-specific thing. The British and European economies are suffering under the weight of what is to come. The next great Ponzi scheme after Madoff is probably pensions.”

― Dambisa Moyo

“I investigated post-traumatic stress disorder. I’ve been to a unit where people are suffering from it, and I read a lot of literature. I looked at footage of soldiers in the combat zone. I found ‘Restrepo’ to be unbelievably useful.”

― Damian Lewis

“Woody Allen movies notwithstanding, therapy, in the early eighties, was not exactly a hot conversation starter. Nor was it a favoured activity for dysfunctional couples or suffering individuals.”

― Dan Hill

“Local economies are suffering as people spend more on fuel and less on consumer goods and travel.”

― Dan Lipinski

“A tremendous amount of needless pain and suffering can be eliminated by ensuring that health insurance is universally available.”

― Daniel Akaka

“There is no way Israel will deal with the Palestinians if the Palestinians do not understand the suffering of the Jewish people.”

― Daniel Barenboim

“The most wonderful study of mankind is man. Relieving human suffering and diffusing universal knowledge is humanitarian.”

― Daniel D. Palmer

“Grief causes suffering and disease.”

― Daniel D. Palmer

“I hope that the mistakes made and suffering imposed upon Japanese Americans nearly 60 years ago will not be repeated against Arab Americans whose loyalties are now being called into question.”

― Daniel Inouye

“For many people, commuting is the worst part of the day, and policies that can make commuting shorter and more convenient would be a straightforward way to reduce minor but widespread suffering.”

― Daniel Kahneman

“Poverty is clearly one source of emotional suffering, but there are others, like loneliness. A policy to reduce the loneliness of the elderly would certainly reduce suffering.”

― Daniel Kahneman

“The people of Nicaragua were suffering oppression. This made us develop an awareness which eventually led us to commit ourselves to the struggle against the domination of the capitalists of our country in collusion with the U.S. government, i.e. imperialism.”

― Daniel Ortega

“People always say things like, Oh, well, he was suffering so much that he was better off dying. But that’s not true. You’re always better off living.”

― Dashiell Hammett

“Suffering makes a people greater, and we have suffered much. We had a message to give the world, but we were overwhelmed, and the message was cut off in the middle. In time there will be millions of us – becoming stronger and stronger – and we will complete the message.”

― David Ben-Gurion

“Perfectionism becomes a badge of honor with you playing the part of the suffering hero.”

― David D. Burns

“Before you start a goal – let’s take care of our insecurities because they are going to surface when you put yourself in the crucible and you’re suffering.”

― David Goggins

“When you’re in hell, you forget how great you really are because you’re suffering and you forget the great things you’ve done.”

― David Goggins

“We live in a world of strange priorities, where Kim Kardashian buying a Lamborghini creates international headlines, but children in Niger suffering from drought and children in Britain suffering from leukaemia go unnoticed.”

― David Harewood

“I believe that the war on drugs is a tragically misplaced use of resources – an immoral venture that produces far more suffering than it alleviates.”

― David Harsanyi

“The amount of suffering I’ve seen is beyond belief. The amount of inequality is beyond belief.”

― David Hogg

“A filmmaker doesn’t have to suffer to show suffering. You just have to understand it. You don’t have to die to shoot a death scene.”

― David Lynch

“I remember being in New Orleans after Katrina hearing people calling, ‘Help me,’ and wanting to slide down in the seat of my car because it felt like I was invading their suffering. But I also know that our being there gave them a voice.”

― David Muir

“The American people know the economy is too weak. Too many of them are suffering. So the question for Washington is, are we going to continue to play political games and – and – or are we going to say, we can do something right now to create jobs, to put money in the pockets of the middle-class, hire construction workers, teachers, veterans?”

― David Plouffe

“We initially targeted pager networks, which have been suffering for the last decade due to cell phone sales.”

― David Rose

“Whenever I had anything and saw a fellow being suffering, I was more anxious to relieve him than to benefit myself. And this is one of the true secrets of my being a poor man to this day.”

― Davy Crockett

“We used to call them the storm of the century but now we’re seeing what happens if we don’t act fast enough – and real human beings are suffering because of that.”

― Dean Devlin

“When we forgive someone, it doesn’t excuse their actions; it frees us from our own chronic stress and suffering, so it’s in our own self-interest.”

― Dean Ornish

“In a global economy, the Bush doctrine of unilateralism – going it alone – has been disastrous. It’s becoming increasingly clear that we’re all in this together. Your happiness is my happiness, your suffering is my suffering, your recession is my recession.”

― Dean Ornish

“I always cause those who are near to me more suffering than pleasure.”

― Delmore Schwartz

“One declaims endlessly against the passions; one imputes all of man’s suffering to them. One forgets that they are also the source of all his pleasures.”

― Denis Diderot

“While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reaches out to embrace suffering Syrians, his government seems ready to throw embattled Mexicans under the bus just to appease Mr. Trump.”

― Denise Dresser

“There is no limit to suffering human beings have been willing to inflict on others, no matter how innocent, no matter how young, and no matter how old. This fact must lead all reasonable human beings, that is, all human beings who take evidence seriously, to draw only one possible conclusion: Human nature is not basically good.”

― Dennis Prager

“To endure the cross is not tragedy; it is the suffering which is the fruit of an exclusive allegiance to Jesus Christ.”

― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“Whether or not one has won the Nobel Prize, each of us living in contact with our fellowmen feels a joint responsibility for all forms of suffering, both physical and moral.”

― Dominique Pire

“Don’t Take Anything Personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”

― Don Miguel Ruiz

“By any objective standard, Joaquin Guzman Loera is an evil man who has caused untold suffering for others.”

― Don Winslow

“I wish there were more true conversion, and then there would not be so much backsliding, and, for fear of suffering, living at ease, when there are so few to contend for Christ and His cause.”

― Donald Cargill

“I haven’t been very good about dealing with disappointment. I suffer it, and then when that suffering becomes a kind of predation, then it’s gone. Because the disappointment is not always realistic.”

― Donald Sutherland

“Suffering isn’t a moral endowment. People don’t always do well under duress, and it seemed to me to be truer to a fellow in that situation to make him angry.”

― E. L. Doctorow

“Since this war began our sympathy has gone out to all the suffering people who have been dragged into it. Further hundreds of millions have become involved since I spoke at Limerick fortnight ago.”

― Eamon de Valera

“Dogmas are collective conceptual prisons. And the strange thing is that people love their prison cells because they give them a sense of security and a false sense of ‘I know.’ Nothing has inflicted more suffering on humanity than its dogmas.”

― Eckhart Tolle

“Some people awaken spiritually without ever coming into contact with any meditation technique or any spiritual teaching. They may awaken simply because they can’t stand the suffering anymore.”

― Eckhart Tolle

“Up until the end of the Bush Administration, there was indifference to the North Korean suffering under Kim Jong-Il.”

― Ed Royce

“It’s a very fascinating thing for an actor to play somebody who is suffering, and you have to express the suffering, but in an inarticulate way and sometimes a dysfunctional way, through violence.”

― Eddie Marsan

“War is a tragedy. It’s not pretty, and in my opinion, there are no winners. Everybody’s a victim, from the one who’s suffering pain to the person inflicting it.”

― Edgar Ramirez

“The human murder by poverty in Latin America is secret. Every year, without making a sound, three Hiroshima bombs explode over communities that have become accustomed to suffering with clenched teeth.”

― Eduardo Galeano

“Suffering is a corrective to point out a lesson which by other means we have failed to grasp, and never can it be eradicated until that lesson is learnt.”

― Edward Bach

“We cannot live, suffer or die for somebody else, for suffering is too precious to be shared.”

― Edward Dahlberg

“A person who’s only suffering can’t write a poem. There are choices to be made, and you need to be objective.”

― Edward Hirsch

“No nation ever yet found any inconvenience from too close an inspection into the conduct of its officers, but many have been brought to ruin and reduced to slavery by suffering gradual impositions and abuses.”

― Edward Livingston

“How vivid is the suffering of the few when the people are few and how the suffering of nameless millions in two world wars is blurred over by numbers.”

― Edwin Way Teale

“I would gladly do it but I am suffering from social phobia. I cannot manage being in a crowd of people.”

― Elfriede Jelinek

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths.”

― Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

“Girls’ inner critics are starting to reveal themselves at a younger and younger age. And body image issues are an aspect of their lives which is causing them low self esteem and day-to-day suffering.”

― Elizabeth Berkley

“Human suffering is not a competitive sport.”

― Elizabeth Emken

“Rock music has always embraced – and even represented – rebellion, rowdiness, and a robust disdain for social decorum. But along with more classical art forms like theater, opera, and the symphony, it’s suffering from the distracted, smartphone-carrying audiences of the digital age.”

― Elizabeth Flock

“For one thing, I don’t think art needs to be about suffering; sometimes it really seems like it’s only the art about pain that is interpreted as profound, and in my work for years I’ve really tried to deal with subjects that are substantial, not just fluffy, but presented in a more playful, approachable kind of way.”

― Ellen Forney

“If you are suffering from your intemperance in eating or in drinking, we that are around you, or associated with you, are affected by your infirmities. We have to suffer on account of the course you pursue, which is wrong. If it has an influence to lessen your powers of mind or body, we are affected by it.”

― Ellen G. White

“Every merciful act to the needy, the suffering, is as though done to Jesus.”

― Ellen G. White

“Who can measure the love Christ felt for a lost world, as he hung upon the cross, suffering for the sins of guilty men? This love was immeasurable. It was infinite.”

― Ellen G. White

“A new principle cannot be put into effect without bringing with it new mistakes. But we may, however, be convinced that the laws of life – to which belongs the law that suffering follows the misuse of freedom – will finally be able to bring everything within its right limits.”

― Ellen Key

“If you’re going to plan a wedding, then a certain amount of suffering is not a choice.”

― Ellie Kemper

“His work isn’t all glower. Even though he hasn’t smiled in a movie since the underrated ‘Proof’ in the early 1990s, Mr. Crowe is given to a hurt swallow when he’s uncomfortable and to a look of suffering in his eyes.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“It’s at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys.”

― Emil Zatopek

“We have lived through the flood time of fascism and of the nazism which ran its meteoric course at a cost to mankind in suffering and waste beyond all computation.”

― Emily Greene Balch

“The pro-gun propaganda peddled by the National Rifle Association feeds myths about gun ownership, and these myths arguably perpetuate the suffering of thousands of Americans each year.”

― Emma Gonzalez

“One does not expect to be comfortable in prison. As a matter of fact, one’s mental suffering is so much greater than any common physical distress that the latter is almost forgotten.”

― Emmeline Pankhurst

“It is not actual suffering but the taste of better things which excites people to revolt.”

― Eric Hoffer

“If I’m awake at 2 A.M., I’m either suffering from anxiety or doing something I will regret tomorrow.”

― Erin Foster

“I do not believe that God has imposed suffering upon anyone to punish them or to teach them a lesson.”

― Ernest Holmes

“In the Radiation Laboratory we count it a privilege to do everything we can to assist our medical colleagues in the application of these new tools to the problems of human suffering.”

― Ernest Lawrence

“You may take great comfort from the fact that suffering inwardly for the sake of truth proves abundantly that one loves it and marks one out as being of the elect.”

― Ernest Renan

“The world, more suffering than sinning, turns toward Pope Francis as in a conversation people turn to the person who is making sense of things.”

― Eugene Kennedy

“Godly sorrow is a gift of the Spirit. It is a deep realization that our actions have offended our Father and our God. It is the sharp and keen awareness that our behavior caused the Savior, He who knew no sin, even the greatest of all, to endure agony and suffering.”

― Ezra Taft Benson

“We’re in the same ghettos, same inner cities, and we’re suffering from the same problems. Every problem the blacks have, the Latinos have.”

― Fat Joe

“Without justice, the most heinous crimes go unpunished; victims are unable to obtain redress, and peace remains an elusive goal, since impunity generates more hatred, leading to acts of revenge and more suffering.”

― Federica Mogherini

“Gird your hearts with silent fortitude, suffering yet hoping all things.”

― Felicia Hemans

“So much of what we are currently seeing as far as human suffering and misery comes from diseases that should have been preventable but were not.”

― Francis Collins

“Though Africa is not responsible for emitting greenhouse gases, it is suffering the consequences of climate change.”

― Francois Hollande

“I hope not to define myself by suffering.”

― Frank Ocean

“When you see people suffering and dying and hungry, this job gives you the ability to do something about it.”

― Frank Wolf

“Suffering is the positive element in this world, indeed it is the only link between this world and the positive.”

― Franz Kafka

“Some people think that our planet is suffering from a fever. Now scientists are telling us that Mars is experiencing its own planetary warming: Martian warming. This has led some people, not necessarily scientists, to wonder if Mars and Jupiter, non signatories to the Kyoto Treaty, are actually inhabited by alien SUV-driving industrialists.”

― Fred Thompson

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

“What really raises one’s indignation against suffering is not suffering intrinsically, but the senselessness of suffering.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

“Rejoicing in our joy, not suffering over our suffering, makes someone a friend.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

“The striking thing about the Precious Blood is the bond it establishes between love and suffering in our experience, a bond that has become so close that we have come to think of suffering accepted with joy as the most authentic sign of love with any depth at all.”

― Gabriel Marcel

“The strips about the military do seem to provoke moving and thoughtful responses. It’s nice when the strip resonates, but more importantly, I need to know when I’m getting something wrong. The last thing I want to do is contribute to the suffering that wounded warriors already endure.”

― Garry Trudeau

“Beyond politics, the West is suffering from what can be called a crisis of brokenness – broken institutions, broken families and broken souls.”

― Gary Bauer

“There is no moral distinction between fur and other materials made from animals, such as leather, which also is the result of the suffering and death of sentient beings.”

― Gary L. Francione

“Conscious of my own weakness, I can only seek fervently the guidance of the Ruler of the Universe, and, relying on His all-powerful aid, do my best to restore Union and peace to a suffering people, and to establish and guard their liberties and rights.”

― George B. McClellan

“A man will renounce any pleasures you like but he will not give up his suffering.”

― George Gurdjieff

“I am certainly suffering from a modicum of performance anxiety.”

― George Murray

“Most people get a fair amount of fun out of their lives, but on balance life is suffering, and only the very young or the very foolish imagine otherwise.”

― George Orwell

“Once my heart was captured, reason was shown the door, deliberately and with a sort of frantic joy. I accepted everything, I believed everything, without struggle, without suffering, without regret, without false shame. How can one blush for what one adores?”

― George Sand

“I still believe that capitalism is too harsh and I believe that, even within that, there is a lot of satisfaction and beauty if you happen to be one of the lucky ones, although that doesn’t eradicate the reality of the suffering. It’s all true at once, kind of humming and sublime.”

― George Saunders

“On September 11 2001, America felt its vulnerability even to threats that gather on the other side of the Earth. We resolved then, and we are resolved today, to confront every threat from any source that could bring sudden terror and suffering to America.”

― George W. Bush

“Since my accident I am a little more mindful of the suffering of other people.”

― George Wallace

“Tell the people… please, tell the people of Alabama that I love them. Tell them I’m suffering a lot, but I love them.”

― George Wallace

“Suffering produces a recursion to the tribe, to one’s own kind. When a lot of people suffer, tribes lose their head.”

― Giles Foden

“Pain is mandatory for all of us. It’s what teaches us. Suffering is what’s optional. That’s what happens when we try to skip over the pain.”

― Glennon Doyle Melton

“Like the suffering child, gang members act out of their despair, and their actions are all the more alarming now for our not having heeded their cry long ago. The shortsighted neglect that keeps us locked up in our outrage has also kept us from viable solutions.”

― Greg Boyle

“Experiences are like hoarded gold. Whenever I dole out a piece of my private suffering, that is when I get letters from all over the world.”

― Greg Iles

“Patriotism in America, as I understand it, is a matter of suffering, when the country fails to live up to its promises, or actively betrays them.”

― Greil Marcus

“Over the course of my 13-year career, I’ve had a lot of concussions, and yet, because I’m no longer competing or suffering from concussion symptoms, I felt like I was in the clear. The reality, though, is that I get concussions far more easily, and my symptoms last far longer than ever before.”

― Gretchen Bleiler

“Morality becomes hypocrisy if it means accepting mothers’ suffering or dying in connection with unwanted pregnancies and illegal abortions and unwanted children.”

― Gro Harlem Brundtland

“What I liked about American movies when I was a kid was that they’re sort of larger than life and I think I’m still suffering from that reaction.”

― Guy Ritchie

“The precariatised mind is one without anchors, flitting from subject to subject, in the extreme suffering from attention deficit disorder. But it is also nomadic in its dealings with other people.”

― Guy Standing

“Brothers in suffering, brothers in resistance, brothers in ideals and conviction. It is now our duty to further strengthen this bond in order to secure this hard-won freedom for future generations.”

― Guy Verhofstadt

“To be reserved, secretive, with a passionate violence that causes suffering.”

― Gwen John

“There’s nothing wrong in suffering, if you suffer for a purpose. Our revolution didn’t abolish danger or death. It simply made danger and death worthwhile.”

― H. G. Wells

“As the president of Afghanistan I look at the suffering of our people as a whole.”

― Hamid Karzai

“What matters in literature in the end is surely the idiosyncratic, the individual, the flavor or the color of a particular human suffering.”

― Harold Bloom

“The reward of suffering is experience.”

― Harry S Truman

“Israel’s creation was politically amazing and caused by a number of unusual events. And I understand. For centuries, Jews endured horrible suffering, and like other people, deserve the right to self-determination, but the way Israel is going now frightens me. Jews make awkward colonial overlords.”

― Harvey Pekar

“If the market is left to sort matters out, social injustice will be heightened and suffering in the community will grow with the neglect the market fosters.”

― Helen Clark

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”

― Helen Keller

“All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.”

― Helen Keller

“Early marriage is most prevalent in communities suffering deep, chronic poverty.”

― Helene D. Gayle

“Why don’t Jews drink? It interferes with their suffering.”

― Henny Youngman

“Our efforts to disconnect ourselves from our own suffering end up disconnecting our suffering from God’s suffering for us. The way out of our loss and hurt is in and through.”

― Henri Nouwen

“The tithe payer helps the Lord build temples, where families can be sealed forever. The tithe payer helps Him send the gospel to people everywhere. The tithe payer helps Him relieve hunger and suffering in His own way through His servants.”

― Henry B. Eyring

“Suffering makes me hungry. Suffering allows me to put some hurt in my opponent. It’s a good thing.”

― Henry Cejudo

“Suffering does not necessarily ennoble you.”

― Henry Louis Gates

“We are misery-making machines! Homo sapiens has perfected the art of causing suffering. Pain is humankind’s collective GDP.”

― Henry Rollins

“We are suffering from a glut of too many 3-D movies and not enough screens.”

― Henry Selick

“Suffering is part of the divine idea.”

― Henry Ward Beecher

“Suffering doesn’t improve human beings, does it?”

― Herta Muller

“He is senseless who would match himself against a stronger man; for he is deprived of victory and adds suffering to disgrace.”

― Hesiod

“Our wishes are our most reliable mirror, and the black-and-white movies I’m most drawn to are about artists who suffer because art is a noble thing; suffering is such a small price to pay for the imagination.”

― Hilton Als

“Suffering is but another name for the teaching of experience, which is the parent of instruction and the schoolmaster of life.”

― Horace

“I admit I can’t shake the idea that there is virtue in suffering, that there is a sort of psychic economy, whereby if you embrace success, happiness and comfort, these things have to be paid for.”

― Hugh Laurie

“I wish we didn’t have to own up to a policy deliberately designed to inflict suffering on people who have already been traumatised in the countries from which they’ve fled.”

― Hugh Mackay

“I don’t think what I do is influenced by suffering. I come from a talented people who are prolific in music and dance.”

― Hugh Masekela

“I have two children of my own; I can’t imagine anything more horrific than to have a child suffering with EB.”

― Ian Ziering

“In addition to relieving patient suffering, research is needed to help reduce the enormous economic and social burdens posed by chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, cancer, heart disease, and stroke.”

― Ike Skelton

“Guard units in the U.S. are suffering severe equipment shortages which will affect their ability to respond to emergencies in their home States, such as Katrina.”

― Ike Skelton

“The Holocaust survivor who knows Auschwitz through the experience of suffering observes it all from the perspective assigned to him. He keeps silent or gives interviews to the Spielberg Foundation, he accepts the compensation payments promised him after a fifty-year delay, or, if he is prominent, he makes a speech in the Swedish Academy.”

― Imre Kertesz

“I had a bad conscience until I discovered that having a bad conscience about something so gravely serious as leaving your children is an affectation, a way of achieving a little suffering that can’t for a moment be equal to the suffering you’ve caused.”

― Ingmar Bergman

“Being asked to support humane meat means being asked to support the suffering of animals in transport, to approve of treatment that causes them palpable fear, their bodies shaking and their eyes wide as saucers, as they are slung by their legs into crates that are slammed onto the back of a truck.”

― Ingrid Newkirk

“To me, it is one world, and the non-human animals bear the brunt of oppression and suffering.”

― Ingrid Newkirk

“Deep, unspeakable suffering may well be called a baptism, a regeneration, the initiation into a new state.”

― Ira Gershwin

“One can not love without opening oneself, and opening oneself, that’s taking the risk of suffering. One does not have control.”

― Isabelle Adjani

“I ask the American administration not to participate in any resolution that will double the suffering of the Palestinian people. I am convinced that the American people would not want to see the Palestinians suffer the way they do.”

― Ismail Haniyeh

“Generally, I think America is America. America has been through suffering like other countries, but America will come up. I have no doubt. It’s just going to bounce. You know, you have ups and downs.”

― Ivana Trump

“In order to be cruel we have to close our hearts to the suffering of the other.”

― J. M. Coetzee

“If you don’t have liberty and self-determination, you’ve got nothing, that’s what this is what this country is built on. And this is the ultimate self-determination, when you determine how and when you’re going to die when you’re suffering.”

― Jack Kevorkian

“My intent was to carry out my duty as a doctor, to end their suffering. Unfortunately, that entailed, in their cases, ending of the life.”

― Jack Kevorkian

“First of all, do any of you here think it’s a crime to help a suffering human end his agony? Any of you think it is? Say so right now. Well, then, what are we doing here?”

― Jack Kevorkian

“How can you regret helping a suffering patient?”

― Jack Kevorkian

“From a monarchy followed by suffering under Communism, Ethiopians must be given the opportunity to flourish under the greatest of systems – democracy.”

― Jack Kingston

“People who live in hermit states like North Korea, Burma, and Cuba already suffer from global isolation. Fed on a diet of propaganda, they don’t know what’s happening inside their borders or outside of them. By increasing their seclusion, sanctions make it easier for dictators to blame external enemies for a country’s suffering.”

― Jacob Weisberg

“I would like to see an end to war, poverty, and unnecessary human suffering. But I can’t see it in a monetary-based system where the richest nations control most of the world’s resources.”

― Jacque Fresco

“The aircraft that blew up the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington conveyed several messages to the world, of which one of the least remarked is this: the Muslims of the world are suffering.”

― James Buchan

“You don’t want to diminish anybody’s pain and suffering.”

― James Callis

“All of us suffer some injuries from experiences that seem to have no rhyme or reason. We cannot understand or explain them. We may never know why some things happen in this life. The reason for some of our suffering is known only to the Lord.”

― James E. Faust

“Important as economic unification is for the recovery of Germany and of Europe, the German people must recognize that the basic cause of their suffering and distress is the war which the Nazi dictatorship brought upon the world.”

― James F. Byrnes

“Slavery is no more sinful, by the Christian code, than it is sinful to wear a whole coat, while another is in tatters, to eat a better meal than a neighbor, or otherwise to enjoy ease and plenty, while our fellow creatures are suffering and in want.”

― James Fenimore Cooper

“Americans are suffering so much from being in unrewarding environments that it has made us very cynical. I think that American suburbia has become a powerful generator of anxiety and depression.”

― James Howard Kunstler

“Honestly, humans are social creatures that really crave intimacy, and I think that the friends I have who are trying to somehow go it alone are suffering for it.”

― James Mercer

“One does not love a place the less for having suffered in it, unless it has been all suffering, nothing but suffering.”

― Jane Austen

“Although I’m perceived as very optimistic and upbeat, it comes out of being the opposite of that – feeling isolated or lonely, looking for meaning and the kinds of things that ease that suffering in life, and finding them in large-scale social interaction, like theater and games.”

― Jane McGonigal

“Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you to stop suffering.”

― Jane Roberts

“There’s no better feeling in the world than knowing that my show played a role in stopping animal abuse or alleviating animal suffering.”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“Why are kids being inundated with food that is not good for them, when we’re suffering from an obesity crisis? Is the U.S. government talking out of both sides of its mouth, promoting bad food while telling us not to eat it?”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“Depression, suffering and anger are all part of being human.”

― Janet Fitch

“Expanded credit access has helped households maintain living standards when suffering job loss, illness, or other unexpected contingencies.”

― Janet Yellen

“Pacino’s always played the suffering prince. I just find that interesting.”

― Jason Patric

“A proper respect for nature means that you can’t pollute the air, poison the rivers and chop down the forests indiscriminately without suffering greatly.”

― Jay Parini

“I suspect that a huge amount of the anxiety and suffering that we see around can be closely traced to our wanton misuse of our resources. Just look at any garbage dump and see what is wasted. In a sense, we’ve wasted our souls.”

― Jay Parini

“The suffering caused by the terrorists is the real torture.”

― Jean-Marie Le Pen

“Communities are suffering, children are suffering, and our immigration policy appears in disarray.”

― Jeff Fortenberry

“Suffering is always hard to quantify – especially when the pain is caused by as cruel a disease as Alzheimer’s. Most illnesses attack the body; Alzheimer’s destroys the mind – and in the process, annihilates the very self.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“What people fear most about tragedy is its randomness – a taxi cab jumps the curb and hits a pedestrian, a gun misfires and kills a bystander. Better to have some rational cause and effect between incident and injury. And if cause and effect aren’t possible, better that there at least be some reward for all the suffering.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“There are millions of Americans who are suffering from chronic pain.”

― Jennifer Grey

“I have been suffering for so long and didn’t even recognize it. I just stopped doing so many things that I used to love to do due to my pain.”

― Jennifer Grey

“When I was suffering with depression, people weren’t talking about depression. It had a stigma.”

― Jennifer Holliday

“We all want a world without war, without conflict, without human suffering.”

― Jeremy Gilley

“It is a most extraordinary thing, but I never read a patent medicine advertisement without being impelled to the conclusion that I am suffering from the particular disease therein dealt with in its most virulent form.”

― Jerome K. Jerome

“Homelessness is a part of our American system. There should be nothing wrong with this condition as long as the individual is not sentenced to unnecessary suffering and punishment.”

― Jerzy Kosinski

“I thought about all those people whose suffering had been erased, and I thought, ‘Why can’t they speak? Why can’t I undo some of that erasure?’”

― Jesmyn Ward

“I have two children of my own. Crying is not evidence of pain or any real suffering. It’s really just the way children communicate.”

― Jill Greenberg

“Anything that I undergo, I look at as redemptive suffering.”

― Jim Caviezel

“Next time we need to be on drugs and have lots of suffering and alcohol abuse going on while recording, I’m kinda picturing a Jerry Lee Lewis session from the mid Seventies.”

― Jim Diamond

“I do not understand how anyone can, in good conscience, tell a family whose child is suffering from a life-threatening disease that politics is more important than finding a cure.”

― Jim Doyle

“We pretended there was no problem with Agent Orange after Vietnam and later the Pentagon recanted, after untold suffering by veterans.”

― Jim McDermott

“Hello, friends.’ I’ve had fun with that expression to satisfy the cynics, but it comes from the heart, and I don’t apologize for it. Like my dad – for whom I designed the expression during the 2002 PGA Championship, when he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease – I’ve never met a stranger.”

― Jim Nantz

“Mr. Speaker, the scientific evidence is overwhelming that embryonic stem cells have great potential to regenerate specific types of human tissues, offering hope for millions of Americans suffering from debilitating diseases.”

― Jim Ramstad

“Unfortunately, after Sept. 11, there was an outburst in America of intense suffering and patriotism, and the Bush administration was very shrewd and effective in painting anyone who disagreed with the policies as unpatriotic or even traitorous.”

― Jimmy Carter

“I’ve seen suffering first-hand, and we have to make sure we relieve people’s suffering.”

― Jimmy Gomez

“As a singer, I’ve been criticized for sounding feminine. They say I don’t belong in any category, male or female, pop or jazz. But early on, I saw my suffering as my salvation.”

― Jimmy Scott

“Does anyone really go into nursing intending to be apathetic, cold and removed from suffering? I find that very difficult to believe.”

― Jo Brand

“If compassion is so good for us, why don’t we train our health care providers in compassion so that they can do what they’re supposed to do, which is to transform suffering?”

― Joan Halifax

“In my heart, I know that Jesus would never condone the suffering that results when dogs and cats are allowed to breed.”

― Joanna Krupa

“I always say now it’s the indifference that kills patients in the field and different populations. We have to break our indifference towards the suffering of people elsewhere.”

― Joanne Liu

“There is no mercy in a system that makes health care a luxury. There is no mercy in a country that turns their back on those most in need of protection: the elderly, the poor, the sick, and the suffering.”

― Joe Kennedy III

“I think that in Sweden and a lot of European countries, there’s this whole mythology of the wounded artist: that you can’t really do any great art unless you’re suffering.”

― Joel Kinnaman

“Football is not about suffering. It’s about enjoyment. Control the ball, be friendly with it, try to attack, try to score goals. Of course defending is part of it, but you can defend in a lot of ways.”

― Johan Cruyff

“A legislature cannot be effective while suffering from public scorn.”

― John Bercow

“You must submit to supreme suffering in order to discover the completion of joy.”

― John Calvin

“You don’t have to suffer to be a poet; adolescence is enough suffering for anyone.”

― John Ciardi

“A man will give up almost anything except his suffering.”

― John Cleese

“I want to be a force for real good. In other words. I know that there are bad forces, forces that bring suffering to others and misery to the world, but I want to be the opposite force. I want to be the force which is truly for good.”

― John Coltrane

“Too many of my constituents, like many other hard working Americans across the country, are suffering unnecessarily due to our flawed health care system.”

― John Conyers

“Depression is a devastating illness, causing great suffering in the afflicted and anxiety to their nearest and dearest: it can hit at any age.”

― John Cornwell

“History provides neither compensation for suffering nor penalties for wrong.”

― John Dalberg-Acton

“People are always selling the idea that people with mental illness are suffering. I think madness can be an escape. If things are not so good, you maybe want to imagine something better.”

― John Forbes Nash, Jr.

“I was the most important person of the world, and people like the Pope would be just like enemies, who would try to put me down in some way or another, or the president. People are always selling the idea that people who have mental illness are suffering.”

― John Forbes Nash, Jr.

“Few can believe that suffering, especially by others, is in vain. Anything that is disagreeable must surely have beneficial economic effects.”

― John Kenneth Galbraith

“We often hear of people breaking down from overwork, but in nine out of ten they are really suffering from worry or anxiety.”

― John Lubbock

“American folk songs were about tragedy, right? They were about suffering and tragedy, and a lot of my songs are about that, even though they were misunderstood.”

― John Mellencamp

“I have heard of Texas pioneers living without bread or anything made from the cereals for months without suffering, using the breast-meat of wild turkeys for bread. Of this kind, they had plenty in the good old days when life, though considered less safe, was fussed over the less.”

― John Muir

“In human rights and peacemaking, it’s really about having a solid concrete goal – the reduction of human suffering somewhere in the world – and then doing what is required to get that goal achieved.”

― John Prendergast

“Cursing is invoking the assistance of a spirit to help you inflict suffering. Swearing on the other hand, is invoking, only the witness of a spirit to an statement you wish to make.”

― John Ruskin

“Suffering will get you great footage. I don’t know about closer to God. Although there have been times when I’ve suffered to the point where I think I might be about to meet him.”

― Johnny Knoxville

“We’re in business to relieve human suffering, to help feed the poor, to provide education and culture – but above all else, we’re concerned with the relief of human suffering.”

― Jon Huntsman, Sr.

“All the suffering, stress, and addiction comes from not realizing you already are what you are looking for.”

― Jon Kabat-Zinn

“In the Christian faith, God really puts suffering front and center. He doesn’t get squeamish about it.”

― Joni Eareckson Tada

“Anyone who takes the Bible seriously agrees that God hates suffering. Jesus spent most of his time relieving it. But when being healed becomes the only goal – ‘I’m not letting go until I get what I want’ – it’s a problem.”

― Joni Eareckson Tada

“Life is very difficult. One of the most ancient of religious ideas that emerges everywhere, I would say, is that life is essentially suffering.”

― Jordan Peterson

“We are free, but not to be evil, not to be indifferent to human suffering, not to profit from the people, from the work created and sustained through their spirit of political association, while refusing to contribute to the political state that we profit from.”

― Jose Marti

“Some pass their days as though suffering a deep sadness they cannot name. Others are unhappy because life didn’t turn out the way they thought it would.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“We have no middle ground, no foggy gray area where we can sin a little without suffering spiritual decline. That is why we must repent and come to Christ daily on submissive knees so that we can prevent our bonfires of testimony from being snuffed out by sin.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do is play professional football, and be a professional quarterback, so now that it’s here and it’s getting close, it’s just kind of making all that pain and suffering and waiting and working hard worth it.”

― Josh Allen

“Thousands upon thousands of people across America and many more across the globe are suffering at the hands of the oil and gas industry.”

― Josh Fox

“If we look at the day-to-day suffering of the Venezuelan people, that’s not about numbers: it’s about human beings.”

― Juan Guaido

“The word ‘suffering’ is not in my vocabulary.”

― Judith Jamison

“It is true that I have had heartache and tragedy in my life. These are things none of us avoids. Suffering is the price of being alive.”

― Judy Collins

“A cold in the head causes less suffering than an idea.”

― Jules Renard

“Whatever your religious persuasion, if you believe that that the universe is governed by benign forces, at some point you have to explain why there is so much suffering, misfortune and misery in the world.”

― Julian Baggini

“It is often said that having gone through any kind of suffering tends to makes you appreciate life more and live more in the present. I’m not sure how universal or long-lasting these effects really are.”

― Julian Baggini

“Pain – that is what life is about, isn’t it? Suffering with moments of reprieve.”

― Julian Barratt

“Happiness is the absence of suffering. I think it’s an interesting way of looking at it. I think the absence of suffering exists very rarely in the world we live in.”

― Julie Christie

“How do we know that Moses was grown up? Because he went out unto his brethren, and was ready to bear the burdens and share the plight of his people. Maturity is sensitivity to human suffering.”

― Julius Gordon

“In the past, Japan through its colonial rule and aggression caused tremendous damage and suffering for the people of many countries, particularly those of Asian nations.”

― Junichiro Koizumi

“A lot of people are still suffering from water-borne diseases… We want to create something where we can make life better for everyone.”

― Kamaru Usman

“Southern black gay and bi men are suffering from a self-esteem issue.”

― Karamo Brown

“All religions are designed to teach us how to live, joyfully, serenely, and kindly, in the midst of suffering.”

― Karen Armstrong

“The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain.”

― Karl Marx

“It is my duty to voice the suffering of men, the never-ending sufferings heaped mountain-high.”

― Kathe Kollwitz

“They had both noticed that a life of dissipation sometimes gave to a face the look of gaunt suffering spirituality that a life of asceticism was supposed to give and quite often did not.”

― Katherine Anne Porter

“I think one thing is that anybody who’s had to contend with mental illness – whether it’s depression, bipolar illness or severe anxiety, whatever – actually has a fair amount of resilience in the sense that they’ve had to deal with suffering already, personal suffering.”

― Kay Redfield Jamison

“Due to mistakenly believing that outer problems are their own problems, most people seek ultimate refuge in the wrong objects. As a result, their suffering and problems never end.”

― Kelsang Gyatso

“Happiness and suffering are feelings – parts of our mind – and so their main causes are not to be found outside the mind. If we really want to be truly happy and free from suffering, we must improve our understanding of the mind.”

― Kelsang Gyatso

“Please continue to pray for and bring attention to those suffering in the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa.”

― Kent Brantly

“As Christians, we worship a victimized Lord. We should expect to suffer and should have particular compassion on those who hurt emotionally and physically. But we do not resemble the Suffering Servant when we take pains to show off our suffering.”

― Kevin DeYoung

“I am sure there will come a time when we are going to use AMD. The products have been getting better. The acceptance is getting better. But we have not been suffering as a company for either growth or profitability because we haven’t had AMD.”

― Kevin Rollins

“We apologise for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians. We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.”

― Kevin Rudd

“I’m definitely more understanding of people who have disabilities and who are suffering.”

― Kevin Sorbo

“Afghan women, as a group, I think their suffering has been equaled by very few other groups in recent world history.”

― Khaled Hosseini

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

― Khalil Gibran

“God steps into the suffering with us, and He takes it on himself, and He walks through it with us, and He uses it to create something in you that is unstoppable.”

― Kirk Cameron

“When our purpose is external, we may never find it. If we tie our purpose or meaning to our vocation, goal or an activity, we’re more than likely setting ourselves up for suffering down the line.”

― Kris Carr

“We’re always looking at this love through the eyes of the person who is suffering because of this love.”

― Krzysztof Kieslowski

“Raising money for research and for those suffering with cancer who can’t afford treatment is very important to me.”

― Kyle Richards

“For if God is a title of the highest power, He must be incorruptible, perfect, incapable of suffering, and subject to no other being; therefore they are not gods whom necessity compels to obey the one greatest God.”

― Lactantius

“I lived for four years in the 1930s with these individuals and the only time that I wasn’t thinking about dealing with physical suffering is when I was working on this book. I’ve never been more alive as when I worked on this book.”

― Laura Hillenbrand

“I’m attracted to subjects who overcome tremendous suffering and learn to cope emotionally with it.”

― Laura Hillenbrand

“My illness is excruciating and difficult to cope with. It takes over your entire life and causes more suffering than I can describe.”

― Laura Hillenbrand

“I do not work well when I am in living in a cyclone of panic. I reject actively seeking out destabilization and suffering as a creative model.”

― Laura van den Berg

“When you’re the good guy in a horror film, you’re usually suffering a lot throughout the entire thing.”

― Lauren Ashley Carter

“People are really suffering these days. There’s a lot of corporate triumph and a lot of personal despair as they wonder what are they working for.”

― Laurie Anderson

“Drugs are not the way to the light. They won’t lead to a fairy-tale life, they lead to suffering.”

― Layne Staley

“I don’t think any drug that can cause brain damage, failing kidneys, hardening arteries, pain, and suffering should be made available.”

― Layne Staley

“The pain and the suffering that I went through made me an activist. It made me stronger; it made me more compassionate.”

― Lecrae

“You take the negative, the bitter, the pain, the suffering, the depression, and all of those are ingredients for something far more purposeful than you can imagine.”

― Lecrae

“I think it’s possible that China is ready for a serious change regarding its North Korean defector policy. Chinese people are starting to realize that so many defectors have been suffering in China, and it doesn’t have to be this way.”

― Lee Hyeon-seo

“There are people who are destined to embrace endless pain and suffering, and there are people who desire to dream. Everybody dreams, of course. But does anybody desperately want to dream more than the people of North Korea?”

― Lee Hyeon-seo

“Moral evil is the immorality and pain and suffering and tragedy that come because we choose to be selfish, arrogant, uncaring, hateful and abusive.”

― Lee Strobel

“It is very difficult to give a 15 second sound bite on why there is pain and suffering in this world and not have it come off as being flippant or surface level or superficial.”

― Lee Strobel

“When you are in the midst of suffering you are looking for someone to be Jesus to you. You are looking for someone to love you and help take care of you, and reach out to you.”

― Lee Strobel

“There are Eastern religions that deny the reality of pain and suffering. They just try to wipe it away by saying it’s all an illusion.”

― Lee Strobel

“All violence consists in some people forcing others, under threat of suffering or death, to do what they do not want to do.”

― Leo Tolstoy

“The greater the state, the more wrong and cruel its patriotism, and the greater is the sum of suffering upon which its power is founded.”

― Leo Tolstoy

“Almost everybody is enthusiastic about the promise of biotechnology to cure disease and to relieve suffering.”

― Leon Kass

“Fear and pain and suffering is not OK for any being to feel intentionally at the hands of us.”

― Leona Lewis

“Our arguments – and those of hundreds more Venezuelans suffering the same injustice – are clear and forceful: political disqualification violates laws in Venezuela and throughout the continent.”

― Leopoldo Lopez

“Every year the literary press praises dozens if not hundreds of novels to the skies, asserting explicitly or implicitly that these books will probably not be suffering water damage in the basements of their authors’ houses 20 years from now. But historically, anyway, that’s not the way the novelistic ecology works.”

― Lev Grossman

“It’s always difficult to say goodbye, especially when one has spent a long time – literally years, in the case of a series – inside a character or two, suffering and celebrating with them.”

― Lilith Saintcrow

“Alleviating suffering of the most marginalized communities must begin with assessing the needs of entire communities and allowing the most marginalized to lead the strategy. My belief is those closest to the pain are closest to the solution.”

― Linda Sarsour

“I didn’t want to be on the losing side. I was fed up with Jewish weakness, timidity and fear. I didn’t want any more Jewish sentimentality and Jewish suffering. I was sickened by our sad songs.”

― Lionel Blue

“For pity’s sake, if you don’t take a shine to a novel, there are loads more in the world; read something else. Continue suffering, and it’s not the author’s fault. It’s yours.”

― Lionel Shriver

“BioViva is trying to help improve human health and wellbeing, and alleviate suffering. We are not trying to determine who should live or die. Everyone has a right to life without suffering.”

― Liz Parrish

“Charlton Heston announced again today that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s.”

― Liz Smith

“There are people that really live by doing the right thing, but I don’t know what that is, I’m really curious about that. I’m really curious about what people think they’re doing when they’re doing something evil, casually. I think it’s really interesting, that we benefit from suffering so much, and we excuse ourselves from it.”

― Louis C. K.

“It seems to me that everyone on this planet whom I know or have worked with is suffering from self-hatred and guilt to one degree or another. The more self-hatred and guilt we have, the less our lives work. The less self-hatred and guilt we have, the better our lives work, on all levels.”

― Louise L. Hay

“I expect to plead not for the slave only, but for suffering humanity everywhere. Especially do I mean to labor for the elevation of my sex.”

― Lucy Stone

“South Sudan is my home, and I am humbled to be in a position to help those suffering from lack of access to basic needs, especially the children facing severe acute malnutrition.”

― Luol Deng

“But men never violate the laws of God without suffering the consequences, sooner or later.”

― Lydia M. Child

“Saying, ‘I’m going to create jobs’ is great, but before you create jobs, something has to be offered to alleviate some of the suffering now.”

― Lynn Nottage

“The possibility to mobilize the international community to act on human suffering is what drives me every day as a photojournalist.”

― Lynsey Addario

“Mental illness leaves a huge legacy, not just for the person suffering it but for those around them.”

― Lysette Anthony

“One must choose in life between boredom and suffering.”

― Madame de Stael

“I’m attracted to artists like Frida Kahlo, because her work was her life, her questions, her outrage, her suffering, her pain. Everything is in her work.”

― Madonna Ciccone

“The time has come to end the suffering and the plight of millions of Palestine refugees in the homeland and the Diaspora, to end their displacement and to realize their rights, some of them forced to take refuge more than once in different places of the world.”

― Mahmoud Abbas

“I say: The time has come for my courageous and proud people, after decades of displacement and colonial occupation and ceaseless suffering, to live like other peoples of the earth, free in a sovereign and independent homeland.”

― Mahmoud Abbas

“Tackling malaria in a country like the Central African Republic is a huge uphill battle, and my experiences there have been a healthy dose of reality, fueling my own sense of urgency to do my part in reducing the preventable suffering of the incredible women I met.”

― Mandy Moore

“Only through loving and supporting one another, even in the face of unbearable pain and suffering, will this cycle of violence end.”

― Mandy Patinkin

“We are healed from suffering only by experiencing it to the full.”

― Marcel Proust

“Those whose suffering is due to love are, as we say of certain invalids, their own physicians.”

― Marcel Proust

“I think doctors are really suffering now. They’re suffering in the sense that they feel torn between serving their patients in the best way they can and dealing with all of requirements of the insurance companies and the HMOs and the hassles and the paper work and the increasing pressures to do less and less for their patients.”

― Marcia Angell

“When death is imminent and dying patients find their suffering unbearable, then the physician’s role should shift from healing to relieving suffering in accord with the patient’s wishes.”

― Marcia Angell

“Chance has never yet satisfied the hope of a suffering people.”

― Marcus Garvey

“In such misfortunes my Mother was of an heroic spirit, in suffering patiently when there was no remedy, and being industrious where she thought she could help.”

― Margaret Cavendish

“Listening moves us closer, it helps us become more whole, more healthy, more holy. Not listening creates fragmentation, and fragmentation is the root of all suffering.”

― Margaret J. Wheatley

“I know what it’s like to feel marginalized and defeated and humiliated by suffering from a mental illness.”

― Margaret Trudeau

“Pierre was an extraordinary teacher – he really was one of the best, and he raised the boys so, so well: to have a global view, to have compassion, to be humanitarians, to really be concerned about alleviating suffering.”

― Margaret Trudeau

“I learned a lot about pain and suffering during ‘Pan Am.’ We had to wear very constricting period-correct girdles and bras. After that, I learned to read a script with an eye toward the undergarments.”

― Margot Robbie

“I was raised in Duluth, Minnesota, where you never say that you’re cold, or that you’re suffering, and you listen politely to people, even if you disagree with them completely. Then you say passive-aggressive things later.”

― Maria Bamford

“We are suffering from too much sarcasm.”

― Marianne Moore

“There is no amount of money I can make which could buffer my daughter from the horrors that will explode in our society if we do not address the huge amount of suffering in our midst.”

― Marianne Williamson

“What can I say: I’m a writer – I enjoy forcing pain and suffering on my characters!”

― Marie Lu

“Unless the character is suffering from tremendous self doubt or pangs of conscience, you have to get morally behind the character and their values.”

― Mark Pellegrino

“I have always been interested in how you can depict suffering without being heavy-handed.”

― Marlene Dumas

“Once we’re willing to confront our emotional suffering, we begin making choices based on attraction instead of aversion, love instead of fear. Where we used to think about what was ‘safe,’ we now become interested in doing what seems right or fun or meaningful or ripe with possibilities.”

― Martha Beck

“My belief is that when the military is used as the sole instrument of power, that never has a good outcome. If there’s no one to take ownership and develop that failed state, human suffering can be even worse than that created by the conflict itself.”

― Martin Dempsey

“Suffering without understanding in this life is a heap worse than suffering when you have at least the grain of an idea what it’s all for.”

― Mary Ellen Chase

“Being in recovery for a lot of years now, I’ve worked with a lot of people who’ve gotten sober and sat with a lot of folks who are suffering. Bearing witness is a really underrated thing; it’s a big damn deal.”

― Mary Gauthier

“Nine-tenths of our suffering is caused by others not thinking so much of us as we think they ought.”

― Mary Lyon

“Comedians don’t have a monopoly on suffering. But creative people are sometimes fortunate enough to be able to incorporate their most traumatic experiences into their art.”

― Matt Lucas

“In high school, I had two friends that were suffering from cancer. I would go and sing for them while they were in hospital, and I sang at their services after they passed.”

― Matthew Morrison

“That short-sleeping that we’re now suffering is a consequence of our lifestyle. It’s not a consequence of evolutionary habituation.”

― Matthew Walker

“Empathy is the faculty to resonate with the feelings of others. When we meet someone who is joyful, we smile. When we witness someone in pain, we suffer in resonance with his or her suffering.”

― Matthieu Ricard

“Neuroscience has proven that similar areas of the brain are activated both in the person who suffers and in the one who feels empathy. Thus, empathic suffering is a true experience of suffering.”

― Matthieu Ricard

“That’s what Buddhism has been trying to unravel – the mechanism of happiness and suffering. It is a science of the mind.”

― Matthieu Ricard

“Israeli suffering has to be understood.”

― Mauricio Macri

“Personally, I had a close friend with cystic fibrosis. I won’t ever forget how he handled himself. In the face of extreme challenges and very harrowing circumstances, he maintained a positive outlook and was just very dignified, even in his suffering.”

― Max Carver

“Virtue is a positive quality developed by taking a firm stand for the right in temptation, or by the suffering endured in consequence of wrongdoing.”

― Max Heindel

“A season of suffering is a small assignment when compared to the reward. Rather than begrudge your problem, explore it. Ponder it. And most of all, use it. Use it to the glory of God.”

― Max Lucado

“I want people to take the initiative to find veterans that need help, veterans that are suffering and in need of assistance reintegrating from combat back into society, into normal family lives and jobs. We need to take a real ‘boots on the ground’ approach to helping veterans in need.”

― Max Martini

“When suffering from TBI and PTSD, it’s difficult to find the motivation to seek help. I want society not to forget those that served this country.”

― Max Martini

“In the Buddhist scriptures, it said many births cause suffering, so Buddhism is not against family planning.”

― Mechai Viravaidya

“We all have somebody in our lives, that however closely related or not, is affected by terminal illness and these amazing nurses, who often work through the night with people, not only suffering from a terminal illness but their families, they’re just extraordinary people.”

― Mel Giedroyc

“But truth is most likely to be exhibited by the general sense of contemporaries, when the feelings of the heart can be expressed without suffering itself to be disguised by the prejudices of man.”

― Mercy Otis Warren

“But in practice, if often comes down to not suffering a loss as big as the huge gain you made a while ago.”

― Merton Miller

“There’s no hierarchy in suffering. I think songs that are transcendent are the ones where everyone can feel something from it, you know?”

― Meshell Ndegeocello

“There are people who are suffering beyond description. They are innocent people, they didn’t bring this upon themselves. They are the victims of the sins of other people. And while it’s hard to see, it’s important to understand that these people exist.”

― Mia Farrow

“The majority people in this country are suffering because of our membership of the E.U.”

― Michael Gove

“Harvard University researchers found that women at high risk of heart disease who had a tablespoon of peanut butter five or more days a week appeared to nearly halve their risk of suffering a heart attack compared with women who ate one serving or less per week.”

― Michael Greger

“Easter is reflecting upon suffering for one thing, but it also reflects upon Jesus and his non compliance in the face of great authority where he holds to his truth – so there’s two stories there.”

― Michael Leunig

“There is some suffering that awaits us all.”

― Michael Leunig

“The creative act is also in a small way a suffering act – we start out with our ego, this hope of making this thing whatever it be, but so often it eludes us and it collapses and we kind of regress into this mental suffering, we can’t find what we’re looking for.”

― Michael Leunig

“To live in the midst of suffering, which we do, we do, amid distress, and to keep some equilibrium in the midst of that – that would be happiness enough.”

― Michael Leunig

“Texas’ and America’s farmers are suffering. As the Member of Congress representing the 10th Congressional District of Texas, I have traveled throughout our area and have seen first-hand how the drought has affected our agricultural communities.”

― Michael McCaul

“I think that capitalism in general is responsible, not for the worldwide recession, but for a lot of suffering, both in the United States and around the world.”

― Michael Moore

“It’s good to focus on the universal suffering that goes on in any war. Whatever the right and wrongs of the war, there is always universal suffering.”

― Michael Morpurgo

“For at the same time many people seem eager to extend the circle of our moral consideration to animals, in our factory farms and laboratories we are inflicting more suffering on more animals than at any time in history.”

― Michael Pollan

“A man who fears suffering is already suffering from what he fears.”

― Michel de Montaigne

“If we include hedonistic philosophy in hospitals, the lives of patients suffering from cancer would be much, much better.”

― Michel Onfray

“Once you’ve acquired a criminal record, you can be discriminated against legally in employment, housing, and access to education and public benefits. You’re relegated to a permanent second-class status, forever a ‘criminal.’ Inflicting this amount of unnecessary pain and suffering is not cheap.”

― Michelle Alexander

“I would like to learn more about what I can do for my hair, because I think I don’t really know; my poor hair is suffering because of my lack of knowledge.”

― Miesha Tate

“When suffering comes, we yearn for some sign from God, forgetting we have just had one.”

― Mignon McLaughlin

“Suffering is the substance of life and the root of personality, for it is only suffering that makes us persons.”

― Miguel de Unamuno

“I’m not in the business of suffering.”

― Mike Patton

“Barring public demand, any person who pursues the presidency out of personal ambition must be suffering from a basic genetic defect.”

― Miriam Defensor-Santiago

“I believe Jews are compassionate people because of what we’ve suffered. We must not put that suffering onto others.”

― Miriam Margolyes

“Our friends on the other side decided early on they didn’t want to engage with us in a serious way, a serious way to help those suffering under Obamacare.”

― Mitch McConnell

“Mainly I’m a vegan because I like animals, and I don’t want to be involved in their suffering. Also, it’s better for my health and for the environment.”

― Moby

“From the time of Adam and Eve, man has tried to escape suffering in any form.”

― Mother Angelica

“To a pagan, there is no purpose to suffering. As a result, he lives a life of loneliness and frustration.”

― Mother Angelica

“One of the biggest curses from which India is suffering – I do not say that other countries are free from it, but I think our condition is much worse – is bribery and corruption. That really is a poison.”

― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

“That freedom can never be attained by a nation without suffering and sacrifice has been amply borne out by the recent tragic happenings in this subcontinent.”

― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

“I was teaching in one of the universities while the country was suffering from a severe famine. People were dying of hunger, and I felt very helpless. As an economist, I had no tool in my tool box to fix that kind of situation.”

― Muhammad Yunus

“The Iraqi people are suffering just as if they were still under Saddam.”

― Muqtada al Sadr

“The town of Gauley Bridge stands as a pattern for all those places where people are linked even in the middle of their suffering, where people fight against an evil condition so that other people need not go through the same fight.”

― Muriel Rukeyser

“We know from our own history, and that of our neighbors, that where conflicts and disagreements are not resolved peacefully, the suffering and bloodshed that follows and the collapse of economic and social development leads to tragic consequences.”

― Mwai Kibaki

“It is our belief that nations should embrace dialogue and peaceful settlement of disputes instead of rushing to arms, for suffering and bloodshed will ensue.”

― Mwai Kibaki

“We all, as engineers, doctors, have a big responsibility to bring smiles on the faces of suffering humanity.”

― N. R. Narayana Murthy

“I was suffering from a peculiar and persistent sense that I was being pursued, and also the conviction that under the political order of the times, our lives had no meaning.”

― Naguib Mahfouz

“In Gnosticism, the physical world did not ultimately matter – which meant physical suffering did not matter either. Seeking ‘enlightenment’ meant cultivating an attitude of detachment, even indifference.”

― Nancy Pearcey

“It’s easy to play a character who is suffering with a disease or has a psychological problem. ‘Gentleman’ is completely opposite. There are both positives and negatives in the role, and it is the most challenging role I have done so far.”

― Nani

“For many people, commuting is the worst part of the day, and policies that can make commuting shorter and more convenient would be a straightforward way to reduce minor but widespread suffering.”

― Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“Poverty is clearly one source of emotional suffering, but there are others, like loneliness.”

― Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“Just think for how long humanity was controlled by mystical, magical thinking – the diseases and suffering that led to. We managed to survive, but just barely. It wasn’t pretty.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

“The arts are suffering amongst public schools, but also, minority theater companies are struggling, and I firmly believe in freedom of expression through the arts.”

― Nelsan Ellis

“We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination.”

― Nelson Mandela

“Our human compassion binds us the one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.”

― Nelson Mandela

“When you see a person you love being affected, suffering, people saying things that aren’t true… then it hurts you.”

― Neymar

“However imperfectly, subsidies for the poor do actually reduce hunger, ease suffering and create opportunity, while subsidies for the rich result in more private jets and yachts. Would we rather subsidize opportunity or yachts? Which kind of subsidies deserve more scrutiny?”

― Nicholas Kristof

“The First World War was a horror of gas, industrialised slaughter, fear, and appalling human suffering.”

― Nick Harkaway

“May I suggest that people in many African countries could be suffering from donation fatigue?”

― Nicky Oppenheimer

“When I was a lot younger, I did some work with St. Jude’s, but then we went on a ‘Red Band’ tour across the United States, and we went to a bunch of hospitals and had the privilege of meeting kids who are suffering or going through these different situations.”

― Nolan Sotillo

“The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level.”

― Norman Mailer

“I will always stay close to all compatriots, and share together the happiness and suffering.”

― Norodom Sihamoni

“I think it’s true that the 1 Percent or the elite are living in a world of, maybe, excessive privilege, and they don’t fully realize how much pain and suffering, how much anxiety exists out there.”

― Nouriel Roubini

“Be mobile at all times, even if it causes you suffering or feelings of loneliness. Unless you’re willing to do that, you’re never going to get the bigger rewards.”

― Oleg Cassini

“People were already beginning to forget, what horrible suffering the war had brought them. I did not want to cause fear and panic, but to let people know how dreadful war is and so to stimulate people’s powers of resistance.”

― Otto Dix

“Suffering from dysentery at sea was no picnic.”

― Pamela Stephenson

“This life is not man’s own show; if he becomes personally and emotionally involved in the very complicated cosmic drama, he reaps inevitable suffering for having distorted the divine ‘plot.’”

― Paramahansa Yogananda

“National partition is a sorrow that touches all Koreans, but for me it is brought to the fore by unimaginable personal suffering.”

― Park Geun-hye

“I love playing a woman suffering, thinking about the choices that she’s made and obviously wanting more. It’s classic.”

― Parker Posey

“Where are the gains for religious freedom and human rights to justify all the bombings, invasions and wars we have conducted in the lands from Libya to Pakistan – to justify the losses we have endured and the death and suffering we have inflicted?”

― Pat Buchanan

“I believe in people, especially suffering people.”

― Pat Buckley

“Ignorance is the failure to discriminate between the permanent and the impermanent, the pure and the impure, bliss and suffering, the Self and the non-Self.”

― Patanjali

“The cause of suffering is that the unbounded Self is overshadowed by the world.”

― Patanjali

“The role of a clown and a physician are the same – it’s to elevate the possible and to relieve suffering.”

― Patch Adams

“Unite liberality with a just frugality; always reserve something for the hand of charity; and never let your door be closed to the voice of suffering humanity.”

― Patrick Henry

“Those who have suffered understand suffering and therefore extend their hand.”

― Patti Smith

“No matter what anybody thinks about any of them, every record I’ve done has been done with the same amount of care, anguish, pain, suffering, and joy.”

― Patti Smith

“It’s not a giant thrill to hear someone give you the label ‘manic-depressive,’ but to me I was so relieved. What I was suffering from had a name and could be treated.”

― Patty Duke

“One way to make a baby cry is to expose it to cries of other babies. There’s sort of contagiousness to the crying. It’s not just crying. We also know that if a baby sees another human in silent pain, it will distress the baby. It seems part of our very nature is to suffer at the suffering of others.”

― Paul Bloom

“I have my own difficulty with movies in which the suffering of the characters is too real, and many find it difficult to watch comedies that rely too heavily on embarrassment; the vicarious reaction to this is too unpleasant.”

― Paul Bloom

“The shortage of buyers, which the world is suffering from, is readily understood, not as due to people not wishing to obtain possession of goods, but as people being unwilling to part with something which might earn a regular income in exchange for those goods.”

― Paul Dirac

“For me, an area of moral clarity is: you’re in front of someone who’s suffering and you have the tools at your disposal to alleviate that suffering or even eradicate it, and you act.”

― Paul Farmer

“Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don’t vote.”

― Paul Harvey

“I think poetry, rather than suffering, is more and more sufficient to the needs of our society. It’s one of the reasons so much of it is, for want of a better term, ‘surreal.’”

― Paul Muldoon

“Acceptance of one’s life has nothing to do with resignation; it does not mean running away from the struggle. On the contrary, it means accepting it as it comes, with all the handicaps of heredity, of suffering, of psychological complexes and injustices.”

― Paul Tournier

“The incorrect supposition that we live in a world of scarce resources has done more than preclude most individuals from achieving economic success. Over the centuries, this zero-sum-game view of the world has been responsible for wars, revolutions, political strategies, and human suffering of unfathomable proportions.”

― Paul Zane Pilzer

“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering.”

― Paulo Coelho

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.”

― Paulo Coelho

“I don’t want people who are in poverty, in pain, or suffering, to suffer because it’s for their own good and they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I want to help them. I want us all to help them.”

― Penn Jillette

“Blockchain startups are suffering from a crippling, archaic, and antiquated state regulatory system – and it’s driving innovation abroad. Many blockchain start-ups trigger or may trigger money transmitter laws and regulations.”

― Perianne Boring

“The suffering of the Bahamian people is nearly ended. A new day is coming. It is almost here.”

― Perry Christie

“Our health care system squanders money because it is designed to react to emergencies. Homeless shelters, hospital emergency rooms, jails, prisons – these are expensive and ineffective ways to intervene and there are people who clearly profit from this cycle of continued suffering.”

― Pete Earley

“We’d all like to increase pleasure and minimize pain, but the truth is, suffering, even collective suffering that we’re going through, is often the earmark that some real change is happening.”

― Pete Holmes

“Though suffering and trauma are not identical, the Buddha’s insight into the nature of suffering can provide a powerful mirror for examining the effects of trauma in your life. The Buddha’s basic teaching offers guidance for healing our trauma and recovering a sense of wholeness.”

― Peter A. Levine

“Money in property is dead money. It doesn’t help the country. It’s funny how the U.K., Ireland and Spain are the most property-obsessed nations in Europe and yet are also the ones suffering the most.”

― Peter Hargreaves

“If we won’t fight injustice wherever we see it, then we are not safe from suffering injustice ourselves.”

― Peter Hitchens

“We have lost close friends and relatives to cancer and Parkinson’s disease, and the level of personal suffering inflicted on patients and their families by these diseases is horrific.”

― Peter Jackson

“The principal cause of suffering during humanitarian crises is insufficient respect of applicable rules of international humanitarian law.”

― Peter Maurer

“Suffering does not change its face.”

― Peter Maurer

“We still have a strong commitment to our original mission, which is to protect and assist people who are suffering from the impact of violence, but the violence has changed its character, format, and pattern so that we are now responding year after year.”

― Peter Maurer

“Every day, we hear of civilians being killed and wounded in violation of the basic rules of international humanitarian law and with total impunity. Instability is spreading. Suffering is growing. No country can remain untouched.”

― Peter Maurer

“My own view is that being a vegetarian or vegan is not an end in itself, but a means towards reducing both human and animal suffering and leaving a habitable planet to future generations.”

― Peter Singer

“I am not saying that factory farming is the same as the Holocaust or the slave trade, but it’s clear that there is an immense amount of suffering in it, and just as we think that the Nazis were wrong to ignore the suffering of their victims, so we are wrong to ignore the sufferings of our victims.”

― Peter Singer

“All the arguments to prove man’s superiority cannot shatter this hard fact: in suffering the animals are our equals.”

― Peter Singer

“Animals, or at least those who are conscious and capable of suffering or enjoying their lives, are not things for us to use in whatever way we find convenient.”

― Peter Singer

“In most of the world, it is accepted that if animals are to be killed for food, they should be killed without suffering.”

― Peter Singer

“I think I get angry when people cause serious suffering or don’t alleviate suffering when they could.”

― Peter Singer

“In Silicon Valley, I point out that many of the more successful entrepreneurs seem to be suffering from a mild form of Asperger’s where it’s like you’re missing the imitation, socialization gene.”

― Peter Thiel

“Doing ‘EastEnders’ wasn’t exactly suffering, but my soul’s not in quick-fix TV. Theatre doesn’t pay like TV work pays, though. We all have to live, don’t we?”

― Phil Daniels

“Pity addresses the perceived suffering, not the whole individual.”

― Phil Klay

“Everyone faces the challenge of finding meaning to their suffering.”

― Phil McGraw

“When suffering happens, it forces us to confront life in a different way than we normally do.”

― Philip Yancey

“Injustice is censured because the censures are afraid of suffering, and not from any fear which they have of doing injustice.”

― Plato

“We can learn from him that suffering and the gift of himself is an essential gift we need in our time.”

― Pope Benedict XVI

“Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can.”

― Princess Diana

“Are businesses really benefitting if their communities are suffering? It doesn’t seem like it.”

― Punit Renjen

“In remembering the appalling suffering of war on both sides, we recognise how precious is the peace we have built in Europe since 1945.”

― Queen Elizabeth II

“I think there’s definitely a stereotype of white privilege, and that stereotype gets expanded to mean rich, not oppressed, not suffering, et cetera. And yes, it’s a misperception.”

― Rachel Dolezal

“Self-compassion encourages mindfulness, or noticing your feelings without judgment; self-kindness, or talking to yourself in a soothing way; and common humanity, or thinking about how others might be suffering similarly.”

― Rachel Simmons

“Whether we fear pain and suffering or not, pain and suffering will come to everyone. Why not keep our minds focused on where we want to go?”

― Radhanath Swami

“I learned during all my career to enjoy suffering.”

― Rafael Nadal

“I didn’t want readers to think I was asking to be praised for taking care of my wife while she was ill. Lots of people are heroic, more heroic than I was, when faced with the suffering of someone they love.”

― Rafael Yglesias

“It isn’t easy to accept that suffering can also be beautiful… it’s difficult. It’s something you can only understand if you dig deeply into yourself.”

― Rainer Werner Fassbinder

“Life is suffering. Life is not resistance to suffering. The point of life is to suffer. This is why we’re here: We’re here to suffer. I believe in a higher power that compassionately allows suffering for us as a race, to grow and mature.”

― Rainn Wilson

“The tensions between authority and the people need to be heard, especially when they are suffering and they can’t eat.”

― Ralph Fiennes

“If we can reduce the cost and improve the quality of medical technology through advances in nanotechnology, we can more widely address the medical conditions that are prevalent and reduce the level of human suffering.”

― Ralph Merkle

“The new technologies that we see coming will have major benefits that will greatly alleviate human suffering.”

― Ralph Merkle

“Suffering turns men towards their creator.”

― Ramana Maharshi

“I think that female roles, they can be victims, they can be sympathetic, they can be in pain, they can be in suffering – but they can’t be ugly. I think there’s so much fear surrounding that, that it makes a film unlikeable, that it won’t sell.”

― Rebecca Hall

“Sometimes I suspect most of the media commentariat are suffering from Munchausen syndrome.”

― Rebekah Brooks

“The establishment of Israel was accompanied by much pain and suffering and a real trauma for the Palestinians.”

― Reuven Rivlin

“We need stem-cell research, no question about it. It is absolutely crucial for moving our medical science forward. We are trying to harness an untapped source of energy that can provide cures and possibly even prevent disease and suffering.”

― Richard Carmona

“All of our energy should be in sacrifice and services. Suffering, at least.”

― Richard Gere

“I urge you to ask yourself just how honorable it is to preside over the abuse and suffering of animals.”

― Richard Pryor

“The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they’re okay, then it’s you.”

― Rita Mae Brown

“Suffering is traumatic and awful and we get angry and we shake our fists at the heavens and we vent and rage and weep. But in the process we discover a new tomorrow, one we never would have imagined otherwise.”

― Rob Bell

“Suffering, it turns out, demands profound imagination. A new future has to be conjured up because the old future isn’t there anymore.”

― Rob Bell

“At any given time, there are a lot of million-dollar luxury charter boats cruising around the Mentawai Islands finding the most incredible waves. And yet the people on shore are suffering. The whole scene is wrong. As a surf community, we have to do something.”

― Rob Machado

“Happiness is not a reward – it is a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment – it is a result.”

― Robert Green Ingersoll

“Was it not enough punishment and suffering in history that we were uprooted and made helpless slaves not only in new colonial outposts but also domestically.”

― Robert Mugabe

“Zimbabwe has lots of safaris, but very few are African. Most are white-owned. In our region, we have the most safaris and animals. Our people cannot keep suffering.”

― Robert Mugabe

“More than ever before, Americans are suffering from back problems: back taxes, back rent, back auto payments.”

― Robert Orben

“It is a glorious thing to be indifferent to suffering, but only to one’s own suffering.”

― Robert Staughton Lynd

“What you should worry about is how you suffer here on this planet. You do not worry about suffering after you make the exit.”

― Rodrigo Duterte

“Many Russia experts note the deep and sad capacity of the Russian people for suffering.”

― Roger Altman

“History is with us until we learn from the suffering of the past.”

― Roger Rees

“The regrets I have are strong enough that I wouldn’t share ’em. I think that you can’t live without suffering some.”

― Ron Howard

“I had the privilege of practicing medicine in the early ’60s, before we had any government. It worked rather well, and there was nobody on the street suffering with no medical care.”

― Ron Paul

“It’s very unfortunate to see the amount of obstruction the Democrats have put forward. There has not been a point since the beginning of President Trump’s term that they have said, ‘Let’s come to the table. Let’s work with you.’ Even when they see their own constituents suffering because of their failing healthcare.”

― Ronna McDaniel

“When I think back to my childhood, it’s with a mixture of amusement and embarrassment. I was always forgetting things. My mum called me scatty because I could never sit still. But there was no sense I was suffering from a medical condition as such.”

― Rory Bremner

“Half of the hospital beds in sub-Saharan Africa are filled with people suffering from what are generally known as water-related diseases.”

― Rose George

“I’m not a politician. I only want to help relieve the suffering in communities, and I want to help people see their community in each other.”

― Russell Simmons

“I adore themes of hope and courage and the ways we find meaning through suffering.”

― Ruta Sepetys

“God had one son on earth without sin, but never one without suffering.”

― Saint Augustine

“The safest and most suitable form of penance seems to be that which causes pain in the flesh but does not penetrate to the bones, that is, which causes suffering but not sickness.”

― Saint Ignatius

“True, I am in love with suffering, but I do not know if I deserve the honor.”

― Saint Ignatius

“The people suffering most from the Taliban were Afghans.”

― Salman Rushdie

“If we misuse the gift of sexuality, we’re going to suffer the consequences, and I firmly believe we are suffering the consequences.”

― Salvatore J. Cordileone

“The moment we realize that the only things we can intelligibly value are actual and potential changes in the experience of conscious beings, we can think about a landscape of such changes – where the peaks correspond to the greatest possible well-being and the valleys correspond to the lowest depths of suffering.”

― Sam Harris

“Religion has convinced us that there’s something else entirely other than concerns about suffering. There’s concerns about what God wants, there’s concerns about what’s going to happen in the afterlife.”

― Sam Harris

“Morality and values depend on the existence of conscious minds – and specifically on the fact that such minds can experience various forms of well-being and suffering in this universe.”

― Sam Harris

“I think Detroit deserves a comedy that’s not about suffering.”

― Sam Richardson

“The work of many of the greatest men, inspired by duty, has been done amidst suffering and trial and difficulty. They have struggled against the tide, and reached the shore exhausted.”

― Samuel Smiles

“I think suffering has always been an incentive for my creativity.”

― Sanjay Leela Bhansali

“There were about ten years of trying, failing, trying again, suffering rejection, etc. My first published book, ‘Story of a Girl’, was the fourth book I wrote.”

― Sara Zarr

“Trauma and pain and suffering can be the very thing that dislodges a person from themselves both in awful ways and larger ways that force one to reckon with one’s own life.”

― Scott Derrickson

“The Batman that I loved growing up, the thing that Frank Miller did in ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ is that he’s so vulnerable and mortal in his 50s. That book was the first time I saw Batman as being really layered, human, and suffering, and worried that he wouldn’t achieve what he wanted to achieve. Seeing him being obsessed and pathological.”

― Scott Snyder

“Being a dandy is a condition rather than a profession. It is a defense against suffering and a celebration of life.”

― Sebastian Horsley

“An artist has to go to every extreme, to stretch his sensibility through excess and suffering in order to feel and to communicate more.”

― Sebastian Horsley

“The GAVI Alliance has achieved many things in its first dozen years, but none more important than helping save more than 5.5 million lives and prevent untold illness and suffering.”

― Seth Berkley

“Suffering does not discriminate.”

― Shania Twain

“It’s difficult to admit to ourselves that we suffer. We feel humiliated, like we should have been able to control our pain. If someone else is suffering, we like to tuck them away, out of sight. It’s a cruel, cruel conditioning. There is no controlling the unfolding of life.”

― Sharon Salzberg

“It’s a rare and precious thing to be close to suffering because our society – in many ways – tells us that suffering is wrong. If it’s our own suffering, we try to hide it or isolate ourselves. If others are suffering, we’re taught to put them away somewhere so we don’t have to see it.”

― Sharon Salzberg

“In our own lives and in our communities, we need to find a way to include others rather than exclude them. We need to find a way to allow our pain and suffering, individually and collectively.”

― Sharon Salzberg

“If we have a very strong commitment, so that we can trust ourselves and be beacons of trust for others no matter what the circumstance, then we’re protected from suffering the consequences of many actions. We can be protected from that pain.”

― Sharon Salzberg

“We come to meditation to learn how not to act out the habitual tendencies we generally live by – those actions that create suffering for ourselves and others, and get us into so much trouble.”

― Sharon Salzberg

“No child, through her own will, can pull a mother out of her suffering, and as an adult, I have been very busy.”

― Sheila Heti

“We need our children in Jamaica – especially those suffering with dyslexia, autism, cerebral palsy – to get more attention.”

― Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

“Medical judgment can be taught – laboriously, in long periods of training – but it cannot be neatly handed over as the occasion demands it. It is the irreplaceable and untransferable contribution that the healer makes to the suffering individual who would be healed.”

― Sherwin B. Nuland

“We have listened here to the delegates who have recalled the terrible human suffering, and the great material destruction of the late war in the Pacific. It is with feelings of sorrow that we recall the part played in that catastrophic human experience by the old Japan.”

― Shigeru Yoshida

“I believe there are more urgent and honorable occupations than the incomparable waste of time we call suffering.”

― Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

“We are never so defensless against suffering as when we love.”

― Sigmund Freud

“We in the west are seen as godless, as greedy and as uncaring about the suffering of those in the developing world.”

― Silvia Cartwright

“If we are suffering illness, poverty, or misfortune, we think we shall be satisfied on the day it ceases. But there too, we know it is false; so soon as one has got used to not suffering one wants something else.”

― Simone Weil

“It’s not as if I’ve been unlucky. My books have been published and reviewed. I haven’t lived through terrible literary suffering!”

― Siri Hustvedt

“I am a mother. Whether it is Alia or Shaheen, at any point in time, if they are suffering, I am the one who gets affected badly.”

― Soni Razdan

“Acting is wonderful therapy for people. Instead of suffering for yourself, someone will do it for you.”

― Sophie Marceau

“You couldn’t enclose people in institutions or hospitals or almshouses in the way the Victorians managed to do. India was too big. Seeing the suffering people was terrible, but I think I was more distraught at the needless cruelty to so many animals.”

― Spike Milligan

“When something happens to you, suffering doesn’t begin. Suffering begins at the instant you label a bad thing – as something that is wrong.”

― Srikumar Rao

“Apart altogether from our own vital interests, we cannot and must not desert those other nations who have already gone through so much tragedy and suffering to defeat the evil designs of the Axis powers.”

― Stafford Cripps

“I had a few problems. I didn’t realise it until I started going to therapy. I did it for 10 years, two days a week, and pretty quickly I understood that a lot of my suffering, many of my issues, were rooted in my realising that I was gay when I was a little boy. I knew I was different. That made me very fragile.”

― Stefano Gabbana

“When we started making ‘Selma,’ the Black Lives Matter movement didn’t exist. The parallels between Martin Luther King staging these marches, suffering police brutality… we weren’t even aware when making the film that these sorts of things would start to happen again in 2015.”

― Stephan James

“Musicians keep playing when the lights go out, when people are suffering, confused, or angry.”

― Stephen Hough

“I think it’s a shame that the day somebody hears about a shooting, the first thing they think about is, ‘How can I go promote my gun control agenda?’ as opposed to saying, ‘How do I go pray and help the families that are suffering?’”

― Steve Scalise

“You get annoyed about things in real life, and then the tragic thing is that while you are moaning on the awful injustice and suffering of something, something grimly comic will then strike you about it, like a parasite feeding off the misery of the world.”

― Stewart Lee

“I was struck after 9/11 by what seemed the assumption that everyone bereaved by that event was suffering the same thing. I wanted to explore how individual grief is, how complicated, how colored by the complexity of the mourner’s relationship with the person who’s died.”

― Sue Miller

“There is no degree of human suffering which in and of itself is going to bring about change. Only organisation can change things.”

― Susan George

“We must be honest in acknowledging that neither Germany nor the U.S. has the luxury of assuming that we can skate by on half-measures in Afghanistan and Pakistan and not risk suffering the consequences.”

― Susan Rice

“It is not suffering as such that is most deeply feared but suffering that degrades.”

― Susan Sontag

“More often writing soliloquies of suffering and consolation than collective songs like the dirge, elegists have discovered that lyric sequences can provide a powerful means of addressing the tensions between grief’s inchoate emotion and social rituals of mourning.”

― Susan Stewart

“Those suffering from spondylitis and arthiritis are not advised to perform certain asanas.”

― Sushma Swaraj

“I’m interested in little people. ‘The little, great people’ is how I would put it, because suffering expands people.”

― Svetlana Alexievich

“Places change over time with or without oil spills, but humans are responsible for the Deepwater Horizon gusher – and humans, as well as the corals, fish and other creatures, are suffering the consequences.”

― Sylvia Earle

“Remember, the man who is poor is not the man that has no money, but one without a dream. They are suffering that have no dream. They are poor that have no dream.”

― T. B. Joshua

“We are all connected. The pain and suffering of others is yours also, on some level, whether you choose to pay attention or not. The reason we can’t achieve total bliss is because you’re not here solo.”

― Tara Stiles

“In the calculus of western interests, there is no suffering, whatever its scale, which cannot be justified. Chechens, Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis are of little importance.”

― Tariq Ali

“The young people who join extremist groups are clearly suffering from massive deficiencies in religious knowledge and are often politically gullible (when they are not attempting to salve pangs of conscience by cutting themselves off from a life of delinquency).”

― Tariq Ramadan

“You can really examine the suffering and consequences that happen when there’s a loss in a family.”

― Taylor Sheridan

“In 2011, I was in Hollywood peddling ‘Sicario’ to constant and resounding ‘no’s. Texas was suffering the worst drought on record. Wildfires spread across West Texas, burning some 4 million acres and 3,000 homes. While the urban centers in Texas were experiencing an economic boom, West Texas was collapsing under the weight of drought and fires.”

― Taylor Sheridan

“The calls that I have received from President Bush and Vice President Cheney, the fact that there are other people that are suffering every bit as much as I am, and that our whole nation is going through a tragedy together, I think we have to think about those things.”

― Ted Olson

“That all-too-common gap – between where the doctors, facilities and resources are based and where the individuals suffering from HIV live – had to be closed. This is what the Health Extension Program (HEP) was created to do.”

― Tedros Adhanom

“Don’t look forward to the day you stop suffering, because when it comes you’ll know you’re dead.”

― Tennessee Williams

“I’m learning how to prevent my brain from getting worse than it is after suffering a career worth of concussions playing football.”

― Terry Bradshaw

“Absence and death are the same – only that in death there is no suffering.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh

“Buddhism teaches us not to try to run away from suffering. You have to confront suffering. You have to look deeply into the nature of suffering in order to recognize its cause, the making of the suffering.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh

“Happiness is the cessation of suffering.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh

“Reform is not pleasant, but grievous; no person can reform themselves without suffering and hard work, how much less a nation.”

― Thomas Carlyle

“Literature… is the union of suffering with the instinct for form.”

― Thomas Mann

“We need a president who doesn’t just visit our forgotten communities for rallies but one who lives in them – one who knows the pain and suffering that comes with being unseen and unheard.”

― Tim Ryan

“Mindfulness helps you to be where you are when you’re there. When I’m interacting with constituents who are suffering, that matters.”

― Tim Ryan

“Is it crazy that George Bush, ex-President of America, now paints pictures of dogs? Tiny, little, nice pictures of dogs, after all the suffering that he caused? That’s crazy that he’s doing that!”

― Toby Regbo

“Stem cell research holds enormous promise for easing human suffering, and federal support is critical to its success.”

― Tom Harkin

“Hezbollah’s contempt for human suffering is total, as it showed once again this morning when its rockets murdered two Israeli Arab children in Nazareth.”

― Tom Lantos

“There are just way too many people suffering out there.”

― Tom Perez

“Revolution is a trivial shift in the emphasis of suffering.”

― Tom Stoppard

“Britain today is suffering from galloping obsolescence.”

― Tony Benn

“Viewed from a holistic ecological perspective, some meat – such as conscientiously hunted animals – involves less suffering and environmental damage than arable agriculture, while both of these are significantly less harmful than indiscriminately purchasing meat on the market.”

― Tristram Stuart

“I had little breakdowns and depression that would last for three days. I also started suffering from panic attacks. I used to get them when I was really young, but they came back. I’d be out having a drink, and then I wouldn’t be able to breathe, would freak out, and I’d feel like my heart was going to stop.”

― Tulisa

“God wants to free us from ourselves, and there’s nothing like suffering to show us that we need something bigger than our abilities and our strength and our explanations.”

― Tullian Tchividjian

“There’s nothing like suffering to remind us how not in control we actually are, how little power we ultimately have, and how much we ultimately need God.”

― Tullian Tchividjian

“The Why’s of suffering keep us shrouded in a seemingly bottomless void of abstraction where God is reduced to a finite ethical agent, a limited psychological personality, whose purposes measure on the same scale as ours.”

― Tullian Tchividjian

“Indeed, there is nothing like suffering to remind us how much we need God. What good news that His purpose and plan for our lives moves in a different direction from ours!”

― Tullian Tchividjian

“We may not ever fully understand why God allows the suffering that devastates our lives. We may not ever find the right answers to how we’ll dig ourselves out.”

― Tullian Tchividjian

“For the life of the believer, one thing is beautifully and abundantly true: God’s chief concern in your suffering is to be with you and be Himself for you. And in the end, what we discover is that this really is enough.”

― Tullian Tchividjian

“The truth is that when it comes to suffering, if we do not go to our graves in confusion, we will not go to our graves trusting. Explanations are a substitute for trust.”

― Tullian Tchividjian

“Christianity affirms that Jesus severed the link between suffering and deserving once for all on Calvary. God put the ledgers away and settled the accounts.”

― Tullian Tchividjian

“Hoping to garner the support of the American people, proponents of regime-change wars routinely cite humanitarian concerns to justify military intervention in foreign countries. But here is the reality: As a direct result of our intervention in Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, human suffering increased dramatically.”

― Tulsi Gabbard

“As progressives, we care about the well-being of others. We are soft-hearted and have aloha, respect, compassion for others, and we don’t like to see anyone suffering.”

― Tulsi Gabbard

“There is no denying that the interventionist wars in Iraq and Libya that were propagated as necessary to relieve human suffering actually increased human suffering in those countries – many times over.”

― Tulsi Gabbard

“It is no longer acceptable to ignore the suffering, and designers must take responsibility for the way that their fur is produced.”

― Twiggy

“Boy, it is not fun suffering in this body of weak flesh, but Jesus is straightening out all my crooked places.”

― Vanity

“It is by suffering that human beings become angels.”

― Victor Hugo

“I want the other Victorias out there, the people that are suffering or going through something, to keep fighting.”

― Victoria Arlen

“If there is a meaning in life at all, then there must be a meaning in suffering. Suffering is an ineradicable part of life, even as fate and death. Without suffering and death, human life cannot be complete.”

― Viktor E. Frankl

“Pablo really felt the suffering of people and so became a political animal. But he wanted to bring down extradition because this was the only thing he feared, and it became his obsession, his crusade, his cross.”

― Virginia Vallejo

“What I remember as a child is that other kids didn’t care about suffering. I always did.”

― Vivienne Westwood

“Everybody should have a fair deal; everybody should have the chance to life in this world. If we were evolved as human beings, we would hopefully be able to alleviate suffering in the world.”

― Vivienne Westwood

“We learn resignation not by our own suffering, but by the suffering of others.”

― W. Somerset Maugham

“Forced labor affects the most vulnerable and least protected people, perpetuating a vicious cycle of poverty and dependency. Women, low-skilled migrant workers, children, indigenous peoples, and other groups suffering discrimination on different grounds are disproportionately affected.”

― Wagner Moura

“Life ceases to be so oppressive: we are free to give our own lives meaning and purpose, free to redeem our suffering by making something of it.”

― Walter Kaufmann

“It is widely assumed, contrary to fact, that theism necessarily involves the two assumptions which cannot be squared with the existence of so much suffering, and that therefore, per impossibile, they simply have to be squared with the existence of all this suffering, somehow.”

― Walter Kaufmann

“The problem of suffering is: why is there the suffering we know?”

― Walter Kaufmann

“Thirdly, even if we assume that the world is governed by purpose, we need only add that this purpose – or, if there are several, at least one of them – is not especially intent on preventing suffering, whether it is indifferent to suffering or actually rejoices in it.”

― Walter Kaufmann

“Here an attempt is made to explain suffering: the outcaste of traditional Hinduism is held to deserve his fetched fate; it is a punishment for the wrongs he did in a previous life.”

― Walter Kaufmann

“In all three cases, and for most human beings, the problem of suffering poses no difficult problem at all: one has a world picture in which suffering has its place, a world picture that takes suffering into account.”

― Walter Kaufmann

“The doctrine of original sin claims that all men sinned in Adam; but whether they did or whether it is merely a fact that all men sin does not basically affect the problem of suffering.”

― Walter Kaufmann

“It does not follow that the meaning must be given from above; that life and suffering must come neatly labeled; that nothing is worth while if the world is not governed by a purpose.”

― Walter Kaufmann

“The great artist is the man who most obviously succeeds in turning his pains to advantage, in letting suffering deepens his understanding and sensibility, in growing through his pains.”

― Walter Kaufmann

“To try to fashion something from suffering, to relish our triumphs, and to endure defeats without resentment: all that is compatible with the faith of a heretic.”

― Walter Kaufmann

“For any sin, we all suffer. That is why our suffering is endless.”

― Wendell Berry

“I’m suffering from the worst anxiety. I wake up reeling from panic at 4 A.M.”

― Whitney Wolfe Herd

“Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don’t vote.”

― Will Harvey

“Because we don’t see the evil destroyed now and thus experience the suffering that evil inevitably inflicts, we are tempted to doubt God’s existence and goodness.”

― William A. Dembski

“If suffering brings wisdom, I would wish to be less wise.”

― William Butler Yeats

“I pass over the toil and suffering and danger which attended the redemption and cultivation of their lands by the colonists, and turn to their civil condition and to the conduct and history of the government.”

― William H. Wharton

“Suffering is permanent, obscure and dark, And shares the nature of infinity.”

― William Wordsworth

“We create our own unhappiness. The purpose of suffering is to help us understand we are the ones who cause it.”

― Willie Nelson

“We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.”

― Winston Churchill

“A war, with its attendant human suffering, must, when that evil is unavoidable, be made to fragment more than buildings: It must shatter the foundations of thought and re-create. Only in this way does every individual share in the cataclysm and understand the purpose of sacrifice.”

― Wole Soyinka

“Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering – and it’s all over much too soon.”

― Woody Allen

“Employers tend to forget that the people who are working for them are also suffering. They also have problems. They also are facing issues.”

― Yalitza Aparicio

“Wars have not solved anything in our region. They have only caused misery, suffering, bereavement, and hatred.”

― Yitzhak Shamir

“The truth is I was suffering from bipolar disorder. It went on for 18 months, during which I changed four doctors, the medication wasn’t working on me, and crazy things were happening.”

― Yo Yo Honey Singh

“I know the Russian political elite has got used to the Ukraine suffering from an inferiority complex, but I want this to disappear from our relationship.”

― Yulia Tymoshenko

“Alleviation of suffering is my fundamental principle.”

― Yusuf Hamied

“Humans have an amazing capacity to believe in contradictory things. For example, to believe in an omnipotent and benevolent God but somehow excuse Him from all the suffering in the world. Or our ability to believe from the standpoint of law that humans are equal and have free will and from biology that humans are just organic machines.”

― Yuval Noah Harari

“I believe we are all connected to other people. I am connected to people who are suffering. We all are.”

― Ziggy Marley

“In Jamaica, we eradicated polio many years ago, but there are a lot of kids suffering in Africa still.”

― Ziggy Marley

“When I took my shirt off against Caen, everybody asked what these new tattoos were. I had 15 removable tattoos on my body; they are the names of real people who are suffering from hunger in the world.”

― Zlatan Ibrahimovic
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