Top 8 Vince Neil Quotes of 2020

Vincent Neil- A Born Vocalist

Vincent Neil was born in the year 1961 on Feb 08. His complete name is Vincent Neil Wharton who is an American musician. He is generally best known and popular as the lead vocalist of a heavy metal band- “Motley Crue”, co-founded by himself in 1981. Besides this, he also went on to release three albums being a solo artist. Vincent is well known for his very own turbulent life which led to several convictions and arrests, including the one for vehicular manslaughter.

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His Early Life

Since Neil was born in Hollywood, California to the Shirley and Clois Wharton. He possessed Mexican and Native American ancestry on his mother’s and father’s side respectively. During the 1960s, Vincent’s family moved across Southern California from the Inglewood to the Watts, before eventually settling in Glendora and attending the Sunflower Intermediate School along with Royal Oak High School in the later stage of his life. Besides his interest in music as a teenager, Neil was very much interested in surfing as well including baseball, basketball, football, and wrestling.

Career In Music

At first, Neil was discovered when he was performing for his band Rock Candy in the year 1979 and then went on to join Motley Crue in 1981. He had been mates with Tommy Lee during his high school. Motley Crue was eyeing for a lead vocalist and was highly impressed by Vincent after hearing him via Lee. Too Fast for Love was a hit album in 1981. 

Following this several other albums rules during the whole decade and he grew ever since then.

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Best Vincent Neil Quotations List

“I think the world is ready for some rock ‘n’ roll. Some real time guys that play their own instruments, write their own songs, and sing the music and have a good time doing it.”

― Vince Neil

“I lost my faith in God when I lost my daughter to Cancer, the beast. I begged, I cried, I offered my life for hers, and day by day, I watched that beautiful little Angel slip off. So, excuse me for not taking my seat next to you on Sunday in Church, I feel too cheated to worship.”

― Vince Neil

“I guess I am just not the marrying type. I have given it a few chances, and it just goes haywire after a month or two. I am on wife number five right now, maybe five’s a charm?”

― Vince Neil

“Everybody has forgotten about showmanship. People don’t look like rock stars any more. They just look like regular dudes off the street.”

― Vince Neil

“With technology now, you can go in and sing a song, and for $100,000, you will sound flawless.”

― Vince Neil

“I don’t even listen to music when I’m off tour.”

― Vince Neil

“I appreciate the ‘Surreal Life.’ I had a really positive experience on that show, and with those people. I found some love in my heart for religion again, and had the support of a new family of friends. I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting those people, if we were not all placed in that fishbowl.”

― Vince Neil

“Man, I have had so much plastic surgery, I don’t even recognize myself, sometimes. If I catch a glimpse in a window or something, I think it is someone else.”

― Vince Neil

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