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“If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?”

― Abraham Lincoln

“I am usually wearing some sort of see-through when I am competing.”

― Adam Rippon

“It is torment to be segregated out because of some bit of clothing that you’re wearing.”

― Alan Sugar

“If someone realises the piece they are wearing is inspired by me then it only broadens my audience.”

― Alexander Wang

“I’m not going to miss wearing the braces very much.”

― America Ferrera

“There are so many double standards that seem to be applied only to female MPs. I’ve had infinite comments about what I’m wearing when the focus should be on what I’m saying.”

― Andrea Leadsom

“If James Franco’s wearing a costume, and I’m wearing a motion capture suit, we don’t act any differently with each other because of what we’re wearing. We’re embodying our roles.”

― Andy Serkis

“I’m constantly walking on eggshells because I’m wearing a $10k outfit.”

― Annie Murphy

“I don’t have the habit of wearing ornaments.”

― Anushka Shetty

“At the age of eight I started getting into fashion, brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica and Ralph Lauren. But in 2005 I started wearing John Richmond jeans.”

― ASAP Rocky

“I don’t even think twice about wearing a swimsuit because it’s always been a part of my lifestyle.”

― Audrina Patridge

“I haven’t watched MTV’s annual Video Music Awards since Bill Clinton was president. I was wearing a plastic choker, and Alanis Morissette won for ‘Ironic.’”

― Bari Weiss

“It’s hilarious to see guys wearing a headband with ‘I’m a Hugger’ on it.”

― Bayley

“In the ’60s not everybody was wearing flowers in their hair and flowing caftans.”

― Baz Luhrmann

“When I see pot-bellied cyclists wearing the ‘maillot jaune,’ it appals me.”

― Bernard Hinault

“I love wearing heels.”

― Bhumi Pednekar

“After I had this idea to be Bill Nye the Science Guy, I wore straight ties the first couple times, and then I got this thing going and I started wearing bow ties.”

― Bill Nye

“Estee Lauder cologne. Sam Cooke always wore it, and I started wearing it because he wore it.”

― Bobby Womack

“Wearing a great shoe is essential for me.”

― Brad Goreski

“I love wearing bow ties for no particular reason.”

― Brad Goreski

“I really miss wearing costumes and makeup.”

― Brendon Urie

“I’m a light sleeper, but so long as I’m wearing earplugs, I sleep well.”

― Britt Ekland

“The whole idea of wearing clothes is not to look ridiculous.”

― Brunello Cucinelli

“I build community. However, I do it wearing a number of hats.”

― Cameron Sinclair

“I wear pink whether the public sees it or not. Whether I had a sneaker or not, I’d still be wearing pink.”

― Cam’ron

“I miss Boca. I miss the fans, wearing the jersey every Sunday, and stepping on to La Bombonera.”

― Carlos Tevez

“I was wearing corn plasters above and below my toes and taping my ankles twice.”

― Cesar Romero

“I’ve always been opposed to slaughtering, eating, and wearing carcasses.”

― Christian Serratos

“I’ve been fortunate. I get to write films. I get to write music in films. I get to play arenas wearing a wig.”

― Christopher Guest

“Anytime someone is wearing Jordan, you have to respect!”

― Dani Alves

“At the after-party of the Indy 500, I’m usually wearing jeans and a tank top.”

― Danica Patrick

“I love wearing jeans. I live in them!”

― Danielle Campbell

“I really don’t think that anybody’s going to buy or not buy a Disturbed album and/or ticket because I am or am not wearing my labret piercings.”

― David Draiman

“What’s a good metaphor for a Harvard student? A talking, gold-plated pile of manure, wearing a fleece.”

― David Fahrenthold

“I love wearing drag.”

― David Walliams

“I saw a transvestite wearing a T-shirt that said ‘Guess’.”

― Demetri Martin

“There we were in the middle of a sexual revolution wearing clothes that guaranteed we wouldn’t get laid.”

― Denis Leary

“I love wearing Aqua de Gioia by Armani, and Chanel.”

― Devon Windsor

“There’s not a lot of pictorial evidence from the Highlands, because only the very wealthy had their portraits painted – but there is one well-known painting of the two sons of the Duke of Argyll, wearing tartan.”

― Diana Gabaldon

“I kept having chills. This was in the middle of the summer and I was wearing a sheepskin jacket and I was chilling. I was shaking all over.”

― Dick York

“We used to take it really hard when people criticized us about what we were wearing, but not anymore.”

― Dinah Jane

“I actually enjoy wearing the corsets required in some period films.”

― Dinah Sheridan

“I prefer wearing comfortable clothes.”

― Disha Patani

“I love a jumpsuit, and I have a bunch of them. I’m known for wearing them like a uniform.”

― Domino Kirke

“If I were wearing jeans, I’d be wearing the uniform of a cartoonist.”

― Don Wright

“Ball parks are smaller and baseballs are livelier. They’ve practically got pitchers wearing straitjackets. Bah! They still allow the knuckleball, and that is three times as hard to control.”

― Ed Walsh

“I don’t prepare for wearing a bikini; I always have a bit of a tummy.”

― Eliza Doolittle

“I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.”

― Elizabeth Taylor

“I wanted so badly to study ballet, but it was really all about wearing the tutu.”

― Elle Macpherson

“Nothing is so wearing as the possession or abuse of liberty.”

― Emil Cioran

“I’m not a short person; I’m 5’10 and I was wearing heels, and I felt like a tiny little creature next to Shaquille O’Neal.”

― Erinn Hayes

“When I’m at an event, I like to be an eccentric dresser. I will just keep wearing what I like.”

― Eva Green

“Personally, I think wearing a baby chinchilla says, ‘I’m ignorant.’”

― Eva Mendes

“It is disheartening when you read an interview with an actress, and it starts by describing what she is wearing.”

― Felicity Jones

“I don’t actually think there has ever been too much emphasis on what I am wearing.”

― Felicity Jones

“Wearing a corset is extremely uncomfortable.”

― Florence Pugh

“I approve of anyone wearing what the establishment says you must not wear.”

― Florynce Kennedy

“We get so much in the habit of wearing disguises before others that we finally appear disguised before ourselves.”

― Francois de La Rochefoucauld

“Wearing colourful eyeliner in a graphic shape is the epitome of make-up as an accessory.”

― Francois Nars

“I’m extremely self-critical. Although I try not to be ridiculous about it, wearing horsehair shirts and all that. It’s a private exercise I don’t necessarily share with other people.”

― Gina McKee

“I am always wearing a bracelet, necklace, and watch. I don’t even care if they don’t match.”

― Grigor Dimitrov

“I just can’t perform well unless I’m wearing jeans.”

― Grimes

“I retired because I had a knee injury, my cartilage was wearing out, it was painful and I couldn’t put in the four hours of practice each day that I needed to.”

― Guy Forget

“When I was younger, I got bullied for wearing my hijab.”

― Halima Aden

“I’m 23 years old and still wearing pigtails.”

― Hannah Kearney

“I am utterly, consummately intense, wearing sunflowers and poppies and dahlias in my buttonhole.”

― Harry Graf Kessler

“Wearing corsets all the time was completely incapacitating, as far as digestion goes.”

― Helena Bonham Carter

“I love wearing wigs because they’re instantly transformational.”

― Holly Hunter

“I love wearing very simple colours.”

― Ileana D’Cruz

“Wearing khadi was a badge of honour. It was something one was proud to do.”

― Indira Gandhi

“I am not a fashionista, and I don’t dress up. Usually if I’m at home, where I am now, I’m wearing a robe.”

― Iris Apfel

“Anytime anyone compliments me on my figure, I’m wearing my Spanx undies.”

― Isla Fisher

“I grew up with three sisters, so I got used to being around them and all of their worries about fashion and what they are wearing.”

― Israel Broussard

“In Wisconsin, style-wise, it was all about bundling up, maybe wearing a hat and forgetting about your hair.”

― J. J. Watt

“I’m the one who’s put myself into politics, so I’m the one that really should be wearing that front-facing role.”

― Jacinda Ardern

“My weakness is wearing too much leopard print.”

― Jackie Collins

“I got the bill for my surgery. Now I know what those doctors were wearing masks for.”

― James H. Boren

“Negotiating deals among members of Congress is an exercise in wearing masks, scaring up votes, and, oftentimes, bluffing.”

― Jared Polis

“Be comfortable in whatever you are wearing.”

― Jennifer Winget

“I was in heaven when I saw Taraji P. Henson wearing Moschino!”

― Jeremy Scott

“I don’t want to be criticised for wearing sunglasses in the sun.”

― Jerome Boateng

“Most nights I end up wearing a wife beater T-shirt and boxers.”

― Jessica Alba

“I definitely feel, when I’m wearing the costume, that I could scare people and hurt them.”

― Joan Severance

“I think Apple Watch might be a tougher sell to current watch wearers than non-watch wearers. Non-watch wearers have an open wrist, and if they cared about the glance-able convenience of an always-visible watch dial, they would be wearing a traditional watch already.”

― John Gruber

“Nearly all the Brazilian supporters are wearing yellow shirts – it’s a fabulous kaleidoscope of colour.”

― John Motson

“I do not want to see a society where, should I ever have any, my granddaughters have their fingernails pulled out because they are wearing nail varnish.”

― John Rhys-Davies

“I have crooked toes from wearing boots that didn’t fit me because that’s all I could afford as a kid.”

― Jonah Lomu

“I’m still wearing Target and hand-me-downs.”

― Kat Dennings

“Even if you throw your hair up in a quick topknot or ponytail, you can add instant polish by wearing a headband or bejeweled barrette.”

― Kat Graham

“I get a lot of backlash for wearing designers that I feel are creators and artists. I get it all the time.”

― Kat Graham

“When I was 14, 15, 16, I was wearing ‘Edward Scissorhands’ and ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ stuff. I saw ‘Sleepy Hollow’ a dozen times.”

― Kate Leth

“Honestly, among my acquaintances there is no woman wearing XS.”

― Kate Winslet

“Of all the reader questions I get each week, the most common question I get is, ‘What are you wearing?’”

― Katherine Schwarzenegger

“Anything that needs to be labelled ‘The Entertainment’ usually isn’t – especially when it is provided by the endlessly enthusiastic Joel or Nadia wearing trainers and a whistle.”

― Katie Hopkins

“I don’t even wear miniskirts on a night out, so I definitely won’t be wearing miniskirts in the ring.”

― Katie Taylor

“We weren’t wearing shoes on a full-time basis until prom.”

― Keala Settle

“I was the Pink Pansy or whatever, wearing this crazy thing.”

― Kel Mitchell

“Who are you wearing? Who are you wearing?”

― Kelly Clarkson

“I don’t really like wearing bikinis. And if you don’t either, don’t make yourself.”

― Kelly Osbourne

“I love Tinkerbell because she’s feisty and about it. She’s got swag! She’s going to do what she wants to do. I even have a Tinkerbell tattoo, and she is wearing Adidas flip-flops!”

― Kidada Jones

“I wear quite fitted clothing. I don’t like wearing baggy stuff.”

― Kit Harington

“I honestly hate wearing makeup.”

― Kylie Jenner

“For my peculiar face, I look best when I look as though I’m not wearing make-up.”

― Lauren Bacall

“I love wearing designer pieces with something I found at Target.”

― Lauren Conrad

“Personally, all I ever want to be wearing are jeans.”

― Lauren Graham

“I just really love wearing shorts!”

― Lauren Wasser

“I don’t necessarily see my not wearing makeup as a social comment or that it’s because I work in a female-dominated industry.”

― Leandra Medine

“The men who really get repelled by what you’re wearing are a little shallow, and you probably don’t want to date them anyway.”

― Leandra Medine

“When push comes to shove, no one really cares what you’re wearing except you.”

― Leandra Medine

“Most of the time, I am wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts.”

― Lele Pons

“If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses.”

― Lenny Bruce

“I can’t be intimidated by anyone wearing a housecoat.”

― Leslie Jones

“When the anchorman is wearing a colonel’s uniform, it tells you something.”

― Linda Ellerbee

“Wearing hijab made you know that I was Muslim.”

― Linda Sarsour

“I have a thing for men’s boxer briefs and a tank top. If I’m wearing them, I’m a happy gal.”

― Liz Vassey

“I have had to come to terms with wearing glasses.”

― Lucinda Williams

“A watch is a fashion statement, and it says something about the person wearing it.”

― Luke Evans

“Let me make this clear: it is our duty to adopt a policy barring the wearing of niqabs in these public buildings.”

― Maajid Nawaz

“I definitely like wearing leotards.”

― Maddie Ziegler

“I enjoy wearing pins, and nobody tells me to do it.”

― Madeleine Albright

“If Barack Obama’s campaign wants to suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing is divisive, they should be ashamed. Hillary Clinton has worn the traditional clothing of countries she has visited and had those photos published widely.”

― Maggie Williams

“I’m not becoming western; I am still following my Pashtun culture, and I’m wearing a shalvar kamiz, a dupatta on my head.”

― Malala Yousafzai

“It was getting very boring to watch celebrities all wearing the same dress.”

― Marc Jacobs

“If you get robbed, no one’s going to ask you, ‘Well, what were you wearing?’”

― Marcia Clark

“Since my childhood, I dreamed of wearing the Black and Yellow.”

― Marco Reus

“I like wearing classic pieces with a modern twist.”

― Marie-Chantal Claire

“Even if it’s snowing or raining, I’m always wearing sunscreen.”

― Mary Helen Bowers

“I’m one of those goobers who comes out of the polling place actually wearing the ‘I VOTED’ sticker on my jacket.”

― Mary Roach

“Being a captain means a lot – it’s not just about wearing the armband.”

― Mauricio Pochettino

“There have been a lot of technical advances in the bra industry over the years, (such as those with Cellophane straps that are supposed to look as if you’re not wearing them), but the maternity bra is still stuck in the 1940s.”

― Mel Giedroyc

“I’ve never been happier to be born in this time than when I was wearing a corset.”

― Mia Wasikowska

“I don’t have a lot of time to surf the net and see what everyone’s wearing.”

― Michael Pitt

“I would never use prosthetics. I don’t like sticking things on. I don’t really like wearing wigs, either.”

― Michael Sheen

“I was a show-off as a kid. I was wearing bow ties and matching coloured trousers.”

― Mika

“When I first came to NXT, I was wearing the neon stuff. Then I got away from it and ended up being a Funkadactyl dancer, which was awesome.”

― Naomi

“There’s a lot of skeletons in my closet, but I know what they’re wearing. I’m not gonna act all ashamed of it.”

― Naomi Watts

“I really can’t break away from wearing black and leather!”

― Natalia Kills

“I love wearing dresses, but more simplistic, classic-looking dresses.”

― Natalie Prass

“I felt very grown up when I was wearing makeup, thank you very much.”

― Nick Rhodes

“You have to be comfortable in what you’re wearing.”

― Nicole Richie

“I love wearing things that come with a story.”

― Nikki Reed

“An adventure may be worn as a muddy spot or it may be worn as a proud insignia. It is the woman wearing it who makes it the one thing or the other.”

― Norma Shearer

“You walk with a different air if you’re wearing something sharp.”

― Paolo Nutini

“My daughters made me stop wearing sweats to run errands.”

― Peggy Lipton

“Nowadays, everyone has a stylist – we were raw, wearing 8 ball jackets with kente hats and spandex. It’s a quintessential look that everyone loved.”

― Pepa

“You sort of have to become what you’re wearing.”

― Pharrell Williams

“Half the world does not know the joys of wearing cotton underwear.”

― Phil Gramm

“I was given a mask of myself by Frances Barber when we opened ‘Julius Caesar.’ I looked much younger and prettier. Wearing it was certainly cheaper than Botox.”

― Phyllida Lloyd

“I spend long days wearing a corset – but no pain, no gain.”

― Phyllis Logan

“Those wearing tolerance for a label call other views intolerable.”

― Phyllis McGinley

“Who doesn’t want to be, like, five inches taller whenever they can be? If boys could, they’d be wearing heels.”

― Priyanka Chopra

“I’ve never owned a pair of jeans, but I had a fantastic denim boiler-suit and it got a lot of wearing.”

― Quentin Bryce

“Euphemisms are unpleasant truths wearing diplomatic cologne.”

― Quentin Crisp

“I am really surprised that what I am wearing on ‘Countdown’ has got into the papers.”

― Rachel Riley

“So wearing a corset certainly changes your state of mind.”

― Radha Mitchell

“A myth that operated for a year was that my broad structure secretly held a deadly body. I was so wary of my burgeoning tummy that I would conceal it by wearing very loose clothes.”

― Rana Daggubati

“I hate wearing anything tight. A corset is my idea of torture.”

― Raquel Zimmermann

“When you’re wearing jeans, there’s a shift in your center of gravity.”

― Ray Stevenson

“I don’t really like making too much of a statement with what I’m wearing.”

― Richard C. Armitage

“Wearing a bow tie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance.”

― Rick Kaplan

“I’ve been wearing Reebok my whole life.”

― Rick Ross

“I’ve been all different shapes and sizes in my lifetime. I started wearing shapewear as a teenager after I did ‘Australian Idol.’ I had a little tummy, and I was always really quite conscious of that.”

― Ricki-Lee Coulter

“Nothing comfortable is worth wearing to the Met Ball.”

― Rita Ora

“I never thought I would end up wearing heels someday.”

― Rithvik Dhanjani

“I hate wearing suits and ties.”

― Rob Delaney

“When wearing a trench coat, you’re allowed to act like Humphrey Bogart when he was detective Sam Spade.”

― Roger Stone

“The biggest attraction with wearing seersucker has to be its rumpled look. This is because seersucker has a lack of inherent structure.”

― Roger Stone

“When I was 15, I was wearing sandals and corduroys, Guernsey, striped pullover, a beard that was hardly there, shades and a beret, and the goal was hanging out.”

― Roy Harper

“In the early ’90s, all the girl groups were dressing super feminine. And then we came on the scene wearing Cross Colours, Girbaud, and Nautica.”

― Rozonda Thomas

“I remember being about 14 when I started wearing shorts and heels. I hated the attention I got. I found it overwhelming.”

― Ruth Wilson

“Wearing heels is no joke.”

― Ryan McCartan

“Part of wearing a tee is saying, ‘I’m comfortable and casual.’”

― Ryan Seacrest

“If I’m ever wearing a super-flowy dress, I like to toughen it up with a boot or something.”

― Sadie Sink

“It was strange wearing the scarf and the hijab until I got used to it.”

― Sarita Choudhury

“You can’t be seen in your mid-40s wearing leather pants. No leather pants anymore.”

― Scott Weiland

“As a kid, I remember wearing a checkered suit and appearing on-stage in the routines worked out by the ‘baggy pants’ comedians.”

― Seymour Cassel

“When Justin Bieber started wearing the Obey bar logo, we discontinued it. That was kinda one of the last straws.”

― Shepard Fairey

“A lot of people seem to get preoccupied with what I’m wearing as opposed to the music.”

― Sheryl Crow

“Lash extensions. I hate wearing mascara because it runs all over my face.”

― Sofia Richie

“I like twinsets, and I’m famous for always wearing crop tops.”

― Sophie McShera

“I have been wearing clothes designed by Maheshwari for many years now.”

― Sridevi

“I prefer flats to heels. I donate shoes I’m not wearing anymore.”

― Stella Maxwell

“You can’t really be passionately moderate. It’s like wearing an ‘Extra Medium’ – it doesn’t exist.”

― Stephen Colbert

“I love wearing my jewelry.”

― Stephen Jackson

“I lost the accent years ago, but I’m still very proud to be Scottish, and I love wearing a kilt.”

― Steve Valentine

“I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out.”

― Steven Wright

“If I’m wearing makeup, I always wash my face. Washing my face is a must.”

― Storm Reid

“I’ve been wearing Supergas forever. I’m always in flats, running around, so it makes sense for me.”

― Suki Waterhouse

“I’m also all about comfort. Just hanging out and wearing jeans or sweats.”

― Sung Hi Lee

“As I get older, I find that wearing bright colors cheers me up.”

― Tadashi Shoji

“For each episode the five of us are all wearing clothes by the same designer. It’s a different designer for each episode, but for each one we’re all wearing their clothes.”

― Ted Allen

“I threw away all my boys’ clothes and started wearing makeup.”

― Teddy Geiger

“Surely the fact that a uniformed police officer is wearing his hair below his collar will make him no less identifiable as a policeman.”

― Thurgood Marshall

“Everybody looks at his clothes to see what he’s wearing.”

― Tim Hardaway

“People traveling to malaria-prone areas can protect themselves by taking steps such as taking antimalarial drugs, using insect repellent, sleeping under insecticide-treated bed-nets, and wearing protective clothing.”

― Tom Frieden

“I think one of the reasons I’m popular again is because I’m wearing a tie. You have to be different.”

― Tony Bennett

“If I am wearing a T-shirt, it’s probably by Wap Two.”

― Tony Parker

“I get tired of wearing the same thing all the time too.”

― Tori Amos

“Not wearing make-up? I can do it, and don’t think twice.”

― Tyra Banks

“I grew up wearing trousers and climbing trees.”

― Vicky Krieps

“Acting is not my favourite thing. I don’t like wearing costumes and wigs.”

― Victoria Wood

“Colombians don’t switch on their TVs to see me, but what I’m wearing.”

― Virginia Vallejo

“Isn’t elegance forgetting what one is wearing?”

― Yves Saint Laurent

“I love wearing men’s clothing and underwear.”

― Zoe Saldana
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