Top 8 Virtual Quotes

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“I think that in an increasingly virtual world, lovingly produced artefacts are at a premium.”

― Alan Moore

“In landlocked developing countries, geographical barriers to markets are unnecessarily accompanied by virtual ones: their e-connectivity rates are among the world’s lowest.”

― Arancha Gonzalez

“The personal computer can be a virtual device.”

― Barry Lam

“I expect there will be more virtual schools.”

― Betsy DeVos

“After all, we paid great prices because of the virtual partitioning of Iraq.”

― Bulent Ecevit

“I’m a virtual worker. I’m not tied to an office.”

― Jochen Zeitz

“Ease of navigation is important in both physical and virtual space.”

― John Quelch

“I wanted to have virtual memory, at least as it’s coupled with file systems.”

― Ken Thompson
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