Top 5 William Blum Quotes

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“Propaganda is to a democracy what violence is to a dictatorship.”

― William Blum

“A terrorist is someone who has a bomb, but doesn’t have an air force.”

― William Blum

“America’s state religion, is patriotism, a phenomenon which has convinced many of the citizenry that ‘treason’ is morally worse than murder or rape.”

― William Blum

“What our leaders and pundits never let slip is that the terrorists – whatever else they might be – might also be rational human beings; which is to say that in their own minds they have a rational justification for their actions.”

― William Blum

“Most terrorists are people deeply concerned by what they see as social, political, or religious injustice and hypocrisy, and the immediate grounds for their terrorism is often retaliation for an action of the United States.”

― William Blum
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