Top 21 Wheels Quotes

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“My wheels are running. My investments are local, regional and international.”

― Al-Waleed bin Talal

“Wheels come off? Get on with it. Cope. Survive.”

― Eileen Atkins

“I build engines and attach wheels to them.”

― Enzo Ferrari

“I was the meal delivery coordinator for Clarke County for Meals on Wheels.”

― Fred Schneider

“I grew up on two wheels in the dirt.”

― Jimmie Johnson

“Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the U.S. military machine to turn.”

― John Stockwell

“The wheels are spinning in my head all the time.”

― Justin Berfield

“I was 100 percent tomboy. I had the biggest Big Wheels.”

― Katherine Moennig

“I read Pamela Colloff’s oral history about the campus shooting, ’96 Minutes,’ when it was first published, and my wheels immediately starting turning toward making a film and making it an animated re-telling.”

― Keith Maitland

“The wheels of publishing never slow down.”

― Laurie Graham

“I like to keep my wheels on the ground.”

― Marianne Vos

“Blood alone moves the wheels of history.”

― Martin Luther

“These guys are so old they’re eligible for meals on wheels.”

― Mickey Rivers

“The best actors do not let the wheels show.”

― Milan Kundera

“I collect Hot Wheels. I collect glass. I collect coins. And I collect cards.”

― Nolan Gould

“A self-driving car will have 200-plus CPUs. That’s a data center on wheels.”

― Peter Levine

“It is smarter to borrow from nature than to reinvent the wheels.”

― Philip Emeagwali

“I volunteer with School on Wheels in Los Angeles, and I also tutor with Koreh L.A.”

― Rachelle Lefevre

“That’s my boy, Obama. I’m rocking with him until the end, ’til the wheels fall off.”

― Takeoff

“Sometimes the wheels of justice grind slowly.”

― Terry Waite

“Wheels of fire, cosmic, rich, full-bodied honest victories over desperation.”

― Thomas Merton
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