Top 3 Walt Dohrn Quotes of 2020

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“I’m pretty much a dinosaur in the studio. I like things hand-drawn, even today. The story artists use Cintiqs, but I’m the only person who hasn’t completely converted to computers. I like the Cintiq, but there’s something about the raw emotional power of using paper and pencil.”

― Walt Dohrn

“’Trolls’ was a blank slate – there was no world, no mythology. We talked a lot about the Grinch and we liked how they showed his heart growing, but how do you show a photographable device like that for the Bergens? We ended up using color for a lot of that: desaturating and then pulling the saturation up.”

― Walt Dohrn

“I like old Disney films that have an edge to them.”

― Walt Dohrn
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