Top 9 Tesla Quotes

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“Early traction of Tesla is tracking very closely to Apple.”

― Chamath Palihapitiya

“I don’t like Thomas Edison. I’m a fan of Nicolai Tesla.”

― David Lynch

“Tesla is becoming a real car company.”

― Elon Musk

“I drive a Prius, but I dream of the Tesla.”

― Jazmyn Simon

“Silicon Valley’s definition of luxury is a Tesla in every garage.”

― Julie Wainwright

“Nikola Tesla spent one of his most productive years in Colorado Springs.”

― Kimbal Musk

“If I look into my past, I was definitely into inventors. I was into stories of Edison and Tesla and da Vinci and all these guys making stuff in their garage.”

― Robin Sloan

“I have given myself a Tesla for my 60th birthday.”

― Stanley Druckenmiller

“I don’t see the value in Tesla.”

― Steve Eisman
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