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When You Can’t Say What You Want To Say

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I have been struggling to fix a problem for a couple of months.

I can’t say what I want to say.

Do you face the same problem sometimes?

It’s maybe a family issue or relationship jargon or a matter with partnership in business?

No matter what, we everyone face such situation in some time in our life.

Now, let’s look at what are you holding back to say what you want to say?

Is it the society you are thinking of?

Is it the child you care of those are more important than the negative effect of your sayings?

Is it your Facebook friends who might think you are the guilty?

Or what?

Okay – let’s calculate all the thing in this post so that you can get the idea or a template to implement on your own life deciding what to do next (in such a horrible situation).

There are three steps.

  1. Find all the negative things that might happen if you say so.
  2. Find all the positive things that might happen.
  3. Find all the things that might be happening again and again if you don’t say so.

Write down each of the steps and finding on a piece of paper or a note in your Computer.

Let’s begin!

Assume – there is a relationship problem and you want to get rid of the toxic people from your life.

Now write down the stuff following the three steps mentioned above –

  1. Negative Things Might Happen.
    – The child might get the worst life that they don’t deserve.
    – Society will start seeing you as bad human (though they will never know what was happening inside).
    – Family members (parents, siblings, relatives) might get hurt and feels unnecessary tension.
    – You will completely break down by thinking about your time, age and the kids (if you have)
  2. Positive Things May Happen.
    – You become free from continuous mental tortures.
    – You can do whatever you want to do with your life and time ahead.
    – You can pursue the dream you had without any kind of interruption and boundaries.
    – You can give more time to your friends and other people you have been loving since childhood.
  3. Things Remain As It Is Now If You Don’t Say Anything & Let Things Go As It Is
    – Continuous mental tortures
    – You have to be confined yourself with other’s thought.
    – You can keep loving your beloved kids (despite having all the pains from others)
    – You can have time to manage the worst scenarios as it is proven that – time might cure the odds.
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Now think again.

What is most important to you?

Your kid? Your free time to do anything you want? The society and relatives? The love (if exist) to your partner? The family that belongs to you?

What you can’t live without?

What you can manage in the future if the odds happen?

How much the probability is to fix the problems if you don’t say what you want to say?

Okay, if I have to face the exact example scenario mentioned above, I would think like this –

  • The kids are very important to me. I can’t live without them (no matter how good they will be in other’s lap).
  • I would like to learn the process, fix the mechanisms or process, act accordingly and stay happy.
  • I would like to don’t say anything, instead want to hear what others saying and act upon those.
  • I can have more time to fix the issues as things get easier when time passes by.
  • It would be easier for me to manage the parents and relatives because they know me well and regular phonecalls might cure most of their outrages.

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