Top 6 Terry Gou Quotes

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“I always tell employees: ‘The group’s benefit is more important than your personal benefit.’”

― Terry Gou

“Businesses should be focused on business, and social responsibility should be government responsibility.”

― Terry Gou

“I never think I am successful. If I am successful, then I should be retired.”

― Terry Gou

“Quality is easy to talk but hard to make.”

― Terry Gou

“I have often asked myself if I would have worked as hard if I was as ill as Steve Jobs. My answer is that my wife most likely would not have let me work, and I would have stayed home. But I am not Steve Jobs.”

― Terry Gou

“I respect the Japanese and especially like their execution and communication styles. Unlike the Koreans, they will not hit you from behind.”

― Terry Gou
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