Top 370 United States Quotes

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“The United States is the ultimate land of optimistic promise, but it also gave birth to quintessentially pessimistic tragedy: ‘Moby-Dick.’”

― A. N. Wilson

“I have been under assault by the liberal media in the United States.”

― Aaron Klein

“I am proud to be a member of the Congress of the United States.”

― Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

“The bonds of trust between the United States and Israel have been frayed, but even the hostility and disrespect the Obama administration has shown has not severed those bonds.”

― Adam Hasner

“Any Mexican, would recognise that Mexico was abused, undervalued and downgraded in international circles, most of all by the United States.”

― Adolfo Aguilar Zinser

“Mexico is intensely affected by all kinds of things that are shipped into this country from the United States.”

― Adolfo Aguilar Zinser

“The United States needs modern, flexible, light-touch network regulation, not a one-size-fits-all utility model from the 1930s.”

― Ajit Pai

“Both of them were the children of the United States. They sacrificed their children for the benefit of the others. But they were not very devoted children of the United States.”

― Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

“We don’t have any bad memories of the people of the United States.”

― Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

“Atheism is having a heyday in the born-again United States.”

― Alain de Botton

“Any confrontation, such as a verbal one with the United States, would be harmful for everybody.”

― Alain Juppe

“There is a limit to how much the United States Treasury can borrow.”

― Alan Greenspan

“There is a great market for cars in the United States – as Honda and Toyota have proven.”

― Alan Mulally

“Boeing is a United States icon.”

― Alan Mulally

“Today, barely 5 percent of all containers coming into the United States through our ports are scanned.”

― Alcee Hastings

“I wanted to be president of the United States. I really did. The older I get, the less preposterous the idea seems.”

― Alec Baldwin

“When you taste a mango in the United States, it’s just tasteless.”

― Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

“When I brought ‘El Topo’ to New York, no one understood the picture. But John Lennon understood. John and Yoko Ono, they presented ‘El Topo’ in the United States; they introduced it.”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“There’s no such thing as a legal right to break patents in the United States.”

― Alex Azar

“Publicly traded United States companies report sales and profits to investors every quarter.”

― Alex Berenson

“I think I should be a president. President of the United States.”

― Alexander McQueen

“In 2004, I joined my father, John Kerry, on the trail in his bid for the United States presidency.”

― Alexandra Kerry

“There is hardly a political question in the United States which does not sooner or later turn into a judicial one.”

― Alexis de Tocqueville

“The United States is the richest and also the most unequal country in the world.”

― Alissa Quart

“I spent 22 years in the United States military, so I’m a pretty strategic level thinker.”

― Allen West

“The United States cannot live with terror.”

― Ariel Sharon

“The United States is a nation located in the global economy, and we get enormous, enormous benefits from dealing with foreigners.”

― Arthur Laffer

“There’s not a liberal America and a conservative America – there’s the United States of America.”

― Barack Obama

“I’m the president of the United States. I’m not the emperor of the United States.”

― Barack Obama

“I am the commander in chief of the United States armed forces, and Iraq is gonna have to ultimately provide for its own security.”

― Barack Obama

“I would like to be the first ambassador to the United States from the United States.”

― Barbara Mikulski

“There’s more single-family homes rented in the United States then there are apartments.”

― Barry Sternlicht

“The United States, a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention, destroyed the last of its stocks of VX and other chemical agents on the Johnston Atoll, 825 miles southwest of Hawaii, in November 2000.”

― Barton Gellman

“Increased remittances to Cuba from the United States has helped Cuban families.”

― Ben Rhodes

“We must maximize our efforts to counter violent extremism, radicalization and recruitment in the United States and stop using xenophobia and ethnic stereotyping.”

― Bennie Thompson

“Each and every year, the United States loses an estimated $100 billion a year in tax revenues due to offshore tax abuses by the wealthy and large corporations.”

― Bernie Sanders

“No one is born to be president of the United States of America.”

― Beto O’Rourke

“The United States Supreme Court has voted 6-3 that voter photo ID is constitutional.”

― Bob Ehrlich

“There is one source of injustice in Cuba: The Castro regime. It is not United States policies and it is not the United States embargo.”

― Bob Menendez

“The United States is going to keep on with its imperialist ways.”

― Boots Riley

“There is no doubt ISIS poses a clear, direct threat to the United States, and decisive action is badly needed.”

― Bradley Byrne

“There’s no guarantee that the United States will be around 200 years from now.”

― Buzz Aldrin

“Both my parents came into the United States from Mexico.”

― Cain Velasquez

“The United States condoned dictatorships in Latin America for much of the 20th century.”

― Carlos Fuentes

“Episcopalians are pretty thin on the ground in the central United States.”

― Charlaine Harris

“Foreigners may be admitted to citizenship by naturalization, either collectively or individually. Collective naturalization may occur when a foreign territory and its inhabitants are transferred to the United States.”

― Charles A. Beard

“The United States is historically a nation of immigrants.”

― Charles B. Rangel

“I proudly served in the United States Army during the Korean War as an artillery operations specialist in the all-black 503rd Field Artillery Battalion in the Second Infantry Division.”

― Charles B. Rangel

“The president of the United States should not be tweeting.”

― Charles Barkley

“What are the implications of a China that may be on nuclear parity with the United States?”

― Charles Bass

“Conditions in Chinese factories are harsh. They’re much harsher than they are in, for instance, the United States or any Western nation.”

― Charles Duhigg

“The United States is the greatest law factory the world has ever known.”

― Charles Evans Hughes

“The race problem in the United States is the type of unpleasant problem which we would rather do without but which refuses to be buried.”

― Charles Hamilton Houston

“’Jane the Virgin’ is one of the most original shows that’s been presented in the United States.”

― Charo

“The word ‘Chicano’ was originally a derisive term from Mexicans to other Mexicans living in the United States.”

― Cheech Marin

“The countries of the American continent and the adjacent islands are for the United States the natural marts of supply and demand.”

― Chester A. Arthur

“I had spent years in the United States military. Specifically in the U.S. Navy.”

― Chris Gardner

“Saudi Arabia is an important country to the United States.”

― Chris Murphy

“But to be self-obsessed is simply not o.k. for the most important country in the world, the United States, which affects every other country in the world.”

― Christiane Amanpour

“The bottom line is, there have been a lot of nuts elected to the United States Senate.”

― Chuck Grassley

“If Americans could legally access prescription drugs outside the United States, then drug companies would be forced to re-evaluate their pricing strategy.”

― Chuck Grassley

“While violence is part of what it means to be part of the black diaspora in the United States, that is not all it means to be black.”

― Clint Smith

“The United States is not stingy. We are the greatest contributor to international relief efforts in the world.”

― Colin Powell

“I don’t know that there is much the United States can do except work with the international community.”

― Colin Powell

“When Thurgood Marshall became a lawyer, race relations in the United States were particularly bad.”

― Constance Baker Motley

“When I do my hiring in the United States Senate, I look at issues of diversity.”

― Cory Booker

“The overwhelming majority of Coloradans don’t want Guantanamo Bay detainees in the United States or Colorado.”

― Cory Gardner

“The United States needs to be a leader in scientific research.”

― Dan Lipinski

“The welfare system in the United States is vile.”

― Daniel Keys Moran

“Without the United States, there simply would not have been an armed uprising in our country.”

― Daniel Ortega

“Religious freedom is already protected in the United States. It’s in our Constitution. It’s in most state constitutions.”

― Dannel Malloy

“It would be wonderful to be a member of the United States Senate.”

― Danny K. Davis

“In fact, street gangs are the primary distributor of illegal drugs in the United States.”

― Dave Reichert

“To be able to live and work in the United States is a privilege.”

― David Geffen

“The diets and lifestyles in many other countries are much healthier than in the United States.”

― Dean Ornish

“As I’ve said many times and publicly, a war between China and Taiwan that involves the United States is a lose-lose-lose.”

― Dennis C. Blair

“Iraq does not pose an imminent threat to the United States of any of its neighboring nations.”

― Dennis Kucinich

“When I first immigrated to the United States, there were not many jobs that stood out. So I worked at a gas station, cleaning.”

― Do Won Chang

“I grew up in the United States.”

― Dominique de Villepin

“Stuart Davis has more to do with what the United States is like than Hopper.”

― Donald Judd

“Mexico’s making a fortune off the United States.”

― Donald Trump

“No, the United States does not target civilians.”

― Douglas Feith

“We have a substantial number of countries that have pledged and provided all kinds of support for the United States in the event that war becomes necessary in Iraq.”

― Douglas Feith

“Had Calhoun been advised by me, he would have been the most popular man in the United States.”

― Duff Green

“The United States can’t be sheriff of the whole world.”

― Dutch Ruppersberger

“After September 11, when the United States took action to overthrow the Taliban, our interests and Iran’s aligned, and we were able to coordinate quietly but effectively.”

― Earl Blumenauer

“I think the United States has a nasty human-rights record.”

― Ed Schultz

“The United States Government has placed me on no-fly lists.”

― Edward Snowden

“And the fact that Haiti was occupied for 19 years by the United States, from 1915 to 1934.”

― Edwidge Danticat

“The United States is a superpower whose influence reaches across oceans and beyond borders.”

― Ehud Olmert

“The United States is the leader of the free world.”

― Elizabeth Dole

“The U.A.E. is a firm ally of the United States and deserves better treatment than it received in the Dubai Ports World fiasco in 2006.”

― Elliott Abrams

“Pinochet took power in a 1973 military coup that the United States supported.”

― Elliott Abrams

“When freedom of the press is threatened, the United States should be leading efforts to protect it.”

― Elliott Abrams

“I’m reasonably optimistic about the future, especially the future of the United States – for the century, at least.”

― Elon Musk

“More than 65,000 horses were slaughtered in the United States in 2004, a 50 percent increase since 2002.”

― Elton Gallegly

“The rate of population growth in the United States is slightly below that required to reproduce itself.”

― Emanuel Celler

“The United States is already Mexico’s largest trading partner.”

― Enrique Pena Nieto

“Guantanamo is a chief recruiting tool for al-Qaida. It has put a wedge between the United States and at least some of its allies.”

― Eric Holder

“To be sure, the United States has profound problems, not least our faltering educational and physical infrastructure.”

― Eric Liu

“I was never concretely aware of the extent of anti-Semitism in the United States and in the upper levels of the State Department.”

― Erik Larson

“I’ve been amazed at how fast and herd-like opinions in the United States are.”

― Evan Osnos

“The United States, of course, in the late 19th century was extraordinarily corrupt.”

― Evan Osnos

“I don’t mind being a permanent nightmare for the United States.”

― Evo Morales

“The United States is the greatest country on Earth.”

― Fabio Lanzoni

“I almost laughed about the Machiavellian plans of the presidents of the United States.”

― Fidel Castro

“The transatlantic relationship is vital for both our countries: France will remain a reliable ally of the United States. Nevertheless, ally does not mean aligned.”

― Francois Hollande

“I have often heard it said that the United States is isolated and is not interested in European affairs. I assure you that this is not the case.”

― Frank B. Kellogg

“The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.”

― Frank Zappa

“I do not look upon these United States as a finished product. We are still in the making.”

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Most tragic mistake in history occurred when the United States joined the U.N.”

― G. Edward Griffin

“When our economy grows, it is good for the world. When the world economy grows, it is good for the United States.”

― Gary Cohn

“We welcome Chinese investment in the United States with open arms.”

― Gary Locke

“With those attacks, the terrorists and their supporters declared war on the United States. And war is what they got.”

― George W. Bush

“The United States and our allies are determined: we refuse to live in the shadow of this ultimate danger.”

― George W. Bush

“The terrorists and their supporters declared war on the United States – and war is what they got.”

― George W. Bush

“The United States prefers that Iraq meet its obligations voluntarily, yet we are prepared for the alternative.”

― George W. Bush

“My son lives in Nicaragua. My daughters live in the United States.”

― Gioconda Belli

“The United States government in Washington constantly gives amnesty to its highest officials, even when they commit the most egregious crimes. And yet the idea of amnesty for a whistleblower is considered radical and extreme.”

― Glenn Greenwald

“The United States was founded by the brightest people in the country – and we haven’t seen them since.”

― Gore Vidal

“The United States is a madhouse.”

― Gore Vidal

“I was the most famous kid in the United States. That was 1936.”

― Gore Vidal

“America’s militarized brand of malignant exceptionalism is founded on the idea that the United States transcends history.”

― Greg Grandin

“The United States is not a nation to which peace is a necessity.”

― Grover Cleveland

“I describe my works as books, but my publishers in Spain, in the United States, and elsewhere insist on calling them novels.”

― Guillermo Cabrera Infante

“Iraq deals with the United States regardless of who is in the White House.”

― Haider al-Abadi

“I didn’t know football was so big. Obviously, it’s huge in the United States.”

― Hannah Teter

“I would say that there is no future for literary studies as such in the United States.”

― Harold Bloom

“When I first came to the United States in 1956 I fell in love with things – mainly the vitality and the freedoms.”

― Harold Evans

“I had a career for 25 years in Australia before I ever came to the United States.”

― Helen Reddy

“I would rather see the United States respected than loved by other nations.”

― Henry Cabot Lodge

“For decades, Indians have immigrated to the United States, joined our communities, and raised their families while maintaining their cultural heritage.”

― Henry Paulson

“The public library system of the United States is worth preserving.”

― Henry Rollins

“I want to see Texas remain an entrepreneurial powerhouse in the United States.”

― Herb Kelleher

“There is a hunger for the United States to be present again.”

― Hillary Clinton

“There is no part of the world that is irrelevant to the United States anymore.”

― Hillary Clinton

“I’ve seen a lot of the United States, having stayed in so many different cities and towns for work.”

― Hope Davis

“For many, perhaps most, Americans, markets are sacrosanct. Most people in the United States cannot even envision a society that doesn’t revolve around an untrammeled market.”

― Howard Gardner

“The monetary policy of the United States has a major impact on global liquidity and capital flows and therefore, the liquidity of the U.S. dollar should be kept at a reasonable and stable level.”

― Hu Jintao

“Most governments in the United States in a hundred years have not respected the peoples of Latin America. They have sponsored coup d’etats, assassinations.”

― Hugo Chavez

“Venezuela is supporting tens of thousands of poor families in the United States with heating oil.”

― Hugo Chavez

“The United States was born with an imperialist impulse. There has been a long confrontation between Monroe and Bolivar… It is necessary that the Monroe Doctrine be broken.”

― Hugo Chavez

“Los Angeles is a microcosm of the United States. If L.A. falls, the country falls.”

― Ice T

“For the Kremlin, it is more feasible to preserve its great-power status in cooperation with the United States than in confrontation.”

― Ivan Krastev

“The presidency of the United States is an incredible thing. You have an ability to effectuate change at the highest level.”

― Ivanka Trump

“If we are to change America, we must change the United States Congress.”

― Jack Kemp

“The United States should propose partition in Syria. Assad can keep what he controls, and the rebels can form local governments and establish a new entity.”

― Jamal Khashoggi

“There can be no permanent disfranchised peasantry in the United States.”

― James A. Garfield

“Politics has become the great spectator sport of the United States.”

― James Carville

“The threat that ISIL presents and poses to the United States is very different in kind, in type and degree than al Qaeda.”

― James Comey

“The United States has been from the beginning greatly influenced and primarily influenced by the Judeo-Christian system of values.”

― James Dobson

“The United States did not sign Kyoto, yet its emissions are not that different from the countries that did sign it.”

― James Hansen

“The United States and Arizona are both losing jobs to offshore locations.”

― Janet Napolitano

“The extent of and continuing increase in inequality in the United States greatly concern me.”

― Janet Yellen

“Most game developers in the United States do not receive extra compensation for extra hours.”

― Jason Schreier

“I met senators, diplomats and the President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.”

― Jean Craighead George

“There needs to be an allegiance to the United States and what this country stands for.”

― Jeanine Pirro

“I am pleased to endorse Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States.”

― Jeff Sessions

“Legal immigration is the primary source of low-wage immigration into the United States.”

― Jeff Sessions

“I am humbled to have been asked by President-elect Trump to serve as Attorney General of the United States.”

― Jeff Sessions

“The entire exhibitions industry in the United States of America has filed for bankruptcy.”

― Jeffrey Katzenberg

“Al Jazeera is demonized by the United States, yet in Egypt my father would be watching it.”

― Jehane Noujaim

“Broccoli is not a Chinese vegetable; in fact, it is originally an Italian vegetable. It was introduced into the United States in the 1800s, but became popularized in the 1920s and the 1930s.”

― Jennifer Lee

“If I were president of the United States, I would include Moslems in my presidency.”

― Jerry Falwell

“We no longer have a free market in the United States, we have a government controlled free market.”

― Jim Bunning

“By ending the Hussein regime, the United States has taken away yet another incubator of terrorism.”

― Jim Gerlach

“Further, by acting decisively in Iraq, the United States has sent very strong signals to other nations that have been or could be terrorist sympathizers.”

― Jim Gerlach

“Had the United States not acted in Iraq, Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi would likely not have declared his weapons programs, submitted to international inspections and voluntarily dismantled its programs.”

― Jim Gerlach

“In addition, it is very likely that United States action in Iraq caused Iran to open its nuclear facilities for international inspection and suspend its uranium enrichment activities.”

― Jim Gerlach

“Towns and cities throughout the United States have opened their hearts and homes to thousands of families displaced from their homes as a result of this horrific storm.”

― Jo Bonner

“Nowhere is it written that there must be conflict between the United States and China.”

― Joe Biden

“Everybody pursues their national interests. The only one who gets blamed for it is the United States.”

― John Bolton

“My priority is to give the United States the kind of influence it should have.”

― John Bolton

“I needed to explain that Louisiana’s coast accepts the drainage from two-thirds of the United States and, while the necessary levees constructed upstream have prevented floods, they have also contributed to problems downstream.”

― John Breaux

“I’d like my first Ryder Cup appearance to be in the United States.”

― John Daly

“Representative democracy is in crisis in the United States.”

― John Delaney

“I thought I’d be president of the United States.”

― John McCain

“Yet, in 1850 nearly all the railroads in the United States lay east of the Mississippi River, and all of them, even when they were physically mere extensions of one another, were separately owned and separately managed.”

― John Moody

“Whatever Romney’s failings, he certainly doesn’t suggest that the United States is teetering on the brink of a moral cesspool.”

― John Podhoretz

“We have an interest in excellent relations because we are neighbours as Europeans with Russia. We are allies with the United States in the NATO framework.”

― Joschka Fischer

“Gauchos are like cowboys in the United States.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“We do hereby command the Leaders of the Hebrew, Catholic and Protestant Churches to sanctify and have us crowned Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.”

― Joshua A. Norton

“We should have a good working friendship with the United States.”

― Justin Trudeau

“Hate crime is not new in the United States.”

― Kamala Harris

“I immigrated to the United States in 2001 for college.”

― Karan Mahajan

“Fundamentalists are not friends of democracy. And that includes your fundamentalists in the United States.”

― Karen Armstrong

“I’m interested in seeking projects no matter where, no matter if it is in the United States, whether in Chile, whether in Venezuela.”

― Kate del Castillo

“The United States’ job is not to police the whole world.”

― Keith Ellison

“And we have the most scrutinized election system in the United States, and we have met every test.”

― Kenneth Blackwell

“Barack Obama is a threat to the continued existence of the United States, and he must be impeached, or resign.”

― Kesha Rogers

“A number of the major terrorist captures we have made, the terrorist operations designed for the United States that we have interrupted, were enabled by the terrorist tracking program.”

― Kit Bond

“It seems like racism in the United States is overflowing.”

― KRS-One

“Your generous part in my liberation is taken by the world for the revelation of the fact, that the United States are resolved not to allow the despots of the world to trample on oppressed humanity.”

― Lajos Kossuth

“I like politics. I like traveling in the United States.”

― Laura Bush

“When the facilities of the government of the United States are drawn on an individual, it can be terrifying.”

― Lee J. Cobb

“The United States will do whatever we have to do to protect our forces.”

― Leon Panetta

“The fundamental premise is that neither the United States or the international community is going to allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.”

― Leon Panetta

“The United States was attacked on 9/11/12, and we know who attacked us.”

― Leon Panetta

“The United States is going to defend itself under any circumstances.”

― Leon Panetta

“The president of the United States let the consulate in Libya become a death trap.”

― Lindsey Graham

“I was born in Taiwan and came to the United States when I was 2.”

― Lisa Su

“The United States appears to be a debtor nation in perpetuity.”

― Lou Dobbs

“People taking photographs of their meals are not critics; they are from the United States.”

― Louis de Bernieres

“I am a freeman, an American, a United States Senator, and a Democrat, in that order.”

― Lyndon B. Johnson

“As strong as the United States is, we can’t deal with terrorism alone.”

― Madeleine Albright

“The United States influences government and life everywhere else.”

― Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“We’re having the first computer-generated comic strip in the United States.”

― Majel Barrett

“China should be another United States from an economic standpoint. Beijing should be another Silicon Valley.”

― Marc Andreessen

“I’m from Cleveland, Ohio, which has one of the largest Jewish populations in a single district in the state of Ohio and almost anyplace else in the United States.”

― Marcia Fudge

“I’m blessed to represent Florida in the United States Senate.”

― Marco Rubio

“As citizens of the United States, we are stewards of this magnificent thing called democracy.”

― Marianne Williamson

“I consider that France does not have to submit to the calendar of the United States, so I want France to leave the integrated command of NATO.”

― Marine Le Pen

“One of the most important tasks of the United States House of Representatives is to pass a budget resolution.”

― Marsha Blackburn

“North Korea is not even close to being a near peer to South Korea or, much less, the United States.”

― Martha McSally

“I am a United States citizen and I vote.”

― Martha Plimpton

“Our visits to the United States have brought huge benefits by helping attract foreign direct investment on a scale not previously seen in the north of Ireland.”

― Martin McGuinness

“The presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families.”

― Martin O’Malley

“Regrettably, it has become clear that torture of detainees in United States custody is not limited to Abu Ghraib or even Iraq. Since Abu Ghraib, there have been increasing reports of torture.”

― Marty Meehan

“There are millions of gay people in the United States, including well-known celebrities.”

― Mary Cheney

“John Wayne was one of the greatest ambassadors for the United States that ever lived.”

― Maureen O’Hara

“The United States needs to stop putting Israel’s wants above Palestinian rights.”

― Maysoon Zayid

“Some have argued that the United States was designed to block majority rule; to be a ‘republic, not a democracy.’ This is ahistorical nonsense.”

― Mehdi Hasan

“We should not have to experience the fear of intimidation or retaliation in the United States.”

― Mercedes Schlapp

“This program has been successful in detecting and preventing attacks inside the United States.”

― Michael Hayden

“Most of the 9/11 hijackers weren’t married, none of them had families inside the United States, and there’s no evidence that any family members moved before, during, or after 9/11.”

― Michael Hayden

“The United States plays, for the most part, a constructive global role, and to the extent that that role shrinks, other countries, even those most critical of what America does abroad, will suffer.”

― Michael Mandelbaum

“I cannot support a program that could potentially bring jihadists into the United States.”

― Michael McCaul

“We are monitoring very closely threats against the pope as he comes in to the United States.”

― Michael McCaul

“I’m a big supporter of our United States military.”

― Michael McCaul

“Our United States military is not our threat.”

― Michael McCaul

“From my experience, there are so many regulations for investing in the United States that they become an impediment, a barrier to investing.”

― Michael Otto

“We benefited from an enlightened post-war period in the United States: Our National Institutes of Health have enthusiastically and generously supported basic research.”

― Michael Rosbash

“I am unusual for a Frenchman – I have absolutely nothing against the United States.”

― Michel Hazanavicius

“As an athlete, I’ve always been very proud to represent the United States.”

― Michelle Kwan

“Comments that suggest that Muslims should be banned from the United States are offensive and unconstitutional.”

― Mike Pence

“Hillary Clinton cannot be the president of the United States.”

― Mike Pompeo

“I don’t think there is any equivalency between the way the Russians conduct themselves and the way the United States does.”

― Mitch McConnell

“American exceptionalism is grounded in the founding of the United States upon an idea, rather than upon the ambitions of men.”

― Monica Crowley

“Not once since becoming president has Mr. Obama linked terror aimed at the United States with Islam.”

― Monica Crowley

“There are plenty of Muslims who live faithfully in the United States.”

― Monica Crowley

“Anyone supported by the United States is cursed by us.”

― Muqtada al Sadr

“Originally, Congress provided in 1793 that all foreign coins circulating in the United States be legal tender. Indeed, foreign coins have been estimated to form 80 percent of American domestic specie circulation in 1800.”

― Murray Rothbard

“I am keen to maintain very good relations and develop the relationship with the United States.”

― Najib Mikati

“Births to illegal immigrants now account for nearly one out of every ten births in the United States.”

― Nathan Deal

“The Solicitor General is responsible for overseeing appellate litigation on behalf of the United States and with representing the United States in the Supreme Court.”

― Neal Katyal

“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.”

― Nelson Mandela

“But the United States did not keep its word. Is an American’s word reliable these days?”

― Nguyen Van Thieu

“In the early ’80s, my family vacationed to the United States.”

― Nico Santos

“NATO’s essentially run by the United States.”

― Noam Chomsky

“I don’t think a Jewish or Christian or Islamic state is a proper concept. I would object to the United States as a Christian state.”

― Noam Chomsky

“If the United States loses the economic weapons of control, it is very much weakened.”

― Noam Chomsky

“Chinese military spending is carefully monitored by the United States.”

― Noam Chomsky

“More than 60,000 jobs have been lost in the commercial aviation industry in the United States since 1999.”

― Norm Dicks

“The Smithsonian Institute is one of the most popular agencies of government in the United States.”

― Norm Dicks

“Senator Rubio has always, always understood Israel as an important ally of the United States.”

― Norman Braman

“There are many highly successful businesses in the United States. There are also many highly paid executives. The policy is not to intermingle the two.”

― Norman Ralph Augustine

“I haven’t, in the 23 years that I have been in the uniformed services of the United States of America, ever violated an order – not one.”

― Oliver North

“Antiblack racism is not only happening in the United States. It’s actually happening all across the globe.”

― Opal Tometi

“There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and the United States of America.”

― Otto von Bismarck

“It is very important to have good relations with the United States.”

― Paolo Gentiloni

“To get asked to do stuff like ‘United States Of Tara’ and ‘Caprica’ is terrific. I can’t complain.”

― Patton Oswalt

“Guess what – I am one of the ONLY senators in the whole United States Senate that is computer literate!”

― Patty Murray

“It was the biggest inflation and the most sustained inflation that the United States had ever had.”

― Paul A. Volcker

“These people hate the United States, not for what we do, but for who we are and what we are.”

― Paul Bremer

“The foreign policy of the United States rests entirely on propagandistic lies.”

― Paul Craig Roberts

“In the United States, journalists receive awards for lying for the government and for the corporations.”

― Paul Craig Roberts

“Every public institution in the United States and most private ones are corrupt.”

― Paul Craig Roberts

“The fact is, almost every year since the founding of these United States, our government has lived beyond its means.”

― Paul Gillmor

“The United States being in Asia is unambiguously a good thing for the region.”

― Paul Keating

“Russia alone has the capacity to obliterate the United States.”

― Paul Keating

“I run businesses all around the United States, all around the globe.”

― Paul Nehlen

“I’ve closed factories in Mexico and brought those jobs back to the United States. I’ve closed factories in Canada and brought those jobs back to the United States.”

― Paul Nehlen

“The place that interests me most, actually, is the United States. I’ve realized that I haven’t traveled much in the States. There’s a lot to see.”

― Paul Theroux

“Accepting Syrian refugees into the United States is an emotional issue.”

― Pete Hoekstra

“We must have a fair tax in the United States. We have to re-adjust it, we must be fiscally responsible.”

― Peter Camejo

“We have a great tradition of bodybuilding in the United States.”

― Phil Heath

“I grew up in the U.K. and now reside in the United States, and my family is from Ghana.”

― Philomena Kwao

“We have a lot of Brazilians in the United States. It doesn’t mean we’re traitors to our country.”

― Rafael dos Anjos

“Whenever the Congress represents the increasing diversity of the United States, that’s a good thing.”

― Raja Krishnamoorthi

“I was deposed in association with a case involving the Golden Venture, a ship which smuggled Chinese aliens into the United States about eight or nine ago.”

― Rand Beers

“In the United States, there one feels free… Except from the Americans – but every pearl has its oyster.”

― Randall Jarrell

“My visit to the United States has also given me the opportunity to emphasize the objective of establishing close and intensive links between the Turkish and American peoples, scholars and businessmen.”

― Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“So we knew their intentions were to strike in the United States. We also knew from other sources of dozens of examples of where the notion of using planes as weapons was discussed.”

― Richard Ben-Veniste

“I had the longest judicial vacancy in the history of the United States – on the Eastern District of North Carolina. Not many people know that.”

― Richard Burr

“Notoriously, the United States is the most religious of the Western advanced nations. It’s a bit mysterious why that is.”

― Richard Dawkins

“If Syria collapses completely, the United States and the world would have to consider who, and what, fills the vacuum.”

― Richard Engel

“Unfortunately, more and more Muslim voices are calling for boycotts of the United States and its products.”

― Richard Neal

“I spent 24 years in the United States Army.”

― Richard Ojeda

“Methamphetamine is a highly dangerous drug that is wreaking havoc on families and communities throughout this country. The drug’s use is spreading across the United States.”

― Rick Larsen

“I’m actually not from the United States. I’m from Uzbekistan.”

― Rita Volk

“The president of the United States can’t even fire his chef. I’m not kidding.”

― Rob Lowe

“The United States as usual has a sizable deficit in the current account of its balance of payments, trade account and other current accounts, current account items.”

― Robert C. Solomon

“In the United States, securities markets are much more developed than they are in Europe.”

― Robert C. Solomon

“The 1890s was an intensely patriotic decade for Americans. It was a time of neo-imperialism, when the European powers and the United States were establishing their flags around the globe.”

― Robert Dallek

“The Bay of Pigs was an operation the United States endorsed. That was a preventive operation. We were afraid that Castro was going to subvert the hemisphere.”

― Robert Dallek

“The United States has been a global power since late in the 19th century.”

― Robert M. Gates

“When I started in 1978, the greatest wine in Spain, Vega Sicilia, wasn’t even imported to the United States. The alleged greatest Australian wine, Penfolds Grange, wasn’t imported to the United States. There were no by-the-glass programs. Sommeliers were intimidating.”

― Robert M. Parker, Jr.

“The number one lobby that opposes campaign finance reform in the United States is the National Association of Broadcasters.”

― Robert McChesney

“Neither conscience nor sanity itself suggests that the United States is, should or could be the global gendarme.”

― Robert McNamara

“For the FBI and for the United States, the war on terrorism is a complex and perplexing issue. It is as complex and perplexing as any issue we have ever faced.”

― Robert Mueller

“I will not be responsible for the loss of the Democratic majority in the United States Senate.”

― Robert Torricelli

“The day that I was elected to the United States Senate remains among the most cherished of my life.”

― Robert Torricelli

“It is clearly the case that programs in Europe and the United States that have increased biofuel production have contributed to the added demand for food.”

― Robert Zoellick

“The United States should give former NSA contractor Edward Snowden immunity from prosecution in exchange for congressional testimony.”

― Robert Zubrin

“The United States has the largest and best navy in the world.”

― Robert Zubrin

“The federal government was created to defend the United States, not to wage war upon it.”

― Robert Zubrin

“The United States military is probably the most socialistic institution in the United States.”

― Rod Lurie

“I don’t want the United States to be Athens on the Potomac.”

― Rodney Frelinghuysen

“By and large the United States has been able to resist the temptation to close its doors to the world.”

― Roger Mahony

“I’ve been working like a dog as a United States senator.”

― Ron Johnson

“The Klan was one of the most violent terrorist groups that has ever existed in the United States.”

― Ron Stallworth

“I’m Jim Phillips, I have multiple personalities. I’m also a skindiver, a puppeteer, and I was the tenth president of the United States.”

― Ryan Stiles

“I’m no friend of Tony Blair’s and I consider the Middle East policies of the United States and the UK fatal.”

― Salman Rushdie

“The United States is a low-trade – low-tariff country.”

― Sam Brownback

“There are a lot of countries, oil-producing countries, that aren’t very democratic, but supported by the United States. That’s odd.”

― Sam Richards

“I have not broken the laws of the United States or the laws of the Dominican Republic.”

― Sammy Sosa

“The whole financial industry is consolidating in the United States.”

― Sanford I. Weill

“The United States already has the highest corporate tax rate in the world.”

― Scott DesJarlais

“The United States is the laughingstock of the world.”

― Scott Ritter

“Saddam Hussein was the one person after whom the United States went, and they ruined the country.”

― Sergei Lavrov

“The United States of America have taken their name from the United States of the Netherlands.”

― Seth Low

“Foreign companies in the United States have a significantly higher unionization rate than other companies overall.”

― Sherrod Brown

“Moving to the United States is a huge decision.”

― Shinsuke Nakamura

“It is my belief CAFTA will be beneficial for Alabama and the United States as a whole.”

― Spencer Bachus

“What the right-wing in the United States tries to do is undermine the press.”

― Stephen Colbert

“Victorian architecture in the United States was copied straight from England.”

― Stephen Gardiner

“Pakistan is an old ally of the United States.”

― Stephen Hadley

“The long-term strategic goals of Iran and the long-term strategic goals of Turkey are close to the long-term strategic goals of the United States.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“Breitbart is the most pro-Israel site in the United States of America.”

― Steve Bannon

“If the Olympics come around, and I’m in shape, then I’ll compete. But I won’t be representing the United States; I’ll be representing myself.”

― Steve Prefontaine

“Bill, The United States is not a company. It is a country.”

― Stewart Alsop

“I have, year after year, been named the most bipartisan member of the whole United States Senate. I have proved my independence.”

― Susan Collins

“For the United States to recommit itself to the obligation that we undertook in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that many other states undertook, which was to work towards disarmament and the eventual elimination of nuclear weapons, is something that manifestly serves our national security interests.”

― Susan Rice

“In January 1961, the United States severed diplomatic relations in response to Cuban nationalisation of U.S.-owned sugar plantations, banks and businesses.”

― Tariq Ali

“The United States has a responsibility to defend our values.”

― Ted Cruz

“There is total unanimity that the most serious threat facing the United States and Israel is a nuclear-armed Iran.”

― Ted Deutch

“The United States needs to hold China accountable for its facilitation of North Korea’s illicit weapons program instead of rewarding Beijing for complacency.”

― Ted Yoho

“Yet another thing Canadians and Europeans have in common is an obsession with the United States, and with distinguishing themselves from it, often by crude stereotyping.”

― Timothy Garton Ash

“The United States is not, nor has ever been, anything close to a fascist country.”

― Timothy Noah

“I knew from the start I wanted to play for the United States of America.”

― Timothy Weah

“It’s not often that a United States Senate seat comes open.”

― Todd Young

“Jimmy Carter proposed withdrawing the troops from South Korea. He was stopped by the United States Congress.”

― Tom Cotton

“Islamic terrorists do not need an excuse to attack the United States. To attack us is what they do; they attack us for what we are.”

― Tom Cotton

“It’s humiliating for Barack Obama and, therefore, the United States to have American sailors held hostage during his final State of the Union.”

― Tom Cotton

“No migrant of any religion has a constitutional right to come to the United States.”

― Tom Tancredo

“The United States created the best popular songs that were ever written, and from the 1920s to the 1940s, it was a renaissance period. It stopped in 1950.”

― Tony Bennett

“The United States have no possessions in the east and do not desire to have any, as other countries do.”

― Townsend Harris

“The United States attorney in South Carolina was a Barack Obama appointee. Politically, he is to the left of Mao Zedong.”

― Trey Gowdy

“The last thing that Israel needs is to be part of the internal agenda in the United States between Republicans and Democrats.”

― Tzipi Livni

“I resent the idea that Israel is part of the political agenda in United States’ campaigns, really.”

― Tzipi Livni

“The United States needed a civil war to unite properly.”

― Umberto Eco

“Of course the United States and Russia have different interests. Nevertheless, both are strategic partners.”

― Valentina Matviyenko

“It’s alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the United States.”

― Vladimir Putin

“The United States and Russian security services regularly exchange information.”

― Vladimir Putin

“The United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem.”

― Walt Whitman

“It devolves upon the United States to help to motorize the world.”

― Walter Chrysler

“Cable has come along; many all-news 24 hour cable outlets in the United States. They have cut deeply into the traditional networks’ viewing audience.”

― Walter Cronkite

“Russia is an adversary not just of the United States but of freedom-loving people everywhere.”

― Will Hurd

“It is imperative the United States continues to demonstrate its commitment to a unified Iraqi.”

― Will Hurd

“One-third of the people in the United States promote, while the other two-thirds provide.”

― Will Rogers

“Simultaneously with the establishment of the Constitution, Virginia ceded to the United States her domain, which then extended to the Mississippi, and was even claimed to extend to the Pacific Ocean.”

― William H. Seward

“The mission of the United States is one of benevolent assimilation.”

― William McKinley

“I would be with those who say the hierarchy in the United States has badly mishandled this whole situation.”

― William P. Leahy

“According to the American Heart Association, the prevalence of hypertension in African Americans in the United States is among the highest in the world.”

― Xavier Becerra

“There are people who get to be three-dimensional humans in the United States, and there are people who do not.”

― Yance Ford

“Seen from the United States or Europe, Iran’s nuclear program often causes most concern, but from the perspective of countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the North Korean program is equally worrying.”

― Yukiya Amano

“If the United States and China can accommodate each other on a broad range of issues, the prospects for stability in Asia will be greatly increased.”

― Zbigniew Brzezinski

“The United States should not engage in tit-for-tat polemics directed at its most important allies. That is as demeaning as it is destructive.”

― Zbigniew Brzezinski

“In my proper character, I am an officer of the United States Army.”

― Zebulon Pike

“Although China and United States are competitors, China and the United States are indeed partners in trade.”

― Zhu Rongji
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