Top 27 Sustainable Quotes

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“It is crucial to bridge the critical gap between manpower availability and employability by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for all to grow and prosper.”

― Chanda Kochhar

“What’s personally sustainable is globally sustainable.”

― Dean Ornish

“Civilization can never be sustainable.”

― Derrick Jensen

“Justice is one of the core elements towards reconciliation and sustainable peace.”

― Federica Mogherini

“Being nomadic isn’t sustainable forever. I’ve gotten to be really good at it.”

― Haley Bennett

“Cutting prices or putting things on sale is not sustainable business strategy.”

― Howard Schultz

“Writing and thinking is not economically sustainable.”

― Jaron Lanier

“Sustainable jobs are created by the private sector.”

― John Hickenlooper

“The political gridlock in Washington leads us to conclude that policymakers don’t have the ability to put the public finances of the U.S. on a sustainable footing.”

― John T. Chambers

“Creating sustainable jobs means doubling down on Baltimore’s formidable strengths.”

― Larry Hogan

“It’s always a tricky thing, trying to make aid sustainable.”

― Liya Kebede

“We are setting a new standard for coal ash management and implementing smart, sustainable solutions for all of our ash basins.”

― Lynn Good

“For many, long-term friendships, rather than family ties, are the foundations for sustainable lives.”

― Mariella Frostrup

“For WordPress to be world class, it needs to have a sustainable model.”

― Matt Mullenweg

“The Prime Minister of India, at a meeting that I co-chaired a few months ago, stated that any development that is not sustainable is not development.”

― Maurice Strong

“Societies are not sustainable without institutions.”

― Mo Ibrahim

“Permissible growth in the future has to be based on sustainable and equitable models.”

― Paul Polman

“Leading businesses are making large strides in ensuring a sustainable future, but ultimately, they can only do so much.”

― Paul Polman

“The Industrial Age is not sustainable. It’s not sustainable in ecological terms, and it’s not sustainable in human terms.”

― Peter Senge

“Obamacare is simply not sustainable.”

― Sarah Huckabee Sanders

“Uniformity is not very interesting or sustainable – it’s boring.”

― Sasha Velour

“We have to have a business model that can be a sustainable and acceptable one to both regulators and the other stakeholders, clients, and investors.”

― Sergio Ermotti

“If we eat healthy and live healthy, then that’s sustainable.”

― Tara Stiles

“We can bring immigration down to sustainable levels.”

― Theresa May

“Vision is dandy, but sustainable company excellence comes from a huge stable of able managers.”

― Tom Peters

“I have promised on many occasions that I will build a consistent, predictable and sustainable cross-strait relationship.”

― Tsai Ing-wen

“Mackerel is sustainable and healthy.”

― Yotam Ottolenghi
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