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“I think you can have a ridiculously enormous and complex data set, but if you have the right tools and methodology then it’s not a problem.”

― Aaron Koblin

“Before, I was a long-time user of ‘Microsoft Money’ and Intuit’s ‘Quicken.’ Both were powerful tools, loaded with features and functionality around taxes, investment, budgeting – too feature-laden, in fact. They took hours to set up, forever to learn, and an hour a week to maintain.”

― Aaron Patzer

“Bernard Tyson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, sees technology as an augmentation to current healing tools – but not a replacement for human kindness, an integral part of healthcare.”

― Adam Lashinsky

“Of course, I love tools. I also love arranging them, to the point where I came up with a name for my organizing metric: first-order retrievability.”

― Adam Savage

“Edged tools are dangerous things to handle, and not infrequently do much hurt.”

― Agnes Repplier

“Having an intelligent secretary does not get rid of the need to read, write, and draw, etc. In a well functioning world, tools and agents are complementary.”

― Alan Kay

“I trained as a stage actor and was given a lot of technical tools to play with.”

― Alan Tudyk

“The content of most textbooks is perishable, but the tools of self-directedness serve one well over time.”

― Albert Bandura

“Twitter and Tumblr and Vine and Instagram and Facebook and Myspace, all these things are social media tools that we were all told we had to have, and what we’re realizing is that, no you don’t! No you don’t.”

― Alec Baldwin

“Pro Tools was invented to quicken the recording process.”

― Alex Ebert

“There are major funding gaps for security research generally, particularly when it comes to defensive security practices and tools that will contribute to the protection and defense of the Internet.”

― Alex Stamos

“Humor can be one of our best survival tools.”

― Allen Klein

“’Girls’ was my first audition. I’d just taken an audition class, and I was excited to implement those tools.”

― Allison Williams

“First and foremost arms are tools in the service of rival nations, pointing at the possibility of a future war.”

― Alva Myrdal

“The important thing is that government gives the security services the tools that are necessary to keep us safe.”

― Amber Rudd

“As Donald Trump and his cabinet now demonstrate, the skills encouraged in men by their biologies and the tools that boys master in the playground have not equipped them to deal with the unprecedented global crisis we are now facing.”

― Anohni

“You and I can go on YouTube and learn how to fix a tractor engine or learn Farsi. Groups are using those tools to recruit young people into a climate of hatred.”

― Anthony Doerr

“Although it is still important to develop an HIV vaccine, we have significant tools already at our disposal that can make a major impact on the trajectory of this epidemic.”

― Anthony Fauci

“I worked at the Steel Company Of Wales when I was 17. My job was to supply tools to the guys working the blast furnaces.”

― Anthony Hopkins

“Humans are in charge of the planet because we are smarter than other animals and are able to build tools and apply rules. In the future, if something is much, much smarter, there’s going to be a transition as to who is actually in charge.”

― Anthony Levandowski

“I think we’re all very curious about our own minds, but we just may not have the tools to channel that.”

― Ariel Garten

“Man must shape his tools lest they shape him.”

― Arthur Miller

“To help my mother, I started working as a workshop helper. There I learned welding and other tools.”

― Arunachalam Muruganantham

“If software’s the only thing in your bag of tools, I’m not going to give you great odds.”

― Astro Teller

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.”

― Audre Lorde

“I’m not able to change the tools that I bring to the table. I’ve tried to fade into the background many times, and I just can’t do it.”

― Barrett Wilbert Weed

“As a filmmaker, I really want to utilize the tools to carry the voice – my voice, and the voice of the characters.”

― Barry Jenkins

“Forecasting is simply not a strength of the species; we are much better with tools and narrative storytelling.”

― Barry Ritholtz

“White House officials acknowledge in broad terms that a president’s time and public rhetoric are among his most valuable policy tools.”

― Barton Gellman

“If the fiscal cliff occurs, I don’t think the Federal Reserve has the tools to offset that event.”

― Ben Bernanke

“The Federal Reserve, like other central banks, wields powerful tools; democratic accountability requires that the public be able to see how and for what purposes those tools are being used.”

― Ben Bernanke

“The energy in the banjo, and the beef in the bass. They’re good tools to express yourself.”

― Ben Lovett

“The higher the artist, the fewer the gestures. The fewer the tools, the greater the imagination. The greater the will, the greater the secret failure.”

― Ben Okri

“If we’re going to play a role in shaping a future that is more secure, more prosperous, and more connected, we need to make sure that young people have the tools they need to succeed.”

― Ben Rhodes

“My administration’s compact with the Filipino people will demand no less than the attainment of lasting peace and equitable prosperity. We will employ all the tools at our disposal to achieve this.”

― Benigno Aquino III

“Things must be done by parties, not by persons using parties as tools.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

“There’s nothing really connecting the behavior of the Nile, metallurgy, and the behavior of prices except that I had the mathematical tools to explain them.”

― Benoit Mandelbrot

“In the 21st century, you have to use technology as one of the tools in the toolkit to bring about social change.”

― Beth Simone Noveck

“It is hard to overstate how valuable it is to have all the incredible tools that are used for human disease to study plants.”

― Bill Gates

“The year I was born, 1955, the first big disease-eradication program in the world was declared for malaria. After about a decade of work, they realized that, at least in the tropical areas, they did not have the tools to get it done.”

― Bill Gates

“I think the hard thing about all these tools is that it takes a fair amount of effort to become proficient.”

― Bill Joy

“Twitter and Facebook are brilliant tools, the journalistic uses of which are still being plumbed. They are great for disseminating interesting material. They are useful for gathering information, including from places that are inaccessible.”

― Bill Keller

“As I mentioned previously, the tools that allow for optimum health are diet and exercise.”

― Bill Toomey

“If I couldn’t do it, then I’d be defeated. I’ve got the tools to do it. I never did question my tools.”

― Billy Higgins

“First, I’d like to see the basic tools such as compilers, debuggers, profilers, database interfaces, GUI builders, CAD tools, and so forth fully support the ISO standard.”

― Bjarne Stroustrup

“My list of basic tools is a partial answer to the question about what has changed: Over the past few years, large numbers of programmers have come to depend on elaborate tools to interface code with systems facilities.”

― Bjarne Stroustrup

“I would encourage nonproprietary standards for tools and libraries.”

― Bjarne Stroustrup

“Personally, I look forward to better tools for analyzing C++ source code.”

― Bjarne Stroustrup

“The good thing about Pro Tools is you can actually hear what you’re working on, so it doesn’t just become this intellectual idea. But Pro Tools can be dangerous, too. It can make things sterile.”

― Bjork

“Justice and truth are too such subtle points that our tools are too blunt to touch them accurately.”

― Blaise Pascal

“Unfortunately, tools that transfer risk can also increase systemic risk if major counterparties fail to manage their own risk exposures properly.”

― Blythe Masters

“I learned at an early stage that the most important thing I could do for my players was to give them the tools necessary to beat their opponent.”

― Bobby Knight

“But at the beginning, our definition of the genocide was what happened to Armenia in 1917 or 1919, it’s happened to the Jew in Europe, and we were not realizing – In our point of view, they have not the tools to do a genocide.”

― Boutros Boutros-Ghali

“The one thing that Airbnb had was, Brian and Joe were designers, and they did a great job. They also had Nate Blecharczyk, who was the CTO, who I describe his history as a high schooler and at Harvard as really a creator of tools for spammers.”

― Brad Stone

“It’s just about being an entertainer; it’s about having all those tools over the years to do all sorts: films, musicals, playing a bit of piano, running a quiz show – it just becomes part of the job.”

― Bradley Walsh

“To protect our kids, we’ve given law enforcement new tools to fight human trafficking.”

― Brett Guthrie

“Once an artist explores the vast variety of tools and features available on the great programs, we’re hooked.”

― Buffy Sainte-Marie

“But in the old days, visual artists used to fall into two distinct categories: those of us who created images with cameras and those of us who applied stuff onto other stuff, with brushes or other tools.”

― Buffy Sainte-Marie

“Yes, we record practically everything on Pro Tools.”

― Caroline Corr

“Productivity doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be easily boosted through a manageable combination of the right tools, resources, and habits to make the most of your time.”

― Caroline Ghosn

“China has legally purchased high performance computers, advanced machine tools, and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment from several American companies.”

― Charles Bass

“Have thy tools ready. God will find thee work.”

― Charles Kingsley

“No tools have yet been met with in any of the gravels occurring at the higher levels of the valley of the Seine; but no importance can be attached to this negative fact, as so little search has yet been made for them.”

― Charles Lyell

“The blunt tools of legislation or union power can force a corporation to pay higher wages, but if employees don’t create an equal amount of additional value, there’s no net gain.”

― Charles Platt

“We humans are great at creating tools with unforeseen consequences. For instance, when we invented the wheel, we had no way of knowing we were also laying the foundations for the TV show ‘Top Gear.’”

― Charlie Brooker

“If we really wanted to be cool, and everyone in the world had Pro Tools, we could just put it up on the internet and everyone could make their own record out of it.”

― Charlie Hunter

“I started making remixes for every specific girl I wanted to date. That’s how I learned how to use Pro Tools, and then I started making my own music.”

― Charlie Puth

“Without the right tools, we can’t police our markets from illegal trade.”

― Chris Chocola

“One of the most powerful tools for empowering individuals and communities is making certain that any individual who wants to receive a quality education can do so.”

― Christine Gregoire

“Pell Grants are, and have been, critically important tools in making higher education a possibility for lower- and middle-income students.”

― Christopher Dodd

“It is education that will arm us with the tools that will enable us to succeed and put a stop to the rising rates of preventable death.”

― Christy Turlington

“The tools that a society uses to create and maintain itself are as central to human life as a hive is to bee life. Though the hive is not part of any individual bee, it is part of the colony, both shaped by and shaping the lives of its inhabitants.”

― Clay Shirky

“Diabetes is a great example whereby, giving the patient the tools, you can manage yourself very well.”

― Clayton M. Christensen

“The one complaint about the Internet that I wholeheartedly endorse is that most of these tools have been designed to peck at us like ducks: ‘Hey, there’s a new reply to your comment! Come look at it!’”

― Clive Thompson

“Coltrane would do what you’d get a Roland Pro Tools module to do but with a group of jazz musicians.”

― Colin Greenwood

“I always believed God gave us the tools to take care of ourselves.”

― Curt Schilling

“We should teach the students, as well as executives, how to conduct experiments, how to examine data, and how to use these tools to make better decisions.”

― Dan Ariely

“Empathy is one of our greatest tools of business that is most underused.”

― Daniel Lubetzky

“If we talk about literacy, we have to talk about how to enhance our children’s mastery over the tools needed to live intelligent, creative, and involved lives.”

― Danny Glover

“When I listen to music these days, and I hear Pro Tools and drums that sound like a machine – it kinda sucks the life out of music.”

― Dave Grohl

“The last 200 years, we’ve had an incredible amount of automation. We have tractors that do the work that horses and people used to do on farms. We don’t dig ditches by hand anymore. We don’t pound tools out of wrought iron. We don’t do bookkeeping with books! But this has not, in net, reduced the amount of employment.”

― David Autor

“You may have a small network, but growing that network has become easier with the use of social tools. LinkedIn, Conspire, even Facebook and Twitter allow you to grab branches that may have previously seemed out of reach.”

― David Cohen

“Successful ecologists are successful in part because they have prepared their minds to attack scientific problems using a variety of intellectual tools.”

― David J. Anderson

“The tools I learned photographing celebrities, now I want to use them to sell ideas.”

― David LaChapelle

“The proportions, too, in which the capital that is to support labour, and the capital that is invested in tools, machinery and buildings, may be variously combined.”

― David Ricardo

“I’ve always been very upfront about the way I write, and I’ve always used the tools humorists use, such as exaggeration.”

― David Sedaris

“Most parents’ goal is to launch their children into the world with all the tools they need to make it on their own.”

― Deborah Raney

“People who don’t use the tools given to them only injure themselves.”

― Debra Wilson

“We’ve got over 1 million merchants who have claimed their businesses on Foursquare, running specials and doing other things. What we want to do is take these tools used by the 50-100 national retailers and make them accessible to our 1 million merchants. Then you’ve got something really powerful.”

― Dennis Crowley

“We continue to see acquisitions as an opportunity area for us. It’s one of the tools that we use to grow.”

― Dennis Muilenburg

“I play keyboards and Pro Tools, if you want to look at it as an instrument.”

― Devin Townsend

“Some records with drum machines on them sound phony and plastic. It all depends on how you use the tools.”

― Don Henley

“While many hackers have the knowledge, skills, and tools to attack computer systems, they generally lack the motivation to cause violence or severe economic or social harm.”

― Dorothy Denning

“I have always just made things. I don’t see what I make as being defined by a medium or aesthetic. It probably comes more from a fundamental restlessness, an attempt to create tools for questioning or understanding, and I have always been interested in using a wide spectrum of mediums to do this.”

― Doug Aitken

“The more tools I have, the more freedom I have.”

― Du Yun

“First responders will be on the frontlines if there is a terrorist attack in our communities, and we must provide them with the tools they need to do their difficult jobs.”

― Ed Markey

“Now we have new tools for exploring the deep and have to pull together a deep exploration program that takes advantage of them.”

― Edith Widder

“I was interested in big unknowns, and the brain is one of the biggest, so building tools that allow us to regard the brain as a big electrical circuit appealed to me.”

― Edward Boyden

“Young people know how to use these social networking tools, and they know how to use them effectively.”

― Edward Norton

“The goal is to provide analytical tools that will last students a lifetime.”

― Edward Tufte

“One of my primary objects is to form the tools so the tools themselves shall fashion the work and give to every part its just proportion.”

― Eli Whitney

“I can make just such ones if I had tools, and I could make tools if I had tools to make them with.”

― Eli Whitney

“An anthropologist will not excitedly report of a newly discovered tribe: ‘They eat food! They breathe air! They use tools! They tell each other stories!’ We humans forget how alike we are, living in a world that only reminds us of our differences.”

― Eliezer Yudkowsky

“Pell grants are critical tools for lower- and middle-income students to access higher education, and by expanding access to year-round courses, we can help non-traditional students complete their education sooner, allowing them to start their careers and pay off their loans.”

― Elise Stefanik

“In a 21st-century economy, it is critical that we equip our nation’s children with the tools they need to compete in a global marketplace.”

― Elise Stefanik

“My mission is to give girls the tools to be able to blossom into their best selves.”

― Elizabeth Berkley

“Many tools are indispensable for my work, from a utility knife to parametric-modeling software, like Digital Project. But it’s important not to confuse the tool for the content, as some designers under 30 do.”

― Elizabeth Diller

“I find acting conservatories really important. I’ve gone to four different ones, and all of them provided totally different tools for me.”

― Elizabeth Olsen

“Only with the tools of production in their own hands could the workers ever hope to control their own lives and receive the fruits of their labor.”

― Ella R. Bloor

“I’ve come to realize that artists and scientists are alike. They go through the same processes using different tools. They are both driven to answer the question, ‘What if?’”

― Ellen Klages

“It is deep in our nature to make tools.”

― Ellen Ullman

“Tools are not neutral. The computer is not a neutral tool.”

― Ellen Ullman

“The Indians could not undertake any widespread cultivation of the plains not only because they lacked iron tools but also because they had no draft animals.”

― Ellsworth Huntington

“We’re not telling you that you need a concealer. We’re providing a concealer in case you want it. We’re trying to give you the tools to be able to make whatever decision you want.”

― Emily Weiss

“The more tools we have directors and cinematographers will be able to express more and create different worlds and feelings. It’s like having more instruments in an orchestra.”

― Emmanuel Lubezki

“As a Facebook user, do I have control of the data Facebook keeps about me? Concretely: can I examine and modify that data using tools of my choosing which are built for my needs?”

― Eric S. Raymond

“Language is always evolving. It’s difficult to read Shakespeare now because language has shifted. Similarly, kids these days can get to the point really quick in about 140 characters or less because of these new tools.”

― Erik Qualman

“It is only by giving people the tools to empower themselves will they be able to achieve their potential.”

― Esther McVey

“The Germans are clear about what they do – cars and machine tools; the Japanese are clear about what they do – electronics; the Chinese are clear about what they do – they’re the workshop of the world.”

― Evan Davis

“Any child actor will tell you that you don’t have a lot of the tools or the experience to combat a lot of the criticism or very adult situations being thrown at you.”

― Evan Rachel Wood

“Calling China’s online censorship system a ‘Great Firewall’ is increasingly trendy, but misleading. All walls, being the creation of engineers, can be breached with the right tools.”

― Evgeny Morozov

“The tools and technologies we’ve developed are really the first few drops of water in the vast ocean of what AI can do.”

― Fei-Fei Li

“Autonomous driving provides a scenario where AI can deliver smart tools for assistance in decision-making and planning to human drivers.”

― Fei-Fei Li

“I’ve done pretty well as a professional fed-up. The tools of my trade so far have been irony, tongue-in-cheek mockery, and supercilious contempt, but these are highly civilized weapons designed for 18th-century French salons.”

― Florence King

“An architect’s most useful tools are an eraser at the drafting board, and a wrecking bar at the site.”

― Frank Lloyd Wright

“We’ve been merging with tools since the beginning of human evolution, and arguably, that’s one of the things that makes us human beings.”

― Franklin Foer

“The same tools that make any writer good, plus a cheerful willingness to suspend belief.”

― Fred Saberhagen

“I remember I used to go school with guys who couldn’t afford notebooks, pens, paper: the necessary tools needed in order to survive in school. It’s a lot of kids in Gary who are at a disadvantage without that.”

― Freddie Gibbs

“The important thing is that we now have the tools to sequence all kinds of animals and plants and microbes – as well as humans. It is not important that we didn’t actually finish the human sequence yet.”

― Freeman Dyson

“Be reactionary. React to what the market wants. And the market wants one-on-one real time engagement. Now that we have the tools to engage, I’m going to continue fighting for the end user.”

― Gary Vaynerchuk

“My tools, my medium, include pictures and live actors.”

― Gavin Hood

“Now with Pro Tools, you can play with layers and 100s and 100s of tracks. When we used to do it back in the day, you had one shot, or you would have to wipe it and carry on over that track.”

― Geoff Downes

“Even many of the teenagers who feel confident on navigating the web simply don’t have the skills needed to ‘write and create’ digital tools, not simply consume them.”

― Geoff Mulgan

“One in five of our customers books for business. But it’s scaling very fast. As a result, we have tools for medium or small-sized companies to allow them set their price and give basic reporting functionality.”

― Gillian Tans

“All tools have intrinsic politics and technology is the tool of now.”

― Godfrey Reggio

“I think it’s the tragedy of our time that we’re not aware of the affect of the manner in which we’ve adopted tools. Those tools have become who we are.”

― Godfrey Reggio

“In Scotland, I have a huge barn full of woodworking tools. I love working with my hands. I basically just make myself bleed a lot. I’m very accident-prone.”

― Greg Wise

“The second stream of material that is going to come out of this project is a programming environment and a set of programming tools where we really want to focus again on the needs of the newbie. This environment is going to have to be extremely user-friendly.”

― Guido van Rossum

“Well I think effects are tools.”

― Guillermo del Toro

“We have finished the job, what shall we do with the tools?”

― Haile Selassie

“Teachers are expected to reach unattainable goals with inadequate tools. The miracle is that at times they accomplish this impossible task.”

― Haim Ginott

“Ten Internets ago, when PayPal was started, it was all these tools that no one had built yet to bring commerce to the Internet. My first startup used PayPal.”

― Harper Reed

“We have the tools, but we have to learn how to use them. That is my political philosophy.”

― Harri Holkeri

“To create characters, one must build background. And one of the tools we use is improvisation.”

― Harvey Keitel

“Intelligence is the faculty of making artificial objects, especially tools to make tools.”

― Henri Bergson

“Do you know what we are those of us who count as pillars of society? We are society’s tools, neither more nor less.”

― Henrik Ibsen

“I think I have all tools in the world to beat anybody at 125 pounds. I really do.”

― Henry Cejudo

“The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time.”

― Henry David Thoreau

“Men have become the tools of their tools.”

― Henry David Thoreau

“Even smaller companies are putting resources behind their analytics teams in the same way they put resources behind engineering and product teams. There are some great tools out there that allow even tiny businesses to use data effectively.”

― Hilary Mason

“I joined as chief scientist in October of 2009. The company is a URL-shortener and content-sharing platform; we provide tools for people to share and track links on the Internet.”

― Hilary Mason

“My job as artistic director at the Brighton digital agency Lighthouse is all about trying to show that digital culture is about more than just tools and gadgets – it’s about perceiving the societal transformations being brought about by technology.”

― Honor Harger

“For all the social changes in China can be traced to their early beginnings in the days when the new tools or vehicles of commerce and locomotion first brought the Chinese people into unavoidable contact with the strange ways and novel goods of the Western peoples.”

― Hu Shih

“Like all tools, modern technology has produced some wonderful moments in music and also some horrors.”

― Hugh Hopper

“There are few more powerful tools for promoting stability than the institution of marriage.”

― Iain Duncan Smith

“A surgeon wouldn’t sell his tools. A lawyer doesn’t sell his law books. I’m not going to sell my horse. I’m a sportsman.”

― Ian Millar

“In radio, you have two tools. Sound and silence.”

― Ira Glass

“Tools can rule men sooner than they expect; the plow makes man the lord of the garden but also the refugee from the dust bowl.”

― Ivan Illich

“I’m focusing on healing lives and teaching people that they can heal – giving them tools to heal.”

― Iyanla Vanzant

“If you really want to act, I say get in class. Every kind of class. Put as many tools in that tool belt, because once you get out there, the real world doesn’t sugarcoat much!”

― J. R. Ramirez

“I have high hopes that GIS will become increasingly relevant for landscape architects as we make the tools easier to use for the design process of just inventory and mapping.”

― Jack Dangermond

“I think Twitter is best when it sparks conversations elsewhere. To use YouTube and Facebook and all the tools we have available to us today to respond and also promote and answer and engage is awesome.”

― Jack Dorsey

“I continue to get further away from the usual painter’s tools such as easel, palette, brushes, etc.”

― Jackson Pollock

“Through the Fellows Program, Acumen Fund prepares future global leaders with the tools necessary to drive significant social change.”

― Jacqueline Novogratz

“I been in jail twice. The first time was reform school: they got me for carrying burglar’s tools, something like that. The morals charge was a frame-up.”

― Jake LaMotta

“Words are the basic tools, if you are a writer. But why? Why do you choose one set of tools rather than another?”

― James D. Houston

“Words are the basic tools, if you are a writer.”

― James Houston

“I wouldn’t spend five minutes with Adam outside work if I didn’t have to. But yet I feel somewhat displaced without him in the workplace… destroying my tools and leaving messes everywhere he goes.”

― Jamie Hyneman

“You know ‘Ninotchka?’ I recommend it. It’s kind of a mess, too. It was before, you know, we got slick editing tools, so it kind of chops along.”

― Jane Lynch

“Everybody should want to make sure that we have the cyber tools necessary to investigate cyber crimes, and to be prepared to defend against them and to bring people to justice who commit it.”

― Janet Reno

“New policy tools, which helped the Federal Reserve respond to the financial crisis and Great Recession, are likely to remain useful in dealing with future downturns.”

― Janet Yellen

“A wide range of possible fiscal policy tools and approaches could enhance the cyclical stability of the economy. For example, steps could be taken to increase the effectiveness of the automatic stabilizers, and some economists have proposed that greater fiscal support could be usefully provided to state and local governments during recessions.”

― Janet Yellen

“The intensity of cyber conflict around the world is increasing, and the tools are becoming cheaper and more readily available.”

― Jared Cohen

“Technologists provide tools that can improve people’s lives. But I want to be clear that I don’t think technology by itself improves people’s lives, since often I’m criticized for being too pro-technology. Unless there’s commensurate ethical and moral improvements to go along with it, it’s for naught.”

― Jaron Lanier

“We are gods. Our tools make us gods. In symbiosis with our technology, our powers are expanding exponentially and so, too, our possibilities.”

― Jason Silva

“Web banking lets you monitor your spending, tweak your budget, schedule payments, and more, particularly if you marry your online bank with the personal-finance management tools available online.”

― Jean Chatzky

“The things I discovered when writing ‘Line of Duty’ were the tools you have available to write a thriller.”

― Jed Mercurio

“Myths are wonderful tools that we’ve had, oh, for eons now that help us navigate the situations we find ourselves in.”

― Jeff Bridges

“The rise of the social web promised a new era of personalization for globe-trotting. But like many things born online, as popularity of the new tools increased, efficiency and usefulness began to decrease.”

― Jenna Wortham

“In the past, when we’ve tried gene therapy, we haven’t had tools that have allowed targeted gene correction.”

― Jennifer Doudna

“Between books, I have to throw out everything I did before, because the tools I’ve used to write the previous book will not only not work for the next project, they will ruin it.”

― Jennifer Egan

“I think the Fed is not designed to have effective tools to deal with the economy. It should settle for just controlling the money supply. And – if it insists, it can worry about inflation.”

― Jeremy Grantham

“Long-term economic growth depends mainly on nonmonetary factors such as population growth and workforce participation, the skills and aptitudes of our workforce, the tools at their disposal, and the pace of technological advance. Fiscal and regulatory policies can have important effects on these factors.”

― Jerome Powell

“Abstraction is one of the greatest visionary tools ever invented by human beings to imagine, decipher, and depict the world.”

― Jerry Saltz

“Not only does Yahoo! have a unique franchise, it increasingly has industry-leading tools, technology and, most importantly, people.”

― Jerry Yang

“But despite the universality of URLs, we often forget that they’re not just a handy way to address network resources. They’re also valuable communication tools.”

― Jesse James Garrett

“As an actor, you always use the tools of who you are and your experience of what you have to offer.”

― Jessie Mueller

“I think that novels are tools of thought. They are moral philosophy with the theory left out, with just the examples of the moral situations left standing.”

― Jill Paton Walsh

“Since its enactment in the weeks following the September 11 terrorist attacks, the tools in the Patriot Act have been used by law enforcement to stop more than 400 terrorist threats to our families and communities.”

― Jim Gerlach

“By giving students the proper tools to analyze the media they consume, we can empower them to make informed decisions.”

― Jimmy Gomez

“Wikis and social networking are just tools.”

― Jimmy Wales

“As a restaurateur, my palate is one of my most important tools.”

― Joe Bastianich

“I collect as many acoustic guitars as I need for a specific purpose. Acoustic guitars are really just tools for me.”

― Joe Bonamassa

“Every day, first responders put their own lives on the line to ensure our safety. The least we can do is make sure they have the tools to protect and serve their communities.”

― Joe Lieberman

“Land degradation did not start with chemical agriculture. But chemical agriculture offered new tools for annihilation.”

― Joel Salatin

“Poetry is but another form of inquiry into the nature of phenomena, using with its own unique procedures and tools.”

― John Barton

“I try to get people thinking, to consider their pasts and presents, ultimately encouraging them and giving them the tools to embrace the work of reshaping their lives.”

― John Bradshaw

“One of the most powerful scientific tools ever invented is the telephone.”

― John C. Mather

“We developed simple test tools to optimize imaging parameters. No company was interested in our idea.”

― John Cameron

“The Xbox 360 is the first console that I’ve ever worked with that actually has development tools that are better for games than what we’ve had on PC.”

― John Carmack

“With Stripe, people who previously operated online or offline in a very limited capacity now have all the tools to work like a real online business. That’s a very valuable thing.”

― John Collison

“Sun’s role in the grand scheme of development is to work on the runtime environment and the APIs. The tools we produce are much more for systems programmers, not enterprise developers.”

― John Fowler

“When I first started in the industry, there were – this is prior to the era of computer graphics and all these digital tools – there were some pretty rigid, technologically imposed limitations about how you shoot things, because if you didn’t shoot ’em the right way, you couldn’t make the shot work.”

― John Knoll

“It doesn’t thrill me to bits that the state has to use the tools of electronic surveillance to keep us safe, but it seems clear to me that it does, and that our right to privacy needs to be qualified, just as our other rights are qualified, in the interest of general security and the common good.”

― John Lanchester

“When we uphold the rule of law, our counterterrorism tools are more likely to withstand the scrutiny of our courts, our allies, and the American people.”

― John O. Brennan

“Empowerment isn’t a buzzword among leadership gurus. It’s a proven technique where leaders give their teams the appropriate training, tools, resources, and guidance to succeed.”

― John Rampton

“Men were not intended to work with the accuracy of tools, to be precise and perfect in all their actions.”

― John Ruskin

“Our tools are extensions of our purposes, and so we find it natural to make metaphorical attributions of intentionality to them; but I take it no philosophical ice is cut by such examples.”

― John Searle

“I loved my computer; it’s a tool. A tool increases your mechanical advantages. It allows you to use your strengths and talents to greater advantage, and that’s what tools do, and that’s what my computer does for me. It’s not my toy, it’s my tool.”

― Jok Church

“Equally important to having the right content is providing the proper tools for the users so they can quickly find the images and videos they need.”

― Jon Oringer

“As chefs, we work with organizations like Oxfam to enrich their projects with culinary tools, recipes and ideas.”

― Jose Andres

“The kids of today have to be better than us. We must strive to create tools adequate for human beings that come with other things that are, at least, different from those we used to have.”

― Jose Mujica

“As with any other crucial aspect of a growing business, you need the right technology and tools.”

― Julia Hartz

“In general, good tools for staying in sync just haven’t been built and made available to the world.”

― Justin Rosenstein

“Likewise nanotechnology will, once it gets under way, depend on the tools we have then and our ability to use them, and not on the steps that got us there.”

― K. Eric Drexler

“We deploy a full arsenal of tools against voter fraud, including long prison terms, heavy fines and deportation. We have checks and balances at all levels of the system. And we have the Department of Justice prosecutors backing us up.”

― Kate Brown

“Phones were created as social tools. Smartphones are especially good at being social, integrating text, voice, video and images in an endless number of apps that can serve a user’s needs, and all without the need for a web-based social network.”

― Keith Teare

“If our main goal is to connect emotionally, we should want to have as many tools as we possibly can to achieve that goal. The more abilities that we have, the more choices we can make musically.”

― Ken Hill

“I have the tools and the size to be a good defender. I’ve just got to be able to put it all together.”

― Kevin Knox

“For this reason, it is essential that our Nation’s rural transportation professionals be provided with the necessary tools and support to promote and showcase the value, benefits, and accomplishments of rural transportation planning and development.”

― Kit Bond

“New technologies, however remarkable they might seem, are fundamentally just tools made by people for people.”

― Klaus Schwab

“My gram taught me to knit when I was little, and then I came across my old knitting tools when I was cleaning out my closets after ‘JJ’ season one and got right back into it.”

― Krysten Ritter

“When you write a program for Android, you use the Oracle Java tools for everything, and at the very end, you push a button and say, ‘Convert this to Android format.’”

― Larry Ellison

“If we all band together against extremism and spend a few minutes a day using tools that have been proven to work, we can make a big difference in defending those values we share as Americans.”

― Laura Moser

“There is no governing structure for a pandemic, and little more than vague political pressure to ensure limited access to life-sparing tools and medicines for more than half the world population.”

― Laurie Garrett

“What we can do is provide the tools, through our educational system, for people to be able to tell sense from nonsense. These tools include the scientific method, skeptical questioning, empirical evidence, verifying sources, etc.”

― Lawrence M. Krauss

“I’m going to use all my tools, my God-given ability, and make the best life I can with it.”

― LeBron James

“It is clear we can make reforms to better ensure we are giving law enforcement all of the tools they need while maintaining the appropriate safeguards to protect the very freedoms we cherish.”

― Leonard Boswell

“It has not been for nothing that the word has remained man’s principal toy and tool: without the meanings and values it sustains, all man’s other tools would be worthless.”

― Lewis Mumford

“One of the things I like to do during an ‘overhaul’ revision is bust out my highlighters and colored pens. Tools like these make me feel like a real writer.”

― Lisa Graff

“Many who think they are workers in politics are really merely tools.”

― Lord Salisbury

“I don’t want to wear my compositional tools on my sleeve.”

― Lou Harrison

“I felt that in time simple stone tools would be found in early Pleistocene in England.”

― Louis Leakey

“I do have a little setup at home. I use Pro Tools and a Neumann mic. Neumann’s are my favorite.”

― LP

“In my novels, there are twelve ancient ‘memory tools,’ all now lost. Each of the ‘Reincarnationist’ books revolves around a different tool.”

― M. J. Rose

“I don’t use tools to create things, but I use them to realize things.”

― Ma Yansong

“I was working in a gaming company, but I really wanted to make animation. I didn’t really have anything special, no special tools at my disposal, so I used what I had on hand like Photoshop, and that’s really how I started.”

― Makoto Shinkai

“An awful lot of successful technology companies ended up being in a slightly different market than they started out in. Microsoft started with programming tools, but came out with an operating system. Oracle started doing contracts for the CIA. AOL started out as an online video gaming network.”

― Marc Andreessen

“Words are the tools of ‘to be’ – of expression. They are completely built on the fact that you ‘are,’ and in order to express it, you have built a little alphabet, and you make your words from it.”

― Marcel Duchamp

“Science is a tool, and we invent tools to do things we want. It’s a question of how those tools are used by people.”

― Margaret Atwood

“Computers are very powerful tools, but in the simulated world of the computer, everything has to be calculated.”

― Margaret Wertheim

“In Europe, we have three tools when it comes to fair competition. One is antitrust, one is merger control, and the third is state aid control. And the third you don’t have in the States.”

― Margrethe Vestager

“The Export-Import Bank is one of the most important tools America has to create jobs.”

― Maria Cantwell

“Most schools have only a microwave or deep fryer, hardly the tools needed to feed our children real, fresh food.”

― Mark Hyman

“We’re at a point now where we’ve built AI tools to detect when terrorists are trying to spread content, and 99 percent of the terrorist content that we take down, our systems flag before any human sees them or flags them for us.”

― Mark Zuckerberg

“Facebook is inherently viral. There are lots of sites that include a contact importer, and for lots of them it doesn’t really make sense. For Facebook it fits so well. It wasn’t until a few years in that we started building some tools that made it easier to import friends to the site. That was a huge thing that spiked growth.”

― Mark Zuckerberg

“We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.”

― Marshall McLuhan

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”

― Marshall McLuhan

“Drones can be useful tools, and I am all about useful tools. One of my mottos is ‘the right tool for the right job.’”

― Martha Stewart

“I have a lot of cooking tools. In fact I have a whole drawer full of knives. Cooking tools, especially cutlery, are my toys.”

― Martin Yan

“When you have tools with which to stalk everyone all the time, the most seemingly aloof person wins.”

― Mary H.K. Choi

“The first money I ever earned was for drawing stone tools.”

― Mary Leakey

“As an actress, my best tools are my emotions and expressions.”

― Mary Steenburgen

“ISIS is an idea. And we have to fight this idea with the same tools that they’re using.”

― Matthew Heineman

“My only focus is to try to assess and to provide the players with better tools to perform.”

― Mauricio Pochettino

“Insight into character comes from listening intently to the spoken word. The physical person, their charisma, charm and dramatic flair is more often used to persuade audiences, as they use these stealth tools of disguise and deception.”

― Maximillian Degenerez

“I use the computer as a tool. Like chance or the camera or the other tools I’ve used, it can open my eye to other ways of seeing or of making dances. It’s not simply to do a trick.”

― Merce Cunningham

“It has been aptly noted that web browsers are less Internet navigation tools than they are ebooks with highly diverse content.”

― Michael A. Stackpole

“Common hedging techniques include shorting stocks, buying put options, writing call options, and various types of leverage and paired transactions. While I do reserve the right to use these tools if and when appropriate, my firm opinion is that the best hedge is buying an appropriately safe and cheap stock.”

― Michael Burry

“I’ve never been paid by or colluded with any Russian to hack the D.N.C., to create search-engine optimization tools to cause Trump’s positives up and Hillary’s negatives up. I’ve never been to Prague.”

― Michael Cohen

“I really believe in giving tools and resources to other creators so that they can create beautiful videos.”

― Michelle Phan

“In some cases we’ve been building tools that are specific to Linux for the desktop, and they only work on Linux, but I see two major projects that are wildly, wildly successful: Mozilla and OpenOffice, and those two programs are cross platform.”

― Miguel de Icaza

“We have more tools at hand, literally, to make life easier and more productive than ever. We have Google, Wikipedia, iPads, iPhones, iTunes, YouTube, Netflix, and 600 cable channels. We can shop, pay bills, order food, and get nearly everything delivered, all of it with the touch of a finger on a device in the palm of our hand.”

― Mike Barnicle

“Federal law provides very powerful tools, such as strict mandatory sentences, to go after repeat violent offenders who are illegally in the possession of a gun.”

― Mike DeWine

“Sherrod Brown, in the House, was one of 66 members of the House to vote against the Patriot Act, and he continues to vote against the Patriot Act, to deny our law enforcement the tools they need to go against terror.”

― Mike DeWine

“My tools are musicians, effects, things like that.”

― Mike Patton

“Mediation is one of the most effective tools of non-violence. It can turn parties away from conflict, towards compromise.”

― Miroslav Lajcak

“Having the tools and the intangibles mean nothing unless you are surrounded by the best.”

― Mohamed Bamba

“Absolutely, I believe that I have the tools, the presence, and all the make-up to be the No. 1 pick.”

― Mohamed Bamba

“Truly affordable but high-quality health care tools and services are the only means by which quality health care can be provided to all.”

― Muhammad Yunus

“All models have faults – that doesn’t mean you can’t use them as tools for making decisions.”

― Myron Scholes

“Big Linux deployments have reached the point where it’s become a real problem for administrators that they don’t have nice tools to manage their servers and desktops.”

― Nat Friedman

“Dating is for tools.”

― Neil Strauss

“Reasonable, even intelligent people can, and frequently do, disagree on how best to achieve peace in the Middle East, but, peace must be the goal of our foreign policy tools, whether they be by the stick or by the carrot.”

― Nick Rahall

“Indeed, the woes of Software Engineering are not due to lack of tools, or proper management, but largely due to lack of sufficient technical competence.”

― Niklaus Wirth

“Cyber attacks are not what makes the cool war ‘cool.’ As a strategic matter, they do not differ fundamentally from older tools of espionage and sabotage.”

― Noah Feldman

“Every writer has to figure out what works best – and often has to select and discard different tools before they find the one that fits.”

― Nora Roberts

“When you give kids the tools necessary to change their destiny, it’s really empowering.”

― Octavia Spencer

“I’m kind of in between organized and messy, so if I have the right things to keep me organized, it’s easier for me to stay that way. If I don’t have the right tools, I’m a train wreck.”

― Odette Annable

“Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all.”

― Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

“Everybody’s trying to repeat the past with the new network, with new devices and new tools. Why not make something brand-new?”

― Om Malik

“I was a truly loving mom, but I didn’t have the tools to do the job.”

― Patty Duke

“To achieve policy stability and certainty, we need to establish a meaningful price on carbon and cut the billions of dollars spent each year on fossil-fuel subsidies, along with well-structured financial tools and rules.”

― Paul Polman

“The Internet has got great tools. How we lived without Google all those years I don’t know.”

― Pete Hamill

“We need to be a leadership position about protecting minors on the Internet and, more importantly, giving the parents the tools they need to protect them.”

― Peter Chernin

“I don’t actually see that much difference between telling stories in journalism and telling them on film. The tools are very different, but the basic idea is the same.”

― Peter Landesman

“The aggressive use of wiretaps is important: It shows that we are targeting white-collar insider-trading rings with the same powerful investigative tools that have worked so successfully against the mob and drug cartels.”

― Preet Bharara

“Central bankers have had enormous responsibilities thrust on them to compensate, essentially, for the failings of the political system. And my worry is we don’t have sufficient tools to do that, but we’re not willing to say it.”

― Raghuram Rajan

“Disease and ill health are caused largely by damage at the molecular and cellular level, yet today’s surgical tools are too large to deal with that kind of problem.”

― Ralph Merkle

“In the end, I expect we’ll have AI that is better than we are at nearly every narrow task but which are still our tools, not our masters.”

― Ramez Naam

“I can use most of the tools that every American teenager can master. Maybe not all of them.”

― Rand Paul

“Some people just don’t have the tools to deal with the stuff life throws at them.”

― Rebecca Hall

“Whether or not the U.S. government funds circumvention tools, or who exactly it funds and with what amount, it is clear that Internet users in China and elsewhere are seeking out and creating their own ad hoc solutions to access the uncensored global Internet.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“The foundations of democratic transition should be laid in accordance with a sincere and committed strategy that is supported by various policy tools, and implemented wisely.”

― Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“A movie like ‘Transcendence’ may be pertinent in its political reverberations of all computer data held in a cloud and monitored by the NSA, but it also rails against the tools its makers so artfully employ.”

― Richard Corliss

“Each year, several million children either die or suffer irreparable developmental defects because of vitamin A deficiency. Countless others are harmed by malnutrition and starvation. Yet many of these deaths would be preventable if we addressed them head on and used the tools that exist to stop them.”

― Richard J. Roberts

“Success in foreign policy, as in carpentry, requires the right tools for the job.”

― Richard N. Haass

“I ask the American people to consider the legacy this administration has handed us in the defense budget as we spend billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars without the tools and ability to track these dollars.”

― Rick Larsen

“When I was an institutional broker in a former life, I was a believer in the merits of using technical analysis. I found that it was a very useful tool that complemented the much more mainstream tools generically referred to as fundamental analysis.”

― Rick Santelli

“Flattery was one of Kissinger’s principal tools in winning over Nixon, and a tool he employed shamelessly.”

― Robert Dallek

“A determined soul will do more with a rusty monkey wrench than a loafer will accomplish with all the tools in a machine shop.”

― Robert Hughes

“I’m an engineer. I see myself as a toolmaker and the musicians are my customers… They use my tools.”

― Robert Moog

“We had to address information technology in the ways we had not before and give the agents the tools that they need to do their job more efficiently and more expeditiously.”

― Robert Mueller

“Buddhism has helped me understand my defects and has given me the tools to combat them.”

― Roberto Baggio

“Hardships of early human life favored the evolution of certain cognitive tools, among them the ability to infer the presence of organisms that might do harm, to come up with causal narratives for natural events and to recognize that other people have minds of their own with their own beliefs, desires and intentions.”

― Robin Marantz Henig

“You’ve got to deal with the tools you have in hand. I’m a firm believer in that.”

― Roisin Murphy

“As consumers are being asked to pay more of the cost of healthcare services, they will increasingly demand more value and will also ask for more transparency and tools to determine the value they are receiving.”

― Ron Williams

“The tools used by economists to analyze business firms are too abstract and speculative to offer any guidance to entrepreneurs and managers in their constant struggle to bring novel products to consumers at low cost.”

― Ronald Coase

“Despite constant vilifying by the media and congressional threats to take away the tools needed to uncover plots, FBI agents and CIA officers work silently around the clock and risk their own lives to keep us safe.”

― Ronald Kessler

“The problem is that the same technological tools we use to thwart terrorists can also be used against the people whose job it is to stop them.”

― Ronen Bergman

“Nowadays you can record on your laptop with Pro Tools, which I do quite often.”

― Ronnie Wood

“Man himself is a mysterious object, and the tools to probe his physiologic nature and function have developed only slowly through the millennia.”

― Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

“The basic idea of email has remained essentially unchanged since the first networked message was sent in 1971. And while email is great for one-on-one, formal correspondence, there are far better tools for collaboration.”

― Ryan Holmes

“For everybody in their busy lives, you need to invest in sharpening your tools, and you need to invest in longevity.”

― Ryan Holmes

“We’ve all been inundated with so many ingenious, must-have, time-saving apps and tools that we really don’t have a second left to spare.”

― Ryan Holmes

“How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!”

― Samuel Adams

“Less than 1 percent of ancient Egypt has been discovered and excavated. With population pressures, urbanization, and modernization encroaching, we’re in a race against time. Why not use the most advanced tools we have to map, quantify, and protect our past?”

― Sarah Parcak

“With population pressures, urbanization, and modernization encroaching, we’re in a race against time. Why not use the most advanced tools we have to map, quantify, and protect our past?”

― Sarah Parcak

“When you’re younger – duh – you don’t really have the tools to deal with certain things in your life.”

― Scott Ian

“I was a guy that had a lot of tools and could do a lot of other things, but my main thing was controlling the defensive end of the court.”

― Scottie Pippen

“My wife Juliana and I first saw Eurovision while on our honeymoon in Greece in 2006, and we were amazed by it. They basically recreate a music video onstage, and pyro cannons, LED video screens, background dancers, fireworks, costume changes, and wind machines are their tools.”

― Seamus Dever

“The ability to save automatically is among the most powerful tools available to us.”

― Sendhil Mullainathan

“I especially love all the instruments of art: inks, pens, paintbrushes, watercolors and oils, fine papers and canvases, and although I love to mess around with these tools and objects, I have minimal artistic skills.”

― Sharon Creech

“What’s the deal with Johnny Damon? He can’t hit. He can’t catch. He can’t throw. He’s sort of the five-tool guy… without any of the tools!”

― Sherrod Brown

“Small businesses drive this economy and it is unacceptable that the President’s budget proposal does not give them the tools they need to be successful.”

― Solomon Ortiz

“Many of us who have experienced psychedelics feel very much that they are sacred tools. They open spiritual awareness.”

― Stanislav Grof

“I believe it is essential for our planetary future to develop tools that can change the consciousness which has created the crisis that we are in.”

― Stanislav Grof

“The only thing I knew how to do without a lot of money was repairing tools. I actually started making and repairing tools for machines.”

― Stef Wertheimer

“When people learn no tools of judgment and merely follow their hopes, the seeds of political manipulation are sown.”

― Stephen Jay Gould

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.”

― Stephen King

“Founders have continually struggled with and adapted the ‘big business’ tools, rules, and processes taught in business schools when startups failed to execute ‘the plan,’ never admitting to the entrepreneurs that no startup executes to its business plan.”

― Steve Blank

“By the beginning of the 21st century, entrepreneurs, led by Web and mobile startups, began to seek and develop their own management tools.”

― Steve Blank

“My approach to ‘Eastenders’ is the same as my approach to film and the same approach to theatre. Whatever I do, I use the same skills and tools.”

― Steve McFadden

“Though we endow them with human features – heads, faces, heels, toes – golf clubs are profoundly inhuman tools.”

― Steve Rushin

“We want President Trump to have all the tools he needs to build the wall.”

― Steve Scalise

“We have the insight and the tools to identify and bring to fruition the dormant talent that our artists possess. Favored Nations will be branded as the home base for inspired musical talent.”

― Steve Vai

“I think everyone around the world knows the tools are there in England’s armoury to do well in a World Cup. The challenge is to go out there and prove it.”

― Steven Gerrard

“One of the perks of being a psychologist is access to tools that allow you to carry out the injunction to know thyself.”

― Steven Pinker

“I don’t think language could have evolved if it was the only distinctive trait. It goes hand in hand with our ability to develop tools and technologies, and also with the fact that we cooperate with nonrelatives.”

― Steven Pinker

“The cloud-powered smartphone and tablet, as productivity tools, are transforming the world around us along with the implied changes in how we work to be mobile and more social.”

― Steven Sinofsky

“Continuous productivity manifests itself as an environment where the evolving tools and culture make it possible to innovate more and faster than ever, with significantly improved execution.”

― Steven Sinofsky

“As a fiction writer, my favorite tools are my imagination and the peculiar opportunities offered by different points of view.”

― Stewart O’Nan

“I have three focus areas: security, developer tools, and wearable Internet/Internet of Things.”

― Sunil Nagaraj

“We have the most crude accounting tools. It’s tragic because our accounts and our national arithmetic doesn’t tell us the things that we need to know.”

― Susan George

“I am a writer who happens to use some tools of journalism.”

― Svetlana Alexievich

“I use Logic or Reason and a midi keyboard for beats. If it’s gonna have all live instruments in it, I’ll probably use Pro Tools and have the band lay stuff down.”

― Syd

“As a nation, we need to do everything we can to make sure those who have served have the tools they need to succeed in civilian life.”

― Tammy Duckworth

“Yoga puts us back in touch with our bodies’ needs and equips us with the tools we already have: the intuition and awareness to nourish our bodies properly with wholesome, healthy foods. Yoga doesn’t show us how to starve ourselves. That is a terrible disorder, as terrible as overeating.”

― Tara Stiles

“Our pluralist society must provide its citizens with the tools to understand religions, their symbols and their practices.”

― Tariq Ramadan

“I developed more as an actor in the course of ‘Lost’ than I had in any period in my career before because they trusted me and allowed me to use the tools that I finally brought out. And quite honestly, it’s only been since ‘Lost’ that I’ve had any sort of financial stability.”

― Terry O’Quinn

“You have to know what your talent is, and you have to exploit it. And then, while you’re exploiting that talent, you find ways and tools to elevate other sides of you that are weaker.”

― The Miz

“One of our big tools is screening. We screen usually 12 times, which is much more than most filmmakers do, and we recut in between each one, because we really need to feel how the audience is reacting to the movie.”

― Thelma Schoonmaker

“There’s a confusion sometimes with the laptop being the current tools and where electronic music initially comes from.”

― Thomas Bangalter

“Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all.”

― Thomas Carlyle

“The big artist keeps an eye on nature and steals her tools.”

― Thomas Eakins

“I said that more people in more places can now compete, connect and collaborate with equal power and equal tools than ever before.”

― Thomas Friedman

“Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.”

― Thomas Jefferson

“I have a thing for tools.”

― Tim Allen

“The people who designed the tools that make the Net run had their own ideas for the future.”

― Tim Berners-Lee

“For us, the most important thing we can do is raise people up – that is, either by giving the ability to do things they could not otherwise do, allow them to create things they couldn’t otherwise create. It’s about giving them tools; it is about empowering people.”

― Tim Cook

“We try to continually push ourselves to do more and more, not just on the hardware side but also in terms of developers’ tools so they can take advantage of the hardware that’s there, in the best way.”

― Tim Cook

“With Epic MegaGrants, we’re reinvesting in all areas of the Unreal Engine development community and also committing to accelerate the open sourcing of content, tools, and knowledge.”

― Tim Sweeney

“While Hollywood’s computer graphics quality is world-class, their production pipelines are a mess of non-standard tools and labor-intensive processes driven by the mantra of maximizing quality regardless of cost. It’s very Balkanized.”

― Tim Sweeney

“I take it very seriously, music. I think it’s one of the tools that a director has with which to kind of paint. The right music can sometimes do five pages of scripted dialogue.”

― Todd Phillips

“Under the cover of encryption, terror masterminds provide recruits with the tactics and tools necessary to carry out attacks using small arms and explosives. None of this requires any overseas travel.”

― Tom Cotton

“Here’s the reality: when Hillary Clinton won the nomination, the DNC handed her insufficient and substandard tools for success.”

― Tom Perez

“South Africa has all the tools to compete in the new global village – an eager workforce, ready to take on any challenge.”

― Tom Peters

“Computers are great tools, but they need to be applied to the physical world.”

― Tony Fadell

“I would say that the fundamental question of geography is about how humans shaped the Earth’s surface and how we, in turn, are shaped by the ways in which we have shaped the Earth’s surface. So, for me, geography was just a set of tools that allowed me to ask these kinds of questions and to try to think through them.”

― Trevor Paglen

“Backplane will provide a platform and tools for communities to socialize and communicate on a more focused level.”

― Troy Carter

“I really wanna make hip-hop music, but I don’t know how to use any of the tools. Electronic, computer skills, I don’t have those for engineering or making beats. I don’t know how to use a sampler well. I don’t know how to use any of these things.”

― Ty Segall

“I’m actually one of the sharper tools in the box that haven’t been in the streets like that, but I have family members, close loved ones, that that’s all they know.”

― Tyron Woodley

“What makes a lot of sense is that, while people are incarcerated, give them the tools they need to be able to have a productive, lucrative living when they leave so they can provide for their families and break that cycle of recidivism.”

― Valerie Jarrett

“One of the most effective tools that the Cheney-Bush junta has used to marginalize dissenting or even mildly inquisitive American citizens has been the accusation of being unpatriotic.”

― Viggo Mortensen

“China has created very good investment tools, including an entire network of very large funds. The Russian Private Investment Fund works with some of those funds, with China’s largest investment funds.”

― Vladimir Putin

“One of the most effective tools in Brazil’s efforts to eradicate slavery is a register compiled by the government that lists individuals and businesses found using slave labor. Those on the ‘dirty list,’ as the register is known, are fined and remain on it for a minimum of two years during which they cannot access public funds.”

― Wagner Moura

“For years, I wrote songs to try to get cuts or try to have hits or try to appease a label or to be famous. I was learning a lot of valuable tools about structure and how to articulate. I was getting really good at that.”

― Walker Hayes

“I believe that tablets – and especially the iPad – are extremely versatile and productive tools for consumers, schools and businesses and are better for many tasks than the PC or the smartphone.”

― Walt Mossberg

“Many applications of the coincidence method will therefore be found in the large field of nuclear physics, and we can say without exaggeration that the method is one of the essential tools of the modern nuclear physicist.”

― Walther Bothe

“In fact, the socialization gives us the tools to fill our evolutionary roles. They are our building blocks.”

― Warren Farrell

“One of the greatest and simplest tools for learning more and growing is doing more.”

― Washington Irving

“We should be individualizing instruction, utilizing that data to actually give teachers the tools necessary to meet the needs of a very diverse group of kids which exists in every class.”

― Wendy Kopp

“I have a pro tools rig that I carry in my backpack.”


“Whenever I read a contemporary literary novel that describes the world we’re living in, I wait for the science fiction tools to come out. Because they have to – the material demands it.”

― William Gibson

“I believe consistency and orthogonality are tools of design, not the primary goal in design.”

― Yukihiro Matsumoto

“Using political tools to change social conditions won’t work.”

― Ziggy Marley

“Historically, art and music and writing and film have been one of the only tools that is effective against tyranny.”

― Zoe Kazan

“Every role requires its own set of tools, and I think, because of that, it is very hard to ever feel totally prepared or totally able.”

― Zoe Kazan

“I have Pro Tools on my computer, and I make CDs all the time.”

― Zooey Deschanel
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