Top 252 Things Happen Quotes

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“Bad things happen sometimes.”

― Adam Ant

“When you bring God into politics, very strange things happen.”

― Adam Curtis

“More live recording. I have missed the boat over my career by not doing every second or third CD live because things happen onstage that don’t happen in the studio.”

― Al Jarreau

“Space is certainly something more complicated than the average person would probably realize. Space is not just an empty background in which things happen.”

― Alan Guth

“Bad things happen, and you can only be so prepared.”

― Alexandra Petri

“Familiar things happen, and mankind does not bother about them. It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.”

― Alfred North Whitehead

“People see fashion as superficial and shallow, but it’s actually not. As an industry, it can really change how things happen and change trade for countries that really need it.”

― Ali Hewson

“One of the things that I somewhat realized, especially right after I was convicted, was that sometimes really, really horrible things happen for no reason.”

― Amanda Knox

“Twitter fascinates me because it’s real. It feels kind of unreal, but it makes very real things happen.”

― Amanda Palmer

“I used to think that success was being the number one, being everywhere, being the star, and nowadays, I think that success is to make big things happen.”

― Anitta

“Usually one or two things happen: Either you have an idea straightaway – the sort of sound that you want or the instrumentation or one particular sound that you want to feature – or you don’t.”

― Anne Dudley

“I’ve always been quite psychic and believe there’s a reason why things happen and that we need to learn from them.”

― Archie Panjabi

“I don’t put myself into the category of ‘rock star writing his biography.’ That’s because we live our lives by falling into experiences. Things happen to us. Something you do takes hold of you, and then you do a lot of it.”

― Art Garfunkel

“My job, when it comes to free agency, trades, is not to pick players, but support the personnel department and the coaching staff. We have to have the financial resources to make things happen and that’s my job.”

― Arthur Blank

“Things happen on football pitches. Once the game is finished, you don’t need to talk afterwards. That’s just how it is.”

― Ashley Young

“Things happen when they’re supposed to happen.”

― Ayesha Curry

“You have a movie and it proves itself and then certain things happen.”

― Barry Levinson

“Everyone has a different life story. Things happen rapidly for someone, and things move slowly for others.”

― Barun Sobti

“Dreams come true, but then things happen that are beyond anything you could dream. To be in a movie and to be in the same room participating in a movie with Meryl Streep? Come on!”

― BeBe Winans

“Bad things happen when problems are protected by a force field of tediousness.”

― Ben Goldacre

“Amazing things happen when you pull individual pieces of information together into larger linked datasets: meaning emerges, as you produce facts from figures.”

― Ben Goldacre

“The best things happen when you’re not overthinking it.”

― Ben Zobrist

“Things happen so quickly. We don’t have time for one person to tell everybody what to do. Everybody needs to know what to do in those situations.”

― Bill Belichick

“I’m a believer in karma, and I’m also a believer that things happen for a reason.”

― Bill Goldberg

“You can’t really explain why things happen.”

― Billy Butler

“Money is the medium of exchange, and it’s how you make things happen. To say you hate it is some farfetched, idealistic crap.”

― Bobby Seale

“Horrible things happen, but were they horrible? No, they were just circumstances of the world.”

― Brendan Fraser

“Deeper things, heavier things happen to you as you get older and makes you more open.”

― Brett Gelman

“I think the hip hop world and the rock world still have a lot in common, but it certainly seems like things happen and break at a much faster pace in the hip hop world.”

― Bubba Sparxxx

“When things happen to you in the worst way, you live with it, you go over it, you think, ‘What else could I have done?’”

― Cal Ripken, Jr.

“Sometimes when I’m nervous, that’s when the most interesting things happen.”

― Chelsea Peretti

“Good things happen to those who hustle.”

― Chuck Noll

“Anyone who has worked with me knows that I am extremely action-oriented. I’m all about making things happen.”

― Cindy Gallop

“I didn’t foresee my career. Things happen.”

― Claire Denis

“Things happen to us in unpredictable ways, but the effect that that has on the kind of people who we become actually is not only open to chance – we can influence it in pretty profound ways.”

― Clayton M. Christensen

“I believe you have to make things happen.”

― Clemence Poesy

“I’m one of those people that thinks things happen for a reason, and you just have to look for the reason.”

― Clint Black

“A player cannot rely only on his name to make a difference but also has to work hard and make things happen on the pitch.”

― Dani Alves

“I think many people are terribly afraid of being demoted by the Darwinian scheme from the role of authors and creators in their own right into being just places where things happen in the universe.”

― Daniel Dennett

“I think that things happen for a reason.”

― Dave Davies

“Bad things happen. And the human brain is especially adept at making sure that we keep track of these events. This is an adaptive mechanism important for survival.”

― David Perlmutter

“When we are exposed to a real or perceived threatening situation, powerful things happen in the brain to memorialize aspects of the event, including all manner of associated circumstances like where, when and how it occurred.”

― David Perlmutter

“I was probably a naive youth, but I saw that I could make things happen.”

― David Robinson

“I’m very religious. I believe that things happen, and you have to go along with them.”

― Debbie Reynolds

“When you’re true to who you are, amazing things happen.”

― Deborah Norville

“So many things happen for every event, and if you try to manipulate it, it means you are struggling against the whole universe, and that’s just silly.”

― Deepak Chopra

“Sometimes what we call tragedy, at least in the theater, are really case histories. They’re based on the central figure, and things happen to that person, and they’re called tragedy because they’re extremely sad. But tragedy always has a glorious thing happen at the end of it. That’s what the catharsis is.”

― Derek Walcott

“I don’t work in a straight line. I don’t write with an outline. I write where I can see things happen, and then things get glued together.”

― Diana Gabaldon

“I write where I can see things happen, and then things get glued together. I do have the final scene, but that really is an epilogue. It’s not part of the plot.”

― Diana Gabaldon

“I had this epiphany that I like the interaction with people. I wanted to make things happen at a grassroots level.”

― Diane Paulus

“Sweet things happen. They still do.”

― Dianne Wiest

“I have noticed that when things happen in one’s imaginings, they never happen in one’s life.”

― Dodie Smith

“I’m obsessed with the thought of making things happen… Ultimately, I do it because I’m scared. I don’t ever, ever, ever want to be poor again.”

― Donna Brazile

“For 13 to be unlucky would require there to be some kind of cosmic intelligence that counts things that humans count and that also makes certain things happen on certain dates or in certain places according to whether the number 13 ‘is involved’ or not (whatever ‘is involved’ might mean).”

― Douglas Hofstadter

“You still just got to play your game. No matter where you’re at, you’ve got to play your game, especially in majors. When you try to push and try to make things happen, that’s when you can make some big numbers at the majors.”

― Dustin Johnson

“It’s a war zone. Terrible things happen.”

― Eason Jordan

“There is always some universal proportion, but along with that there are some places where special things happen. Ireland, for example. I’ve always felt it’s interesting to play there. Maybe they just drink more than anybody else.”

― Ed O’Brien

“Bad things happen. Cope!”

― Eileen Atkins

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”

― Elinor Smith

“We take art, and I love all that. But I also like science for some reason. I just like finding out why things happen.”

― Elle Fanning

“Life just doesn’t hand you things. You have to get out there and make things happen. that’s the exciting part.”

― Emeril Lagasse

“I’ve had a lot of hilarious things happen to me.”

― Emily Atack

“I tend to over-analyse things. I’m not the type of person to flip a coin and let things happen.”

― Emily Browning

“When you have warfare, things happen; people suffer; the noncombatants suffer as well as the combatants. And so it happens in civil war.”

― Emmeline Pankhurst

“I’ve had two children. I’ve had three boyfriends. I’ve had a lot of things happen that can change your opinions and values and philosophies.”

― Erykah Badu

“Bad things happen when you try to let things just happen. You can’t be passive.”

― Euny Hong

“I think things happen, and we have no control over them, and what you take from them is really what is important.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“When you do bad things, bad things happen to you.”

― Farrah Fawcett

“Epic things happen in soccer.”

― Filipe Luis

“I’m obsessed by film. I’m obsessed with music and producing and making things happen.”

― Fred Durst

“In all sports, people get competitive; things happen that shouldn’t happen.”

― Gary Lineker

“Things happen on the field. It has happened between me and other players, but we always left it out there.”

― Gautam Gambhir

“If you live long enough, lots of nice things happen.”

― George Halas

“I have never believed that things happen by themselves.”

― Gilles Duceppe

“You don’t stop living because bad things happen. You keep going.”

― Gina Neely

“I don’t think things happen for a reason, but I think it’s perfectly possible to experience life meaningfully.”

― Glen Duncan

“On a live-action movie, things happen that are unexpected. In animation, you have to fabricate the feeling. That takes a tremendous amount of nuance until the film becomes sentient and gives back.”

― Gore Verbinski

“With the right set of mind, with the right people, with the right support, things happen.”

― Grigor Dimitrov

“I believe in my abilities, as when I get things right, things happen for me.”

― Grigor Dimitrov

“I have always argued, in a good novel, interesting things happen to interesting people.”

― Guy Gavriel Kay

“I believe things happen that can’t be explained, but so many people seem intent on explaining them. Everyone has an answer for them. Either aliens or things from the spirit world.”

― Harold Ramis

“I try and write the way things happen. I don’t try and fulfill people’s wishes.”

― Harvey Pekar

“I like to dream, but I like to make things happen.”

― Heidi Klum

“It was a stroke of luck that there were about four to six leaders in power in the mid-’80s who really trusted one another and could really make things happen.”

― Helmut Kohl

“As a goalie, you must stay positive. And if you do make a mistake, well, those things happen when you play my position.”

― Henrik Lundqvist

“Very few things happen at the right time, and the rest do not happen at all. The conscientious historian will correct these defects.”

― Herodotus

“A lot of weird things happen in life that are not always pertaining to your main objective.”

― Hiro Murai

“Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen.”

― Horace Mann

“I’ve never read a political poem that’s accomplished anything. Poetry makes things happen, but rarely what the poet wants.”

― Howard Nemerov

“Gambling can turn into a dangerous two-way street when you least expect it. Weird things happen suddenly, and your life can go all to pieces.”

― Hunter S. Thompson

“Things happen for a reason, and in their own time.”

― Idina Menzel

“To be honest, I think we should find first the possibility to make it. Research is first – if you’re not interested, you never can find something. Many things happen from forgotten machines – ones that are no longer used.”

― Issey Miyake

“Going back into the history of a word, very often into Latin, we come back pretty commonly to pictures or models of how things happen or are done.”

― J. L. Austin

“There’s Catholic guilt about things, then there’s the guilt of being the youngest of 10, so when nice things happen to you, you’re not really allowed to enjoy them.”

― Jack White

“You can help build momentum in training by keeping the pace and intensity high. Make things happen in training, and then you can transfer that onto the pitch.”

― Jack Wilshere

“I am the most senior actor in ‘Devdas,’ yet I was not invited to Cannes. I guess these things happen in the industry.”

― Jackie Shroff

“If you’re not ready the moment things happen, then you’re irrelevant, you might as well not go.”

― James F. Amos

“When you’re the lead of a series, things happen around you, and you react to them.”

― James Van Der Beek

“I do like the whole idea of going to a location to shoot a movie, and there is a start date and a finish date, and a lot of special things happen within those weeks.”

― Jane Levy

“But actually, I’m planning on moving to New York this year and I can tell you one reason why I think New York is incredible: I think things happen to you that you don’t expect have happen to you.”

― Jason Schwartzman

“You look at anything I’ve been a part of, it’s when the laboring, the fatigue, when some of those things happen, that’s what shows what you’re going to be.”

― Jerry Jones

“Great things happen in small places. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Jesse Jackson was born in Greenville.”

― Jesse Jackson

“It’s very rare to watch a movie and think, ‘That’s the movie we shot!’ So many things happen, with edits and things getting cut out.”

― Jessica Rothe

“Kids search for what’s relevant, what connects with their life… now. They know bad things happen like Hurricane Katrina. Through character driven stories, they explore what it’s like to survive, thrive, and become more themselves.”

― Jewell Parker Rhodes

“I feel that things happen for a reason and open up new opportunities.”

― Jil Sander

“The way you challenge Superman is by having things happen very, very quickly in different places and then asking, ‘Who does he save first? What powers must he use to save each person or stop each disaster?’ That’s one of the ways you make him interesting beyond the thematic and moral issues that make Superman.”

― Jim Lee

“There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen.”

― Jim Lovell

“We are watching things happen with one degree changes in ocean temperature that we thought wouldn’t happen until there were two or three degree changes in ocean temperature. These are facts.”

― Jim Yong Kim

“Even in WWE, you believe it when it happens. Because anything can happen in the WWE at the last minute. Things happen, things change, and decisions are made.”

― Jinder Mahal

“I’d far rather talk about players. They are the people who make things happen.”

― Jock Stein

“You know, I’ve had blowups with my coach too. The same thing happens, it just wasn’t as evident back then because they didn’t have so many cameras and ways to see things happen.”

― Joe Montana

“To me, Hollywood seems a little bipolar. Things happen; things don’t happen. Someone’s in a movie; someone’s not in a movie. I’ve learned not to build my expectations.”

― Joel Edgerton

“The best things happen in the dark.”

― John Cameron Mitchell

“Freaky things happen all the time in the world. I suppose everything has to happen for the first time at some point.”

― John Jeremiah Sullivan

“Two things happen when you’re fearful. First, you make seemingly rational decisions that are actually hedges. Or second, you fail to do something because you worry about the consequences.”

― John Landgraf

“I’m not a classical player. I don’t want to be a classical player. I love to improvise, because things happen that never happen anywhere else.”

― John McLaughlin

“I’ve always been sort of interested in the rural countryside. Things happen out there that are very strange to city dwellers.”

― John Sandford

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

― John Wooden

“My mother taught me that the universe guides, teaches, and offers up gifts… even when bad things happen.”

― John Wozniak

“Things happen in weird, serendipitous ways.”

― Jon M. Chu

“As I get older, I plan less, and I strategize less about my career and about things because you realize things happen as they’re supposed to happen and the way they’re supposed to happen.”

― Jonathan Jackson

“Most traditional ghost stories feature rather hapless protagonists, who have nasty things happen to them.”

― Jonathan Stroud

“Things happen. You just have to accept it and move on. I get that from my dad. He’s a real chilled character.”

― Joseph Parker

“Sometimes when you’ve had a long series of disappointing things happen, you can get into the very bad habit of just expecting more of what you’ve already had.”

― Joyce Meyer

“Little things happen to us during the course of our lives when we were children that stay with us.”

― Judy Sheindlin

“When you kind of don’t care, for some reason, that’s when things happen.”

― Justin Roiland

“There’s a logic to dreams that doesn’t necessarily follow linear narrative. You don’t know why things happen, it’s your subconscious pushing you, to give you information.”

― Justin Theroux

“I’ve made social mistakes. We’ve all made our mistakes and tried things we kind of wish we didn’t, but we plan around it. Things happen in situations that are unique and different, and no one is perfect.”

― Karen Civil

“I realize that things happen for a reason.”

― Karl Malone

“I had to accept the fact that sometimes things happen that are out of our hands.”

― Katey Sagal

“I suppose I was always attracted to the producing function – trying to put things together and make things happen.”

― Kathleen Kennedy

“So many young people say, ‘I’m just going to see what happens.’ It’s so much more powerful to make things happen and have a plan.”

― Kathy Ireland

“Weird things happen when strange men run for election. See Donald Trump for details.”

― Katie Hopkins

“All I need is a camera and I’ll make things happen.”

― Keenen Ivory Wayans

“Whenever dark things happen in my life, there is always some dark humour.”

― Ken Bruen

“I don’t write material. Funny things happen to me in the course of a day, and I just make notes.”

― Kevin Hart

“I want to make it so that so many things happen… that you didn’t expect would happen in this series, that you realize that you have to read every one of them.”

― Kevin J. Anderson

“Why does anything ever happen? Some things happen and some don’t.”

― Kid Rock

“In football, things happen so quickly.”

― Kieran Trippier

“You have to be OK with your own fears. If you’re an honest person, you’ll make mistakes, but that’s when the most interesting things happen.”

― Kristen Stewart

“I believe that everything is divinely inspired. Bad things happen – they do – but I also think that when these bad things happen, there’s an equal and opposite force that is happening, and there is good.”

― LaChanze

“I like my country, but I don’t think like an Italian. It’s a complex, complicated difficult country to make things happen in.”

― Lapo Elkann

“I don’t look for signs. But when things happen, I say, ‘OK, something must be right.’ Or ‘OK, something must be wrong.’”

― Lil Wayne

“I’m not good at many things. But I really like songwriting, and I get a good reaction from it. There’s not much that I do that causes a good reaction, so it feels like if I want to have good things happen, then I should do the things I’m good at. I mean, in all seriousness, I left school at 15. I’m unqualified to do anything else.”

― Lily Allen

“You can, I think, have a quiet and steady protagonist and not run the risk of terminal dullness as long as exciting things happen to them and around them, and crime is the ideal genre for making this come about.”

― Liz Williams

“When you get older, two things happen to you. You begin to lose your hearing, and I forget what the other one is.”

― M. Stanton Evans

“Let your voice be heard. Don’t stand idly by and let things happen to you. Question everything; be informed.”

― Madeline Brewer

“There is an important idea in psychology: The ‘just world theory,’ which says that it is very important for us to convince ourselves that the world is just and things happen for a reason. That there is some elemental fairness in everything, which creates the illusion of justice.”

― Malcolm Gladwell

“Things happen. And good things happen, and bad things happen. And I’m a person – I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason.”

― Manti Te’o

“As always, things happen sooner rather than later on ‘Arrow.’”

― Marc Guggenheim

“If you’re going to educate the public and tell them how things happen in the courtroom, then you really owe them the duty to do it right. Don’t misinform.”

― Marcia Clark

“I think, in life, the more you force things, they break. You just let things happen.”

― Marco Pierre White

“A lot of bad things happen in lame duck sessions.”

― Marco Rubio

“People make mistakes, and bad things happen.”

― Marcus Luttrell

“California is an unusual and electric kind of state – it’s wonderful. All sorts of things happen there.”

― Mario Cuomo

“Some things happen by accident – embrace them.”

― Mario Testino

“I am not very good at planning things, actually, but I believe that things happen when they need to and when they have to.”

― Marion Cotillard

“I’m a football player and I have respect for every opponent, every defender and every team, but I’m not afraid of anyone and I’m not afraid to take them on and to make things happen.”

― Marko Arnautovic

“You can have immediate regrets, but if you look at stuff and say, ‘Things happen for a reason’, there’s a fatalistic thing about it. Something will happen that will justify it in some way.”

― Martin Landau

“You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.”

― Mary Tyler Moore

“Change is an internal thing. Different things happen or transform, and music and art is a documentation of that.”

― Matisyahu

“It’s OK to have nice things happen to you – you should embrace that.”

― Matt Czuchry

“When you fail to communicate, there are gray areas. And when there’s gray areas, then bad things happen.”

― Matt Nagy

“Sad things happen. They do. But we don’t need to live sad forever.”

― Mattie Stepanek

“You have to realise that players change every year, just like we change because every year is different, as things happen in our lives.”

― Mauricio Pochettino

“Things happen to all of us. The writer’s job is to get you interested.”

― Max Apple

“Between you and me, odd things happen always on set.”

― Max von Sydow

“The arts stimulate imagination. They provoke thought. And then, having done that, all sorts of other things happen.”

― Melvyn Bragg

“I don’t care who I align with. Things happen naturally.”

― Metta World Peace

“My mother is a survivor who’s had a lot of things happen in her life that have been very trying.”

― Michael C. Hall

“Funny things happen to you in movies for silly reasons.”

― Michael Caine

“Extraordinary things happen in solitude.”

― Michael Finkel

“Frightening things happen in solitude.”

― Michael Finkel

“This was great fun and a nice paycheck and then, as these things happen, the show was canceled.”

― Michael Storm

“Things change. I used to have a real resistance to it and hold on to things, but let things happen and go with it, and you will actually go through it, and it’s a lot less stressful.”

― Mike D

“I wouldn’t change anything. I think that it’s important to let things happen, and stay ‘happened’. I think that’s all part of the learning curve, part of fate. I’m just glad that it happened.”

― Mike Peters

“Players have responsibility, and if they don’t do their job, certain things happen. Coaches have responsibility. If they don’t do their job, things happen.”

― Mike Singletary

“For seven years, I made films in the cinema verite tradition – photographing what was happening without manipulating it. Then I realised I wanted to make things happen for myself, through feature films.”

― Mira Nair

“Things happen in your life, and then you can write something else instead of the same three topics – like, how many times can we write about the clubs?”

― Missy Elliott

“Things happen in American politics in the political center. If the President will meet us in the center, there are things we can accomplish.”

― Mitch McConnell

“Judas betrayed Jesus. Lady Red betrayed John Dillinger. Those things happen.”

― Mr. T

“Special things happen when you center people who haven’t been centered before.”

― Nahnatchka Khan

“Even though things happen by accident, you also unconsciously choose things that help you.”

― Nastassja Kinski

“Even when bad things happen you have to try to use those bad things in a positive manner and really just take the positive out of it.”

― Natalie du Toit

“I would have been happy to have waited till I was in my mid- to late-30s before I got married, but you don’t choose when these things happen, and when they do, there’s no doubt in your mind.”

― Natalie Imbruglia

“I think that things happen individually first, and then collectively. It’s not the other way around.”

― Neale Donald Walsch

“Things happen fast. That’s this league. You can’t slow down, because it’s going.”

― Nick Foles

“When you get on base, holes open up and things happen and you’re able to find a way to score runs.”

― Nick Johnson

“When people have success, one of two things happen. They either get really satisfied and want to keep thinking about it and talking about what they did, or the success becomes a little addictive, and it makes them want to keep having more.”

― Nick Saban

“Jon Scoffield was an incredible director and producer at ATV. I met him when I was 30 and he made great things happen in my career. He’s still alive, but we’re no longer in touch.”

― Nigel Lythgoe

“As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two.”

― Norman Wisdom

“For some reason, people imagine that dramatic things happen to people who don’t look beautiful.”

― Olivia Colman

“Things happen for a reason. I’m happy, but not I’m not satisfied with the things I’m doing.”

― Pablo Sandoval

“My biggest weakness is patience, wanting to see things happen too quickly or get changes in place right away. Not having the patience to let things develop.”

― Paul Gleason

“I’m one of those people that think certain things happen at certain times for all the right reasons.”

― Paul Walker

“People sometimes feel frustrated about what’s going on in our oceans and environment, and ‘Whale Wars’ shows that ordinary people can take action and make things happen.”

― Paul Watson

“Great things happen when you converge services and devices.”

― Peggy Johnson

“Great things happen only once.”

― Peter Thiel

“As a player, you try your best to make things happen, and the rest is up to others.”

― Petr Cech

“In reality, the most important things happen when you don’t look for them.”

― Phil Donahue

“You’ve got to love what you do to really make things happen.”

― Philip Green

“God endorses the confusion and even outrage that we feel when mysterious things happen.”

― Philip Yancey

“In the final analysis, the questions of why bad things happen to good people transmutes itself into some very different questions, no longer asking why something happened, but asking how we will respond, what we intend to do now that it happened.”

― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“In dream consciousness… we make things happen by wishing them, because we are not only the observer of what we experience but also the creator.”

― Pir Vilayat Khan

“Sometimes when really terrible things happen, something beautiful emerges out of it.”

― Pramila Jayapal

“If bad things happen to you as a kid, it’s hard for you to succeed as an adult.”

― Priscilla Chan

“I look at my music in the beginning, and the sexual songs, the partying songs, those are the realities because those things happen.”

― R. Kelly

“It’s better to not overthink and let things happen normally instead.”

― Radamel Falcao

“When things happen socially in our community, as artists, we’ve got the right to exercise our voices if we choose to, use our powers for good.”

― Raheem DeVaughn

“I have had a lot of good things happen, but I’ve also had a lot of terrible things happen.”

― Ralph Lauren

“I’m a great believer in fate. I think things happen in spite of, and despite, yourself.”

― Randolph Scott

“We’re too complacent. We let things happen to us. And you don’t have to let things happen to you. You can affect change.”

― Reed Morano

“Things happen to us and reaction is sometimes tough to measure.”

― Richard Schiff

“The tide will at last change for us if those of us who can lead do so, and do so by not just talking but making things happen. And to to those who support us, we must call out for action, real tangible actions to help us turn this tide our way.”

― Rick Tumlinson

“You drift through life and let things happen to you, or go by design and say, ‘This is what I’m intended to do.’”

― Rick Warren

“My impact on the game was going out there and making things happen.”

― Rickey Henderson

“I like writing because you can make things happen and turn out the way they never do in real life.”

― Rob Reiner

“If you don’t make things happen then things will happen to you.”

― Robert Collier

“One researcher just determined that African and Indian elephants make each other sick. When a new animal or plant is introduced to a habitat bad things happen. The biggest danger to native wildlife is foreign wildlife.”

― Robert T. Bakker

“What we call luck is the inner man externalized. We make things happen to us.”

― Robertson Davies

“There are a lot of very flamboyant and outlandish people and attention-seekers in L.A., and I think that’s what makes L.A. appealing. A lot of people are attracted to come here to do things and make things happen and the city seems to attract larger-than-life characters.”

― Roman Coppola

“I’ve always had that attitude that things happen for a reason.”

― Ryne Sandberg

“Good things happen when you get your priorities straight.”

― Scott Caan

“As for growing up on TV, I have just let things happen.”

― Sean Giambrone

“There is only one admirable form of the imagination: the imagination that is so intense that it creates a new reality, that it makes things happen.”

― Sean O’Faolain

“I had been acting since I was seven years old, but I had a combination of things happen at about the same time. ‘Austin Powers’ came out on DVD, I got a series regular gig on ‘Buffy’ and ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ came out.”

― Seth Green

“Death is inevitable, but Life – that’s the tricky bit where things happen.”

― Simon Travaglia

“I’m fearless, I don’t complain. Even when horrible things happen to me, I go on.”

― Sofia Vergara

“Shooting should not be about delivering something I’ve prepared; it should be a live process of finding things out. When things happen that you haven’t planned, that’s when the film comes alive.”

― Stellan Skarsgard

“When you get things right, good things happen.”

― Steve Easterbrook

“When you’re happy at home, you can make a lot of things happen.”

― Steve Harvey

“When war comes, two things happen – profits go way, way up and all perishables go way, way down. There becomes a market for them.”

― Steven Spielberg

“I’ve had some incredibly triumphal things happen in my life.”

― Stevie Wonder

“When you train as hard as we do, bad things happen sometimes. It’s just part of the sport.”

― Stipe Miocic

“So many bad things happen in this world because people don’t know how to express things.”

― Susan Minot

“If things happen for the good, I say that Lord Krishna wished it so, and if anything goes against me, even then I say Lord Krishna wanted it to happen that way.”

― Sushma Swaraj

“I’ll always have to make sure things happen eventually and don’t slip from my hands, from under my nose. I’ll always have to be on my toes.”

― Taapsee Pannu

“I may be a public figure, but really, I’m just like a guy who could be in your family and have some difficult things happen to him.”

― Terrell Owens

“If you try to make things happen, they start to feel presented. They start to feel premeditated.”

― Terrence Malick

“I have tremendous faith in God that all things happen for a reason, even if we don’t understand.”

― Terri Irwin

“That’s the great thing about filmmaking: Things happen you don’t know are going to happen at the end.”

― Thelma Schoonmaker

“We go through our careers and things happen to us. Those experiences made me what I am.”

― Thomas Keller

“The game is a game, and things happen, and you can’t always execute your plan as perfectly as you’d like to.”

― Tom Glavine

“I don’t believe things happen in vain. I believe they happen for a reason.”

― Tracey Gold

“Being jazz-trained, things happen spontaneously. Even though it’s funk rock, we still have the instincts of a jazz musician.”

― Trombone Shorty

“In any given day, our administration has about 2 million employees, and things happen. We put in process procedures to make sure if there has been any wrongdoing, there will be appropriate consequences, and we will move on.”

― Valerie Jarrett

“There are women who make things better, there are women who change things, there are women who make things happen, who make a difference. I want to be one of those women.”

― Vera Farmiga

“The lesson of ‘CSI’ is: No matter what horrible things happen, nice policemen will turn up and fix everything and return it to the status quo.”

― Warren Ellis

“Things happen to you out of luck, and if you get to stick around it’s because you’re talented.”

― Whoopi Goldberg

“Life’s unfair. You’re going to have things happen to you.”

― Will Muschamp

“Americans have a special horror of giving up control, of letting things happen in their own way without interference.”

― William S. Burroughs

“I believe that when things happen, they happen with a purpose.”

― William Shatner
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