Top 25 Tests Quotes of 2020

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“When India conducted nuclear tests in 1974, I wrote a letter to then-Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto from Holland and offered my services for Pakistani nuclear programme.”

― Abdul Qadeer Khan

“I have batted well in Tests and always wanted to do well in ODIs, too.”

― Bhuvneshwar Kumar

“We all were there for the readings, the screen tests, and we knew. We knew Dustin was the guy right away.”

― Buck Henry

“I still have nightmares about taking tests.”

― Caitlyn Jenner

“There is no central government database that allows officials to monitor water tests by local systems.”

― Charles Duhigg

“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.”

― Chinua Achebe

“In aptitude tests, I scored highest in music.”

― Conrad Hall

“The overwhelming majority of theories are rejected because they contain bad explanations, not because they fail experimental tests.”

― David Deutsch

“Tests are special, the format closest to my heart.”

― Gautam Gambhir

“The aim of the tests carried on with these syllable series was, by means of repeated audible perusal of the separate series, to so impress them that immediately afterward they could voluntarily be reproduced.”

― Hermann Ebbinghaus

“Women put guys through tests all the time.”

― J. B. Smoove

“I managed just five Tests between 2004 and 2006.”

― James Anderson

“The Oval 2018 was one of the most extraordinary Tests I’ve been involved with.”

― James Anderson

“I’m not that interested in labels or litmus tests.”

― Jon Ossoff

“Learning happens in the minds and souls, not in the databases of multiple-choice tests.”

― Ken Robinson

“While I was pregnant, I had dozens of checkups. They covered everything from blood tests to ultrasounds, and I even had the option of attending birthing classes with my husband.”

― Liya Kebede

“When the correct tests are done, GM products are as safe as their non-GM counterparts.”

― Mark Walport

“Chemotherapy tests your sanity.”

― Melissa Etheridge

“One of the tests of the civilization of people is the treatment of its criminals.”

― Rutherford B. Hayes

“Education has to be more than tests and formulas.”

― Sal Khan

“Polygraph tests are 20th-century witchcraft.”

― Sam Ervin

“An all-rounder in Tests and limited-overs’ cricket is equally important.”

― Shikhar Dhawan

“When it comes to efficiency, standardized tests almost sound heaven-sent.”

― Steven Crowder

“There were symptoms that I saw, and though I went to many doctors and had many tests, no one diagnosed MS.”

― Teri Garr

“There was a danger that skeptics and opponents would misread those likelihood ratio tests as rejections of an entire class of models, which of course they were not.”

― Thomas J. Sargent
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