Top 12 Testimony Quotes

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“The positive testimony of history is that the State invariably had its origin in conquest and confiscation. No primitive State known to history originated in any other manner.”

― Albert J. Nock

“An Apostle is a missionary, bearing testimony of the reality and divinity of Jesus Christ in all the world.”

― David A. Bednar

“No testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle, unless the testimony be of such a kind, that its falsehood would be more miraculous than the fact which it endeavors to establish.”

― David Hume

“Inconsistencies in men are generally testimony to their immaturity.”

― Edwin Louis Cole

“I’m convinced from what I know of Vernon Bundy that his testimony was truthful.”

― Jim Garrison

“A poem can provide testimony. A poem can provide solace. It can provide a connection.”

― Kevin Young

“Testimony demands to be interpreted because of the dialectic of meaning and event that traverses it.”

― Paul Ricoeur

“Testimony gives something to be interpreted.”

― Paul Ricoeur

“At the request of the special counsel, Mr. Rove will not discuss the substance of his testimony.”

― Robert Luskin

“The United States should give former NSA contractor Edward Snowden immunity from prosecution in exchange for congressional testimony.”

― Robert Zubrin

“I am not struck so much by the diversity of testimony as by the many-sidedness of truth.”

― Stanley Baldwin

“Psychiatric expert testimony: mendacity masquerading as medicine.”

― Thomas Szasz
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