Top 5 William Clay Ford, Sr. Quotes

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“Leaving the board will relieve me of formal duties and give me more flexibility, but I still expect to spend as much time as possible with the extended family of Ford people and will gladly help the company and the board in any way I can.”

― William Clay Ford, Sr.

“The Ford Motor Company has always been part of my life, and I continue to draw a lot of energy from this wonderful and exciting business.”

― William Clay Ford, Sr.

“We have a spirit of working together, and we have a passion for cars. And we also have a great desire to see the Ford name in the forefront of world transportation.”

― William Clay Ford, Sr.

“I think sports are a wonderful diversion. People can relate to sports very easily. It’s a quick study.”

― William Clay Ford, Sr.

“Detroit – and I’m not blowing smoke at anybody – is probably the greatest fan sports town in the country. They’ll support anything.”

― William Clay Ford, Sr.
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