Top 8 Tape Quotes

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“We can get rid of red tape.”

― Charlie Daniels

“The stopwatch doesn’t lie. The tape measure doesn’t lie.”

― Daley Thompson

“We never heard of tape. Everything was live, live, live.”

― Eydie Gorme

“Well, I did a harmonica instruction tape for Homespun tapes.”

― John Sebastian

“I do a lot of books on tape for Beverly Cleary, and another ‘Smurfs’ shout-out for that demographic.”

― Neil Patrick Harris

“About 15 years later, I was given all 113 episodes on tape.”

― Robert Vaughn

“Computers have virtually replaced tape recorders.”

― Tony Visconti

“I made my first mix tape when I was 14.”

― Wiz Khalifa
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