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“Me and my partners had been stealing cars for a while.”

― Aaron Neville

“I was afraid to express myself for a while.”

― Adam Lambert

“I generally leave the television on while I’m working.”

― Akira Toriyama

“Yes, I was actually an acting teacher for a while.”

― Alanna Ubach

“While ‘Babel’ is a foreign-language film in some countries, in others, it is a local film.”

― Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

“I figured out that I was interested in acting while at NYU.”

― Alexis Bledel

“I have so many ideas while I’m driving.”

― Alison Mosshart

“Many artists give up after a while.”

― Angie Stone

“I listen to podcasts while I run in Boise’s foothills.”

― Anthony Doerr

“While tourism is often resource-intensive, it is a major driver of poverty reduction in developing countries.”

― Arancha Gonzalez

“While I can’t walk on water, I can certainly wobble on whisky.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“While accepting a film, my co-star is my last priority.”

― Asin

“While speaking in the NA, one must maintain respect.”

― Asma Jahangir

“You can get stale writing with each other for a while.”

― Barry Mann

“I record a podcast, ‘Shondaland Revealed,’ every week while we are shooting.”

― Betsy Beers

“I learned a lot while working on ‘Live From the Underground.’”

― Big K.R.I.T.

“My worst habit is whistling while I sleep.”

― Billy Boyd

“I was diagnosed with necrotizing chronic pancreatitis, and it definitely put a pause on live performances for a while.”

― Blackbear

“Trump is going to be around a while.”

― Bob Beckel

“If I hadn’t learned to lay on a two-hander once in a while, I’d never have left Flin Flon.”

― Bobby Clarke

“Once in a while, I try to sneak in something less known anyway.”

― Bobby Short

“I wrote ‘The Assistants’ while I was the Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Esquire.’”

― Camille Perri

“While filming ‘Annie Hall,’ I never really hung out with Woody Allen.”

― Carol Kane

“My dad would write these sketches for me while I was at ‘SNL.’”

― Casey Wilson

“You can maintain work-life balance even while pursuing careers.”

― Chanda Kochhar

“If I don’t work for a while, I don’t work for a while.”

― China Chow

“My sketchbook is not sacrosanct, and my children would draw on one page while I drew on the other. It was something we shared.”

― Chris Riddell

“A ballad once in a while doesn’t go amiss.”

― Chrissie Hynde

“I want my flowers while I’m alive.”

― Chubby Checker

“I was an animator for a while early on, but a 2D animator.”

― Dan Scanlon

“While many comics have a secret persona, I fundamentally want to be myself.”

― Dana Carvey

“I listen to Morricone, the famed Italian film composer, while I’m working.”

― Daniel Handler

“While I was doing ‘Desperate Housewives,’ I actually watched it from the beginning.”

― Daniela Bobadilla

“If we stand idly by while states legalize bigotry, we are responsible for allowing it to happen.”

― Dannel Malloy

“It was the closest to purgatory that I’ve ever experienced while I’ve been living.”

― Dave Thomas

“While I’m hale and hearty, I’ve no thought in my mind to retire.”

― David Jason

“While anchoring at Boston’s WCVB-TV, I reported on Mitt Romney’s run for Massachusetts governor.”

― David Muir

“The difference between our decadence and the Russians is that while theirs is brutal, ours is apathetic.”

― David Sarnoff

“While we are sleeping, two-thirds of the world is plotting to do us in.”

― Dean Rusk

“The universe can take quite a while to deliver.”

― Desmond Tutu

“I was a schoolteacher for a while, and it was the worst job.”

― Diplo

“The urge to reincarnate while still alive is near universal.”

― Douglas Coupland

“You have to latch onto somebody while you’re working.”

― Dylan O’Brien

“While he was president, it was popular to be a Nixon hater.”

― Earl Butz

“I was adrift for a while. I worked as a substitute teacher; I sold cars.”

― Ed O’Neill

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary.”

― Edgar Allan Poe

“Aim for brevity while avoiding jargon.”

― Edsger Dijkstra

“Believing in evolution is believing in the unproved, while believing in Christ is believing in the proven.”

― Edwin Louis Cole

“Everything is dead while it lives.”

― Egon Schiele

“Bureaucrats sometimes do not have the correct information, while citizens and users of resources do.”

― Elinor Ostrom

“I need to keep working on myself for a while.”

― Eminem

“While many people are trying to be in tune with infinite, what they really are is in tune with the indefinite.”

― Eric Butterworth

“I ate bugs while I was in Thailand.”

― Eva Gutowski

“I’m a big Turner Classic Movies fanatic – I was really addicted for a while.”

― Evan Rachel Wood

“Cybercriminals are usually driven by profit, while cyberterrorists are driven by ideology.”

― Evgeny Morozov

“You can actually be bored stiff while you’re dying.”

― Felix Dennis

“I resent limitations. I’m going to be this way for a while.”

― Fiona Apple

“I played saxophone for a while when I was a kid.”

― Flying Lotus

“While it is true that all individuals are equal under the law, this hardly implies that they are created equal.”

― Gad Saad

“Talent survives and remains while beauty is diluted.”

― Gael Garcia Bernal

“Yeah, I went to ACT for a while. It was great.”

― Gedde Watanabe

“I enjoy convalescence. It is the part that makes the illness worth while.”

― George Bernard Shaw

“I’ve stopped drinking, but only while I’m asleep.”

― George Best

“Once in a while it can be a bit disconcerting to be so recognisable.”

― George Wendt

“While we read history we make history.”

― George William Curtis

“So I played alto for quite a while until I saved up the money for the baritone.”

― Gerry Mulligan

“Women prefer to talk in twos, while men prefer to talk in threes.”

― Gilbert K. Chesterton

“I had cataract surgery a while back.”

― Gordon Moore

“I had kind of sworn off network TV a while ago.”

― Hank Azaria

“As an undergraduate at Amherst College, I was devoted to Dickensian novels and antiestablishment journalism while marginally fulfilling premedical requirements.”

― Harold E. Varmus

“What we hear while we are asleep continues to resonate with us upon awakening.”

― Henry Reed

“Have a blast while you last.”

― Hollis Stacy

“While I’ve worked on many topics and written many books, I have not abandoned my interest in multiple intelligences.”

― Howard Gardner

“Screaming is hard after a while.”

― J. K. Simmons

“We are either progressing or retrograding all the while. There is no such thing as remaining stationary in this life.”

― James Freeman Clarke

“Let’s make hay while it lasts.”

― James Lovelock

“The difference between our decadence and the Russians’ is that while theirs is brutal, ours is apathetic.”

― James Thurber

“I wrote a lot in study hall to while away the hours.”

― James Welch

“I excelled in English while I was at school.”

― Jamie Bell

“You got to get it while you can.”

― Janis Joplin

“While farmers’ markets are booming in cities, actual rural market towns are in decline.”

― Jasmine Guinness

“Too many investors overvalue companies in the near term while undervaluing them in the long term.”

― Jay Samit

“Multi-touch sensing was designed to allow nontechies to do masterful things while allowing power users to be even more virtuosic.”

― Jefferson Han

“When two characters or two actresses are together for a while there is bound to be chemistry developing.”

― Joan Van Ark

“A legislature cannot be effective while suffering from public scorn.”

― John Bercow

“It’s the equivalent of putting on the brakes suddenly while driving uphill.”

― John Gunther

“Cartoonists are untrained artists, while illustrators are more trained.”

― John Kricfalusi

“I lost my head for a little while.”

― John Mayer

“While life lasts, I am an evangelist.”

― John Mott

“I’m a person who plays Ping-Pong once in a while.”

― John Paul Stevens

“It was good while it was good.”

― Jonathan Lethem

“I just enjoy the ride while I have it.”

― Jorge Garcia

“I’m not a guy that shows a lot of emotion while I’m playing.”

― Jose Altuve

“While a people preserves its language; it preserves the marks of liberty.”

― Jose Rizal

“I always listen to music while I draw.”

― Joseph Altuzarra

“But while I loved all of these courses, there was an irresistible attraction of economics.”

― Joseph Stiglitz

“Trump channeled ethno-populist rage as naturally and charismatically as George Wallace had during the 1960s, while seating a billionaire cabinet.”

― Joy Reid

“I pray while driving. I pray while working, and while relaxing.”

― Joyce Meyer

“I fell in love with Dorset and ended up living there for a while.”

― Julie Harris

“I’ve had a good-size fan base for a while.”

― Kane Brown

“It takes people a while to trust you.”

― Karl Malone

“While the miser is merely a capitalist gone mad, the capitalist is a rational miser.”

― Karl Marx

“Of course texting while driving is a terrible idea.”

― Kathy Szeliga

“The newspaper fits the reader’s program while the listener must fit the broadcaster’s program.”

― Kingman Brewster, Jr.

“’Staunch conservatives’ and ‘free marketeers’ are fairly typical Republicans, while the ‘American preservationists’ are far less reliably a part of a GOP coalition.”

― Kristen Soltis Anderson

“It took me a while to grasp Kannada and Telugu.”

― Kriti Kharbanda

“I really like using my Samsung (005930:KS) tablet. I previously used the Motorola Xoom for a while and liked that.”

― Larry Page

“Introverts prefer introversion; we tend to gain energy by reflecting and expend energy when interacting. Extroverts have the opposite preference; they tend to gain energy by interacting and expend energy while reflecting.”

― Laurie Helgoe

“While theoretically and technically television may be feasible, commercially and financially it is an impossibility.”

― Lee De Forest

“I was watching a lot of ‘Game of Thrones’ while I was breastfeeding a newborn.”

― Lennon Parham

“While photographs may not lie, liars may photograph.”

― Lewis Hine

“I learned nothing while I was in school.”

― Lorraine Bracco

“No country has ever fallen while it was truly honoring the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

― Louie Gohmert

“Broadcasting is plastic; while it can ape the press, it can also emulate the arts.”

― Louis MacNeice

“We can do all we wish while we live; afterward, we are less than the meanest.”

― Louis XIV

“While we are postponing, life speeds by.”

― Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.”

― Mao Zedong

“While there’s life, there’s hope.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Marilyn Manson is a criticism of gimmickry, while being itself a gimmick.”

― Marilyn Manson

“There are these painterly things that happen while I’m working.”

― Marlene Dumas

“I even played Jack Webb’s partner on the radio version of Dragnet for a while.”

― Martin Milner

“I will laugh at the laughable while I breathe.”

― Mary Boykin Chesnut

“Forgiveness is indifference. Forgiveness is impossible while love lasts.”

― Mary Boykin Chesnut

“I became completely obsessed with body oils while pregnant.”

― Mary Helen Bowers

“While we are reading, we are all Don Quixote.”

― Mason Cooley

“While there’s life, there’s fear.”

― Mason Cooley

“While I was in Chicago, I rode my bike everywhere.”

― Matt Skiba

“For me, I’m not Spielberg. I can’t edit while filming another film.”

― Matthew Vaughn

“Certain characters get to me and stay with me for a while.”

― Miranda Otto

“Feminism was a dirty word for a while.”

― Miranda Richardson

“I don’t get bored at all while acting.”

― Mohanlal

“I use my hands a lot while acting.”

― Mohanlal

“I was making music simultaneously while studying B. Sc. and M. Sc.”

― Mohit Chauhan

“It’s in my blood to be around people while I was training.”

― Muhammad Ali

“While technology is important, it’s what we do with it that truly matters.”

― Muhammad Yunus

“Dreams are the expression of the unconscious while we are asleep.”

― Nancy Friday

“I chose to have a career, and I enjoyed it while I had it.”

― Nancy Reagan

“It takes me a while to absorb things.”

― Naomi Osaka

“I’ve known for quite a while that I was a funny girl.”

― Niecy Nash

“I listen to music constantly while writing.”

― Orson Scott Card

“I developed ‘Power: From the Mouths of the Occupied’ while I was an Artist in Residence at Kalamazoo College.”

― Patrisse Cullors

“While reishi mushrooms have historically been prepared as teas or infusions, other modern preparations include capsules, tinctures, and fractionated extracts of mushrooms, mycelium, and spores.”

― Paul Stamets

“Certain Gulf Arabs support proxy jihadist Sunni groups such as al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, while Iran supports Shia militant forces such as Hezbollah.”

― Peter Bergen

“My definition of modernism took a while to develop.”

― Peter Gay

“After a while, the character sort of took over.”

― Peter Mayhew

“It took me a while to like Wu-Tang’s style.”

― Prodigy

“’Bhoot’ is a hold-on-to-your-seats horror film, while ‘Darna Manaa Hai’ is a hold-on-to-your-popcorn horror film.”

― Ram Gopal Varma

“The shelf life of a specific film has decreased while the number of films required to fill multiplex cinemas has increased.”

― Ram Gopal Varma

“I fell in love with acting while I was a student at UCLA.”

― Randall Park

“I learned a lot while I was ACing and gripping for other DPs as I was coming up.”

― Reed Morano

“Folly enlarges men’s desires while it lessens their capacities.”

― Robert South

“The only thing I’ve cooked while entertaining is stir-fry.”

― Robert Webb

“The salability of an item can often be improved while the value itself remains unchanged.”

― Roy H. Williams

“Sometimes good stories are created while documenting dreams.”

― Ruskin Bond

“The evolutionary theory of senescence can be stated as follows: while bodies are not designed to fail, neither are they designed for extended operation.”

― S. Jay Olshansky

“Think nothing done while aught remains to do.”

― Samuel Rogers

“I flew back and forth and did episodes of Roseanne while I was at Yale.”

― Sara Gilbert

“I worked for a Japanese company called K1 for a while.”

― Scott Coker

“I learned at an early age to be socially effective while practicing disappearing.”

― Sebastian Lelio

“While we teach, we learn.”

― Seneca

“I always wanted to be a songwriter, and it took a while.”

― Shawn Colvin

“Every TV show is a crapshoot, really. But every once in a while, a show gets anointed as ‘the show.’”

― Simon Baker

“While all deception requires secrecy, all secrecy is not meant to deceive.”

― Sissela Bok

“For a while, I just sang at a steakhouse. I would go from table to table and really just survived on tips.”

― Sissy Spacek

“I wrote ‘#GIRLBOSS’ while running a $100 million-plus revenue business.”

― Sophia Amoruso

“I’m thrilled to get hired every once in a while.”

― Stephen Root

“Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.”

― Steven Wright

“I experienced a lot of things while I was working with Dibakar Banerjee.”

― Sushant Singh Rajput

“You are the music while the music lasts.”

― T. S. Eliot

“I do no writing while I’m in Belgrade visiting my grandma.”

― Tea Obreht

“I wrote for ‘The Sopranos’ and worked on big, blustery characters for quite a while.”

― Terence Winter

“They tend to lay dormant for a while but often come back, and then the cheques come in!”

― Thayer David

“Time marks us while we are marking time.”

― Theodore Roethke

“I took the Canal Zone and let Congress debate; and while the debate goes on, the canal does also.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

“I’m into computers and have been for a while.”

― Thomas Middleditch

“While mantling on the maiden’s cheek Young roses kindled into thought.”

― Thomas Moore

“It took a while, but your life prepares you for these roles.”

― Tony Burton

“While you’re doing it, you don’t really know what you’re doing.”

― Tony Curtis

“I was planning to remain an amateur for a while.”

― Tracy Austin

“I was in a band called Hooker for a while.”

― Travis Barker

“In college, I majored – I can’t believe there is such a thing – in advertising. And I worked in advertising and PR for a while, and I liked it.”

― Traylor Howard

“I was a big Broadway fan for a while.”

― Trey Parker

“It’s been a roller-coaster ride. But I haven’t been diving this well for a while.”

― Troy Dumais

“While we can learn from U.S. models, we certainly can’t practice them.”

― Victor Koo

“I’ve never danced while driving, nor put on makeup.”

― Victoria Coren Mitchell

“I became completely addicted to ‘Angry Birds’ for a while.”

― Vikas Swarup

“I interned at Fendi while Michael Burke was overseeing Fendi.”

― Virgil Abloh

“While the State exists there can be no freedom; when there is freedom there will be no State.”

― Vladimir Lenin

“It took me a while to find myself.”

― Waris Ahluwalia

“You have to bare your fangs once in a while.”

― William Bratton

“Is it worth while to observe that there are no Venetian blinds in Venice?”

― William Dean Howells

“We are doomed to cling to a life even while we find it unendurable.”

― William James

“While I was at Madrid, for me, Cristiano was the best.”

― Xabi Alonso

“I definitely had some heated but extremely productive chats with screenwriter Justin Monjo, but while it’s my story, it’s their movie, so I have to allow for compression and poetic license.”

― Yossi Ghinsberg
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