Top 9 T-Shirts Quotes

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“My T-shirts wrinkle because I sweat a lot.”

― Antoni Porowski

“I’m all about tucking in T-shirts.”

― Antoni Porowski

“I also was a huge ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ fan. I used to have T-shirts that said ‘Dierks of Hazzard’ custom-made.”

― Dierks Bentley

“The t-shirts that declare ‘Girls Rule the World’ offer an empirical falsehood, but at least the aspiration is there.”

― Faith Salie

“We wore blue jeans and T-shirts. Our music was our gimmick.”

― Gary Rossington

“I like jeans and t-shirts.”

― Jayma Mays

“I’ve never had T-shirts at the merch table before.”

― Joshua Ostrander

“I love soft-cotton white T-shirts.”

― Kevin Hart

“Not all black T-shirts are created equal.”

― Nick Wooster
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