Top 4 Will Shetterly Quotes

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“Is art influential? It can be – ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ rallied abolitionists, and ‘The Jungle’ provoked the demand for a safer food industry.”

― Will Shetterly

“Many elitists hate rap as much as they hate country, though they don’t like to admit it for fear of appearing racially insensitive.”

― Will Shetterly

“Country music, the music of the white rural working class, has often been mocked by elitists whose understanding of power and art was shaped at expensive private schools.”

― Will Shetterly

“There’ve always been people in the borderland between childhood and adulthood. That state is not a matter of chronological age. It’s a matter of understanding that you can accept a future that has been defined by the previous generation, or you can reject it and make something new.”

― Will Shetterly
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