Top 5 Tory Nyhaug Quotes

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“I’d rather live my life and do what I love and experience it. If I have some issues when I’m older, I mean, that’s the cost of living a fantastic life.”

― Tory Nyhaug

“If you come off the start in a final in fourth or fifth, realistically, the best you can probably do is a podium – squeeze second, third. The chance of you winning at any major race if you get cut off down the hill is pretty remote.”

― Tory Nyhaug

“Crashing is part of the sport. It sucks when it happens, but that’s the way it is.”

― Tory Nyhaug

“We’ve all crashed; we see crashes every race and we know it’s something we have to deal with. It’s BMX – it can happen at anytime. Nothing’s for sure in this sport, if I’ve learned anything.”

― Tory Nyhaug

“Definitely, injuries are tough, and they happen to every athlete in every sport. The best athletes put it behind them and keep pushing forward. I haven’t really had a choice; I’ve had so many injuries. And the love of BMX, I haven’t wanted to stop no matter what.”

― Tory Nyhaug
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