Top 14 Unwind Quotes

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“President Bush says he needs a month off to unwind. Unwind? When the hell does this guy wind?”

― David Letterman

“The Boomers have modeled a set of bad habits, and one grand gesture is not going to unwind all those bad habits.”

― Eric Liu

“I’m a horrible perfectionist and very highly strung. That’s why I do yoga: to unwind.”

― Felicity Jones

“I love to unwind and watch movies, especially those from the classic black-and-white era.”

― Fred Savage

“I only unwind at facials and massages.”

― Freema Agyeman

“To unwind, I like to have a relaxing bath.”

― Hannah Bronfman

“Trump’s cabinet picks seem designed to unwind government itself, leaving the average citizen completely exposed and vulnerable to full exploitation by corporate interests.”

― Joy Reid

“Usually I’ll go to San Diego to hang out with my parents if I want to unwind.”

― Mario Lopez

“Typically, I don’t get to unwind after a day at work.”

― Martin O’Malley

“I love how it feels to unwind by the ocean.”

― Miranda Rae Mayo

“I generally unwind by having dinner with close friends.”

― Nelson DeMille

“For me, shopping is a way to unwind.”

― Stacey Dooley

“The cultural issues, I think, at Wells Fargo went very, very deep. They have to unwind these cultural issues.”

― Steve Eisman

“I’m a bit of a wine snob and like a glass of Chateaux Margaux ’82 with a meal or to unwind.”

― Suzi Quatro
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