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“Unions in wedlock are perverted by the victory of shameless passion that masters the female among men and beasts.”

― Aeschylus

“If credit unions can grow and prosper with a 15 percent cap, so can banks.”

― Bernie Sanders

“I certainly support civil unions.”

― Carly Fiorina

“The Democratic Party takes huge amounts of cash from corporations and unions to vote a certain way.”

― Cenk Uygur

“The unions no longer control the education agenda of the Democratic Party.”

― Eli Broad

“The dissolution of the trade unions was in the air then.”

― Fritz Sauckel

“Separate is not equal. Civil unions are civil unions. Marriage is marriage. They’re different institutions.”

― Gavin Newsom

“People have to be reminded that unions played a very historic role in our economy.”

― Hilda Solis

“If you don’t have collective agreements between unions and employers, governments have to legislate more.”

― Jacques Delors

“The unions may continue to decline, but if they do, it’ll be their fault.”

― Jacques Delors

“The unions still have a job to do, representing their members’ interests to governments and parliaments. And I think collective agreements still have a role, alongside markets and laws.”

― Jacques Delors

“That’s what unions do. They can get money, they can get support, they can get manpower.”

― James P. Hoffa

“Churches should be able to decide what kinds of unions are sanctified by their denomination, but not what kinds of unions are accepted in the civil arena.”

― Jared Polis

“Unions continue to be important for raising the standard of living for working Americans, whether or not they happen to be in a union.”

― Jason Kander

“Unions do have a proper role in negotiating for employees and advising employees, but they have to engage with the employer.”

― Jim Ratcliffe

“Unions are about the collective leverage, the power of numbers versus the power of capital.”

― Kevin O’Leary

“My problem with unions is they breed mediocrity.”

― Kevin O’Leary

“Public unions are big money.”

― Mark McKinnon

“Before there were unions, there was no middle class.”

― Michael Moore

“Many unions have contracts with employers that are based on a multiple of the prevailing minimum wage. If the minimum wage goes up, union salaries go up by a similar percentage.”

― Neal Boortz

“We don’t have unions in South Carolina because we don’t need unions in South Carolina.”

― Nikki Haley

“I’m not going to stop beating up on the unions.”

― Nikki Haley

“The Citizens United ruling did not invent special-interest spending; it enables corporations and unions to advocate directly on behalf of a candidate rather than running more subtle ‘issue ads.’”

― Nina Easton

“In a democracy, in a functioning democracy, what would be happening is that popular organizations, unions, political groupings, others would be developing their programs, putting them forth, insisting that their representatives implement those programs.”

― Noam Chomsky

“I will strengthen our unions and our middle-class families so that no longer will they be pushed around by employers but will finally have a seat at the table.”

― Richard Ojeda

“Teachers’ unions don’t act in the interest of most teachers.”

― Sal Khan

“For the unions, it is simple. There are no jobs on a dead planet.”

― Sharan Burrow

“Hey, I’m a former union president myself and also an attorney that represented a lot of unions.”

― Stephen F. Lynch

“Credit unions are often a better deal than banks and tend to pay higher yields on deposits.”

― Suze Orman

“Private sector labors unions continue to suffer losses in their membership while public sector and service unions grow.”

― Thomas E. Mann

“Unions are susceptible to the same ills that befall all human societies.”

― Tony Kushner
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