Top 10 Vibrant Quotes

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“The venture industry is both quite vibrant and quite competitive.”

― Douglas Leone

“What is needed in the theater, in fact for all our art forms, is a vibrant critical tradition.”

― F. Sionil Jose

“Bollywood is a cinema of vibrant contradictions, which works when it seems it shouldn’t.”

― Gurinder Chadha

“I like vibrant colors.”

― Laura Esquivel

“Food is supposed to be vibrant, fresh, filled with color.”

― Linda Perry

“We are a vibrant first-world country, but we have a humbling third-world memory.”

― Mary McAleese

“Africa is a vibrant, varied continent with a growing consumer base.”

― Paul Polman

“Glasgow is an incredibly creative and culturally vibrant place.”

― Ruta Gedmintas

“I’m fun, vibrant, and full of energy.”

― Shenaz Treasury

“It takes a lot of effort to be vibrant.”

― Tom Stoppard
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