Top 4 Walter Huston Quotes of 2020

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“Many years ago… many, many years ago, I brought up a boy, and I said to him, ‘Son, if you ever become a writer, try to write a good part for your old man sometime.’ Well, by cracky, that’s what he did!”

― Walter Huston

“Hell, I ain’t paid to make good lines sound good. I’m paid to make bad lines sound good.”

― Walter Huston

“I was certainly a better actor after my five years in Hollywood. I had learned to be natural – never to exaggerate. I found I could act on the stage in just the same way as I had acted in a studio: using my ordinary voice, eliminating gestures, keeping everything extremely simple.”

― Walter Huston

“Son, give ’em a good show, and always travel first class.”

― Walter Huston
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