Top 6 Tom Reed Quotes of 2020

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“When we go to Congress, there are strict rules about what I can be involved with and what I can’t be involved with when it comes to business relationships and business operations.”

― Tom Reed

“In the fall of 2012 I did drop some weight, and then it all came back on and then some, just like the average person who deals with this goes through.”

― Tom Reed

“My goal is to feel healthy.”

― Tom Reed

“From my perspective, we as a nation need to make policy a priority and drive the politics as a result of good policy.”

― Tom Reed

“I think in 2012 one of the primary issues that will get a lot of discussion will be comprehensive tax reform.”

― Tom Reed

“I’ve created an internal rule that Sunday is off-limits unless I put it on the schedule myself. That’s family time.”

― Tom Reed
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