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What If Your Wife Has Mental Issues?

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I got an email today and here it is –

There are some people in this world who are mentally ill. I mean, seriously ill. But this is not a problem. Anyone can be mentally shaky in some phases of their life. The problem seems unavoidable; when the patient doesn’t want to try his/her mental illness.

Let me through some examples here.

Scenario 01:

  1. One of my community brothers gave her a Cat. The first week was good. She was taking care of that cat well. But after that, she unveiled her real face and started beating the cats and torturing every day.
  2. She used to emprisoned that cat on the Balcony and some times she got that cat out of the flat.
  3. One day, the cat couldn’t bear all the pain and jumped from our 13th floor and died.

Scenario 02:

  1. She took another cat from a local Paws FB group.
  2. The cat was doing well.
  3. And she adopted another cat in the same week from another guy from the same group (I am not sure though).
  4. After 1 week; she is showing her real face.
  5. Today (September 29, 2020) she has thrown some hot water on one of the cats and some of the upper parts of that cat’s body got burnt.

More –

I know she is mentally ill.

I am not telling this because of the cat’s issues above.

There are lots of issues happening with me every day; those are killing me inside. I can’t torture her back because of society and the laws and other stuff. Mainly, I am not that type of guy to do something harsh physically.

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I have two children and can’t think about divorce as well (its high time and I tried it before mutually and never been fruitful).

What To Do?

Well, as she is your wife, you can –

  • make her understand that what she is doing; is totally wrong.
  • take her to a psychiatrist.
  • if she can’t hear you; then talk with the original cat owners who gave her the cats.
  • become harsh as well to let her know; nothing wrong will be accepted anymore. If this continues; she will be desperate in the future.
  • do whatever you need to do to make her understood. No matter what. Now think what you can do gently by not crossing your limits.

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