Top 191 Ups And Downs Quotes

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“The ups and downs, that’s baseball life. That’s what I live for, play for.”

― Aaron Judge

“All these songs honestly explore the ups and downs of my reality.”

― Adam Lambert

“When you’re part of an ensemble and share the screen with so many people, you become close to them because you’re hanging out all the time. Obviously you have your ups and downs, but that kind of brings you closer in many ways.”

― Aidan Turner

“Starting a company and being a founder is really hard, and most companies fail. You really have to have a deep commitment and belief in it and be willing to see it through many ups and downs.”

― Aileen Lee

“Giving up is conceding that things will never get better, and that is just not true. Ups and downs are a constant in life, and I’ve been belted into that roller coaster a thousand times.”

― Aimee Mullins

“Everybody’s career has ups and downs. I like to take chances; I don’t like to stand still. And I don’t give a damn what the market is interested in; I want to try things.”

― Alan Arkin

“Putting yourself in the ring to wrestle – create those emotions, ups and downs within the match – one moment dominates the one, and one moment dominates the other, and without having created a choreography, that is the real wrestling.”

― Alberto Del Rio

“Anybody who is in freelance work, especially artistically, knows that it comes with all the insecurity and the ups and downs. It’s a really frightening life.”

― Alessandro Nivola

“Game day can be emotional, and there are a lot of ups and downs throughout a game, but as a quarterback, you have to be able to see the bigger picture, steady that ship, get all the guys focused in on the task at hand, and keep the thing moving.”

― Alex Smith

“You have to take all the ups and downs that come your way like a pinch of salt. Just leave everything behind. Forgive and forget.”

― Amruta Khanvilkar

“I think, in every person’s life, you have ups and downs. You learn so much about yourself, sometimes even more, in the down times. Unfortunately, I had to go through it in public, which was not easy.”

― Ana Ivanovic

“Baseball is a hard game. There’s going to be ups and downs.”

― Andrew Benintendi

“An influencer, to me, is someone who shares their journey – the ups and downs – and their approach to their craft or the spark that ignites a new interest allowing people to do more and go further.”

― Angela Ahrendts

“You will always have ups and downs in your life and your career, but just stay positive and go for it.”

― Angelique Kerber

“I’ve had many ups and downs before, and I think it’s always darkest before dawn.”

― Angelique Kerber

“Brian and I have ups and downs like every marriage does. Although he’s a legend, he’s still, inside, an ordinary man, and I have got to remember that once we get inside the door, it’s just us two.”

― Anita Dobson

“I’ve done 480-odd films, have my own acting school, won awards, etc. and now host a successful TV chat show – what else can I ask for? Yes, of course, every journey has its ups and downs, but that’s part of life.”

― Anupam Kher

“I understand that ups and downs in life keep wavering, and it’s important to understand them and why they happen. So I learn whatever I have to and then move forward.”

― Anushka Sharma

“You learn early in athletics that you’ll have ups and downs.”

― Ara Parseghian

“I think watching multi-events is much worse than competing. Especially when you have vested interests because you go through the emotional ups and downs.”

― Ashton Eaton

“Life is a bunch of ups and downs. It’s how you handle it.”

― Baker Mayfield

“I consider myself very lucky that I could live my life through all the ups and downs.”

― Bela Karolyi

“I’ve had ups and downs with my skin, but after some time, I’ve learned what works best and what products I need to stay away from.”

― Bethany Mota

“There are ups and downs; that’s part of tennis. But I’m up for the challenge.”

― Bianca Andreescu

“You have to be willing to deal with the ups and downs of the music, the ups and downs of the audience.”

― Billy Corgan

“I’m just like anybody. I have my ups and downs.”

― Bjork

“I feel like every person who’s in a long-term relationship, or who is committed to their person, goes through ups and downs.”

― Blac Chyna

“While I’ve had plenty of ups and downs, dealt with my share of failure, and struggled through emotionally difficult periods, I’m fundamentally an optimist.”

― Brad Feld

“You know, I’ve had my ups and downs.”

― Brett Favre

“Of course any kind of film process has ups and downs and days where you’re stuck and have breakthroughs.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“Sure, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but I don’t know if we’ve had more than any other rock band… we just have a way of getting ourselves into hot water.”

― Carl Wilson

“When ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ became a success I had already been a working writer, I’d been through the ups and downs, I’d seen how it worked.”

― Carlos Ruiz Zafon

“I think everybody has ups and downs in their lives. We learn from the biggest disappointments, right? You learn how to be humble to yourself and to be humble to others.”

― Carolina Kostner

“I think it affected me physically and emotionally, yes. I did have my ups and downs, but I actually had more ups and downs after the shots were finished and she was pregnant because of the reality of being pregnant with twins.”

― Cheryl Tiegs

“Life, especially the life of an early-stage entrepreneur, is full of gigantic ups and downs. Make sure you don’t let yourself get too high or too low. It’s a marathon, and you just have to keep your legs moving at a steady pace.”

― Chieh Huang

“When you’re young – I probably still am at 23, though I don’t feel so young anymore – you have your ups and downs.”

― Christian Eriksen

“Everything inspires me, but when it comes to chemistry, and when it comes to the ups and downs of relationships, that’s what’s real for people.”

― Christina Milian

“As for theatre, there’s ups and downs to everything. Theatre is ephemeral. But that is part of its charm because you can always say the production was better than it was.”

― Clive Barker

“There’s many ups and downs in the fight game.”

― Conor McGregor

“I think either you’re creative or you’re not. In general, I don’t think you need to be in pain to actually be creative unless you’re writing love songs. Then you might need to have some ups and downs within your emotions to start to capture that.”

― Curtis Jackson

“It rarely rains in Hollywood – and I love the rain. There are ups and downs to anywhere in the world, but I get frustrated without any rain.”

― Danielle Campbell

“I had some big ups and downs when I was in my 20s and the one thing I learned was, no matter how low it gets, something good will come along – something always comes out of that dark period.”

― Darren Aronofsky

“We became friends as we became a band. Our friendship evolved as the band evolved. It had its ups and downs, but it was mostly ups for the four of us. We got along well almost all of the time. Hey! We liked each other and we still do.”

― Dave Blood

“The ups and downs are part of what has made you.”

― David Jason

“Everyone goes through the ups and downs of living – fretting about the future, worrying about what happened. Music teaches us how to be in the moment.”

― David Sanborn

“I feel ups and downs are a part of one’s career, and this totally depends on how you take it. You can either be knocked down by the negative things, or you can take it in a positive way and learn from it.”

― Deepika Padukone

“I had many ups and downs at Atletico, achieving the best and the worst.”

― Diego Godin

“After certain ups and downs, a person does change, and I have changed for good.”

― Divyanka Tripathi

“Reality show? You can’t find anything better than boxing because of the trials and errors, the ups and downs, the struggle when you get knocked down to get back up. Use it symbolically and interchangeably for life.”

― Don King

“If you are succesfull for 20 years, you can’t expect to stay on the same level all through that period. A career has its ups and downs and in-betweens.”

― Donnie Wahlberg

“We’ve always had ups and downs at Pixar, starting with the high we felt doing something we’d never done – ‘Toy Story’ – and the low we felt right after when we realized we’d messed a bunch of things up along the way.”

― Edwin Catmull

“What keeps this industry challenging as an actor is that you never know how something will turn out. The ups and downs are constant. You’re never just smoothly sailing along. You’re always going to be on loose footing. That’s what ultimately now I expect and accept and that doesn’t scare me as much.”

― Elisabeth Shue

“In life, there are always ups and downs, and I had them at Tottenham.”

― Emmanuel Adebayor

“Baseball is a lot like life. It’s a day-to-day existence, full of ups and downs. You make the most of your opportunities in baseball as you do in life.”

― Ernie Harwell

“When I sing for myself, I probably sing for anyone who has any kind of hurt, any kind of bad feelings, good feelings, ups and downs, highs and lows, that kind of thing.”

― Etta James

“I faced many ups and downs, like any other actor: not getting through auditions or even worse – getting shortlisted and not being selected. Most actors go through the process.”

― Fatima Sana Shaikh

“All the research shows that being married, with all its ups and downs, is by far the most effective way of making young men law-abiding and giving them a sense of purpose and self-worth.”

― Ferdinand Mount

“There’s ups and downs with boxing, layoffs are part of the sport and they can either help or hurt a guy.”

― Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

“Life has its ups and downs, but you can only look forward.”

― Frank Lowy

“I’m not that moody. I don’t have big ups and downs.”

― Gary Lineker

“Playing for England was one long roller-coaster: some ups and downs, but also quite a few moments when you’re not really sure if you’re enjoying the ride.”

― Gary Neville

“People go through so much in life – financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. So I don’t look at the ups and downs as anything but a negligible area.”

― Gauri Khan

“I’ve had a long, long road with lots of ups and downs. But that’s all behind me now.”

― Gerry Cooney

“The life of a startup is full of ups and downs, an emotional roller coaster ride that you can’t quite imagine if you’ve spent your whole career in a corporation.”

― Harvey Mackay

“It’s definitely been a hard journey, one with lots of ups and downs.”

― Hector Bellerin

“Mesut is a player that has been through a lot in his career through loads of ups and downs, but most of all he’s a born champion and he’s a player who has so many records in the world of football, so he’s a player that is an example for everyone.”

― Hector Bellerin

“At Helsingborgs, there were ups and downs, and you need to learn how to handle it.”

― Henrik Larsson

“I do this ‘Walker shake.’ You got to get knocked down many times, shake it off. Life is about ups and downs, and you got to keep standing up.”

― Herschel Walker

“Even Sachin used to get ducks during his career. There are ups and downs in every athlete’s career.”

― Hima Das

“Sometimes there are ups and downs to deal with.”

― Hugo Lloris

“Everybody has their ups and downs, and that’s what makes you tougher.”

― Isaac Hanson

“My story is one of ups and downs. It’s made up of tastes of success and a lot more rejection.”

― Iskra Lawrence

“Generally, I think America is America. America has been through suffering like other countries, but America will come up. I have no doubt. It’s just going to bounce. You know, you have ups and downs.”

― Ivana Trump

“There have been ups and downs over the years, but that’s in the past, and now I’m just looking forward and focussed on the future ahead.”

― Jack Rodwell

“I’ve seen too many ups and downs in the movie industry.”

― Jackie Chan

“The moment you think you’re not funny, the next funny thing you think of is just around the corner. So you have to appreciate the natural breathing patterns, the ups and downs. There are moments you’re going to be hilarious and moments where you’re going to be not so hilarious. That’s just the way it works.”

― James Adomian

“I’ve had lots of ups and downs. I’ve had situations where I’ve gone against the rules, and I’ve lost everything.”

― James Altucher

“I can handle ups and downs.”

― James Rosenquist

“That’s human nature – the ups and downs.”

― Jami Gertz

“My career’s had a lot of ups and downs. Once I started playing with John Peers in 2013, that gave me a huge lift, a lot of direction, which I needed.”

― Jamie Murray

“I love being a Go-Go. It definitely has its ups and downs, and we have a very intense energy with each other.”

― Jane Wiedlin

“The Fed should not be responding to the ups and downs of the markets, and it is certainly not our policy to do so. But when there are significant financial developments, it’s incumbent on us to ask ourselves what is causing them.”

― Janet Yellen

“Every relationship has their ups and downs, and, you know, when you start having more downs than ups, you know, you gotta take a look at your relationship and be like, you know, ‘Is this something that I’m supposed to be doing?’”

― Jason Derulo

“My career has had a lot of ups and downs, but basically it has been wonderful.”

― Jean Simmons

“I think Michigan keeps you sane and on an even keel through the ups and downs. In Michigan, I do fireworks, shovel snow and live life.”

― Jeff Daniels

“I’m not really a popular fan of the whole Hall of Fame thing. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, and I don’t feel deserving a lot of times.”

― Jeff Hardy

“I’d gone through the ups and downs and curveballs that life throws at you. I found writing to be very therapeutic and it helped me with a lot of the stuff I was going through.”

― Jill Hennessy

“I’ve seen my own kids go through their own ups and downs, and as a mother, you want to make it better.”

― JoBeth Williams

“Of course, I have the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy, like crying jags for no reason and then the next day I can’t even remember what I was crying about!”

― Jodie Sweetin

“There’s no substitute for experiencing ups and downs – seeing how it’s okay that things are overwhelming or broken sometimes and how companies recover from mistakes.”

― Joe Lonsdale

“I have been through a lot of ups and downs in life, both personally and professionally, and I discovered over the years that I have a lot of fortitude, and I got that from my dad.”

― Joey Kramer

“No, we have our ups and downs, but we’re all very up at the moment.”

― John Deacon

“We have closely monitored the ups and downs of recruiting and retention trends for many years and have been quick to sound the alarm when challenges came into view.”

― John M. McHugh

“So I know all about the ups and downs of football, I know that one day I will be sacked.”

― Jose Mourinho

“As a young player here in New England, there’s a lot of ups and downs.”

― Julian Edelman

“But you know, we have a very normal family. We’ve had our ups and downs. You know, we’ve had our issues, but we’ve had great cause for celebration.”

― Julius Erving

“For me, it is important that your team is allowed to have ups and downs in form.”

― Jupp Heynckes

“I consider myself as a human being with lots of ups and downs and learning from a lot of failures before I can succeed.”

― Kalki Koechlin

“I’d always wanted to be on Broadway one day, but it seemed like a dream that might be unattainable. This business has a lot of ups and downs and I learned that pretty quickly.”

― Kara Lindsay

“I’m 50 years old and been a college coach for 23 years, but after 12 years, no matter where you are, there are ups and downs.”

― Kelvin Sampson

“There will be ups and downs. Other teams will adapt to us, but everything will be OK in the end. We know we have to learn everything perfectly for this to work.”

― Kevin De Bruyne

“We’re a young, married couple, and we go through all the ups and downs that every couple goes through; we’re no different.”

― Kevin Jonas

“You have ups and downs in any field, but the wait will always be worth it if you love your job.”

― Kiara Advani

“The tennis calendar is incredibly long, so it’s normal to go through ups and downs, and you want to keep the ups as long as possible and the downs as short as possible. You have to be realistic with what you’re doing.”

― Kyle Edmund

“I think what endurance sports teach you is to stay dedicated, stay focused, and also to understand you’re going to have ups and downs, but you need to keep running right through them.”

― Kyrsten Sinema

“I’ve always loved life, irrespective of all the ups and downs that have filled my journey.”

― Lata Mangeshkar

“’Howard the Duck!’ That’s a really interesting movie. I appreciate my career, because I’ve had a lot of very interesting ups and downs, and most people… That movie is such a famous flop. In a land of a lot of flops, it’s kind of awesome to be in a really famous flop. I mean, it’s kind of a poster child for flops.”

― Lea Thompson

“There have been some ups and downs. I’ve not always had it my own way. That’s the way racing is supposed to be.”

― Lewis Hamilton

“I lived wherever my parents felt like making music, which had its ups and downs – I’ve had to move schools, but I’ve also seen a lot of amazing places and been on tour with my parents.”

― Mabel

“As a rule, all relationships go through their ups and downs. It’s really about how much you want it.”

― Malaika Arora Khan

“There are going to be ups and downs, but you have to have a steady mindset, regardless of the situation you’re in.”

― Malcolm Brogdon

“I think just consistency. That’s the hardest thing to do in this league, especially for a rookie. There are going to be ups and downs.”

― Malcolm Brogdon

“Women have a way of contorting things sometimes. We all have our moods, ups and downs. Or if the guy doesn’t say anything when you walk out with a new top and the guy has no idea why you’re mad at him. So of course, women are complicated.”

― Malin Akerman

“Everyone has ups and downs. You can’t always get exciting roles.”

― Mammootty

“Every friendship goes through ups and downs. Dysfunctional patterns set in; external situations cause internal friction; you grow apart and then bounce back together.”

― Mariella Frostrup

“It’s, like, even in journeys like Facebook, we’ve had some very serious ups and downs.”

― Mark Zuckerberg

“I cannot rule anything out but my goal is to stay in England. I feel very comfortable there and I’ve performed well. There I would be accepted. In Germany it was a bit different and I had ups and downs.”

― Marko Arnautovic

“Life is like that: you need ups and downs for it to be interesting.”

― Massimiliano Allegri

“It confirms for me that we did something on Days that meant something. We had our ups and downs, but Missy and I and some of the other actors, created something that was really memorable.”

― Matthew Ashford

“I spent 35 years growing up in the U.S., and it had its ups and downs.”

― MF Doom

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in the season-to-season business, but to have real longevity in this field, you’ve got to always maintain your point of view and what makes your brand unique. Your business is always going to have ups and downs, but there needs to be a certain consistency.”

― Michael Bastian

“Life is not linear; you have ups and downs. It’s how you deal with the troughs that defines you.”

― Michael Lee-Chin

“I think that as you get older, you mellow out a lot more. Having been through the ups and downs in life, I feel more qualified to play the blues.”

― Mick Ralphs

“We’ve had hassles, ups and downs, ins and outs, failures and triumphs. We’re human beings, and we’re not perfect. And we’re mortal. But the Beach Boys is musically a tremendous body of work that transcends individuality and time and national boundaries.”

― Mike Love

“My dad’s gay experiences really had a very positive influence on me and my straight relationships – how to better accept all the weirdness and ambiguity and ups and downs and paradoxes. I knew from the beginning I was writing about love.”

― Mike Mills

“A true friend is someone who is always there during the ups and downs, I actually have a song called ‘True Friend’.”

― Miley Cyrus

“Every actor or director has their ups and downs.”

― Mohanlal

“Life needs to be like a roller-coaster ride with ups and downs. Otherwise, it’s not exciting.”

― N. T. Rama Rao, Jr.

“Life is not easy for anyone. You have to have ups and downs. You can make mistakes. You learn and try not to make them again. That’s pretty much my principle.”

― Nadia Comaneci

“Life’s been a rollercoaster for me, but I think we can all agree on enduring ups and downs. I’ve yet to meet a person who hasn’t gone through something major in their life.”

― Natalya Neidhart

“Nobody’s perfect. Everyone slides here and there, and they have their ups and downs. When they are down, that is not the time to step all over them.”

― Neal Schon

“An independent Scotland – like all countries – will face challenges, and we will have our ups and downs. But the decisions about how we use our wealth will be ours.”

― Nicola Sturgeon

“All marriages, all relationships have huge ups and downs.”

― Nigel Farage

“The biggest thing I got from my sister’s career was never to give up. She had so many ups and downs throughout her career. Injuries and big injuries – ACLs. And she never gave up; she always came back fighting.”

― Nikita Parris

“I’ve had my ups and downs in my private life.”

― Novak Djokovic

“Ups and downs will be happening; coming to the final and losing by a point or so should not matter.”

― P. V. Sindhu

“You’re going to have some ups and downs, so you have to prepare yourself to be ready. Those down moments come.”

― Pablo Sandoval

“We need a club where there is a structure in place, with the necessary support a young coach needs. With a beginner, you need to be patient; there may be ups and downs.”

― Patrick Vieira

“I’ve had 60 years of ups and downs, and all of the downs that I’ve had, I’m happy that I’ve had them because it’s taught me to appreciate all the ups.”

― Patti LaBelle

“My mother and father had so many ups and downs and stayed with each other and helped each other. My mother took in ironing and she was a waitress. My father was working in the factory and he did people’s tax returns.”

― Patti Smith

“My father had an invisible job outside of the house; I didn’t know what he did. But my kids were privy to the ups and downs of a writer’s life.”

― Paul Theroux

“I think all actors experience ups and downs.”

― Peter Capaldi

“I was always a player who has ups and downs. I could play unbelievable, and I could lose to someone.”

― Petra Kvitova

“I think it was very important for me to look at starting to build a safety net so that I didn’t feel the insecurity of the ups and downs of finances because I might do no film a year, or I might do six commercials, or I might do none.”

― Priyanka Chopra

“Being single has its ups and downs, and being in a relationship has its ups and downs. It depends on how you balance it and how you handle your problems within your relationship.”

― R. Kelly

“There are different types of bullying; one of the biggest ones out there right now is cyberbullying. I had the privilege of filming an ‘Austin & Ally’ episode centered on cyberbullying, how it can get out of control, the ups and downs that you feel, and how to deal with it.”

― Raini Rodriguez

“That’s part of the NBA. It’s a lot of ups and downs.”

― Rajon Rondo

“I always admired Frank Sinatra. He had ups and downs, but he didn’t give up his style. He had what might have been a tough life or character.”

― Ralph Lauren

“You don’t want to always put a bunch of sugar in you. Because your sugar gets high, it gets stuck in your blood, it gets stuck in your system. It makes you tired. You have the ups and downs.”

― Richard Sherman

“Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.”

― Rick Warren

“I really believe that with all of what Lynyrd Skynyrd has been through, we can survive just about anything. We’ve had a load of ups and downs, but we’re still here.”

― Rickey Medlocke

“There are ups and downs in every relationship. But that does not mean that couples should separate or get down to inhuman behaviour.”

― Rishi Kapoor

“Has there ever been a dance career with more ups and downs than Twyla Tharp’s? Or with more varied ambitions? Or larger ambition?”

― Robert Gottlieb

“Ballet companies have their ups and downs, just like the rest of us.”

― Robert Gottlieb

“Life is full of constant ups and downs, and all I ask for is redemption in the end.”

― Robin Thicke

“I remember times of anxiety, ups and downs, and times of unexpected windfalls. But my parents loved what they did. And because their work was also their hobby, it taught me that work could be fulfilling.”

― Rosamund Pike

“Playing Dahmer, there were ups and downs. It wasn’t all dark, all the time. I felt a wide range of emotions.”

― Ross Lynch

“I’ve had my ups and downs, and I definitely have a sense – in America, especially – that once you’ve made your mark and gotten your Rolling Stone piece and your Grammy nomination, that they’re on to the next piece of meat, and they don’t necessarily like to follow the twists and turns of an artistic career.”

― Rufus Wainwright

“There were, of course, ups and downs. But whenever my parents were knocked down, in business or anything else, they picked themselves up and started again.”

― Sajid Javid

“You do get used to the ups and downs, the rejection of auditions and not getting parts, and so when you do get a job, it feels really special, and you try to hold onto it for as long as you can.”

― Sam Palladio

“It’s my job to have ups and downs because it makes good music.”

― Sam Smith

“Ups and downs are par for the course and very much a feature of the Indian growth process.”

― Sanjaya Baru

“I’ve said before, I’ve always had difficulty with anxiety and depression. I’ve been on medication for it since I was about 18 years old, varying degrees of medication. I’ve had big ups and downs with it and very bad periods.”

― Scott Snyder

“Fans made me. The fans gave me a chance, and they made me. Beyond that, my career has been trials and tribulations and ups and downs, so I have to have true fans riding with me.”

― Sean Combs

“I think what ‘Shameless’ does well is highlight real relationships. And in any real relationship, there are ups and downs and elements that change the dynamics of the relationship.”

― Shanola Hampton

“Life is full of ups and downs. One needs to stay positive in life, no matter what.”

― Shilpa Shinde

“My dad was one of the original members of the Groundlings, and I watched him as an actor have ups and downs, and I watched my mom as a casting director have ups and downs.”

― Simon Helberg

“I sort of set myself really high standards which is good and bad. If I know that I’ve done all I can to prepare, that’s when I race the best and in ’09 I was going through a lot of emotional ups and downs and I was never as fit as I would have liked to have been. So I never felt comfortable.”

― Stephanie Rice

“A career is a series of ups and downs, of comebacks.”

― Steve Guttenberg

“I have definitely gone through my ups and downs and faced my adversity and my nay-sayers, but managed to do all right. It is a pretty classic tale.”

― Steve Nash

“Savings is an important tool because it can help the poor deal with the ups and downs of irregular earnings and help them build reserves for a rainy day.”

― Sylvia Mathews Burwell

“A lot of the ups and downs for me, especially the downs, I feel like it came in a lot of indirect ways because I didn’t appreciate what I had.”

― T. J. Perkins

“I had a lot of ups and downs through my career at BYU, through different injuries and stuff. The fan bases have always been right there to pick me up and support me through all those injuries.”

― Taysom Hill

“The reality of a long-term career is that there are ups and downs.”

― Tiffany Darwish

“There’s rises and falls and ups and downs in all music.”

― Tim McGraw

“When you win a lot, you don’t learn much. With my ups and downs, it’s a lot of learning.”

― Tina Maze

“There are a lot of ups and downs. But there are always people who have it worse.”

― Tiny Tim

“I’ve been so fortunate because I never really had ups and downs as far as my career. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I’ve been sold out all over the world.”

― Tony Bennett

“You’re going to see ups and downs your whole career.”

― Tony Parker

“There’s ups and downs of any job. If you worked at the post office, there’s ups and downs. You have your good days, and you have your bad days. If you’re a housewife, you have your good days, and you have your bad days.”

― Tracy Morgan

“Nothing has run smoothly with me throughout my life. Everything has had ups and downs and lefts and rights, and that’s just the way it has panned out for me, unfortunately.”

― Tyson Fury

“We all have ups and downs in our career, and as an actor going through a rough patch, all I can do is keep working as hard as I can and hope for the best.”

― Uday Kiran

“Sometimes you are heartbroken, and sometimes you don’t treat others well. I think it’s a generic occurrence with all of us. Everyone has such experiences. I also had my share of ups and downs and broken moments.”

― Vikrant Massey

“I’ve had some ups and downs in my personal life, but I have overcame them.”

― Vitor Belfort

“The most valuable lesson I learned in dealing with the ups and downs was to invest in my employees – to do all I could for them when the times were good.”

― Vivek Wadhwa

“I think that we shouldn’t be fixated all the time on the ups and downs of the weekly ratings, of the quarter-hour ratings.”

― Walter Isaacson

“With the way my career has gone, I’ve had ups and downs, and I’m thankful for going through what I’ve gone through because now I’m a stronger person.”

― Wilfried Zaha

“I grew up in an entertainment family, and so I saw how susceptible you are to the ups and downs of this business.”

― Will Ferrell

“Life as we know it, with all its ups and downs, will soon be over. We all will give an accounting to God of how we have lived.”

― William Wilberforce

“In most kung fu films, they want to create a hero who’s always fighting a bad guy. In the story of Ip Man, he’s not fighting physical opponents. He’s fighting the ups and downs of his life.”

― Wong Kar-wai

“In life, you have ups and downs, but you should never give up. You should always try to get ahead.”

― Yalitza Aparicio
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