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“I struggle with my weight like it’s my job.”

― Alex Weisman

“I’m pretty body-confident after losing weight for ‘Thrones.’”

― Alfie Allen

“My weight can swing by four stone.”

― Alison Moyet

“I’ve got to make sure I’m keeping weight on.”

― Allyson Felix

“Being in the dark, there’s a real weight to it. It’s heavy.”

― Amanda Lindhout

“I tried a Les Paul when I was a lot younger. I tried the Les Paul, and because of the weight of the thing, it nearly dislocated my hip.”

― Angus Young

“I was pushed into trying Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig… and I absolutely hated it. It affected me deeply.”

― Beanie Feldstein

“I definitely gain weight, and I’m not naturally thin.”

― Bella Hadid

“My books have helped a lot of men to lose weight.”

― Bethenny Frankel

“It’s much harder to lose weight as you get older.”

― Bradley Walsh

“Most of my family is severely overweight. It’s been taxing to keep my weight under control.”

― Brooke Hogan

“I used to be a fighter and I’m used to taking weight off.”

― Burt Young

“For me, 240 is my target weight.”

― Cain Velasquez

“I hate overweight, because it implies that there’s a weight standard I should be adhering to.”

― Camryn Manheim

“My parents have always been offended by my weight, embarrassed maybe. It didn’t fit with their sensibilities.”

― Camryn Manheim

“I always knew I was going to lose weight.”

― Carlos Mencia

“It’s not hard to lose weight.”

― Carlos Mencia

“There’s a huge emotional component to weight loss.”

― Carnie Wilson

“My weight fluctuated when I was 30, and I did the unthinkable – I stepped out as a plus-sized model.”

― Carre Otis

“They should probably have a James Brown aerobic tape. You would lose a lot of weight.”

― Chadwick Boseman

“I drink a lot of protein shakes and do a lot of weight lifting.”

― Chanel Iman

“Another mode of accumulating power arises from lifting a weight and then allowing it to fall.”

― Charles Babbage

“I’d much rather put on weight than have to lose weight.”

― Chris Hemsworth

“I give tremendous weight to my positive reviews and none whatsoever to my negative ones.”

― Chris Pavone

“I used to do a lot of yoga, but I tend to lose a lot of weight when I do that.”

― Colton Haynes

“I will fight in many weight divisions.”

― Conor McGregor

“I had trouble making weight before in my career.”

― Cris Cyborg

“The whole thing of weight, I guess it’s because there is a wider fascination we all have with weight.”

― Daniel Day-Lewis

“Societies can be sunk by the weight of buried ugliness.”

― Daniel Goleman

“I don’t think I could’ve carried the weight that Murrow carried.”

― David Strathairn

“I don’t bash my company. I don’t bash my opponents. I don’t miss weight.”

― Demetrious Johnson

“I do watch what I eat, but not for weight reasons.”

― Diane Kruger

“The magnitude of the atomic weight determines the character of the element, just as the magnitude of the molecule determines the character of a compound body.”

― Dmitri Mendeleev

“Exercise is the main thing that helped me lose weight.”

― Drew Carey

“In this industry, there’s a massive pressure to be a certain weight.”

― Emily Atack

“It is so discouraging to have your weight yo-yo.”

― Erin Moran

“If I don’t work out, I lose weight instead of gaining it.”

― Farhan Akhtar

“I’m one of those guys who loses weight during the season.”

― Freddie Freeman

“None knows the weight of another’s burden.”

― George Herbert

“The weight of a fabric is inconsequential, since seasonal dressing is all about layering.”

― George Kotsiopoulos

“Weight is something I’ve battled all my life.”

― Graham Elliot

“Hyperbole is not easily dealt with. Usually, it collapses under its own weight.”

― Gwen Ifill

“I can get anybody to lose weight.”

― Harley Pasternak

“Religion is not a burden, not a weight, it is wings.”

― Harry Emerson Fosdick

“There is no such thing as a ‘correct’ weight for any particular height – they are only averages.”

― Henry Beard

“The Apollo programme of the 1960s had some weight problems, too; in particular, the lunar lander needed some fairly drastic weight-reduction work.”

― Henry Spencer

“If you have less weight, you have less strength.”

― Ilya Ilyin

“It is the weight, not numbers of experiments that is to be regarded.”

― Isaac Newton

“I don’t get hung up on weight.”

― Jack Black

“I became allergic to virtually all fruits and vegetables, and my weight tumbled. I am 5ft. 10in. but dropped to just 8 st. 7lbs.”

― Jameela Jamil

“When I gained weight in 2005, my nutritionist was very worried. I was close to having diabetes.”

― Janet Jackson

“I’ve been trying to put weight on my whole life, and I’ve been able to do it.”

― Jared Goff

“I’ve always liked to keep trim, and fortunately, I don’t put on weight easily.”

― Jean-Paul Belmondo

“I’d already put on a bit of weight before I got pregnant.”

― Jennifer Ellison

“I’m prouder of my weight loss than my Oscar!”

― Jennifer Hudson

“Weight Watchers is not intimidating. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.”

― Jessica Simpson

“My natural weight is 13 st. 7 lb. That’s what I walk around at.”

― Joe Calzaghe

“It’s always a battle to maintain my weight.”

― Joey Chestnut

“I want Britain to punch its weight in the European Community.”

― John Major

“Mostly, I go in the weight room and visit.”

― John Stockton

“I always had a weight issue since I was a young kid.”

― Josh Peck

“When I became of service to other people I stopped worrying about my weight so much.”

― Judith Light

“I do a lot of weight training, and my workouts are intense, which include cardios, core body workouts, and functional training.”

― Karan Patel

“I have now exactly the same weight I had when I was 18, 20.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

“It became obvious in 1957 that I was endangering my health by carrying so much weight.”

― Kate Smith

“I have always had a problem with my weight.”

― Kathy Bates

“My whole thing with the whole weight situation is – it is what it is. It’s never been my identity.”

― Katy Mixon

“We can all put weight on or lose weight.”

― Keith Emerson

“My weight has been one of the most challenging things that I’ve had to deal with throughout my career.”

― Kelly Price

“I don’t criticize weight training – as long as it is not a substitute for aerobic training.”

― Kenneth H. Cooper

“I worked with a mime coach. I did weapons training. I did weight training.”

― Kristanna Loken

“I could stand to lose some weight.”

― Larry Hogan

“I’ve always been conscious of my weight.”

― Leona Lewis

“We probably give newspaper columnists too much weight.”

― Lionel Shriver

“Very often, overweight children have parents who are struggling with weight issues.”

― Lisa Ling

“It’s a massive undertaking putting an album together… It’s not light weight at all.”

― Lupe Fiasco

“The weight that hangs upon our eyelids – is of lead.”

― Mary Boykin Chesnut

“Weight lifting is the easiest part of my day.”

― Melanie Roach

“Weight isn’t a factor in nutritional health.”

― Melissa Etheridge

“I just don’t lose weight easily.”

― Melissa McCarthy

“My weight always fluctuates by 10 pounds.”

― Miranda Lambert

“There is no lasting glory in rapid weight loss.”

― Mireille Guiliano

“Beauty doesn’t need ornaments. Softness can’t bear the weight of ornaments.”

― Munshi Premchand

“I had to want to lose weight myself.”

― Nell Carter

“Socially, the issue of men’s weight is simply not a big deal.”

― Nia Vardalos

“My weight has always been a struggle for me.”

― Octavia Spencer

“Tears at times have the weight of speech.”

― Ovid

“I’ve been doing lots of trapeze, and so much of it is holding your own weight.”

― Patina Miller

“If I lost weight, I’d be two-dimensional!”

― Paul Walker

“The absence of Saddam is a huge weight off the Arab world.”

― Paul Wolfowitz

“Sometimes I do yoga, sometimes it’s kickboxing, sometimes it’s weight training, sometimes it’s Pilates.”

― Paula Patton

“Fifty percent of the weight of the soybean is protein. And what a protein! No other protein that we’ve known comes so nearly to the basic protein of animals and humans as soybean protein.”

― Percy Julian

“Successful weight loss takes programming, not willpower.”

― Phil McGraw

“My ideal weight is 205, actually.”

― Philip Seymour Hoffman

“I’ve got the weight of a rather tempestuous life to carry.”

― Richard Burton

“I neither throw my weight around nor do I bully anyone on the set.”

― Rishi Kapoor

“Suspicion is a heavy armor and with its weight it impedes more than it protects.”

― Robert Burns

“I think it’s highly unprofessional to not make weight.”

― Robert Whittaker

“I have been on diets that were supervised by doctors, that were carefully supervised where I lost weight.”

― Roberta Flack

“It’s hard for me to put on weight.”

― Robin Gibb

“When I stopped playing, I gave up exercising and put on some weight.”

― Ronaldo

“It took a lot of time to develop a healthier relationship with food and with my weight.”

― Ronda Rousey

“When you struggle with weight, it’s not an internal struggle… it’s literally an external struggle, and everyone sees it.”

― Ross Mathews

“So I’ve never in my whole life really been teased about my weight.”

― Ruben Studdard

“I took my weight training to a new level.”

― Ryan Lochte

“Getting to fight at my natural weight, that was huge for me.”

― Sage Northcutt

“I had all kinds of food issues, including health concerns and weight concerns.”

― Sally Schneider

“The welterweight division has really emerged as one of our most exciting weight classes.”

― Scott Coker

“I did gain weight, but I don’t care.”

― Selena Gomez

“I lost a lot of weight, when I was 18, on Jenny Craig.”

― Shane Dawson

“I’m not a weight lifter. I’m a seeker. Weight lifting is so insignificant in my life.”

― Sri Chinmoy

“Generally, the more weight you put on, the less effective you are.”

― Sugar Ray Leonard

“Before a secret is told, one can often feel the weight of it in the atmosphere.”

― Susan Griffin

“I put on weight easily and lose it equally fast.”

― Sushmita Sen

“I was exercising so hard that I began to lose weight.”

― Taylor Lautner

“I did Scarsdale. I did Weight Watchers. I did Atkins.”

― Trisha Yearwood

“Linares is one of the best fighters in his weight class.”

― Vasyl Lomachenko

“Weight was a big thing for me to overcome.”

― Wendy Williams

“I never don’t make weight.”

― Yoel Romero

“I’m not really into weight training.”

― Yunjin Kim
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