Top 14 Veteran Quotes

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“For the record, I’m a Second World War veteran and served in the Pacific.”

― Gore Vidal

“Every veteran is a hero.”

― Joe J. Walsh

“I’ve been described as a grizzled political veteran.”

― Joe Klein

“I’m the mother of a Marine veteran.”

― Lois Frankel

“I think we are looked upon as a veteran band.”

― Lou Gramm

“Anyone who’s been the Olympic trials before is a veteran.”

― Max Aaron

“I was a veteran, before I was a teenager.”

― Michael Jackson

“I am a West Point graduate and an Army veteran.”

― Mike Pompeo

“My wife is a doctor at a veteran’s hospital.”

― Neal Katyal

“There are no lazy veteran lion hunters.”

― Norman Ralph Augustine

“I listened to the veteran wrestlers that had tons of experience, like Leo Burke.”

― Robert Maillet

“I don’t think there’s a more battle-hardened veteran anywhere than Larry Summers.”

― Roger Altman

“As a combat veteran, I know the cost of war.”

― Tulsi Gabbard

“I’m a veteran of Ozzfest.”

― Vinnie Paul
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