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“In spite of the evidence for the disorder-induced M-I transition as inferred from the transport and optical measurements, the metallic state of conjugated polymers has been a subject of controversy.”

― Alan J. Heeger

“We should note that this latter type of shift was successfully amplified to a considerable extent by Russian physicists using the intense light of a ruby laser whose wavelength is close to that of a transition of the potassium atom.”

― Alfred Kastler

“We are the transition from one education to the other.”

― Alfred Rosenberg

“I like businesses in transition, first of all. If ever there were a business in transition, it is publishing.”

― Barry Diller

“The transition from TV to films wasn’t overwhelming, since an actor’s ultimate job is to act.”

― Barun Sobti

“Veteran causes are an extremely important issue, especially the transition from military to civilian life.”

― Brandon Webb

“In 2010, the Spanish constitutional court annulled a large part of the Catalan statute of autonomy negotiated between Catalonia and the previous prime minister, Jose Luis Zapatero. This demolished one of the main agreements achieved during the Spanish transition to democracy – Catalonia’s recovery of self-governance.”

― Carles Puigdemont

“When you transition, everyone kind of has to transition around you.”

― Chaz Bono

“Most child actors, once they hit 18, once they hit 21, that’s it. Even teenage kids often don’t make the transition.”

― Cynthia Nixon

“Many transition states have a well-defined preferred geometrical requirement.”

― Derek Harold Richard Barton

“Every chemical reaction has a transition state.”

― Derek Harold Richard Barton

“The transition from soccer to fashion was an organic one.”

― Edgar Davids

“Death may simply be an alteration in consciousness, a transition for continued life in a nonmaterial form.”

― Edgar Mitchell

“I love Nakamura, but it’s a transition for anybody who comes to WWE.”

― Edge

“Fidelity does have a succession plan in place to ensure a smooth transition.”

― Edward Johnson, III

“I had an agenda. It was a very smooth transition.”

― Frank Press

“Similarly you can make a transition from one set of instruments to another imperceptibly.”

― Gavin Bryars

“Secrecy is thus, so to speak, a transition stadium between being and not-being.”

― Georg Simmel

“Almost all paleontologists recognize that the discovery of a complete transition is in any case unlikely.”

― George Gaylord Simpson

“With any previous transition we made with technology, it hasn’t been the case that we need less people.”

― Gillian Tans

“Very few people have made the transition from animation to live-action; I’m certainly not one.”

― Henry Selick

“Struggles do not end when countries attempt the transition to democracy.”

― Hillary Clinton

“There has been a transition from a nuclear-annihilation scenario to an isolated-terrorist-nuclear-bomb scenario. But we’re still locked into a mind-set that nuclear war would be so overwhelming that any kind of preparedness would be futile.”

― Irwin Redlener

“I was there when Gordon Brown basically was taking over – so right in the middle of that transition. It was fantastic; I learnt a lot.”

― Jacinda Ardern

“It is such a tricky transition between education and work.”

― James William Middleton

“There is obviously going to be a transition. There is a transition with every quarterback going from college to the NFL. I’m excited for it.”

― Jared Goff

“Receptor chemistry, the chemistry of artificial receptor molecules, may be considered a generalized coordination chemistry, not limited to transition metal ions but extending to all types of substrates: cationic, anionic or neutral species of organic, inorganic or biological nature.”

― Jean-Marie Lehn

“I left ‘Wired’ before it was sold to Conde Nast and Lycos, so I didn’t experience that transition.”

― John Battelle

“’Scandal,’ I sort of experienced the ascent and the transition from a modest start to a full-blown hit.”

― Joshua Malina

“My biggest accomplishment has been making a transition from athlete to author.”

― Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“Every market is in transition.”

― Kenneth Lay

“College and the responsibilities that came with it helped me transition from teenager to adulthood.”

― Lee Thompson Young

“I’ve written virtually as long as I’ve acted, it wasn’t a sudden transition. I acted in my first play when I was 16 and I wrote my first play when I was 17.”

― Lennie James

“I’ve made the transition from star to character actor and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.”

― Michael Caine

“One of the cornerstones of our democracy is the peaceful transition of power.”

― Mike Quigley

“’Rent’ was one of the main defining moments, and it was like the precipice of my transition.”

― Mj Rodriguez

“’Star Wars’ boils down to the transition from adolescence into adulthood.”

― Rian Johnson

“I would love to help guys transition from ‘NXT’ to ‘Raw.’”

― Scott Hall

“I have directed all of my cabinet to work to prepare a transition plan for the incoming administration.”

― Scott McCallum

“All I have to do is to work on transition and technique.”

― Usain Bolt

“I can’t say that I’ve made the transition to movies.”

― Victoria Pratt

“Once we increase the proportion of women in technical roles, the challenge is to retain them and ease the transition to senior positions.”

― Vivek Wadhwa

“Life is one big transition.”

― Willie Stargell

“It was hard to find that transition to adult roles.”

― Winona Ryder
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