Top 4 Will Tudor Quotes

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“I used to do prank calls as these people and try to convince certain hoteliers that I was someone else. At the time, I used to do people like Tony Blair and William Hague. It was very good fun hearing people kind of thinking, ‘Hmm, is that who I think it is?’”

― Will Tudor

“In terms of pure comedic value, ‘Tootsie’ is brilliant.”

― Will Tudor

“On the whole, when I travel to different countries, I like to find the hidden places, so I tend to avoid the cities – but in terms of the ease of getting about, finding what you need, the excitement, that undercurrent of whatever you want it to be, it’s got to be London.”

― Will Tudor

“I very much enjoy things like ’24,’ although I suspect that’s run its course.”

― Will Tudor
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