Top 10 Wheat Quotes

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“An editor is someone who separates the wheat from the chaff and then prints the chaff.”

― Adlai Stevenson I

“I don’t eat wheat and am into alternative medicines and treatment.”

― Arizona Muse

“As threshing separates the wheat from the chaff, so does affliction purify virtue.”

― Christian Nestell Bovee

“You feel almost a part of the wheat when you’re sitting in a combine.”

― Cynthia Kadohata

“Keeping off wheat helps my energy levels.”

― Darcey Bussell

“Faith is like a kernel of wheat.”

― Joe Bob Briggs

“I watch my wheat intake.”

― Molly Sims

“The Lord said ‘let there be wheat’ and Saskatchewan was born.”

― Stephen Leacock

“I’m allergic to cheese, wheat, and flour.”

― Teri Reeves

“We did not domesticate wheat; wheat domesticated us.”

― Yuval Noah Harari
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