Top 16 Vogue Quotes

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“French ‘Vogue’ was always a photographer’s magazine.”

― Carine Roitfeld

“’Vogue’ is a very specific world. You are ‘Vogue,’ or not ‘Vogue.’”

― Carine Roitfeld

“’Vogue’ is a bigger name than my name.”

― Carine Roitfeld

“I am addicted to ‘Vogue’ magazines, be they French, British – I adore, adore, adore.”

― Cat Deeley

“Everybody would like to be on the cover of ‘Vogue.’”

― Chiara Ferragni

“When I die I want to go to Vogue.”

― David Bailey

“I don’t think I picked up a ‘Vogue’ until I was, like, 16.”

― Devon Windsor

“I was successful very quickly. I was on the cover of ‘Vogue’ before I knew it.”

― Jerry Hall

“My dream jobs would be Italian ‘Vogue’ and anything with Chanel!”

― Kendall Jenner

“I’ve always known that I’m a little out of vogue.”

― Kevin Costner

“We don’t vogue, we are ‘Vogue’.”

― Linda Evangelista

“Even when I became the editor of ‘Vogue’ – America, I kept moonlighting for a garment store.”

― Mary McFadden

“I’m, for real, the biggest En Vogue fan.”

― Rozonda Thomas

“’Vogue’ celebrates plenty of women of substance.”

― Tina Brown

“All I did my first year at Vogue was Xerox.”

― Vera Wang

“Confusion seems to have become the vogue of European directors.”

― William Wyler
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