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“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words, like ‘What about lunch?’”

― A. A. Milne

“At my house, it’s an, ‘If dad says it, you can say it’ kind of deal, so a lot of my slang words come off very childish at this point in my career.”

― A.J. Styles

“If you imagine writing 1,000 words a day, which most journalists do, that would be a very long book a year. I don’t manage nearly that… but I have published slightly too much recently.”

― A. N. Wilson

“If we ask a vague question, such as, ‘What is poetry?’ we expect a vague answer, such as, ‘Poetry is the music of words,’ or ‘Poetry is the linguistic correction of disorder.’”

― A. R. Ammons

“I like to write about painting because I think visually. I see my writing as blocks of color before it forms itself. I think I also care about painting because I’m not musical. Painting to me is not a metaphor for writing, but something people do that can never be reduced to words.”

― A. S. Byatt

“I’m the interpreter. I’m the one who takes your words and brings them to life. I was trained to sing and dance and laugh, and that’s what I want to do.”

― Aaliyah

“The whole problem can be stated quite simply by asking, ‘Is there a meaning to music?’ My answer would be, ‘Yes.’ And ‘Can you state in so many words what the meaning is?’ My answer to that would be, ‘No.’”

― Aaron Copland

“If a literary man puts together two words about music, one of them will be wrong.”

― Aaron Copland

“I might see something on TV and get inspired to write about it. I can’t sit down and plan to write. It has to come to me in my head like someone telling me the words.”

― Aaron Neville

“I find young people talk about what they want to do, which is great because you get to form the words, but its also like, you gotta just get in there.”

― Abbi Jacobson

“It takes me about two hours to run into Target. People always want a picture. They hem and haw, and they can’t spit the words out, so they waste about five minutes of my time just standing there getting ready for a picture. Just do it!”

― Abby Lee Miller

“I used to listen to ‘Woman’s Hour’ every morning, but I’ve discovered that I can’t have words on when I’m working.”

― Abi Morgan

“Of all the mediums, theatre is the one where you really need to have something to say – because it’s just you, the words, and the space.”

― Abi Morgan

“We have too many high-sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them.”

― Abigail Adams

“Rituals, anthropologists will tell us, are about transformation. The rituals we use for marriage, baptism or inaugurating a president are as elaborate as they are because we associate the ritual with a major life passage, the crossing of a critical threshold, or in other words, with transformation.”

― Abraham Verghese

“We’re now able to show that the words of comfort trigger biological reactions which are the very things that you want, and you can use drugs to get there, or you can use words of comfort to get there, which would make your drugs so much more effective.”

― Abraham Verghese

“Words originating from the verb ‘to die’ were frequently used when I described my initial plans to determine the ribosome structure.”

― Ada Yonath

“The guys I grew up with, my cinematic heroes, have always been men of few words, but of action. Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach.”

― Adam Baldwin

“The words contained in it were inspired by the Holy Spirit into the minds of faithful men, called Prophets and Seers in the Old Testament; and Evangelists and Apostles in the New.”

― Adam Clarke

“At Juilliard, suddenly I was reading these great plays that could articulate the ways I was feeling in the Marine Corps, and that felt very therapeutic, by putting words to feelings, in a big way.”

― Adam Driver

“Twitter is the marriage of full-tilt narcissism and full-tilt voyeurism that has finally collided in 140 words.”

― Adam Goldberg

“Tweeting has taught me the discipline to say more with fewer words.”

― Adam Grant

“I believe that writers have a responsibility to evolve the language, whether by introducing new words or new usages. Shakespeare alone is responsible for something like 3400 words and phrases.”

― Adam Mansbach

“Batman had a certain speech pattern that I established because he was always Sherlock Holmes-ian. He was Basil Rathbone. In other words, he was always musing about something.”

― Adam West

“I learned by watching my favorite shows. I would just rewind and say the words back, until they sounded right to me. I never studied the American accent, in terms of getting a teacher or taking phonetics classes. I’ve always been a good mimic. It really wasn’t that hard for me.”

― Adelaide Kane

“The first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum.”

― Adlai Stevenson I

“Man does not live by words alone, despite the fact that sometimes he has to eat them.”

― Adlai Stevenson I

“Journalists do not live by words alone, although sometimes they have to eat them.”

― Adlai Stevenson I

“A lot of negative words adults call the young, like ‘naive,’ ‘impulsive’ and ‘way too connected online,’ are all things we can turn into strengths to help us.”

― Adora Svitak

“I’ve never been a believer in the word-count thing. I write slowly and tinker with the words and the word order, and I throw a lot of stuff out.”

― Adrian McKinty

“I have a wonderful English-language dialogue coach. All the time I have to speak English, he is with me. It is a double effort, because you have to say the words correctly and then act them.”

― Adriana Barraza

“I was so embarrassed about mispronouncing words. I just knew how to smile.”

― Adriana Lima

“Lying is done with words and also with silence.”

― Adrienne Rich

“There is no sickness worse for me than words that to be kind must lie.”

― Aeschylus

“The words of truth are simple.”

― Aeschylus

“Words are the physicians of a mind diseased.”

― Aeschylus

“Don’t you know this, that words are doctors to a diseased temperment?”

― Aeschylus

“Feelings such as loneliness, longing or love are sometimes hard to put into words; maybe that’s why we all love music, because it resonates with something we can’t share.”

― Agnes Obel

“Twitter was like a poem. It was rich, real and spontaneous. It really fit my style. In a year and a half, I tweeted 60,000 tweets, over 100,000 words. I spent a minimum eight hours a day on it, sometimes 24 hours.”

― Ai Weiwei

“Since the global economic crisis began, the change in global attitudes is clear to see – and I think it is pitiful. Barack Obama came to China and he is probably the only president of the United States never to mention the words ‘human rights’ in public.”

― Ai Weiwei

“I played with different words like ‘home run,’ ‘megahit,’ and they just all sounded kind of ‘blah.’ So I put in ‘unicorn’ because they are – these are very rare companies in the sense that there are thousands of startups in tech every year, and only a handful will wind up becoming a unicorn company. They’re really rare.”

― Aileen Lee

“Granted, I’m someone who loves words. I’ve always loved poetry – so it’s suited to me.”

― Aimee Bender

“You know, I think there are certain words like ‘illegitimate’ that should not be used to describe a person. And certainly, we have come far enough in our technology that our language can evolve, because it has an impact.”

― Aimee Mullins

“I hate the words ‘handicapped’ and ‘disabled’. They imply that you are less than whole. I don’t see myself that way at all.”

― Aimee Mullins

“For me, Malayalam is a difficult language. It has got a lot of tongue-twisting words.”

― Aishwarya Rajesh

“To this day, I like the version of movies that don’t have the curse words. I’m very reserved that way.”

― AJ Lee

“Hear the words of prudence, give heed unto her counsels, and store them in thine heart; her maxims are universal, and all the virtues lean upon her; she is the guide and the mistress of human life.”

― Akhenaton

“With a lot of those ‘S.N.L.’ shorts, we would do them just as we wanted to do them and then beep out the bad words. Since it was late night T.V., they let us get away with a lot.”

― Akiva Schaffer

“What ‘SNL’ taught me that was useful on ‘The Watch’ was, only put in bad words if they can get a laugh – there was no need for swear words and beeps in places that weren’t necessary. Those beeps should only be in there when they mean something and it’s important to the joke.”

― Akiva Schaffer

“If you want a free email service that doesn’t use your words to target ads to you, you’ll have to figure out how to port years and years of Gmail messages somewhere else, which is about as easy as developing your own free email service.”

― Al Franken

“In 1996, President Clinton put together a detailed agenda called ‘A Bridge to the 21st Century’ that told voters why, in his words, ‘rehire him’ for another four years. That’s the right way for an incumbent president to run for re-election.”

― Al From

“Only two to three per cent of an audience is interested in words and pays attention to lyrics; most of the rest of it is about image or the beat or the sound, or else it’s a tribal thing – country & western, rap, heavy metal, with historical folk rock off in some kind of cult.”

― Al Stewart

“My greatest joy comes from creativity: from feeling that I have been able to identify a certain aspect of human nature and crystallise a phenomenon in words.”

― Alain de Botton

“What is beauty, anyway? It’s more than something pleasant looking. If it doesn’t stop us in our tracks and make us unable to move for a moment, unable to put into words what’s closing off the breath in our throats, then maybe it’s pretty, but it probably isn’t beauty.”

― Alan Alda

“On the stage, the characters express themselves more through words than images. So the arguments of the characters and the tension between characters – words have to be used to express that, and I love that about theater.”

― Alan Alda

“I think when you’re acting, you usually don’t have to know too much beyond how to pronounce the words you’re saying.”

― Alan Alda

“Little did I know that the last words I would say on WNBC would be the last ones anyone would say.”

― Alan Colmes

“I don’t judge my effectiveness by how many words I say. I think liberals often see nuances in things… Conservatives tend to see things in black and white. It gives them an air of certainty and conviction that might make them more comfortable to watch.”

― Alan Colmes

“When I read period material – and it ain’t on Google – I am always alert for that one incredible detail. I’ll read a whole book and get three words out of it, but they’ll be three really good words.”

― Alan Furst

“I love the combination of the words ‘spies’ and ‘Balkans.’ It’s like meat and potatoes.”

― Alan Furst

“I’ve learned never to try and force words to come.”

― Alan Garner

“Probably some of the songs I never even really listened to the lyrics. Half of them I’d hear off the radio and was probably singing the wrong words and didn’t even know it.”

― Alan Jackson

“The ability to absorb a book and make someone else’s words and story your own was exactly was I was doing on stage.”

― Alan King

“Whatever I gain from writing lyrics, I feel I lose a little bit for the musical aspect by having that lyrical burden on me. But when I’m liberated from worrying about the words, frankly, I feel I’m a better composer.”

― Alan Menken

“Way back in the day, when I first started and had delusions of adequacy as a cartoonist, I would listen to music. When I switched to a career as a writer, I would try to listen to music, but if the songs had lyrics they would get in the way of the words I was trying to write. So I switched to listening to purely instrumental pieces.”

― Alan Moore

“A picture is worth 10K words – but only those to describe the picture. Hardly any sets of 10K words can be adequately described with pictures.”

― Alan Perlis

“Each character I play has different dimensions. I’m not interested in words that pull them together.”

― Alan Rickman

“In the mind of the public, the word ‘planet’ carries a significance lacking in other words used to describe planetary bodies… many members of the public assume that alleged ‘non-planets’ cease to be interesting enough to warrant scientific exploration.”

― Alan Stern

“I believe that at the end of the century the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted.”

― Alan Turing

“I write. This is what I do. My job is to sit down with my vocabulary, select words, and decide what order they should be placed in an attempt to keep someone’s attention and perhaps provide them with a laugh or two along the way.”

― Alan Zweibel

“I’m always a little bit cautious around invented terminology because so much science fiction is off-putting to the uninitiated. You open up the first page, and it’s full of all these made-up words.”

― Alastair Reynolds

“In some respects, big ideas can be a bit too big for a short story – especially if you’ve only got a couple of thousand words to play with, and you need room for other stuff, like character, description.”

― Alastair Reynolds

“Even if you didn’t see the movie, you’d see two words you’d never seen put together before – comedy and Muslim. Comedy is friendly – it’s the least offensive word in our language.”

― Albert Brooks

“I very rarely think in words at all. A thought comes, and I may try to express it in words afterwards.”

― Albert Einstein

“All these primary impulses, not easily described in words, are the springs of man’s actions.”

― Albert Einstein

“I’ll write lines or words in a notepad. You work on little things and little parts; sometimes they turn into bigger songs.”

― Albert Hammond, Jr.

“I wanted to be a doctor that I might be able to work without having to talk because for years I had been giving myself out in words.”

― Albert Schweitzer

“I can understand that there are those who can think and imagine the world without words, but I think that once you find the words that name your experience, then suddenly that experience becomes grounded, and you can use it and you can try to understand it.”

― Alberto Manguel

“I really lack the words to compliment myself today.”

― Alberto Tomba

“Words, words, words! They shut one off from the universe. Three quarters of the time one’s never in contact with things, only with the beastly words that stand for them.”

― Aldous Huxley

“Two words guided the making of ‘Babel’ for me: ‘dignity’ and ‘compassion.’ These things are normally forgotten in the making of a lot of films. Normally there is not dignity because the poor and dispossessed in a place like Morocco are portrayed as mere victims, or the Japanese are portrayed as cartoon figures with no humanity.”

― Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

“Psychoanalysis wants to heal with words and speaking, but sometimes with speaking, you realize nothing.”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“Not everything has a name. Some things lead us into a realm beyond words.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

“I see songs in colors; I see days of the week. Each day of the week I relate to a gender, and it’s very weird. I can taste words sometimes. It’s very strange.”

― Alessia Cara

“When I write, I like squeezing as many words as possible into each bar – I’ve listened to the Fugees and Lauryn Hill for as long as I can remember, so probably a big chunk of it subconsciously comes from that.”

― Alessia Cara

“Sharon Shinn is a lover of words and a builder of worlds. She makes science-fiction seem like fantasy. Her characters jump off the page, finding their way under your skin and into your heart.”

― Alethea Kontis

“Sometimes I’ll come up with a lick that I really love, and I’ll try to put the right words to it for years. Suddenly something comes to me that works just right.”

― Alex Chilton

“I think that that’s why artists make art – it is difficult to put into words unless you are a poet. What it takes is being open to the flow of universal creativity. The Zen artists knew this.”

― Alex Grey

“I don’t know what to say when I have a crush on somebody. I kind of lose my words. I really try to start a conversation, and I can’t. It’s horrible.”

― Alexa Vega

“I write four books a year. I’m very fortunate that I write quickly; around 3,500 words a day. Being strict about delineating my writing time and personal life, as well as keeping distractions at bay, is the only way I can accomplish this.”

― Alexander McCall Smith

“Rap music’s been around for too long now to be inspirational. The words are, but the music isn’t.”

― Alexander McQueen

“Actions speak louder than words. There is a big difference between what people say and what they do. People might tell you they are excited about your new product, but when they are in a buying situation their behaviour might be totally different.”

― Alexander Osterwalder

“No one should be ashamed to admit he is wrong, which is but saying, in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.”

― Alexander Pope

“In words, as fashions, the same rule will hold; Alike fantastic, if too new, or old: Be not the first by whom the new are tried, Nor yet the last to lay the old aside.”

― Alexander Pope

“In ways I don’t entirely have the words for, an experience, thought or a lesson isn’t real for me until I’ve written down.”

― Alexandra Fuller

“I want to make words out of life. That’s bigger than me. That’s as big a creative force as – bigger than, for me, even having children. That felt more accidental – wonderful, but accidental.”

― Alexandra Fuller

“Words have great cumulative power, but in the 21st century, a single image is much stronger. An image suggests the unvarnished truth. That is its power and its fiction.”

― Alexandra Kerry

“Dull words are what make many bright sentences shine. They do not call attention to themselves.”

― Alexandra Petri

“They will wrest ‘dull words’ from my cold dead hands.”

― Alexandra Petri

“A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but I think if the picture is made in MS Paint, the going rate might be slightly less.”

― Alexandra Petri

“All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope.”

― Alexandre Dumas

“If you travel to the States… they have a lot of different words than like what we use. For instance: they say ‘elevator’, we say ‘lift’; they say ‘drapes’, we say ‘curtains’; they say ‘president’, we say ‘seriously deranged git.’”

― Alexei Sayle

“In other words, a democratic government is the only one in which those who vote for a tax can escape the obligation to pay it.”

― Alexis de Tocqueville

“The genius of democracies is seen not only in the great number of new words introduced but even more in the new ideas they express.”

― Alexis de Tocqueville

“The British feel of blues has been hard, rather than emotional. Far too much emphasis on 12 bar, too little attention to words, far too little originality.”

― Alexis Korner

“I enjoy looking at words on paper and visualizing how to make them come to life. As a director, the creative process is really amazing.”

― Alfonso Ribeiro

“I truly enjoy directing. I enjoy looking at the words on the paper and visualizing how to make them come to life.”

― Alfonso Ribeiro

“Actually, my correspondent’s language is better than mine. He can put his sentiment into words.”

― Alfred Hershey

“Thus, we see that one of the obvious origins of human disagreement lies in the use of noises for words.”

― Alfred Korzybski

“If words are not things, or maps are not the actual territory, then, obviously, the only possible link between the objective world and the linguistic world is found in structure, and structure alone.”

― Alfred Korzybski

“The same words conceal and declare the thoughts of men.”

― Alfred Lord Tennyson

“Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within.”

― Alfred Lord Tennyson

“Guard your roving thoughts with a jealous care, for speech is but the dealer of thoughts, and every fool can plainly read in your words what is the hour of your thoughts.”

― Alfred Lord Tennyson

“Speak out in acts; the time for words has passed, and only deeds will suffice.”

― Alfred North Whitehead

“An enormous part of our mature experience cannot not be expressed in words.”

― Alfred North Whitehead

“To say that mind is a product or function of protoplasm, or of its molecular changes, is to use words to which we can attach no clear conception.”

― Alfred Russel Wallace

“Such as have reason, understanding, or common sense, will, and ought to make use of it in those things that concern themselves and their posterity, and suspect the words of such as are interested in deceiving or persuading them not to see with their own eyes.”

― Algernon Sidney

“Mahesh Bhatt has changed me a lot. I used to be very held back with my words. He has made me open up. He has taught me how to say what comes to my mind, just as he does.”

― Ali Fazal

“Words are like untying a corset – you can move into this great space with them.”

― Ali Smith

“The words are ludicrous at times, but you add the reality to it and that gives it the balance it has.”

― Alia Shawkat

“So what this is is us, our personalities refined down on to a stage performance. In other words, the way we play is the end product of the way we live – we live in the cities, you see.”

― Alice Cooper

“Publishing a short story can sometimes feel like shouting into the dark… your words come out, and then nothing… but I don’t think that’s why I tend to write novels rather than stories.”

― Alice McDermott

“Learning is a result of listening, which in turn leads to even better listening and attentiveness to the other person. In other words, to learn from the child, we must have empathy, and empathy grows as we learn.”

― Alice Miller

“Even when writing your own poems, you need to talk to people; you need to magpie around, getting words and things. I’m very against the celebrity culture that wants to say: ‘this is a genius, this is one person who has done something brilliant.’ There are always a hundred people in the background who have helped to make it.”

― Alice Oswald

“There’s a whole range of words that people use about landscape. Pastoral? Idyll? I can’t stand them.”

― Alice Oswald

“At the end of ‘Next to Normal,’ you can see the light. ‘There will be light.’ That’s the reason the show exists. Those are the last four words.”

― Alice Ripley

“The relationship with the words someone uses is more intimate and integrated than just a quick read and a blurb can ever be. This intimacy – the words on the page being sent back and forth from engaged editor to open author – is unique in my experience.”

― Alice Sebold

“In ‘A Royal Affair’ I had to learn to act like a queen and learned Danish. It’s so much different to act in another language. It’s the nuances in the words.”

― Alicia Vikander

“I compose my own stuff. I’ve been writing songs with words. I’ve been playing more on the keyboard because I can transpose it to sheet music on the computer.”

― Alicia Witt

“I’m supremely grateful and seriously pleased that readers enjoy my words.”

― Alison Tyler

“On the surface, public schools can seem egalitarian, especially with their websites’ emphasis on words such as ‘connection,’ ‘community,’ and ‘choice.’ Yet despite this democratic vocabulary, money makes a big difference.”

― Alissa Quart

“I like to show my ability on the field. I’m not one to show off with words. I’m really looking forward to the chance. I’m a calm goalkeeper, and above all, I’ve got a real desire to win. When I get on the pitch, I give everything for the team, everything for the shirt.”

― Alisson

“What I find most satisfying about photography is the way in which it allows me to document ‘reality’ while at the same time creating my own version thereof; in other words, the reality I present is a reality based upon what I choose to include in the frame and what I choose to leave out.”

― Alix Smith

“In a manner of speaking, the poem is its own knower, neither poet nor reader knowing anything that the poem says apart from the words of the poem.”

― Allen Tate

“I think a broader audience is really amazing. If there’s no need for curse words or darkness, why go there? Why not make it PG?”

― Allison Schroeder

“The worst food you’ll ever eat will probably be prepared by a ‘cook’ who calls himself a ‘chef.’ Mark my words.”

― Alton Brown

“Recipe writers hate to write about heat. They despise it. Because there aren’t proper words for communicating what should be done with it.”

― Alton Brown

“Walter Benjamin used to think that languages expand their register thanks to translation, because translation forces ways of using words and structures that were alien to the original speaker of the target language.”

― Alvaro Enrigue

“It’s difficult to put into words what freedom feels like. You only know what freedom feels like if you know what it feels like to not be free.”

― Amanda Lindhout

“I know some people would be like, ‘Why are you responding to these racists on Twitter?’ Sometimes it’s for the purpose of letting them know they’re being watched and that they’re going to have to answer for their words.”

― Amanda Seales

“Wokeness, for what it’s worth, is a buzzword that a lot of people are not truly understanding the depth of. I think sometimes things work their way into the zeitgeist, and they lose their weight. And wokeness is one of those words that has reached that point.”

― Amanda Seales

“Quotation, n: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another.”

― Ambrose Bierce

“My opening words to anybody I hire are, ‘I’m an extremely vulnerable person.’”

― Amitabh Bachchan

“The writer will write in his or her words, but the readers, even when they are not reading you, will take it elsewhere entirely.”

― Amitava Kumar

“Long ago, when I was in higher secondary school in Delhi, I read an essay by George Orwell in which he said there was a voice in his head that put into words everything he was seeing. I realised I did that, too, or maybe I started doing it in imitation.”

― Amitava Kumar

“I have almost never written about my experience as a soldier on the battlefield, because I tried, and I found that it is beyond my capacity to describe the battlefield. The battlefield consists mostly of smells, and it is very difficult to describe smells in words – very difficult indeed.”

― Amos Oz

“It definitely sharpened my interest in language, the way people used language, slang words, speech patterns. There’s a big advantage to being the outsider.”

― Amy Heckerling

“I had a mother I could only seem to please with verbal accomplishments of some sort or another. She read constantly, so I read constantly. If I used words that might have seemed surprising at a young age, she would recognize that and it would please her.”

― Amy Hempel

“My Hindi is OK. I think I am better with Tamil. I remember the Tamil words.”

― Amy Jackson

“In a theater experience, the words and the feelings are the most important – the lights coming on and off are the only equipment.”

― Amy Landecker

“All books are either dreams or swords, you can cut, or you can drug, with words.”

― Amy Lowell

“I was on my death bed, and I remember hanging on to these words, ‘Don’t be scared. You are going to live an amazing life,’ and I have.”

― Amy Purdy

“If I know I have to memorize lines, I’m really gonna try to memorize lines. It’s hard for me sometimes, because somebody wrote these words and you’re trying really hard to get them the way they said it.”

― Amy Sedaris

“Words to me were magic. You could say a word and it could conjure up all kinds of images or feelings or a chilly sensation or whatever. It was amazing to me that words had this power.”

― Amy Tan

“Over the centuries, and even today, the Bible and Christian theology have helped justify the Crusades, slavery, violence against gays, and the murder of doctors who perform abortions. The words themselves are latent, inert, harmless – until they aren’t.”

― Amy Waldman

“Political speeches might represent the ideas of the politician at hand, but often times, it’s not written in their own words.”

― Ana Kasparian

“I’m not saying all Trump supporters are deplorable, but I am saying that the president of the United States has got to measure his words and be more careful about what he says.”

― Ana Navarro

“Profit, wealth creation, competition – these are not dirty words but the lifeblood of a dynamic economy.”

― Ana Patricia Botin

“Truth is something which can’t be told in a few words. Those who simplify the universe only reduce the expansion of its meaning.”

― Anais Nin

“Once someone asked me three words that best describe me and I said ‘Loud, Louder, and Loudest’!”

― Anastacia

“Lapped in poetry, wrapped in the picturesque, armed with logical sentences and inalienable words.”

― Anatole Broyard

“Men would live exceedingly quiet if these two words, mine and thine, were taken away.”

― Anaxagoras

“I think leadership is something you earn, more through actions than words.”

― Ander Crenshaw

“I had moments of my actions and words not reflecting who it is I am – if that defines a punk, then yes, absolutely.”

― Andre Agassi

“Words make love with one another.”

― Andre Breton

“Conversation would be vastly improved by the constant use of four simple words: I do not know.”

― Andre Maurois

“I have trouble with modern art. But in general, all art forms fascinate me – art is the way human beings express what we can’t say in words.”

― Andrea Bocelli

“The Internet gave me the sense that there were words to describe my feelings and medical terms.”

― Andreja Pejic

“What I do when speaking in public is trying to do it as best as possible and trying to make everybody comfortable with my words. Sometimes getting this is very difficult, but I try my best.”

― Andres Iniesta

“Melodies are just honest. They can only be what they are. Words have the capacity for deception. They’re all full of subtext, and some of them are cliche and overused and vernacular. They’re tricky. All I can say is, words are tricky.”

― Andrew Bird

“I guess I’m attracted to more archaic words because they can be imbued with more meaning, because their definition is elusive.”

― Andrew Bird

“I don’t write poetry and then strum some chords and then fit the words on top of the chords.”

― Andrew Bird

“There’s a lot of interesting words, nomenclatures, in science.”

― Andrew Bird

“I think the reason I’m a writer is because first, I was a reader. I loved to read. I read a lot of adventure stories and mystery books, and I have wonderful memories of my mom reading picture books aloud to me. I learned that words are powerful.”

― Andrew Clements

“Memorizing lines isn’t really hard. Only with really hard words and stuff.”

― Andrew Lawrence

“In English, there is one word for sister. In Chinese, there are two separate words, for elder and younger sister. This is actually a translation problem because if you see the word sister, you don’t know how to translate it to Chinese because you don’t know if it’s an elder sister or younger.”

― Andrew Ng

“I don’t want to put words in Geithner’s mouth, but I think he is generally against the revolving door of government officials taking jobs with companies that they have overseen or in roles that involve lobbying. At minimum, I’m pretty sure he felt that way about himself.”

― Andrew Ross Sorkin

“Just as Chairman Mao and Joseph Stalin started by going after the intellectuals, against those whose words who might form an opposition to them, so Trump has gone across us. Free speech is first among equals when we look at what is being violated by this new regime.”

― Andrew Solomon

“I hate bullies. I hate them. I’m not good enough with words to describe how much I hate them.”

― Andrew Vachss

“What I learned about music is that it can have nothing to do with words, instrumentation, image, message, or meaning. The meaning is the melody, the notes, the rhythm – music for the sake of its own beauty, with nothing more required to express itself.”

― Andrew W.K.

“We can understand each other with music without words – and that’s so important in these times when walls are built. In music, there are no walls.”

― Andris Nelsons

“When a film is created, it is created in a language, which is not only about words, but also the way that very language encodes our perception of the world, our understanding of it.”

― Andrzej Wajda

“’I’m sorry, honey. I was wrong.’ Are there six more magical words you can say to your wife?”

― Andy Dunn

“Among many other things, a smartphone functions as a handheld digital sensor for the physical world. In other words, we don’t necessarily need our real world things to be directly connected, when the Web interface in our mobile devices provides the network access and intelligence.”

― Andy Hobsbawm

“I searched YouTube for ‘deaf music videos’ and watched them with the sound muted. I noticed that though you could understand the words being signed, the sense of rhythm was lost. That’s when I had the idea to create a video where you could see the sounds you couldn’t hear.”

― Andy Mineo

“Somehow, what’s in our hearts, good or bad is eventually translated into words and deeds.”

― Andy Stanley

“There are no words to describe Messi; he always surprises you.”

― Angel Di Maria

“I have these amazing feelings about having moved to Man U. I’m so proud of myself, you know. It’s hard to explain it and put it into words.”

― Angel Di Maria

“Working with Danny Thomas was truly an adventure every week. Danny didn’t always say the words as they appeared in the script. I learned more by osmosis than by sitting down together. He was a force to be reckoned with: an explorer of television.”

― Angela Cartwright

“The words that we use I think are symbolic of the values that we hold.”

― Angela Duckworth

“Alice Walker’s words have such rhythm and scream music.”

― Angela Robinson

“Few comedians can go to their shows and have people yell out bits that they want to hear. It’s like going to see your favorite band and yelling out your favorite songs and to say the words along with them.”

― Anjelah Johnson

“You need to listen to the people experiencing the problems, and their ideas need to crowd out the words of the ‘can’t be done-ers.’”

― Ann Cotton

“Taxes are like abortion, and not just because both are grotesque procedures supported by Democrats. You’re for them or against them. Taxes go up or down; government raises taxes or lowers them. But Democrats will not let the words ‘abortion’ or ‘tax hikes’ pass their lips.”

― Ann Coulter

“I didn’t get the gene that makes me care about what other people think. I’m much like Trump that way. I don’t really care. They’re just words.”

― Ann Coulter

“Anything or anyone that limits the dream you have for yourself and for your career is just to be dismissed. Do not keep that company, and do not hear those words.”

― Ann Dowd

“I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words.”

― Ann Hood

“Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and repeat to yourself, the most comforting words of all; this, too, shall pass.”

― Ann Landers

“In 1975 Australia was producing things like Picnic at Hanging Rock, in other words films that I would consider still some of the finest products to come out of Australia. I think that our quality now is less than it was then.”

― Ann Macbeth

“There are a lot of Chinese comics, but the Chinese comics tend to be more historical and conservative. Japanese culture, just the comics are amazing. They’re like films: very few words; they move so much in these books with hundreds of pages.”

― Ann Nocenti

“When grief is deepest, words are fewest.”

― Ann Voskamp

“If I don’t have words, it’s a sign I’m not reading enough.”

― Ann Voskamp

“Some time ago, I learned how to say, ‘What’s the worst thing that could happen up there?’ I could mess up some words, I could sing flat… I could appear human. Is that really the worst thing in the world?”

― Ann Wilson

“I will never understand people who think that the way to show their righteous opposition to sexual freedom is to write letters full of filthy words.”

― Anna Quindlen

“I barely ever reread the chapter before posting, because I overthink things, and I feel like overediting or trying to use too many words can ruin the story.”

― Anna Todd

“It’s really the sound of the voices, the sound of the words, the sound of the sound that we’re interested in.”

― Anne Dudley

“It is very hard to trace the effect of words on a life.”

― Anne Enright

“I soothe my conscience now with the thought that it is better for hard words to be on paper than that Mummy should carry them in her heart.”

― Anne Frank

“The whole beauty of music is that it goes where your words won’t let you.”

― Anne Hathaway

“I’m drawn to almost any piece of writing with the words ‘divine love’ and ‘impeachment’ in the first sentence. But I know the word ‘divine’ makes many progressive people run screaming for their cute little lives, and so one hesitates to use it.”

― Anne Lamott

“I would recommend the short story form, which is a lot harder to write since you have to be so careful with words, until there is plenty of time to doodle through a novel.”

― Anne McCaffrey

“But I will say that living in Ireland has changed the cadence and fullness of speech, since the Irish love words and use as many of them in a sentence as possible.”

― Anne McCaffrey

“I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.”

― Anne Rice

“I don’t like poetry that just slaps violent words on a canvas, as it were.”

― Anne Stevenson

“My words must be powerful to make people so afraid of them. It’s rather nice to feel I have power.”

― Annette Curtis Klause

“When I first read the words ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ when I was 10, I thought I was both.”

― Annie Dillard

“In many previously classified documents relating to activities at the base, the words ‘Area 51’ are conveniently blacked out. There’s always a euphemism for it – like ‘the test facility’ or ‘the base’ – but never ‘Area 51.’”

― Annie Jacobsen

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

― Ansel Adams

“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.”

― Ansel Adams

“Good and bad are really arbitrary words when it comes to character.”

― Anson Mount

“Picture books are for everybody at any age, not books to be left behind as we grow older. The best ones leave a tantalising gap between the pictures and the words, a gap that is filled by the reader’s imagination, adding so much to the excitement of reading a book.”

― Anthony Browne

“Maurice Sendak is the daddy of them all when it comes to picture books – the words, the rhythm, the psychology, the design.”

― Anthony Browne

“What excites me about picture books is the gap between pictures and words. Sometimes the pictures can tell a slightly different story or tell more about the story, about how someone is thinking or feeling.”

― Anthony Browne

“So, in other words, how you respond to a sculpture, how a viewer sees the sculpture, is vital.”

― Anthony Caro

“It took me about three years to write About Grace. I wasn’t teaching two of those years, so I was working eight-hour days, five days a week. And it would include research and reading – it wasn’t just a blank page, laying down words.”

― Anthony Doerr

“Well the wedding in the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury was a fairy tale and there was a huge public impress, investment of goodwill, affection and indeed money in this Institution. It was a huge success at the time.”

― Anthony Holden

“I fear dying in the middle of a book. It would be so annoying to write 80,000 words and not get to the end. I’m phobic about it. So when I’m writing a book I leave messages all over the house for people to know how the story ends, and then someone can finish it for me.”

― Anthony Horowitz

“I don’t even know what words to use to talk about the music industry anymore. But the business has changed a lot – the methods of releasing music.”

― Anthony Kiedis

“For the uninitiated, ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ is a daily comic strip detailing the antics of an unruly six-year-old and his misanthropic stuffed tiger. The boy, whose vocabulary is packed with more 10-dollar words than a GRE flashcard set, is named after John Calvin, the Reformation-era theologian who preached the doctrine of predestination.”

― Anthony Marra

“Since my student days, I’d been a fan of those books with titles like ‘Great Speeches that Changed the World,’ as I loved the idea that the right person with the right words at the right time could really make a difference.”

― Anthony McCarten

“Before Churchill had done anything else, he was a writer. He believed to the core that words matter. They count. They can change the world.”

― Anthony McCarten

“If you look at the copies of Churchill’s speeches that have survived, they are heavily marked up. He was scrupulous about the impact of each word. He preferred short words and the repetition of short words. He knew everything about the techniques of rhetoric.”

― Anthony McCarten

“Now, Marlon and I – for some reason, even today – even today, we can’t say two words to each other. We really can’t talk to each other. You know, I say to him – Marlon can’t talk. I mean, he’d talk to you. But he can’t talk.”

― Anthony Quinn

“Listen, if the mayor wants to have a debate about education in this city, I got three words: bring it on.”

― Anthony Weiner

“Burning the flag is a form of expression. Speech doesn’t just mean written words or oral words. It could be semaphore. And burning a flag is a symbol that expresses an idea – I hate the government, the government is unjust, whatever.”

― Antonin Scalia

“Words have meaning. And their meaning doesn’t change.”

― Antonin Scalia

“When you work in a different language you are not so attached to the words.”

― Antonio Banderas

“Always when you go to a new country and they teach you bad words, you just say them without knowing the value and people look at you because you didn’t know that value of them.”

― Antonio Banderas

“I prefer to be favourites on the pitch; not with words.”

― Antonio Conte

“The pitch is the most important thing for us: not the words, not on paper.”

― Antonio Conte

“What words say does not last. The words last. Because words are always the same, and what they say is never the same.”

― Antonio Porchia

“Words in a person’s word stock are like paints on a palette. It helps to have just the right shade when you need it.”

― Anu Garg

“No matter where we live, we have to use words. Once you’ve been looking into words, their stories, it’s easy to fall in love with them.”

― Anu Garg

“The difference between ‘lighght’ and another type of poem with more words is that it doesn’t have a reading process. Even a five-word poem has a beginning, middle, and end. A one-word poem doesn’t. You can see it all at once. It’s instant.”

― Aram Saroyan

“What exactly is trade facilitation? In a nutshell, it is an effort to enable global trade by reducing red tape and streamline customs. In even simpler words: making it easier for companies to trade across borders.”

― Arancha Gonzalez

“I like writing and don’t confine myself to just the words or just the music. But I don’t particularly write songs with myself in mind.”

― Aretha Franklin

“When it comes to our collective health, how we deal with the multiple crises and problems around us also depends on the power of context – in other words, our resilience.”

― Arianna Huffington

“I don’t know if my mother was a narcissist – or bi-polar or borderline. Those were words she tossed around over the years.”

― Ariel Gore

“The poet, being an imitator like a painter or any other artist, must of necessity imitate one of three objects – things as they were or are, things as they are said or thought to be, or things as they ought to be. The vehicle of expression is language – either current terms or, it may be, rare words or metaphors.”

― Aristotle

“I refuse to work evenings or weekends. If a script sees my character meeting for dinner, I put a line through the words and make them meet for lunch.”

― Armando Iannucci

“I never was very capable of expressing my feelings or emotions in words. I don’t know whether this is the cause why I did it in music and also why I did it in painting. Or vice versa: That I had this way as an outlet. I could renounce expressing something in words.”

― Arnold Schoenberg

“Say what you have to say in the fewest possible words.”

― Arthur Bryant

“Sometimes, tax rate increases create the very problems that the spending is intended to cure. In other words, the tax rate increases reduce economic growth; they shrink the pie; they cause more poverty, more despair, more unemployment, which are all things government is trying to alleviate with spending.”

― Arthur Laffer

“We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money.”

― Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

“I think the most overused words in our vocabulary in the South are black and white.”

― Artur Davis

“And of course, we know that opportunity lies outside the reach of some of our people. We don’t need flowery words about inequality to tell us that, and we don’t need a party that has led while poverty and hunger rose to record levels to give us lectures about suffering.”

― Artur Davis

“We don’t need flowery words about inequality to tell us that, and we don’t need a party that has led while poverty and hunger rose to record levels to give us lectures about suffering.”

― Artur Davis

“Strength, boldness, and new energy are not words that describe Hillary Clinton.”

― Asa Hutchinson

“The words are frightening – how you’re going to build a wall, how you’re going to have Mexico pay for it. What does this mean?”

― Asa Hutchinson

“There is no privilege in restriction. In other words, I disagree with people who say restriction makes you more creative. I think that’s a misleading slogan. I might have been more creative without them than with them.”

― Asghar Farhadi

“When you don’t know how to pronounce words, when you don’t know the meaning of the words, how will you imbibe a song with feeling?”

― Asha Bhosle

“I grew up saying, ‘I want to be famous,’ but that was just the words that you used. As I got older, I understood that what I really meant was, ‘I want to be successful.’”

― Ashleigh Murray

“I don’t like to use the words ‘real women,’ honestly. I like to use the word ‘woman.’ And I say that because there are so many women out there who are naturally thin or are naturally curvy, and I think when we start putting a label on the type of woman, it gets misconstrued and starts to offend people.”

― Ashley Graham

“Words have power, and if you are going to use your words negatively, then that is exactly what is going to happen in your life.”

― Ashley Graham

“Several years ago, I had the words ‘let the music set you free’ tattooed behind my left ear, as it really is my mantra for life.”

― Ashley Roberts

“There is some argument about who actually invented text messaging, but I think it’s safe to say it was a man. Multiple studies have shown that the average man uses about half as many words per day as women, thus text messaging. It eliminates hellos and goodbyes and cuts right to the chase.”

― Ashton Kutcher

“You know, photo conversations are replacing verbal conversations. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing. A photo is worth a thousand words.”

― Ashton Kutcher

“Writing is incidental to my primary objective, which is spinning a good yarn. I view myself as a storyteller more than a writer. The story – and hence the extensive research that goes into each one of my books – is much more important than the words that I use to narrate it.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“At thirty-five, having spent over twenty years running varied businesses for my family, I decided to sit down and write my first novel. I had never written anything longer than a couple of pages till then and was foolishly attempting to write a hundred-thousand words.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“I am a part of the old school where I feel that purity of the language should be retained. But English is a constantly evolving language where new words are being added to the dictionary, so I don’t see any harm in experimenting with the language. Only poor editing standards need to be improved.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“An author entices the readers with their words, and it is painful for them to even lose a sentence. But films and books are two different mediums and should be dealt differently. What works in a book might not work for a film. When I saw ‘Anna Karenina’ on screen, I didn’t like it at all, whereas ‘The Godfather’ was legendary.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“Combine two words, Myth and History. What do you get? Mystery.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“Our words, actions, and diplomatic efforts should be aimed at trying to achieve pragmatic goals rather than creating rhetorical effect.”

― Atal Bihari Vajpayee

“These are fountains of salvation that they who thirst may be satisfied with the living words they contain. In these alone is proclaimed the doctrine of godliness. Let no man add to these, neither let him take out from these.”

― Athanasius

“When ‘Goodfellas’ is on TNT, and they’ve taken out all the curse words and put Tide commercials in the middle of it, I’ll still watch ‘Goodfellas’ because it’s that great of a movie.”

― Ato Essandoh

“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”

― Audre Lorde

“In other words, I would be giving in to a myth of sameness which I think can destroy us.”

― Audre Lorde

“People in France are very intrusive when they recognize you. In New York, they are very polite, with quick words, so it’s great.”

― Audrey Tautou

“What happens is that your wretched memory remembers the words and forgets what’s behind them.”

― Augusto Roa Bastos

“What hypocrites we seem to be whenever we talk of ourselves! Our words sound so humble, while our hearts are so proud.”

― Augustus Hare

“I started reading the Bible. All of a sudden the words jumped off the page and became real.”

― Austin Peck

“I’m good at melody – I’ll write the top-line melody and ideal words I want to go with it. But I’m not that good at writing lyrics. I bounce those back and forth with songwriters or someone who can sing.”

― Avicii

“’Appetite for Destruction’ was the only thing written with lyrics and melody fitting the guitar parts at the same time. After that, I got a barrage of guitar songs that I was supposed to put words to, and I don’t know if that was the best thing for Guns.”

― Axl Rose

“I believe that I have been basically anarchistic, anti-religion and anti-industry and business. In other words, anti-bureaucracy. I would like to see people behave well without having to have priests stand by, politicians stand by, or people collecting bills.”

― B. F. Skinner

“It’s so exciting to be able to talk about Office 365. I can only describe what Office 365 is in sort of two words. You could say technically it’s three words. But Office 365, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing but a Google butt-kicker, that’s all it is.”

― B. Kevin Turner

“My social philosophy may be said to be enshrined in three words: liberty, equality and fraternity. Let no one, however, say that I have borrowed by philosophy from the French Revolution. I have not. My philosophy has roots in religion and not in political science. I have derived them from the teachings of my Master, the Buddha.”

― B. R. Ambedkar

“Once I discovered music and that you don’t need to just use words but can add a growl to the melody, that releases so much more. I never want to make music for any other reason.”

― Banks

“I hadn’t learned to read by third grade, which wasn’t unusual for some kids. I knew something was wrong because I couldn’t see or understand the words the way the other kids did. I wasn’t the least bit bothered – until I was sent back to the second-grade classroom for reading help after school.”

― Barbara Corcoran

“When I was 13, I had these episodes where I could just see the world without any words attached to it, without any associations. It was a little bit spooky. A lot of people might have even thought it was pathological. I thought it was interesting.”

― Barbara Ehrenreich

“I guess I was just meant to be a secretary who doesn’t take shorthand. I’m a lousy typist, too – 33 words a minute.”

― Barbara Hale

“My morning begins with trying not to get up before the sun rises. But when I do, it’s because my head is too full of words, and I just need to get to my desk and start dumping them into a file. I always wake with sentences pouring into my head.”

― Barbara Kingsolver

“I just say I’m an artist who works with pictures and words.”

― Barbara Kruger

“I’m an artist who works with pictures and words. Sometimes that stuff ends up in different kinds of sites and contexts which determine what it means and looks like.”

― Barbara Kruger

“I always say that I’m an artist who works with pictures and words, so I think that the different aspects of my activity, whether it’s writing criticism, or doing visual work that incorporates writing, or teaching, or curating, is all of a single cloth, and I don’t make any separation in terms of those practices.”

― Barbara Kruger

“It seems to me that politicians ought to use the same words as other people.”

― Barney Frank

“When we examine the opinions of men, we find that nothing is more uncommon than common sense; or, in other words, they lack judgment to discover plain truths or to reject absurdities and palpable contradictions.”

― Baron d’Holbach

“My buddies worked with me for weeks, and I went up to take my test, and started crying because I couldn’t remember the words. I can remember songs. If you put it to a melody, I would have sung it to ’em in a minute.”

― Barry McGuire

“We’ve become slaves to words like ‘local,’ ‘fresh,’ and ‘seasonal.’ We all want to be Thomas Jefferson’s agrarian hero, but sustainable food is a difficult beast.”

― Barton Seaver

“Men govern nothing with more difficulty than their tongues, and can moderate their desires more than their words.”

― Baruch Spinoza

“On the whole, monks do not become famous – and that is a good thing – but monasteries do – and that is an excellent thing. In other words, it is the community that matters.”

― Basil Hume

“An album is a whole universe, and the recording studio is a three-dimensional kind of art space that I can fill with sound. Just as the album art and videos are ways of adding more dimensions to the words and music. I like to be involved in all of it because it’s all of a piece.”

― Bat for Lashes

“Survival can be summed up in three words – never give up. That’s the heart of it really. Just keep trying.”

― Bear Grylls

“I was doing one of my first plays at the Royal Court, and Matt LeBlanc came to see the play. He came backstage afterwards, and I couldn’t speak. I kept trying to, but no words came out. I just kept thinking, ‘That’s Joey from ‘Friends.’ That’s actual Joey from ‘Friends!” It was so embarrassing!”

― Bel Powley

“I have created a life style that supports contemplation, service to words.”

― bell hooks

“In this culture, the phrase ‘black woman’ is not synonymous with ‘tender,’ or ‘gentle.’ It’s as if those words couldn’t possibly speak to the reality of black females.”

― bell hooks

“Now that I’m a civilian again, I can once more comment on economic and financial issues without my words being put under the microscope by Fed watchers.”

― Ben Bernanke

“Everybody has a language or code that they use with their wife or their girlfriend or boyfriend or what have you. It’s a language aside from the language they have with strangers. I’ve always been maybe an abuser of alliteration, but I’ve always loved it and I like how those words sound together.”

― Ben Gibbard

“Weigh the meaning and look not at the words.”

― Ben Jonson

“Sometimes I make things that people have very strong responses to. Whether that’s art, I don’t know. That’s one of those words that doesn’t mean anything. It’s why I don’t just use words.”

― Ben Katchor

“I believe in leavening. You can’t have words sticking out too much, like promontories. They disturb the density. You have to flatten them, or raise the surrounding terrain.”

― Ben Okri

“Some of my reactions are very Nigerian. I still believe that words are things.”

― Ben Okri

“In the course of a presidency, a U.S. president says millions of words in public. You never know which of them end up cementing a certain impression.”

― Ben Rhodes

“Billions of people around the globe had come to know Barack Obama, had heard his words, had watched his speeches, and, in some unknowable but irreducible way, had come to see the world as a place that could – in some incremental way – change.”

― Ben Rhodes

“A picture is worth a thousand words. An interface is worth a thousand pictures.”

― Ben Shneiderman

“I love taking on other people’s words. They are much more interesting to me than my own.”

― Ben Whishaw

“I know, deep down, that what makes my music what it is are my words. It always starts from me wanting to say something. Once I’ve run out of things to say, I’ll be done.”

― Benjamin Clementine

“Words may show a man’s wit but actions his meaning.”

― Benjamin Franklin

“The Israeli government has proved over the past year its commitment to peace, both in words and deeds. By contrast, the Palestinians are posing preconditions for renewing the diplomatic process in a way they have not done over the course of 16 years.”

― Benjamin Netanyahu

“Most metaphysical words in Hopi are verbs, not nouns as in European languages.”

― Benjamin Whorf

“If Trump wants to corruptly direct the conduct of an investigation in order to out an FBI source who was helping our government investigate Russian interference in our electoral processes, well, Article II of the Constitution begins with these terrifying words: ‘The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.’”

― Benjamin Wittes

“Sometimes we had to improvise. I hate to improvise because I felt like I couldn’t find words.”

― Berenice Bejo

“The most meaningless term in the English language is ‘I take full responsibility.’ When a politician utters those words it means absolutely nothing.”

― Bernard Goldberg

“All the English speakers, or almost all, have difficulties with the gender of words.”

― Bernard Pivot

“I have always made a distinction between healing and curing. To me, ‘healed’ represents a condition of one’s life; ‘cured’ relates strictly to one’s physical condition. In other words, there may be healed quadriplegics and AIDS patients, and cured cancer patients who are leading unhealthy lives.”

― Bernie Siegel

“As doctors, we are not trained to communicate and understand the power of our words as they relate to a patient’s ability and desire to survive.”

― Bernie Siegel

“Parents, teachers, clergy and physicians change lives with their words. It is hypnotic for a child or patient to hear an authority figure’s words. As I am always sharing, ‘wordswordswords’ can become ‘swordswordswords,’ and we can kill or cure with either words or swords.”

― Bernie Siegel

“I talk by playing, not by words.”

― Bernie Worrell

“The way I write, words can means lots of different things.”

― Beth Orton

“The great thing with comedy is that I don’t memorize ahead of time like I did on ‘Breaking Bad.’ With ‘Breaking Bad,’ I wanted to know those words inside and out, really have my lines down so I could say them verbatim. But with comedy, you keep it a lot more loose.”

― Betsy Brandt

“I’ll never forget the day that I was told I would have to have a mastectomy. My reaction to the words was total denial.”

― Betty Ford

“I love words. Sudoku I don’t get into, I’m not into numbers that much, and there are people who are hooked on that. But crossword puzzles, I just can’t – if I get a puppy and I paper train him and I put the – if all of a sudden I’d open the paper and there’s a crossword puzzle – ‘No, no, you can’t go on that, honey. I’ll take it.’”

― Betty White

“Novels by British writers are among my favorites because our family has enjoyed travel in England and because they are written with an economy of words as if they were written with a pen instead of a computer. Penelope Fitzgerald is a favorite.”

― Beverly Cleary

“In Nicaragua, liberty, equality and the rule of law were the stuff of dreams. But in Paris I discovered the value of those words.”

― Bianca Jagger

“I started writing songs before I could talk – at three or four. It was in me, and I had to get it out. It was all freestyle, which is how I write anyway. I don’t write the words down; I scat and come up with the melody, then the lyrics.”

― Bibi Bourelly

“My music comes from heartbreak – from feeling what it’s like to lose everything and not being able to express it through words because it doesn’t make sense.”

― Bibi Bourelly

“My songs are always on the tip of my tongue. It’s always bubbling and brewing and about to come out. I can’t really put it into words, but the best way to explain it is feeling like you constantly have some things on the tip of your tongue.”

― Bibi Bourelly

“Mark my words, history will remember President Zardari as one of the greatest and most successful leaders the country has ever seen.”

― Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

“England was full of words I’d never heard before – streaky bacon, short back and sides, Belisha beacon, serviettes, high tea, ice-cream cornet.”

― Bill Bryson

“I cross things out more than I write them. And if I try to sing a line, and I know that it’s written incorrectly, I get this weird sort of physical nausea, and my mouth curls up all strange. I guess that’s why I always write the words first: because, if everything feels okay, I’m ready to put it to music.”

― Bill Callahan

“Personal savings accounts to me are one of the most powerful things, not necessarily in saving, solvency, or bankruptcy of the program, but in guaranteeing, the words I used a few minutes ago, a safe and secure retirement for our seniors.”

― Bill Frist

“The music is the main thing and it’s just as easy to write acceptable words.”

― Bill Haley

“In fact, I spent 25 years as a reporter, swearing I would never become an editor. Sitting at a desk, watching other people go out and find the story, and then fussing with other people’s words – I just didn’t get the appeal of that.”

― Bill Keller

“Television isn’t inherently good or bad. You go to a bookstore, there are how many thousands of books, but how many of those do you want? Five? Television’s the same way. If you’re going to show people stuff, television is the way to go. Words and pictures show things.”

― Bill Nye

“Actions, not words, are the ultimate results of leadership.”

― Bill Owens

“The only players I hurt with my words are the ones who have an inflated opinion of their ability. I can’t worry about that.”

― Bill Parcells

“For me, the perfect film has no dialogue at all. It’s purely a visual, emotional, visceral kind of experience. And I think one can create wonderful depth and meaning and communication without using words. I started out as an illustrator and a cartoonist and caricature artist, so for me the visual is primary.”

― Bill Plympton

“My works really begin in a very simple way. Sometimes it’s an image, and sometimes it’s words I might write, like a fragment of a poem.”

― Bill Viola

“Sometimes when I’m talking, my words can’t keep up with my thoughts. I wonder why we think faster than we speak. Probably so we can think twice.”

― Bill Watterson

“Words are more powerful than some noises. Noises won’t last long. Lyrics are so important, and people don’t realise that.”

― Billie Eilish

“I have the iPad and I love Words With Friends.”

― Billy Bush

“I learned something very important early on: You accept what happens and move on. In other words, if I hit a bad shot, I can’t change it. There is only the next shot. That was a big lesson.”

― Billy Casper

“I love playing with words and texture.”

― Binyavanga Wainaina

“Most people have to learn the words to the National Anthem before they sing it. I learned these words when I was a child in elementary school, so this is something that’s been embedded in me ever since I was an adult.”

― BJ the Chicago Kid

“The greater the burden a man takes upon his shoulders, the stronger he must be to carry it. No words are unmentionable, no action or horror beyond powers of description, if one is equal to them.”

― Bjornstjerne Bjornson

“Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.”

― Blaise Pascal

“Words differently arranged have a different meaning, and meanings differently arranged have different effects.”

― Blaise Pascal

“I never thought I would be in a position like this, where my words and experiences are now inspiring others to follow suit. It’s challenging at times, but I can only look forward to the future of business and philanthropy.”

― Blake Mycoskie

“’Words, Words, Words’ was very much its title. It’s just words, words, words and trying to show that I can pack as much material into an hour as I possibly could word count-wise.”

― Bo Burnham

“With ‘Words, Words, Words,’ that show was me experimenting with something, and then there was a clear direction for me.”

― Bo Burnham

“Words have power. Words created this universe… Everything started with the Word. The Bible says, ‘In the beginning was the word.’ In the same way, your words have creative power.”

― Bo Sanchez

“I say there’re no depressed words just depressed minds.”

― Bob Dylan

“Leaders do not sway with the polls. Instead, they sway the polls through their own words and actions.”

― Bob Ehrlich

“I’ve always believed the words that came out of my mouth were most comfortable when I’d written them.”

― Bob Ehrlich

“On the morning of September 11, 2001, I rushed home before the kids left for school and gathered them around our dining room table and told them what had happened. Like everyone else, we struggled for words to describe to our kids why such a thing would occur.”

― Bob Goff

“People want to listen to a message, word from Jah. This could be passed through me or anybody. I am not a leader. Messenger. The words of the songs, not the person, is what attracts people.”

― Bob Marley

“Comedians are innately programmed to pick up oddities like mispronounced words, upside-down books on a shelf, and generally undetectable mistakes in everyday life.”

― Bob Newhart

“One time I happened to use the word ‘denigrate’ onstage, and it didn’t get any reaction. So as I continued my act, the left side of my brain was fast-forwarding to see if I had any other big words coming up.”

― Bob Newhart

“Be original. That’s my best advice. You’re going to find that there’s something that you do well, and try to do it with as much originality as you can, and don’t skimp on the words. Work on the words.”

― Bob Seger

“Actions lie louder than words.”

― Bob Wells

“I like to play with words and the sounds of words – that’s extremely important to me.”

― Bobbie Ann Mason

“Writers want to be reread. They want to think that their words don’t just flash by but deserve some reflection.”

― Bobbie Ann Mason

“My father-in-law, Barney Rawlings, spent a couple of months hiding out in France in 1944, frantically memorizing a few French words to pass himself off as a Frenchman, but his ordeal had not inspired in me any action until I started taking a French class.”

― Bobbie Ann Mason

“He doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear, but then again he doesn’t know the meaning of most words.”

― Bobby Bowden

“Cook ingredients that you are used to cooking by other techniques, such as fish, chicken, or hamburgers. In other words be comfortable with the ingredients you are using.”

― Bobby Flay

“Words are illusions.”

― Bodhidharma

“Freeing oneself from words is liberation.”

― Bodhidharma

“I really don’t think I could get starstruck with anybody. Famous final words, but I just don’t think I could.”

― Bojana Novakovic

“I’m visually stimulated, so I watch TV, movies, even Pinterest. A song could come from something as simple as being words splashed across a billboard or changing everyday turns of phrases.”

― Bonnie McKee

“Music fills in for words a lot of the time when people don’t know what to say, and I think music can be more eloquent than words.”

― Bono

“My real name is Nils and Booboo is a childhood nickname. It’s not two words or two capital B’s, it’s B-o-o-b-o-o.”

― Booboo Stewart

“I think art is communication. To that extent, it can be the words between the words. It has a possibility of communicating something more than people can do with prose or just talking.”

― Boots Riley

“Literature is the art of discovering something extraordinary about ordinary people, and saying with ordinary words something extraordinary.”

― Boris Pasternak

“I’m loving N.Y., and words can’t even describe how happy I am to be here.”

― Bow Wow

“There’s a whole lot of songs that men just can’t do. The words are from another time and represent too much of an emotional commitment, whereas women can say that because of who they are.”

― Boz Scaggs

“I believe in manifesting the words that are coming out of my mouth. I’m very careful with what I say because the intention is then out in the universe.”

― Bozoma Saint John

“I regularly see leaders change what they say because they get bored of saying the same thing over and over again. It’s not that they vary a few words or change examples, but they change the message.”

― Brad Feld

“When I think about the books I’ve written, it probably takes 150,000-200,000 words to get a 50,000 page book. Highlighting something and hitting Cmd-X is second nature.”

― Brad Feld

“Actions speak louder than words, and it’s no more true than with your kids.”

― Brad Pitt

“People come up to me in the street and use words like ‘legend.’”

― Bradley Wiggins

“I’m not sure how young kids get to the point where they’re memorizing and knowing songs, but I knew the words to ‘Missing You’ from John Waite probably from when I was three years old. For whatever reason, that was the song that I gravitated toward when it was on the radio and I was driving around with my mom.”

― Brandon Flowers

“A fight can express things people might not be able to say with words.”

― Brandon Lee

“Somebody’s willingness to let me photograph them, and willingness to tell me a story, has nothing to do with the words I say. It all has to do with the energy I’m giving off, which hopefully is very genuine, very interested energy. It’s just two people having a conversation in the street. I think that’s where genuine content comes from.”

― Brandon Stanton

“When you’re dealing with music without words, titles are more a means of identification than anything else. What’s the point of getting lofty?”

― Branford Marsalis

“I always loved reading. I always was the spelling bee champion. I always loved words. I always wanted to know what they meant, why you used them, who first said them. I was always interested in that.”

― Brenda Lee

“The word matters in country music, and it always has. And everybody had lived those words in country songs.”

― Brenda Lee

“I say myself no depressed words just depressed minds.”

― Brendan Behan

“’The Black Prism’ is a story about two brothers who respect and fear and admire and contend with and shape each other. In other words, it’s a story of normal brothers – who happen to be in extraordinary circumstances.”

― Brent Weeks

“One of the mistakes I made was thinking chickens and penguins could sing, just like all the other animals in the ‘Muppets.’ But it turns out those animals are not allowed to sing words.”

― Bret McKenzie

“There are so many unbelievable words… But that doesn’t mean I have a favorite word.”

― Brett Hull

“If I want people to connect to my words and my stories, I need to tell them where they came from. Because then, when you break into song, they have kind of a blueprint for why I wrote that song, so they can come to it with something they went through that helps them connect to it.”

― Brett Young

“When it’s your words, and then you watch it connect with an audience as the artist, I kinda reflect back on the writing process and why those words were important to me. And to watch people sing it back, I mean, that kinda means everything because that’s the whole point for me – performance and songwriting – is to connect with people.”

― Brett Young

“People assume that the meaning of a song is vested in the lyrics. To me, that has never been the case. There are very few songs that I can think of where I remember the words.”

― Brian Eno

“I take sounds and change them into words.”

― Brian Eno

“Music in itself carries a whole set of messages which are very, very rich and complex, and the words either serve to exclude certain ones or point up certain others.”

― Brian Eno

“’Two Voices,’ from my album with Peter Schwalm, is an intact dream-poem. I awoke one night with an image of a piece of paper and all the words of the poem written on it, so I just blundered down to the kitchen table and ‘copied it out.’”

― Brian Eno

“A Texas upbringing – and living now in Brooklyn, too – have surely helped my appreciation for open spaces and skies, but beyond that, it’s not easy to find words for what it feels like to be up in the Rockies or out on the Great Basin – such silences and spaces! – or to be heading up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains.”

― Brian Floca

“The universe is incredibly wondrous, incredibly beautiful, and it fills me with a sense that there is some underlying explanation that we have yet to fully understand. If someone wants to place the word ‘God’ on those collections of words, it’s OK with me.”

― Brian Greene

“Poets write the words you have heard before but in a new sequence.”

― Brian Harris

“If I had killed Crow off I can think of least six novels I would never have written, 400,000 words’ worth of very necessary experience.”

― Brian Lumley

“It’s really important how you say things because people won’t necessarily remember what words you used, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.”

― Brian McDermott

“Kids enjoy laughing and are seldom bored when they find something funny. They also ask questions, often to adults, because they understand that the more words they can comprehend about a funny story or a joke, the more they’ll enjoy it.”

― Brian P. Cleary

“A missile attack is federal. A missile attack is not a local responsibility. Confirmation and notification of something like a missile attack should reside with the agency that knows first and knows for sure: in other words, the people who know should be the people who tell us.”

― Brian Schatz

“I can draw pencil lines to show something is moving, but if I’m writing, I struggle with how to write it. The boy ran down the hallway? The boy ran quickly down the hallway? The boy ran down the marble hallway? I agonize over the words. So my editor works very hard. I’m lucky to have her.”

― Brian Selznick

“I’ve always loved the wild rumpus in ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak, because the words disappear, the pictures take up the whole page, and we move forward in the story by turning the pages.”

― Brian Selznick

“People need to realize bullying has just as much of an impact online because words are so cutting and difficult to deal with.”

― Bridgit Mendler

“I definitely get nervous about if I’m going to forget the words to the songs or something. And I don’t enjoy being the center of attention for an hour straight – I think that’s really stressful.”

― Bridgit Mendler

“I never play a villain that I don’t have something I can either do or say so the audience sees there is something redeemable about them. In other words, I don’t want to do evil for evil’s sake. I don’t want to do Jason slasher movies. There’s no point in that.”

― Brion James

“Women need to hear the words, ‘It’s okay if things don’t go exactly the way you want them to.’ Give yourself a break!”

― Brooke Burke

“I’m not great with words.”

― Brooklyn Beckham

“Don’t forget, God uses words to create the world. Words! Words are only hope.”

― Bruce Feiler

“Never settle with words what you can accomplish with a flamethrower.”

― Bruce Feirstein

“Vietnam is often called our only uncensored war, but that only means that the government wasn’t vetting the pictures and words.”

― Bruce Jackson

“War is big and there are only so many reporters and only so many places for their words and images to appear. Choices are made constantly.”

― Bruce Jackson

“You’ve gotten words about those American and Iraqi deaths and mutilations, but precious few images.”

― Bruce Jackson

“The wonderful thing about rock music is even if you hate the other person, sometimes you need him more, you know. In other words if he’s the guy that made that sound, he’s the guy that made that sound, and without that guy making that sound, you don’t have a band, you know.”

― Bruce Springsteen

“I love that I can talk to my fans through Twitter, to cut out the middle man. Because I’ve done interviews where my words have gotten twisted, so it’s nice to be able to have things coming straight from me.”

― Bruno Mars

“Some comics really thrive on being disrespectful, especially toward women, and it’s somehow understood as edgy, but I’m the opposite. I’ve never liked curse words for that reason.”

― Bryan Callen

“Words can be very powerful. I find them very difficult.”

― Bryan Ferry

“But when you get music and words together, that can be a very powerful thing.”

― Bryan Ferry

“I shouldn’t have acted. I didn’t exhibit any ability. I was one of the kids in the school play who was just mouthing words, and they weren’t the actual words of the song. I was pretty lame!”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“I have to chose my words carefully.”

― Bubba Watson

“Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.”

― Buddha

“However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?”

― Buddha

“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.”

― Buddha

“Being the first Australian to ever actually hold a WWE promoted championship – it is a huge honour. It’s something that can never be taken away. Words can’t describe it.”

― Buddy Murphy

“It’s hard to put into words, shaking hands with the most powerful man in the world.”

― Buddy Rice

“My book is already online. I can type 150 words a minute. I took typing in high school.”

― Burton Cummings

“With his deeds, not only words, President Obama has revitalized our struggling space program.”

― Buzz Aldrin

“The material came bubbling up inside like a geyser or an oil gusher. It streamed up of its own accord, down my arm and out of my fountain pen in a torrent of six thousand words a day.”

― C. S. Forester

“Don’t use words too big for the subject. Don’t say ‘infinitely’ when you mean ‘very’; otherwise you’ll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.”

― C. S. Lewis

“People get really scared when women reclaim words, talk about themselves honestly and also make jokes because it’s a really unstoppable combination.”

― Caitlin Moran

“It caused more problems as a young kid, because the simple process of perceiving words on a piece of paper was hard for me. Many people think dyslexic people see things backwards. They don’t see things backwards.”

― Caitlyn Jenner

“Government has a legitimate function, but the private sector has one too, and it is superior. In other words, people are better than institutions.”

― Cal Thomas

“The winged words uttered in this House have gone forth to the world, on their mission of good or of evil.”

― Caleb Cushing

“I’m not really one for fancy, big words and poetry, and the scriptwriters worked very hard on ‘Paradise Lost’ to translate it.”

― Callan McAuliffe

“I’ve always viewed myself as a brand. When I started 10 years ago, that was very controversial. ‘Marketing’ and ‘PR’ were dirty words for the literary world, but that has changed. Once the book is finished, I want as many people as possible to read it.”

― Camilla Lackberg

“I certainly derived my skills as a prose writer from my scrutiny of poetry and of the individual word. But schools don’t do things like that anymore – tracking words down to their roots.”

― Camille Paglia

“I just think that rap takes way more slack than the video games and the movies. We don’t make guns. Smith and Wesson makes guns. Like, white people make guns and bullets, and all we’re doing is rhyming and putting words together.”

― Cam’ron

“You can still say whatever you want to say on social media, but you have to be willing to stand by your words.”

― Candace Owens

“I think Shakespeare is really the one. Words as music and music as words. Everything he wrote was good, which is really frightening.”

― Captain Beefheart

“I speak French, German, English, and Dutch, and I can say a few words in Spanish – none of these languages have anything to do with Valyrian.”

― Carice van Houten

“To see yourself on the big screen, you’re big, you hate your voice, your vocabulary. You say the same words, you speak bad.”

― Carine Roitfeld

“You know that I write slowly. This is chiefly because I am never satisfied until I have said as much as possible in a few words, and writing briefly takes far more time than writing at length.”

― Carl Friedrich Gauss

“I’m a charming coward; I fight with words.”

― Carl Reiner

“I can remember only a few of the strange and curious words now dead but living and spoken by the English people a thousand years ago.”

― Carl Sandburg

“One puts off the biography like you put off death. To write an autobiography is to etch the words on your own gravestone.”

― Carlos Fuentes

“I’m interested in everything. I don’t see why Borges can’t work along with Neil Gaiman, or Stephen King can’t be mixed with Balzac. It’s just storytelling; it’s different ways of using codes and images and words and sounds.”

― Carlos Ruiz Zafon

“That’s the thing about business. Facts and numbers and results actually count. It’s not just about words as it is in politics.”

― Carly Fiorina

“I write short, my words tight to the thread of the narrative.”

― Carmen Laforet

“I say 20 words in English. I say money, money, money, and I say hot dog! I say yes, no and I say money, money, money and I say turkey sandwich and I say grape juice.”

― Carmen Miranda

“Write a million words before thinking about getting published.”

― Carol Berg

“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.”

― Carol Burnett

“If they give you good words to say, and you don’t get in the way of them, you’ll be OK.”

― Carol Kane

“Words are our life. We are human because we use language. So I think we are less human when we use less language.”

― Carol Shields

“Change is one of my favourite words.”

― Carol Vorderman

“I’m not very good with words, weirdly.”

― Caroline Flack

“I grew up in a household where reading was encouraged. My mother believed in the power of words, and my father obviously did too.”

― Caroline Kennedy

“Hello? Three words: Benicio Del Toro, which, incidentally, is Spanish for ‘he wants me.’ It is just ridiculous how hot he is. I feel the same way about Benicio as I did when I was a kid lusting after David Cassidy.”

― Caroline Rhea

“The point of quotations is that one can use another’s words to be insulting.”

― Carolyn Gold Heilbrun

“It would be impossible in a few words to describe all that we’ve found with Cassini. No mission has ever gone as deep for as long on a planetary system as rich as Saturn’s.”

― Carolyn Porco

“Over the years, music put a weapon in my hand and words in my mouth, it backed me up and shielded me, it shook me and scared me and showed me the way; music opened me up to living and being and feeling.”

― Carrie Brownstein

“Two of the saddest words in the English language are, ‘What party?’ And L.A. is the ‘What party?’ capital of the world.”

― Carrie Fisher

“I have a mess in my head sometimes, and there’s something very satisfying about putting it into words. Certainly it’s not something that you’re in charge of, necessarily, but writing about it, putting it into your words, can be a very powerful experience.”

― Carrie Fisher

“I did the traditional thing with falling in love with words, reading books and underlining lines I liked and words I didn’t know. It was something I always did.”

― Carrie Fisher

“I always wrote. I wrote from when I was 12. That was therapeutic for me in those days. I wrote things to get them out of feeling them, and onto paper. So writing in a way saved me, kept me company. I did the traditional thing with falling in love with words, reading books and underlining lines I liked and words I didn’t know.”

― Carrie Fisher

“I owe so much to Shakespeare. Nothing is more humbling and more exhilarating than taking ahold of those sacred words and riding them like a wave.”

― Carrie Preston

“I’m a very goal-oriented person in certain ways, and then in certain ways I understand that there’s nothing at all that I can do about certain things. In other words, I would never set a goal that I don’t have control over achieving.”

― Casey James

“I’ve always thought about myself as somewhat of a folk musician. I just write words. I don’t think I’m even a musician. I don’t play a lot of instruments, not really a soloist or anything.”

― Cass McCombs

“I love songs because by nature they are concise; they sum up. I try to use as few words as possible. It’s usually funnier that way, anyway.”

― Cass McCombs

“The words of the songs speak for themselves.”

― Cat Stevens

“Because I don’t play guitar any more, African harmonies and rhythms have been an inspiration to me. I love the raw origin of the sound. It complements my voice and words naturally.”

― Cat Stevens

“The Well taught us how to create a civilized space for debate, speak in our own voices, use our real names, mediate flame wars, and boot trolls. Brand’s mantra was, ‘You own your own words,’ meaning you have the right to say your piece but must also take responsibility for what you say.”

― Caterina Fake

“To write you have to be able to know how to put words together.”

― Catherine Asaro

“I was always told you’re not going to make much money from writing. You can actually do it. Now I’ve built a really good, big house out of words.”

― Catherine Jinks

“Words impress me. If a man can speak eloquently and beautifully to me, I just melt on the floor.”

― Catherine Zeta-Jones

“Words are an imperfect medium for explaining.”

― Celeste Ng

“Spend too much time alone with your own words, and your writing grows anemic, in dire need of a transfusion.”

― Celeste Ng

“Honestly, if anyone reads my work, they’re doing me a favor, so they get to use whatever words they want to describe it. I can’t control that, nor if they like the work, so best not to even try.”

― Celeste Ng

“My brain can form thoughts that come out through my mouth. The problem is sometimes I stumble the words because I speak five different languages – we know all that – so the thing is, I like to speak the language that everybody speaks all around the world, that the WWE Universe loves… that’s the language of wrestling that I do in the ring.”

― Cesaro

“Writing on a computer feels like a recipe for writer’s block. I can type so fast that I run out of thoughts, and then I sit there and look at the words on the screen, and move them around, and never get anywhere. Whereas in a notebook I just keep plodding along, slowly, accumulating sentences, sometimes even surprising myself.”

― Chad Harbach

“In other words, Judaism is not Calvinism.”

― Chaim Potok

“The thing I love about hip-hop is that it’s so creative. It’s so creatively rewarding. When you hit it, and you hit it big, there are no words.”

― Chantal Kreviazuk

“If we examine the Hague Convention carefully, we see that it considers the offer of good offices a duty of every nation. In other words, such offers should be made whenever a dispute becomes critical and threatens to explode into war.”

― Charles Albert Gobat

“I do not use words like ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative.’ You can ask me a question, and I will give you an answer. Those are words rich people on television use to divide and conquer.”

― Charles Barkley

“Nature is a temple in which living columns sometimes emit confused words. Man approaches it through forests of symbols, which observe him with familiar glances.”

― Charles Baudelaire

“With James Brown, I just learn the lyrics and then get out there and get funky with it and let my spirit free. But doing Charles Bradley, it’s a lot of true, intimate words coming out of me that show me the picture inside myself.”

― Charles Bradley

“When people are screaming when I’m on stage, I can’t even find the words to thank them and tell them how much I love them, but I’ll never forget all these faces.”

― Charles Bradley

“James Brown came from that hard, rough life that I came from. He took the blues and added rhythm to it. And he always had the most funkiest band; I liked the way he took his words and mixed it in with the band.”

― Charles Bradley

“In my work, as a writer, I only photograph, in words, what I see.”

― Charles Bukowski

“Papa, potatoes, poultry, prunes and prism, are all very good words for the lips.”

― Charles Dickens

“Words are also seeds, and when dropped into the invisible spiritual substance, they grow and bring forth after their kind.”

― Charles Fillmore

“I abhor the words ‘classical music.’ Few things satisfy me more than a really good cover version.”

― Charles Hazlewood

“The safest words are always those which bring us most directly to facts.”

― Charles Henry Parkhurst

“Music is an art that expresses the inexpressible. It rises far above what words can mean or the intelligence define. Its domain is the imponderable and impalpable land of the unconscious.”

― Charles Munch

“If you ever get injured or have an asthma attack, the last words you get out are, ‘Sammy Davis suite, please.’ That’s, like, three rooms on the eighth floor of Cedars-Sinai.”

― Charles Nelson Reilly

“The Prince, charmed with these words, and much more with the manner in which they were spoken, knew not how to show his joy and gratitude; he assured her that he loved her better than he did himself.”

― Charles Perrault

“Words can never adequately convey the incredible impact of our attitudes toward life. The longer I live the more convinced I become that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond to it.”

― Charles R. Swindoll

“I think it is important to begin with a statement in your speech that grabs the attention of the audience. I try to make my opening line 15 words or less.”

― Charles R. Swindoll

“If I ever wrote a book on preaching, it would contain three words: Preach the Word. Get rid of all the other stuff that gets you sidetracked; preach the Word.”

― Charles R. Swindoll

“Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them.”

― Charles Simic

“All our actions, as well as our thoughts and words, should praise Him who always blesses us.”

― Charles Spurgeon

“I do appreciate the ’80s as an era, the general sounds and aesthetics of the era. The Cure, that whole kind of image is really kind of amazing, I think. The power ballads and how everything sparkles and words are really dramatic. Huge drums, things like that. I do really find it inspiring.”

― Charli XCX

“I don’t really read too much. It really is counter to my energy. I can’t sit down and concentrate on words.”

― Charlie Bewley

“If I ran a national burger franchise – which I don’t – I’d make it a rule that no two customers can be greeted with precisely the same words and that every third customer must be grossly insulted as a matter of course. Just to keep the atmosphere nice and lively. And to keep the staff laughing.”

― Charlie Brooker

“Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is ‘elephant’.”

― Charlie Chaplin

“The first person that I ever heard sing a song I wrote was Jason Derulo. I was in the studio when he was doing it, and I mean, I’ve heard that guy’s voice my whole life. When he was singing words I wrote, I started kind of choking up, but I tried to be all manly and puff my chest up and be all, ‘Yeah, it’s not a big deal.’”

― Charlie Puth

“I have defeated this earthworm with my words. Imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists.”

― Charlie Sheen

“I would always be embarrassed to read out loud in class because I would transpose words and letters and things.”

― Charlie Trotter

“Who has words at the right moment?”

― Charlotte Bronte

“If words don’t have vibration behind them, and a real feeling behind them, then they’re just words.”

― Charlotte Rampling

“Big words seldom accompany good deeds.”

― Charlotte Whitton

“I work in a world of words – words that inspire, words that persuade and, increasingly, words that can send the message that it is acceptable to hate.”

― Chellie Pingree

“I love the right words. I think economy and precision of language are important.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“Stand-up was my entree into the entertainment world. I didn’t have to act out somebody else’s words. I could just stand there with a microphone, and nobody would interrupt me. It’s the most narcissistic thing you could probably do.”

― Chelsea Handler

“At the end of the day, I want to be known for my ability to create life from words.”

― Chelsea Hobbs

“’Secret’ is about intimacy between two people and the connection you have with someone that goes beyond words.”

― Chelsea Lankes

“Words are like weapons; they wound sometimes.”

― Cher

“There are writers who pour out words, concepts that sound really important but that basically say nothing. I always tried to be as concise as possible, all to try and reach everyone, but especially the simple people, those who needed to be reached more than anyone else.”

― Chespirito

“For me, you say the words ‘concept record,’ and the first thing I think of is theater or the opera or something.”

― Chester Bennington

“The sweetest two words are ‘next time.’ The sourest word is ‘if.’”

― Chi Chi Rodriguez

“Whatever is original in my writing comes from my musical apprenticeship. I look for rhythm in words. I imagine words as if they were musical chords. Often I’ll write something, read it, and find it musically unsatisfactory. There is a musical imperative in my choice of words.”

― Chico Buarque

“It makes my heart sick when I remember all the good words and the broken promises.”

― Chief Joseph

“It does not require many words to speak the truth.”

― Chief Joseph

“Words do not pay for my dead people.”

― Chief Joseph

“Good words will not give me back my children.”

― Chief Joseph

“When old people speak it is not because of the sweetness of words in our mouths; it is because we see something which you do not see.”

― Chinua Achebe

“Sometimes television can just jump from one bit of plot to the next, and the words fill in the in-between.”

― Chiwetel Ejiofor

“Some of the substance of English words, I just don’t understand at all because the culture’s so strange to me.”

― Chow Yun-Fat

“My personal opinion is that, if you’re a professional writer, that you do have quotas. So every day I do try to write 800-1,200 words. I don’t always achieve it, and the reality is that a lot of the words I write will end up on the cutting-room floor.”

― Chris Bohjalian

“If somebody attacks me with words, I’m always like, ‘Do you know me? Do you know me that well? Let’s have a beer and talk about it.’”

― Chris Bosh

“The worst moment was when I was performing and I was about to sing, but I choked. I had a tickle in my throat and I started coughing, and I couldn’t get the words out. It lasted for like thirty seconds, but I got over it, and luckily the crowd didn’t seem to care.”

― Chris Brown

“When you break out the acoustic guitar, the words are the focal point unless you’re the Jimi Hendrix of the acoustic guitar. So the words have to have meaning.”

― Chris Cornell

“It’s great when you play to an audience that knows the words to all your songs, and sings them back to you.”

― Chris Cornell

“You can’t always make out the words I sing with Soundgarden.”

― Chris Cornell

“I am for anything that makes teens visible in an honest way… in other words, anything that represents them the way they are, positively or negatively.”

― Chris Crutcher

“Any writer my age almost can’t get away from being influenced by Kurt Vonnegut, partially because of his simple, clear way of stating things. To read Vonnegut is to learn how to use economy words.”

― Chris Crutcher

“I think if someone were to ask me to put in one sentence what it is that I do, I would say that I try to be in action more than in words.”

― Chris Doubek

“If conservation isn’t conservative, then words have no meaning at all.”

― Chris Gibson

“Those who are able to climb up the ladder will find ways to pull it up after them, or selectively lower it down to allow their friends, allies, and kin to scramble up. In other words: ‘Who says meritocracy says oligarchy.’”

― Chris Hayes

“In Hollywood, there really is a stigma against wrestling. I think that’s why people think wrestlers are Neanderthals who can’t string two words together.”

― Chris Jericho

“Well, I don’t like the word ‘rock star,’ the two words, ‘rock star.’ Not even ‘soft rock star. Not even limestone star. I don’t like those words.”

― Chris Martin

“People say it’s a bit repetitive to say, ‘Oh oh oh oh oh oh,’ but you can’t translate the melody into words.”

― Chris Martin

“Whatever I’m thinking about has got to fit into thirty-two pages, the standard picture book size. So that’s something. But the structure and the form for me are almost the most important, because these will express as much as words and images will the content of the work.”

― Chris Raschka

“Wherever there are words, let there be pictures.”

― Chris Riddell

“The passive acceptance of exclusionary words and deeds is not okay.”

― Chris Sacca

“When I posted the 8,500 words on what Twitter should be, I wanted to make clear this wasn’t a vision statement for the future. What was so frustrating about it is that’s what it should’ve been already.”

― Chris Sacca

“I wanted to cut down on the profanity, because I think I’m funnier without sayin’ a lot of cuss words.”

― Chris Tucker

“If you aren’t already a songwriter, try it. When you can say what you want to say, in your own words, it’s incredibly easy to show an audience who you are.”

― Chris Young

“If you’re going to do Shakespeare, do Shakespeare. There’s a reason why he’s been performed for hundreds of years. His words affect people on a very deep level. He’s the true humanist. That all comes through his text, his words.”

― Christian Camargo

“Any part I do is a marriage of the words – what the playwright or producer or show runner’s vision is – to how I would play it. It took me a while to get rid of ‘Oh, they want it this way, so I’m going to do it how they want it.’”

― Christian Camargo

“When I’m writing songs, I write visually. When I’m writing the words down and I listen to the melody and the lyrics, I start seeing the video form. And if I can get through a song and from the beginning to the end have the whole video in my mind, I think that’s a great song.”

― Christian Kane

“Fame – a few words upon a tombstone, and the truth of those not to be depended on.”

― Christian Nestell Bovee

“When you can type a few words into a search engine and land on your topic – or when you can scan a Shakespeare play for specific words or symbols – what opportunities might you miss to expand your thinking in unexpected ways?”

― Christina Baker Kline

“Words are both my vocation and my avocation – reading, writing, editing, teaching.”

― Christina Baker Kline

“When you’re doing voice work, you’re in a bubble where you just think about the story and the words. They record you on video while you’re doing the voice work, so they capture how your face is moving and the gestures you make.”

― Christina Hendricks

“When you have something special, it’s like everybody picks apart words. They’ll pick apart a moment in a picture and take something that’s special and trash it.”

― Christina Milian

“My words are my sword.”

― Christine and the Queens

“Like most New Yorkers I was shell-shocked immediately after 9/11 and couldn’t put into words what I was feeling.”

― Christine Lavin

“For Stevie, the words are of prime importance; the song moves around the words, rather than the words moving around the song.”

― Christine McVie

“Not to make him blush, but any story illustrated by Mike Mignola does things that prose alone can’t accomplish. The illustrations create mood and atmosphere, drawing the reader more deeply into the story than words could do on their own.”

― Christopher Golden

“In the grip of a neurological disorder, I am fast losing control of words even as my relationship with the world has been reduced to them.”

― Christopher Hitchens

“I mean, what would I be doing if I couldn’t write? But that fortunately hasn’t proved to be the case and I can read any day. I still read a lot, and I can write any day, but much more slowly and fewer words.”

― Christopher Hitchens

“I love British cursing – the cadence of it, the joy in the sound of the words, and the vulgarity of it.”

― Christopher Moore

“Words are a commodity in which there is never any slump.”

― Christopher Morley

“I’m used to big roles and lots of words.”

― Christopher Plummer

“We live in a time when the words impossible and unsolvable are no longer part of the scientific community’s vocabulary. Each day we move closer to trials that will not just minimize the symptoms of disease and injury but eliminate them.”

― Christopher Reeve

“Body language and tone of voice – not words – are our most powerful assessment tools.”

― Christopher Voss

“The sweetest two words in any negotiation are actually, ‘That’s right.’ Before you convince them to see what you’re trying to accomplish, you have to say the things to them that will get them to say, ‘That’s right.’”

― Christopher Voss

“Acting has to do with saying it as if you meant it, so for me the words are always very important. It’s very important for me to know my lines, know them so well that I don’t have to think about them.”

― Christopher Walken

“Maybe it is true what they say, that playing these Chuck Berry songs is easy. But try singing them. The words come out hard, like bullets.”

― Chuck Berry

“I think writers just can’t come up with any new words for what we’re doing, because we’re not ‘retro-‘ anything. Like, in ‘Gold and a Pager,’ we’re not talking about what was current – pagers were cool to us, but they never stopped being cool; people just stopped using them.”

― Chuck Inglish

“In 1969, we decided we had to do certain things technically to win, and we decided to do them then, even though we knew some of the personnel couldn’t do it. In other words, instead of adapting the system to the players, we just installed our system. Then we set out to fill our team through the draft.”

― Chuck Noll

“In books, you can just wallow in dialogue, and you can just wallow in written words. In screenplays, every line has to serve the purpose of the line that’s implied before it and the line that’s implied after it. Maybe five lines have to do the work of fifty lines.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“I think, in a way, I invented the term ‘fight club’ and that these things have always existed, but they never really had a label. Nobody had a language to apply to them. I created that language in two words and I’ve been paid a great deal of money for inventing two words and labeling something that has always been around.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“I love the power of words – no music or special effects – and I want to demonstrate that power.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“It’s not that I don’t like words. There’s sometimes no need for words.”

― Claire Denis

“Things we write down are the fragments shored against our ruins. They outlast us, these scraps of words on paper. Like the detritus from the tsunami washing up on the other side of the ocean, writing is what can be salvaged.”

― Claire Messud

“When you’re a kid, and someone is your best friend, you almost don’t need words. It’s almost like puppies in a – frolicking in a garden or something. You don’t articulate stuff. You just live it.”

― Claire Messud

“You come across words all the time that are everyday sexism. I was described as ‘competently bossy’ and ‘bossily competent’ by a male journalist, and I thought, ‘Gosh, ‘bossy’ is never used of a man.’”

― Clare Balding

“The problem is going to be finding the right words and implementing it in a way that is really dealing with people that are inciting and not preventing honest discussion of the underlying causes of this horrendous political situation the world is in now.”

― Clare Short

“Words are fine, but the most important thing is what happens on the pitch.”

― Claudio Ranieri

“Well, there are certain words and emotions I don’t want kids hearing, and I’m not changing because they think it’s going to sell better. This is going to sound horrible, but I got 12 million votes doing what I did.”

― Clay Aiken

“Words will never be enough to quantify and qualify the many magnitudes of human-caused destruction.”

― Clemantine Wamariya

“I am going to have to stick to the script. If I muck around with the words it will defeat the object.”

― Clive Anderson

“I turned 24 in the middle of my first World Cup and it was quite an unbelievable experience. It’s really hard for words to do it justice.”

― Cobi Jones

“Osama bin Laden’s own words stated he has a war against the United States. He declared that American civilians should be considered as combatants.”

― Cofer Black

“Good authors, too, who once knew better words now only use four-letter words writing prose… anything goes.”

― Cole Porter

“I’m not the only one who has ever lost somebody; I’m not the only one who was missing somebody. That’s what I love about country music, that’s what I love about songwriters, is being able to put out those words, those feelings.”

― Cole Swindell

“I honestly can’t characterize my style in words. It seems that whatever comes to me naturally, I play.”

― Coleman Hawkins

“People coming up and saying something nice is always welcome. But when you’re being secretly photographed, that’s not so nice. I would rather shake hands with someone and exchange a few words than take a selfie.”

― Colin Firth

“In other words, don’t expect to always be great. Disappointments, failures and setbacks are a normal part of the lifecycle of a unit or a company and what the leader has to do is constantly be up and say ‘we have a problem, let’s go and get it’.”

― Colin Powell

“I live in words. I like looking at things, but I don’t have a strong visual imagination.”

― Colm Toibin

“My mother sent me to speech classes, but the other kids still teased me. I was shy. I stooped. Instead of talking, I kept journals. That’s where my love of words comes from. I majored in journalism.”

― Colman Domingo

“The Declaration of Independence is that sacred American text so full of meaning and purpose and yet quite empty if you examine it and pull it apart because the words ‘All Men’ exclude a vast number of citizens.”

― Colson Whitehead

“It’s always hard to write and get your words out there, to find an editor, a publisher – readers! – who are going to appreciate them.”

― Colson Whitehead

“Shakespeare teaches you how to act. You come out of this process as a better actor. It’s just the nature of the words he writes.”

― Condola Rashad

“He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good.”

― Confucius

“A gentleman would be ashamed should his deeds not match his words.”

― Confucius

“The ones who are the smartest are the ones who use us. In other words, they understand the relationship between the press and leaders.”

― Connie Chung

“I just want the actors to put their faith in the language. Just let the words do the work.”

― Conor McPherson

“Let the poets cry themselves to sleep, and all their tearful words will turn back into steam.”

― Conor Oberst

“Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of my all-time favorite writers. I feel spiritual when reading his words, even though they’re translated. I wish desperately that I could read it in its original language. I already feel like I’m going to church when I read him; imagine if I could read it in the original.”

― Conor Oberst

“It is also difficult to articulate the subtleties in cinema, because there aren’t words or metaphors which describe many of the emotions you are attempting to evoke.”

― Conrad Hall

“Actually, I failed drama in high school because of nerves. I wasn’t able to memorize the words. I had complete stage fright.”

― Constance Marie

“We have as many planes of speech as does a painting planes of perspective which create perspective in a phrase. The most important word stands out most vividly defined in the very foreground of the sound plane. Less important words create a series of deeper planes.”

― Constantin Stanislavski

“As an actor, you’re pretty much a hired gun. You are reading other people’s words off of a page and doing what they want you to do.”

― Corey Feldman

“I got to pick the mind of a genius, and I realized why he was a genius. And I realized the man behind the veil or whatever you want to call it. Do you know what I mean? I got to see what makes Dr. Dre Dr. Dre, and I got to interpret that. It’s hard to put it into words, so the only thing I know how to do is put it on the screen.”

― Corey Hawkins

“I have several books I can read over and over. With fiction, it’s ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King, which is my favorite all time. I read that at least once a year, the version which has 100,000 extra words, which is like the director’s cut and unabridged. I love the story. I love the social connotation to it.”

― Corey Taylor

“Words have life and must be cared for. If they are stolen for ugly uses or careless slang or false promotion work, they need to be brought back to their original meaning – back to their roots.”

― Corita Kent

“When someone drew a picture of Pope John wearing an Avis ‘We try harder’ button, those words no longer meant which car rental to patronize, and yet some of the overtones from its original meaning are there and make a contribution to the new situation.”

― Corita Kent

“One of the coolest ways to start building a character is the way he moves his mouth, what part of the mouth he puts his words into, how he expresses himself, and there’s a certain flavor you get with a dialect.”

― Cory Michael Smith

“Final thoughts are so, you know, final. Let’s call them closing words.”

― Craig Armstrong

“Words have a life of their own. There is no telling what they will do. Within a matter of days, they can even turn turtle and mean the opposite.”

― Craig Brown

“Traditionally, wake-up calls are meant to wake you up rather than send you to sleep: the clue is in the wording. But those who talk of wake-up calls tend to have an easy-going way with words.”

― Craig Brown

“Certain key words, like, ‘break it down,’ ‘this is how we do it’ – they’ll always end up on my tracks.”

― Craig David

“There’s a lot you can do without words.”

― Craig McCracken

“I grew up in church, so every time I say certain words, I’m like, ‘I’m going to get in trouble.’”

― Craig Robinson

“I probably have more words to say in ‘Mr. Robot’ than I’ve had in my entire career put together.”

― Craig Robinson

“Words have power, and especially in the realm of beauty, how we speak about ourselves is important.”

― Crystal Hana Kim

“Maybe the words that I say is just another way to pray.”

― Curtis Mayfield

“Reading was my hobby, my sport and my activity of choice. It was the prime pleasure of my days, an unfailing escape from whatever realities were distressing me, and the only source of pride I knew, other vanities lying beyond my grasp. I couldn’t do anything else well, but I could do words.”

― Cynthia Voigt

“Words today are like the shells and rope of seaweed which a child brings home glistening from the beach and which in an hour have lost their luster.”

― Cyril Connolly

“Friendship needs no words – it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness.”

― Dag Hammarskjold

“As much as movies are about the words that you’re saying, they’re also about what’s not said, the silent moments.”

― Dakota Fanning

“I love stock-car racing and NASCAR. I kind of take offense to anybody who has any cross words about it. It’s kind of like your brother. You can talk all the crap you want about him, but you won’t let anyone else do it.”

― Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“Leonard Cohen has a way with words and with humor that remind me to lighten up, which I appreciate very much.”

― Damien Rice

“Writing is not like acting, where you can pull these little stunts that create a particular effect. Words are all it is about, and the way you use words has to be individual and particular to you.”

― Damon Galgut

“Trump has taken it to a new level. He is now viewing the media as the ‘opposition party,’ in his own words. Consequently, media coverage of Trump has become that much more significant.”

― Dan Abrams

“I don’t know too many people who, when the TV announcer says, ‘Viewer discretion is advised’, then turn the TV off. Those are code words for, ‘Turn the sound up; this is gonna be really good.’”

― Dan Gilroy

“Blessed with Mom and Dad’s remarkable genes, raised on big words and big, iconoclastic attitudes, Larry and I, before entering kindergarten, knew who we were, what we wanted, and how we would get there.”

― Dan Hill

“It is important that we realize that words have meanings far beyond the dictionary definition.”

― Dan Levy

“When you make as many speeches and you talk as much as I do and you get away from the text, it’s always a possibility to get a few words tangled here and there.”

― Dan Quayle

“Bobby Knight told me this: ‘There is nothing that a good defense cannot beat a better offense.’ In other words a good offense wins.”

― Dan Quayle

“Music speaks to people in a way that breaks down boundaries that words and actions sometimes can’t.”

― Dan Reynolds

“It’s such an interesting experience seeing how different people react to music and the generosity of some and the craziness of others – people who go see bands in different countries, know all the words to the songs, and get tattoos. It’s so unexpected.”

― Dan Smith

“When Calista Flockhart read for ‘Ally McBeal’, I saw this perfect chemistry between the words on the page and the person who would embody that character.”

― Dana Walden

“Sometimes, words are twisted and don’t reach people in their intended way.”

― Dani Alves

“When I sit down with my notebook, when I start scribbling words across the page, I find out what I’m feeling.”

― Dani Shapiro

“I must have been 3 years old or less, and I remember paging through these comics, trying to figure out the stories. I couldn’t read the words, so I made up my own stories.”

― Daniel Clowes

“Words have a genealogy and it’s easier to trace the evolution of a single word than the evolution of a language.”

― Daniel Dennett

“It must have been fascinating for Bono to have Johnny Cash do a cover of his song, and hear how he translates the words that he has used. And it would be fascinating to see a great director do his take on my work.”

― Daniel Espinosa

“My hope was that organizations would start including this range of skills in their training programs – in other words, offer an adult education in social and emotional intelligence.”

― Daniel Goleman

“The ‘Robben Island Bible’ has arrived at the British Museum. It’s a garish thing, its cover plastered with pink and gold Hindu images, designed to hide its contents. Within is the finest collection of words generated by human intelligence: the complete works of William Shakespeare.”

― Daniel Hannan

“For ages, in my lunch hours, I would just go round and choreograph fight scenes. For fun. So now I’m very good at being thrown around. I bounce, in the words of my friends.”

― Daniel Radcliffe

“I love reading Warren Buffett’s letters, and I love contrasting his words with his actions. He’s a very wise guy.”

― Daniel S. Loeb

“In my mind, numbers and words are far more than squiggles of ink on a page. They have form, color, texture and so on. They come alive to me, which is why as a young child I thought of them as my ‘friends.’”

― Daniel Tammet

“What I do find surprising is that other people do not think in the same way. I find it hard to imagine a world where numbers and words are not how I experience them!”

― Daniel Tammet

“When poetry is on the money, 12 words can slay you. I admire that greatly.”

― Daniel Woodrell

“Words are just words. They only bother you if you let them.”

― Danielle Macdonald

“One of the things that I learned at a very young age is the power of a parent’s words to their children.”

― Danny Gokey

“Sunderland was a turning point where I changed from a boy to a man. It was definitely the right thing for me to go on loan to another Premier League club. It helped me beyond words.”

― Danny Welbeck

“I’ve been really upset sometimes when I’ve been misquoted. And it’s the one thing they use in big print. Or it’s taken out of context. Thoughts are fluid and words are sticky. That’s the thing.”

― Daphne Guinness

“It is from him, from Beolco Ruzzante, that I’ve learned to free myself from conventional literary writing and to express myself with words that you can chew, with unusual sounds, with various techniques of rhythm and breathing, even with the rambling nonsense-speech of the ‘grammelot.’”

― Dario Fo

“If you listen to most songs, most people will not sing the words of the lead singer. They will sing the hook. The hook is what makes the record sell.”

― Darlene Love

“The greatest acting really is spoken without words, or at least I like to think that.”

― Dash Mihok

“Don’t you wish you had a job like mine? All you have to do is think up a certain number of words! Plus, you can repeat words! And they don’t even have to be true!”

― Dave Barry

“I worked at way back when they started, and there’s just unmeasurable value to distributing words online, too, but I still get my news from the newspaper in the morning.”

― Dave Eggers

“Are you ready to have your mind blown? Sometimes Ron Howard uses swear words.”

― Dave Itzkoff

“I don’t think socialism, and I don’t think warmness and respect are necessarily bad words.”

― Dave Matthews

“When I listen to my favorite songwriters, they have such simple melodies and chords. I occasionally manage to stop at the right time, but all too often I keep on going until I have way too many notes and words. But that’s just what I do.”

― Dave Matthews

“I definitely like the oddballs. There’s a song called ‘Little Thing,’ which is the only song that I have recorded that has no words. And it’s the one that I get past my critic inside me.”

― Dave Matthews

“I think some people would say that I do overwhelm the words with the music, and sometimes thank goodness I do.”

― Dave Matthews

“Prohibiting any words not approved of as ‘politically correct’ – that’s not progressive. Putting ‘trigger warnings’ on books, movies, music, anything that might offend people – that’s not progressive, either.”

― Dave Rubin

“I like people who are minimalist with their words. Jack Nicholson thinks a lot then says something, and it’s always spot on. Nelson Mandela is the same.”

― David A. Stewart

“The sounds and rhythms of words are really important to me.”

― David Almond

“I usually submit a novel at a certain number of words, and when I’ve finished working with my editor, the novel is longer than when I submitted it. I need my editor to help me open up the story.”

― David Bergen

“History teaches us that, whatever we say, racists will always distort the words of mainstream politicians to make themselves sound more respectable.”

― David Blunkett

“There, in the chords and melodies, is everything I want to say. The words just jolly it along. It’s always been my way of expressing what, for me, is inexpressible by any other means.”

― David Bowie

“In a certain way, it’s the sound of the words, the inflection and the way the song is sung and the way it fits the melody and the way the syllables are on the tongue that has as much of the meaning as the actual, literal words.”

― David Byrne

“There’s many ways you communicate. With colour, texture, sound… Even words can communicate.”

― David Carson

“I don’t have any particular desire to see words making a comeback. They are of their era, after all, and that is their identity – they form part of the linguistic color of a period.”

― David Crystal

“It took three years to put Shakespeare’s words together, there were a lot of words to be studied and a lot of words to be sorted out, and it proved to be a major project.”

― David Crystal

“Word books traditionally focus on unusual and quirky items. They tend to ignore the words that provide the skeleton of the language, without which it would fall apart, such as ‘and’ and ‘what,’ or words that provide structure to our conversation, such as ‘hello.’”

― David Crystal

“One of the lesser-known ways of making new words is to form a blend – and a blend is when you run two words together to make a third word.”

― David Crystal

“One of the most interesting things about the cognitive theory is the idea that anger and interpersonal conflict ultimately result from a mental con. In other words, you’re telling yourself things that aren’t entirely true when you’re fighting with someone.”

― David D. Burns

“It’s difficult to say with words what Manchester United means for me. For anyone. It’s amazing to play for this club, with the history of this club, for the fans, for everything. It’s amazing to be part of this club.”

― David de Gea

“Most people know me from ‘The Office,’ where I played a guy who grunted out three or four words an episode and was kind of a knucklehead, and so I think it’s surprising for people to see me do something like this. But Shakespeare is what I grew up wanting to do.”

― David Denman

“It meant so much to me as a kid to see professional theater and hear Shakespeare’s words.”

― David Denman

“The average billboard has no more than eight words. It takes a lot of effort to make a beer, rice, or shampoo seem special in eight words.”

― David Droga

“Visuals are compelling, but sometimes the only way to get your point of view and purpose across is through words. Great copy can be embedded in any medium, any technology.”

― David Droga

“I always believed as a speechwriter that if you could persuade the president to commit himself to certain words, he would feel himself committed to the ideas that underlay those words.”

― David Frum

“In a world of cell phones and satellite feeds – a world in which the president can sit in the White House situation room and watch a military action unfold on the other side of the world – it is not realistic to expect TV news to be anything but what it has become: a ceaseless flow of words and images that may or may not be accurate.”

― David Horsey

“I’ve asked every grammar schoolteacher in the nation to have their students write on the meaning of the Statue of Liberty. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the winning kid got up to the microphone and, in front of the world, had to dig into a pocket to pull out a crumpled sheet of paper containing the words that would move us all?”

― David L. Wolper

“Words can have no single fixed meaning. Like wayward electrons, they can spin away from their initial orbit and enter a wider magnetic field. No one owns them or has a proprietary right to dictate how they will be used.”

― David Lehman

“I love bouncing my words off of someone else’s, and the fact that writing a story with someone else guarantees you’ll get something you never, ever would have written on your own.”

― David Levithan

“Pretty much, the writer’s in charge in theater. Of course you’re in charge with the director, but no one can change your words. People can give you notes, but you don’t have to take them. In Hollywood you take them and you cash your check and that’s your job. It’s very different.”

― David Lindsay-Abaire

“Walt Whitman, he who laid end to end words never seen in each other’s company before outside of a dictionary.”

― David Lodge

“When you make a melody that doesn’t come with words from the get-go, sometimes you’re just thinking about random vowel sounds that go with it – and it’s really, really hard to write lyrics that actually obey the vowel sounds.”

― David Longstreth

“I’m from the East Coast; I think about things dialectically sometimes – in other words, antagonistically. The rhythms that I think of are polyrhythmic, bouncy, loping. The way that I want to approach that is to get, like, a flat-footed Connecticut hard-core drummer to play these bouncy, loping polyrhythms.”

― David Longstreth

“To me, a story can be both concrete and abstract, or a concrete story can hold abstractions. And abstractions are things that really can’t be said so well with words.”

― David Lynch

“I like the idea of the audience absorbing the language and getting to understand it as they journey through the film. It starts off being more obscure, but you get used to it. A ‘Clockwork Orange’ thing. I read ‘Clockwork Orange’ without any vocabulary, and I got to understand the words as I went through it. I like that process. It immerses you.”

― David MacKenzie

“It’s only words… unless they’re true.”

― David Mamet

“In ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac,’ Mr. Yorke’s lyrics were often unfathomable, moaned and mumbled and forced beneath the surface of the music. In ‘Hail to the Thief,’ most but not all of the words can be decoded after a few listens.”

― David Means

“I think words operate like musical notes that the eyeball hears.”

― David Mitchell

“The words ‘maybe’ and ‘perhaps’ are literally the same – the flavor is the same, the educational level is the same. But you just know when to use maybe and when to use perhaps. I think it’s because of this: You get to know the tastes or musical tastes of words themselves, and this informs your choice, whether you use them or not.”

― David Mitchell

“Advertising is a business of words, but advertising agencies are infested with men and women who cannot write. They cannot write advertisements, and they cannot write plans. They are helpless as deaf mutes on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.”

― David Ogilvy

“What we usually do to great men and women is relegate them to homogenised heroism. Their words and actions become soundbites and images in a way that gives us an excuse not to act bravely in our own lives.”

― David Oyelowo

“We all have to strive to learn what motivates us, learn from our experiences, and what feels right and what feels wrong. There’s a strong component over the years to having formal processes that help to identify lessons that need to be learned, and actions that need to be taken. In other words, how do you find the big idea?”

― David Petraeus

“If a commodity were in no way useful, – in other words, if it could in no way contribute to our gratification, – it would be destitute of exchangeable value, however scarce it might be, or whatever quantity of labour might be necessary to procure it.”

― David Ricardo

“I’m not a writer. I know a lot of writers; I know a handful of really excellent, great ones, and I know what they’re like. They are in love with language. They’re obsessed with it. Even if their thoughts aren’t more special than anybody else’s, they have a way of putting them into words that makes them sensational.”

― David Small

“The three most dreaded words in the English language are ‘negative cash flow’.”

― David Tang

“There’s a sort of magic and music to comedy. Some words, some numbers even, are funnier than others. A Caramac bar, for instance, is funnier than a Milky Way.”

― David Walliams

“I’d play the same character for ten years if the words and the moments that I’m playing are authentic.”

― David Walton

“I’ve got seven kids. The three words you hear most around my house are ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, and ‘I’m pregnant’.”

― Dean Martin

“I kind of push myself through my words and how I carry myself.”

― DeAngelo Williams

“I was a book lover from the beginning. I loved, love, words and images and ideas, the ways a book can make you feel things deeply or help you understand something you never even knew there were words for.”

― Deb Caletti

“I found that the only thing I felt passionate about drawing were words.”

― Debbie Millman

“I don’t know fancy big words, because I didn’t have a rich mother who sent her to fancy schools.”

― Debbie Reynolds

“I had a very ‘colorful’ language, and every time I went to say something, Michael would cut me off with words like ‘shoot’ and ‘fudge.’ He didn’t like curses. He didn’t think it was necessary when other words would do.”

― Debbie Rowe

“I have to admit, like so many women, I always knew there was a chance. But like so many women, I never thought it would be me. I never thought I’d hear those devastating words: ‘You have breast cancer.’”

― Debbie Wasserman Schultz

“Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech, and apparently, 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words.”

― Deborah Bull

“I took a course on ‘Magic, Alchemy, and Astrology’ at Mount Holyoke, and it was a whole new awakening for me, a way of thinking about the world primarily in terms of concepts and words rather than mathematical formulas.”

― Deborah Harkness

“Many mothers or daughters assume that words only mean one thing. ‘If I feel criticised, that has to be the whole story’, and ‘if I feel I am being helpful, that has to be the whole story’.”

― Deborah Tannen

“I would say ‘woman’ used to be a noun, and now it is a noun and also an adjective. And words change their functions in that way. It’s one of the most common phenomena about words. They start as one thing, and they end up as something else.”

― Deborah Tannen

“The meanings of words and the uses of words come from practice from the way people in a given culture use those words.”

― Deborah Tannen

“’Right’ and ‘wrong’ aren’t words a linguist uses.”

― Deborah Tannen

“Everything we say has metamessages indicating how our words are to be interpreted: Is this a serious statement or a joke? Does it show annoyance or goodwill? Most of the time, metamessages are communicated and interpreted without notice because, as far as anyone can tell, the speaker and the hearer agree on their meaning.”

― Deborah Tannen

“The long history of conversations that family members share contributes not only to how listeners interpret words but also to how speakers choose them.”

― Deborah Tannen

“Everything you say in a family carries meaning from all that was said before. So with friends, there is less likelihood of a few words triggering associations from childhood, where our deepest emotions often are rooted.”

― Deborah Tannen

“So my son is very curious, which is fantastic. He loves school. So I don’t have to encourage him too much, but I love to do it because I know it’s meaningful and words are powerful.”

― Debra Messing

“Ultimately, however, the script an actor enlivens is someone else’s words.”

― Debra Winger

“I saw I could rhyme words. It came simply to me. But I wrote some pretty horrible songs that I still have on tape.”

― Del Shannon

“Everything was going for me, I didn’t even know the meaning of the word insecurity and suddenly I am surrounded by words like operation, cancer, chemotherapy, radiation.”

― Delta Goodrem

“It’s something that I learned even before I started acting: the movement, the dance of the body, is very important, and it comes before words.”

― Denis Lavant

“I don’t believe in the power of words.”

― Denis Leary

“I prefer radio to television. Radio is a dialogue; television is a monologue. In radio, you have to interact – they put the words in your head; you build the pictures in your mind. To that extent, it is more engaging than television.”

― Denis Norden

“I’ve always been in love with language. My favorite book is a dictionary. I have always loved words.”

― Denis Villeneuve

“Picture books are the distillation of an idea, and you have to use just the right words. I love that, and I try to use a lot of action verbs.”

― Denise Fleming

“Many young Japanese were hearing for the first time the words of Native people from the West.”

― Dennis Banks

“I don’t know if I have a technique. I’m just trying to remember the words.”

― Dennis Farina

“The British have slang words, as we do, but it was fun.”

― Dennis Farina

“Actually I like the idea of being a Renaissance hack. If tombstones were still in style, I would want to have the two words chiseled right under my name.”

― Dennis Flanagan

“I believe so deeply in the primacy of language, in lifting your prose to the highest level you’re capable of and making your words symphonic.”

― Dennis Lehane

“Some of the words and symbols and images from childhood will continually be part and parcel of my personality.”

― Dennis Potter

“The trouble with words is that you never know whose mouths they have been in.”

― Dennis Potter

“In little more than a generation, feminism has obliterated roles. If you wonder why so many men choose not to get married, the answer lies in large part in the contemporary devaluation of the husband and of the father – of men as men, in other words.”

― Dennis Prager

“When I grew up, a director was Cecil B DeMille, a guy sitting down with a megaphone speaking. He was the voice of God, the image of God. When I went to start making docs, I quickly turned the megaphone to my ear not to my mouth. It’s more about funneling in the words and listening as doc filmmaker.”

― Derek Cianfrance

“Poets are always making waves. I mean, you know, in an ideal situation, the ideal republic can’t tolerate poets because – it isn’t that they mutter and criticize; it is that the poet does not accept the situation called the ‘perfect’ condition of man – in other words, perfect in the materialistic sense.”

― Derek Walcott

“My great-grandmother grew up in a sod house in Nebraska. When she was a tiny girl – in other words, only four human generations ago – there were still enough wild bison on the Plains that she was afraid lightning storms would spook them and they would trample her home.”

― Derrick Jensen

“I try to gauge whether a girl likes me before I make a move. I would write a page-long note to a girl. If she wrote a whole page back, I knew she liked me, too. If she wrote back like two words, then I figured I’d move on.”

― Devon Werkheiser

“’Keep your head down at school.’ Those are sage words from my dad. They kept me in check for years.”

― Dhani Harrison

“I considered Nat King Cole to be a friend and, in many ways, a mentor. He always had words of profound advice.”

― Diahann Carroll

“People used to say, ‘Well, how do you fake that?’ Two words – we don’t. When you got hit with the chair, you got hit with the chair.”

― Diamond Dallas Page

“My mom had a tape of Patsy Cline’s greatest hits, and whenever we were in the car, she would put it on, and it got to the point where I knew all the words to every one of the songs, and I knew what order they came in on the tape.”

― Diana DeGarmo

“If you donate to a charity and save a few kids, 20 years down the line, there will be more people who exist because of you. In other words, you should consider your actions fully.”

― Diana Gabaldon

“I wanted to be an empowered woman, and I became an empowered woman. And now I want to empower every woman. And I do it through my clothes, I do it through my words, I do it through my money, I do it through everything.”

― Diane von Furstenberg

“It is our duty to watch over the actions and activities of this government and to insist that, in words as well as in deeds, the interests of our constituency primarily and of the Nation ultimately are served.”

― Diane Watson

“Neither James Madison, for whom this lecture is named, nor any of the other Framers of the Constitution, were oblivious, careless, or otherwise unaware of the words they chose for the document and its Bill of Rights.”

― Diane Wood

“I can think of a lot of words to describe Senator Kerry’s position on Iraq; ‘consistent’ is not one of them.”

― Dick Cheney

“Public-opinion polls show that Americans split about evenly on civil unions. But when the words ‘gay marriage’ are presented, they break 3-to-1 against it.”

― Dick Morris

“All the people that criticised me should eat their words.”

― Diego Maradona

“I have kids, so I can understand the image that footballers have. They are fans of some players; I see in their eyes. They admire and try to imitate their gestures, their words, their celebrations. They love Ronaldo and Messi. Since Euro 2016, though, they have no right to pronounce the name of Ronaldo!”

― Dimitri Payet

“There are bathroom singers, but I am a bathroom painter. In other words, my art will stay inside the four walls of my house.”

― Dimple Kapadia

“Oh the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are.”

― Dinah Maria Mulock

“I’m somebody who inspires by his own performances, by the way he conducts himself on and off the field. My discipline… I look to inspire by my actions, not just words.”

― Dinesh Karthik

“Hank Williams seemed, like, so total to me, so committed to the lyric. He would actually rip the ends of the words off at the, you know – the end of the sentence. It sounded like he’d bite into the word and rip it off.”

― Dion DiMucci

“My mother won’t tolerate any four-letter words.”

― Dixie Carter

“If you talk bad about country music, it’s like saying bad things about my momma. Them’s fightin’ words.”

― Dolly Parton

“When I finally get the chance to say what I want, to talk about where we’re going from here on out, when my voice, my words, become the measuring stick for WWE, I think that’s the moment that’s going to reinvent our entire business.”

― Dolph Ziggler

“I do feel a wave come over me when I hear those two words, ‘Star’ and ‘Wars,’ said together. I feel tense, shut up, and stare into the middle distance.”

― Domhnall Gleeson

“When Britain signed up to the European Convention and its later protocols, the words ‘universal suffrage’ were deleted from the ‘right to vote’ article.”

― Dominic Raab

“I was about to write that in the future I would chose my words more carefully but I’m sure I won’t.”

― Don Cheadle

“Many, many years ago, I stood on the stage and told bad jokes and did Sophie Tucker as an impersonation, and nobody looked up; and suddenly, I looked down and said, ‘Sir, I’m getting fed up with you. Either you watch, or I’m going to suck your neck,’ or words to that effect, and suddenly people started to laugh.”

― Don Rickles

“Judges should always behave judicially by adjudicating, never politically by legislating. I leave policy to policymakers. They’re preeminent, but they’re not omnipotent. In other words, lawmakers decide if laws pass, but judges decide if laws pass muster.”

― Don Willett

“Producing words isn’t a problem for me. And I usually write two books at a time. When one horse gets winded, you jump on the other.”

― Don Winslow

“I start with the story, almost in the old campfire sense, and the story leads to both the characters, which actors should best be cast in this story, and the language. The choice of words, more than anything else, creates the feeling that the story gives off.”

― Donald E. Westlake

“The critics didn’t like it at all. They felt it was crude and violent without meaning, and they dumped on it. ‘Point Blank’ marked a shift in movie-making, and they weren’t ready for it. However, I think those were the last negative words ever said about it.”

― Donald E. Westlake

“It used to be that phrases and lines would come into my head, often many of them in a period of five days or a week, and maybe I didn’t know what I was talking about, but the words had a kind of heaviness or deliciousness to them.”

― Donald Hall

“I do not write by any set time schedule. I realize there are many writers who follow a daily regime where they arise at 6:00 a.m., do some sort of exercise, eat breakfast and then sit down and produce words for a three to four hour period.”

― Donald McKay

“I write when the urge hits me, getting the words down as fast as I can type and then I step back from what I just wrote and start a dialectical process where I begin challenging my own writing.”

― Donald McKay

“I think men know to seduce women though words and conversation and nice gestures. That’s much sexier than when a man uses muscle.”

― Donatella Versace

“I admire Dickens beyond words. He is one of the greatest plotters of all times. Didn’t have a clue about women, but he sure could plot.”

― Donna Leon

“The Dancer believes that his art has something to say which cannot be expressed in words or in any other way than by dancing.”

― Doris Humphrey

“It is of no use to commit whole pages to memory, merely to recite them once without hesitation; you must think of the meaning more than the words – of the ideas more than the language.”

― Dorothea Dix

“The words that come direct from the people are the greatest… If you substitute one out of your own vocabulary, it disappears before your eyes.”

― Dorothea Lange

“Words are as strong and powerful as bombs, as napalm.”

― Dorothy Day

“No thesaurus can give you those words, no rhyming dictionary. They must happen out of you.”

― Dorothy Fields

“We are all affected by the time we are born into, and of course that feeds into your work. Society is based on storytelling – religious myths, opera, film – and 1968 was always seen as a time of rupture and fragmentation. I have always been interested in those words.”

― Doug Aitken

“When we visited with legislative counsel, they told us that the only way to effectively accomplish what we were trying to do was to put the words in the legislation.”

― Doug Ose

“There are a lot of latchkey kids. I don’t want to be sitting there when a guy blurts something out over the TV and have my daughters ask me what those words mean.”

― Doug Ose

“Simple words of encouragement subsequently saved many of the Indianapolis’ sailors during their ordeal in the summer of 1945, and those men took the lesson to heart.”

― Doug Stanton

“Adverbs lead to overwriting. Try taking them out and reading your prose again to see how it sounds. Simple and less words are more powerful.”

― Douglas Brunt

“Three hours of creating is taxing on any brain, and you should stop there. Some days, you may stop without any words at all. It’s much easier to write new stuff the next day than to go through painful deletions of a day’s worth of crap you already wrote.”

― Douglas Brunt

“I’m starting to wonder if pop culture is in its dying days, because everyone is able to customize their own lives with the images they want to see and the words they want to read and the music they listen to. You don’t have the broader trends like you used to.”

― Douglas Coupland

“Men won’t read any email from a woman that’s over 200 words long.”

― Douglas Coupland

“I always thought of words as art supplies.”

― Douglas Coupland

“Thoughts are the gun, words are the bullets, deeds are the target, the bulls-eye is heaven.”

― Douglas Horton

“Duty, Honor, Country. Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be.”

― Douglas MacArthur

“Reviews condition people. At the end of the day, a lot of human minds are malleable. They can be easily shaped with strong words.”

― Drake

“A few years ago, I bought an old red bicycle with the words Free Spirit written across its side – which is exactly what I felt like when I rode it down the street in a tie-dyed dress.”

― Drew Barrymore

“I’m very sensitive to the English language. I studied the dictionary obsessively when I was a kid and collect old dictionaries. Words, I think, are very powerful and they convey an intention.”

― Drew Barrymore

“I still can’t spell anything, but I can bust out two-dollar words.”

― Drew Barrymore

“There are 30,000 days in your life. When I was 24, I realized I’m almost 9,000 days down. There are no warm-ups, no practice rounds, no reset buttons. Your biggest risk isn’t failing, it’s getting too comfortable. Every day, we’re writing a few more words of a story. I wanted my story to be an adventure and that’s made all the difference.”

― Drew Houston

“And I used to say, ‘I’m black, too.’ In other words, I – my whole life I’ve been called a half-breed, a convict, king of the trailer trash, this and that. I take that and stand.”

― Duane Chapman

“I got a lot of flak originally for writing with photographs, because the great cliche in photography is that one photograph is worth a thousand words, and photographers are usually dodo birds anyway.”

― Duane Michals

“Words and titles can be used as dictums and guides for all of us. A certain word can suddenly snap us back to a good place. ‘Rocker’ works for me.”

― Duff McKagan

“I’m not Cormac McCarthy, but I can get my point across in a thousand words.”

― Duff McKagan

“Simply, if you’re working with good material, then it’s right there, and you don’t have to try so hard as an actor; you don’t have to do so much. Just let the material sit inside you and let it come out. Just say the words. That was the main thing that I learned from doing Aaron Sorkin’s work – say the words, and everything else will happen.”

― Dule Hill

“Yes, but I view Frank’s music as fully composed. In other words, the arrangements can work for any idiom such as a rock band or an orchestra. Frank was a brilliant arranger and could make his music work in any context. He proved that tour after tour and album after album.”

― Dweezil Zappa

“An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows.”

― Dwight D. Eisenhower

“We are tired of aristocratic explanations in Harvard words.”

― Dwight D. Eisenhower

“The first poems I knew were nursery rhymes, and before I could read them for myself, I had come to love just the words of them, the words alone.”

― Dylan Thomas

“As I read more and more – and it was not all verse, by any means – my love for the real life of words increased until I knew that I must live with them and in them, always. I knew, in fact, that I must be a writer of words, and nothing else.”

― Dylan Thomas

“Every device there is in language is there to be used, if you will. Poets have got to enjoy themselves sometimes, and the twistings and convolutions of words, the inventions and contrivances, are all part of the joy that is part of the painful, voluntary work.”

― Dylan Thomas

“Somewhere along the line the rhythms and tonalities of music elided in my brain with the sounds that words make and the rhythm that sentences have.”

― E. L. Doctorow

“If there is on earth a house with many mansions, it is the house of words.”

― E. M. Forster

“There are two words for everything.”

― E. V. Lucas

“I’m obsessed with proverbs because, to me, flexing is being able to say the most with the least amount of words.”

― Earl Sweatshirt

“I’ll always regret how I recorded ‘Burgundy’ ’cause it’s not how I felt. The words that were coming out of my mouth and how I mean them, it’s so much different.”

― Earl Sweatshirt

“I just write like a grown man, because that’s what I listen to. I’m not even speaking complicated English… I don’t do five-syllable words, I don’t do four-syllable words. This is English. Rudimentary English.”

― Earl Sweatshirt

“A lot of times, I write and have to scrap it. You don’t know what I’m talking about because the words are too much, and it’s overwhelming.”

― Earl Sweatshirt

“A manager should stay as far away as possible from his players. I don’t know if I said ten words to Frank Robinson while he played for me.”

― Earl Weaver

“You don’t move just because you want to go from this point to that point – the body has to be using the words as well as you vocally use the words.”

― Eartha Kitt

“This is where you see the truth of entertainment, because it is not edited. You see it on stage as it is happening. Even if we fall down or forget our words, it’s a part of live entertainment.”

― Eartha Kitt

“The ‘soul’ is one of the words you can use to talk about your innermost being, the essence of who you are.”

― Eckhart Tolle

“There’s a nastiness out there that wants to harm me with words. These are my enemies – the ideologues, the populists, the columnists who don’t like the fact that I take them on toe-to-toe. What I try to do is tell the truth. It’s not the coin of the realm in politics.”

― Ed Koch

“They’ve got this house style which is writer driven. I heard of one person who sent his script in, and Karen Berger said there weren’t enough words in it. Put some more in.”

― Eddie Campbell

“Religion and philosophy, philosophy and religion – they’re two words which are both… different. In spelling.”

― Eddie Izzard

“As someone who gets nervous in silences, I spill words rather than really think.”

― Eddie Redmayne

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”

― Edgar Allan Poe

“I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of Beauty.”

― Edgar Allan Poe

“There is no formula that will guarantee success in forecasting, no magic words that will part the clouds. The real problem, as the old saw puts it, is that the future lies ahead.”

― Edgar Fiedler

“When I was younger, I had a much better connection between words and music. Somewhere along the way, I had kind of an aspiration to disconnect them, to just kind of go into a totally musical world.”

― Edgar Meyer

“To sing is to bring to life; impossible if the words are mediocre, however good the music.”

― Edith Piaf

“I want to make people cry even when they don’t understand my words.”

― Edith Piaf

“The entire educational process must be carried out with love, which is perceptible in every disciplinary measure and which does not instill any fear. And the most effective educational method is not the word of instruction but the living example without which all words remain useless.”

― Edith Stein

“Since my first dive in a deep-diving submersible, when I went down and turned out the lights and saw the fireworks displays, I’ve been a bioluminescence junky. But I would come back from those dives and try to share the experience with words, and they were totally inadequate to the task. I needed some way to share the experience directly.”

― Edith Widder

“Few words in any language carry such a load of meaning as ‘honor.’ It is an old word, unchanged even in its spelling from classical Latin to modern English. Spoken or written, it does not seem to require much explanation; most people think they know what it means.”

― Edmund Morgan

“It’s a difficult competition against silence, because silence is a perfect language, the only language which says with no words.”

― Eduardo Galeano

“So many stories, and to choose which ones to tell and how to tell them. The words, they will tap me on the shoulder and they will speak to me: ‘Tell me! Tell me!’ The stories choose me.”

― Eduardo Galeano

“Writing is a marvelous adventure and very labor-intensive: those words run away and try to escape. They are very difficult to capture.”

― Eduardo Galeano

“I should like these few words to be read over the grave when my body is placed in the earth; for though it is possible I may be present and conscious of what is going on, I shall not be able to communicate.”

― Edward Carpenter

“In a sense, words are encyclopedias of ignorance because they freeze perceptions at one moment in history and then insist we continue to use these frozen perceptions when we should be doing better.”

― Edward de Bono

“We have cut the text, but what remains are Shakespeare’s words.”

― Edward Hall

“One of the things that distinguishes poetry from ordinary speech is that in a very few number of words, poetry captures some kind of deep feeling, and rhythm is the way to get there. Rhythm is the way the poetry carries itself.”

― Edward Hirsch

“If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”

― Edward Hopper

“Law builds upon and, I should like to claim, is one of the liberal arts. It uses words of persuasion and changing definitions for practical ends.”

― Edward Levi

“By this act the president alone is empowered to make the law, to fix in his mind what acts, words, what thoughts or looks, shall constitute such a crime.”

― Edward Livingston

“In mainstream literature, a trope is a figure of speech: metaphor, simile, irony, or the like. Words used other than literally. In SF, a trope – at least as I understand the usage – is more: science used other than literally.”

― Edward M. Lerner

“If I had to describe myself, I wouldn’t use words like ‘hero.’ I wouldn’t use ‘patriot,’ and I wouldn’t use ‘traitor.’ I’d say I’m an American and I’m a citizen, just like everyone else.”

― Edward Snowden

“It is only by trying new things that we can hope to create products that are original. Don’t just say those words; act like you believe them.”

― Edwin Catmull

“You can tell the nature of the man by the words he chooses.”

― Edwin Louis Cole

“Bierce radiates brilliancy, and perhaps no other man of letters ever had a more ready command of condensed expression. For him, each word has its unique place in the peerage of words, and he would not use a word out of place any sooner than he would thrust an ape into a captain’s saddle.”

― Edwin Markham

“Terrorist groups and their extremist state sponsors cannot be fought with kid gloves and flowery words of persuasion. As the U.S. has displayed in Afghanistan and in Iraq, only a vigilant and determined campaign of confrontation can deter and obstruct them.”

― Ehud Olmert

“Seek always for the answer within. Be not influenced by those around you, by their thoughts or their words.”

― Eileen Caddy

“With Instagram, you’re captioning a moment. Twitter is the caption without the image. Even if it’s there, the words come first.”

― Eileen Myles

“I am not a person who will mince words.”

― Ekta Kapoor

“We have to stop using words like ‘that time of the month’ or other such variations. Say it: I have my periods. There is nothing to be shy or embarrassed about.”

― Ekta Kapoor

“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.”

― Elbert Hubbard

“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes… and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

“My training in music and composition then led me to a kind of musical language process in which, for example, the sound of the words I play with has to expose their true meaning against their will so to speak.”

― Elfriede Jelinek

“Words are not too old, only people are too old if they use the same words too frequently.”

― Elias Canetti

“Most people think that shadows follow, precede or surround beings or objects. The truth is that they also surround words, ideas, desires, deeds, impulses and memories.”

― Elie Wiesel

“Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds.”

― Elie Wiesel

“The Bible is not only laws, it’s also stories. It begins, ‘In the beginning God created Heaven.’ If I had written these words, I wouldn’t have written anything else; it’s just enough.”

― Elie Wiesel

“I like to think that I know a lot of words, but I definitely don’t know all of them.”

― Elif Batuman

“I write as if I were drunk. It is a process of intuition rather than placing myself above my story like a puppeteer pulling strings. For me, it’s a scary, chaotic process over which I have little control. Words demand other words, characters resist me.”

― Elif Safak

“Five hundred words a day is what I aim for. And I don’t go on to the next chapter until I’ve polished and polished and polished the one I’m working on.”

― Elinor Lipman

“Why a musician loves playing jazz or classical music or what makes them happy, and why an artist likes to paint – it’s so hard to actually put into words what that feeling is of joy that we get, but that is what I get: a feeling of joy when the camera is rolling, even if I’m doing something that is not joyous.”

― Elisabeth Moss

“I want to write songs people can sing along to. I can think of nothing more exciting than travelling the world and playing to audiences and having them sing your words along with you.”

― Eliza Doolittle

“What I love about Twitter specifically is that reciprocity is not guaranteed, nor expected. In other words, I can go one way. I can put things out. I don’t have to respond to everybody.”

― Elizabeth Banks

“I’ve always felt an overwhelming need to get out what was inside. The vehicle for me was words on paper – not speech, not art, not dance, not anything else.”

― Elizabeth Berg

“No one goes unscathed, we all go through things. We just can’t let people’s nasty words become our beliefs about ourselves, you know?”

― Elizabeth Berkley

“Words cannot describe the indignation a proud woman feels for her sex in disfranchisement.”

― Elizabeth Cady Stanton

“Dancing gives an innate physical awareness – it’s physical training. Acting feels like the same medium but just with words.”

― Elizabeth Debicki

“I’ve spent a lot of words on my own mortality.”

― Elizabeth Edwards

“When American poet Alice Notley was very young, she used to sit in front of the radio and just listen. When she got older, she began to hear words and songs in her head everywhere she went – songs she loved, like ‘Begin the Beguine’ by Cole Porter, and her own words that sometimes tumbled out into poems.”

― Elizabeth Flock

“Much has been written about Trump’s style of speech, which linguists have said is often unintelligible yet deeply compelling. Orwell’s famous 1946 essay, ‘Politics and the English Language,’ centers on the use of abstract words, often by politicians, to obscure reality.”

― Elizabeth Flock

“Lots of people want to have written; they don’t want to write. In other words, they want to see their name on the front cover of a book and their grinning picture on the back. But this is what comes at the end of a job, not at the beginning.”

― Elizabeth George

“I really liked the idea of creating a journal myself. It’s like the way I clear my throat. I write a page every day, maybe 500 words. It could be about something I’m specifically worried about in the new novel; it could be a question I want answered; it could be something that’s going on in my personal life. I just use it as an exercise.”

― Elizabeth George

“There’s a good chance that in 40 years, after the floods, people zipping by on scavenged jetpacks with their scavenged baseball caps on backwards, I will be in my rocking chair saying bitterly, ‘I remember when ‘all right’ was two words.’”

― Elizabeth McCracken

“I love arranging the words and having them fall on the ear the right way, and you know you’re not quite there, and you’re redoing it and redoing it, and there’s a wonderful thrill to it. But it is hard. It’s a job of tremendous anxiety for me.”

― Elizabeth Strout

“I find my vocabulary is quite a lot better when I’m hungover. I feel like I unlock a key of words that I don’t usually use in day-to-day life.”

― Ella Eyre

“That idea of escapism… these words could sum up my life.”

― Ella Maillart

“Words are impotent to describe certain emotions.”

― Ella Maillart

“You may choose your words like a connoisseur, And polish it up with art, But the word that sways, and stirs, and stays, Is the word that comes from the heart.”

― Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“As soon as I could speak, I was singing. Before I could even speak full words, I would make up ones to sing and I have it on tape, too.”

― Elle Varner

“A Christian reveals true humility by showing the gentleness of Christ, by being always ready to help others, by speaking kind words and performing unselfish acts, which elevate and ennoble the most sacred message that has come to our world.”

― Ellen G. White

“All our words and acts are passing in review before God.”

― Ellen G. White

“It is a fearful mistake for us to neglect the study of the Bible to investigate theories that are misleading, diverting minds from the words of Christ to fallacies of human production.”

― Ellen G. White

“The words of the Bible, and the Bible alone, should be heard from the pulpit.”

― Ellen G. White

“The words of Christ are of more worth than the opinions of all the physicians in the universe.”

― Ellen G. White

“I haven’t much opinion of words. They’re apt to set fire to a dry tongue, that’s what I say.”

― Ellen Glasgow

“I met Prince William at a musical festival and he let me know he was a fan of my music. But the invitation to sing at his wedding reception came completely out of the blue. The fact that Kate and William knew the words to my songs was very touching.”

― Ellie Goulding

“As the Palestinian leadership never seems to pay any penalty for its words, America’s seriousness about the peace process is in doubt.”

― Elliott Abrams

“I still read Hemingway. I still read his short stories because they’re so good. He doesn’t waste any words.”

― Elmore Leonard

“I always work with a coach. That’s just a personal thing that I like to do. During interviews, you’ll hear more of my accent, and I’ll stress the wrong words.”

― Elodie Yung

“’Content’ is a word that has never sat well with me. Like ‘maturity’. They are two words I’ve never liked. I think they imply some sort of decay. A settling.”

― Elvis Costello

“I was sort of a loner as a kid, so radio was where I turned for companionship. I loved the music and how the DJs talked about the artists and used words to paint pictures to evoke emotion.”

― Elvis Duran

“The documentary ‘Certifiably Jonathan’ has engrossing moments in it. How can it not? It’s got a great subject – the extraordinarily voluble comedian Jonathan Winters, whose constant rush of words can be like a blizzard: beautiful, maddening, exhausting, and finally beautiful again. But it’s not a great film.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“Given how unflinching his productions have been, the 44-year-old McQueen is remarkably gentle and thoughtful – so much so that he will request a moment to consider a question, and turn it around in his head to get the shape and weight of it, before answering, occasionally with an excited rush of words in response.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“We die in proportion to the words we fling around us.”

― Emil Cioran

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all.”

― Emily Dickinson

“He ate and drank the precious Words, his Spirit grew robust; He knew no more that he was poor, nor that his frame was Dust.”

― Emily Dickinson

“I try to write about real women, real people – in other words flawed characters.”

― Emily Giffin

“It’s kind of like a challenge to myself to be able to hear somebody else’s hook and kind of interpret the words. Because my own hooks, I already know what I mean when I write them.”

― Eminem

“The fascination of somebody with original creative gifts is something that’s always drawn me. I get attached to them, but I can’t call it being in love, because the words are so debased.”

― Emma Tennant

“Hermione uses all these big long tongue twister words. I don’t know what she’s going on about half the time!”

― Emma Watson

“Always remember the last words of my grandfather, who said: ‘A truck!’”

― Emo Philips

“If you scroll through all the movies I’ve worked on, you can understand how I was a specialist in westerns, love stories, political movies, action thrillers, horror movies, and so on. So in other words, I’m no specialist, because I’ve done everything. I’m a specialist in music.”

― Ennio Morricone

“If I cannot understand my friend’s silence, I will never get to understand his words.”

― Enoch Powell

“All philosophy lies in two words, sustain and abstain.”

― Epictetus

“I provide the bricks and mortar with the words and situations – the director and the actors and the designers build the house.”

― Eric Bogosian

“Mark my words, Michael Van Gerwen will knock Phil Taylor off his perch one day and be the best darts player on the planet.”

― Eric Bristow

“I write about five thousand words a day, when working on a book, about three thousand a day if I’m writing a short story. I take long periods off between projects, when I read a lot, garden, and think about the next book or stories.”

― Eric Brown

“Let’s put it this way: if you are a novelist, I think you start out with a 20 word idea, and you work at it and you wind up with a 200,000 word novel. We, picture-book people, or at least I, start out with 200,000 words and I reduce it to 20.”

― Eric Carle

“The two most important words in marriage for me are ‘yes, dear.’”

― Eric Close

“I am quite convinced now… that the actual training of drawing cartoons – which is, of course, my style – led to my producing Spot. Cartoons must be very simple and have as few words as possible, and so, too, must the ‘Spot’ books.”

― Eric Hill

“It is not so much the example of others we imitate as the reflection of ourselves in their eyes and the echo of ourselves in their words.”

― Eric Hoffer

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will make me go in a corner and cry by myself for hours.”

― Eric Idle

“If I’m a bank, and I’m making risky loans, I have an incentive, if I can, to make those loans using other people’s money: in other words, to make highly leveraged loans.”

― Eric Maskin

“When I voted against the cap-and-trade bill, the phone rang and it was the chief of staff of the president of the United States of America, Rahm Emanuel, and he started swearing at me in terms and words that I hadn’t heard since that crossing the line ceremony on the USS New Jersey in 1983.”

― Eric Massa

“With these scripts and these writers, so much of it is done for me. Because we don’t just throw words around: we make sure the audience understands.”

― Eric McCormack

“In the future, things will truncate! No, in the age of Twitter, we can’t be upset when words become shorter.”

― Eric McCormack

“Language is powerful. Words matter.”

― Eric Metaxas

“Let me tell you something you already know: reading is critically important – especially for Christian believers. God, after all, reveals Himself to us in the written words of Scripture. Think about it: when we read the Word, we place ourselves in the very presence of God.”

― Eric Metaxas

“I think the fact that I use salty words in my Bonhoeffer book would tip you off that I’m no prude, exactly.”

― Eric Metaxas

“When are programmers happy? They’re happy when they’re not underutilized – when they’re not bored – and also when they’re not overburdened with inappropriate specifications or meaningless bureaucracies. In other words, programmers are happiest when they’re working efficiently. This is a general preference in creative work.”

― Eric S. Raymond

“I don’t really care about a song or lyrics; I’m really just interested in the way people emphasize words. That’s what makes a strong impact on me.”

― Erik Hassle

“The Nazis hijacked the Jewish thing early on by defining it as ‘the Jewish problem’ and started looking for a solution. These are not just words.”

― Erik Larson

“If you have ever been in a real tragic or sad situation, the words that come out are hopelessly inadequate and kind of cliched.”

― Erika Slezak

“Words take on many different meanings.”

― Erin McKean

“All words have life cycles.”

― Erin McKean

“If words are doing their job, then their novelty will not be the most noticeable thing about them.”

― Erin McKean

“I think we would all like to believe that every new event demands a new word. But we’re environmentally conscious with our words. We recycle words we’ve got.”

― Erin McKean

“Writers who hedge their use of unfamiliar, infrequent, or informal words with ‘I know that’s not a real word,’ hoping to distance themselves from criticism, run the risk of creating doubt where perhaps none would have naturally arisen.”

― Erin McKean

“There are hundreds of thousands of words that aren’t in any print dictionary today… because there’s no space for all of them.”

― Erin McKean

“Almost any word can be drafted to serve as a verb, even words we think of as eternal and unchanging, stuck in their more traditional roles.”

― Erin McKean

“Objections to verbification in English tend to be motivated by personal taste, not clarity. Verbed words are usually easily understood. When a word like ‘friend’ is declared not a verb, the problem isn’t that it’s confusing; it’s that the protester finds it deeply annoying.”

― Erin McKean

“Words are so lovable. How could you not love words?”

― Erin McKean

“By the time the traditionally male lexicographers become interested in looking at fashion words, their origins are lost in the mists of time.”

― Erin McKean

“I binge write. I think it’s because I started seriously writing by participating in National Novel Writing Month, an online-based challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days.”

― Erin Morgenstern

“Writers used to make such wonderful pictures without all that swearing, all that cursing. And now it seems that you can’t say three words without cursing. And I don’t think that’s right.”

― Ernest Borgnine

“Words mean nothing. Action is the only thing. Doing. That’s the only thing.”

― Ernest Gaines

“All our words from loose using have lost their edge.”

― Ernest Hemingway

“All my life I’ve looked at words as though I were seeing them for the first time.”

― Ernest Hemingway

“But even in the Christian religion, much of its real meaning is hidden by words that are misleading and symbols that but few understand.”

― Ernest Holmes

“I would like to have an assortment of words, but what can I say about Leo? He is breaking all the records, and those he will still beat. He makes the public always expect something special from him, and he delivers it.”

― Ernesto Valverde

“What makes me furious, not just because we’re in an interview, but I don’t like when writers take your words and put them somewhere else, in the wrong context in their own article about you.”

― Erykah Badu

“I grew up with a love of words.”

― Essie Davis

“You have to look at the value of different kinds of words. Adjectives weaken, and adverbs come even farther down the line. Verbs are strong; verbs and nouns.”

― Ethan Canin

“I am known to be able to take care of myself when I become angry. I don’t mince words.”

― Ethel Merman

“Nature is a dictionary; one draws words from it.”

― Eugene Delacroix

“I don’t know what a credit bubble means. I don’t even know what a bubble means. These words have become popular. I don’t think they have any meaning.”

― Eugene Fama

“The only thing you have to know are your words.”

― Eva Gabor

“I find a lot of swearing in films. And I guess that shows my age. But I also feel that where they say those words, they could just as easily have written other words.”

― Eva Marie Saint

“When I write a song, it’s all about the riff – the riff first, then the words come later.”

― Evan Dando

“Those are the two best words in English, ‘Bidding’ and ‘war’.”

― Evan Daugherty

“I wouldn’t say I see things visually first, but what I do think is important, for a lot of screenwriters, is to not just think about the words on the page, but also the world as a whole and the vibe of the movie, rather than a sequence of scenes written on the page.”

― Evan Daugherty

“A chair’s function is not just to provide a place to sit; it is to provide a medium for self-expression. Chairs are about status, for example. Or signalling something about oneself. That’s why the words chair, seat and bench have found themselves used to describe high status professions, from academia to Parliament to the law.”

― Evan Davis

“I don’t have any ambitions as an actor. I felt very uncomfortable doing it. The first take every day I’d open my mouth and no words would come out. I’d do a couple of takes and eventually I could run the lines.”

― Evan Glodell

“The promoted tweet is a real tweet that a company may have sent out that they want more distribution for. They will buy key words for it. If people are looking for something related, it will show up.”

― Evan Williams

“When I hear the words ‘Women should be barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen,’ I think, ‘What. A. Dream.’ There are no negative connotations to it.”

― Evangeline Lilly

“When I was 14 years old, I was crazy about Dr. Seuss. I loved the words he made up, and I just thought, ‘Well, if he can make up words, then I can make up words.’”

― Evangeline Lilly

“I like to dabble in different things, but music is my first love. It connects to me in a way my side projects don’t because it’s so personal. I write the words. Music is like my diary. It’s my therapy.”

― Eve

“’Lip Lock’ is a play on words. It sounds flirty and fun. Also, my lips are one of my favorite features. Also, it’s like, literally locking the game down with my words because I’m a lyricist.”

― Eve

“One forgets words as one forgets names. One’s vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die.”

― Evelyn Waugh

“I put the words down and push them a bit.”

― Evelyn Waugh

“From the throes of inspiration and the eddies of thought the poet may at last be able to arrive at, and convey the right admixture of words and meaning.”

― Eyvind Johnson

“I reverence the Constitution of the United States as a sacred document. To me its words are akin to the revelations of God, for God has placed his stamp of approval on the Constitution of this land.”

― Ezra Taft Benson

“With Dick Smith there, and the words of Peter Shaffer… they’ve got to be the most beautiful descriptions in music ever written on film or in literature. And we could hear the music accompanying the words… What more can you ask for?”

― F. Murray Abraham

“You can stroke people with words.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald

“Writing is a solitary profession; you are really alone when you write. Then the emotions become well shaped and distinct. But their transition into words must be done deliberately and with rigid artistry.”

― F. Sionil Jose

“Sometimes directors may not give you words, you know? They may not talk at all! You’ve just got to use your radar to figure out how you can get to the center and not lose yourself, but still be directed at the same time.”

― Faith Prince

“Contrary to the negative stereotype that folks who swear have poor vocabularies, a fluency in taboo language correlates with overall verbal fluency. The more words you know, the more you know… and the more colorfully you can express yourself, with nuance, metaphor, and emotion.”

― Faith Salie

“What offends me the most when I hear criticisms about this so-called Africa bias is how quick we are to focus on the words and propaganda of a few powerful, influential individuals, and to forget about the millions of anonymous people who suffer from their crimes.”

― Fatou Bensouda

“Having a book censored means something. It means you have deeply offended one or more people who felt they needed to protect unsuspecting readers from your inflammatory words, thoughts, and images.”

― Felice Picano

“Instead of explaining the sober facts of mechanics and electricity, I want to say a few words about the debt which we owe to youth; and with your permission I shall consider you as representing here not only the academic youth of Sweden nor even of Europe but also of America.”

― Felix Bloch

“All our work, our whole life is a matter of semantics, because words are the tools with which we work, the material out of which laws are made, out of which the Constitution was written. Everything depends on our understanding of them.”

― Felix Frankfurter

“People often complain that music is too ambiguous, that what they should think when they hear it is so unclear, whereas everyone understands words. With me, it is exactly the opposite, and not only with regard to an entire speech but also with individual words.”

― Felix Mendelssohn

“These seem to me so ambiguous, so vague, so easily misunderstood in comparison to genuine music, which fills the soul with a thousand things better than words.”

― Felix Mendelssohn

“Outside speech, the association that is made in the memory between words having something in common creates different groups, series, families, within which very diverse relations obtain but belonging to a single category: these are associative relations.”

― Ferdinand de Saussure

“Within speech, words are subject to a kind of relation that is independent of the first and based on their linkage: these are syntagmatic relations, of which I have spoken.”

― Ferdinand de Saussure

“Liverpool gave me a second home. I was 24, I left my team, my town, and I went there. My memories there are just amazing. I have no words to thank them enough, and that’s why I will always be a fan.”

― Fernando Torres

“I watch a lot of movies, and sometimes I watch the same ones a lot of times, so you get to learn a lot of words that way.”

― Filipe Luis

“With regards to the fans, whenever I’ve played in the Atletico shirt, I have given all that I can. I think I will win the fans back on the field and not with words.”

― Filipe Luis

“Many are ready, when listening to the inventor, to belittle and deny his achievements so that he will no longer be heard in honourable places, but after some months or a year, they use the inventor’s words in speech or writing or design.”

― Filippo Brunelleschi

“As a journalist, your words are regularly read by lots of people, but they’re not your words: they’re someone else’s. You’re quoting people.”

― Fiona Barton

“Writing is not just about putting words on a page. Ideas have to cook first.”

― Fiona Barton

“When I was younger, I had conversations with friends about wanting to create something different. Every young musician probably thinks that. But it’s difficult to do, because there are only so many words, notes, melodies, songs. But as soon as I stopped thinking and started feeling, it worked. I didn’t realize it till I was done.”

― FKA twigs

“I’ve never been into the typical R&B voice, with runs and bluesy sounding words. That doesn’t suit me.”

― FKA twigs

“I write exactly what I think. If it’s a raw subject, I write lots of things and then pull out all the fluff words.”

― FKA twigs

“It is clear enough that you are making some distinction in what you said, that there is some nicety of terminology in your words. I can’t quite follow you.”

― Flann O’Brien

“My Finnish is… I’m sounding like a three-year-old, at my best. It’s super hard to really have a conversation, unfortunately. I know a lot of words, and so reading signs and stuff is becoming better, or going to a supermarket. But some specific words, of course, you don’t get in your first year.”

― Floor Jansen

“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.”

― Flora Lewis

“Some last words seem flat-out unbelievable.”

― Florence King

“If last words are to be audible and coherent, they need to be delivered before you have any tubes up your nose or down your throat. Otherwise, the nurse gets the last word when she says, ‘Don’t try to talk, honey.’”

― Florence King

“I think one’s feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results.”

― Florence Nightingale

“When I was in the ring at the Olympics, it was my father’s words that I was hearing, not the coaches’. ‘I never listened to what the coaches said. I would call my father and he would give me advice from prison.”

― Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

“A new laboratory technique, positron emission tomography, uses radioactively labeled oxygen or glucose that essentially lights up specific and different areas of the brain being activated when a person speaks words or sees words or hears words, revealing the organic location for areas of behavioral malfunction.”

― Floyd Skloot

“What people love about Santorum is he is who is he. He speaks his words. He loves God. He loves his country, and he loves gays.”

― Foster Friess

“If you are of the opinion that the contemplation of suicide is sufficient evidence of a poetic nature, do not forget that actions speak louder than words.”

― Fran Lebowitz

“Carry a big basket. In other words, be open to new ideas, different partners, and new practices, and have a willingness to dump out the old and irrelevant to make room for new approaches.”

― Frances Hesselbein

“Surely it is time to examine into the meaning of words and the nature of things, and to arrive at simple facts, not received upon the dictum of learned authorities, but upon attentive personal observation of what is passing around us.”

― Frances Wright

“We hear of the wealth of nations, of the powers of production, of the demand and supply of markets, and we forget that these words mean no more, if they mean any thing, then the happiness, and the labor, and the necessities of men.”

― Frances Wright

“I was born into a profession in which my love of words, chosen with care for their meaning and nuance, was extremely important, not only to me, but also to the people with whom I worked with.”

― Francesco Quinn

“People feel like using the word ‘joke’ removes responsibility for the hurt their words may cause. It doesn’t; in fact, it may make things worse.”

― Franchesca Ramsey

“Discretion of speech is more than eloquence, and to speak agreeably to him with whom we deal is more than to speak in good words, or in good order.”

― Francis Bacon

“He that hath knowledge spareth his words.”

― Francis Bacon

“Even in my own church I heard the words, ‘Francis Chan’ more than I heard the words, ‘Holy Spirit.’”

― Francis Chan

“Do codons overlap? In other words, as we read along the genetic message do we find a base which is a member of two or more codons? It now seems fairly certain that codons do not overlap.”

― Francis Crick

“I want to know why I read as a child with such a frantic appetite, why I sucked the words off the page with such an edge of desperation.”

― Francis Spufford

“I get so much inspiration from my travels, but I also started an exercise where I write down so many words every week. Then I begin crossing them off. We create a grid of words and also images, but words for me are more ample because you can interpret them your own way.”

― Francisco Costa

“The whole secret of the campaigns unleashed against Spain can be explained in two words: masonry and communism… we have to extirpate these two evils from our land.”

― Francisco Franco

“I had one of those farcical bar mitzvahs where they spell out the words phonetically on index cards, and you don’t even know what you’re saying.”

― Francisco Goldman

“As great minds have the faculty of saying a great deal in a few words, so lesser minds have a talent of talking much, and saying nothing.”

― Francois de La Rochefoucauld

“As it is the characteristic of great wits to say much in few words, so small wits seem to have the gift of speaking much and saying nothing.”

― Francois de La Rochefoucauld

“Nothing is more despicable than a professional talker who uses his words as a quack uses his remedies.”

― Francois Fenelon

“Genuine good taste consists in saying much in few words, in choosing among our thoughts, in having order and arrangement in what we say, and in speaking with composure.”

― Francois Fenelon

“Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.”

― Francois Rabelais

“’Matisse and Picasso’ is a little like Plato after Socrates. Socrates only taught in words. He didn’t write. And after that, you had Plato and Aristotle to write about what he had said. I write about them because they didn’t write about them.”

― Francoise Gilot

“Boxing is the toughest and loneliest sport in the world. You’ve got all the fans, lots of hangers-on jumping up and shouting different words. But when you actually go in the ring, it’s a very lonely and scary place. It’s just you and the other guy.”

― Frank Bruno

“I am something of a ham. Yeah, I’d always been a writer. But in high school, I acted in plays. So it wasn’t as if you had to drag the words out of my vocal chords.”

― Frank Deford

“You’re writing about young, vibrant people; there are wins and losses. In other words, it’s great drama.”

― Frank Deford

“I am a man of few words, but many riddles.”

― Frank Gorshin

“There are words that work, that are meant to explain and educate on policies that work, on products that work, on services that work. I’m not going to ever try to sell a lemon. I don’t do that.”

― Frank Luntz

“Words can sometimes be used to confuse, but it’s up to the practitioners of the study of language to apply them for good and not for evil. It is just like fire; fire can heat your house or burn it down.”

― Frank Luntz

“It is more raw and unfettered and I’m more likely going into something you could call extreme cartooning. There’s a lot of that in the course of ‘Holy Terror.’ There are interludes where there are pictures – cartoon pictures – of modern figures and they are all wordless. It’s up to readers to put the words in.”

― Frank Miller

“Generally, my notes and outlines comprise more words than my novels. I suppose that’s one reason I’m a comparatively slow writer, something that has always bothered me given the fact that other authors can turn out a book every six months while I usually take about two years.”

― Frank Peretti

“In other words we have marketed our way into this health crisis.”

― Frank Shorter

“I have this peculiar ability to be able to anticipate mouth movements on screen and fill them with words or sound.”

― Frank Welker

“OMG, I have my ‘Mamma Mia!’ playbill framed in my bedroom. It was magical! I totally cried… a lot! I remember collecting playbills my entire life, and then to be in one… I have no words.”

― Frankie Grande

“I know all the words to Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire.’”

― Frankie Grande

“Hunting for malware requires highly specialized knowledge of the intricacies of the domain name system – the protocol that allows us to type email addresses and website names to initiate communication. DNS enables our words to set in motion a chain of connections between servers, which in turn delivers the results we desire.”

― Franklin Foer

“In other words, we are interested in the anatomical and mental characteristics of men living under the same biological, geographical, and social environment, and as determined by their past.”

― Franz Boas

“Inspiration is enough to give expression to the tone in singing, especially when the song is without words.”

― Franz Liszt

“Music embodies feeling without forcing it to contend and combine with thought, as it is forced in most arts and especially in the art of words.”

― Franz Liszt

“Emotionally, I was affected a lot by Rage Against the Machine, not specifically the literal intention of the words or what it was about, but the feel, the sound, those phrases that got me.”

― Fred Durst

“I don’t know if I’m striving for anything that I can put into words.”

― Fred Frith

“We might not be back. I might be in jail. I might be anywhere. But when I leave, you’ll remember I said, with the last words on my lips, that I am a revolutionary. And you’re going to have to keep on saying that. You’re going to have to say that I am a proletariat; I am the people.”

― Fred Hampton

“Words about Lincoln fill a small but ever-growing library.”

― Fred Kaplan

“The challenge of a president himself struggling to find the conjunction between the right words and honest expression, a use of language that respects intellect, truth, and sincerity, has largely been abandoned.”

― Fred Kaplan

“Actually ideas are everywhere. It’s the paperwork, that is, sitting down and thinking them into a coherent story, trying to find just the right words, that can and usually does get to be labor.”

― Fred Saberhagen

“I had just done a movie called ‘How to Beat the High Cost of Living,’ and it didn’t get a good review. And the same people sent me the script for ‘Airplane!’ for the Robert Hays part. I read it, and there were a lot of plays on words, and I said, ‘I don’t like this kind of comedy.’”

― Fred Willard

“My first job was four words in ‘Family Matters.’ It was huge!”

― Freddie Prinze, Jr.

“Kind words produce happiness. How often have we ourselves been made happy by kind words, in a manner and to an extent which we are unable to explain!”

― Frederick William Faber

“Kind thoughts are rarer than either kind words or deeds. They imply a great deal of thinking about others. This in itself is rare. But they also imply a great deal of thinking about others without the thoughts being criticisms. This is rarer still.”

― Frederick William Faber

“If I may use such a word when I am speaking of religious subjects, it is by voice and words that men ‘mesmerize’ each other. Hence it is that the world is converted by the voice of the preacher.”

― Frederick William Faber

“We know, in other words, the general conditions in which what we call, somewhat misleadingly, an equilibrium will establish itself: but we never know what the particular prices or wages are which would exist if the market were to bring about such an equilibrium.”

― Friedrich August von Hayek

“When death has you by the throat, you don’t mince words.”

― Friedrich Durrenmatt

“Words are but symbols for the relations of things to one another and to us; nowhere do they touch upon absolute truth.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

“To use the same words is not a sufficient guarantee of understanding; one must use the same words for the same genus of inward experience; ultimately one must have one’s experiences in common.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

“Big Rube was on my first album and some of my mixtapes. His words are so powerful. I want to speak every word he says into existence. I wanna be a part of that! I wanna be a part of greatness. His wordplay is great to me.”

― Future

“Jimi Hendrix, he was a rock star. But he played guitar; I don’t. I’ve just found ways to use words to make my mark in this history book.”

― Future

“I just hear a beat and start mumbling words. I just hear sounds and rhythms, and it just kind of comes intuitively. Formatting a song, figuring out a flow, how I respond to the beat.”

― G-Eazy

“For me, practice and discipline are the magic words to become big in any sport, especially soccer.”

― Gabriel Batistuta

“It’s important to have good tunes, but words are the thing for me.”

― Gabrielle Aplin

“Americans don’t like puns and plays on words, which is totally opposite in the comedy world to France or even Italy and Germany.”

― Gad Elmaleh

“I discovered that it’s not really about the language. It’s about how the words are pronounced and the delivery. We have plenty of good English-speaking comedians. It’s O.K. if I have my accent, my gestures, my way of speaking.”

― Gad Elmaleh

“In many instances, mate choice is a compensatory process. In other words, both men and women choose prospective mates by combining their scores on several key attributes.”

― Gad Saad

“All of world’s eyes are trained on the Games. So winning at that stage is heroic. It is a different feeling altogether and cannot be explained in words.”

― Gagan Narang

“If a big person invests time in reading, kids learn reading is important, the child is important, words are important, stories are important.”

― Gail Carson Levine

“You know, I have a lot of books on my iPad, but when I try to read them, I find myself wandering off to play games. Those are books I’m interested in. I can’t imagine what would have happened to me in college if my biology class had been on the same computer as ‘Words With Friends’ and ‘Doom.’”

― Gail Collins

“When the simple word processors came in, writing became crisper, less dense – just because of the way we could instantly edit on the screen. Now the ability to mash up words and pictures and links and songs and tweets is what matters. I can’t imagine what writing will be like in 2154.”

― Gail Collins

“The combination of pictures and words together can be really effective, and I began to realise in my career that unless I wrote my own words, then my message was diluted.”

― Galen Rowell

“There’s no question that photographs communicate more instantly and powerfully than words do, but if you want to communicate a complex concept clearly, you need words, too.”

― Galen Rowell

“The reason that I keep writing is that all my most powerful messages about the fates of wild places that I care about need to have words as well as images.”

― Galen Rowell

“People do not want words – they want the sound of battle – the battle of destiny.”

― Gamal Abdel Nasser

“When you use words, you’re able to keep your mind alive. Writing is my way of reaffirming my own existence.”

― Gao Xingjian

“Various political parties, even if they’re in direct opposition with one another, still say they are the spokesperson for the people. The writer must speak his own words and not get mixed up with politics.”

― Gao Xingjian

“If the great Government of the United States were a private corporation no bank would take its name on a piece of paper, because it has cynically repudiated the words engraved upon its bonds.”

― Garet Garrett

“Whenever people speak, you give the opposition the opportunity to use those words as they see fit.”

― Gareth Southgate

“You always have to be conscious of how your words can provide motivation to the opposition.”

― Gareth Southgate

“If God came down here with the box that had the reason for living in it, I’d like to find just 2 words: The Music. That would be neat.”

― Garth Brooks

“I like to write books that I would have liked as a child, that would have got me thinking and imagining beyond the words on the page. In a way, my audience is always how I remember myself as a child.”

― Garth Nix

“I’m a writer because I love reading. I love the conversation between a reader and a writer, and that it all takes place in a book-sort of a neutral ground. A writer puts down the words, and a reader interprets the words, and every reader will read a book differently. I love that.”

― Garth Stein

“Because of the way my words get scrutinized, I have to use a level of precision so people don’t accuse me of misleading them.”

― Gary Bettman

“For a stage actor to be there with the words and the creator of the words – it doesn’t get much better than that.”

― Gary Cole

“I could list hundreds of words I’ve come up against in the course of my work that did not exist in the era of which I was writing and for which I never could find a suitably old-time, archaic or obsolete substitute.”

― Gary Jennings

“There’s something so wonderful about writing in rhyme where it isn’t just the meaning of the words, it’s the music to the words and the shape and the sound.”

― Gary Ross

“I’m a storyteller. I love to tell stories about brands. I love to tell stories, period. I like painting pictures through the words, and that’s what I do.”

― Gary Vaynerchuk

“The problem of forgetting might not torment us so much if we could only convince ourselves that remembering isn’t important. Perhaps the things we learn – words, dates, formulas, historical and biographical details – don’t really matter. Facts can be looked up. That’s what the Internet is for.”

― Gary Wolf

“The words of the world want to make sentences.”

― Gaston Bachelard

“Every time I see my words quoted, I go, ‘Yeah!’”

― Gavin McInnes

“Bob Dylan has a way with words that simply blows me away. When he forgets his lyrics he just makes up new ones on the spot, that is what I called talented!”

― Gavin Rossdale

“Any film featuring Bradley Cooper’s gorgeous blue eyes is automatically on my must-see list and they did not disappoint in ‘The Words,’ which is so intense and confusing that I was pretty lost by the end!”

― Gayle King

“My first memory of the Rolling Stones is listening to ‘Satisfaction’ at a sixth-grade slumber party at a friend’s house in Ankara, Turkey, where my family was living at the time. In the middle of our sleepover, my friend’s dad stopped the record when he heard the words ‘girlie action!’”

― Gayle King

“You don’t want to become guilty of plagiarism by letting someone else’s words get inadvertently mixed in with your own. If you do feel the need to paste in a block of research while you’re writing, be sure to highlight the copied text in a different color so you can go back and remove or rewrite it entirely later.”

― Gayle Lynds

“I took a Logo programming class in fifth grade. Logo is a language specifically designed for the classroom environment. It was basically doodling through words.”

― Gene Luen Yang

“I love the interplay between words and pictures. I love the fact that in comics, your pictures are acting like words, presenting themselves to be read.”

― Gene Luen Yang

“Dichotomies are an inherent part of comics, aren’t they? Comics are both pictures and words. They blend time and space. Many feature characters with dual identities like Bruce Wayne/Batman. Cartoonists also tend to live dichotomous lives because many of us have day jobs.”

― Gene Luen Yang

“My mind jumbles things, reassembles them, and plays with words without even being asked.”

― Genesis P-Orridge

“Kids who are poor often have families that have not really been kept informed about… how important it is to read to your child, to reduce stresses in their life, to use positive incentives and words.”

― Geoffrey Canada

“I hope that by going to visit the pope I have enabled everybody to see that the words Catholic and Protestant, as ordinarily used, are completely out of date. They are almost always used now purely for propaganda purposes. That is why so much trouble is caused by them.”

― Geoffrey Fisher

“I do love perusing the dictionary to find how many words I don’t use – words that have specific, sharp, focused meaning. I also love the sound of certain words. I love the sound of the word pom-pom.”

― Geoffrey Rush

“Your words smell of corpses.”

― Georg Buchner

“We have no words for speaking of wisdom to the stupid. He who understands the wise is wise already.”

― Georg C. Lichtenberg

“I have written 30,000 words in a month – think of it – 30,000! I hope I am putting the right number of naughts: an average of a thousand words a day! For thirty days!”

― George A. Moore

“When you’re working with a low budget, the most expensive time is the time spent on the set. The words of the day are, ‘Get off the set as quickly as possible,’ and so CG enables you to do that.”

― George A. Romero

“Yet none use their words more recklessly than the strong, who have not been sobered by the rebuffs and uncertainties of life.”

― George A. Smith

“A man never feels more important than when he receives a telegram containing more than ten words.”

― George Ade

“So long as I confine my thoughts to my own ideas divested of words, I do not see how I can be easily mistaken.”

― George Berkeley

“The words I use too often are X-rated, something an old man like me shouldn’t be talking about anyway.”

― George Clinton

“Who would name their kid Jack with the last words ‘off’ at the end of the last name? No wonder that guy is screwed up.”

― George Clooney

“Is there not an art, a music, and a stream of words that shalt be life, the acknowledged voice of life?”

― George Edward Woodberry

“Words are intermediary between thought and things. We express ourselves really not through words, which are only signs, but through what they signify – through things.”

― George Edward Woodberry

“Our words have wings, but fly not where we would.”

― George Eliot

“The finest language is mostly made up of simple unimposing words.”

― George Eliot

“It is easy to say how we love new friends, and what we think of them, but words can never trace out all the fibers that knit us to the old.”

― George Eliot

“When people say the words ‘singer-songwriter,’ I think they have an image in their heads of someone with an acoustic guitar who is a bit woe-is-me. I’d like to think that I’m not one of those. I’m quite a happy person.”

― George Ezra

“I am not one who – who flamboyantly believes in throwing a lot of words around.”

― George H. W. Bush

“Good words are worth much, and cost little.”

― George Herbert

“When you create advertising, always start with the words.”

― George Lois

“When you think of a brand, you should immediately understand it from the advertising attitude, from the words and visuals.”

― George Lois

“Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence. In other words, it is war minus the shooting.”

― George Orwell

“The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink.”

― George Orwell

“We are absolutely going to have to provide fiscal security to people; in other words, we are going to have to show the country and the world that the country can live within its means.”

― George Osborne

“I even dream about writing. I’m talking seeing words across the page, whole paragraphs.”

― George Pelecanos

“If I had my druthers, I wouldn’t have anyone’s words in my script but my own, but if you want complete autonomy, just stick to novels.”

― George Pelecanos

“If Trump’s own words didn’t convince you what a loathsome person he is, certainly nothing that I say or do will sway you.”

― George Perez

“I can see a scene in my head, and when I try to get it down in words on paper, the words are clunky; the scene is not coming across right. So frustrating. And there are days where it keeps flowing. Open the floodgates, and there it is. Pages and pages coming. Where the hell does this all come from? I don’t know.”

― George R. R. Martin

“Faith is an excitement and an enthusiasm: it is a condition of intellectual magnificence to which we must cling as to a treasure, and not squander on our way through life in the small coin of empty words, or in exact and priggish argument.”

― George Sand

“The word ‘funny’ is a bit like the word ‘love’ – we don’t have enough words to describe the many varieties.”

― George Saunders

“Words that are saturated with lies or atrocity, do not easily resume life.”

― George Steiner

“The President had every reason to believe that the text presented to him was sound… These 16 words should never have been included in the text written for the president.”

― George Tenet

“Steve McQueen was the guy who said less, and everything was all behind his words and what he didn’t say, and you still felt emotionally connected and rooted behind him.”

― George Tillman, Jr.

“For diplomacy to be effective, words must be credible – and no one can now doubt the word of America.”

― George W. Bush

“My wife has been my greatest earthly inspiration. She excels in eloquence, the poetry of words, empathy and graciousness.”

― George W. Romney

“I don’t expect people to forget my brash words or deeds. But I ask that they try to remember the actions that I took that were designed to help them.”

― George Wallace

“A slender acquaintance with the world must convince every man that actions, not words, are the true criterion of the attachment of friends.”

― George Washington

“A politician’s words reveal less about what he thinks about his subject than what he thinks about his audience.”

― George Will

“Let us lose none of their humble words, let us note their slightest gestures, and tell me, tell me that we will think of them together, now and later, when we realise the misery of the times and the magnitude of their sacrifice.”

― Georges Duhamel

“I have always tried to write in a simple way, using down-to-earth and not abstract words.”

― Georges Simenon

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”

― Georgia O’Keeffe

“It’s hard to put into words, really, how proud I am and great it is to represent Wales because, in cycling, it’s a little-known country, so it’s nice to put it on the map.”

― Geraint Thomas

“I can always write. Sometimes, to be sure, what I write is crap, but it’s words on the page and therefore it is something to work with.”

― Geraldine Brooks

“Both my parents loved words. That was the big deal in our house.”

― Geraldine Brooks

“It is my great good luck the words I use are English words, which means I live in a very old nation of open borders; a rich, deep, multi-layered, promiscuous universe, infused with Latin, German, French, Greek, Arabic and countless other tongues.”

― Geraldine Brooks

“Well, unfortunately, my father passed away before my first book was published, so he never lived to see me as an author. But I think my mum was suitably pleased because she was mad about words. If she ever came across a word that she didn’t know, she would always look it up in the dictionary.”

― Geraldine McCaughrean

“I know words sometimes have consequences, but I try to choose the correct words every time.”

― Gerard Pique

“There are no words to describe Leo. He continues to break records every time one is put in front of him.”

― Gerardo Martino

“It is very difficult to find appropriate words to say ‘thank you’ for an honour like the Nobel Prize. It is the supreme honour that a scientist can receive. Some of the giants in physics and chemistry have received this prize.”

― Gerhard Herzberg

“I trust, that your readers will not construe my words to mean, that I would not have gone to a 3 o’clock in the morning session, for the sake of defeating the Nebraska bill.”

― Gerrit Smith

“It is difficult to express in words the feelings of happiness and pride which fill me.”

― Gherman Titov

“I feel like I can communicate much better using images than words.”

― Gia Coppola

“The universal principle of etymology in all languages: words are carried over from bodies and from the properties of bodies to express the things of the mind and spirit. The order of ideas must follow the order of things.”

― Giambattista Vico

“I think ‘understanding’ and ‘acceptance’ are the most important words.”

― Gigi Gorgeous

“In other words, DC was never harmed by the paper shortages.”

― Gil Kane

“Whether someone wants to learn the words to a new Lady Gaga song they heard on the radio or to verify the lyrics to ‘Blinded by the Light’, the LyricWiki community delivers.”

― Gil Penchina

“My songs were always about the tone of voice rather than the words.”

― Gil Scott-Heron

“Some comedians tell nice jokes that you can tell to your kids. Some use bad words – they work ‘blue.’ If you don’t want to hear a joke that’s blue, you shouldn’t go to a comedy club where a comedian who makes blue jokes is performing.”

― Gilbert Gottfried

“Science in the modern world has many uses; its chief use, however, is to provide long words to cover the errors of the rich.”

― Gilbert K. Chesterton

“Where words can be translated into equivalent words, the style of an original can be closely followed; but no translation which aims at being written in normal English can reproduce the style of Aristotle.”

― Gilbert Murray

“I try not to think too much about where my voice comes from. I’m channeling characters and emotion to come up with beautiful words that tell a story.”

― Gin Wigmore

“I won’t go to movies with permissiveness, four-letter words, or violence. Show me ‘E.T.’ and ‘Chariots of Fire’ instead. That’s entertainment, not exploitation of the human body.”

― Ginger Rogers

“I think ‘Actions speak louder than words’ is one thing, I think, I always took from my mom. And to this day, I think about that in everything I do.”

― Ginni Rometty

“When I think of revenue growth, I think of the words ‘mix’ and ‘shift.’”

― Ginni Rometty

“Almost all words do have color, and nothing is more pleasant than to utter a pink word and see someone’s eyes light up and know it is a pink word for him or her, too.”

― Gladys Taber

“With a lot of songs, songs that don’t make a good statement, I forget the words.”

― Glen Campbell

“I beg you, look for the words ‘social justice’ or ‘economic justice’ on your church Web site. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words.”

― Glenn Beck

“But when you get to a song, not only do you have to do a vocal melody, you have to write words and not be redundant and make some semblance of a story.”

― Glenn Danzig

“Playin’ bass runs and singin’ lead vox, is sometimes difficult, but I have three words for you: Practice, practice, practice!”

― Glenn Hughes

“Not only is your story worth telling, but it can be told in words so painstakingly eloquent that it becomes a song.”

― Gloria Naylor

“There’s been the same kind of demonizing of the word ‘feminism’ as words like ‘liberal,’ ‘affirmative action,’ and so on.”

― Gloria Steinem

“So, not for lack of love of language, but because I feel our language is in an enormous state of humiliation, I decided to make films without words.”

― Godfrey Reggio

“I can only spend words of thanks to the Juventus fans. I had two beautiful years there, and I can only thank them.”

― Gonzalo Higuain

“TV – a clever contraction derived from the words Terrible Vaudeville. However, it is our latest medium – we call it a medium because nothing’s well done.”

― Goodman Ace

“Animated films are so precisely engineered – right down to forming lines of dialogue with words pulled from several different takes – how do you translate that spontaneity from the live-action to the digital realm?”

― Gore Verbinski

“The four most beautiful words in our common language: I told you so.”

― Gore Vidal

“A woman is very sensitive and knows exactly when she is loved or not. Mere words don’t work.”

― Govinda

“Whether Earth was deliberately terraformed, in other words, or whether it was seeded with the spores of life from crashed comets or whether, indeed, life arose here spontaneously and accidentally, it is reasonable to hope that we might find traces of the same kind of process on Mars.”

― Graham Hancock

“The real art is not to come up with extraordinary clever words but to make ordinary simple words do extraordinary things. To use the language that we all use and to make amazing things occur.”

― Graham Swift

“I have to choose my words carefully because I don’t want to sound like one of those who goes on about how things were better in my day.”

― Graham Taylor

“When I think about a mid-table club like Everton spending £150 million during the summer, I am lost for words.”

― Granit Xhaka

“Only institutions that go about the old-fashioned business of taking in deposits from customer A and lending them out to customer B should be called banks. The rest should call themselves what they are. ‘Parlors’ would be appropriate, or ‘dens’ – words more suitable to venerable betting pursuits.”

― Graydon Carter

“I get giddy with the idea of stringing words together that make people laugh.”

― Greg Behrendt

“When the vastness of God meets the restriction of our own humanity, words can’t hold it. The best we can do is find the moments that rhyme with this expansive heart of God.”

― Greg Boyle

“I actually hate lyrics, and I hate it when they’re quoted in reviews. I don’t think they matter that much; it’s the sounds of words – not the words – that I look for.”

― Greg Gutfeld

“You can’t really describe how difficult it is to deal with. It is any athlete’s worst nightmare to be accused of cheating by taking drugs. It really is very difficult to put into words how it makes you feel.”

― Greg Rusedski

“What I ended up doing was becoming an actor who didn’t mind doing other people’s words.”

― Gregory Harrison

“When I did plays in high school and college, I never remember memorizing my lines, but once I had blocking, I had all my lines memorized. Once I had movement associated with words, it was fine. Before I had blocking, it was just text on a page. Once it became embodied, it was much easier.”

― Greta Gerwig

“I collect axioms, paradoxes, maxims, teaching stories, proverbs, and aphorisms of all sorts, because I love to see complex ideas distilled into a few words.”

― Gretchen Rubin

“My writing tends to become very dense, so I have to keep some cushion. Sometimes, words that seem superfluous are actually essential for the overall effect.”

― Gretchen Rubin

“I’ve always loved ‘Before and After’ stories, in books, magazines, and TV shows. Whenever I read those words, I’m hooked. The thought of a transformation – any kind of transformation – thrills me. And that’s the promise of habits.”

― Gretchen Rubin

“When I write, the first blank page, or any blank page, means nothing to me. What means something is a page that has been filled with words.”

― Guillermo Cabrera Infante

“You are just in the middle of a struggle with words which are really very stubborn things, with a blank page, with the damn thing that you use to write with, a pen or a typewriter, and you forget all about the reader when you are doing that.”

― Guillermo Cabrera Infante

“Puns are a form of humor with words.”

― Guillermo Cabrera Infante

“I don’t much believe in the idea of characters. I write with words, that is all. Whether those words are put in the mouth of this or that character does not matter to me.”

― Guillermo Cabrera Infante

“For me, words are just words, nothing else.”

― Guillermo Cabrera Infante

“When the attention is on me, off-camera, I get uncomfortable – sort of shy and at a loss for words, as you can probably tell?”

― Guillermo Diaz

“I have heard my fill of hurtful words. I think it’s especially egregious when citizens like me, who point out abuses in their country, are referred to as ‘do-gooders.’ This is how a phrase that can be used to stop an argument dead becomes part of common usage.”

― Gunter Grass

“I have found that words that are loaded with pathos and create a seductive euphoria are apt to promote nonsense.”

― Gunter Grass

“In general, I agree with Jacob Grimm and feel that we ought to permit changes and uncontrolled growth in language. Even though that also allows potentially threatening new words to develop, language needs the chance to constantly renew itself.”

― Gunter Grass

“Asceticism doesn’t lie in mere words; He is an ascetic who treats everyone alike. Asceticism doesn’t lie in visiting burial places; it lies not in wandering about nor in bathing at places of pilgrimage. Asceticism is to remain pure amidst impurities.”

― Guru Nanak

“If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.”

― Gustav Mahler

“The history of nations shows that words are not always immediately followed by action.”

― Gustav Stresemann

“Style is as much under the words as in the words. It is as much the soul as it is the flesh of a work.”

― Gustave Flaubert

“Ideas improve. The meaning of words participates in the improvement. Plagiarism is necessary. Progress implies it. It embraces an author’s phrase, makes use of his expressions, erases a false idea, and replaces it with the right idea.”

― Guy Debord

“My first words were always about food – I grew up in northern California, and when I was 10 years old, I had my own pretzel cart business.”

― Guy Fieri

“The most powerful way to convince the interviewer that you can do the job is to show how much you already know about the industry, the company, and the products/services of the company. In other words, enchant the interviewer with how much you already know.”

― Guy Kawasaki

“Very early in life I became fascinated with the wonders language can achieve. And I began playing with words.”

― Gwendolyn Brooks

“I know already the music I will write. But the words? I have not yet decided.”

― Gyorgy Ligeti

“’Liquid Swords’ just represents a sharp tongue, sharp words.”

― Gza

“One cannot be too careful in the selection of adjectives for descriptions. Words or compounds which describe precisely, and which convey exactly the right suggestions to the mind of the reader, are essential.”

― H. P. Lovecraft

“The earliest English attempts at rhyming probably included words whose agreement is so slight that it deserves the name of mere ‘assonance’ rather than that of actual rhyme.”

― H. P. Lovecraft

“Reagan’s enduring value as a conservative icon stems from his resolute preaching of the conservative gospel, in words that still warm the hearts of the most zealous conservatives. Yet Reagan’s value as a conservative model must begin with recognition of his flexibility in the pursuit of his conservative goals.”

― H. W. Brands

“It’s hard to get in the head of somebody. The closest we can get is through the words they’ve left behind, either their contemporary correspondence or after-the-fact memoirs.”

― H. W. Brands

“Why should I say I will retire in three or four years? You retire the very moment you utter those words.”

― Haile Gebrselassie

“Tori Amos had a major influence on how I craft words in a song. Until I heard ‘Little Earthquakes’ all my lyrics used really obvious analogies like rain for tears.”

― Hal Sparks

“Tori Amos had a major influence on how I craft words in a song.”

― Hal Sparks

“When you’re an artist, you’re expected to describe yourself in interviews every day in five words.”

― Halsey

“Based on 30 years of experience with the Iranians, they will give you 100 words. Trust only one of the 100.”

― Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani

“Nothing we use or hear or touch can be expressed in words that equal what is given by the senses.”

― Hannah Arendt

“My dad would tell me bedtime stories, and he used to always leave them open-ended and finish at a crucial point with the words, ‘dream on’. Then it was my responsibility to finish the story as I was drifting off to sleep. We would call them dreaming stories.”

― Hannah Kent

“Growing up in South London, we went to a school where there were not that many Jewish kids. I love being Jewish in L.A.; it feels really normal. The culture seems to be integrated into Hollywood. Everyone uses Yiddish words like ‘schlep’ and ‘schmooze.’ That’s what I love about New York, too.”

― Hannah Ware

“Gibberish rap is – I freestyle all the time, just hangin’ out with friends. And sometimes when I’m freestyling, I’ll lose my flow, you know, but I’ll still wanna – I don’t wanna just stop rapping because I lose my flow. So I’ll just put in nonsense words till I can bring in regular words again.”

― Hannibal Buress

“I like getting ‘Times’ articles online. But the actual paper just has too many words.”

― Hannibal Buress

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

― Hans Christian Andersen

“Painters must speak through paint, not through words.”

― Hans Hofmann

“So much of writing isn’t the fun parts like we get to discuss. It is sitting there putting the words down.”

― Hanya Yanagihara

“The words we use have weight. Whether it’s in a conversation with a friend or something said publicly on stage or broadcast. And as performers, we know that because that’s why we choose the words we use – that’s the whole point of comedy.”

― Hari Kondabolu

“Though typically paired with words like ‘organic,’ ‘harvest,’ or ‘natural,’ almost all granolas are fattening.”

― Harley Pasternak

“The real difference between the United States and other nations lies not in the words of the preamble to the Constitution, but in the fact that the substantive clauses of that Constitution are enforced by individuals independent of and not beholden to the elected branches.”

― Harold H. Greene

“Occasionally it does hit me, the words on a page. And I still love doing that, as I have for the last 60 years.”

― Harold Pinter

“I asked Ring Lardner the other day how he writes his short stories, and he said he wrote a few widely separated words or phrases on a piece of paper and then went back and filled in the spaces.”

― Harold Ross

“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.”

― Harold S. Geneen

“It is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises-but only performance is reality.”

― Harold S. Geneen

“But I now entered on my fifteenth year – a sad epoch in the life of a slave girl. My master began to whisper foul words in my ear. Young as I was, I could not remain ignorant of their import.”

― Harriet Ann Jacobs

“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”

― Harriet Beecher Stowe

“My strangest experience was my six words in ‘Star Wars.’ I’ve had more fanmail from that than anything I’ve ever done.”

― Harriet Walter

“Singers, like Frank Sinatra and myself, we interpret the songs that we like. Not unlike a Shakespearean actor that goes back to the greatest words ever written, we go back to the greatest songs and bring about my interpretation of them.”

― Harry Connick, Jr.

“It is jazz music that called me to be a musician and I have always sang the songs that moved me the most. Singers, like Frank Sinatra and myself, we interpret the songs that we like. Not unlike a Shakespearean actor that goes back to the greatest words ever written, we go back to the greatest songs.”

― Harry Connick, Jr.

“I have those dreams that you can’t put into words.”

― Harry Connick, Jr.

“I don’t recall what the first record I bought was, but I definitely remember hearing Creedence’s ‘Born on the Bayou’ and going out and buying it. The guitar and drums in that band were really good. I loved the words to the title track, and Fogerty’s voice sounded just great.”

― Harry Dean Stanton

“My parents both work in publishing, and I was a bright, academic kind of kid, and I read a lot of books, and when you read a lot, I guess the muscle that gets exercised is where you can hear the voices in your head. You can turn words into pictures and into sounds and into colours and smells.”

― Harry Lloyd

“What fascinated me mostly about Mickey Cohen was that he, in his later years, hired someone to help him to comprehend literature, to help him to read better, to understand words better.”

― Harvey Keitel

“What we call ‘morals’ is simply blind obedience to words of command.”

― Havelock Ellis

“In the dating game, the world is difficult because people don’t communicate, or they communicate, but then their actions speak louder than words.”

― Hayley Kiyoko

“The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels.”

― Hazrat Inayat Khan

“Compromise and tolerance are magic words. It took me 40 years to become philosophical.”

― Hedy Lamarr

“When words leave off, music begins.”

― Heinrich Heine

“Writing poetry makes you intensely conscious of how words sound, both aloud and inside the head of the reader. You learn the weight of words and how they sound to the ear.”

― Helen Dunmore

“Poets go through a very tough apprenticeship in the use of words.”

― Helen Dunmore

“The Internet lets women use words, which is their natural tool. Little girls speak in more complex, grammatical sentences than little boys do, and women never lose that superiority in verbal ability.”

― Helen Fisher

“Words are less needful to sorrow than to joy.”

― Helen Hunt Jackson

“As soon as I began, it seemed impossible to write fast enough – I wrote faster than I would write a letter – two thousand to three thousand words in a morning, and I cannot help it.”

― Helen Hunt Jackson

“I think that a lot of things are hard to read if you’re not in the vocabulary flow of that particular discourse. I sometimes forget that even though the words I’m using are fairly ordinary words, the concepts around which they cluster, which are the long concepts of literary tradition, may not be familiar to an audience.”

― Helen Vendler

“Many words will be written on the wind and the sand, or end up in some obscure digital vault. But the storytelling will go on until the last human being stops listening. Then we can send the great chronicle of humanity out into the endless universe.”

― Henning Mankell

“I decided to become an author when my grandmother taught me to write, when I was six. I can still recall the sensation of being able to turn words into stories. It was a miracle.”

― Henning Mankell

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.”

― Henri Frederic Amiel

“One of the main tasks of theology is to find words that do not divide but unite, that do not create conflict but unity, that do not hurt but heal.”

― Henri Nouwen

“Somewhere we know that without silence words lose their meaning, that without listening speaking no longer heals, that without distance closeness cannot cure.”

― Henri Nouwen

“It has adopted the geometry most advantageous to the species or, in other words, the most convenient.”

― Henri Poincare

“A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed.”

― Henrik Ibsen

“No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.”

― Henry Adams

“No man means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.”

― Henry Adams

“With the help of the Holy Ghost, we can watch over ourselves. We can pray to recognize and reject the first thoughts of sin. We can pray to recognize a warning not to speak words which would hurt or tempt someone else. And we can, when we must, pray for the humility and the faith to repent.”

― Henry B. Eyring

“When the words of prophets seem repetitive, that should rivet our attention.”

― Henry B. Eyring

“We treasure the word of God not only by reading the words of the scriptures, but by studying them. We may be nourished more by pondering a few words, allowing the Holy Ghost to make them treasures to us, than to pass quickly and superficially over whole chapters of scripture.”

― Henry B. Eyring

“The words of confirmation into the Church are an invitation: ‘Receive the Holy Ghost.’ And that choice must be made not once, but every day, every hour, every minute.”

― Henry B. Eyring

“The words ‘come unto Christ’ are an invitation. It is the most important invitation you could ever offer to another person. It is the most important invitation anyone could accept.”

― Henry B. Eyring

“The harshness and choice of words can cut deeply. Republicans need to show compassion and to be reasonable when talking to any ethnic group.”

― Henry Bonilla

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.”

― Henry David Thoreau

“In human intercourse the tragedy begins, not when there is misunderstanding about words, but when silence is not understood.”

― Henry David Thoreau

“A newspaper consists of just the same number of words, whether there be any news in it or not.”

― Henry Fielding

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

― Henry James

“The Roman Code was merely an enunciation in words of the existing customs of the Roman people.”

― Henry James Sumner Maine

“I told him that my own opinion was that the time now and the method now to deal with Russia was to keep our mouths shut and let our actions speak for words.”

― Henry L. Stimson

“My father, if anything, first and last, was a man of words. He loved stories; he didn’t live for stories, exactly, but I think he lived through stories. I think, like many writers, he loved stories about things he had experienced as much as, if not more than, he loved the experiences themselves.”

― Henry Louis Gates

“And what is the potential man, after all? Is he not the sum of all that is human? Divine, in other words?”

― Henry Miller

“A sculptor is a person who is interested in the shape of things, a poet in words, a musician by sounds.”

― Henry Moore

“When immortality becomes for us no longer a matter of academic discussion, but the most vital of all questions; we shall find our comfort where so many before us have found it, in the ancient words.”

― Henry Norris Russell

“You could split hairs and bring up words like ‘doo-wop’ and terms like ‘soul’ or ‘R&B’, but I think pop music is what you want it to be – that’s why it’s pop.”

― Henry Rollins

“A torn jacket is soon mended; but hard words bruise the heart of a child.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“I live by two words: tenacity and gratitude.”

― Henry Winkler

“Like Humpty Dumpty, we can make words mean anything we want them to mean.”

― Herbert A. Simon

“Words without actions are the assassins of idealism.”

― Herbert Hoover

“Words signify man’s refusal to accept the world as it is.”

― Herbert Kaufman

“He suffered from a rush of words to the head.”

― Herbert Samuel

“How often misused words generate misleading thoughts.”

― Herbert Spencer

“Republicans have been losing the war of words for years now. Now they are just caving because they don’t even want to try. I don’t agree with that approach.”

― Herman Cain

“Truth is in things, and not in words.”

― Herman Melville

“A man thinks that by mouthing hard words he understands hard things.”

― Herman Melville

“Without words, without writing and without books there would be no history, there could be no concept of humanity.”

― Hermann Hesse

“Words do not express thoughts very well. They always become a little different immediately after they are expressed, a little distorted, a little foolish.”

― Hermann Hesse

“You can not apply mathematics as long as words still becloud reality.”

― Hermann Weyl

“The more words we are allowed to take, the freer we become. If our mouth is banned, then we attempt to assert ourselves through gestures, even objects. They are more difficult to interpret, and take time before they arouse suspicion.”

― Herta Muller

“I do not see a necessary connection between proletarian literature and some set percentage of words which bring the blushes to a maiden’s cheek.”

― Heywood Broun

“Guys make me feel secure and comfortable when I’m scared or need attention. They bring stability. And affection. And fun. And drama. You learn so much from a boyfriend. It’s hard to put into words, I guess.”

― Hilary Duff

“When you have committed enough words to paper, you feel you have a spine stiff enough to stand up in the wind. But when you stop writing, you find that’s all you are – a spine, a row of rattling vertebrae, dried out like an old quill pen.”

― Hilary Mantel

“The experienced writer says to the anguished novice: ‘Just do it; get something, anything, on to the screen or page, just establish a flow of words, and criticise them later.’ You give this advice but can’t always take it.”

― Hilary Mantel

“What I’ve found in doing research is that men want a relationship that feels fun. In other words, they want a relationship that has qualities or elements of their same-sex relationships – just like women do, too.”

― Hill Harper

“Democracy is still a radical idea in a world where we often confuse images with realities, words with actions.”

― Hillary Clinton

“As I speak to you today, government censors somewhere are working furiously to erase my words from the records of history. But history itself has already condemned these tactics.”

― Hillary Clinton

“I have to tell you, as your Secretary of State, I went to 112 countries, and when people hear those words, they hear America. So don’t let anyone tell you that our country is weak. We’re not. Don’t let anyone tell you we don’t have what it takes. We do.”

― Hillary Clinton

“The chief virtue that language can have is clearness, and nothing detracts from it so much as the use of unfamiliar words.”

― Hippocrates

“We got rid of Muammar Gaddafi. I never thought I would be able to write these words.”

― Hisham Matar

“I don’t remember a time when words were not dangerous.”

― Hisham Matar

“Can you write 200 words a day? 100? 50? In six months, 50 words a day is 9,000 words. That’s 2-3 short stories. If you did 200 words every day, in three months that’s 36,000 words. That’s half a short novel.”

― Holly Black

“Words empty as the wind are best left unsaid.”

― Homer

“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.”

― Homer

“A flow of words is a sure sign of duplicity.”

― Honore de Balzac

“A picture is a poem without words.”

― Horace

“Lawyers are men who hire out their words and anger.”

― Horace

“He tosses aside his paint-pots and his words a foot and a half long.”

― Horace

“Words will not fail when the matter is well considered.”

― Horace

“I have my warts. I sometimes say things that get me in trouble. In other words, I lead with my heart and not my head. That’s the only chance we have against George Bush.”

― Howard Dean

“Well, if storytelling is important, then your narrative ability, or your ability to put into words or use what someone else has put into words effectively, is important too.”

― Howard Gardner

“I think words come between the spectator and the picture.”

― Howard Hodgkin

“I think that words are often extraneous to what I do.”

― Howard Hodgkin

“I think one of the main reasons I write is to do better than ranting. The ranting is the opinion, and the writing is not the opinion. I always say that people’s opinions are the worst things about them. The words demand a dignity.”

― Howard Jacobson

“I’ve never owned a T-shirt. I don’t like vests or sweaters or cardies with zips. I like a proper shirt with a collar. There’s nothing else that I think I look nice in. I don’t think there’s anything else that other men look nice in, to be honest. Things with words on! Can you imagine? On grown-ups! Words are to make books with.”

― Howard Jacobson

“People keep saying you can’t satirize Trump because he’s beyond satire, but it’s not difficult to just let him out and let him walk upon the stage and say his own words.”

― Howard Jacobson

“Trump’s hobbled vocabulary is now the incontestable stuff of comedy: not just how few his words but how narrow their range, from boastful to irked and back again. For satirists and impressionists, a president who addresses the American people in abbreviated tweetspeak is a gift.”

― Howard Jacobson

“How Donald Trump has come so far with so few words – how he even managed to keep up conversationally with all those beauty queens – is a question I don’t expect ever to be solved.”

― Howard Jacobson

“Words do not necessarily make us moral. And there have been presidents before who have stumbled over syntax and looked foolish when the words they have been forced to speak have been their own. But Trump is uniquely stunted. A child listening to two of his speeches could reproduce a third without the use of a dictionary.”

― Howard Jacobson

“The obligation to remember is inscribed on every Holocaust memorial, but even the words ‘Never Forget’ become irksome eventually.”

― Howard Jacobson

“It’s kind of astonishing that people trust strangers because of words they write on computer screens.”

― Howard Rheingold

“After I impulsively revealed that I have OCD on a talk show, I was devastated. I often do things without thinking. That’s my ADD/ADHD talking. Out in public, after I did the show, people came to me and said, ‘Me, too.’ They were the most comforting words I’ve ever heard.”

― Howie Mandel

“Growing up, I always saw the hypocrisy of the Catholic church. The history speaks for itself, and I grew incredibly frustrated and angry. I essentially just put that into my words.”

― Hozier

“In my own words, I played some significant part in changing the social-sexual values of our time. I had a lot of fun in the process.”

― Hugh Hefner

“What’s true will never contradict what’s true. Article 2 of the Belgic Confession, based on Psalm 19, Romans 1, and several other texts, declares that God has given us two reliable revelations: the words of Scripture and the facts of nature. Thus, it would be impossible for the facts of nature ever to contradict the words of the Bible.”

― Hugh Ross

“Sticks and stones may break bones, but words do more damage than most people can imagine. Especially name-calling. ‘You’re dangerous!’ ‘Deceived.’ ‘A false prophet.’ ‘A compromiser!’ Charges like these by young-earth leaders, both spoken and implied, are intended to discredit, maim, and crush old-earth advocates, including me.”

― Hugh Ross

“Kennedy did not have to run the risk of having his ideas and his words shortened and adulterated by a correspondent. This was the television era, not only in campaigning, but in holding the presidency.”

― Hugh Sidey

“I was jailed for using words that I still dispute. Anyone who’s ever met me will tell you that I’m not a violent person.”

― Ian Brown

“In many ways, ‘William Shakespeare’s Star Wars’ is modeled on Shakespeare’s Henry V, which relied on a chorus to explain in words the battles of Harfleur and Agincourt that could never be captured on the Elizabethan stage.”

― Ian Doescher

“Writing about 2,000 words in three hours every morning, ‘Casino Royale’ dutifully produced itself. I wrote nothing and made no corrections until the book was finished. If I had looked back at what I had written the day before I might have despaired.”

― Ian Fleming

“Words are charms. It’s like a song you didn’t even know you knew.”

― Ian Frazier

“What you compose with is neither here nor there, you compose with words, or you compose with stone plants and trees, or you compose with events; the Sheriff’s officer, or whatever.”

― Ian Hamilton Finlay

“Some people are tied to five hundred words a day, six days a week. I’m a hesitater.”

― Ian Mcewan

“Making a donation is the ultimate sign of solidarity. Actions speak louder than words.”

― Ibrahim Hooper

“A lot of the younger kids now can rap, but they’re scared of the crowd. Mastery of that stage is an MC. I don’t know if you’ve seen any great MCs on stage but when you do it’s like wow, this is more than the words to rhymes.”

― Ice T

“I don’t quite know how to put it into words, but I feel for the audience that I have; I know them.”

― Idina Menzel

“I don’t think I ever really knew the right words to ‘Hava Nagilah,’ which isn’t great for a Jewish singer.”

― Idina Menzel

“The dictionary contains thousands of words on Tamil music. I am not familiar with most of the words, but it shows the rich past of Tamil music.”

― Ilaiyaraaja

“When I first arrived in the country, I really didn’t speak much of the language. I knew two words coming here, and they were ‘Hello’ and ‘Shut up.’”

― Ilhan Omar

“Some people read. I like to put words together.”

― Iman Shumpert

“I like to paint pictures with words, ’cause I can’t draw for anything.”

― Iman Shumpert

“The subconscious doesn’t distinguish sarcasm and jokes. It just accepts what it hears. That’s the power of words.”

― India Arie

“Grown-ups and children are not readily encouraged to unearth the power of words. Adults are repeatedly assured a picture is worth a thousand of them, while the playground response to almost any verbal taunt is ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ I don’t beg so much as command to differ.”

― Inga Muscio

“Words outlive people, institutions, civilizations. Words spur images, associations, memories, inspirations and synapse pulsations. Words send off physical resonations of thought into the nethersphere. Words hurt, soothe, inspire, demean, demand, incite, pacify, teach, romance, pervert, unite, divide. Words be powerful.”

― Inga Muscio

“Ancient, woman-centered words and beliefs never, like, fall off the planet. Having long done taken on a life of their own, they – like womankind – evolve, and survive. Chameleon style.”

― Inga Muscio

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”

― Ingrid Bergman

“I’m a reporter – if I don’t interview someone, I don’t have much to say, and I definitely can’t just sit down and knock out 800 words on any subject you give me.”

― Ira Glass

“Any story that I can consider worth telling is one that you could tell in words.”

― Ira Glass

“But friends invited me to a private screening of Emmanuelle and said I’d learn a few things. But I know all the swear words. I just don’t use them. So I declined.”

― Irene Dunne

“The ultimate goal of therapy… it’s too hard a question. The words come to me like tranquility, like fulfillment, like realizing your potential.”

― Irvin D. Yalom

“Words should have the power to inform and to move, not the power to send people scurrying away. But if you attach that much emotional energy to a word, it gives people the power to hurt each other.”

― Irvine Welsh

“The cultural war of words has actually been won by the most dispossessed people in the Western world, the urban American blacks.”

― Irvine Welsh

“Originality is not seen in single words or even in sentences. Originality is the sum total of a man’s thinking or his writing.”

― Isaac Bashevis Singer

“I was a very bad journalist. Awful. I would just invent everything. If I did an interview, I had a preconception of what that person should say and I would put my words in his mouth.”

― Isabel Allende

“Once I realised that my job as a model was to emote in front of the camera, I thought, ‘Well now, I just have to add words, and I can do films.’ But also, my success as a model made me more confident about becoming an actress because, just in case I failed, I thought, ‘Well, you know, if I failed as an actress, I can do another job.’”

― Isabella Rossellini

“Hateful words stand no chance against self-worth and a little of humor.”

― Iskra Lawrence

“Words and images deeply impact the way we view our bodies, and the consequences can be very damaging.”

― Iskra Lawrence

“When I was a teenager, a mean comment would have hurt me deeply, I’ve made it my mission to be a role model for young girls and boys and help show them that other people’s words or opinions have nothing to do with how beautiful they actually are.”

― Iskra Lawrence

“A few words of Hindi appear here or there, but it’s all Urdu. I feel that if the popular culture, which is what Hindi films are, uses Urdu, it’s not going to diminish.”

― Ismail Merchant

“I am neither a writer nor a theorist. For a person who creates things to utter too many words means to regulate himself – a frightening prospect.”

― Issey Miyake

“I write by hand, making many, many corrections. I would say I cross out more than I write. I have to hunt for words when I speak, and I have the same difficulty when writing.”

― Italo Calvino

“However much you knock at nature’s door, she will never answer you in comprehensible words.”

― Ivan Turgenev

“Words are men’s daughters, but God’s sons are things.”

― Izaak Walton

“After 20 years, a million written words, and nine rejected novels, I finally landed a book contract.”

― J. A. Konrath

“I’m always for constructive conversation, meaningful conversation, not just words, but conversation.”

― J. B. Bickerstaff

“I know only two words of American slang, ‘swell’ and ‘lousy’. I think ‘swell’ is lousy, but ‘lousy’ is swell.”

― J. B. Priestley

“In plain words: now that Britain has told the world that she has the H-Bomb she should announce as early as possible that she has done with it, that she proposes to reject in all circumstances nuclear warfare.”

― J. B. Priestley

“I’ll drive down the street, and I’ll practice improv. I will sit there at a red light and see two guys talking to each other, and I will just start playing both characters. I can’t hear them, but I can see their mouths moving, so I’ll just put words in their mouths.”

― J. B. Smoove

“Rhyme patterns are nothing without meanings to the words. A lot of rappers can do those flows, but the raps aren’t really about anything – which is cool sometimes, but to have the flow and the message is one of my favorite things.”

― J. Cole

“The best of us must sometimes eat our words.”

― J. K. Rowling

“The thing about the 600 words, I mean some day, you can do a very, very, very hard day’s work and not write a word, just revising, or you would scribble a few words.”

― J. K. Rowling

“Usually it is uses of words, not words in themselves, that are properly called vague.”

― J. L. Austin

“I don’t have a weapon in my hand, and I don’t have a uniform on my body, but my uniform now is my scars and weapon is my words, so I’m still serving.”

― J. R. Martinez

“I should like to save the Shire, if I could – though there have been times when I thought the inhabitants too stupid and dull for words, and have felt that an earthquake or an invasion of dragons might be good for them.”

― J. R. R. Tolkien

“Words, especially when yelled in anger, can be very damaging to a child’s self-confidence. The child probably already feels bad enough just from seeing the consequences of his or her behavior. Our sons and daughters don’t need more guilt and self-doubt heaped upon their already wounded egos.”

― Jack Canfield

“I’m less interested in how people are following each other and more interested in how they are following topics and tweets themselves. People are following more key words and concepts and more ideas and acting on those rather than individuals or organizations.”

― Jack Dorsey

“Republicans many times can’t get the words ‘equality of opportunity’ out of their mouths. Their lips do not form that way.”

― Jack Kemp

“In other words, I wouldn’t like to be an actor if I could only be real. I like to get wild, behaviorally wild, and it’s crazy to think of any form where it’s just one way.”

― Jack Nicholson

“Children seem naturally drawn to poetry – it’s some combination of the rhyme, rhythm, and the words themselves.”

― Jack Prelutsky

“I haven’t sold to the movies. In other words, I haven’t gotten any enormous checks yet.”

― Jack Vance

“I don’t think you can put into words the feelings you get playing week in and week out.”

― Jack Wilshere

“America is a grateful nation. We cannot allow anything or anyone to get in the way of that. The words ‘veteran’ and ‘backlog’ should never appear in the same sentence.”

― Jackie Walorski

“The modern artist… is working and expressing an inner world – in other words – expressing the energy, the motion, and other inner forces.”

― Jackson Pollock

“More than anything, acting was more like a confidence thing. I love words – I love English – but I don’t have a hugely academic brain, so I enjoyed it because it was a bit of a respite. I don’t think I really had a sense I would actually be a musician or an actor; I just wanted to be around that.”

― Jacob Anderson

“You’ve got to judge people, ultimately, by their actions rather than their words.”

― Jacob Rees-Mogg

“Raised in a house filled with old books, I’m drawn to them: the dust jackets that call out a historical moment, the marbled boards, the words pressed into the page with movable type.”

― Jacob Weisberg

“In other words, the man who is born into existence deals first with language; this is a given. He is even caught in it before his birth.”

― Jacques Lacan

“The sizes and shapes of the panels have never been important to my stories. It has always been the words and images that drew me in, kind of like watching a movie.”

― Jaime Hernandez

“We live in an age of sound bites and buzz words.”

― Jaleel White

“Here’s the thing: My hobby is to DJ. I just love music, so I can hear the beginning of a beat, the beginning of a melody, and think of the words, think of the name of the song, think of the hook, and just go there.”

― Jalen Rose

“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”

― James A. Michener

“Buying coffee on the street instead of in a Starbucks is the poor man’s way to get rich. In other words, you will never get rich by scratching out ten cents from your dollar.”

― James Altucher

“I have the words ‘love’ and ‘life’ on my knuckles, and I would half like those removed.”

― James Arthur

“The Joint Committee on Taxation estimated that in 2016, the corporate income tax raised $300 billion in revenue, while what it called ‘targeted subsidies’ cost about $270 billion. In other words, Congress could eliminate the subsidies and cut the corporate rate nearly in half without any significant loss in revenue.”

― James B. Stewart

“To drive though the streets of Manhattan to sign a record deal was like a movie. It was crazy – pretty hard to put into words.”

― James Bay

“How sweet the words of Truth, breathed from the lips of Love.”

― James Beattie

“I stopped doing interviews for a long time because the words were mine, but they were in the wrong order. Context is a very important thing – a lot of the things I say aren’t serious, and so to remove the laughter does me no favours.”

― James Blunt

“The words walked right out of my mouth.”

― James Brady

“The truth is, of course, that history is not completed in modern commerce any more than philosophy is perfected in political economy. In other words, there is nothing timeless or God-given about filling stations and penicillin and plastic bags.”

― James Buchan

“It’s hard to tell writers, especially in movies, that words are secondary. Behavior is important.”

― James Caan

“I always change my words in everything I do. I make the language fit, because I know the character from the inside out. Often character actors are not in a position to do that, but I do it. I don’t change any cue and I never change anybody else’s lines, but I make my own words fit my mouth.”

― James Cromwell

“Words are the basic tools, if you are a writer. But why? Why do you choose one set of tools rather than another?”

― James D. Houston

“We were so fundamental that almost everything had been stripped away from the place of worship. Think of the role words can play, when all other enticements and sensual attractions are gone.”

― James D. Houston

“To all those who have drawn the inference from my words that Africa, as a continent, is somehow genetically inferior, I can only apologise unreservedly.”

― James D. Watson

“One should be willing to throw away a dozen ideas to come up with a good one, just as one should throw away a dozen words to come up with the right one.”

― James E. Gunn

“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.”

― James Earl Jones

“A cabaret song has got to be written – for the middle voice, ideally – because you’ve got to hear the wit of the words. And a cabaret song gives the singer room to act, more even than an opera singer.”

― James Fenton

“The term ‘epitaph’ itself means ‘something to be spoken at a burial or engraved upon a tomb.’ When an epitaph is a poem written for a tomb, and appears in a book, we are aware that we are not reading it in its proper form: we are reading a reproduction. The original of the epitaph is the tomb itself, with its words cut into the stone.”

― James Fenton

“We came up with three core touchy feely words.”

― James Frank

“At its most fundamental, information is a binary choice. In other words, a single bit of information is one yes-or-no choice.”

― James Gleick

“A book is not necessarily made of paper. A book is not necessarily made to be read on a Kindle. A book is a collection of text, organized in one of a variety of ways. You could say that words printed on paper and bound between cloth covers will someday be obsolete. But if and when that day comes, there will still be a thing called books.”

― James Gleick

“Novelists are in the business of constructing consciousness out of words, and that’s what we all do, cradle to grave. The self is a story we tell.”

― James Gleick

“When I write a screenplay – and I think it’s one of the reasons why it was frustrating for me just to be a screenwriter – I’m not thinking of it in terms of words on a page; I’m thinking in terms of visual images – basically, a comic book. I’m thinking of it in a series of shots.”

― James Gunn

“The Law is but words and paper without the hands of swords of men.”

― James Harrington

“The one thing that no Anglo-Saxon can stand is to be ruled by someone who ‘talks fancy’ by using Latinate words too often.”

― James Hawes

“I’m cautious about a lot of words.”

― James Hillman

“Words are the basic tools, if you are a writer.”

― James Houston

“Words played an important part in my growing up. Not only the written word… but words that flew through the air: jokes, riddles, puns.”

― James Howe

“My family was always playing with words. It is little wonder that even after I got serious about writing, I’ve had a hard time getting serious about words.”

― James Howe

“I became an author because I love words. I enjoyed playing with them when I was a kid, writing stories and plays, and doing whatever I could think to do with words. I kept my love of them growing up and still love to see what they can do.”

― James Howe

“I fear those big words which make us so unhappy.”

― James Joyce

“My words in her mind: cold polished stones sinking through a quagmire.”

― James Joyce

“Philosophy is common sense with big words.”

― James Madison

“I remember from my school days Archimedes jumping into his bath and displacing water and coming up with his famous principle, and of course Isaac Newton being hit on the head with an apple. In other words, this realm of human knowledge – which is mathematical, essentially – can have a playful visual element to it.”

― James Marsh

“As a combat medic, I heard a lot of last words; I saw a lot of last breaths taken.”

― James McCloughan

“I held 18, 19, or 20-year-old men in my arms, and I heard their last words, and I saw them take their last breath.”

― James McCloughan

“He puts his right hand lightly on the cup, I put my left, leaving the right free to transcribe, and away we go. We get, oh, 500 to 600 words an hour. Better than gasoline.”

― James Merrill

“Knowing some Greek helped defuse forbidding words – not that I counted much on using them. You’ll find only trace elements of this language in the poem.”

― James Merrill

“Encourage your own curiosity; pursue the problems based on that. Don’t get diverted by trying to do things for your own advancement. In other words, don’t be lured into responding to incentives.”

― James Mirrlees

“Don’t get diverted by trying to do things for your own advancement. In other words, don’t be lured into responding to incentives.”

― James Mirrlees

“Words of wisdom are spoken by children at least as often as scientists.”

― James Newman

“We don’t just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.”

― James Nicoll

“I think all art – if it’s good – is a result of really trying to create something that you can’t put into words. Where language ends is where good art begins.”

― James Ransone

“The writing is really important in books that affect me. I read for the writing. The story is usually of less interest to me. It’s the words that break your heart.”

― James Salter

“My idea of writing is of unflinching and continual effort, somehow trying to find the right words until you reach a point where you can make no further progress and you either have something or you don’t.”

― James Salter

“I’m a ‘frotteur,’ someone who likes to rub words in his hand, to turn them around and feel them, to wonder if that really is the best word possible. Does that word in this sentence have any electric potential? Does it do anything? Too much electricity will make your reader’s hair frizzy. There’s a question of pacing.”

― James Salter

“The aim of the poet, or other artist, is first to make something; and it’s impossible to make something out of words and not communicate.”

― James Schuyler

“And so, I mean, he declared war right there and then in so many words and Alex says later in the book, nobody in the White House from that point on had any doubt that we were going to bomb the mainland of Asia.”

― James Stockdale

“For a crowd to be smart, the people in it need to be not only diverse in their perspectives but also, relatively speaking, independent of each other. In other words, you need people to be thinking for themselves, rather than following the lead of those around them.”

― James Surowiecki

“When Americans think of college these days, the first word that often comes to mind is ‘debt.’ And from ‘debt’ it’s just a short hop to other unpleasant words, like ‘payola,’ ‘kickback,’ and ‘bribery.’”

― James Surowiecki

“I used to spell everything phonetically, or I would have little tricks for words I could not figure out.”

― James William Middleton

“The days when the words ‘Hollywood actor’ framed Ronald Reagan like bunny fingers as an ID tag and an implied insult seem far-off and quaint: nearly everybody in politics – candidate, consultant, pundit, and Tea Party crowd extra alike – is an actor now, a shameless ham in a hoked-up reality series that never stops.”

― James Wolcott

“For ‘Mad Men,’ we really had to stick to the script, and you want to. It’s not like you feel your hand is being forced. The words you get are the words you say.”

― James Wolk

“Hank Cochran was a man of very few words, but certainly the words that he chose were the right ones to use.”

― Jamey Johnson

“My grandmother would give me a beautiful book each year. I especially loved the Beatrix Potter books. They were very detailed. And I promised myself that was what I’d do. I also loved the big words she used. I was excited because I knew what they meant from the context. I put a few big words in for just that reason.”

― Jan Brett

“I grew up hearing words like snakeroot, sassafras, mullein – things that had wondrous, mysterious sounds in their names.”

― Jan Karon

“Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves; vanity, to what we would have others think of us.”

― Jane Austen

“I love classical music and have been playing violin since I was seven. Music helps me to express feelings in a way words often cannot.”

― Jane Chen

“We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then master of the situation.”

― Jane Fonda

“Words can be said in bitterness and anger, and often there seems to be an element of truth in the nastiness. And words don’t go away, they just echo around.”

― Jane Goodall

“I think we’re still in a muddle with our language, because once you get words and a spoken language it gets harder to communicate.”

― Jane Goodall

“My training as a journalist was invaluable: when I worked on ‘The Daily Express,’ the editor would often ask for 1000 words within a couple of hours. I could not say I was not inspired. I had to get on with it.”

― Jane Green

“Words build a bridge between the imaginations of writer and reader, creating something unique between them.”

― Jane Lindskold

“I’m excited about going back to ‘Today,’ but, at odd moments, I’ll grit my teeth in anxiety. I feel like a student before the start of school. I’ve got my new shoes and my book bag, but I’m not sure I’ll remember how to do trigonometry. During my maternity leave, I haven’t used many words of more than one syllable.”

― Jane Pauley

“Beneath words and logic are emotional connections that largely direct how we use our words and logic.”

― Jane Roberts

“Dreams can be like charades in which we act out words rather than see or speak them.”

― Jane Roberts

“I’ve always loved acoustic music because I’ve always loved to hear someone’s words or just watch them and just get into them. The distancing thing about rock is it’s so assaulting.”

― Jane Siberry

“When a novel has 200,000 words, then it is possible for the reader to experience 200,000 delights, and to turn back to the first page of the book and experience them all over again, perhaps more intensely.”

― Jane Smiley

“It seems like I’ve been writing since birth! I started writing poems before I got to school. I wrote the class musical in first grade – both words and music. It was about a bunch of vegetables who got together in a salad. I played the chief carrot!”

― Jane Yolen

“I think picture books should stretch children. I think they should be full of wonderful, amazing words.”

― Jane Yolen

“I’m inspired by the words: ‘electrifying’, ‘epic’, ‘minimalistic’, ‘transcendent’, ‘timeless’ and ‘rock n’ roll.’”

― Janelle Monae

“I work real hard so the reader doesn’t have to. I don’t want them to have to look up words.”

― Janet Evanovich

“A terrific exercise is to take a paragraph of someone’s writing who has a really strong style, and using their structure, substitute your own words for theirs, and see how they achieved their effects.”

― Janet Fitch

“A novelist can get by on story, but the poet has nothing but the words.”

― Janet Fitch

“It’s hard to learn an American accent. Some of the Rs at the ends of words are incredibly hard.”

― Janet McTeer

“Throughout elementary and middle school, I was used to hearing other words: Smart. Studious. Well-spoken. Well-read. They became pillars of my self-confidence, enabling me to build myself up on what I contributed rather than what I looked like.”

― Janet Mock

“There are no words that can describe the euphoria you feel when your baby recognizes you for the first time and smiles.”

― Jared Padalecki

“I’m not 21 and trying to prove something with my words.”

― Jaromir Jagr

“I think there’s room for people to love ‘Transformers’ and love ‘Insidious.’ They coexist in a happy way; in other words, my movies wouldn’t exist if ‘Transformers’ didn’t exist, because they’re an alternative to that. They’re not better or worse, they’re just different.”

― Jason Blum

“Journalists have misquoted people for so long – and quoted them out of context that for many people like to have their words on record.”

― Jason Calacanis

“If you could taste words, most corporate websites, brochures, and sales materials would remind you of stale, soggy rice cakes: nearly calorie free, devoid of nutrition, and completely unsatisfying.”

― Jason Fried

“We are fortunate to have collectively built a culture that matters, a brand that matters, a business that matters. It is impossible to state in words how much this team means to me, how much Hulu means to me.”

― Jason Kilar

“Steven, my friend who came out to me my senior year, was a huge Madonna fan. So I may know all the words to ‘Bedtime Stories,’ ‘Erotica,’ and a few more of her albums – and we may have watched ‘Truth or Dare’ a thousand times.”

― Jason Mraz

“In the words of Michael Jackson: I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

― Jason Mraz

“There’s still a lot of great songwriters out there who hand in songs. And there’s a lot of brilliant singers and performers out there who sing other people’s words. I enjoy doing both.”

― Jason Mraz

“I don’t think Batman should spend a whole movie yapping, you know? He should choose his words carefully and speak low.”

― Jason O’Mara

“Poetry has the ability to create entire moments with just a few choice words. The spacing and line breaks create rhythm, a helpful musicality, a natural flow. The separate stanzas aid in perpetuating a kind of incremental reading, one small chunk at a time.”

― Jason Reynolds

“An actor doesn’t change thought, theme, or mood unless the character does, and the character only does it within the words of the play.”

― Jason Robards

“There’s a voice in all of us, and you can only get expressive through words. There’s a limit to what you can do without speaking.”

― Jason Statham

“Words can come and go. Your acts are going to speak for themselves.”

― Javier Hernandez

“They had the music being piped right out on the street. I’d be three or four blocks from there and I couldn’t get there fast enough because I’d hear old Joe holler them words.”

― Jay McShann

“The secret to fundraising comes down to three magic words: before, more, and strategic.”

― Jay Samit

“By the time I got to record my first album, I was 26, I didn’t need pen or paper – my memory had been trained just to listen to a song, think of the words, and lay them to tape.”

― Jay-Z

“I would run into the corner store, the bodega, and just grab a paper bag or buy juice – anything just to get a paper bag. And I’d write the words on the paper bag and stuff these ideas in my pocket until I got back. Then I would transfer them into the notebook.”

― Jay-Z

“Character and story are suggested by the voice in the words themselves.”

― Jayne Anne Phillips

“I write line by line, by the sound and the weight and the music of the words.”

― Jayne Anne Phillips

“Couples that do save have stronger, more stable, less stressful unions. In other words, you don’t want to be fighting about saving; you just want to be saving, period.”

― Jean Chatzky

“There are two things that you need to save for. First, you need an emergency cushion of no fewer than six months of living expenses. This needs to be cash in a liquid account where you can get at it in – yes – an emergency if you need it. In other words, money markets, not CDs. You also need to save for your future: that means retirement.”

― Jean Chatzky

“These days, checks are direct-deposited, money comes out of a machine in the wall, and we swipe a plastic card to make a purchase. In other words, your kids can grow up thinking money comes in an endless supply if you don’t show them otherwise.”

― Jean Chatzky

“My mother had been a Latin teacher, and she was always very fascinated with words. She and I shared books and responded to them.”

― Jean Fritz

“If you make a movie about Elizabeth I, how much of the dialogue is her real words? Audiences know when they go see a movie that it is fiction.”

― Jean-Jacques Annaud

“There are about 30 words around you all the time, like ‘thread’ or ‘exit.’”

― Jean-Michel Basquiat

“If you get rid of music, images, videos, words and literature from the smartphone, you just have a simple phone that would be worth $50.”

― Jean-Michel Jarre

“Never part without loving words to think of during your absence. It may be that you will not meet again in this life.”

― Jean Paul

“Words are more treacherous and powerful than we think.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre

“Words are loaded pistols.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre

“Emphasis on the common emotive or affective origins of music and words in the first cries of humankind undermines words.”

― Jean Philippe Rameau

“In other words, knowledge of the external world begins with an immediate utilisation of things, whereas knowledge of self is stopped by this purely practical and utilitarian contact.”

― Jean Piaget

“I still understand a few words in life, but I no longer think they make a sentence.”

― Jean Rostand

“We have so many words for states of the mind, and so few for states of the body.”

― Jeanne Moreau

“Words fall short sometimes.”

― Jeff Bridges

“Words are really beautiful, but they’re limited. Words are very male, very structured. But the voice is the netherworld, the darkness, where there’s nothing to hang onto. The voice comes from a part of you that just knows and expresses and is.”

― Jeff Buckley

“Words are beautiful but restricted. They’re very masculine, with a compact frame. But voice is over the dark, the place where there’s nothing to hang on: it comes from a part of yourself that simply knows, expresses itself, and is.”

― Jeff Buckley

“I’ve always felt that the quality of the voice is where the real content of a song lies. Words only suggest an experience, but the voice is that experience.”

― Jeff Buckley

“I don’t know why my brain has kept all the words to the Gilligan’s Island theme song and has deleted everything about triangles.”

― Jeff Foxworthy

“Ever since the collapse of cap and trade legislation and the realization that President Obama is unlikely to ever utter the words ‘climate change’ in public again, much less use the bully pulpit to prepare the nation for the catastrophic risks of inaction, the movement has been in a funk.”

― Jeff Goodell

“I do all my speeches in pictures. If I wrote words, I’d get locked in on them.”

― Jeff Kinney

“In the afternoon, it’s impossible to put down any new words. I don’t even try.”

― Jeff Lindsay

“I had been writing poems and stories since I learned to make letters. I had placed poems in a hardcover anthology at the age of 6. And I knew more big words than anyone else in the 10th grade.”

― Jeff Lindsay

“Good writing does not come from verbiage but from words.”

― Jeff Lindsay

“The best cartoons have no words at all – just the image pops out.”

― Jeff MacNelly

“In other words, the people who populate my books are more than caricatures.”

― Jeffery Deaver

“I like the way words go together and I like the gamesmanship of writing poetry. It is such a challenge.”

― Jeffery Deaver

“I wrote a million words in the first year, and I could never have done that outside of prison.”

― Jeffrey Archer

“When I hear the words ‘activist filmmaking,’ I think of somebody who’s an activist, who wants to prove a particular point.”

― Jehane Noujaim

“It is rewarding beyond words to rescue a dog from the shelter and have that dog become part of your family.”

― Jenna Morasca

“They say actions speak louder than words, but actions don’t speak. People speak, and people are loud.”

― Jennette McCurdy

“Sometimes when I pick up a book off the shelf, when I’m buying a new book to read, I’ll look at all of them and they all have the exact same words inside, but I’ll think that one is meant to go home with me. I’ll never pick the first thing off the shelf, I’ll always go one behind.”

― Jennifer Carpenter

“People who assume my books are only about quilts obviously haven’t read them! I’ve always known that my books are about quilters – in other words, people – rather than quilts or quilting.”

― Jennifer Chiaverini

“We can’t equate spending on veterans with spending on defense. Our strength is not just in the size of our defense budget, but in the size of our hearts, in the size of our gratitude for their sacrifice. And that’s not just measured in words or gestures.”

― Jennifer Granholm

“Our strength is not just in the size of our defense budget, but in the size of our hearts, in the size of our gratitude for their sacrifice. And that’s not just measured in words or gestures.”

― Jennifer Granholm

“At some level it’s still hard for me to admit that my father died. I can talk about it and around it, but those two words. ‘He died.’ What can that possibly mean? That I won’t get to hear his voice again?”

― Jennifer Grant

“Headline writing is tough because often times you are given a predetermined number of spaces and words depending on the layout and the type of the story.”

― Jennifer Lee

“At Harvard, some on the Trump team crowed that we in the Clinton campaign and those in the press were foolish because we took Trump’s words ‘literally.’ That’s right. We did. You should take a candidate for president’s words literally. You know who else took his words literally? White supremacists.”

― Jennifer Palmieri

“Think how different it is to experience a word than a sound. When you’re hearing a singer, you’re controlled by the words, because you understand the language, you know what they’re talking about, and you’re forced to think about what they’re talking about. But when you’re hearing that same thing without a word, you’re free to wander.”

― Jenny Scheinman

“I’ve always gone into the studio with a very clear understanding of a song, of the words or, if it’s an instrumental piece, of the melodies, and that never changes.”

― Jenny Scheinman

“My songs are somewhere between story and situation. There’s also character and mood. I’m an intuitive writer, both with instrumentals and songs with words.”

― Jenny Scheinman

“Contemporary Swedish artists that chose Swedish as their language tended to sing about certain topics and use words I wanted to avoid.”

― Jens Lekman

“Neoliberalism became the leading economic ideology in the U.S. and in the U.K. during Ronald Reagan’s and Margaret Thatcher’s mandates. In this way, the leaders of the free world offered a viable solution to the economic crisis at the time: competition, deregulation, outsourcing, to name a few buzz words that have since become common place.”

― Jens Martin Skibsted

“In the ‘Hurt Locker’ there’s a lot of me in there, a sense of humor, a man of few words and a lot of action.”

― Jeremy Renner

“I’m not anti-intellectual, but primarily, I try to feel things. Emotions aren’t always rational; it’s not possible to put them into words.”

― Jeremy Scott

“Going to a major tournament, having that buzz – it’s hard to put into words. It’s a dream to go there, and to play. It’s the biggest thing you can achieve in your career, and to go again would be a dream.”

― Jermain Defoe

“Rehearsals and this band are two words that don’t really go together, kinda like Military Intelligence.”

― Jerry Cantrell

“I think it’s good to have switched to a much more visual world and that people are not all that interested in words.”

― Jerry Della Femina

“I don’t want to be remembered. I want the nice words when I can hear them.”

― Jerry Lewis

“I think it takes about a million words to make a writer. I mean that you’re going to throw away.”

― Jerry Pournelle

“For me, it’s a purity thing about the joke itself. It’s a test of a joke whether or not you do it completely clean and it works. If it does, then that’s a legitimate item you have there. For me, it’s nothing to do with finding those words offensive. It’s just not what I’m in search of. Do it clean, and you are really earning that laugh.”

― Jerry Seinfeld

“Faithfulness to the past can be a kind of death above ground. Writing of the past is a resurrection; the past then lives in your words and you are free.”

― Jessamyn West

“I used to delay doing stuff that I just didn’t want to deal with – things like putting the garden hose away properly or doing the dishes right after dinner. Now I have this little voice in my head that says, ‘I know you don’t want to do this, but just do it anyway.’ In other words, there’s far less stuff that I put off until tomorrow.”

― Jesse Itzler

“It’s much easier to identify and fix problems in language and timing when you hear the words being read.”

― Jesse Kellerman

“Words are only as good as the response to those words.”

― Jesse Williams

“I see some some of these other guys, and they’re wearing the hats and the jackets and saying the words and they’re relating and they’re picking. But there’s something missing.”

― Jessi Colter

“Because Shakespeare’s language is so expansive, we’re under this misconception that it’s difficult. But I discovered that it’s easy because it’s so brilliantly written. The words are perfect, and the language is intelligent and very emotional.”

― Jessica Lange

“I love words; I love poetry.”

― Jessica Steen

“My mum is a singer and harpist, and my dad writes fantastic poetry, so we’ve grown up around a lot of words and music.”

― Jessie Buckley

“We singers have a different level of responsibility from other musicians. We have words that we must convey; we have meanings that we must convey through these lyrics.”

― Jessye Norman

“Writing for ‘Rooster’ was a strange experience. It’s funny, once you tap into a voice, words just start to flow. You know when you’ve hit a spirit or captured something.”

― Jez Butterworth

“Surely it is a magical thing for a handful of words, artfully arranged, to stop time. To conjure a place, a person, a situation, in all its specificity and dimensions. To affect us and alter us, as profoundly as real people and things do.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“I love stories. But I don’t distinguish so much between a short story and a novel. Personally, when I sit down to read a novel or a Chekhov story, I’m seeking the same thing: I’m seeking that same rich portrayal of life in words.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“The urge to convert experience into a group of words that are in a grammatical relation to one another is the most basic, ongoing impulse of my life.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“Language and identity are so fundamentally intertwined. You peel back all the layers in terms of what we wear and what we eat and all the things that mark us, and in the end, what we have are our words.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“When I write a book, characters come to life for me somewhere at the back of my head. I strive to make them flesh and blood in an abstract way, in words.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“Consolation of music is different from the one of words. It starts from the inside… It cries with you instead of telling you to stop crying.”

― Ji-Hae Park

“Stories that can be told through language and words don’t need to be filmed.”

― Jiang Wen

“So when you are listening to somebody, completely, attentively, then you are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is being conveyed, to the whole of it, not part of it.”

― Jiddu Krishnamurti

“I think the first time I really heard poetry was in the schoolyard. Just the little limericks that kids say when they’re jumping rope and playing games. I think that’s the first time I heard rhyming words – I don’t know if I’d call that the definitive poetry, but that’s when I heard rhyming words said and not necessarily sung.”

― Jill Scott

“When I write a song, I tap into the emotion and the feeling and then I use the emotion to write the words. It’s the opposite when I act. I use the words and tap into the emotion.”

― Jill Scott

“A newspaper is lumber made malleable. It is ink made into words and pictures. It is conceived, born, grows up and dies of old age in a day.”

― Jim Bishop

“Everything that Traffic ever did, I’d give Steve a complete lyric, titled, written out with the verse, the bridge, the shape and rhyme and then Steve had to figure out how the meter of the words would fit musically.”

― Jim Capaldi

“I invent words you think you’ve heard – spray hopper or swag beetle.”

― Jim Crace

“My tongue is what I used instead of my fists because I was a small and cowardly young man. Amusing people with stories and being bizarre with words was my way of getting out of fixes.”

― Jim Crace

“I feel if some kid has sat down and felt I’m important enough to write two pages of words to and take up a lot of his valuable time, then he deserves a few words back, or even a phone call as I have done on a few occasions.”

― Jim Dale

“I can write music but I’m not much for words.”

― Jim Diamond

“Coming home, we stopped for a bite to eat and ran into a confused waitress. Had a heart-rending time trying to speak the Words of Life to her, and as I think of all this country now, many just as confused, and more so, I realized that the 39th Street bus is as much a mission field as Africa ever was.”

― Jim Elliot

“There are words bandied about that are being misused – words like ‘socialism,’ words like ‘communism,’ words like ‘fascism.’”

― Jim Leach

“There are a lot of self-imposed restrictions by people who somehow believe they have to fall in with a certain military cant. There was always a sense that we had to put things into words that would touch our troops’ hearts, not just their heads.”

― Jim Mattis

“Words do two major things: They provide food for the mind and create light for understanding and awareness.”

― Jim Rohn

“I think that’s the magic of any part – unravelling the mystery of what kind of person your guy is based on the words he says and the actions that he does.”

― Jim Sarbh

“I didn’t want the words ‘Spider-Man’ attached to my name in any shape or form. Especially a singing one.”

― Jim Sturgess

“All I’m writing is just what I feel, that’s all. I just keep it almost naked. And probably the words are so bland.”

― Jimi Hendrix

“Pick up any newspaper in the morning. Count the words in the lead sentences. There will be at least 25 in all of them: Guaranteed. The writers just want to tell you how many degrees they have from this college or that university.”

― Jimmy Breslin

“After a gig I always head back to the hotel, remembering granny’s words of wisdom. I cancel the late-night pizza and watch the Jonathan Ross show instead.”

― Jimmy Carr

“Robert Burns enriched Scottish song with his genius and is mainly responsible for the rich treasure house of song that we enjoy today. He collected folk songs, retained the melodic line, kept what words were usable and rewrote the rest. He didn’t claim ownership.”

― Jimmy Reid

“I worked on a show called ‘West Wing’ before. I didn’t work with Aaron Sorkin, but he created the show and set the tenor of the show, which was you follow the words of the script perfectly because there’s a dramaturgical thing behind it.”

― Jimmy Smits

“I’m socially awkward in life, and that’s one of the reasons why I do what I do. I’m more about interpreting other people’s words.”

― Jimmy Smits

“What’s on the page dictates a lot of what I do. When the words are there, it’s easy.”

― Jimmy Smits

“I like words. I like the way they clash around together and bang up against each other, especially in songs.”

― Jimmy Webb

“There is one final point I would like to make this week. As I said on the floor of the House during deliberation of this latest supplemental, hope is something Americans should never lose. Let each of us, both by our words and actions, continue to provide that hope.”

― Jo Bonner

“I believe that if your brain has to get to grips with complicated words, then you won’t get Alzheimer’s. I’m sure it’s not true, but I do believe it.”

― Jo Brand

“It seems to me that those songs that have been any good, I have nothing much to do with the writing of them. The words have just crawled down my sleeve and come out on the page.”

― Joan Baez

“The minute you start putting words on paper you’re eliminating possibilities.”

― Joan Didion

“The arrangement of the words matters, and the arrangement you want can be found in the picture in your mind. The picture dictates the arrangement. The picture dictates whether this will be a sentence with or without clauses, a sentence that ends hard or a dying-fall sentence, long or short, active or passive.”

― Joan Didion

“Big Bird was the biggest star, I mean, children’s favorite for a number of years. I have a 22-year-old granddaughter whose first words were ‘Big Bird.’”

― Joan Ganz Cooney

“I really wanted it to be organic and coming from my heart. So, I think maybe the initial thought of wanting to go in that direction, I had to wait until things happened in our world and in our country that fired me up enough where the words came out organically.”

― Joan Jett

“I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.”

― Joan Miro

“The way that words fit together is always interesting to me. I love words.”

― Joanna Newsom

“If the rules of a language are followed, words usually make sense. But these very rules can stir the impulse to rebel. We’re obliged to keep trying to convey meaning through correct sentences. After a while, the good-soldier rigidity of polished prose can begin to seem dull, and it gets harder to resist the temptation of nonsense.”

― Joanna Scott

“How wonderful it would be to scatter words as they rise to consciousness, to let them lie where they fall.”

― Joanna Scott

“The best liars lie with their eyes rather than with their words. This might put writers at a disadvantage.”

― Joanna Scott

“I’m really such a bumbler! Writing fiction is like arranging furniture in a dark room. I can’t see what I’m doing. I grope for the right words. I bump against the wrong words and stumble and stub my toe and curse and keep trying to guess what belongs in the space.”

― Joanna Scott

“When we read about reading, we get to share an experience that is usually kept private. Incisive descriptions of reading help us to understand what is going on when our eyes move across words on the page.”

― Joanna Scott

“It’s hard for me to put my feelings into words.”

― Joaquin Phoenix

“It is really hard to completely re-learn how to express yourself without using words. When you take away speech, you have to re-invent the way you express yourself. You have to exaggerate your body language and your facial expressions.”

― Jodelle Ferland

“In other words, New York has gone all suburban and bourgeois on us.”

― Joe Bob Briggs

“What’s the shelf life of a 1931 movie? If it still exists, there will always be film buffs and a niche audience who will want to see it. But in terms of people even understanding in common usage, some of the words we use to describe these movies, I don’t know how long that’s going to last.”

― Joe Dante

“Bringing words to life, storyboards show you things that words can’t.”

― Joe Gebbia

“’I don’t know’ are three words I don’t like saying.”

― Joe Hart

“Most of my recognition comes from us winning that championship. The words may not come out – ‘Super Bowl III’ – because a lot of the folks at the grocery store, gas station or mall weren’t even born when we won the Super Bowl. But they’re aware of it. It has had a tremendous impact on my life since then.”

― Joe Namath

“Performing for the Dalai Lama – those are words I never imagined coming out of my mouth.”

― Joe Nichols

“I think there are some people for whom words are like food.”

― Joe R. Lansdale

“It’s important for me not to peak before I hit the stage. In other words, I save all of my creative and physical energy for when I walk on stage. If I can get 45 minutes of just easy going, playing rhythm, songs, stuff like that, then that’s what I do to make sure that I’m all stretched out and ready.”

― Joe Satriani

“They are words you don’t easily forget: I don’t have good news.”

― Joel Siegel

“Hence it happens that one takes words for concepts, and concepts for the things themselves.”

― Johann Georg Hamann

“Action, looks, words, steps, form the alphabet by which you may spell character.”

― Johann Kaspar Lavater

“If you wish to know the mind of a man, listen to his words.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Be generous with kindly words, especially about those who are absent.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“When ideas fail, words come in very handy.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“In other words, for every 10 enemy you kill you bring on 20 new recruits to their anti-coalition cause then essentially you are working against yourself.”

― John Abizaid

“Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society.”

― John Adams

“In fact, words are well adapted for description and the arousing of emotion, but for many kinds of precise thought other symbols are much better.”

― John B. S. Haldane

“My wife was too beautiful for words, but not for arguments.”

― John Barrymore

“Search is now more than a web destination and a few words plugged into a box. Search is a mode, a method of interaction with the physical and virtual worlds. What is Siri but search? What are apps like Yelp or Foursquare, but structured search machines? Search has become embedded into everything and has reached well beyond its web-based roots.”

― John Battelle

“As the border between physical and digital gets more permeable, a new kind of literacy emerges. And that literacy is built on a foundation of code – whether it’s the codes of letters and words, or the code of bits and algorithms.”

― John Battelle

“Words are so often used in the opposite sense, as a screen of diversion. It’s the struggle towards truthfulness which is the same whether one is writing a poem, a novel or an argument.”

― John Berger

“I define a ‘good person’ as somebody who is fully conscious of their own limitations. They know their strengths, but they also know their ‘shadow’ – they know their weaknesses. In other words, they understand that there is no good without bad. Good and evil are really one, but we have broken them up in our consciousness. We polarize them.”

― John Bradshaw

“I object to you using words like squander and pork. What is pork in one part of the country is an essential project in another part.”

― John Breaux

“The best prayers have often more groans than words.”

― John Buchan

“In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words with out a heart.”

― John Bunyan

“When you pray, rather let your heart be without words than your words without heart.”

― John Bunyan

“Words easy to be understood do often hit the mark; when high and learned ones do only pierce the air.”

― John Bunyan

“Our heart oft times wakes when we sleep, and God can speak to that, either by words, by proverbs, by signs and similitudes, as well as if one was awake.”

― John Bunyan

“What makes me write is the rhythm of the world around me – the rhythms of the language, of course, but also of the land, the wind, the sky, other lives. Before the words comes the rhythm – that seems to me to be of the essence.”

― John Burnside

“People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.”

― John C. Maxwell

“What helps writers, and ultimately, obviously, helps the actors – who should serve the words that the writer puts on the page – is if the character has damages, because then the writers can cultivate and excavate, like a dentist going into a tooth.”

― John C. McGinley

“I swear and it comes off a little angry, no matter how funny I’m trying to do it. If I use certain words with a certain intensity, it’s like ‘Whoa whoa whoa, buddy buddy!’”

― John C. Reilly

“I consider looseness with words no less of a defect than looseness of the bowels.”

― John Calvin

“Too many radiologists still believe there is a risk from a chest x-ray. Few radiologists can explain radiation to the patient in words the patient can understand.”

― John Cameron

“I have an occasionally recurring stutter, but not when in character on stage in a play. Odd. James Earl Jones has the same pattern; he stutters in everyday life but not when acting. Preparation requires an actor’s concentration to make the words belong to another person, which is its own sort of trance.”

― John Casey

“One mentor I had taught me that people do what you inspect, not necessarily what you expect. In other words, if nobody is watching, there will be some slack off.”

― John Catsimatidis

“I want to be a force for real good. In other words. I know that there are bad forces, forces that bring suffering to others and misery to the world, but I want to be the opposite force. I want to be the force which is truly for good.”

― John Coltrane

“I’d like to point out to people the divine in a musical language that transcends words. I want to speak to their souls.”

― John Coltrane

“Now between the meanings of words and their sounds there is ordinarily no discoverable relation except one of accident; and it is therefore miraculous, to the mystic, when words which make sense can also make a uniform objective structure of accents and rhymes.”

― John Crowe Ransom

“Sometimes I’ll write without the guitar or the piano, but most of the time I’ll be playing and just improvising some words. And when I get something that sounds good, a line with a story in it, I’ll try and tease it out and figure out where the story is going.”

― John Darnielle

“I hope people will see how harmful words are and how irresponsible we can be when saying the wrong things at the wrong time to certain people.”

― John David Washington

“We don’t teach kids how to feel, we don’t give them the words to go by.”

― John Denver

“Just as a flower which seems beautiful and has color but no perfume, so are the fruitless words of the man who speaks them but does them not.”

― John Dewey

“In the modern presidency, the Chief Executive is expected to respond to anxious national moments with words that stabilize the country. President Trump chose a different route. He did not give a stirring speech of unity or create a national gathering point around common ideals. He spent his passion on other things.”

― John Dickerson

“Mitt Romney won the GOP nomination on a platform of ‘self-deportation’ for illegal immigrants – and the Obama team never let Hispanics forget it. The Obama campaign also branded Republicans with Romney’s ill-chosen words about 47 percent of Americans as the party of uncaring millionaires.”

― John Dickerson

“If we practice hard enough, we can become thoroughly interested in even the simplest things of daily life, the way a child would. The smallest things would become so meaningful, they might even be worth a few words or a photograph, whatever method you use to capture them.”

― John Dickerson

“I believe words mean something. I really do.”

― John Dorsey

“But in the finished art of the song the use of words has no connection with the use of words in poetry.”

― John Drinkwater

“Poetry is the communication through words of certain experiences that can be communicated in no other way.”

― John Drinkwater

“There can be no proof that Blake’s lyric is composed of the best words in the best order; only a conviction, accepted by our knowledge and judgment, that it is so.”

― John Drinkwater

“We recognise in the finished art, which is the result of these conditions, the best words in the best order – poetry; and to put this essential poetry into different classes is impossible.”

― John Drinkwater

“Words are but pictures of our thoughts.”

― John Dryden

“If you be pungent, be brief; for it is with words as with sunbeams – the more they are condensed the deeper they burn.”

― John Dryden

“In other words, I think that if an audience listens to something as an experience of how in tune it is or something of that kind, that the whole point is somehow being missed, and the music has failed.”

― John Eaton

“The whole idea of spellbinding, of being an entertainer, being the center of the stage, making up words – that let me know that writing is nice.”

― John Edgar Wideman

“Validation comes to us in two ways: through trials we overcome, and through the words of older men.”

― John Eldredge

“All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin. And therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words ‘Ich bin ein Berliner!’”

― John F. Kennedy

“Deed, not words shall speak me.”

― John Fletcher

“We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in words.”

― John Fowles

“Talking, talking. Spinning a web of words, pale walls of dreams, between myself and all I see.”

― John Gardner

“Businesses have to make gestures that go beyond words. Persuasion no longer works.”

― John Gerzema

“I spend a lot of my time just looking at words and grammar and writing things down that I don’t know.”

― John Grant

“For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.”

― John Greenleaf Whittier

“There are three types of words: words we all know, words we should know, and words nobody knows. Don’t use the third category.”

― John Grisham

“Nothing is more common than for men to think that because they are familiar with words they understand the ideas they stand for.”

― John Henry Newman

“I don’t begin a novel or a screenplay until I know the ending. And I don’t mean only that I have to know what happens. I mean that I have to hear the actual sentences. I have to know what atmosphere the words convey.”

― John Irving

“’Fine dining.’ I’d love to know who coined the term and whether they meant it to be as offputting as it is. The words evoke an idea of phoney refinement, of needless flummery, snooty waiters, and an atmosphere designed to intimidate the customer.”

― John Lanchester

“I think the Internet was invented specifically to stop people finishing their books. And it does quite a good job. I don’t have blocking software, though I could easily imagine needing it. I just don’t do that stuff until I’ve got the words done for the day.”

― John Lanchester

“As both a fine artist and a graphic designer, I specialize in the visual presentation of words.”

― John Langdon

“Language, philosophy, and science are interwoven into the design of words, which are manipulated to create surprising illusions.”

― John Langdon

“I do a mind game every day. I play chess, sudoku. I learn something different: a language, a few words of a different language.”

― John Layfield

“When I was 15 years old in 1955, I heard of Rosa Parks. I heard the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. on our radio.”

― John Lewis

“The action of Rosa Parks, the words and leadership of Dr. King inspired me. I was deeply inspired. I wanted to do something.”

― John Lewis

“We should have a great fewer disputes in the world if words were taken for what they are, the signs of our ideas only, and not for things themselves.”

― John Locke

“Words cannot express quite a lot of feelings, whereas a noise or tone or drone or sound, an accordion falling down a staircase, can somehow capture an emotion much better.”

― John Lydon

“My words are my bullets.”

― John Lydon

“Music can describe emotions far more accurately than words ever can. As soon as I realised that, I knew music was where I wanted to be.”

― John Lydon

“I think I have something valid to say. My words are my bullets. I like to brag that somehow I got it right.”

― John Lydon

“More than once in the history of Whole Foods Market, the company was unable to collectively evolve until I myself was able to evolve – in other words, I was holding the company back. My personal growth enabled the company to evolve.”

― John Mackey

“Trying to impress my mother with words was one of my favourite pursuits.”

― John Mayer

“When you do an interview with me, you’re talking to a cheap imitation of the person that I really am. There’s no magic in my words, it’s just me talking.”

― John Mayer

“Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assaults of thoughts on the unthinking.”

― John Maynard Keynes

“Steve Jobs would have wanted his words to change not just technology but politics itself.”

― John McAfee

“When I start to write, words have become physical presence. It was to see if I could bring that private world to life that found its first expression through reading. I really dislike the romantic notion of the artist.”

― John McGahern

“A translation is no translation, he said, unless it will give you the music of a poem along with the words of it.”

― John Millington Synge

“Nationalism – in other words, the dividing of the church into bodies – consisting of such and such a nation, is a novelty, not above three centuries old, although many dear children of God are found dwelling in it.”

― John Nelson Darby

“We invented words; we’ll tell you how they’re supposed to sound.”

― John Oliver

“Tithing is considerably less popular than words like generosity or sharing.”

― John Ortberg

“Real spiritual authority has to do with the truth of the actual words being spoken, and the spirit of the person behind the words. Really, authority is about truth: honest-living truth.”

― John Ortberg

“There are times over different projects when I’ve asked the writers why people are swearing for no good reason. I tell them that it would be funnier if there weren’t these swear words.”

― John Ratzenberger

“Good words cool more than cold water.”

― John Ray

“Writing a screenplay needs to be more than words on a page – and by the way, I think the words on the page are something you have to try to execute on the highest level you can; I’m not dismissing that by any regard.”

― John Ridley

“Your kids have these big emotions they can’t put into words.”

― John Ross Bowie

“The essence of lying is in deception, not in words.”

― John Ruskin

“Great nations write their autobiographies in three manuscripts – the book of their deeds, the book of their words and the book of their art.”

― John Ruskin

“I think that what I do, in terms of how I craft my words rhetorically, is fairly simple stuff. I don’t mean that to denigrate myself. I mean that in the sense of, when I write, the person that I keep in mind is my mother-in-law.”

― John Scalzi

“When I’m writing a novel or doing other serious writing work, I do it on a schedule that dictates writing either 2,000 words a day or writing until noon. After I hit whichever mark comes first, then I can give my attention to everything else I have to do.”

― John Scalzi

“In other words, musicians know that going back to the Spoonful, what we were doing was not copying.”

― John Sebastian

“The God of the Hebrews is a God that human language, we’re not even supposed to speak the holy name. We were told in the Second Commandment we could make no images of this God, and I don’t think that means just building idols, I think that means also trying to believe you’ve captured God in your words, in the Creeds, in the Scriptures.”

― John Shelby Spong

“I get drunk writing words. I don’t drink or do drugs, but I get so carried away with writing that I get inebriated from it.”

― John Shirley

“I’m not a musician making words to go with my music.”

― John Trudell

“Every song I’ve ever written always starts with the words because I want the music to be the musical extension of the feelings of the words, and not the words being the emotional extension of the feeling of the music.”

― John Trudell

“The miracle of turning inklings into thoughts and thoughts into words and words into metal and print and ink never palls for me.”

― John Updike

“My transition from wanting to be a cartoonist to wanting to be a writer may have come about through that friendly opposition, that even-handed pairing, of pictures and words.”

― John Updike

“Now multitudes of root words are identical in the American languages over vast areas some of them with precisely the same senses, and others with various shades of analogical meaning.”

― John W. Dawson

“Possible ideas and thoughts are vast in number. A distinct word for every distinct idea and thought would require a vast vocabulary. The problem in language is to express many ideas and thoughts with comparatively few words.”

― John Wesley Powell

“It is an excellent rule to be observed in all disputes, that men should give soft words and hard arguments; that they should not so much strive to vex as to convince each other.”

― John Wilkins

“The bread while becoming by virtue of Christ’s words the body of Christ does not cease to be bread.”

― John Wycliffe

“Lead by examples, not words.”

― Johnny Colt

“In other words, the celebrity gets out of hand, and if you’re not careful, you will forget what you are about – and that is you are about making music that people want to hear.”

― Johnny Mathis

“I had a lot of songs and words and scenes stuck inside of me. So Jacknife encouraged me to bring them all out. So, in essence, ‘You and Others’ is my diary.”

― Johnny McDaid

“Of course I was bullied and of course I was called names – my last name is Weir. That’s very, very close to ‘weird,’ or ‘queer’ and any of those words. But I’ve never been anyone to cry over spilled milk or be upset because kids don’t like me, or people don’t like me… It makes my skin stronger and thicker. And why cry? Your mascara runs.”

― Johnny Weir

“But my question is, am I compromising by adapting my words for the audience and where is the line beyond which I am not adapting words, but changing my position?”

― Joichi Ito

“Liberty, freedom and democracy are very fuzzy words, but human rights is very specific.”

― Joichi Ito

“I started writing novels by not thinking about actually writing a whole novel – that felt altogether too daunting. I thought out a rough idea, then wrote chapter by chapter, and then by the time I’d hit 40,000 words, it was a challenge just to see if I could get to the end.”

― Jojo Moyes

“Chaos does not mean total disorder. Chaos means a multiplicity of possibilities. Chaos is from the ancient Greek words that means a thing that is birthed from the void. And it was about that which is possible, not about disorder.”

― Jok Church

“We are all in Christ’s energy. We are all in the divine plan. We are all on the sacred journey, if you want to put it into some very spiritual words. And I like to sing about it, so that’s what I do.”

― Jon Anderson

“Words without deeds is an affront to the principle that guides our Nation and makes a mockery of the values we as public servants claim to love.”

― Jon Corzine

“Members will hear me say repeatedly words are important; deeds are a reality.”

― Jon Corzine

“Words without deeds violates the moral and legal obligation we have under the genocide convention but, more importantly, violates our sense of right and wrong and the standards we have as human beings about looking to care for one another.”

― Jon Corzine

“I think it’s like music for the sake of music, and a lot of the words stem from liking music a lot, wanting to be a good band and having a good sense of humour, and living in a situation where we’re free to pretty much do what we want.”

― Jon Fishman

“Let’s not mince words: Everest doesn’t attract a whole lot of well-balanced folks. The self-selection process tends to weed out the cautious and the sensible in favor of those who are single-minded and incredibly driven. Which is a big reason the mountain is so dangerous.”

― Jon Krakauer

“’Just looking at pictures’ used to be considered cheating. No longer. The graphic novel is booming. Comics, heavily illustrated texts, books with no words are now accepted as reading.”

― Jon Scieszka

“I believe that all blogs should have at least one set of rhyming words. Just because. Does. Fuzz. Was.”

― Jon Scieszka

“Words can’t express how humbled I am in being given the privilege to portray Gunnery Sergeant Basilone!”

― Jon Seda

“I was definitely the kid who was the chicken, who didn’t want to say the cuss words.”

― Jon Watts

“I’m working in a form of cinema that can be described, and has been described, as a diaristic form of cinema. In other words, with material from my own life. I walk through life with my camera, and occasionally I film. I never think about scripts, never think about films, making films.”

― Jonas Mekas

“I’m of Neil Young’s generation. Neil Young’s songs have spoken to what it’s like to be at least a white male of his generation over the years. Endlessly, he’s sung about the stuff that I really care about. He’s put into words the feelings that hit you at different transitional moments in life.”

― Jonathan Demme

“Programme names have been changed, and we have Andrew Neil saying he won’t be using long words.”

― Jonathan Dimbleby

“I’ve always been better at informing the audience through images than through words, but I took on a script that was so dialogue-intensive, that the words had to do all the informing.”

― Jonathan Glazer

“We struggle with the right words to describe the design process at Apple. But it is very much about designing and prototyping and making.”

― Jonathan Ive

“So much magazine writing is playing to an empty room. You work like a plow horse, your words get printed on a half-million or more copies, and then it often just disappears into this national vacuum.”

― Jonathan Miles

“The trouble with ghostwriting is that it raises the issue of whether the president is in a state of diminished responsibility for what he says. Does he actually grasp the implications of the words he speaks?”

― Jonathan Raban

“Food prices are often kept artificially high. The result is that the Millennium Development Goals set out by the United Nations at the start of the new millennium are not being reached. Fine words have not yet been turned into deeds.”

― Jonathan Sacks

“In America right now, we use words like ‘smart’ to talk about bombs. American rhetoric is grounded in ideas of capital-G Good, capital-E Evil, and it’s very clear who is on which side. But in a book you can do just the opposite. You can use all lower-case words.”

― Jonathan Safran Foer

“As a writer, putting words on the page is how I pay attention.”

― Jonathan Safran Foer

“Words are capable of making experience more vivid, and also of organizing it. They can scare us, and they can comfort us.”

― Jonathan Safran Foer

“A lie does not consist in the indirect position of words, but in the desire and intention, by false speaking, to deceive and injure your neighbour.”

― Jonathan Swift

“The proper words in the proper places are the true definition of style.”

― Jonathan Swift

“Words are but wind; and learning is nothing but words; ergo, learning is nothing but wind.”

― Jonathan Swift

“Paul Simon started piling up a lot of words, more than the bar could handle, and I stopped!”

― Joni Mitchell

“My parents told me I’d point to a bed of flowers and say ‘Pink. Pretty,’ before I knew any other words.”

― Joni Mitchell

“It’s very hard to find your own words – and you don’t actually exist until you have your own words.”

― Jordan Peterson

“I think the play on words for ‘Punky’ Brewster has definitely played itself out.”

― Jordana Brewster

“There are so many little girls who follow me and look up to me. I’m their role model, so I have to make sure I’m always being professional and not putting any swear words out there – just really putting positive things out there on the Internet.”

― Jordyn Wieber

“Words must be matched by action if change is to become lasting.”

― Jose Angel Gurria

“I have recommended in my writings the study of civic virtues, without which there is no redemption. I have written likewise (and repeat my words) that reforms, to be beneficial, must come from above, that those which come from below are irregularly gained and uncertain.”

― Jose Rizal

“Words were not given to man in order to conceal his thoughts.”

― Jose Saramago

“For me, writing is a job. I do not separate the work from the act of writing like two things that have nothing to do with each other. I arrange words one after another, or one in front of another, to tell a story, to say something that I consider important or useful, or at least important or useful to me.”

― Jose Saramago

“I have somewhere met with the epitaph on a charitable man which has pleased me very much. I cannot recollect the words, but here is the sense of it: ‘What I spent I lost; what I possessed is left to others; what I gave away remains with me.’”

― Joseph Addison

“Kind words not only lift our spirits in the moment they are given, but they can linger with us over the years.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“There are many reasons our prayers may lack power. Sometimes they become routine. Our prayers become hollow when we say similar words in similar ways over and over so often that the words become more of a recitation than a communication.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“This I have observed: There are no language barriers in the Church. There is a mighty power that transcends the power of messages conveyed by words alone, and this is the power of messages communicated by the Spirit to our hearts.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“Words contract a significance which clings to them long after the condition of things to which they owe it has passed away.”

― Joseph Barber Lightfoot

“On the whole, infinity is a fairly palpable aspect of this business of publishing, if only because it extends a dead author’s existence beyond the limits he envisioned, or provides a living author with a future he cannot measure. In other words, this business deals with the future which we all prefer to regard as unending.”

― Joseph Brodsky

“With poets, the choice of words is invariably more telling than the story line; that’s why the best of them dread the thought of their biographies being written.”

― Joseph Brodsky

“By failing to read or listen to poets, society dooms itself to inferior modes of articulation: those of the politician, the salesman or the charlatan… In other words, it forfeits its own evolutionary potential.”

― Joseph Brodsky

“Art is a spirit seeking flesh but finding words.”

― Joseph Brodsky

“From my teenage years on, I sought out Native elders from many tribal nations and listened to their words. I also started a small press, The Greenfield Review Press, and became very involved with publishing the work of other American Indian authors, especially books of poetry.”

― Joseph Bruchac

“Remember likewise there are persons who love fewer words, an inoffensive sort of people, and who deserve some regard, though of too still and composed tempers for you.”

― Joseph Butler

“This was the man, this Balaam, I say, was the man, who desired to die the death of the righteous, and that his last end might be like his; and this was the state of his mind when he pronounced these words.”

― Joseph Butler

“Words, as is well known, are the great foes of reality.”

― Joseph Conrad

“The words ‘fairy tales’ must accordingly be taken to include tales in which occurs something ‘fairy,’ something extraordinary – fairies, giants, dwarfs, speaking animals.”

― Joseph Jacobs

“Words, like glass, obscure when they do not aid vision.”

― Joseph Joubert

“The perfection of style consists in the use of the exact speech necessary to convey the sense in the fewest words consistent with perspicuity, at the same time having regard to appropriateness and harmony of expression. Its greater excellencies are directness, accuracy, appropriateness and perspicuity.”

― Joseph P. Bradley

“Words are often seen hunting for an idea, but ideas are never seen hunting for words.”

― Josh Billings

“Be prepared to fall out of love with your words. I’m still too verbose at times.”

― Josh Elliott

“Ultimately, words are only words, and its only the music that stands by itself.”

― Josh Homme

“I would say 90 percent of Christians do not have a worldview, in other words a view of the world, based on the Scripture and a relationship with God.”

― Josh McDowell

“I love the exhilaration of feeling a pull quote come out of your mouth. The words just taste better.”

― Josh Tillman

“I feel like nowadays everybody I know has a smidge of geek in them. In other words, they have some odd niche or some obsessive tendencies.”

― Josh Zuckerman

“I use Facebook quite a lot to keep up with my friends, although I had to delete ‘Words With Friends’ from my phone because it was wasting too much of my time.”

― Joshua Bell

“Without computers, in the 17th century, we could classify the entire animal kingdom… there was this idea of the speciation, right? And now, all a search engine is is essentially the mathematical speciation of ideas – and these things really derive from the way that language is used and the way words relate.”

― Joshua Cohen

“I don’t write directly on to the computer because I don’t think well facing forward with fingers on a keyboard. I think better looking down holding a pen. And the concentration quotient of pen and paper is higher than when I’m moving words around on screen.”

― Joshua Ferris

“During the Middle Ages they understood that words accompanied by imagery are much more memorable. By making the margins of a book colorful and beautiful, illuminations help make the text unforgettable. It’s unfortunate that we’ve lost the art of illumination.”

― Joshua Foer

“Languages are something of a mess. They evolve over centuries through an unplanned, democratic process that leaves them teeming with irregularities, quirks, and words like ‘knight.’”

― Joshua Foer

“The fact that books today are mostly a string of words makes it easier to forget the text. With the impact of the iPad and the future of the book being up for re-imagination, I wonder whether we’ll rediscover the importance of making texts richer visually.”

― Joshua Foer

“Words should be employed as the means, not the end; language is the instrument, conviction is the work.”

― Joshua Reynolds

“The temple of art is built in words.”

― Josiah Gilbert Holland

“I saw my sister in this production of ‘Whistle Down the Wind’ – my sister was a really big theater kid – and when I saw her do that, I was so obsessed. Those were like my first words; I was singing along to the songs. From that point on, I did theater, and then I got into acting in film and television.”

― Josie Totah

“I love the sound of the saxophone. It became my singing voice, and it sounds so human. The saxophone could carry the words past the border of words. It can carry it a little bit farther.”

― Joy Harjo

“When I was very little, four or five, I did comic strip drawings, so my first novel had no words. I couldn’t write and thought adult handwriting was a mysterious scribble. When I was 14, my grandmother gave me a typewriter and I started writing in a different way.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“In love there are two things – bodies and words.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“I reckon I probably worked for Euripides a long time ago. I do think we have many Earth walks and it’s possible that he’s an old friend. Does that sound too stupid for words? Quite frankly I think I’ve been an actor in so many lifetimes.”

― Joyce DeWitt

“Words are powerful; if you change your words, you can change your life.”

― Joyce Meyer

“One might say that our words are a movie screen that reveals what we have been thinking and the attitudes we have.”

― Joyce Meyer

“Really showing love requires more than just words.”

― Joyce Meyer

“I’m a political poet – let us say a ‘human’ poet, a poet that’s concerned with the plight of people who suffer. If words can be of assistance, then that’s what I’m going to use.”

― Juan Felipe Herrera

“Everyone knows English is my second language and my vocabulary is not as broad as it is in Spanish, and because of this, sometimes I use the wrong words to express myself.”

― Juan Pablo Galavis

“Always when I write my music, I take my guitar, and I improvise always with a melody, you know, lyrics in Spanish. But sometimes I use some words in English. I don’t know why. Maybe because I listen to a lot of music in English.”

― Juanes

“When a company gets into trouble, it should basically have to be resolved, in other words, stockholders lose their money, unsecured bondholders lose their money.”

― Judd Gregg

“When you read a play, the words speak to you. When you read a script, there’s no way you can tell if that’s the way that movie will turn out.”

― Judge Reinhold

“’Mature’ and ‘responsible’ are words I don’t understand.”

― Judy Carne

“When you act a scene with Sidney Poitier, he listens intently to every word you say. You can feel your words hit him. He makes the scene utterly real.”

― Judy Geeson

“I am an actress – I am paid to verbalize other people’s words, not create my own.”

― Judy Greer

“I’ve always loved words. I ate up all the books I could get my hands on, and when I couldn’t get books, I read candy wrappers and labels on cereal and toothpaste boxes.”

― Judy Holliday

“That’s a lot of words about the weather, but in Canberra you can’t help but be aware of the seasons, and there is something wonderful about that. Okay, so there’s a distinct lack of beach, but aside from that, the place grows on you.”

― Judy Horacek

“Sometimes people honestly don’t realize the magnitude of their words and have no idea that boundaries have been crossed.”

― Judy Smith

“If I’m really telling someone what’s coming ahead of them, then I’m going to say it, and I’m going to own those words.”

― Judy Smith

“Words have a lot of power.”

― Juice Wrld

“Words are the small change of thought.”

― Jules Renard

“Words are the coins making up the currency of sentences, and there are always too many small coins.”

― Jules Renard

“It must be that a man who shuts himself up between four walls must lose the faculty of associating ideas and words.”

― Jules Verne

“I think the hardest thing about doing an accent, especially with a Missouri accent, is making sure that you’re not mumbling with the words so your diction is clear.”

― Julia Garner

“The meaning of the words in my songs are very important to me. But what’s most important to me is that the music works.”

― Julia Holter

“I’ve always been a writer. I’ve always loved words, ever since I was a kid.”

― Julia Michaels

“I just remember really loving words and writing about anything I could, and the way I’d remember things, like my library card number, was to make a melody.”

― Julia Michaels

“True humility is expressed in deeds, not words. The humble are those who truly walk the same ground as everyone else – not necessarily with grovelling, hunched backs, but certainly not lording it over others, either.”

― Julian Baggini

“The reason Buddhism can be so naturalised is because, stripped of its supernatural elements, its core teachings can be giving a sound, secular philosophical interpretation. In other words, it becomes a religion acceptable to the contemporary, naturalistic mind only when it ceases to be a religion.”

― Julian Baggini

“We all like to look good. However, this basic human desire can often get in the way of our listening and our speaking. This tendency often evinces itself in two simple words: ‘I know.’ But if I know everything, what can I learn? Absolutely nothing.”

― Julian Treasure

“Some of the songs are so crazy, the words are so crazy… it’s hard to believe I was so crazy.”

― Juliana Hatfield

“I’d say almost that words come first, melody second.”

― Julie Andrews

“Frances McDormand is my favorite actor. I don’t know if that’s relevant. But she’s a person who plays people. In other words, not everything has to be an over-the-top Broadway musical to get my attention, but it certainly helps.”

― Julie Klausner

“I have never had a problem with people not being able to understand the words and the meanings in Titus.”

― Julie Taymor

“Some words, you know, it’s amazing but some words would come only in French, and when I speak French, it would only come in English. And so the adjustment is very difficult sometimes.”

― Juliette Binoche

“The old footage of my dad, I always knew we were cut from the same cloth, because my dad was such a renegade and always marched to the beat of his own drum. To see where we were both dancing and being silly together, it’s too beautiful for words. I was really happy to have that.”

― Juliette Lewis

“I’m the Latin artist who has been the most successful in history at representing the Latin culture. The stylings of my words are immodest, but it’s the truth.”

― Julio Iglesias

“When I get a chance to power jump off both legs, I can lean, twist, change directions and decide whether to dunk the ball or pass it to an open man. In other words, I may be committed to the air, but I still have some control over it.”

― Julius Erving

“Network neutrality protects the ability of users to access the lawful content, applications, and services of their choice. In other words, it lets users determine who wins and loses in the marketplace, and that’s the way it should be.”

― Julius Genachowski

“There are two ways to worry words. One is hoping for the greatest possible beauty in what is created. The other is to tell the truth.”

― June Jordan

“To chase an athlete that really doesn’t want to speak with you and when you finally get him, gives you three words and you have to write a story based on three words of information he gave you, that’s pretty tough.”

― Junior Seau

“I mean in the community that I grew up in, you know, a very, you know, mixed, almost entirely African Diaspora community, one of the things that we were not ever supposed to say was how much self-hatred and colorism determined and guided what we would call our desire. In other words, what we would consider beautiful.”

― Junot Diaz

“Sometimes I don’t use the words ‘will’ and ‘want’ in the right way. The German word ‘will’ is the English word ‘want,’ so that’s a little bit of the problem.”

― Jurgen Klopp

“If you try to write 1,000 words a day, as I do, after 100 days you’ll look up and have a book. It may be a mess, and you may have to revise it 50 times, but you can’t revise it if you haven’t written it.”

― Justin Cronin

“If we wander around as politicians jumping at every shadow and desperately afraid of having our words taken out of context or attacks layered on in an unfair way, I think we’re actually doing a disrespect to Canadians, to people’s intelligence.”

― Justin Trudeau

“I kind of miss writing songs the way that I used to write songs, in the sense that I would just sit down, and all these words that told a story would come out. There’s one Bon Iver song called ‘Blood Bank’ that is more representative of an older lineage of songs, which I like and I sort of miss. But it just doesn’t happen anymore for me.”

― Justin Vernon

“We all feel like we’re alone, but as artists, we get to see firsthand from our fans that we’re not. Hearing them scream the words to your songs is the most amazing feeling.”

― Justine Skye

“I’m letting inspiration move me, in whatever direction it may, without concern if this sounds too rap or too indie, or there’s too many words in it.”

― K. Flay

“I love words. They’re fun. I don’t think any word can just be filler. There’s no room for it. It’s like a puzzle. Every song can be written a million times. How can you say it differently?”

― Kacey Musgraves

“Often, players at clubs I have been at have asked me for prayers or advice. I prefer to show them things rather than to say things; with my actions, not my words.”

― Kaka

“I write the occasional poem. I think my dabbling in poetry makes me better at screenplays. Poetry teaches the value of condensing, the importance of talking in a few words.”

― Kamal Haasan

“Short fiction isn’t my natural form. It’s taken a lot of work over the years to finally feel more comfortable writing stories under 80,000 words!”

― Kameron Hurley

“My parents both worked full-time flipping burgers at the local fast-food joint, and my grandmother looked after us. English was her second language, so instead of books, I learned spoken French nursery rhymes and curse words.”

― Kameron Hurley

“Tone matters more than words.”

― Kangana Ranaut

“It’s funny because I’ve made a living off of words, but words get in the way of what you really want to say.”

― Kanye West

“For a movie, you have to make sure the lyrics are consistent with the rhythm that is given to you. But, at times, during the song’s recording, you find out that your words are not appropriate for the track, and so you have to change them.”

― Kapil Sibal

“Sometimes you just wonder whether people just don’t have the sensitivity or decency. I’m a member of the media myself: I host a talk show. I know sometimes when you want to ask something, you can circumvent it with words and vocabulary. You don’t suddenly just go out there and ask something directly in the pretense of being absolutely candid.”

― Karan Johar

“I’m deeply stressed as a filmmaker, and I know I’m not alone. The censorship crisis, the moral policing, the politics of it has most of us on edge. I’m scared to use certain words: like, if I use ‘Bombay,’ will there be a problem?”

― Karan Johar

“Cobain the writer is funny and self-aware and snotty with a knack for off-the-cuff profundity. Remarking to a friend that his band will be called ‘Nirvana,’ he scribbles next to it the words ‘Oooh eerie mystical doom.’”

― Karan Mahajan

“A theology should be like poetry, which takes us to the end of what words and thoughts can do.”

― Karen Armstrong

“In the past some of the most influential Jewish, Christian and Muslim theologians, such as Maimonides, Aquinas and Ibn Sina, made it clear that it was very difficult to speak about God, because when we confront the ultimate, we are at the end of what words or thoughts can do.”

― Karen Armstrong

“Words do cut, and they do hurt. It was one thing growing up where you were bullied, but you’d just come home. Now you can’t really escape it. It’s to a point where you turn off that phone, you live your life, and you try not to let the words of others offend or stop you from being you and living your life.”

― Karen Civil

“Others do not define you – you define yourself through your words and actions.”

― Karen Handel

“Most of my books begin with a nap on my couch here, when I dream up characters and story lines, and then I write on my laptop in the recliner and handle the business side of email at my desk, which is sagging in the middle – maybe from so many words?”

― Karin Slaughter

“What Christ gives us is quite explicit if his own words are interpreted according to their Aramaic meaning. The expression ‘This is my Body’ means this is myself.”

― Karl Rahner

“Has there ever been a more revealing moment this year? Let me just put this in fairly simple terms: Al Jazeera now broadcasts the words of Senator Durbin to the Mideast, certainly putting our troops in greater danger. No more needs to be said about the motives of liberals.”

― Karl Rove

“The surest method of being incomprehensible or, moreover, to be misunderstood is to use words in their original sense; especially words from the ancient languages.”

― Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

“I met Rajini sir after ‘Jigarthanda,’ and he said he liked my film. He told me I could approach him whenever I had a good idea. I had never thought he would listen to scripts from new directors. After the meeting, I wondered, ‘Should I take his words seriously or not? Should I write something?’”

― Karthik Subbaraj

“At any filmmaking class, you learn the power of the visual medium and are always trying to minimise the words.”

― Karthik Subbaraj

“When I’m writing, my neural pathways get blocked. I can’t read. I can barely hold a conversation without forgetting words and names. I wish I could wear the same clothes and eat the same food each day.”

― Kate Atkinson

“I made a very concerted decision to go to drama school in the United States. But I did have the opportunity to go to Britain’s Central School of Speech and Drama, and my dad and I had a few tense words about that. He wanted me to go to British drama school.”

― Kate Burton

“When I was starting to write, I was fascinated with ‘Knuffle Bunny’ by Mo Willems. I remember taking it home and typing it out, trying to figure out how it worked. It’s just a classic, with dauntingly few words.”

― Kate DiCamillo

“When I was 5 years old, I moved with my mother and brother from Philadelphia to a small town in Florida. People talked more slowly there and said words I had never heard before, like ‘ain’t’ and ‘y’all’ and ‘ma’am.’ Everybody knew everybody else. Even if they didn’t, they acted like they did.”

― Kate DiCamillo

“I find that when I write for children, I am more hopeful, less cynical. I don’t use different words or a different sentence structure. I just hope more.”

― Kate DiCamillo

“As an adult, I have often been deep in serious conversation with someone I’ve highly respected and seen them roll an eye as my mouth has mangled yet another magnificently conceived, clumsily articulated sentence. In my mind, the words are mellifluous as honey. In my mouth, they are shards of glass.”

― Kate Forsyth

“Words are a pretty blunt instrument. There’s always going to be slippage between the words and the infinite complexities of a thought. As a writer, I find that frustrating, but as a social animal, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

― Kate Grenville

“There are hurts so deep that one cannot reach them or heal them with words.”

― Kate Seredy

“In nearly all ballads, the words set the mood and meaning, while the music intensifies or enhances them.”

― Kate Smith

“Because of my voice, speaking words which had been carefully chosen, women had used money they had set aside for other purposes to buy war bonds.”

― Kate Smith

“The Nauru files lifts the secrecy surrounding Australia’s hidden detention regime for asylum seekers through vivid reporting and the words of the guards and officials on the island themselves.”

― Katharine Viner

“I have one rule when adapting any text: nothing gets added; all the words are the original author’s own. But in the ordering and recreation of the story, I can do as I please, and to me, the heart and the point of ‘Dracula’ is appetite.”

― Kathe Koja

“I used to want the words ‘She tried’ on my tombstone. Now I want ‘She did it.’”

― Katherine Dunham

“I have been a believer in the magic of language since, at a very early age, I discovered that some words got me into trouble and others got me out.”

― Katherine Dunn

“I don’t think there is such a thing as an idea without words, because your language is your thought.”

― Katherine Dunn

“Once we have learned to read, meaning of words can somehow register without consciousness.”

― Katherine Mansfield

“In Bulgaria, they use the Cyrillic alphabet, which is completely different from ours. You can’t sound the words out, so you can’t read street signs or packages in the grocery store! You have to rely on pictures and guesses.”

― Katherine McNamara

“I guess I talk about her because I’m interested; I’m listening. Taylor Swift’s words are so valuable to so many young people, not just her #GirlSquad.”

― Katherine Ryan

“I wonder sometimes if I’ve got in the habit of only being courageous when someone else has written the words I have to say.”

― Katherine Waterston

“In politics, a picture is worth a thousand words.”

― Kathleen Troia McFarland

“In the real world, words don’t automatically translate into deeds.”

― Kathleen Troia McFarland

“I prefer being known for my stand-up because I write it. I love being an actor, and saying other people’s words is great. But then, when I do stand-up, I love getting my own point of view out there.”

― Kathy Griffin

“I am proud to be called the Queen of Mean, and I never mince my words – especially when it comes to fat people.”

― Katie Hopkins

“Safety’ is a bogus argument regularly used by university officials to keep conservative speakers off of campuses. This isn’t because conservatives are dangerous, but because the left often reverts to violence instead of words when presented with ideas it disagrees with.”

― Katie Pavlich

“It’s so true: the fight is won or lost in the gym, and those words really stuck with me throughout my career.”

― Katie Taylor

“I want my words to survive translation.”

― Kazuo Ishiguro

“I want my words to survive translation. I know when I write a book now I will have to go and spend three days being intensely interrogated by journalists in Denmark or wherever. That fact, I believe, informs the way I write – with those Danish journalists leaning over my shoulder.”

― Kazuo Ishiguro

“I am a slow reader. I always loved words, which is a strange thing given that I couldn’t actually read them.”

― Keira Knightley

“I don’t pretend that I can read minds. I don’t believe anybody can read minds. In other words, I don’t believe in psychics.”

― Keith Barry

“I don’t swear much; I’ve taken those words out of my vocabulary, and having kids, you have to have two sets of language!”

― Keith Urban

“I don’t write lyrics. I hear the track and sing in gibberish over it, then I try and fit words into the phrasing and melody that I already have set. Everything is left to chance.”

― Kelela

“When I went to Los Angeles right after high school, I got some acting jobs, and I never, ever wanted to be an actress! Public speaking and acting make me want to vomit. But I have never been nervous singing. When it comes to public speaking, I stumble on my words, sweat, and pull at my clothes.”

― Kelly Clarkson

“It’s fun being able to suit up and go and kick butt and not have to worry about memorizing dialogue. It’s a whole different way of acting because you’re not depending on the words at all, you’re really depending on everything else that you have.”

― Kelly Hu

“Stage is so important because it teaches me how to convey character with words – how to convey how a character reacts by the way they appear on stage. I can usually tell a playwright from someone who has never written for the stage. Did the character work? Did the dialogue reveal who the character is?”

― Kelly Masterson

“One of the things about comics is people can linger on images and words as long as they want.”

― Kelly Sue DeConnick

“For success, the author must make the reader care about the destiny of the principals, and sustain this anxiety, or suspense, for about 100,000 words.”

― Ken Follett

“I aim to be translucent, so you don’t notice the words, just their meaning. I haven’t much insight into people’s motivations.”

― Ken Follett

“I always write lyrics first and the rhythm and the melody come from the lyrics. It always comes from the lyrics: words have rhythm and words have melody.”

― Ken Hensley

“No acting, no production, could take the place of that moment when you come out in the dark on to the stage and the drummer plays four beats on the hi-hat and then lights and music. It just takes your breath away. No words can do what music can.”

― Ken Stott

“My father was a man of few words.”

― Ken Venturi

“Comedy is here to bring joy to the world, whether you want to hear the curse words or not.”

― Kenan Thompson

“My dad is my everything. He always had the craziest speeches for Kylie and me growing up, good words to live by.”

― Kendall Jenner

“Music and language are a vital element. We, as actors and directors, offer it to people who want to experience it. Sometimes the actual meaning is less important than the words themselves.”

― Kenneth Branagh

“In the hands of a great poet, words have ways of affecting us in ways we don’t understand.”

― Kenneth Branagh

“Being Irish, I always had this love of words.”

― Kenneth Branagh

“I think words have consequences, and I think actions have consequences.”

― Kenneth Frazier

“I think of painting without subject matter as music without words.”

― Kenneth Noland

“The seed for my novel ‘Half Brother’ was planted in my mind over twenty years ago, but didn’t germinate until late 2007 when I came across the obituary for Washoe, an extraordinary chimpanzee who had learned over 250 words of American Sign Language.”

― Kenneth Oppel

“In the early ’90s, there was an attention to diversity. In this country, diversity was a good thing. People would use words like ‘multicultural’ and like it. Now, politically, those words are out. But I still feel theaters have to be diverse in order to survive.”

― Kenny Leon

“I used to get made fun of a lot for being a male dancer, especially growing up in Boston. Kids are terrible, they don’t realize how heavy words can be.”

― Kenny Wormald

“Actors are magical people. They can take words you wrote and say them in a way that, although you thought the line was good when you wrote it, it’s fantastic when it comes out of their mouth.”

― Kenya Barris

“When you write songs, you can’t really point out the exact thing you’re inspired by. It’s more a state or a mood or an atmosphere that you’re trying to put into words.”

― Keren Ann

“I fell in love with words in all languages, and I read everything I could find, particularly myths and legends and histories and archeology and any novels.”

― Kerry Greenwood

“I like writing books. I really love words. I love to read.”

― Kerry Greenwood

“I have a fear of public speaking. It’s very hard work. Words are not my skill, and because they’re not my skill, I have to work doubly hard.”

― Kerry Stokes

“If you discuss other people, words get twisted; things get turned around.”

― Kevin Connolly

“I always craft my words to the point where I think and hope they’re perfect before I ever begin sketching.”

― Kevin Henkes

“When I’m writing, I’m creating the story and its character with words. I’m thinking about what the pictures will be like, but I never begin to sketch. The pictures are all in my head.”

― Kevin Henkes

“Telling your story out loud is the way human beings communicate. We don’t normally think up words, translate how to spell them and then move our fingers up and down over this randomly arranged set of keys to make the same letters appear on a screen.”

― Kevin J. Anderson

“Storms are sex. They exist alongside and are indifferent to words and description and dissection.”

― Kevin Patterson

“Here are the facts: my folks grew up so poor that, in the words of Redd Foxx, there were twenty o’s between the p and r.”

― Kevin Young

“When I’m on television, I’m talking to millions of people, so the conversation is totally different. My words are different. My diction is different because now I’m really talking American English and not homeboy English.”

― Keyshawn Johnson

“All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind.”

― Khalil Gibran

“In writing, I want to be remembered for telling good stories in beautiful and powerful language, using the poetry of words to reflect the thematic concerns of compelling stories.”

― Kim Edwards

“I don’t think that the spoken words solve everything. Sometimes silence delivers truer feelings while the words can distort the meaning in some situations.”

― Kim Ki-duk

“There’s something about making a song that everybody can sing and remember, and when you listen to it the first time, you already know the words by the second chorus, like you’ve always known the song. I’m obsessed with that idea.”

― Kim Petras

“Handwritten political posters – often composed in an artless and unadorned style, usually just words on plain white paper – were ubiquitous in South Korea in the 1970s and 1980s and were one of the few outlets available for expressing political views. Most posters were anonymous and put up under the cover of night.”

― Kim Young-ha

“It’s funny because I never studied, I never took a class. So everything I do is very innate and organic; I don’t really have words for it. It is a communion with spirit. I don’t get in my own way and allow the character to do what it’s going to do.”

― Kimberly Elise

“Although I always loved reading and putting words on paper, I never thought about becoming a writer until I was twelve.”

― Kimberly Willis Holt

“If you’re having trouble finishing a book, it might be that you’re trying to fix it as you go. Just finish the story, no matter how terrible you think that first draft is. Then let it cool off. In other words, don’t look at it for a while. Then you can rewrite it.”

― Kimberly Willis Holt

“Because the Internet’s there, I have access to a lot of the legends, like Fela Kuti. I used to watch a lot of Fela Kuti videos, just to see how he performed. He inspired me a lot, actually, because he was a man of many words, many good words.”

― King Krule

“I never got lessons. I took influence from Chet Baker, Ian Dury, and Joe Strummer. I don’t hear my voice and think, ‘Yeah, that’s a banging voice!’ It’s more about putting the right emotions into the right words and the lyrics than anything else to me.”

― King Krule

“Especially with the live, just the way I curve words, it’s about expression. It’s so emotive, to be able to release these words into a mike. It really emphasizes this insane tingle down my spine whenever I play.”

― King Krule

“I’m the kind of person that believes that I would like to be evaluated by my entire career and my entire life, not two words that I would misspeak and then later apologize for.”

― Kirk Cameron

“I was really tired of words like ‘plus size,’ ’round’ and ‘large.’ I thought, ‘Come on, we’re fat.’”

― Kirstie Alley

“But words – words are not enough!”

― Klaus Kinski

“When you are there, you are. With words, you aren’t.”

― Klaus Kinski

“I’m not a man of many words, I’m not very expressive or emotional, but it comes out in my music.”

― Kris Allen

“Just the words and melody – that’s what moves your emotions.”

― Kris Kristofferson

“I did co-write ‘Moment of Forever’ with Danny Timms. He wrote the melody, and I just did the words.”

― Kris Kristofferson

“People either think Hodor is a very easy character to play or a very difficult one; there’s no in between. But it’s a lot of fun having to completely switch personalities inside four seconds, with no words. That’s a joy for an actor to get to show all that complex emotion in such a short space of time.”

― Kristian Nairn

“I realize that I am typically vulnerable only when and where and how much it suits me. I can choose my writer words and even go back and edit.”

― Kristin Armstrong

“One of my main techniques for acting is I try to know almost nothing beyond the words that I have to say, because that’s my zone of control.”

― Kristin Bauer van Straten

“I’m not used to being asked what I want to talk about. That’s why I’m an actress. Get told what to do, stand on the mark, say your words, wear this, look this way, look that way.”

― Kristin Scott Thomas

“Illiteracy causes violence. If you don’t have enough words in your vocabulary, you can’t even seek your way out of a situation.”

― KRS-One

“I never really got into game shows. The easiest one is ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ because you just have to know words, and for the most part everyone knows words.”

― Kumail Nanjiani

“Because the Second Amendment is an incomprehensible mess, because too many lobbyists have argued that it is an absolute protection of actions and items never considered at the time of our nation’s founding, and because there is a clear state interest in protecting the lives of its citizens, the words must be removed from the Constitution.”

― Kurt Eichenwald

“What I intended to accomplish was to rouse the student body, not by means of an organization, but solely by my simple words; to urge them, not to violence, but to moral insight into the existing serious deficiencies of our political system.”

― Kurt Huber

“There comes a time when you’ve toured a ton, and a time to be inspired again. Listen to awesome jazz records that are mellow with no words, and just sit there and read a book, or space out on your couch. And eventually, all that inspiration comes.”

― Kurt Vile

“John Prine in particular… just the chord changes combined with the words. He definitely can make you cry a little bit. Just a little bit.”

― Kurt Vile

“The greatest impact you can have on people is never what you say but how you live… You set the standard with your actions. The words can come after.”

― Kurt Warner

“I have been known to have four-letter words fly out of my mouth when I’m upset.”

― Kyle Richards

“You don’t have a soul; you are your own soul. In other words, you are not this book, your social security card, your body, or your mind. You are you.”

― L. Ron Hubbard

“There is many a man without learning will get the better of a college-bred man, and will have better words, too.”

― Lady Gregory

“During my second draft pass on my last book I made 20,000 words happen in a week, which is practically supernatural for me, and it would never have been possible without three nights in a hotel in my own city.”

― Laini Taylor

“I don’t think in words; I think in pictures, in images.”

― Lance Henriksen

“But to this day – I’m very literate now, I love to read, I read constantly – words don’t resonate the way they do to a person with a formal education. They’re like a maze, a puzzle that has to be opened up.”

― Lance Henriksen

“Truthful words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not truthful. Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good.”

― Lao Tzu

“The words of truth are always paradoxical.”

― Lao Tzu

“Sincere words are not fine; fine words are not sincere.”

― Lao Tzu

“I do not think the gay population has been all that rabid for gay marriage. Note that I do not use the words ‘gay community.’ Expunge that expression from your vocabulary. We are not a community.”

― Larry Kramer

“I don’t consider myself an artist. I consider myself a very opinionated man who uses words as fighting tools.”

― Larry Kramer

“One of my little girls is named Reagan. Her first words were, ‘Mr. Larry, tear down this crib.’ That was her first words, it was very sweet. My first words were, ‘Are you going to finish that sandwich?’”

― Larry the Cable Guy

“We’re homebodies. I’ve gotten to see my kids’ first steps, first smiles, first words. Every day is a weekend.”

― Larry the Cable Guy

“I love the word ‘dearth,’ by the way. It’s one of my favorite words.”

― Larry Wilmore

“I take a pretty expansive view of craft, which is to say I don’t see craft as just being technique – it’s also process; subject; ideas and feelings; visions and dreams; the words that are put down and the words that are avoided.”

― Laura van den Berg

“Perfection is an unattainable goal. It isn’t going to be perfect. Just get words down on paper, and when you stumble to what you think is the end of the book, you will have hundreds of pages of words that came out of your head. It may not be perfect, but it looks like a book.”

― Laurell K. Hamilton

“I started off like everyone else does, slogging but having a compulsion to put words on paper. I didn’t write or read horror or fantasy, other than children’s fantasy, until I was in my teens.”

― Laurell K. Hamilton

“Texting is not flirting, if you don’t care about me enough to say the words than that’s not love, I don’t like it!”

― Lauren Graham

“It’s like, if you tweet anything about One Direction, you’ll get a lot of hate – immediately. They’re just searching the words and then writing back to anybody who writes about them.”

― Lauren Lapkus

“I did my dissertation on the idea of femininity and women’s writing, so I spent eight months reading about how women are portrayed in the media in terms of images and tone of voice and what words are used.”

― Lauren Mayberry

“We have over an hour of footage with Ken Marino. Same with Kevin Smith. Because you never know, when you let people who are so talented at improv go, what you’re going to get. You don’t want to strangle them with your own words, because probably what they’re going to say is way better.”

― Lauren Miller

“Performance art is about joy, about making something that’s so full of kind of a wild joy that you really can’t put into words.”

― Laurie Anderson

“I have written a few children’s books. The first book that I wrote was for children. It was called ‘The Package’, and it was a mystery story in pictures. It had no words.”

― Laurie Anderson

“A lot of words in English confuse the idea of life and electricity, like the word livewire.”

― Laurie Anderson

“We have to make sure the music and the message and the words and all the elements come through in our songs and every time we appear in public.”

― Lauryn Hill

“I went from playing for nobody and having awkward experiences at award shows to now being all over the place playing sold-out shows for people who know all of the words.”

― Lauv

“Music is only love looking for words.”

― Lawrence Durrell

“Kind words are a creative force, a power that concurs in the building up of all that is good, and energy that showers blessings upon the world.”

― Lawrence G. Lovasik

“I always worried I’d forget my lines or say the wrong words or the audience would laugh in the wrong places.”

― Lawrence Welk

“If you’re on a contract at ‘The New Yorker,’ the contract specifies the number of words you will publish in the magazine per year. I get paid by the word, like most writers. That’s one reason why the Scientology article was 25,000 words long!”

― Lawrence Wright

“When I was in the ninth grade, I had a teacher in Dallas, Texas, named Elizabeth Enlow in English class. Every Friday, we had to write a little essay, and you had to incorporate three particular words into the story. That was the sole direction. And to me, this was so much fun.”

― Lawrence Wright

“The thing about Sondheim is that it does get very cerebral. You do need a faculty with words and a love for the lyrics to not just pull it off, but to have an appreciation for it.”

― Lea Salonga

“I hate when people don’t hear the actual words out of your mouth or even the intent of it. They just hear something completely different.”

― Lea Thompson

“I first started to sing when I started to talk. As soon as I could form words and sounds together, I was singing.”

― Leah LaBelle

“I have always, always loved words.”

― Leandra Medine

“Words are not pebbles in alien juxtaposition.”

― Learned Hand

“Words are chameleons, which reflect the color of their environment.”

― Learned Hand

“I must tell you that the supply of words on the world market is plentiful, but the demand is falling.”

― Lech Walesa

“The supply of words in the world market is plentiful but the demand is falling. Let deeds follow words now.”

― Lech Walesa

“I don’t know what gives me more pleasure: watching my story unfold or going in and watching a room full of black people talking for me and writing words for black people.”

― Lee Daniels

“In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product, and profits.”

― Lee Iacocca

“Paris is life-enhancing for all those reasons we know and all those words that have become so banal.”

― Lee Radziwill

“I’m not good with words, and I get mixed up.”

― Lee Ryan

“Many Arabic/Islamic words have now entered the English dictionary, such as haj, hijab, Eid, etc., and I no longer need to put them in italics or explain them.”

― Leila Aboulela

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the nonprofit world, the right picture is worth tens of thousands of dollars. I use PhotoPad to sync our Samasource Flickr account to my iPad and slip it out of my purse at cocktail parties to tell our story.”

― Leila Janah

“I know the words to, like, every song. Hoobastank, whatever.”

― Lennon Parham

“The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.”

― Leo Burnett

“The secret of all effective originality in advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.”

― Leo Burnett

“Words must surely be counted among the most powerful drugs man ever invented.”

― Leo Rosten

“The chief difference between words and deeds is that words are always intended for men for their approbation, but deeds can be done only for God.”

― Leo Tolstoy

“The thought of me not having to clock in for a job anymore is something that I can’t really put into words, aside from ‘amazing’ and ‘awesome.’”

― Leon Bridges

“Words have been the most difficult thing for me. Melodies have been the easiest for me; I have more than enough melodies to go around.”

― Leon Russell

“When I was really little I would sit in the back of my dad’s car when he’d be playing old-school music. He’d turn down the music and turn around and I’d be singing and know all of the words but I didn’t even know how to talk. From then on I’ve always wanted to be a singer.”

― Leona Lewis

“Technique is communication: the two words are synonymous in conductors.”

― Leonard Bernstein

“I was 15 when I first became deeply touched by the rhythm and structure of words.”

― Leonard Cohen

“Nonverbal communication forms a social language that is in many ways richer and more fundamental than our words.”

― Leonard Mlodinow

“Language is handy, but we humans have social and emotional connections that transcend words and are communicated – and understood – without conscious thought.”

― Leonard Mlodinow

“Scientists attach great importance to the human capacity for spoken language. But we also have a parallel track of nonverbal communication, which may reveal more than our carefully chosen words, and sometimes be at odds with them.”

― Leonard Mlodinow

“In some ways I believe music is the more convincing communicator of ideas than words. For instance, we can hear of Kordaly and Bartok and recognise them as Hungarian, but very few of us speak Hungarian, but the music itself speaks to more people.”

― Leonard Slatkin

“All knowledge which ends in words will die as quickly as it came to life, with the exception of the written word: which is its mechanical part.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

“When I write a song, I hear the music and words at the same time – one suggests the form of the other.”

― Leslie Bricusse

“I get real brave when I text people. When I text people, I am so brave because it’s words, but you can’t say stuff.”

― Leslie Jones

“Domestic abuse happens only in intimate, interdependent, long-term relationships – in other words, in families – the last place we would want or expect to find violence.”

― Leslie Morgan Steiner

“The reason they call it ‘golf’ is that all the other 4 letter words were used up.”

― Leslie Nielsen

“If atheism is to be used to express the state of mind in which God is identified with the unknowable, and theology is pronounced to be a collection of meaningless words about unintelligible chimeras, then I have no doubt, and I think few people doubt.”

― Leslie Stephen

“And doing so you can recreate yourself and you can also come up with something that is not only original and creative and artistic, but also maybe even decent, or moral if I can use words like that, or something that’s like basically good.”

― Lester Bangs

“For 30 years I’ve been schooled in everything from government, and economics, to medicine and international relations. But don’t be impressed. Someone once said being a general assignment reporter simply means you are equally ignorant about most everything. In other words, I know a little about a lot.”

― Lester Holt

“We might have been – these are but common words, and yet they make the sum of life’s bewailing.”

― Letitia Elizabeth Landon

“It’s no longer possible to simply build English country houses out of words, because they’ve already been so thoroughly described that all the applicable words have been used up, and one is forced to build them instead out of words recycled and scavenged from other descriptions of other country houses.”

― Lev Grossman

“Until now, I’ve been a kind of binge-writer – I’ll carve out five or six hours on a weekend day and make a large container of espresso and just bang out a lot of words.”

― Lev Grossman

“If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.”

― Lewis Hine

“I’m definitely using different parts of myself, but I think when it comes down to words and melodies, I can’t really force anything too much.”

― Lia Ices

“In every song, there is a vocal element that doesn’t have any words. I wanted to play around with how emotive and expressive my voice could be.”

― Lia Ices

“I find words really hard.”

― Liam Gallagher

“It was a very emotional dinner… Everyone shared personal stories about her and gave her words of encouragement and inspiration. Everyone tried to remain positive.”

― Lil’ Kim

“For me, if I saw my favorite artist in the store, I would probably just tell them three words and walk away.”

― Lil Peep

“I can’t put into words what I think about anything.”

― Lilly Pulitzer

“You could do a ‘Les Mis’-type musical about Hamilton, but it would have to be 12 hours long, because the amount of words on the bars when you’re writing a typical song – that’s maybe got 10 words per line.”

― Lin-Manuel Miranda

“I write to relieve an intellectual itch. I stumble across a hitherto neglected set of events, transformations, characters, or source materials from the past, and they nag at me until I make sense of them in words. But I also write to seduce and to make my readers think.”

― Linda Colley

“They’re my favorite two words these days: Oscar reject.”

― Linda Fiorentino

“One of the things that makes me horrified about a Trump administration is the continued use of code words like ‘law and order.’”

― Linda Sarsour

“You have to understand when you’re organizing with women of color, you can’t use words like ‘marginalized’ and ‘second-class citizen’ loosely.”

― Linda Sarsour

“That’s one strength that Stevie has. She’s really not a strong instrumentalist in any way. Her instrument is her voice and her words. And it keeps her focused on the very center of that.”

― Lindsey Buckingham

“Before I left the ‘Star’ last year to write books full-time, I welcomed catastrophe. It was material. Missed planes, broken pipes, dead lawns, digestive disorders, you name it, if it was something that had gone horribly wrong, it was worth banging out 600 words about.”

― Linwood Barclay

“Once I have a hook I think has potential – enough to spin out more than a hundred thousand words, then I start turning my attention to characters. Who are these people? Why did this thing happen to them? But the hook always comes first.”

― Linwood Barclay

“An author who sets about to depict events of the past that have run their course is suspected of wishing to avoid the problems of the present day, of being, in other words, a reactionary.”

― Lion Feuchtwanger

“People have allowed me into their homes, through my words and my music.”

― Lionel Richie

“I know that it can be really difficult to read about your own life… in someone else’s words.”

― Lisa Brennan-Jobs

“I think writers like to see how people bring their words to life, and it’s always surprising. Always, no matter what, whether it’s good or bad, it’s always surprising because a whole human being is coming to that piece of writing.”

― Lisa Edelstein

“I don’t really get into a writing routine until March or April, when I’ll write a few hundred words a day, often in a cafe in the morning after the school run.”

― Lisa Jewell

“I don’t use simple words. I make games and puzzles with my songs.”

― Lisa Loeb

“I write a thousand words a day.”

― Lisa See

“I think to really be literate in nu shu you only need about 600 characters because it is phonetic. So you’re able to then create many words out of one character.”

― Lisa See

“I’ve always loved the English language. I just like words, you know?”

― Little Simz

“I hope that I will be the last victim in China’s long record of treating words as crimes.”

― Liu Xiaobo

“I’ve always been genuinely interested in the spirit world. I’ve seen things I will never talk about because I’d be a fool to. You can’t lay out that world in words.”

― Lizz Wright

“I don’t think words always lead to meaning, but the things you can create with them are still pretty amazing. I’ve been really into Joni Mitchell, for example, but I’ve also been into some studio stuff, like Bjork.”

― Lizz Wright

“When you are on a climb, you always pick out people’s words of encouragement, and it can push us on, without doubt.”

― Lizzie Armitstead

“There is one thing that matters, to set a chime of words tinkling in the minds of a few fastidious people.”

― Logan Pearsall Smith

“Submitting to censorship is to enter the seductive world of ‘The Giver’: the world where there are no bad words and no bad deeds. But it is also the world where choice has been taken away and reality distorted. And that is the most dangerous world of all.”

― Lois Lowry

“What we’re trying to do is take these words and soften them. I’m an African-American comic. I use the b-word in my act.”

― Loni Love

“But words are things, and a small drop of ink, Falling like dew, upon a thought, produces That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”

― Lord Byron

“The atheistic idea is so nonsensical that I cannot put it into words.”

― Lord Kelvin

“I am really into how words sound out loud, so I was always the kid who would, like, read the page of the book to herself in her room over and over and over. And Raymond Carver is great for that. Tobias Wolff is an author who is really good for that as well.”

― Lorde

“Whether it is from the manager or fans, positive words help. You also have to balance it with negative stuff.”

― Loris Karius

“I don’t know if there are words to describe my motivation.”

― Lorrie Fair

“But to me the actual sound of the words is all important; I feel always that the words complete the music and must never be swallowed up in it.”

― Lotte Lehmann

“When I say, ‘I can’t stay long, I’m in-between meals,’ that plays differently on the radio than it does in person. So I have to pick material that works because the words are funny, not just because of the images.”

― Louie Anderson

“The logic of words should yield to the logic of realities.”

― Louis D. Brandeis

“In a poem, the words happen; they just come. I let them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t write. To interfere with what is happening is to distort the poem. Just a very small degree of intelligence and supervision is necessary. Very tactful. Any revision later that violates the text as it came, that begins rewriting the words, is fake.”

― Louis Dudek

“However, those who have used those words use half the sentence to fit their purpose, which, of course, I believe is to discredit me and the new Nation of Islam that has come up around me.”

― Louis Farrakhan

“There are beautiful words in the Bible and in our pledges and the Declaration of Independence.”

― Louis Gossett, Jr.

“Nearly all children have a feeling for rhythm in words, for the delicate pattern of nursery rhymes. Many adults have lost this feeling and, if they read verse at all, demand a far cruder music than that which they once appreciated.”

― Louis MacNeice

“Words of comfort, skillfully administered, are the oldest therapy known to man.”

― Louis Nizer

“Words are most malignant, the most treacherous possession of mankind. They are saturated with the sorrows of all time.”

― Louis Sullivan

“It was enough just to sit there without words.”

― Louise Erdrich

“Rove and his attorneys can parse the words all they want, but it is now clear that while Rove may not have given a reporter Plame’s name, he clearly identified her by telling the reporter that Joseph Wilson’s wife was a CIA agent.”

― Louise Slaughter

“It is a misuse of words if you say ‘content censorship’. But no censorship does not mean there is no management.”

― Lu Wei

“Psychological factors are critical in supporting immune function. If you suppress this psychological support by telling someone he’s condemned to die, your words alone will have condemned him.”

― Luc Montagnier

“When you have great performers and have set your movie in the right direction, it’s a beautiful privilege to let the camera watch the action unfold without spoken words.”

― Luca Guadagnino

“Many, whose hearts are conquered by acute spite, roll out balanced tales from their own heart, which do not balance when you weigh words against deeds.”

― Lucius Accius

“Wisdom does not show itself so much in precept as in life – in firmness of mind and a mastery of appetite. It teaches us to do as well as to talk; and to make our words and actions all of a color.”

― Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“My dad, like many Southern men, is this very emotionally expressive person who isn’t as articulate in words about his feelings as he is with breaking a chair or something like that.”

― Lucy Alibar

“Questions don’t easily die within me until they’re answered, and so being able to write a song and put words to complex feelings is part of my process of understanding and letting go of things.”

― Lucy Dacus

“Usually, I’ll just be walking from my house to somewhere else, and melodies and words will start coming up, and I’ll have to run home to write it all down.”

― Lucy Dacus

“I don’t end up writing songs in my journals, but I’m sure that my ability to write songs has been helped by how consistently and impulsively I try to get my life into words through the journals.”

― Lucy Dacus

“Before I even pick up a guitar, usually the words are done. So I’m not first and foremost a musician. I’m first and foremost a writer.”

― Lucy Dacus

“I was always writing. I’ve always been attracted to words and stories, communication.”

― Lucy Dacus

“Humans are fascinated with communication. I was always drawn to words and stories, staying in touch with your feelings and being open to what’s around you.”

― Lucy Dacus

“Words fail to express how surreal and humbling it feels to be invited into the ‘Star Wars’ universe.”

― Ludwig Goransson

“Nothing can express the aim and meaning of our work better than the profound words of St. Augustine – ‘Beauty is the splendor of Truth.’”

― Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

“Music comes to me more readily than words.”

― Ludwig van Beethoven

“Often, I can scarcely hear any one speaking to me; the tones yes, but not the actual words; yet as soon as any one shouts, it is unbearable. What will come of all this, heaven only knows!”

― Ludwig van Beethoven

“When the characters are really alive before their author, the latter does nothing but follow them in their action, in their words, in the situations which they suggest to him.”

― Luigi Pirandello

“I saw ‘The War Wagon’ with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, but it was dubbed into German. And it had Japanese subtitles and then this little strip with some Spanish words, and I’ve never forgotten that weird image. It was so magical and funky.”

― Luis Alberto Urrea

“I strongly suggest that we play down basics like who influenced whom, and instead study the way the influence is transformed, in other words: how the artist made it his own.”

― Lukas Foss

“I can’t express in words my gratitude towards Arsenal fans for all they have done for me in my years in London.”

― Lukas Podolski

“I think the crowds in Europe are songwriter crowds. Like, they are a fan of the words, and they’re there to listen. An American crowd, they’re there to get rowdy, man. And I love both.”

― Luke Combs

“That’s why actors are so great and why they earn so much money. They take away the anxious necessity to find the right words.”

― Luke Davies

“Men back up their words. Little boys run away.”

― Luke Rockhold

“Whatever the issue is, whether it’s Ebola or something else, I just want to get involved. Sometimes, even if it’s just my time or my words, if my involvement changes people from donating $1 to $2, then I’ll do it.”

― Luol Deng

“I am thrilled beyond words that The Academy has recognized my performance in Steve McQueen’s ’12 Years a Slave,’ and I am deeply proud to be in the company of my fellow nominees.”

― Lupita Nyong’o

“Words are just words.”

― Luther Campbell

“I never dream in French, but certain French words seem better or more fun than English words – like ‘pois chiches’ for chick peas!”

― Lydia Davis

“’Broadway’ is one of the big American words. It’s exciting to be given the chance to rattle around in one of the big words.”

― Lydia Leonard

“The problem with music was always that the sound system often obliterated the words, and words, not music, have always been what I was about.”

― Lydia Lunch

“If you forget the words to your own song, you can always claim artistic license. Forget the words to the national anthem, and you’re screwed.”

― Lyle Lovett

“When I have an idea, it goes from vague, cloudy notion to 100,000 words in a heartbeat.”

― Lynn Abbey

“Once you’ve invested hundreds of hours in creating a coherent universe, your story’s grown to around a half-million words and can’t be written as anything less than a trilogy.”

― Lynn Abbey

“Flowers are an easy, eloquent expression of love at a time when words can seem clumsy and inadequate.”

― Lynn Coady

“Sometimes, I feel like my lyrics meander a little bit, and our songs are so big I need to write more words than are necessary.”

― M. Shadows

“I realised that the idea of enforcing sharia is not consistent with Islam as it’s been practised from the beginning. In other words, Islam has always been secular, and I had been totally ignorant of the fact.”

― Maajid Nawaz

“Just because someone may or may not have someone that writes some words for them doesn’t mean that, A, they don’t have to kill it on the performance, and, B, they don’t have to have the ear for what’s tight and what’s not, which is something a lot of people don’t have.”

― Mac Miller

“Performing 60,000 people, that’s easy. The energy’s already there. They’re already doing most of the work. All you gotta do is not forget the words – and feed them energy, too.”

― Mac Miller

“From the beginning, music has been the chosen way to express feelings that words alone can’t.”

― Mack Wilberg

“I want three words: Woman, Atheist, Anarchist. That’s me.”

― Madalyn Murray O’Hair

“’Job Killer.’ Those are the two words you are most likely to hear uttered by most American CEOs when confronted with proposals to enact family-friendly work policies.”

― Madeleine M. Kunin

“There’s so many times when you see into the lives of these women in Gilead, and it’s just unbearable. It’s a fate that’s just, I don’t even know how to say it. I don’t have words.”

― Madeline Brewer

“I’m one of those people who writes out words. All of my text messages? You can read them. Everyone would know what I’m trying to say. My sister will say ‘BTW.’ Do you mean ‘by the way’? Is that what you’re trying to say?”

― Madison Keys

“There is a tendency to underestimate the power of what we can do without words. Sometimes you can make a scene even more powerful and precise without dialogue.”

― Mads Mikkelsen

“I’m a woman of very few words, but lots of action.”

― Mae West

“I’m a prolific overanalyzer. And I can always use 15 words in place of three 3, no matter what.”

― Maggie Grace

“An actor is somebody who communicates someone else’s words and emotions to an audience. It’s not me. It’s what writers want me to be.”

― Maggie Smith

“In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

“I can hardly express in words my deep feeling and sympathy for them, knowing as I do, the many serious handicaps and obstacles that will confront them in almost every walk of life.”

― Major Taylor

“It’s extremely difficult to describe interestingly what happens on the pitch. Thousands of journalists write millions of words every week trying to do it, so your chances of avoiding cliche are very slim. And you’re trying to write fiction, not a match report.”

― Mal Peet

“I’m not sure that when I read ‘Treasure Island’ for the first time, when I was about 10, I understood all the words or what was going on. But that didn’t stop me reading it, and I certainly didn’t forget it.”

― Mal Peet

“However one might pray – in any verbal way or completely without words – is unimportant to God. What matters is the heart’s intent.”

― Malcolm Boyd

“Our expression and our words never coincide, which is why the animals don’t understand us.”

― Malcolm de Chazal

“We could try and establish a world in which the great and the powerful adhere to that international law which they require ordinary mortals to adhere to. In other words, there is one international law, and even America and even Russia and China and Japan must adhere to it, and Australia must adhere to it.”

― Malcolm Fraser

“I can achieve that by personally relating the words that I am saying to something I have known in my life.”

― Mandy Patinkin

“I would go to war with words, not weapons. I would die talking before I lifted a weapon.”

― Mandy Patinkin

“I didn’t think of myself as a singer. I’m an actor who recites words, and sometimes that happens to be on musical notes.”

― Mandy Patinkin

“Actually, the language in Shakespeare is wonderfully musical. You need to hear the music to connect with the words.”

― Mandy Patinkin

“Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad.”

― Manly Hall

“God’s words first… obey God’s law first before considering the laws of man.”

― Manny Pacquiao

“I’ve no problems with cuss words. All of us use them. Those who say they don’t are lying. People can tolerate English cuss words but find the Hindi ones a bit revolting.”

― Manoj Bajpayee

“I cannot tell everyone what they must say or what they must not say. Everyone is the owner of their own words.”

― Manuel Pellegrini

“I pray that in the future, no one knows the meaning of women empowerment because we don’t need these words.”

― Manushi Chhillar

“Sometimes, we only get to know someone as one aspect of who they are. Then you start peeling back the layers and understanding more and more about who they are – their vulnerabilities, their fears, their joys, all those other words that equal humanity.”

― Mara Brock Akil

“These days, you have the option of staying home, blogging in your underwear, and not having your words mangled. I think I like the direction things are headed.”

― Marc Andreessen

“At that time, the people that were in the animated film business were mostly guys who were unsuccessful newspaper cartoonists. In other words, their ability to draw living things was practically nil.”

― Marc Davis

“I do think that in order for a company to be interesting to the investment community, there needs to be a plan; there needs to be a bigger retail footprint. There needs to be this idea – DNA, lifestyle, words I hate.”

― Marc Jacobs

“The bile makes it better. I am an information wasting machine – 100s of words a day.”

― Marc Maron

“Because you basically won a close re-election, your first task is to unify the city. And it’s done not with words but with actions, by reaching out, to the supporters of your opponent as well as to reassure your own supporters.”

― Marc Morial

“Stephen Sondheim is calculus for actors. The words are witty and brilliant and profound but complicated.”

― Marc Platt

“Words are the tools of ‘to be’ – of expression. They are completely built on the fact that you ‘are,’ and in order to express it, you have built a little alphabet, and you make your words from it.”

― Marcel Duchamp

“There is something like an explosion in the meaning of certain words: they have a greater value than their meaning in the dictionary.”

― Marcel Duchamp

“Words such as truth, art, veracity, or anything are stupid in themselves.”

― Marcel Duchamp

“I am afraid to end up being in need to sell canvases – in other words, to be a society painter.”

― Marcel Duchamp

“Music conveys moods and images. Even in opera, where plots deal with the structure of destiny, it’s music, not words, that provides power.”

― Marcel Marceau

“Do not the most moving moments of our lives find us without words?”

― Marcel Marceau

“Words do not change their meanings so drastically in the course of centuries as, in our minds, names do in the course of a year or two.”

― Marcel Proust

“I’m a very direct person just generally. I don’t use a lot of words unnecessarily. I try to get to the heart of the issue, address it and go on to the next thing.”

― Marcia Fudge

“I don’t use a lot of words unnecessarily.”

― Marcia Fudge

“A lot of the time writers are just sponges… for what’s around them, and so books are helpful for focusing your mind and literally putting it into words.”

― Marcus Mumford

“The rule of friendship means there should be mutual sympathy between them, each supplying what the other lacks and trying to benefit the other, always using friendly and sincere words.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Even when a drunk guy, a program director, was slurring his words and telling me what to do with my career, I didn’t react to him in a negative way. You kind of have to joke back with them to put them in their place.”

― Maren Morris

“The genesis of a poem for me is usually a cluster of words. The only good metaphor I can think of is a scientific one: dipping a thread into a supersaturated solution to induce crystal formation. I don’t think I solve problems in my poetry; I think I uncover the problems.”

― Margaret Atwood

“I don’t think of poetry as a ‘rational’ activity but as an aural one. My poems usually begin with words or phrases which appeal more because of their sound than their meaning, and the movement and phrasing of a poem are very important to me.”

― Margaret Atwood

“But if our sex would but well consider and rationally ponder, they will perceive and find that it is neither words nor place that can advance them, but worth and merit.”

― Margaret Cavendish

“I like playing around with the words; I love it when I feel like I’ve picked the exact right word to describe whatever it is I’m trying to describe.”

― Margaret Haddix

“Research shows that when we read words on paper, it reduces our stress levels by nearly 70 percent. We also read more carefully than on tablets or laptops.”

― Margaret Heffernan

“Words are how people think. When you misuse words, you diminish your ability to think clearly and truthfully.”

― Margaret Heffernan

“Of course there are big differences in length and character and vocabulary, but each level has its particular pleasures when it comes to the words one can use and the way one uses them.”

― Margaret Mahy

“Writing for young children I find I often use particular jokes with words and exaggerated, funny events, but some of these haunt the more complex stories for older children too.”

― Margaret Mahy

“My grandmothers are full of memories, smelling of soap and onions and wet clay, with veins rolling roughly over quick hands, they have many clean words to say, my grandmothers were strong.”

― Margaret Walker

“Like dancers with choreography or actors with scripts, jazz singers could take material that was known, even loved, then risk interpreting and revising it. They could conceal even as they revealed themselves. Inflection, timing and tonality were their language, at least as much as words.”

― Margo Jefferson

“The development of language is part of the development of the personality, for words are the natural means of expressing thoughts and establishing understanding between people.”

― Maria Montessori

“It is the children between five and seven who are the word-lovers. It is they who show a predisposition toward such study. Their undeveloped minds can not yet grasp a complete idea with distinctness. They do, however, understand words. And they may be entirely carried away by their ecstatic, their tireless interest in the parts of speech.”

― Maria Montessori

“Many people must have noticed the intense attention given by children to the conversation of grown-ups when they cannot possibly be understanding a word of what they hear. They are trying to get hold of words, and they often demonstrate this fact by repeating joyously some word which they have been able to grasp.”

― Maria Montessori

“Some think love can be measured by the amount of butterflies in their tummy. Others think love can be measured in bunches of flowers, or by using the words ‘for ever.’ But love can only truly be measured by actions. It can be a small thing, such as peeling an orange for a person you love because you know they don’t like doing it.”

― Marian Keyes

“When I was a kid, I never spoke. I would sit under a table and not speak to anybody. No words for years.”

― Marianne Elliott

“Because music is a language unto itself, when I’m writing, I need silence. I need to hear the music and the rhythms of the words inside my thoughts.”

― Marianne Wiggins

“I remember I was walking through a store, and I saw clothes a 25-year-old would wear. And the conversation in my head was, ‘I’m not young and fabulous anymore.’ But, immediately, there was a voice that said, ‘No, you can be older and fabulous.’ In other words, still just as fabulous, but in a different way.”

― Marianne Williamson

“Writing the first draft of a new story is incredibly difficult for me. I will happily do revisions, because once I can see the words on the page, I can go about ripping them up and moving scenes around. A blank page, though? Terrifying. I’m always angsty when I’m working my way through a first draft.”

― Marie Lu

“The difference between me as Brian Warner or Marilyn Manson is just words. Same personality, sensibility, sense of humor, behavior. He is me.”

― Marilyn Manson

“Be able to correctly pronounce the words you would like to speak and have excellent spoken grammar.”

― Marilyn vos Savant

“Be able to describe anything visual, such as a street scene, in words that convey your meaning.”

― Marilyn vos Savant

“When you have a nonverbal conversation with a total stranger, then he can’t cover himself with words, he can’t create a wall.”

― Marina Abramovic

“My favourite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities.”

― Mario Testino

“I remember how my world expanded in amazing fashion by that magical operation of translating words into images, and images into stories.”

― Mario Vargas Llosa

“I believe Jean-Marie Le Pen is a man of his word, and he will not go back on his words.”

― Marion Marechal-Le Pen

“If I scribbled a few words on a cocktail napkin and showed it to my family, they’d proclaim it astonishing and more culturally relevant than the Bible.”

― Marisha Pessl

“When I’m creating characters, I definitely think of theme songs. Writing for me is very visual, so I sometimes think of it in terms of a movie with a soundtrack, and try to transfer that to words.”

― Marisha Pessl

“I’m showbiz-fat. It’s so funny, in all the reviews that I read, no one wants to use the word ‘fat’ as an adjective. So I have to deal with ‘dimpled-kneed,’ ‘hefty,’ ‘plus-sized,’ the most obscure words you can imagine.”

― Marissa Jaret Winokur

“More than conventional picture books, the notebook format allows me to leap from words to images, and this free-flowing back-and-forth inspires my best work. It reflects the way I think – sometimes visually, sometimes verbally – with the pictures not there just to illustrate the text but to replace it, to tell their own story.”

― Marissa Moss

“Notebooks allow for all kinds of record-keeping, and I kept one myself as a kid. I was attracted to mixing up words and pictures freely, since that’s how I think.”

― Marissa Moss

“All big changes of the world come from words.”

― Marjane Satrapi

“Writing is not for me. I completely lose my sense of humor when I write. I become extremely pathetic, very sensational. Images give me possibilities that I don’t have with words.”

― Marjane Satrapi

“I think you often say more by saying less. And interestingly enough, I mean, Jesus really set the standard. I mean, he could say more with fewer words than anybody. Most of the parables were less than 250 words. And, boy, did he have some one-liners just packed with truth.”

― Mark Batterson

“Entrepreneurs need to be reminded that it’s not the job of their customers to know what they don’t. In other words, your customers have a tough enough time doing their jobs. They don’t spend time trying to reinvent their industries or how their jobs are performed.”

― Mark Cuban

“Up until Trump announced his candidacy, the conventional wisdom was that you had to be a professional politician in order to run. You had to have a background that was politically scrubbed. In other words, smart people who didn’t live perfect lives could never run.”

― Mark Cuban

“If you’re locked to the words on the script, as good as those scripted words are, if you didn’t have the time to rehearse them correctly or if the perceived dynamic between the actors is different from what the writer imagined, and you’re not allowed to stray from that, you’re going to have a stilted scene.”

― Mark Duplass

“Have you ever heard someone tell a story but felt they are just mouthing the words without being emotionally connected? When you do this, you often create a more negative reaction than if you hadn’t told a story at all. That’s because others can see that you’re just going through the motions.”

― Mark Goulston

“Accident is as much a part of fiction as anything else, symbolic of the grace that, along with will, conspires to put words on the page.”

― Mark Helprin

“Mozart and Neil Diamond may have begun with the same idea, but that a work of art is more than an idea is confirmed by the difference between the ‘Soave sia il vento’ and ‘Kentucky Woman.’ We have different words for ‘art’ and ‘idea’ because they are two different things.”

― Mark Helprin

“No revolution that has ever taken place in society can be compared to that which has been produced by the words of Jesus Christ.”

― Mark Hopkins

“You can hear me starting to stutter and slur my words.”

― Mark Hunt

“I was a student of Stella Adler and then later Lee Strasberg, and they were into sensory work. At its best, acting is not about words – even when the words are important.”

― Mark Margolis

“Weary of wily politicians who say one thing and do another, voters and advocacy groups insist presidential contenders commit to the cause du jour in writing, but candidates are foolish to comply. Words matter.”

― Mark McKinnon

“Advocacy groups and voters are not wrong to push candidates to declare their position clearly on policy issues. That is good citizenship. Hard questions should be asked of every candidate, every politician. And those public servants should be prepared to answer, but in their own words.”

― Mark McKinnon

“A few words about Sarah Palin: She is one of the most fascinating women I have ever met. She crackles with energy like a live electrical wire and on first meeting gets about three inches from your face.”

― Mark McKinnon

“It’s an important thing for children to be able to make up their own words.”

― Mark Rylance

“If I were John Bolton, I’d take great consolation in the words of my principal supporter on the committee, who gave a ringing endorsement, which was, There is no evidence that he has broken any laws.”

― Mark Shields

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”

― Mark Twain

“What a wee little part of a person’s life are his acts and his words! His real life is led in his head, and is known to none but himself.”

― Mark Twain

“Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself.”

― Mark Twain

“New technology creates a new marketplace of words, creating totally new words and changing the meaning and application of existing ones. In doing so, it has a potent opportunity to create new misconceptions and confusion.”

― Mark Walport

“Any email that contains the words ‘important’ or ‘urgent’ never are, and annoy me to the point of not replying out of principle.”

― Markus Persson

“I like the idea that every page in every book can have a gem on it. It’s probably what I love most about writing – that words can be used in a way that’s like a child playing in a sandpit, rearranging things, swapping them around.”

― Markus Zusak

“I know what it’s like to be growing up, called ‘deaf and mute’ and ‘deaf and dumb.’ They’re words that are very degrading and demeaning to people who are deaf and hard of hearing. It’s almost… it’s almost libelous, if you want to say that.”

― Marlee Matlin

“I can hear you and I can watch your mouth move, and then I put together the sounds and the visual image, and I can understand the words as I integrate the two signals.”

― Marlee Matlin

“As a kid, during the school year, my head was often buried in a textbook or Judy Blume book; the words and pictures were the perfect, barrier-free environment for me.”

― Marlee Matlin

“I’ve learned to use big words. Because I’m an avid reader, I can prove myself as a smart and diligent person.”

― Marley Dias

“We’ve been taught to believe that actions speak louder than words. But I think words speak pretty loud all of our lives; we carry these words in our head.”

― Marlo Thomas

“May the States be so bound to each other as forever to defy European politics. Upon that union, their consequence, their happiness, will depend. This is the first wish of a heart more truly American than words can express.”

― Marquis de Lafayette

“Sacred play is anything that takes you into that right hemisphere of your brain. It turns out that this move away from left to the right hemisphere, that sense of expansiveness and everything, can be accomplished through unusual rhythmic action, or any action that requires so much attention away from words that you cannot think in words.”

― Martha Beck

“I cannot count the times I’ve been defeated, humiliated, or physically injured immediately after saying the words, ‘Hey, how hard can it be?’ But that never seems to stop me from saying them again.”

― Martha Beck

“The body says what words cannot.”

― Martha Graham

“The problem with generalizations and judgments, the words we hurl as insults, is that they deny our humanity and our stories.”

― Marti Noxon

“I know a lot about words. I get paid to write stories, so I get to talk with people about the meaning behind words all day.”

― Marti Noxon

“When we read, we are doing more than delectating words on a page stories, characters, images, notions. We are communing with the mind of the author.”

― Martin Amis

“Why does everyone have to pretend to be stupid and not know long words?”

― Martin Freeman

“Whenever ideas fail, men invent words.”

― Martin H. Fischer

“The starting point for understanding the deterioration in the relationship between the U.S. and Russia lies in Washington rather than Moscow. After 1989, Russia was a defeated power. Despite the fine words and some limited gestures, the Americans have treated it like one. Their policy has been one of encirclement.”

― Martin Jacques

“China’s Internet will continue to be policed and controlled, information filtered, sites prohibited, noncompliant search engines excluded, and sensitive search words disallowed. And where China goes, others, also informed by different values, are already and will follow.”

― Martin Jacques

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

― Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The fewer the words, the better the prayer.”

― Martin Luther

“I’m interested in the economy of words and forms: jokes, aphorisms, copywriting, advertising, that way of writing when meaning has to be squeezed into as few words as possible.”

― Martine Syms

“My sweet spot as a writer and, especially, as an essayist is sub-1500 words.”

― Mary H.K. Choi

“I commit words to paper and the Internet for everyone to pick apart, so I think I tend to be a lot more cynical and dulled.”

― Mary H.K. Choi

“Nevertheless there are certain peaks, canons, and clear meadow spaces which are above all compassing of words, and have a certain fame as of the nobly great to whom we give no familiar names.”

― Mary Hunter Austin

“I can see the music. I know what it looks like. I know what color it is. The words come easy, the tears come easy, and the joy comes easy. The music tells you what to do.”

― Mary J. Blige

“If I can sit down at my keyboard and have a melody that says something that I can’t with words, that’s a really beautiful thing.”

― Mary Lambert

“If I throw you into an MRI machine right now, I can tell you what words you’re about to say.”

― Mary Lou Jepsen

“Words are really powerful. I don’t believe that axiom at all – words can absolutely hurt you. Words can wound. They can do a lot of damage. I think they can do way more damage than sticks and stones. I’ll take sticks and stones.”

― Mary-Louise Parker

“The communication is in the work and words are no substitute for this.”

― Mary Martin

“There is a world of communication which is not dependent on words.”

― Mary Martin

“We all live in suspense from day to day; in other words, you are the hero of your own story.”

― Mary McCarthy

“I had a very dysfunctional family, and a very hard childhood. So I made a world out of words. And it was my salvation.”

― Mary Oliver

“I consider myself kind of a reporter – one who uses words that are more like music and that have a choreography. I never think of myself as a poet; I just get up and write.”

― Mary Oliver

“I have a notebook with me all the time, and I begin scribbling a few words. When things are going well, the walk does not get anywhere; I finally just stop and write.”

― Mary Oliver

“Words have not only a definition… but also the felt quality of their own kind of sound.”

― Mary Oliver

“I love words, but I also love finding out that there is a word for something that you’ve experienced but didn’t know there was a word for. Like ‘toothpack’ – that is a word for when you eat biscuits or cookies and you get that annoying layer of chewed substance on your molars that you kind of have to pick out.”

― Mary Roach

“Women are like dogs really. They love like dogs, a little insistently. And they like to fetch and carry and come back wistfully after hard words, and learn rather easily to carry a basket.”

― Mary Roberts Rinehart

“There’s a certain arrogance to an actor who will look at a script and feel like, because the words are simple, maybe they can paraphrase it and make it better.”

― Mary Steenburgen

“When I was young, I reached a point where I found myself unable to pray. I was devastated by it. I missed being able to say words in my head that I believed could be heard by a being, a consciousness outside me. That is when I turned to poetry.”

― Mary Szybist

“Fluency is the developmental process that connects decoding with everything we know about words to make the meaning of the text come to life. Fluency is a wonderful bridge to comprehension and to a life-long love of reading.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“I’m really fortunate that I type 120 words a minute.”

― MaryJanice Davidson

“I am the man who keeps his words.”

― Masayoshi Son

“In love, we worry more about the meaning of silences than the meaning of words.”

― Mason Cooley

“I had the lyric ‘Chip Don’t Go’ and a few words, and my wife came in and said that it sounded like a good song. I thought I’d finish writing it up and posting it to YouTube. I didn’t realize it was going to take off like it did.”

― Mat Kearney

“I had one companion. He was a teacher from the Ukraine who spoke English so we could communicate a bit. I learnt a few Russian words, but it was hard to concentrate.”

― Mathias Rust

“I think that listening to music or creating music is a spiritual undertaking, so the process of creating music, you know, involves listening. It involves sensitivity, it involves humility, you know, and then also it’s something which is higher than words.”

― Matisyahu

“Human imagination is so much more potent than anything we could put down in words.”

― Matt Bomer

“I’m ashamed to admit this, but I didn’t read a novel all the way through until after high school. Blasphemy, I know. I’m an author now. Books and words are my world.”

― Matt de la Pena

“Words are the essence of culture. Books are pure essence. They are not for women or for men, but for all of us. Without books, civilisation falls into the dark ages.”

― Matt Haig

“You give a press conference, and they’ll pick one word, they’ll pick two words. The media is still out to write what they want to write.”

― Matt Harvey

“My dad has this beautiful spirit of being able to create no matter where he is. He’s always been so selfless with our family. It’s hard to put words to it. He’s an incredible man.”

― Matt Lauria

“I don’t want to infringe on Alec Baldwin’s territory, but I’m a pretty darn good ‘Words With Friends’ player.”

― Matt Letscher

“Here I sit, beneath the large window of a first-floor Georgian flat, exploring the corridors of my sordid imagination for comedic words of beauty.”

― Matt Roper

“I think people hear the words ‘transcendental meditation’ and ‘paganism,’ and that’s almost worse because it’s real. Those are real things. Those are absolute energies. Satanism is like Halloween. Transcendental meditation and having a realization of how we really are – whether we want to be or not – we live in a pagan culture.”

― Matt Skiba

“One guy that really inspired me was Michael Jordan. I wouldn’t say that he inspired me as a sportsman, but I love going back and watching videos of him, especially how he conducts himself in interviews. He always seemed to be very careful about the words that he used and thought about everything differently to anybody else.”

― Matteo Manassero

“With nice words, we never obtained anything.”

― Matteo Salvini

“It’s one of my strongest dance pieces – having just done Play Without Words which was veering away from a lot of dance – I thought it would be nice to go back to something with almost the most dance I’d done.”

― Matthew Bourne

“The fame stuff, the kind words from websites and things, are very flattering and lovely, but I just wanna act.”

― Matthew Lewis

“My favorite six words in recovery are: trust God, clean house, and help others.”

― Matthew Perry

“Wars should be fought with words, not bombs, not weapons. And calm words. I think that wars should be fought over a chessboard and a cup of something to drink.”

― Mattie Stepanek

“How strangely do we diminish a thing as soon as we try to express it in words.”

― Maurice Maeterlinck

“After all, sustainability means running the global environment – Earth Inc. – like a corporation: with depreciation, amortization and maintenance accounts. In other words, keeping the asset whole, rather than undermining your natural capital.”

― Maurice Strong

“There are no words to describe what it would mean making the Olympic team.”

― Max Aaron

“The things that block a writer are not the lack of words, but the same things that block all people – the difficulties of life.”

― Max Apple

“You will find my last words in the blue folder.”

― Max Beerbohm

“We call those works of art concrete that came into being on the basis of their inherent resources and rules – without external borrowing from natural phenomena, without transforming those phenomena, in other words: not by abstraction.”

― Max Bill

“I have no words for my reality.”

― Max Frisch

“You can put anything into words, except your own life.”

― Max Frisch

“I would be miserable if I went to bed without having written 1,000 words about something.”

― Max Hastings

“The most beautiful words in the English language are ‘not guilty’.”

― Maxim Gorky

“Hope and wishes for all that delights will sour in the midst of action not taken and words unsaid.”

― Maximillian Degenerez

“A lot of people use the dictionary to find out how to spell words.”

― Maxine Kumin

“The more articulate one is, the more dangerous words become.”

― May Sarton

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”

― Maya Angelou

“My goal is to strip things down so that you need just the right amount of words or shape to convey what you need to convey. I like editing. I like it very tight.”

― Maya Lin

“A lot of names in America and Europe have their roots in Latin and Greek words. A lot of them go back to archetypes and their stories.”

― Maynard James Keenan

“The thing with gymnastics is people don’t always know the events. So they’ll ask me about the rings, and I’ll have to say, ‘Women don’t do that.’ Or they’ll use the wrong words, like horse instead of vault. They get confused.”

― McKayla Maroney

“I’m not the best person at putting words together. I can’t give you the melody. But I might inspire somebody.”

― Meek Mill

“If you’re writing a screenplay, you need to be prepared to let go: there’s a good chance the words you write aren’t going to be the ones that end up on screen.”

― Meg Cabot

“I really love Scrabble. I played it with my mother growing up. We took it everywhere with us. We didn’t know then about the two letter words. Who knew that AA, or more controversially, ZA, or QI were words? We were a games family generally.”

― Meg Wolitzer

“’Charlotte’s Web,’ which I read sitting on my mother’s lap, was the most emotional experience: that was when I made the leap from seeing how to untangle words to realizing how books both contain and convey strong feelings.”

― Meg Wolitzer

“My being a writer and playing Scrabble are connected. If I have a good writing day, I’ll take a break and play online Scrabble. My favorite word as a child was ‘carrion,’ before I knew what it meant. I later created crossword puzzles, which was a lot about puns, and how words would create these strange, strange things.”

― Meg Wolitzer

“But me contradicting a news story is not going to make my words fact. It will just create a new news story.”

― Megan Fox

“Writers are the ones who figure out how to put their observations into words.”

― Meghan Daum

“Words derive their power from the original word.”

― Meister Eckhart

“I’m just me. I’m just very opinionated. I react to whatever I see. If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s bad, it’s bad. I don’t mince my words.”

― Mel B

“Video is a funny thing. It’s one thing to be an artist, singer-songwriter, and use words and create pictures in people’s minds. And then be asked to do video for it, to actually give a certain visual for your song.”

― Melissa Etheridge

“I hardly knew anything when I first arrived. I had to learn how to act as I went along. After about a year I got a grip on what acting was all about and it started coming straight from my heart; I wasn’t just saying the words any longer.”

― Melissa George

“To express to you in mere words, our personal feelings on this occasion you must know to be impossible, and particularly so for one who normally has to describe only things outside himself.”

― Melvin Calvin

“The sword the body wounds, sharp words the mind.”

― Menander

“Kindly words do not enter so deeply into men as a reputation for kindness.”

― Mencius

“Dancing has a continuity of its own that need not be dependent upon either the rise or fall of sound or the pitch and cry of words. Its force of feeling lies in the physical image, fleeting or static.”

― Merce Cunningham

“Is Trump correct that we should stop the flow of illegal immigrants? Yes, but again, words matter, and there is a way to engage voters on this issue without creating fear and insulting many hard-working Hispanics who love this country.”

― Mercedes Schlapp

“I let the actions of my life stand for what I am as a human being. Contend with that, not the words.”

― Meryl Streep

“If someone is not playing defense or not giving effort, that’s my specialty. I don’t hold back on my words.”

― Metta World Peace

“Ever since third grade, I had a notebook and was putting together words just for fun. I liked different etymologies, different slang that came out in different eras. Different languages. Different dialects.”

― MF Doom

“Too few presidents have steeped themselves not just in Lincoln’s words but his deeds, which is why Obama’s acquaintance with the great man is so compelling – especially since, like President-elect Lincoln, Obama will take office at a perilous time.”

― Michael Beschloss

“Friendship and sentiment and the giving of one’s words are very important.”

― Michael Cimino

“I used to tape over the top corner of my computer screen so I couldn’t see what time it was. I like the idea that I’m just with the words and not knowing what’s going on with the world, when it’s lunch or dinner.”

― Michael Connelly

“I think one of the best words in the English language is ‘compassion.’ I think it holds everything. It holds love, it holds care… and if everybody just did something. We all make a difference.”

― Michael Crawford

“I don’t think you can bury words. I think the more you try to dismiss them, the more power you give to them, the more circulation they have.”

― Michael Eric Dyson

“When Dr. King was murdered, I had no idea who he was. But as soon as I heard his words on television that night when I was 9 years old, I was dumbstruck, awestruck by their power.”

― Michael Eric Dyson

“I’m a man of few words. I don’t really like talking.”

― Michael Essien

“You use words like ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert,’ various traits of a personality. A lot of that stuff, we used in drama school, and that was kind of interesting, to realize my teachers sort of ripped off a lot of Jung. And how much of it is part of our society now, these phrases, introvert and extrovert, where it actually came from.”

― Michael Fassbender

“I just didn’t like the word ‘gay.’ I still don’t like it. It’s a dumb way of describing sexuality. I like ‘queer’ or other words, but ‘gay’ is a word that had a completely different-meaning word and has been reappropriated. I just don’t like it.”

― Michael Feinstein

“Paul Schofield said something like, ‘If I’m not acting in a play, I don’t really exist.’ Those weren’t the exact words, but he meant it’s only when I’m acting in a play that I’ve got something to say about the world. And then why should I talk, when people can come to see it?”

― Michael Gambon

“You can never draw enough or read enough – reading about architecture, in other words.”

― Michael Graves

“The typical Western diet is the number-one cause of premature death and the number-one cause of disability. In other words, a long and healthy life is largely a matter of choice.”

― Michael Greger

“I think it’s a little simplistic to explain a work through the psychology of its author. In other words, that Haneke has emotional problems, so I don’t have to take his films seriously. By using this argument, the viewer retreats from the challenges of the film.”

― Michael Haneke

“When I was director of the CIA, I knew that we had been – and I’m choosing my words very carefully here – effective in our expansion. We really had – expansion of government agencies and expansion of use of contractors. Effective, we were; efficient, we weren’t. And so, as director of the CIA, I went after the inefficiencies part.”

― Michael Hayden

“Xi agreed to the American definition of legitimate espionage. In other words, you don’t use the power of the state to steal secrets for profit.”

― Michael Hayden

“What’s distinctively shocking about Machiavelli is that he didn’t care. He believed not only that politicians must do evil in the name of the public good, but also that they shouldn’t worry about it. He was unconcerned, in other words, with what modern thinkers call ‘the problem of dirty hands.’”

― Michael Ignatieff

“If you asked my kids to describe me, they’d go through a whole list of words before even thinking about Parkinson’s. And honestly, I don’t think about it that much either. I talk about it because it’s there, but it’s not my totality.”

― Michael J. Fox

“I have times when I’m off-balance. I have times when I slur my words. I have times when I walk into walls. I have times when I can’t remember somebody’s name.”

― Michael J. Fox

“In our family, my brothers and I shared toys. In other words, just because it was mine didn’t mean my brothers and I didn’t play with it.”

― Michael Keaton

“I have an admiration for Mr. Eastwood that borders on the kind that I have for the Grand Canyon. Like it, he is craggy, worn, awesomely impressive and unique, a living four-star tourist attraction that, in the formulaic words of the Guide Michelin, ‘vaut le voyage.’”

― Michael Korda

“Perhaps the more benign and poetic sense of God is established when we are babies in the moments of primal joy we might call ‘the epiphanies of infancy’ – the sensation of being blissfully held and feeling complete and at one with everything – yet having no words or no need to say it but instead to just assimilate the feeling.”

― Michael Leunig

“It’s terrible the way words get attached to you like barnacles.”

― Michael Leunig

“Words matter, especially words defining complicated political arrangements, because they shape perceptions of the events of the past, attitudes toward policies being carried out in the present, and expectations about desirable directions for the future.”

― Michael Mandelbaum

“Before acting, I was always attracted to words, to literature – be they the words of Williams, Arthur Miller, Shakespeare or Moliere.”

― Michael Mando

“I don’t story board. I do something else, which is, I block it. We then train to the blocking. In other words, when everybody’s training, they’re actually training a lot of the moves that we are definitely going to use, and then, I do a lot of photography of that, and that becomes where the cameras go.”

― Michael Mann

“I take ISIS at its word. When they said, in their words, ‘We’ll use and exploit the refugee crisis to infiltrate the West,’ that concerns me.”

― Michael McCaul

“We didn’t take the words of Vladimir Lenin seriously until Communism spread across the globe. And unfortunately, the president didn’t take the words of groups like ISIS seriously until they established a sweeping self-proclaimed Islamic Caliphate.”

― Michael McCaul

“’Champagne’ and ‘breathmint’ are the first two words all Oscar winners hear.”

― Michael Moore

“In America, we don’t, in daily discourse, use the words ‘capitalism’ or ‘socialism.’ They’ve been kind of nonexistent words, I would say, amongst the general public.”

― Michael Moore

“It is really important that focusing on things such as spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting doesn’t inhibit the creative flow. When I was at school there was a huge focus on copying and testing and it put me off words and stories for years.”

― Michael Morpurgo

“When I was very little my mother would read to me in bed. She gave me a fascination for stories, and for the music in words.”

― Michael Morpurgo

“That is the one single word that the food industry hates: ‘addiction.’ They much prefer words like ‘crave-ability’ and ‘allure.’”

― Michael Moss

“It’s important to be precise about words, because of the thought value of them-they frame and shape so much of the way we understand things.”

― Michael Nesmith

“I’m honored to serve as mayor of my hometown where our founders started America with three simple words: ‘We, the people.’ And when they said ‘people’ they didn’t mean ‘corporations.’”

― Michael Nutter

“There was a thing on Facebook that said, ‘Describe George Clooney’s wedding in three words,’ and my answer was, ‘Not invited again.’”

― Michael O’Keefe

“Writers, directors often can get too precious with their words.”

― Michael Pitt

“Of course language manifests a belief only if we use its words with the implied acceptance of their appositeness.”

― Michael Polanyi

“My God, war is not about bathrooms. War is not about political correctness or words that are meaningless. War is about winning.”

― Michael T. Flynn

“I was brought up bilingual, but there came a point where my mom went back to work and I got a white babysitter, so sadly I lost it. Now I can understand Spanish and put words together, but I don’t speak it fluently. I’m ashamed of that.”

― Michael Trevino

“My rule of thumb is to always do what’s on the page first. Then you can talk to your director about playing with it. Improv frees me up in a character, but I would be mortified if the writers who agonized over their words assumed I thought my improv was more valuable.”

― Michaela Watkins

“When man becomes reconciled to nature, when space becomes his true background, these words and concepts will have lost their meaning, and we will no longer have to use them.”

― Michelangelo Antonioni

“The first audition I ever went on, I was accompanied by my mother at the instruction of my father. ‘You have to learn how to take rejection if you really want to be an actor,’ he said. He had to eat his own words. I got the job.”

― Michele Lee

“There is an unfortunate side effect of being a person of few words: Sometimes people will assume you are less intelligent than you are.”

― Michelle Dean

“I don’t have many hours in a day, as I’m essentially a single parent. But fortunately, I’m a really fast writer. My goal is usually 10 pages a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but by the end of the week, I aim for at least 10,000 words.”

― Michelle Gagnon

“Our veterans who fall on hard times and find themselves without a home deserve more than just handwringing or kind words. They deserve real help that gets them back on their feet.”

― Michelle Obama

“We give speeches and pin ribbons onto uniforms, etch names into walls. And all that is fine, but too often, all those tributes, all those words aren’t always backed up by action. And that felt like such a stark contrast to me, because, as we all know, our military is all about action.”

― Michelle Obama

“I just decided to play make believe, memorize it like it was just some kind of song and just take the emotion out of the words. And I did. I goofed a couple of times.”

― Michelle Rodriguez

“The truth is, pro wrestling is such an incredibly vast, incredibly surreal world. There’s no telling how many words could be written about the subject – especially when the subject involves WWE.”

― Mick Foley

“It took man thousands of years to put words down on paper, and his lawyers still wish he wouldn’t.”

― Mignon McLaughlin

“I think my style as far as vocal delivery and even down to the pronunciation of certain words is so deliberate.”

― Miguel

“I almost can’t even put to words how happy I am that I got married.”

― Mike Birbiglia

“Sometimes you don’t know the effect of words until you hear it used on you.”

― Mike Colter

“I learned that you don’t have to be all over the place, that you can be subtle and you can say what you say. The words that you put together can be just as hilarious as falling all over the place or doing something.”

― Mike Epps

“I’ve not chosen to learn to read print. I can read simple words but it’s so tedious.”

― Mike May

“Everyone talks to their dog, and then in your mind the dog talks back. A talking dog can provide the words that a stunted protagonist finds difficult to muster.”

― Mike Mills

“I’m a comedic actor, not to mix words, but it’s something I think about. A comedic actor. I like to think that Christopher Guest, Phil Hartman, Peter Sellers and Alec Guinness are comedic actors. And Dan Aykroyd, too. Those are my heroes.”

― Mike Myers

“I had never been taken in like I was in Italy just by saying a few words. That made me feel like I had to put in the effort, and I want to be one of them.”

― Mike Patton

“I didn’t really experience any hardship like people tend to think of when they hear the words ‘Detroit, Michigan.’ I think Big Sean is a much better ambassador for the city.”

― Mike Posner

“A lot of people have trouble putting into words what my music is, and it’s because of where I grew up.”

― Mike Posner

“Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg – 272 words dedicating a cemetery at the site of one of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles – has been called by scholars the source of all modern political prose.”

― Mike Quigley

“Culture is perishing in overproduction, in an avalanche of words, in the madness of quantity.”

― Milan Kundera

“Certain times, I’ll choose my words very carefully and maybe come off a little more boring.”

― Miles Teller

“Those minutes that I’m on stage are the best! Being there and looking at the crowd and seeing their faces, hearing them sing the positive words from the songs.”

― Miley Cyrus

“If, however, the success of a politician is to be measured by the degree in which he is able personally to influence the course of politics, and attach to himself a school of political thought, then Mr. Mill, in the best meaning of the words, has succeeded.”

― Millicent Fawcett

“What Trump means for us is that we’ve won the first battle. At a minimum, he’s a necessary course correction from the excesses of the social justice Left. At most, he’s the saviour of the First and Second Amendments, protector of the Supreme Court, and champion of the little guy. In other words, just what America needed.”

― Milo Yiannopoulos

“I like making things. I enjoy putting words and images on a blank space. There should be joy in the writing itself because parts of it are so challenging and lonesome. I take great pleasure in reading, researching, and interviewing. I enjoy forming my sentences and revising them to make them clean.”

― Min Jin Lee

“I firmly believe in the old adage ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ This means proactively seeking women for roles within boards, identifying opportunities for diversity within teams, and finding ways to use your platform to mentor women – and then encourage them to do the same.”

― Mindy Grossman

“Because even very young people are expert readers of pictures, you can convey very complex and subtle messages through pictures that you’d need loads of words to explain. Making a picture book is also a bit like making your own film – and you can make anything you want happen, however impossible!”

― Mini Grey

“I love picture books – with picture books, you can use words and pictures as a double act, even tell two different versions of a story at the same time.”

― Mini Grey

“In other words, each piece of the building must look as though it was designed for that particular building.”

― Minoru Yamasaki

“In other words, I have no truck for anyone who goes out and does an eclectic building.”

― Minoru Yamasaki

“I love cover songs, but I always mess up the words!”

― Miranda Lambert

“Where I think the American actor is slightly at a disadvantage is in vocal technique. I don’t think that words are their friend in the same way that English actors are used to using words: understanding about consonance and how to shade a vowel to show emotional color.”

― Miriam Margolyes

“I’m gonna fix that last joke by taking out all the words and adding new ones.”

― Mitch Hedberg

“Good Democrats love America. Good Republicans love America. We need a leader who understands not just the words of unity but the practice of building unity.”

― Mitt Romney

“On our watch, the conversation with a would-be suicide bomber will not begin with the words, ‘You have the right to remain silent.’”

― Mitt Romney

“Something that came as a shock to me is that we do not have a constitutional right to vote. And that’s not just a fun little historical factoid. It actually has huge ramifications. It’s the reason our system is so decentralized – in other words, chaotic.”

― Mo Rocca

“Lord, give us the wisdom to utter words that are gentle and tender, for tomorrow we may have to eat them.”

― Mo Udall

“’Arbitrary’ and ‘odd’ are the words which best describe the pattern of my career. I’m perpetually baffled by the whole thing.”

― Moby

“I don’t listen to music when I write. I need silence so I can hear the sound of the words.”

― Mohsin Hamid

“I live on good soup, not on fine words.”

― Moliere

“Obama doesn’t run around wearing a Carrie Bradshaw-esque nameplate necklace that says ‘Socialist.’ But his policies, actions, words, background and associations speak louder than any ID necklace ever could.”

― Monica Crowley

“The words ‘success’ and ‘single’ do go together, especially in Christ.”

― Monica Johnson

“A nation that turns it back on Christ and God’s words of truth will inevitably regret it.”

― Monica Johnson

“Trinidad’s language is a fusion of English, African, and French, and so we have our own words and even our own dictionary. Steupse is a common local word, and it’s the onomatopoeic word for the sound people make to show disapproval, or to show they are vexed, when they suck their teeth together.”

― Monique Roffey

“When a singer truly feels and experiences what the music is all about, the words will automatically ring true.”

― Montserrat Caballe

“I know it sounds silly, but in auditions for film or TV, the words aren’t as important – you need to get into the character and have the gist of the scene. But in theater, if you don’t do it word for word, then you throw off your scene partner.”

― Morgan Saylor

“Ever since the Greeks, we have been drunk with language! We have made a cage with words and shoved our God inside!”

― Morris West

“The ability to have somebody read something and see it, or for somebody to paint an entire landscape of visual imagery with just sheets of words – that’s magical. That’s what I’ve been trying to strive for – to draw a clear picture, to open up a new dimension.”

― Mos Def

“What I take from writers I like is their economy – the ability to use language to very effective ends. The ability to have somebody read something and see it, or for somebody to paint an entire landscape of visual imagery with just sheets of words – that’s magical.”

― Mos Def

“There are many who are not guilty of doing anything wrong but very guilty of sins of omission – the things they neglect to do – the good things – the kind, thoughtful words, compassionate thoughts and hopeful attitudes they might have had towards their neighbor.”

― Mother Angelica

“God’s word is always effective and produces whatever it expresses. My words, on the contrary, cannot create anything; I can only change what already is into something else.”

― Mother Angelica

“Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness.”

― Mother Teresa

“I am a hidden meaning made to defy. The grasp of words, and walk away With free will and destiny. As living, revolutionary clay.”

― Muhammad Iqbal

“Words, without power, is mere philosophy.”

― Muhammad Iqbal

“I generally think that I should only speak by action and not by words.”

― Mukesh Ambani

“It is the single image, as used in a photograph or a painting – or the frame of a film – to which words have been added to enlarge the context. The method is not the same as that by which most paintings are named. It is closer in its performance to what dialogue does to a movie, to what the caption does to a good poster.”

― Muriel Rukeyser

“I hope for quick, fluent copy and memorable pictures. The words would not ‘describe’ the pictures; the pictures would not ‘illustrate’ the words. Together, they would carry a stamp and tell a story.”

― Muriel Rukeyser

“You have to say what comes into your head, and sometimes the wrong words come, in the wrong order or I’d make prophecies which immediately turned out to be wrong.”

― Murray Walker

“You just gotta back up your words. Don’t be scared from it, or don’t shy from it.”

― Myles Garrett

“People have been told so often that resurrection is just a metaphor, and means Jesus died and was glorified – in other words, he went to Heaven, whatever that means. And they’ve never realized that the word ‘resurrection’ simply didn’t mean that.”

― N. T. Wright

“The words we spoke and our entire punk performance aimed to express our disapproval of a specific political event: the patriarchs’ support of Vladimir Putin, who has taken an authoritarian and anti-feminist course.”

― Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

“I’ll remind you that the West signed a deal with North Korea, said it would make the world a safer place, and, of course, all the words evaporated, and North Korea acquired nuclear weapons.”

― Naftali Bennett

“It was the students who entered kindergarten in 2011 who are – and I am weighing my words carefully – the sacrificed generation. It is they who have paid a high price for the politics of yesterday – that is to say, the government of Mr. Fillon.”

― Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

“I choose my words very delicately because I have a divided society.”

― Najib Mikati

“I’m constantly coming up with new strategies for getting to the mental place where writing is so joyous and playful that I almost can’t help putting the words down.”

― Nalo Hopkinson

“Words that are carefully framed and spoken are the most powerful means of communication there is.”

― Nancy Duarte

“Before the scene, before the paragraph, even before the sentence, comes the word. Individual words and phrases are the building blocks of fiction, the genes that generate everything else. Use the right words, and your fiction can blossom. The French have a phrase for it – le mot juste – the exact right word in the exact right position.”

― Nancy Kress

“There are writers whose first drafts are so lean, so skimpy, that they must go back and add words, sentences, paragraphs to make their fiction intelligible or interesting. I don’t know any of these writers.”

― Nancy Kress

“Words that add no new information or aren’t repeated for emphasis are just padding. A sentence may carry three or five or eight of them, each one as unnoticeable as an extra two ounces on your hips but collectively adding up to a large burden of fat.”

― Nancy Kress

“Readers want to visualize your story as they read it. The more exact words you give them, the more clearly they see it, smell it, hear it, taste it. Thus, a dog should be an ‘Airedale,’ not just a ‘dog.’ A taste should not be merely ‘good’ but ‘creamy and sweet’ or ‘sharply salty’ or ‘buttery on the tongue.’”

― Nancy Kress

“Expect to be disgusted by your own early work. If writing is your vocation, if you hope that it might be your salvation, push on through the disgust until you find one true sentence, a few words that say more than you expected, something you didn’t know until you set it down.”

― Naomi Alderman

“I was reading the Bible in Hebrew from a very young age, so that’ll shape ideas about how words can move the world.”

― Naomi Alderman

“Hip-hop is the streets. Hip-hop is a couple of elements that it comes from back in the days… that feel of music with urgency that speaks to you. It speaks to your livelihood and it’s not compromised. It’s blunt. It’s raw, straight off the street – from the beat to the voice to the words.”

― Nas

“I want to sound like an instrument. I want my voice and my words to marry the beat. I go with the rhythm of it and the words start to come to my mind and those words could be based on things that’s been on my mind for the past year, the past month, the past week, whatever; I write it.”

― Nas

“We are victims of the post-Enlightenment view that the world functions like a sophisticated machine, to be understood like a textbook engineering problem and run by wonks. In other words, like a home appliance, not like the human body.”

― Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“If I just did music, I might go insane. I need words; I need stories. And it’s the same the other way around.”

― Natalia Tena

“There are intangible realities which float near us, formless and without words; realities which no one has thought out, and which are excluded for lack of interpreters.”

― Natalie Clifford Barney

“I like to play ‘Battleship,’ and I also like ‘Wordle’ on iPhone. These are good things to play while you’re on set. ‘Words with Friends’ is also great.”

― Natalie Martinez

“I think my love for rhythm in language comes from repeating the same words, the same sounds, over and over again day after day for so many years.”

― Nathan Englander

“When people embrace character, there’s latzie. It’s the stuffing of a scene that’s not written. It’s not in the stage direction and it’s not in the words. When people embrace character, it informs their living, breathing moments in a scene so well.”

― Nathan Fillion

“Words can hurt you. In the larger world, it frames how people think about you, and it can hurt you in lots of little, subtle ways.”

― Nathan Myhrvold

“The magic words ‘on the Internet,’ if inserted into nearly any sentence, seem to protect it from normal critical scrutiny.”

― Nathan Myhrvold

“Words – so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.”

― Nathaniel Hawthorne

“I try to write 1,000 words. Some people say it’s not about the quantity but about the quality. I disagree. You need to write a lot in order to figure out what’s good and what’s crap.”

― Nathaniel Rich

“The people of Odisha know who fulfils promises and who does not. We believe in works and not in words.”

― Naveen Patnaik

“What makes revolutionary thought unique is its clarity and dignity, and its clear grasp of freedom and justice: simple, clear words that are understood without the need for any help from elite writers or thinkers.”

― Nawal El Saadawi

“I don’t think that people in power can be convinced by words or articles. They will never give it up by choice.”

― Nawal El Saadawi

“One of the reasons that DC, Marvel, and other comic book companies have always asked me to do covers and variant covers is because they know that when they tell me ‘icon,’ I jump over their words, and I give them an iconic cover – but while I’m doing it, there is going to be an idea there.”

― Neal Adams

“When I get started each day, I read through and correct the previous day’s 2,000 words, then start on the next. As I reach that figure, I try to simply stop and not go on until reaching a natural break. If you just stop while you know what you’re going to write next, it’s easier to get going again the next day.”

― Neal Asher

“When you reach the editing stage, it is often the case that you can get too involved with the story to detect errors. You can see words in your head that aren’t actually there on the page, sentences blur together and errors escape you, and you follow plot threads and see only the images in your skull.”

― Neal Asher

“I love writing music, but it seems I’m always writing words, so I don’t get much time to do it.”

― Neal Shusterman

“There’s a lot of memorization that goes on in school. You memorize vocabulary words and all these sorts of things.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

“If you think of feelings you have when you are awed by something – for example, knowing that elements in your body trace to exploded stars – I call that a spiritual reaction, speaking of awe and majesty, where words fail you.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

“I’ve always thought of music as something which gives the words their flight and their wings and the music often comes first, although sometimes I’ll have a concept, a title idea, a lyric idea that I want to write and the lyric will come first.”

― Neil Diamond

“Songs are life in 80 words or less.”

― Neil Diamond

“American Gods is about 200,000 words long, and I’m sure there are words that are simply in there ’cause I like them. I know I couldn’t justify each and every one of them.”

― Neil Gaiman

“People don’t realize the limitations of 200 words, and the way they get chiselled down into a song that has to be sung.”

― Neil Peart

“I always thought if I could just put something in words perfectly enough, people would get the idea, and it would change things. That’s a harmless conceit. With people, too, you constantly think, ‘If I’m nice to people and treat them well, they’ll appreciate it and behave better.’ They won’t, but it’s still not a bad way to live.”

― Neil Peart

“I try not to be overly literal. When I’m writing songs, I write down a lot of words, and then I try to simplify it. I like to give people hints or words that make visual pictures for them.”

― Neko Case

“I don’t know anybody who doesn’t hate being called It just sounds like a website. I don’t mind being called Americana, I don’t mind being called country noir, or independent country is fine, but the words make me insane.”

― Neko Case

“It’s almost better most times to not talk in a scene. I think you can actually express a lot more without words.”

― Neve Campbell

“I think you can actually express a lot more in ways without words.”

― Neve Campbell

“I think one of the great problems we have in the Republican Party is that we don’t encourage you to be nasty. We encourage you to be neat, obedient, loyal and faithful and all those Boy Scout words, which would be great around a campfire but are lousy in politics.”

― Newt Gingrich

“I stand behind these words: I’m a Christian, but I’m not perfect.”

― NF

“You need the words, you need the script, you need the material, you need the commitment, you need the passion, it’s like we depend on writers, we depend on producers, directors depend on us and once things are in the divine order as they happen.”

― Nia Long

“I thought I was attractive when I shot ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding.’ Studio executives and movie reviewers let me know I had a confidence in my looks that was not shared by them. In other words, they labeled me with words like overweight, unattractive, unappealing.”

― Nia Vardalos

“As a writer, you have control of the words you put on the page. But once that manuscript leaves your hand, you give control to the reader. As a director, you are limited by everything: weather, budget, and egos.”

― Nicholas Meyer

“I write 2,000 words a day when I write. It sometimes takes three hours, it sometimes takes five hours.”

― Nicholas Sparks

“Google and others truncate headlines at 70 characters. On the Manti Teo story, Deadspin’s scoop fell down the Google search results, overtaken by copycat stories with simpler headlines. Deadspin’s headline was 118 characters. Vital information – ‘hoax’ – was one of the words that was cut off.”

― Nick Denton

“Words don’t come very easily to me. Which, given my profession, is a worrying impediment.”

― Nick Hornby

“We’re really all alone. We can’t ever get inside another person’s spirit, and see the world they do. So we are alone in that sense. The only way we have to communicate feelings is through words.”

― Nick Nolte

“I type 40 words per minute on a normal computer with my left foot. And with two cups of coffee, I can do 53 words per minute.”

― Nick Vujicic

“I needed real help in New York and I had no friends. I looked up at those buildings, I couldn’t see the sky or nothing, and I said, ‘Well, there ain’t no mountain high enough,’ and I just started – the words just fell out of my mouth, really.”

― Nickolas Ashford

“I’ve always had a soft spot for comic books. I learned to read from them. The words in them were so interesting.”

― Nicolas Cage

“God transforms, so to speak, this air into words, into various sounds. He makes you understand these various sounds through the modifications by which you are affected.”

― Nicolas Malebranche

“Film can be more of a reality than a page with words can ever be.”

― Nicolas Roeg

“It must have been the fall of 1952 when my father returned to London sporting a neck tie emblazoned with the words ‘I Like Ike.’”

― Nigel Hamilton

“I was terribly shy and never said anything in class. Then I started getting into school plays. When you’ve got words to say, you’ve got a sort of armour.”

― Nigel Rees

“You wish to put a positive construction on your deeds and words.”

― Nigel Rees

“It seemed uncanny that words, spread across a page just so, had the power to transport me to another time or place. But they could.”

― Nikki Grimes

“I think we use a lot of words and labels when trying to describe people: ones with autism, ones without autism. In general, I think that labeling people is a major issue, and people don’t understand the power of language.”

― Nikki Reed

“Being able to say something lyrically, to say something that will do more than just be words, is really hard. It’s easy to do when you’re writing a chapter of a book or writing poetry, but it’s really hard to do when you’re confined to a melody line.”

― Nikki Sixx

“The words ‘give up,’ ‘raise the white flag’ do not exist in my vocabulary.”

― Niko Kovac

“There are certain words which are nearer and dearer to a man than any others.”

― Nikolai Gogol

“I had a terrible dream when I was pregnant; I dreamt the baby had a ventriloquial mouth, but there was no hand hole; I had to flick the mouth down to get words out.”

― Nina Conti

“If you want to know how Hillary Clinton could try to distance herself from President Obama’s much-criticized foreign policy, listen closely to the words of her former top strategist, Anne-Marie Slaughter.”

― Nina Easton

“Trying to decipher where President Obama really stands on free trade can be like trying to trace the U.S.-Mexico border with a Google map. There are words, and there are actions – but there is mostly that long squiggly line in between.”

― Nina Easton

“The mission of Patrick Henry College was to attract and cultivate academic stars from the ranks of home-schooled evangelicals, then send them off on graduation day to ‘shape the culture and take back the nation,’ in the words of a common home-schooling rallying cry.”

― Nina Easton

“Words really flattering are not those which we prepare but those which escape us unthinkingly.”

― Ninon de L’Enclos

“To me, words convey feelings, and feelings are just vibrations that we feel, so words are never as authentic as what feelings are and what intentions are.”

― Noah Centineo

“What’s great is that each medium has a unique set of things that it does and does well. Film is a visual medium, and obviously, you can’t fit a whole book into two hours unless you’re really economical about it. Obviously, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and on some level, it’s sort of true.”

― Noah Hawley

“Language is a process of free creation; its laws and principles are fixed, but the manner in which the principles of generation are used is free and infinitely varied. Even the interpretation and use of words involves a process of free creation.”

― Noam Chomsky

“I’m very proud of ‘The Words’ and all the cast. I think Lee Sternthal and Brian Klugman are like new directors, and I really believe in them, and they’re gonna rock everything.”

― Nora Arnezeder

“Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans – these people are giants, legends; their names are household words. Of course, so’s Jell-O.”

― Norm Crosby

“It makes little difference how many university courses or degrees a person may own. If he cannot use words to move an idea from one point to another, his education is incomplete.”

― Norman Cousins

“Freedom is poetry, taking liberties with words, breaking the rules of normal speech, violating common sense. Freedom is violence.”

― Norman O. Brown

“Just as a new scientific discovery manifests something that was already latent in the order of nature, and at the same time is logically related to the total structure of the existing science, so the new poem manifests something that was already latent in the order of words.”

― Northrop Frye

“Character and fate are two words for the same thing.”

― Novalis

“In the U.K., we always had a special relationship with the audiences because it wasn’t ‘More Than Words’ that broke us: it was ‘Get The Funk Out’ that broke first. That was what we had always dreamed of.”

― Nuno Bettencourt

“Words can be an act of reductionism.”

― O. T. Fagbenle

“The sound of water is worth more than all the poets’ words.”

― Octavio Paz

“The object of poetic activity is essentially language: whatever his beliefs and convictions, the poet is more concerned with words than with what these words designate.”

― Octavio Paz

“Perhaps things are not things but words: metaphors, words for other things.”

― Octavio Paz

“Words are things, but things which mean. We cannot do away with meaning without doing away with signs, that is, with language itself. Moreover, we would have to do away with the universe. All the things man touches are impregnated with meaning.”

― Octavio Paz

“I always try to learn a few words from a new language wherever I go.”

― Olga Kurylenko

“The charge of being ambiguous and indefinite may be brought against every human composition, and necessarily arises from the imperfection of language. Perhaps no two men will express the same sentiment in the same manner and by the same words; neither do they connect precisely the same ideas with the same words.”

― Oliver Ellsworth

“If I were dying, my last words would be: Have faith and pursue the unknown end.”

― Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

“I am just an actor – all I do is I memorise someone else’s words and tart around.”

― Olivia Colman

“There are no words to describe my feelings for Errol Flynn.”

― Olivia De Havilland

“Everything that we say has consequences. I mean, words matter.”

― Omarosa Manigault Newman

“We are obliged, therefore, to say that whoever speaks that which is foreign to religion is using many words, while he who speaks the words of truth, even should he go over the whole field and omit nothing, is always speaking the one word.”

― Origen

“No one has to learn to spell to talk, right? You see a little kid holding a conversation with an adult. He probably doesn’t know the words he’s saying, but he knows where to fit them to make what he’s thinking logical to what you’re saying.”

― Ornette Coleman

“Among my most prized possessions are words that I have never spoken.”

― Orson Scott Card

“People are losing the capacity to listen to words or follow ideas.”

― Orson Welles

“Usually when I write a song, I’ll write the music and then kind of fit some words to it.”

― Oscar Isaac

“It is my mission to ensure we make the changes needed to provide our customers with the highest level of service and the deepest sense of respect. Ultimately, our actions will speak louder than words.”

― Oscar Munoz

“I had to write 1500 words on advertising and marketing at the weekend for my business management course, and you can’t think about rugby while you are doing that!”

― Owen Farrell

“Once the war of words begins, truth is the casualty.”

― P. Chidambaram

“There’s so much you can do with laying words on a bed of music. You can completely change their meaning with the type of music or the way they’re sung.”

― P. J. Harvey

“If there are three words that need to be used more in American journalism, commentary, politics, personal life… it’s the magic words ‘I don’t know.’”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“I write because I like to make things and the only things I am good at making things with are words.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“The two most frightening words in Washington are ‘bipartisan consensus.’ Bipartisan consensus is when my doctor and my lawyer agree with my wife that I need help.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“The words ‘Space Age’ have a quaint, nostalgic tone – sitting on midcentury modern furniture watching ‘The Jetsons.’”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“Sometimes the media twists your words, and they say things to get a headline, and it’s not necessarily what came out of your mouth, and they take things out of context 90 percent of the time. But I guess – any publicity is good publicity, I guess.”

― Paige VanZant

“For the liespotter who knows how to listen well, the random words, sounds, and phrases in a person’s speech are never as random as they seem. They offer a clear sightline into the liar’s psyche.”

― Pamela Meyer

“Sometimes when we label something dystopian fiction, I feel like we’re trying very hard not to use the words ‘science fiction,’ because science fiction has those horrible connotations of rocket ships and bodacious babes.”

― Paolo Bacigalupi

“Sometimes it’s good to just sing and let the words come out. Whatever comes out is valid because it’s what you were thinking.”

― Paolo Nutini

“My inspiration for songs is just everyday life. I just write down words about things that have happened to me, people I’ve met.”

― Paolo Nutini

“Sometimes people don’t know what is behind the words they use. But an innocent little remark at school can affect you later in life.”

― Paolo Nutini

“Sri Yukteswar showed no special consideration to those who happened to be powerful or accomplished; neither did he slight others for their poverty or illiteracy. He would listen respectfully to words of truth from a child, and openly ignore a conceited pundit.”

― Paramahansa Yogananda

“Some people try to cyber bully me; they try to get to me with words, but that doesn’t really work.”

― Paris Jackson

“A good headline is far more than a summary. It has to characterize, in a few brief words, the most important themes and news items of the article it accompanies.”

― Parker Conrad

“I believe that God and reality are too big for my poor words.”

― Pat Buckley

“The most powerful words in English are ‘Tell me a story,’ words that are intimately related to the complexity of history, the origins of language, the continuity of the species, the taproot of our humanity, our singularity, and art itself.”

― Pat Conroy

“Writing is more about imagination than anything else. I fell in love with words. I fell in love with storytelling.”

― Pat Conroy

“I began in an era where four-letter words were not allowed.”

― Pat Morita

“One false word, one extra word, and somebody’s thinking about how they have to buy paper towels at the store. Brevity is very important. If you’re going to be longwinded, it should be for a purpose. Not just because you like your words.”

― Patricia Marx

“I didn’t learn to read until I was almost 14 years old. Reading out loud for me was a nightmare because I would mispronounce words or reconstruct things that weren’t even there. That’s when one of my teachers discovered I had a learning disability called dyslexia. Once I got help, I read very well!”

― Patricia Polacco

“There can be no more burying our heads in the sand by being afraid to even mention the words ‘climate change’ aloud.”

― Patrick Murphy

“I write 1,000-1,500 words. The next day, I rewrite it and add 1,000-1,500 words to the end of it.”

― Patrick Ness

“I wasn’t necessarily frustrated in Fall Out Boy, but there were things that didn’t get satisfied, desires left wanting. We didn’t all meet on the same kind of music. When bands break up, there are all these buzz words that get tossed around to maintain a front for the audience, but in this case there literally were creative differences.”

― Patrick Stump

“I read everything and anything related to being queer. I found solace in reading authors like Audre Lorde and bell hooks, who would become my activist staples – their words helped me grow up and taught me how to be bold and courageous. By studying them, I came to understand that being young and queer and black would not be easy.”

― Patrisse Cullors

“Actors take risks all the time. We put ourselves on the line. It is creative to be able to interpret someone’s words and breathe life into them.”

― Patty Duke

“I learned a lot from hanging out with Emmylou Harris. One of the biggest pointers she gave me was that if you don’t know the words, drop the consonants: that way, you’ll hide the sound.”

― Patty Griffin

“For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught. To say the things he truly feels, and not the words of one who kneels.”

― Paul Anka

“If I could write directly on a typewriter or a computer, I would do it. But keyboards have always intimidated me. I’ve never been able to think clearly with my fingers in that position. A pen is a much more primitive instrument. You feel that the words are coming out of your body and then you dig the words into the page.”

― Paul Auster

“I write the paragraph, then I’m crossing out, changing words, trying to improve it. When it seems more or less OK, then I type it up because sometimes it’s almost illegible, and if I wait, I might not be able to read it the next day.”

― Paul Auster

“The painter must enclose himself within his work; he must respond not with words, but with paintings.”

― Paul Cezanne

“I walk into a scene, and I do the scene. That’s my job. I don’t have an objective. I have the words, and I have whoever I’m playing with.”

― Paul Eenhoorn

“Verse is not written, it is bled; Out of the poet’s abstract head. Words drip the poem on the page; Out of his grief, delight and rage.”

― Paul Engle

“Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words.”

― Paul Engle

“The years rolled their brutal course down the hill of time. Still poor, my clothes still smelling of the horse barn, still writing those doubtful poems where too much emotion clashed with too many words.”

― Paul Engle

“The few words of a title are the hardest words for any author to come up with.”

― Paul Fleischman

“Life has no meaning unless one lives it with a will, at least to the limit of one’s will. Virtue, good, evil are nothing but words, unless one takes them apart in order to build something with them; they do not win their true meaning until one knows how to apply them.”

― Paul Gauguin

“If you really understand something, you can say it in the fewest words, instead of thrashing about.”

― Paul Graham

“I approach my interviews with the mindset of, exactly what are we selling? How can I sell it the hardest and the most effectively in the fewest words possible? And how can I make each word that I say mean as much as it possibly can? And I bring that perspective to the table because I used to focus a lot on the character that I had to play.”

― Paul Heyman

“What you fill your mind with is eventually translated into the words you speak, and then your words create action.”

― Paul J. Meyer

“I don’t write huge books any more. I used to write 1,000 printed pages, but now I write short books. I did one on Napoleon, 50,000 words – enjoyed doing that. He was a baddie. I did one on Churchill, which was a bestseller in New York, I’m glad to say. 50,000 words. He was a goodie.”

― Paul Johnson

“When there’s no place for the scalpel, words are the surgeon’s only tool.”

― Paul Kalanithi

“Words have a longevity that I do not have.”

― Paul Kalanithi

“Writing can be a very solitary business. It’s you sat at a desk typing words into a computer. It can get lonely sometimes and lots of writers live quite isolated lives.”

― Paul Kane

“Correcting it, I don’t know; just shedding the light of day on it is a first major step, being one of the earliest generations not to just accept the words.”

― Paul Kantner

“We printed all the words out because otherwise nobody would be able to understand them.”

― Paul Kantner

“Sometimes I’m overly blunt. I don’t like to mince words. I like to get things done. That’s the only difference between Chris Christie and I – he’s a little shy.”

― Paul LePage

“I knew the words to 25 rock songs, so I got in the group. Long Tall Sally and Tutti-Frutti, that got me in. That was my audition.”

― Paul McCartney

“Lyricists play with words.”

― Paul McCartney

“Words want to find chimes with each other, things want to connect.”

― Paul Muldoon

“A writer can write in an attic, or on top of a bus. Or with a sharp stick in some wet cement. To act, an actor has to have words. A stage. a camera turning.”

― Paul Muni

“Comedy is inherently subversive because it turns the normal reality on its head. The art form is all about these questions and contradictions. In comedy, we’re dealing with language that we all understand, but words can have a dozen other things around them that alter or affect meaning.”

― Paul Provenza

“Providing, meaning to a mass of unrelated needs, ideas, words and pictures – it is the designer’s job to select and fit this material together and make it interesting.”

― Paul Rand

“My belief is that nothing that can be expressed by mathematics cannot be expressed by careful use of literary words.”

― Paul Samuelson

“The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenements halls and whispered in the sounds of silence.”

― Paul Simon

“Not every song I write is ecstasy. And it can happen only one time. After that, when you sing the same melody and words, it’s pleasure, but you don’t get wiped out.”

― Paul Simon

“We can speak without voice to the trees and the clouds and the waves of the sea. Without words they respond through the rustling of leaves and the moving of clouds and the murmuring of the sea.”

― Paul Tillich

“When a part of our nation gets knocked down, we come together to help pick it up again. No questions asked. That’s the American way, and I would expect every single member of Congress to support that sentiment with their words, their actions, and their votes.”

― Paul Tonko

“The history of thought may be summed up in these words: it is absurd by what it seeks and great by what it finds.”

― Paul Valery

“The way a woman carries herself and the way she dresses ought to promote the following types of words: modesty, discretion, wisdom, beauty, elegance and refinement, but not sensuality, luxury, extravagance.”

― Paul Washer

“No words can describe the personal liberation that heading seaward bestows upon me. In this aquatic realm, no man or woman is subject to the petty decrees of social bureaucracy.”

― Paul Watson

“In other words, what is supposedly found is an invention whose inventor is unaware of his act of invention, who considers it as something that exists independently of him; the invention then becomes the basis of his world view and actions.”

― Paul Watzlawick

“I am aware of the words ‘national treasure’ being attached to me occasionally. It just makes me feel old.”

― Paul Weller

“Never separate the life you live from the words you speak.”

― Paul Wellstone

“For one, the Qur’an is considered by Muslims to consist entirely of words spoken by Allah himself.”

― Paul Weyrich

“I grew up in the Deep South, where sexism, racism, and homophobia were and still are alive and well. I have early, early memories of words and actions of this type being very painful.”

― Pauley Perrette

“When I was part of McGregor’s sparring camp, I struggled to find words to compliment him; I knew he couldn’t fight from the first moment we sparred. It’s very hard to find nice things to say about his skills. Perhaps his best attribute is his intensity, but he has to do it cleanly.”

― Paulie Malignaggi

“Words are my life.”

― Paulina Porizkova

“I don’t read much when I’m working. When I’m finished work, I don’t want a thing to do with words.”

― Pauline Gedge

“I cry very easily. It can be a movie, a phone conversation, a sunset – tears are words waiting to be written.”

― Paulo Coelho

“Praying without ceasing is not ritualized, nor are there even words. It is a constant state of awareness of oneness with God.”

― Peace Pilgrim

“Putting words on paper regularly is part of the necessary discipline of writing. A journal is a great way to do that.”

― Pearl Cleage

“Chinese are wise in comprehending without many words what is inevitable and inescapable and therefore only to be borne.”

― Pearl S. Buck

“When you make illustrations, you’re supposed to have a subtext; you’re not just communicating words – you’re actually adding another story altogether.”

― Peggy Rathmann

“However, no two people see the external world in exactly the same way. To every separate person a thing is what he thinks it is – in other words, not a thing, but a think.”

― Penelope Fitzgerald

“On the first two albums, I essentially began with lyrics and placed the music underneath or around the words.”

― Perfume Genius

“It isn’t about the words you say. It’s about the energetic message you send.”

― Pete Carroll

“If I go out and do a set, there’s a good chance that I’ll watch another comedian. I’ll think – not necessarily their words, but oftentimes the message that’s behind the words – the sort of belief that their unspokenly advocating, well, sometimes that’s offensive.”

― Pete Holmes

“I don’t find myself interesting as a person and the details I find boring, quite frankly. You could sum it up in a few words or sentences really: came from nothing. Self-educated. Luck. Energy. Curiosity. Ambition. That’s it. Nothing at all can illuminate the work as far as I can tell.”

― Peter Ackroyd

“If, in English, we speak words, the French speak thoughts.”

― Peter Brook

“There is no such thing as too much swearing. Swearing is just a piece of linguistic mechanics. The words in-between are the clever ones.”

― Peter Capaldi

“Words fashioned with somewhat over precise diction are like shapes turned out by a cookie cutter.”

― Peter De Vries

“I don’t like people being cautious and tentative and choosing their words carefully around me because I’m a dwarf.”

― Peter Dinklage

“Actors know one thing: If you’re left just with words, you’re in trouble.”

― Peter Falk

“I want to be on set and die hearing those words: Where’s Peter?”

― Peter Fonda

“A lot of other people have used the talk box but have used it as a sound as opposed to actually making the guitar enunciate words.”

― Peter Frampton

“I guess for me what is more significant than success is the nature of each of the songs and of the words.”

― Peter Garrett

“I write a thousand words a day, and I always stop in the middle of a scene or thought, and it makes it easy to pick up on the next day.”

― Peter Heller

“The worst words I could ever hear as a bass player was, ‘Can you play the root notes?’”

― Peter Hook

“As a filmmaker, I believe in trying to make movies that invite the audience to be part of the film; in other words, there are some films where I’m just a spectator and am simply observing from the front seat. What I try to do is draw the audience into the film and have them participate in what’s happening onscreen.”

― Peter Jackson

“’Writing’ is the wrong way to describe what happens to words in a movie. First, you put down words. Then you rehearse them with actors. Then you shoot the words. Then you edit them. You cut a lot of them, you fudge them, you make up new ones in voice-over. Then you cut it and throw it all away.”

― Peter Landesman

“If you’re a serious publisher, you publish books because they work. In other words, they are written well; the reader identifies with the characters. The context seems to be real whether he’s writing about the French Revolution or the failure of Lehman Brothers.”

― Peter Mayer

“In other words the pictures are in a kind of relationship with each other which is touching only at points rather than pictures being illustrations of poems or poems extrapolations of the pictures.”

― Peter Porter

“A person can destroy me with two words. It can just be the way they say them, the inflection.”

― Peter Sellers

“Twitter taught me how to become better at writing jokes because it forces you to chip away at all the extraneous words.”

― Peter Serafinowicz

“I discover what I mean as I write. That can be both terrifically exciting and very dangerous, because when you look at your words later, you wonder, ‘Did I really mean that, or am I just making verbal patterns?’”

― Peter Shaffer

“For a long time, rich countries have promised to reduce poverty but have failed to match their words with adequate action. Of course, some important progress has been made and millions of lives have been saved, but millions more could be saved.”

― Peter Singer

“My breakthrough was when I began to write during my commute, at first taking notes on my Palm Pilot, and then moving on to writing full prose on the tiny QWERTY keyboard of my iPaq smartphone. I got so fast that I was averaging 400 words during the 35 minutes or so I spent on the subway each way, or 800 words round trip.”

― Peter V. Brett

“When I made the decision to really get serious about my writing, I set myself a goal of 1,000 words a day for seven days. If I got to 7,000 words before Monday I could take a day off, but I had to get there. I had to do that every week.”

― Peter V. Brett

“There’s almost a fear that if you understood too deeply the way you arrived at choices, you could become self-conscious. In any case, many ideas which are full of personal meaning seem rather banal when you put words to them.”

― Peter Weir

“’Authentic’ is one of my least favourite words because in such a diverse country, whose authenticity are you talking about?”

― Petina Gappah

“My favourite language, actually, is Czech, just because it’s so colourful. We have so many combinations, words, and expressions. I have to say there are a lot of things which you can say in Czech, but you cannot really translate, because the meaning would make no sense.”

― Petr Cech

“I go to schools in L.A., and I teach lessons. I run with the girls and teach them things about bullying and gossip. For instance, we’d play things like telephone, where you can actually see how words get twisted.”

― Peyton List

“Communication between band-mates is imperative. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. If I need to be checked, I expect to hear it put in plain words what my faults are, and give my band-mates the ultimate consideration by shutting up and listening, then acting on the advice given. Same goes for anyone else in any band.”

― Phil Anselmo

“Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, and other conservative giants are the voices of the conservative movement’s conscience. Every day, millions and millions of Americans – myself included – turn on their radios and televisions to listen to what they have to say, and we are inspired by their words and by their determination.”

― Phil Gingrey

“In video games and animation, you find that the toughest things to make different are the things that aren’t words: grunts, groans, gasps.”

― Phil LaMarr

“And that format was – we’d been using that format, I guess, since the late ’70s, and it was starting to get very predictable. In other words, certain songs would surface in the same points in the set every so often; it was like rotation.”

― Phil Lesh

“I wish we had fewer bad words in ‘Jump Street.’ That would probably be better.”

― Phil Lord

“The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.”

― Philip K. Dick

“What’s really interesting about that is that a lot of these words that were incendiary in their time now seem almost harmless and laughable, because they have this archaic quality.”

― Philip Kaufman

“The living Church of the redeemed is his book. He founded a religion of the living spirit, not of a written code, like the Mosaic law. Yet his words and deeds are recorded by as honest and reliable witnesses as ever put pen to paper.”

― Philip Schaff

“I found many ways around my dyslexia, but I still have trouble transforming words into sounds. I have to memorize and rehearse before reading anything aloud to avoid embarrassing myself by mispronouncing words.”

― Philip Schultz

“If I get the idea, and I get some clarity on how I feel about that idea, then I can safely assume I’ll find the right words. I do have that confidence.”

― Philip Schultz

“Suddenly, I was reading these comics. I was looking at those bubbles, those dialogue bubbles, and suddenly there were words… recognizable words.”

― Philip Schultz

“Words, which are the dress of thoughts, deserve surely more care than clothes, which are only the dress of the person.”

― Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

“One of the greatest things about writing as a profession is that the words of Tolstoy, Chesterton and Dostoyevsky have lived for a hundred years and are just as powerful today. Their words have changed me just as much as the people I actually met.”

― Philip Yancey

“The biggest organ in your body is your skin, and it’s a permeable membrane. Anything you put on it goes into you. If you can’t pronounce most of the words on the back of the bottle, it’s probably not good for you.”

― Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

“A man who lives right, and is right, has more power in his silence than another has by his words.”

― Phillips Brooks

“I think that we need to allow words to be words. If my self-esteem and my self-worth linger on words that are used to describe me, then you have a problem in itself.”

― Philomena Kwao

“I’ve been asked to say a couple of words about my husband, Fang. How about short and cheap?”

― Phyllis Diller

“Banish the words ‘I can’t’ from your vocabulary. Remember: If ‘can’t’ equals ‘won’t’, ‘can’ equals ‘will.’”

― Phyllis George

“Words can sting like anything, but silence breaks the heart.”

― Phyllis McGinley

“The most successful ideological effects are those which have no need for words, and ask no more than complicitous silence.”

― Pierre Bourdieu

“If he is knocked out of the competition, he encourages his brothers with his words and presence.”

― Pierre de Coubertin

“When deeds speak, words are nothing.”

― Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

“My emotions lose their force when I endeavor to interpret them, and my words seem very inept.”

― Pierre Loti

“Man can be understood only by ascending from physics, chemistry, biology, and geology. In other words, he is first of all a cosmic problem.”

― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“When all is said and done, what constitutes the impregnable superiority of Christianity over all other types of Faith is that it is ever more consciously identified with a Christogenesis: in other words, with an awareness of the rise of a certain universal Presence which is at once immortalizing and unifying.”

― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“We need words to name and designate things. But we have only a static language with which to express ourselves.”

― Piet Mondrian

“The most advanced minds as well as the least advanced are obliged to use the same words. If we adopt new words, it will be even more difficult – if not impossible – to make ourselves understood. The new man must therefore express himself in conventional language.”

― Piet Mondrian

“The meaning of words has become so blurred by past usage that ‘abstract’ is identified with ‘vague’ and ‘unreal,’ and ‘inwardness’ with a sort of traditional beatitude… The conception of the word ‘plastic’ has also been limited by individual interpretations.”

― Piet Mondrian

“When I first began choreographing, I never thought of it as choreography but as expressing feelings. Though every piece is different, they are all trying to get at certain things that are difficult to put into words. In the work, everything belongs to everything else – the music, the set, the movement and whatever is said.”

― Pina Bausch

“The strangest thing about writing a sitcom, is never knowing if it will become anything but words on a page.”

― Pippa Evans

“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”

― Plautus

“Let deeds match words.”

― Plautus

“In words are seen the state of mind and character and disposition of the speaker.”

― Plutarch

“My mom named me Pom because she said it sounded like a combination of Korean words that mean ‘spring’ and ‘tiger.’ So, it’s very unique!”

― Pom Klementieff

“God does not change; he is Love, ever and always. In himself, he is communion, unity in Trinity, and all his words and works are directed to communion.”

― Pope Benedict XVI

“The Cross is the approbation of our existence, not in words, but in an act so completely radical that it caused God to become flesh and pierced this flesh to the quick; that, to God, it was worth the death of his incarnate Son.”

― Pope Benedict XVI

“Worshipping the Lord means giving Him the place that he must have; worshipping the Lord means stating, believing – not only by our words – that He alone truly guides our lives; worshipping the Lord means that we are convinced before Him that He is the only God, the God of our lives, the God of our history.”

― Pope Francis

“A mother defends herself with a heart filled with love before doing so with words. I wonder whether there is any love for the church in the hearts of those who pay so much attention to the scandals.”

― Pope Francis

“As an actor, ‘Baahubali’ has given me so much that I can’t explain in words.”

― Prabhas

“The advantage of doing away with words is that you can reach out to any part of the world.”

― Prabhu Deva

“My grandmother was whip smart as well as an incredible athlete. She played tennis in her sari, cheered on the Indian team in cricket matches, and tried to convince us that her made-up words were real so she could win a Scrabble game.”

― Pramila Jayapal

“My mother, with a Master’s in English Literature, taught me to appreciate language and that words matter.”

― Pramila Jayapal

“There are endless consumer applications, but what excites me is how this can help people. A man who cannot speak communicates with sign language, but the average person doesn’t know that language. SixthSense, if equipped with speakers, can recognize the gestures and form the words – it will speak for him.”

― Pranav Mistry

“We can halt the destruction of the world’s rainforests – and even restore parts of them – in order to ensure that the forests do what they are so good at – in other words, storing carbon naturally.”

― Prince Charles

“You can’t understand the words of Cocteau Twins songs, but their harmonies put you in a dreamlike state.”

― Prince

“My earliest memory is trying to read Beatrix Potter, and the words were literally jumping off the page.”

― Princess Beatrice of York

“Becoming World Cup captain, I can’t express in words the feeling and thanks to everyone.”

― Prithvi Shaw

“Becoming captain of the World Cup team and winning it is something I can’t express in words.”

― Prithvi Shaw

“Silence is better than unmeaning words.”

― Pythagoras

“The oldest, shortest words – ‘yes’ and ‘no’ – are those which require the most thought.”

― Pythagoras

“Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few.”

― Pythagoras

“It is better wither to be silent, or to say things of more value than silence. Sooner throw a pearl at hazard than an idle or useless word; and do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few.”

― Pythagoras

“It is the nurse that the child first hears, and her words that he will first attempt to imitate.”

― Quintilian

“A proverb is much matter distilled into few words.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller

“Biggie was a lyrical genius: he was a musical painter with words. As he rapped, you would see the picture come to life as you heard his story. You hear a lot of rappers rap; you hear a lot of singers sing, but you don’t see the movie in your head the way you do when you hear Biggie rap.”

― R. Kelly

“All living languages are promiscuous. We promiscuous speakers shamelessly shoplift words, plucking bons mots and phrases from any tempting language. We wear these words when we wish to be more formal, more elegant, more mysterious, worldly, precise, vague.”

― Rabih Alameddine

“Language, after all, is organic. You can’t force words into existence. You can’t force new meanings into words. And some words can’t or won’t or shouldn’t be laundered or neutered. Language develops naturally.”

― Rabih Alameddine

“The magazine, the daytime show, we’ve always tried to write affordable, accessible. Those are key words for us, and I do mean us, a huge staff of people at the magazine who love to cook affordable, friendly food that helps families eat better for less.”

― Rachael Ray

“I really value words. I really try to illustrate and let people draw their own conclusions.”

― Rachel Corrie

“For years, I’ve admired wrist tattoos, but I was always afraid that they would hurt – I’m kind of a weenie about pain. In fact, it’s why I wear so many bracelets on my left wrist. The bracelets represented the words or phrases I’d want to get tattooed but didn’t have the courage to.”

― Rachel Hollis

“I’m sure that everything you do contributes to the sort of novel that you write. A lot of actors have an understanding of drama and a good ear for dialogue and also the rhythm of speech. Similarly, my 16 years in radio drama has influenced me. You only have 45 minutes, or 7,000 words, to tell a story, so every scene has to have a point.”

― Rachel Joyce

“Some of the words that pop up on the show have had terrible connotations. But that’s the beauty of ‘Countdown.’”

― Rachel Riley

“As parents, we must be mindful that our actions are matching our words.”

― Rachel Simmons

“People say I use foul language. I learnt swear words only from my father and YGP.”

― Radha Ravi

“To be honest with you, I don’t have one track that I consider better than the next because all I’m trying to do is still grow as an artist. I got way better since the early nineties, as far as putting words together. My best energy probably was the ’90s, because I was new.”

― Raekwon

“There is nothing cooler than to have them singing your words back to you. The last show I did, I was kind of nervous about putting the mic out there, because you’re not sure how it’s going to go. But I did, and they sang the whole chorus. I thought, ‘Holy crap! That is the coolest feeling.’ It’s the biggest rush ever.”

― RaeLynn

“When I rapped for ‘Manto’, I used cuss words and no one objected because it was an adult movie. I feel cuss words are also a way of expression.”

― Raftaar

“Strong government doesn’t mean simply military power or an efficient intelligence apparatus. Instead, it should mean effective, fair administration – in other words, ‘good governance.’”

― Raghuram Rajan

“For me, songwriting starts with a melody. When a musician plays a chord progression, either the words and vocal melody come to me, or they don’t. That’s how I determine who to write with. It works, or it doesn’t.”

― Rain Phoenix

“When I started rhyming, my favorite rhythms were from John Coltrane and some of the things he did on sax. And certain rhythms that I hear on drums, I try to emulate with my words, dropping on the same patterns that them beats or them notes would hit.”

― Rakim

“My approach to writing rhymes went hand in hand with the music. I’d try to make different rhythms with my rhymes on the track by tripping up patterns, using multi-syllable words, different syncopations. I’d try to be like a different instrument.”

― Rakim

“Playing the sax and then enjoying jazz music, man – it’s like I learned how to find words inside of the beat.”

― Rakim

“I’m more of a wordsmith, so I like taking different words and trying to see what I can do with them – as many things as possible.”

― Rakim

“I wanted to greet people in Telugu, so I asked someone how to say ‘How are you’ in Telugu. In fact, I instructed my entire staff to speak to me only in Telugu. So, there were times when I would ask them to translate certain words for me in Hindi, but the effort paid off.”

― Rakul Preet Singh

“Man does not live by words alone, in spite of the fact that sometimes he has to eat them.”

― Ralph Bellamy

“I think Shakespeare is like a dialect. If I heard a broad Scots accent, I’d probably struggle at first but then I’d start to look for words I recognise and I’d get the gist. I think Shakespeare is like that.”

― Ralph Fiennes

“In music, the punctuation is absolutely strict, the bars and rests are absolutely defined. But our punctuation cannot be quite strict, because we have to relate it to the audience. In other words we are continually changing the score.”

― Ralph Richardson

“Words are also actions, and actions are a kind of words.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I always really wanted to do film scoring, largely because I hate writing lyrics. I just won’t do it. I need help with the words.”

― Ramin Djawadi

“I have a message from the Tea Party, a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. We’ve come to take our government back.”

― Rand Paul

“If you want to understand Jesus, you have to study the whole Bible. Christian duty is not defined solely by the words in red.”

― Randall Terry

“There is a lot of silence in me, and I feel that silence is often better than spoken words.”

― Randeep Hooda

“You don’t have to have a great voice to sing, just a distinctive one. But make sure you say the words clearly and tell a story.”

― Randy Bachman

“If I could only give three words of advice, they would be, ‘Tell the truth.’ If I got three more words, I’d add, ‘All the time.’”

― Randy Pausch

“The only direction I can give to an actor, a good actor who knows his skills, is, ‘Here are those words. They’re yours. Make them yours. Don’t tell the text but be the text.’ That means you have to be the emotion of the text.”

― Raoul Peck

“I think it’d be wonderful if we could train young girls to be active in lots of ways and that they then wouldn’t have to age at the same rate that they would if they were not more active. In other words, more physical fitness and not just the sporty kind, but the yoga, which is really important.”

― Raquel Welch

“An expenditure of words without income of ideas will lead to intellectual bankruptcy.”

― Ravi Zacharias

“My songwriting process is based on a formula: Color, tone, words. When I hear production, I initially identify the color that resonates with me. From there, I am able to translate the color into tone or emotion, which may depend on a number of things.”

― Ravyn Lenae

“According to the Law of Cause and Effect, every effect must have a cause. In other words, everything that happens has a catalyst; everything that came into being has something that caused it. Things don’t just happen by themselves.”

― Ray Comfort

“Hawking has violated the unspoken rules of atheism. He isn’t supposed to use words like ‘create’ or even ‘made.’ They necessitate a Creator and a Maker. Neither are you supposed to let out that the essence of atheism is to believe that nothing created everything, because it’s unthinking.”

― Ray Comfort

“Competitiveness is really what it costs you per man-hour to get you what you want. In other words, there’s an education level that plays into the mix and so if it’s inexpensive to buy an hour of real good education in places like China versus the U.S., that factors in.”

― Ray Dalio

“A beautiful deleveraging balances the three options. In other words, there is a certain amount of austerity, there is a certain amount of debt restructuring, and there is a certain amount of printing of money. When done in the right mix, it isn’t dramatic.”

― Ray Dalio

“If you write a blog post, you’ve got something to say; you’re not just creating words and synonyms. We’d like the computers to actually pick up on that semantic meaning.”

― Ray Kurzweil

“The human brain is a funny thing: it’s very susceptible to tempo and melody. You put the right words to it, and it becomes very influential.”

― Ray Stevens

“I still like complete sentences that are grammatically correct without spelling errors. I don’t always achieve this, and it is irksome to read a message I have sent and discover errors. I know I often leave out words in e-mail, not by choice, but because of the way my brain works.”

― Ray Tomlinson

“I’ve never met a politician I haven’t wanted to walk away from, and I’ve yet to hear a politician speak and actually believe the words coming out of his mouth.”

― Ray Winstone

“They call it golf because all the other four letter words were taken.”

― Raymond Floyd

“You don’t write a book. You write a sentence and then a paragraph and then a page and then a chapter. Looking at writing 400 plus pages or seventy thousand odd words is incredibly daunting, but if you just focus on the immediate picture – say, 500 words – it’s not so overwhelming.”

― Rebecca Serle

“I used the second year of my MFA program to write a young adult novel and began pursuing picture books as well. I loved the economy of this art form, choosing, with pristine attention, the exact right words to tell the exact right story.”

― Rebecca Serle

“I have often said that I think children’s books are like poetry. Finding the exact right words to tell a story is something all writers, regardless of genre, are challenged to do, but it is in children’s that the art of selection really becomes an art.”

― Rebecca Serle

“Children’s authors have to pick words that reflect the spirit of a book and convey its message but also words that light children up, that children will recognize. Words that inspire and comfort. Words that challenge yet don’t patronize. Words that, well, mean something to them.”

― Rebecca Serle

“Everyone has a story to tell, and in a perfect world, everyone would get the opportunity to tell it. Some of us have the stories, some of us have the words, and some of us have both. Let’s honor the portions we bring to the table and give credit where credit is due.”

― Rebecca Serle

“Therefore, the question is not whether such democratization is possible, but instead how to meet the yearning of the masses in the Middle East for democracy; in other words, how to achieve democratization in the Middle East.”

― Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“In other words, the bar should be maintained at the level of a pluralistic and participatory democracy.”

― Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“As a cinematographer, I was always attracted to stories that have the potential to be told with as few words as possible.”

― Reed Morano

“Billy Martin was a human tragedy, in the real sense of the words.”

― Reggie Jackson

“When I turned 45, I lay in bed reflecting on all life had taught me. My soul sprang a leak and ideas flowed out. My pen simply caught them and set the words on paper. I typed them up and turned them into a newspaper column of the 45 lessons life taught me. When I hit 50, I added five more lessons and the paper ran the column again.”

― Regina Brett

“At the end of the day, the only things that are shovel ready around here are the words coming out of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s mouth.”

― Reince Priebus

“It is not whether your words or actions are tough or gentle; it is the spirit behind your actions and words that announces your inner state.”

― Rene Char

“Common experience is the gold reserve which confers an exchange value on the currency which words are; without this reserve of shared experiences, all our pronouncements are checks drawn on insufficient funds.”

― Rene Daumal

“Words are made for a certain exactness of thought, as tears are for a certain degree of pain. What is least distinct cannot be named; what is clearest is unutterable.”

― Rene Daumal

“Salvation lies in imitating Christ, in other words, in imitating the ‘withdrawal relationship’ that links him with his Father… To listen to the Father’s silence is to abandon oneself to his withdrawal, to conform to it.”

― Rene Girard

“Some of my first teachers were incredibly tough. You could never sing more than three words without being stopped and having to do it over 20 times. I loved that – that sort of process of dissecting and trying to figure out and master this incredibly mysterious instrument.”

― Renee Fleming

“Lots of kids, including my son, have trouble making the leap from reading words or a few sentences in picture books to chapter books. Chapters are often long… 10 pages can seem like a lifetime to a young reader. Then reading becomes laborious and serious. That’s why some of the chapters in my books are very short.”

― Rhea Perlman

“I think the Dutch certainly get British comedy. And let’s face it; a lot of it is pretty low-hanging fruit for the whole world now. There are probably tribes in the heart of the Papua New Guinean rainforest that know all the words to the Dead Parrot sketch.”

― Rhianna Pratchett

“To be honest, I struggle with words. I often forget them, you know, the official ones. Instead, I make words up. I use home-made words that sound similar to the real thing. Usually, they’re some sort of confused hybrid of two existing words.”

― Rhys Darby

“Once they’re on paper, they’re gone. I like to do as much with the words, as far as image goes.”

― Ric Ocasek

“I have long believed that celebrity, the way we worship and package and sell our pop stars, is what filled the need for gods that was once filled by the pictures in stained glass. Hollywood is post-Christian Venice – in other words, a pantheon of saints without the hassle and heartache of religion.”

― Rich Cohen

“There’s no wobble in Bush. If anything, the opposite. Right after hello, the next words out of his mouth are: I’ve never been more convinced that the decisions I made are the right decisions.”

― Rich Lowry

“In other words, if you – the cost of promoting movies, the advertising and promotion of a movie, the budget is almost as large as the cost of the movie.”

― Richard Attenborough

“Click! In other words, I’m in a very controlling position, and I can bring… and I’ve already… if the camera’s on you, your face is very concentrated. You’re listening. You don’t know what I’m going to say next, and now you’re smiling. All these things are the things I work with.”

― Richard Avedon

“I’m just terrible. At talking. With words.”

― Richard Ayoade

“Write a little bit every day, each day. Visit it, every day – in other words, show up for work.”

― Richard Bausch

“You remember France, it’s the country that financed the American Revolution… OK, it was in their self-interest, but still, they made it happen. Let’s face it: without the French, there would be no America… in other words, without them, there is no us.”

― Richard Belzer

“If I told you the words, you wouldn’t believe them anyway.”

― Richard Berry

“Churchill had a marvelous way with words, and greatness accompanied him like a shadow, but in certain ways, he was a 19th-century man wandering, confounded, in the 20th.”

― Richard Cohen

“Trump’s juvenilia stands in stark contrast to Obama’s measured words.”

― Richard Cohen

“We marked a milestone for consumer empowerment when we began to publish consumer complaint narratives which allow people to share in their own words their experiences in the consumer financial marketplace.”

― Richard Cordray

“A movie like ‘Selma’ should be a relic in a time capsule from 1965, a clue to how well we heeded King’s words and how far we have advanced. Instead, it is a reminder that the ‘American problem’ has yet to be solved.”

― Richard Corliss

“Texting has reduced the number of waste words, but it has also exposed a black hole of ignorance about traditional – what a cranky guy would call correct – grammar.”

― Richard Corliss

“Words are not trivial. They matter because they raise consciousness.”

― Richard Dawkins

“Anybody who has something sensible or worthwhile to say should be able to say it calmly and soberly, relying on the words themselves to convey his meaning, without resorting to yelling.”

― Richard Dawkins

“The fact that life evolved out of nearly nothing, some 10 billion years after the universe evolved out of literally nothing, is a fact so staggering that I would be mad to attempt words to do it justice.”

― Richard Dawkins

“I love words.”

― Richard Dawkins

“Usually the science-fiction fan has some indication they’re a sci-fi fan and, therefore, a ‘Stargate’ fan. In other words, they could be wearing a rubber head or some kind of costume or just a T-shirt that gives them away.”

― Richard Dean Anderson

“As a society, we pick words that are offensive based on what we’re most afraid of. We associate sounds with some dangerous idea, and right now the most dangerous thing to us are the differences between us.”

― Richard Dooling

“I met David Croft. He was a man of few words. But he had great charisma.”

― Richard Dormer

“I love words because you can only live one life, but in a novel, you can live a thousand: you contain multitudes.”

― Richard Flanagan

“After writing a novel, what is there to say? If a novelist could say it in a maxim, they wouldn’t need 120,000 words, several years and sundry characters, plots and subplots, and so on. I’d much rather listen always.”

― Richard Flanagan

“Censorship of ideas or images or words is wrong.”

― Richard King

“A positive impact stems from our admission that we were wrong or our thinking was wrong. ‘I’m wrong’ are two little words that can help improve our own positive attitude.”

― Richard M. DeVos

“We cannot learn from one another until we stop shouting at one another – until we speak quietly enough so that our words can be heard as well as our voices.”

― Richard M. Nixon

“The mark of a true politician is that he is never at a loss for words because he is always half-expecting to be asked to make a speech.”

― Richard M. Nixon

“Spelling is very easy to practice yourself whereas signing is not. So I would sit on the subway riding around New York and I would spell whatever I would see. When I watched a movie I would spell words as they came up.”

― Richard Masur

“I always start my discussions with the Tea Party groups with telling them, ‘you know I have only three words for you: God. Bless. You.’ Because the Tea Party’s bringing the Republican party back to a more conservative base.”

― Richard Mourdock

“It’s the way I study – to understand something by trying to work it out or, in other words, to understand something by creating it. Not creating it one hundred percent, of course; but taking a hint as to which direction to go but not remembering the details. These you work out for yourself.”

― Richard P. Feynman

“The correct statement of the laws of physics involves some very unfamiliar ideas which require advanced mathematics for their description. Therefore, one needs a considerable amount of preparatory training even to learn what the words mean.”

― Richard P. Feynman

“I can’t just say the words, do a lot of one-liners. I love each person I play; I have to be that person. I have to do him true.”

― Richard Pryor

“A song is a lot of things. But, first of all, a song is the voice of its time. Setting words to music gives them weight, makes then somehow easier to say, and it helps them to be remembered.”

― Richard Rodgers

“Words and ideas work in the short run to get you through school and to impress educators and employers. But they do not work in the long run or in the deep run. We soon find ourselves separate and without wonder.”

― Richard Rohr

“Marilyn was terrible to work with. I was fond of her, she was a nice girl, but she was a damaged girl. She was very difficult. You couldn’t get her on the set; she didn’t know the words.”

― Richard Widmark

“I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo, and if an echo sounded, no matter how faintly, I would send other words to tell, to march, to fight, to create a sense of hunger for life that gnaws in us all.”

― Richard Wright

“I don’t have the words to describe what the fans have done for me.”

― Richarlison

“By the time I got to the point where I was ‘starring’ in movies, and I had executives telling me what lines to say, that wasn’t for me. I’m really not an actor. I’m a guy who comes out of comedy, and my impetus was always to rewrite the line to make it funnier, not to try to make somebody’s precious words work.”

― Rick Moranis

“Do people still read before bed? I play ‘Words With Friends.’”

― Rick Perlstein

“We stand up and proudly proclaim that Washington is not our caretaker and we reject a state, in Margaret Thatcher’s words, a state that takes too much from us to do too much for us.”

― Rick Perry

“I wrote the tunes and sang only nonsense words. Then came Moore and dressed them with the lyrics.”

― Rick Wright

“I like words. Words are places, rooms, distant airs, thin and tropical. They make us feel and imagine we are more than our bodies.”

― Rickie Lee Jones

“The way you get better is putting words on the page and getting them behind you.”

― Ridley Pearson

“Words on the page don’t have the same impact as somebody saying the words to you.”

― Rik Mayall

“Under adversity, under oppression, the words begin to fail, the easy words begin to fail. In order to convey things accurately, the human being is almost forced to find the most precise words possible, which is a precondition for literature.”

― Rita Dove

“Have you ever heard a good joke? If you’ve ever heard someone just right, with the right pacing, then you’re already on the way to poetry. It’s about using words in very precise ways and using gesture.”

― Rita Dove

“I walked into this industry blond with red lips, and I will leave this industry blond with red lips. Mark my words.”

― Rita Ora

“Rich kids gave us their old clothes. They were the best clothes we ever had. We were these very pure, naive, poor children. The rich kids called us a lot of names but it never bothered us because we didn’t know what the words meant.”

― River Phoenix

“I got into Shakespeare and all of that stuff in high school and then got out of it because it got too complicated. But all of those things just helped me to put words together. It gave me a different perspective.”

― Ro James

“You have to learn the playbook inside and out. You have to learn code words for each play. You have to learn defenses.”

― Rob Gronkowski

“One of the most popular games to watch on eSports is ‘League of Legends,’ a game that blends role-playing, managing resources and shouting at your friends. Again, if I had another thousand words, I might be able to scratch the surface of this game, but all you need to know is that gamers love to play it, and even more of them love to watch it.”

― Rob Manuel

“I like the rhythm of comedy in dramas, if that makes sense. In other words, I don’t want to write setup, punch, setup, punch, where the joke dictates the scene; I want to find comedy in which the drama is actually driving the moment in the scene.”

― Rob Thomas

“I’m mainstream, and I have pretty chart-tastic tastes. I don’t often veer away from a big melodic song with big words for big stadiums.”

― Robbie Williams

“The questions worth asking, in other words, come not from other people but from nature, and are for the most part delicate things easily drowned out by the noise of everyday life.”

― Robert B. Laughlin

“Fail I alone, in words and deeds? Why, all men strive and who succeeds?”

― Robert Browning

“Again like Williams, with the emphasis now regrettable, when a man makes a poem, makes it mind you, he takes the words as he finds them lying interrelated about him.”

― Robert Creeley

“Words began to appear in English and to make some kind of equivalent. For what satisfaction it is hard to say, except that something seems unusually piercing, living, handsome, in another language, and since English is yours, you wish it to be there too.”

― Robert Fitzgerald

“It’s what you do every time. You isolate what you know, and you create a mental image of what you’re doing. Every time you speak you don’t have to think about it. Words come out of your mouth based on what you know. That’s the same job every time.”

― Robert Forster

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

― Robert Frost

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

― Robert Frost

“Sticks and stones will break our bones, but words will break our hearts.”

― Robert Fulghum

“The great poet is a great artist. He is painter and sculptor. The greatest pictures and statues have been painted and chiseled with words. They outlast all others.”

― Robert Green Ingersoll

“Command that your marshal be careful to be present over the household, and especially in the hall, to keep the household, within doors and without, respectable, without dispute or noise, or bad words.”

― Robert Grosseteste

“Don’t try to write too much in a single session. One thousand words a day is quite enough. Stop after about four or five hours.”

― Robert Harris

“There are moments when the body is as numinous as words, days that are the good flesh continuing. Such tenderness, those afternoons and evenings, saying blackberry, blackberry, blackberry.”

― Robert Hass

“The messages that my work might contain, the verbal aspects, the use of words, certainly I never mean for it to be more than – shall we say? – fifty percent of the total, and sometimes my active interest is much less than that. It is the formal aspect of my painting which fascinates me most.”

― Robert Indiana

“By serializing two novels in ‘Analog,’ the world’s No. 1, best-selling science fiction magazine, I’ve had 200,000 words of fiction and three cover stories in that magazine. Quite an enviable record.”

― Robert J. Sawyer

“I was paid more for the serialization rights for each book than I got as an advance for my first novel. In other words, there is an economic value in serialization in and of itself.”

― Robert J. Sawyer

“On ‘Prison Break,’ I tended to talk a lot! They gave me a lot of fun words to say. There were always these great mouthfuls of words that would fall out!”

― Robert Knepper

“News, after all, is a spin of words and pictures. It’s a kind of music. There are beats in a newscast, a newspaper story. Ed Murrow sounded like Ed Murrow. Huntley and Brinkley sounded different. Anderson Cooper, different still.”

― Robert Krulwich

“We have these words ‘space’ and ‘time,’ but you can’t touch them. They’re not objects, they’re not things, they go forever. Space and time are really tools of animal sense perception, the way we organize and construct information.”

― Robert Lanza

“Some people have said, in so many words, that I’m kind of wooly-headed in believing that the Iranians would see not having nuclear weapons as more in their security interest than not.”

― Robert M. Gates

“Parents can plant magic in a child’s mind through certain words spoken with some thrilling quality of voice, some uplift of the heart and spirit.”

― Robert MacNeil

“I consider what I write to be literature. I choose the words carefully.”

― Robert Metcalfe

“If you took away publicists and things and people spoke for themselves, then they’d have to be responsible for their words.”

― Robert Pattinson

“Screwing things up is a virtue. Being correct is never the point. I have an almost fanatically correct assistant, and by the time she re-spells my words and corrects my punctuation, I can’t read what I wrote. Being right can stop all the momentum of a very interesting idea.”

― Robert Rauschenberg

“The beauty of a Tarantino film is that the visuals match the rhythm of the words. That’s his goal. And that’s my goal.”

― Robert Richardson

“The decision came from the publisher. It certainly was cleared by Chicago. And then they come out with these fine sounding words about relation to readers and their obligation. It has nothing to do with that.”

― Robert Scheer

“Back in my pulp-mag days, I worked from about 8:30 to noon, took an hour off for lunch, and worked again from one to three, for a work day of five and a half hours or so. I wrote 20 to 30 pages of copy in that time, doing it all first draft, so that I was able to produce a short story of 5,000-7,500 words in a single day.”

― Robert Silverberg

“Banal words function as a feeble phenomena that fall into their own mental bogs of meaning.”

― Robert Smithson

“An emotion is suggested and demolished in one glance by certain words.”

― Robert Smithson

“Words for mental processes are all derived from physical things.”

― Robert Smithson

“All deception in the course of life is indeed nothing else but a lie reduced to practice, and falsehood passing from words into things.”

― Robert Southey

“If you would be pungent, be brief; for it is with words as with sunbeams – the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.”

― Robert Southey

“It is with words as with sunbeams – the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.”

― Robert Southey

“In other words, if a teacher only teaches in one way, then they conclude that the kids who can’t learn well that way don’t have the ability, when, in fact, it may be that the way the teacher’s teaching is not a particularly good match to the way those kids learn.”

― Robert Sternberg

“In other words, unlike some people with new theories, we will go out, we’ll go into a school and we get products and the products are evaluated, whether it’s by teachers or others. The scores are quantified and then we compare performances.”

― Robert Sternberg

“In other words, the better they did on the IQ test, the worse they did on the practical test and the better they did on the practical tests, the worse they did on the IQ test.”

― Robert Sternberg

“At the time, acid made me consider questions of reality, the difference, as someone said, between words and silence. It also brought back a lot of latent religious feelings in me that I had turned my back on.”

― Robert Stone

“Be sure your wisest words are those you do not say.”

― Robert W. Service

“Many words are not wanting to show that the particular view of each court occasioned the dangers which affected the public tranquillity; yet the whole is charged to my account. Nor is this sufficient.”

― Robert Walpole

“I met a 13-year-old black child, Raymond, who had never been to school and had never learnt any words, yet it seemed to me that he was intelligent. It became apparent after a short period that Raymond thought in terms of visual signs and movements.”

― Robert Wilson

“I think by drawing, so I’ll draw or diagram everything from a piece of furniture to a stage gesture. I understand things best when they’re in graphics, not words.”

― Robert Wilson

“When we talk to somebody and we want to be nice or polite or show our more beautiful side, we try to use the best words that we know. This is what poets are doing. They are cleaning the words, they are inventing the sentiments, they are giving us a way to communicate.”

― Roberto Benigni

“The English language has 112 words for deception, according to one count, each with a different shade of meaning: collusion, fakery, malingering, self-deception, confabulation, prevarication, exaggeration, denial.”

― Robin Marantz Henig

“It turns out you can train a neural network on a big body of text. It can be Wikipedia; it can be all the works of Charles Dickens; it could be all of the Internet. They can use grammar and put words together in interesting and convincing ways – and, I think, unexpected and beautiful ways.”

― Robin Sloan

“In the case of ‘Fish,’ I did the writing, design, and code all at the same time, so the form and the content were fused together. I’d change some words, get an idea, change some code, see if it worked, change more words, and so on.”

― Robin Sloan

“The French word for wanderlust or wandering is ‘errance.’ The etymology is the same as ‘error.’ So to wander is to make mistakes. In other words, to make mistakes, to make errors is sort of the idea of learning through trial and error, allowing the mistakes to be part of the process.”

― Robyn Davidson

“My friends who are not from Sweden tell me that I’m more reserved or maybe more … I guess the opposite of what a Latin American would be. Maybe because Scandinavians are more careful with their words and I guess it takes a lot to become a friend of a Swede.”

― Robyn

“For many people, I was a phase, a part of the period of growing up. People ask me why I connected. It was presumptuous of me to say, but I’m Everyman. The difference is I put my thoughts into words.”

― Rod McKuen

“No matter how close to personal experience a story might be, inevitably you are going to get to a part that isn’t yours and, actually, whether it happened or not becomes irrelevant. It is all about choosing the right words.”

― Roddy Doyle

“Without putting words in anybody’s mouth, I think that Roddy has a reputation for being a rebel. I don’t think that’s a big secret.”

― Roddy Piper

“People do stupid things… words are important.”

― Rodney Frelinghuysen

“If somebody wants to book Alec Baldwin on one of our shows, and he wants to come on and talk to our people and say what he wants, I don’t care. We would question him on his choice of words.”

― Roger Ailes

“The reality is, to watch Jon Stewart, you already have to have watched the news. In other words, it’s not funny if he does a joke about John McCain and they don’t know who John McCain is.”

― Roger Ailes

“No one realized that I needed eyeglasses until I was 12 years old. My parents were writers, so I was around the sounds of words and developed a vocabulary with my sense of hearing. I play guitar by ear.”

― Roger McGuinn

“Obviously a candidate has to be held responsible for the words that come out of his mouth, regardless of where they came from.”

― Roger Stone

“I always used to look at books and wonder how anybody could come up with so many words. But my divorce and then falling in love with somebody else has released in me an ability to write in other ways apart from songs.”

― Roger Waters

“My dad said that if it’s part of the character, I’m allowed to say bad words, but if it’s not part of the character, and I say it at home when I’m not acting, that I won’t be acting anymore.”

― Rohan Chand

“I collect words and phrases and cut things out of newspapers and keep scrapbooks and write down ideas in my phone or 10,000 notebooks all around my house. It’s not very organised, but I keep collecting, so I did have a lot of material to help me to write songs.”

― Roisin Murphy

“Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words. My language trembles with desire.”

― Roland Barthes

“I must believe that in words we will find what in fury we cannot.”

― Romesh Gunesekera

“Two of the first plays I saw after I arrived in Britain were ‘King Lear’ in Liverpool, and ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ at Stratford. One was produced with hardly a backdrop and the other with gigantic scene changes. I was impressed by what connected the two: the words and their life beyond the stage.”

― Romesh Gunesekera

“The most appealing side-effect of Sri Lankan cricket from where I stand, shuffling words, has been linguistic.”

― Romesh Gunesekera

“I love whimsy. My mother was a word person, a real quipster. She was famous in the 1950s for being a contester in Utah: 25 words or less. My bicycle, our hi-fi… in 1959, she won $15,000 from Remington-Rand for writing about a shaver. She was a farm girl from South Dakota.”

― Ron Carlson

“The thing with all the Founding Fathers, one of the most common words they used was ‘posterity.’ They were constantly referring to posterity.”

― Ron Chernow

“I’m disturbed by the words missing from the Trump campaign: Liberty, justice, freedom, and tolerance.”

― Ron Chernow

“My actions will speak louder than words.”

― Ron DeSantis

“Vladimir Putin is only going to respond to action, strength, and resolve. He’s not going to respond to words.”

― Ron Johnson

“My training was that you fill in the canvas where it needs colour and polishing. You start with the words on the first night and keep adding bits of business.”

― Ron Moody

“On the last drafts, I focus on the words themselves, including the rub of vowels and consonants, stressed and unstressed syllables. Yet even at this stage I’m often surprised. A different ending or a new character shows up and I’m back to where I began, letting the story happen, just trying to stay out of the way.”

― Ron Rash

“Fortunately for me, or unfortunately, they made me an editor of the Parish Prison Pelican. I could read and write, and I had a way with words.”

― Ron Shock

“It’s kind of like an out of body experience, watching my words being spoken by the actors, watching the portrayal of me by John David Washington.”

― Ron Stallworth

“If I see someone out there mouthing the words to a bit, I’m not having fun.”

― Ron White

“Like any business, the oil industry runs on the basic premise of supply and demand. The more supply – the lower the price. The higher the demand – the higher price. In other words, the more people who can buy oil, the higher the price of oil.”

― Ron Wyden

“Some people say that you should read people who think completely differently from you so that everything you read and everything that they say is a challenge to you but there’s something to be said for reading people where you think, ‘Yes, that’s how I would have said it if I could have found the words for it’.”

― Ronald Frame

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

― Ronald Reagan

“I noticed words crudely spray-painted upon the wall, perhaps by a young Berliner: ‘This wall will fall. Beliefs become reality.’ Yes, across Europe, this wall will fall. For it cannot withstand faith; it cannot withstand truth. The wall cannot withstand freedom.”

― Ronald Reagan

“Songs are out there – they’re waiting to be grabbed. I start with a phrase, musical and lyrical, words like ‘I don’t think so’ and a nice riff. It rolls from there.”

― Ronnie Wood

“The way Singaporeans talk is they use less words.”

― Ronny Chieng

“I think that’s the great thing about music: It can communicate emotionally. And you don’t have to necessarily get all of the words. I mean you have to know what is being said, but didn’t you find even if you didn’t get all of the words, you certainly get the emotion?”

― Ronny Cox

“It frustrates me when my mind wanders and when I end up reading the same words again and again.”

― Rory Bremner

“I wanted to be an actress since I was really, really small. I knew I didn’t want to sing, and I didn’t want to do music, and words were the ways I wanted to express myself.”

― Rosamund Pike

“I’ve played American characters before, so I’ve naturally become more at ease. Still, there are some American words that I cannot get my tongue around, but if you keep it flowing, you are never too far away from the truth.”

― Rose Leslie

“I’m the only instrument that’s got the words, so I’ve got to be able to get that across.”

― Rosemary Clooney

“I think the actions of the president are, in my opinion, the most vile and hateful words ever spoken by a sitting president. I am stunned and I’m horrified.”

― Rosie O’Donnell

“A lot of people say actions are stronger than words, and I think, in acting, this is a very accurate thing.”

― Ross Lynch

“Mr. Bean is at his best when he is not using words, but I am equally at home in both verbal and nonverbal expression.”

― Rowan Atkinson

“Let’s cut to the chase, the sharia controversy. I don’t think I, or my colleagues, predicted just how enormous the reaction would be. I failed to find the right words. I succeeded in confusing people. I’ve made mistakes – that’s probably one of them.”

― Rowan Williams

“Public intellectuals are often put in the position of having their words, no matter how off-the-cuff, treated as doctrine.”

― Roxane Gay

“A lot of the hip hop artists don’t write music. They write words.”

― Roy Ayers

“I just think lots of words have physicality. How about the word ‘wobble?’ You think that’s arbitrary? When you say the word ‘wince,’ you wince. How about that?”

― Roy Blount, Jr.

“I studied French in high school and German in college and I once took a 24-hour Italian crash course. English has by far the most words in it of any other language. Our money might not be worth anything anymore, but the language is.”

― Roy Blount, Jr.

“Anyone who undertakes the literary grind had better like playing around with words.”

― Roy Blount, Jr.

“Words are mere shadows cast by ideas. But the ideas they represent are real.”

― Roy H. Williams

“Every song has a bouquet, which is the music. If you can put words with something that is really apt, then you’ve done it.”

― Roy Harper

“The wonderful thing about the cartoon form is it’s a combination of words and pictures. You don’t have to choose, and the contribution of the two often winds up being greater than the sum of its parts.”

― Roz Chast

“I have this deep love for authors. I think that we don’t do enough to encourage love of words and love of books.”

― Ruby Dee

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

― Rudyard Kipling

“I’m definitely a fan of juxtaposition. Using the most beautiful line to say the most horrific thing – I think one of the main things in songwriting is definitely friction between the words and the melody.”

― Rufus Wainwright

“The stitch of a book is its words.”

― Rumer Godden

“Great journalism will always attract readers. The words, pictures and graphics that are the stuff of journalism have to be brilliantly packaged; they must feed the mind and move the heart.”

― Rupert Murdoch

“When writing for the page, the focus is on the design – how the words appear on the page. I try to make it as direct and simple as possible.”

― Rupi Kaur

“A lot of Indian fathers don’t know how to show affection. My parents really do love me, even though my dad has never been able to say those words to me.”

― Rupi Kaur

“A loyal liberal can get away with anything with other liberals, as long as that loyal liberal is liberal and attacks conservatives left and right, spouts the right words, they get away with anything.”

― Rush Limbaugh

“Events sometimes are the biggest teachers, as opposed to words, lectures, and that kind of thing.”

― Rush Limbaugh

“I want to promote poetry to the point where you got all the baldhead kids running around doing poetry, getting the music out of the way and having only words, the spoken word, and then see what happens.”

― Russell Simmons

“If you wake up deciding what you want to give versus what you’re going to get, you become a more successful person. In other words, if you want to make money, you have to help someone else make money.”

― Russell Simmons

“We have the oldest written constitution still in force in the world, and it starts out with three words, ‘We, the people.’”

― Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“At Cornell University, my professor of European literature, Vladimir Nabokov, changed the way I read and the way I write. Words could paint pictures, I learned from him. Choosing the right word, and the right word order, he illustrated, could make an enormous difference in conveying an image or an idea.”

― Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“Without words to objectify and categorize our sensations and place them in relation to one another, we cannot evolve a tradition of what is real in the world.”

― Ruth Hubbard

“It’s technically extremely difficult to get down what you really mean, not what you think you mean, or what you think sounds good, but what’s really there, what you really have to express, in words that somehow convey that meaning in an approximate way.”

― Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

“I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what it too deep to find for words.”

― Ruth St. Denis

“Doing a play is so fulfilling. Words cannot describe how I feel when I finish doing a play.”

― Rutina Wesley

“When I started, the music I would be drawn to would be heavy metal and new wave like Black Sabbath – things that seemed more shocking – and then, of course, eventually I would find bands and writers who were laying things out very clearly and whose words felt very sharp to the touch and sharp to your feelings.”

― Ryan Adams

“I bring up ‘The Heist,’ and you can almost cut that record down the middle between songs where the beat came first and the words came second, and songs where the words came first and the beat came second. It can start with a vibe, a beat that drives a story, or it can start with a story and then trying to identify the tone to tell that story right.”

― Ryan Lewis

“Yes, I’ve won prizes for putting words on a computer.”

― Ryan North

“I’ve never written a novel before, and part of the reason I haven’t is I was worried about getting 50,000 words into a book and realizing I’d made a mistake on word three that would mean throwing everything out.”

― Ryan North

“Melody is the single most important thing to any song, period. I don’t care what anybody says, it trumps everything. Not because that’s my opinion but because I think it’s actually indisputable fact. The human brain retains melody easier than it retains words. It’s that simple.”

― Ryan Tedder

“I’m concerned by a deficient technology. In other words, errors or noises. It absorbs me, and I wonder if new cultural currents could emerge from this deficiency.”

― Ryuichi Sakamoto

“You guys are both saying the same thing. The only reason you’re arguing is because you’re using different words.”

― S. I. Hayakawa

“I don’t like it when people don’t act on their words.”

― Sadie Frost

“Words are powerful.”

― Sage Northcutt

“I feel the power in words that you can turn into reality.”

― Sage Northcutt

“I hardly use cuss words.”

― Sai Pallavi

“Bind up thy words that they run not riot, and grow wanton, and gather up sins for themselves in too much talking. Let them be rather confined, and held back within their own banks. An overflowing river quickly gathers mud.”

― Saint Ambrose

“The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences.”

― Saint Augustine

“Men whose sense of taste is destroyed by sickness, sometimes think honey sour. A diseased eye does not see many things which do exist, and notes many things which do not exist. The same thing frequently takes place with regard to the force of words, when the critic is inferior to the writer.”

― Saint Basil

“I was made a sinner by deriving my being from Adam; I am made just by being washed in the blood of Christ and not by Christ’s ‘words and example.’”

― Saint Bernard

“That which I have set out in Latin is not my words but the words of God and of apostles and prophets, who of course have never lied. He who believes shall be saved, but he who does not believe shall be damned. God has spoken.”

― Saint Patrick

“Prayer is an act of love; words are not needed. Even if sickness distracts from thoughts, all that is needed is the will to love.”

― Saint Teresa of Avila

“By four years of age, the average child in a family receiving public assistance has heard about 13 million words, compared to 45 million for a child from a wealthier family. The disadvantages developed during their first four years are usually still present in high school.”

― Sal Albanese

“Oftentimes in a marriage, you really don’t have to say anything. You can sort of have a conversation without words.”

― Salim Akil

“You change the landscape in Hollywood with action, not words.”

― Salim Akil

“Most honorable are services rendered to the State; even if they do not go beyond words, they are not to be despised.”

― Sallust

“I think that a lot of us, whether we are religious or not – there are no words to express some things except religious words. For instance, ‘soul.’”

― Salman Rushdie

“The Resistance is a moral certainty, not a poetic one. The true poet never uses words in order to punish someone. His judgment belongs to a creative order; it is not formulated as a prophetic scripture.”

― Salvatore Quasimodo

“The movies that influenced me were movies that told their stories through pictures more than words.”

― Sam Mendes

“Truly great actors carry their characters in silence with them. They communicate without words the relationships that predate the movie.”

― Sam Mendes

“I listen to music that doesn’t have words. I love Kygo – he’s tropical house, and that’s my stuff!”

― Sam Mikulak

“The words I overuse are all adverbs.”

― Sam Shepard

“The wonderful thing about writing for theatre is you can go anywhere you want with the language. There are no limits. With film, they frown on language – it’s always ‘Too many words.’”

― Sam Shepard

“Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free and worth a fortune.”

― Sam Walton

“The Japanese have different words for love. To them, it’s plain weird that we love spaghetti and love our children and love our lovers, all with the same word, when surely the thing being described as love is radically different in each case.”

― Samantha Harvey

“All we talk about is ‘Islamic terrorism.’ If the two words are associated for long enough it’s obviously going to have an effect on how people think about Muslims.”

― Samantha Power

“Years of cooking have taught me that the harder a flour is, the ‘thirstier’ it is. In other words, harder flours tend to have a greater capacity to absorb water than their softer counterparts.”

― Samin Nosrat

“The one I tell everyone, the one I’m very, very proud of is ‘Call Me Irresponsible.’ Simply because I want to say and it’s not as facetious as it sounds. It has five syllable words in it.”

― Sammy Cahn

“When it came to eliciting a reaction from an audience, especially at the time, I think Ric Flair is the guy who is constantly up there. Especially when you talk about speaking with passion and being able to convey a ton of emotion with his words and his body language.”

― Samoa Joe

“How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!”

― Samuel Adams

“It is convenient to distinguish the two kinds of experience which have thus been described, the experienc-ing and the experienc-ed, by technical words.”

― Samuel Alexander

“All I know is what the words know, and dead things, and that makes a handsome little sum, with a beginning and a middle and an end, as in the well-built phrase and the long sonata of the dead.”

― Samuel Beckett

“Words are all we have.”

― Samuel Beckett

“Oaths are but words, and words are but wind.”

― Samuel Butler

“Words are not as satisfactory as we should like them to be, but, like our neighbours, we have got to live with them and must make the best and not the worst of them.”

― Samuel Butler

“Striving to tell his woes, words would not come; For light cares speak, when mighty griefs are dumb.”

― Samuel Daniel

“Words are but the signs of ideas.”

― Samuel Johnson

“Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.”

― Samuel Richardson

“The little words in the Republic of Letters, like the little folks in a nation, are the most useful and significant.”

― Samuel Richardson

“Poetry: the best words in the best order.”

― Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“I wish our clever young poets would remember my homely definitions of prose and poetry; that is, prose = words in their best order; – poetry = the best words in the best order.”

― Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“English is full of Scandinavian words. Margate, Ramsgate, Billingsgate, any town with a ‘gate’ on it takes their suffix from the Danish word ‘gade’ which simply means ‘street.’”

― Sandi Toksvig

“I find that with some girls, the words ‘work’ and ‘education’ have gotten a bad rap.”

― Sandra Bullock

“The people inside the company, generally two to three levels down, they know best what’s wrong and how to fix it. It’s just that their voices aren’t being heard. I listen for words, tonality, and language.”

― Sandra E. Peterson

“The written word can be powerful and beautiful – but films transport us to another place in a way that even the most evocative words never can.”

― Saoirse Ronan

“The women in my family are all super-emotional. The catchphrase in our family is ‘Listen to my words, not my tears.’”

― Sara Bareilles

“Call him wise whose actions, words, and steps are all a clear because to a clear why.”

― Sara Teasdale

“I think my characters are more wish fulfillments than they are mirrors. They see things I don’t and live in a world I can only enter through words.”

― Sarah Addison Allen

“The words of kindness are more healing to a drooping heart than balm or honey.”

― Sarah Fielding

“The suffragettes were women of action. Their motto was ‘Deeds not Words,’ and the film reflects that with a number of big set pieces, from the smashing of windows in central London to a riot at the Houses of Parliament.”

― Sarah Gavron

“I have ideas. I hear voices. Words accumulate. It’s still an overriding impulse. And I’m self-employed, which means I have to be sensible and motivated about paying the bills.”

― Sarah Hall

“It’s a lovely feeling, just working away at the desk, putting words down, building words up… I think you have to be aware that what you’re doing is not just a private act, it’s a societal thing.”

― Sarah Hall

“Writers cannot simply have a go, imagining it’s easier to produce a story than a novel because fewer words are required. Have a go by all means; be intrepid, but be equipped.”

― Sarah Hall

“There was a lot of fiction I did not enjoy, whose landscapes seemed bland and unevocative, the characters faint-hearted within them, the very words lacking vibrancy.”

― Sarah Hall

“Women don’t have to be defined by others. We have the power to define ourselves: by telling our own stories, in our own words, with our own voices.”

― Sarah Kay

“For a season, a gifted speaker can inspire with his words, but for a lifetime John McCain has inspired with his deeds.”

― Sarah Palin

“A picture is worth a thousand words. A satellite image is worth a million dollars.”

― Sarah Parcak

“On a normal novel, I would like to get 2,000 to 2,500 words done in a day; I average 10,000 words a week, and then there’s a day for planning. With the historical ones, it’s a lot harder because you have to stop and double-check facts.”

― Sarah Pinborough

“When people talk about being a writer, the first words that come to mind are glamour and artistic parties like Charles Dickens used to mix cocktails for.”

― Sarah Rees Brennan

“I think I’ve been called edgy – but in all honesty, there is a safety in what I do because I’m always the idiot. Unless you’re just listening to buzz words and not taking into account the context of the situation, you see I’m always the ignoramus.”

― Sarah Silverman

“I have no religion, but I can’t escape being extremely Jewish ethnically – that is, culturally. In other words, I’m not religious, but I worry and I’m neurotic. And I’m very good with money.”

― Sarah Silverman

“Theatre is highly satisfying in terms of words. You get to speak in monologues; words drive the action.”

― Sarita Choudhury

“We are trying to capture the widest possible audience all around the world. In other words, we are trying to capture the people who are even beyond the gaming population.”

― Satoru Iwata

“Typical tech-driven companies or hardware-driven companies always lay out the so-called roadmaps when it comes to making the new hardware. So, in other words, availability of certain technologies dictates when the company is intending to make the new hardware.”

― Satoru Iwata

“I will talk about two sets of things. One is how productivity and collaboration are reinventing the nature of work, and how this will be very important for the global economy. And two, data. In other words, the profound impact of digital technology that stems from data and the data feedback loop.”

― Satya Nadella

“I burned out my drawing hand by using it too much. The common word for it is writer’s cramp. The fancy words for it are focal dystonia. The symptom in my case was a pinky finger that went spastic when I tried to draw.”

― Scott Adams

“My old man is a man of few words.”

― Scott Eastwood

“When words I uttered, believing them to be true, were exposed as false, I was constrained by my duties and loyalty to the President and unable to comment. But I promised reporters and the public that I would someday tell the whole story of what I knew.”

― Scott McClellan

“I think if an actor is right for a role, casting sees that, and the words that are on the page, depending on how it’s written, can really help your character develop.”

― Scott Michael Foster

“I try to keep a steady pace with my writing. I have found that super-productive days are usually followed by two and even three days when I can hardly write a word. I used to try for 1000 words a day; now I am high-fiving myself after 500.”

― Scott Spencer

“Because I spend so much time traveling, I tend to do most of my reading on the same iPad on which I write. For me, it’s words, not paper, that matter most in the end. This practice has had the additional benefit of greatly reducing the time I spend storming through the house, defaming the mysterious forces who ‘hid my book.’”

― Scott Turow

“To be in a position where an organization like the Bulls creates a bust of you that will permanently be displayed in a building like the United Center says it all. It’s hard to put into words because it is such an honor. It’s great to know that something like that will be around forever.”

― Scottie Pippen

“Every time you read a poem aloud to yourself in the presence of others, you are reading it into yourself and them. Voice helps to carry words farther and deeper than the eye.”

― Seamus Heaney

“I am quite quiet: I don’t feel as though I have to express myself with words too often. Maybe I should do more.”

― Sean Bean

“Don’t struggle about the struggle. In other words, life’s full of ups and downs. So if you’re struggling, don’t worry, everyone else has or will at some point.”

― Sean Covey

“I think, in terms of looking at the trajectory and being around some of the same people, it’s certainly flattering words, but I definitely have not done enough to be mentioned in the same sentence as Coach Payton.”

― Sean McVay

“Why would a novel – which is all about the inward processes of people’s developing feelings and developing relationships – why would you be able to portray that in pictures with as few words as possible, which is what the best films are?”

― Sebastian Faulks

“My parents’ generation didn’t have any understanding of psychology or emotion or individual temperament. In fact, they were slightly embarrassed by all those words.”

― Sebastian Faulks

“I’m German! Actually, I love my countr, ;I love the language. The German language is very special because it is so precise. There is a word for everything. There are so many wonderful words that other languages don’t have. It is impressive to have such a rich language, and I love to work in that language.”

― Sebastian Koch

“If Baltimore’s view, that scientists who do not take the words of authorities are far removed from the ordinary behavior of scientists, prevails in the scientific community, then something fundamental, very serious, and very disturbing is happening to the scientific community.”

― Serge Lang

“There are no words to describe the Clasico. It is totally different and the most important game in the world.”

― Sergio Ramos

“History will not judge HIV/AIDS kindly… the harshest words will be reserved for how the world responded, or rather failed to respond, to the epidemic.”

― Seth Berkley

“I thought Ted Cruz was more fun than Carly Fiorina. And I never thought I would ever say the words, ‘Ted Cruz was more fun.’”

― Seth Meyers

“It’s always a tough call deciding whether, as a scientist, you should argue publicly with the creationists. It’s a dilemma that I encounter frequently in another subject area: Does it make sense to bandy words with someone from the UFO community?”

― Seth Shostak

“Recent results from astronomers who study the occasional gravitational lensing of unknown worlds by intervening stars suggest that orphan planets could be at least as numerous as the stars. In other words, there could be hundreds of billions of orphan worlds shuffling through our galaxy.”

― Seth Shostak

“I say to people, ‘Do you have any idea how hard it is to do that, to write 7,000 words in 10 hours or 12 hours for the front page of the ‘New York Times’ and to know that they trust you so much that that it’s going to lead the paper?’ It’s hard. I mean, it’s a feat.”

― Seymour Hersh

“Using words to make other people less big made me feel bigger, though the psychological dimension to that… well, I don’t want to explore it.”

― Seymour Hersh

“In the end, all we need to remember is Slavisa has promoted a club from the Championship to the Premier League and has managed sides at the highest level of football. In other words, Slavisa is exactly the head coach we need.”

― Shahid Khan

“Opera is the original marriage of words and music, and there’s a theatre element, a dramatic element. It’s right up my alley.”

― Shane Koyczan

“Music is so abstract; it is a combination of words and melody.”

― Shankar Mahadevan

“Playing with words is like combining different notes in music.”

― Shankar Mahadevan

“The way I know my father is not through media. The way I know my father is in number of different ways. It’s through the people who knew him well, his friends, my family. It’s also through his own words, because he wrote voluminously.”

― Shannon Lee

“I was really desperate. I don’t know if you can remember back that far, but when I went to graduate school they didn’t want females in graduate school. They were very open about it. They didn’t mince their words. But then I got in and I got my degree.”

― Shannon Lucid

“I foresaw the financial crisis. I get messages in my sleep, in pictures and words. I understood that I have a mission and a role in ensuring human existence. I received a message that people would soon start to go crazy.”

― Shari Arison

“Writing, for me, is a very fluid process. I sit down and wait for the words to come. They usually do – in buckets and waves. I look upon it as a blessing because the words come so easily.”

― Sharon Draper

“I’d love to get into one of Tyler Perry’s movies – play a little role, have a little character. I don’t care. But more than two lines! More than two words!”

― Sharon Jones

“I’ve always said that lovingkindness and compassion are inevitably woven throughout meditation practice even if the words are never used or implied, no matter what technique or method we are using.”

― Sharon Salzberg

“People have always said – those words, ‘too conservative,’ is fairly relative. I’m sure that they probably said that about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.”

― Sharron Angle

“Racism itself is difficult to measure. We can measure hate crimes – which are absolutely an indicator. We can measure reports of discrimination. We can measure the number of times hateful words are being used across the Internet. Those things all help us measure racism, but it can sometimes be nebulous.”

― Shaun King

“The text illustrates the pictures – it provides a connective tissue for me. I usually refine the text last, partly because pictures are harder to do, so it’s easier to edit words – I use text as grout in between the tiles of the pictures.”

― Shaun Tan

“Like all of my previous work – which I also hope is a bit hard to categorise – ‘The Oopsatoreum’ is an illustrated book, so a combination of words and pictures that tell a kind of story.”

― Shaun Tan

“Fresh content doesn’t exist to game the SEO system. It’s the words, images, and stories that truly engage us, make us want to share with others, and creates a bond between us and a brand.”

― Shawn Amos

“I’m not gonna be like, ‘Farewell tour!’ then come back. Never say those words to fans – you have to come back if you say that.”

― Shawn Crahan

“Everyone is their own kind of poet – you can’t miss it when their words are written down.”

― Sheila Heti

“I don’t think I’ve ever put it in words before. But daddy took a gun and ended his life and took momma’s with him.”

― Shelby Lynne

“And a lesson in this movie is dig beneath the surface. And so with my words, with my character, I purposely created a character that was away from how you’ve known me thus far in my career.”

― Shemar Moore

“I could describe my career in two words: who knew. I was on the path to becoming a professional baseball player, but I got injured in college. When I decided to move out to L.A. to try acting, nobody was betting on me, not even my family. But it’s always been that way for me; nothing has come easy.”

― Shemar Moore

“I could describe my career in two words: who knew. I was on the path to becoming a professional baseball player, but I got injured in college. When I decided to move out to L.A. to try acting, nobody was betting on me, not even my family.”

― Shemar Moore

“We don’t communicate in full sentences anyway. We don’t need all those words.”

― Shepard Smith

“I was a brat. It was crazy, I was very picky. In other words, I didn’t take advantage of what was happening.”

― Sherilyn Fenn

“Trump has words, but there’s not really any depth there.”

― Sherrod Brown

“Physics has the cutest words.”

― Sherry Stringfield

“Turning feelings into words can help us process and overcome adversity.”

― Sheryl Sandberg

“When the script is finished, and you’re sitting around at a table read, and all the actors are reading the words that you’ve written, and you’re hearing it out loud for the first time, that is always, every single time, no matter what, a magical process.”

― Shonda Rhimes

“I’ve had my fair share of words being twisted and articles being sliced and diced.”

― Shooter Jennings

“I’m never going to sing the words, ‘I want to shut down the club,’ never, ever.”

― Sia

“I talk fast because I’m asthmatic, and I’m desperately hoping the words get out before my breath fails.”

― Sid Waddell

“It turns out that the very genes that turn on in cancer cells perform vital functions in normal cells. In other words, the very genes that allow our embryos to grow or our brains to grow, our bodies to grow, if you mutate them, if you distort them, then you unleash cancer.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“There will be people who don’t like you or aren’t convinced. I’d rather let my work talk than justify in words.”

― Sidharth Malhotra

“A picture can say a thousand words but maybe not the correct ones.”

― Sidharth Malhotra

“I have frequently noticed in myself a tendency to a diffuse style; a disposition to push my metaphors too far, employing a multitude of words to heighten the patness of the image, and so making of it a conceit rather than a metaphor, a fault copiously illustrated in the poetry of Cowley, Waller, Donne, and others of that ilk.”

― Sidney Lanier

“I know how easy it is for one to stay well within moral, ethical, and legal bounds through the skillful use of words – and to thereby spin, sidestep, circumvent, or bend a truth completely out of shape. To that extent, we are all liars on numerous occasions.”

― Sidney Poitier

“Besides Germany, the only countries that don’t have speed limits are places like Nepal, where road conditions are so bad that a limit would be beside the point. In other words, it’s a little crazy that this is even a topic for debate in Germany.”

― Sigmar Gabriel

“I’m quite obsessed with words.”

― Sigrid

“My proposition is that music is at the heart of what ‘The Magic Flute’ means: that it’s Mozart’s music, not the words, we should be attending to. Music expresses what can’t be expressed otherwise.”

― Simon McBurney

“Our lives are a sequence of things. When we’re alive, they’re continuing, just as my words now are an improvisation. So the idea of 30 years is actually quite nebulous. It’s impossible to encapsulate it. All you can do is go: ‘what next?’”

― Simon McBurney

“I sometimes feel I would like to do crazy things with ‘Endgame,’ where someone says something, but the words, instead of being spoken, are written words projected out of their mouth.”

― Simon McBurney

“Somehow, the words don’t have any vitality, any life to them, unless I can feel it marking on a paper. That’s how I start. Once I’m off, then I switch to the laptop. I think it would all just be prose if it started on a laptop – not that what I do is poetry.”

― Simon Schama

“There are few words in Russian for the Western concept of ‘law,’ but there are legions of words for connections, helping people from one’s neck of the woods.”

― Simon Sebag Montefiore

“Actions speak louder than words. All companies say they care, right? But few actually exercise that care.”

― Simon Sinek

“In this age of omniconnectedness, words like ‘network,’ ‘community’ and even ‘friends’ no longer mean what they used to. Networks don’t exist on LinkedIn. A community is not something that happens on a blog or on Twitter. And a friend is more than someone whose online status you check.”

― Simon Sinek

“No matter how many or how few people you have reporting to you, you must remember that as you climb higher in the ranks, your words will be taken as commands even if you’re just thinking out loud.”

― Simon Sinek

“I knew from my television work that I could sit down and put words on paper but didn’t know if I had the talent to tell a story in novel form.”

― Simon Toyne

“Sex pleasure in woman is a kind of magic spell; it demands complete abandon; if words or movements oppose the magic of caresses, the spell is broken.”

― Simone de Beauvoir

“I continue to write essays about art. The visual is always part of my work, and it gives me immense pleasure to make up the words of art and create them verbally rather than build them.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“I like ‘nerves’! I like the word ‘migraineur’. I like the word ‘madness’. These are OK words. The 19th century had a very handy term: ‘neurasthenic’. I think that’s a very useful word. We all know what that means: it means extra-sensitive.”

― Siri Hustvedt

“I’ve always been jealous of rappers, because they can fit so many words into a song and tell a story with lots of details. But when you’re a songwriter, you have to fit the words to the melody and you can’t fit as much in. I’m just a big fan of storytelling.”

― Skylar Grey

“And to turn it into rap wasn’t too difficult besides just rhymin’ the last words of each line.”

― Slick Rick

“False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.”

― Socrates

“During the ’70s I was interested in words and meaning as a way of making art.”

― Sol LeWitt

“When I went to Germany, all I knew were German swear words.”

― Son Heung-min

“Music reaches people in a way that simple spoken words just can’t.”

― Sonita Alizadeh

“With all due respect to lawyers, it’s wonderful that you have this intricate knowledge. You break down words to the nth degree. And sometimes I find it rather disgusting. And it goes on and on.”

― Sonny Bono

“You want to know what four words I probably hate the most? ‘That’s not my job.’”

― Sophia Amoruso

“Chaos magic is the idea that a particular set of beliefs serves as an active force in the world. In other words, we choose what and how we believe, and our beliefs are tools that we then use to make things happen… or not.”

― Sophia Amoruso

“A big practice in chaos magic is the use of sigils, which are abstract words or symbols you create and embed with your wishes.”

― Sophia Amoruso

“Words, yes, formulating things, creating something from your heart, it is something very necessary, yes.”

― Sophie Marceau

“There are words which are worth as much as the best actions, for they contain the germ of them all.”

― Sophie Swetchine

“Hush! Check those words. Do not cure ill with ill and make your pain still heavier than it is.”

― Sophocles

“There is some pleasure even in words, when they bring forgetfulness of present miseries.”

― Sophocles

“Much wisdom often goes with fewest words.”

― Sophocles

“It was my care to make my life illustrious not by words more than by deeds.”

― Sophocles

“Words are powerful. When I make mistakes I just try to come back and clarify what I meant.”

― Soulja Boy

“I’m a Words With Friends dork!”

― Spencer Kayden

“We continue to confront racism from our past and our present, which is why we must hold everyone, from the highest offices to our own families, accountable for racist words and deeds and call racism what it is – wrong.”

― Stacey Abrams

“As a writer and former elected official, I believe in the power of words.”

― Stacey Abrams

“We must use words to uplift and include. We can use our words to fight back against oppression and hate. But we must also channel our words into action.”

― Stacey Abrams

“Reality does not easily give up meaning; it’s the biographer’s job to clobber it into submission. You’re meant not only to tame it but to extract substance, to identify cause and axiomatic effect. You subsist on the tactical omissions, the hollow words, the oddly unconnected dots.”

― Stacy Schiff

“Personally, I think the silent films were more effective for L&H, but the sound was of great value in enhancing the effects – dialog eliminated a lot of action & sight gags – I always feel that ‘action’ speaks louder than words.”

― Stan Laurel

“I like anything by 50 Cent and Snoop Dog. I love the way they mouth their way around words.”

― Stana Katic

“Value your words. Each one may be the last.”

― Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

“Soldiers fighting a daily battle under frightening conditions can feel their leaders are far removed from their reality. There’s no magic cure for this challenge, and soothing words that aren’t backed up by action encourage cynicism.”

― Stanley A. McChrystal

“’It is finished’ will not be, as we know from the tradition of the ordering of these words from the cross, the last words of Jesus. ‘It is finished’ is a cry of victory.”

― Stanley Hauerwas

“Yes and, you know, I can’t use the nice words anymore because I used to chicken out by using them. I used to call myself plus size, used to call myself chubby. I used to call myself overweight.”

― Star Jones

“My dad taught me true words you have to use in every relationship. Yes, baby.”

― Star Jones

“A million words were going through my head and honestly I didn’t say one of them. I wanted to let it sit, simmer, you know I wanted to soak it all in – the moment was amazing.”

― Stefano Langone

“The play is not in the words, it’s in you!”

― Stella Adler

“I’m incredibly sad that my mother’s not here to see my kids and that my kids don’t get to know her. And she didn’t meet my husband. That’s one of the hardest things. I don’t even know how to put that into words.”

― Stella McCartney

“Any society that starts forbidding certain words or expressions is a society you should be wary about, whether it’s the KGB or social consensus that enforces it.”

― Stellan Skarsgard

“I feel a great kinship with my origins, even though I only learned a few words of Arabic.”

― Stephan El Shaarawy

“I have days where the only words I say are to the person making my sandwich at the grocery store.”

― Stephan Pastis

“The pure work implies the disappearance of the poet as speaker, who hands over to the words.”

― Stephane Mallarme

“You don’t make a poem with ideas, but with words.”

― Stephane Mallarme

“I know all the words to ‘I’m on a Boat.’”

― Stephanie Beatriz

“Either Mitt Romney through his own words and his own signature was misrepresenting his position at Bain to the SEC, which is a felony, or he was misrepresenting his position at Bain to the American people.”

― Stephanie Cutter

“Every year, I speak to our new associates and give them this advice, although in my own words. ‘This isn’t like school,’ I tell them, ‘where you want to get your hand in the air and give an answer quickly. The only grade here is 100. Deadlines are important, but at Blackstone you can always get help in meeting them.’”

― Stephen A. Schwarzman

“The American Constitution is the greatest governing document, and at some 7,000 words, just about the shortest.”

― Stephen Ambrose

“People used to ask me questions on my blog about how to break into the acting industry. You often have to start out in parts where you have very few words, but you still have to try to make an impact.”

― Stephen Amell

“Some of the most cutthroat auditions you’ll have as an actor are when you’ll have three words to say.”

― Stephen Amell

“In other words, by finding the anomalous event, what you do is you get out ahead of activities.”

― Stephen Cambone

“If you don’t give power to the words that people throw at you to hurt you, they don’t hurt you anymore. And you actually have power over those people.”

― Stephen Colbert

“Use the word ‘zeitgeist’ as often as possible. Ideally, you want to find words that sound familiar but people don’t really know their definitions: ‘zeitgeist,’ ‘bildungsroman,’ ‘doppelganger’ – better yet, anything Latin. But avoid ‘paradigm.’ It’s so 1994. If you say the word ‘paradigm,’ everybody knows you’re a poser.”

― Stephen Colbert

“Somehow, as a writer, you tend to use words to paper over structural cracks.”

― Stephen Fry

“First of all, there was a volcano of words, an eruption of words that Shakespeare had never used before that had never been used in the English language before. It’s astonishing. It pours out of him.”

― Stephen Greenblatt

“Initial reports are encouraging. In the end of the day, it’s going to be deeds, not words, that matter.”

― Stephen Hadley

“One of the things that touches me most when I play for an audience is that although we may be unable to communicate in words or have diametrically opposed views on hot-button issues, while the music sounds we can be at peace, we can be friends. The vibrations that fill an auditorium have no passports, and they unite ears when hearts may be divided.”

― Stephen Hough

“My principal commitment is playing the piano. But I always loved words.”

― Stephen Hough

“I would do a sort of violence to myself if I didn’t express myself in the directly creative ways of writing, both words and music.”

― Stephen Hough

“In school, my favourite class was when we were given a subject for an essay on which we could freewheel. And poetry: I’ve always written it and loved the way words interact, in meaning and in sound.”

― Stephen Hough

“I think it all comes from the same source, really, the writing of music, the writing of words, the playing of music. It’s what drives anyone to be interested in the arts. I think it’s a poetic gene; it’s a wanting to go beyond.”

― Stephen Hough

“The most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of because words diminish your feelings – words shrink things that seem timeless when they are in your head to no more than living size when they are brought out.”

― Stephen King

“If you can, put aside for a moment your opinion of Donald Trump’s words and actions and let’s be perfectly honest: One year into his presidency, could the economy be any rosier?”

― Stephen Moore

“Two of the hardest words in the language to rhyme are life and love. Of all words!”

― Stephen Sondheim

“I think ‘lunch’ is one of the funniest words in the world.”

― Stephen Sondheim

“George Clooney, who is a moron, came here to Cannes and gave a press conference saying, ‘Under no circumstances will Trump ever be president. Hillary Clinton will be the next president.’ Well, we can’t wait to make George Clooney eat his words.”

― Steve Bannon

“I can only write new words at my desk, the one I’ve owned for 25 years. When we moved to our new house I designed my office around it. I’ve written everything I’ve ever written at this desk.”

― Steve Berry

“The instant that movies became described as character driven was the instant when characters stopped mattering in movies. In other words, the birth of the notion of the character-driven movie coincided with the birth of movies in which characters were incidental to the very activities in which they engaged.”

― Steve Erickson

“I really enjoy finding the right word, creating a good, flowing sentence. I enjoy the rhythm of the words.”

― Steve Martin

“’Because I said so!’ They are the most underrated four words.”

― Steve Schirripa

“I want to be able to speak with errors in my wording, errors in my grammar. When you type things into Google search, it corrects your words. With speech, I want it to be general enough, smart enough, to know ‘No, he couldn’t have meant these words that I think he said. He must have really meant something similar.’”

― Steve Wozniak

“What I was proud of was that I used very few parts to build a computer that could actually speak words on a screen and type words on a keyboard and run a programming language that could play games. And I did all this myself.”

― Steve Wozniak

“Being a good television screenwriter requires an understanding of the way film accelerates the communication of words.”

― Steven Bochco

“I just wasn’t meant to do Shakespeare. I’m not vocally equipped; I’ve got this flat, nasal, East Anglian voice. I got to understand the fantastic words Shakespeare wrote but never got to fly with them.”

― Steven Mackintosh

“Repetition for no reason is a sign of carelessness or pretentiousness, but there are plenty of good reasons to repeat words and phrases.”

― Steven Millhauser

“Semantics is about the relation of words to thoughts, but it also about the relation of words to other human concerns. Semantics is about the relation of words to reality – the way that speakers commit themselves to a shared understanding of the truth, and the way their thoughts are anchored to things and situations in the world.”

― Steven Pinker

“I think the reason that swearing is both so offensive and so attractive is that it is a way to push people’s emotional buttons, and especially their negative emotional buttons. Because words soak up emotional connotations and are processed involuntarily by the listener, you can’t will yourself not to treat the word in terms of what it means.”

― Steven Pinker

“Words let us say the things we want to say and also things we would be better off not having said. They let us know the things we need to know, and also things we wish we didn’t.”

― Steven Pinker

“It’s likely that taboo words are stored in the right hemisphere of the brain. Massive left hemisphere strokes or the entire surgical removal of the left hemisphere can leave people with no articulate speech other than the ability to swear, spout cliches and song lyrics.”

― Steven Pinker

“Whenever you speak to someone, you are presuming the two of you have a certain degree of familiarity – which your words might alter. So every sentence has to do two things at once: convey a message and continue to negotiate that relationship.”

― Steven Pinker

“Music expresses what cannot be put into words I like to think, and I think the band makes a good go at it.”

― Steven Tyler

“The element which is conveniently missing from today’s Republican Party is the human one. People’s hopes and realities become numbers and words, devoid of personality and easy to erase.”

― Steven Weber

“What’s hard, it seems, is living up to the words spoken by Jesus Christ, who preached naught but love and mercy and justice and humility.”

― Steven Weber

“It’s very interesting, the joke comes first and then the wording comes within five seconds, maybe ten seconds. My thing is to get the joke across in as few words as possible. However, sometimes a word that’s not really needed does help the rhythm of it. It’s a gut feeling.”

― Steven Wright

“Sometimes I wish my first word was ‘quote,’ so that on my death bed, my last words could be ‘end quote.’”

― Steven Wright

“I am not altogether confident of my ability to put my thoughts into words: My texts are usually better after an editor has hacked away at them, and I am used to both editing and being edited. Which is to say that I am not oversensitive in such matters.”

― Stieg Larsson

“Words can have the same kind of magic as riffs can.”

― Stone Gossard

“The impossible talked of is less impossible from the moment words are laid to it.”

― Storm Jameson

“Wiley has given me wise words a few times.”

― Stormzy

“I prefer the word ‘musician.’ I’m a musician and a composer. I have a problem with the word ‘artist.’ I don’t know if it’s the same in English, but words like ‘artist’ and ‘star’ put people on a pedestal, which is not really good for my brain.”

― Stromae

“I have some English words on the first album, but any time I try to do it, you miss something. You think it’s just a simple translation from French to English, but it’s so different as far as the understanding.”

― Stromae

“I find it difficult to believe that words have no meaning in themselves, hard as I try. Habits of a lifetime are not lightly thrown aside.”

― Stuart Chase

“At that point, I sat down and made an alphabetical list of all the crime related words I could think of. So here I am now, nearly half-way through, probably tied up until the year 2015 or SO.”

― Sue Grafton

“I am beekeeper, but I am also a writer, and some years ago, I sat down at a typewriter to experiment with words, to try to tease out of the amorphous, chaotic and wordless part of myself the reason why I was staying on this hilltop in the Ozarks after my first husband, with whom I had started a beekeeping business, and I had divorced.”

― Sue Hubbell

“I always write my first draft in longhand, in lined notebooks. I move around the house, sitting where I like, and watch the words spool out in front of me, actually taking a lot of pleasure in the way they look in my strange handwriting on the page.”

― Sue Miller

“I want my words to open a portal through which the reader may leave the self, migrate to some other human sky and return ‘disposed’ to otherness.”

― Sue Monk Kidd

“Bluster – it fortifies me against the outside world. Take away the words, and I am lost.”

― Sue Perkins

“The time will come, without my seeking it, that my words will almost serve as law. If I ask a certain thing, it will be done. If I don’t want something, it will not be done.”

― Sun Myung Moon

“Many early-stage entrepreneurs make one simple mistake: Describing this ‘big picture’ in vague concepts and words.”

― Sunil Nagaraj

“Funny how words in one language get used in another language. For example, ‘scotch’ in Russian is tape and ‘pampers’ means diapers.”

― Sunita Williams

“Prior to working for Fox, I worked for ABC and NBC, spent a lot of time at CNN, and almost ended up at CBS. I worked for a bunch of local stations in Los Angeles and had a talk-radio show at KABC for six years. In other words, I’m fortunate enough to have been around, and Fox News is the best place I’ve ever worked.”

― Susan Estrich

“’Brave’ is one of those words that has been bleached of most of its meaning these days, thanks to far too many appearances in the glaring light of ad slogans and corporate public relations. I never thought about anything as brave anymore; it just seemed like a flabby, glib cliche.”

― Susan Orlean

“There are many bad things in this world of ours, but the use of the word ‘monetize’ has to rank high among them. Also, ‘incentivize.’ Actually, all the ‘-ize’ words, like ‘contextualize’ and ‘utilize’ and ‘prioritize.’ And – this is almost too horrible to type – ‘juniorize.’”

― Susan Orlean

“The two words, in the American lexicon, are never good. Pink slip. The first time I ever heard it when I was young was when Kaiser Steel handed out pink slips to many of my neighbors and relatives. Layoffs were about efficiency, sales figures for raw materials or refrigerators.”

― Susan Straight

“I want to make sure kids read by the third grade and are prepared for the fourth grade. As school gets harder and kids get older, the words get bigger… If they don’t understand what they are reading, they start to fall back, and their interest in school falls off.”

― Susana Martinez

“The best way to show an emotion is not through a character’s words, but their smallest expressions – to take what an actor would visually do and try putting that down on the page for the reader to ‘see.’”

― Susanna Kearsley

“To hear the words ‘autoimmune encephalitis’ in a movie is amazing to me, and I’m so proud.”

― Susannah Cahalan

“I love words.”

― Susannah McCorkle

“Acting and writing go together. Actors write because they love words and becoming other people – we love to escape into other characters.”

― Susannah York

“I realised quite early that by the time I articulate my thoughts into words, I’m on to another thought. And what comes out wasn’t what I thought of exactly. So not talking was a better option.”

― Sushant Singh Rajput

“I think the firmness in one’s stance can be conveyed in a different manner without being indecent or using harsh words.”

― Sushma Swaraj

“India continues to be guided by the principles of being non-interfering, non-prescriptive, and non-judgemental. In other words, India remains ready to provide any support but strongly believes that it is for the Arab countries to decide their destiny without any external interference or diktats from outside.”

― Sushma Swaraj

“If there is an interpreter sitting between two friends, he may be able to translate the words but not the feelings with which I say something.”

― Sushma Swaraj

“Can I get a mochaccino?’: a statement that, for many, is worse than any number of nails down a blackboard. Not on account of the coffee – most of us drink Ventis aplenty these days – rather it’s the ‘can I get?’ – three words that regularly top the list of British bugbears.”

― Susie Dent

“From the start, English has happily absorbed words from every tongue it’s encountered.”

― Susie Dent

“I was fascinated by the shape of words even before I knew what they meant.”

― Susie Dent

“According to my parents, I’ve always liked to tune into the conversations of others. But rather than hope for a snippet of salacious gossip, it has always been the words themselves that I wanted to understand.”

― Susie Dent

“English has always been a mongrel tongue, snapping up words from every continent its speakers encountered.”

― Susie Dent

“I’ve been obsessed with words since I was a little girl, and I am fortunate that each week as resident word expert on ‘Countdown’ I am ideally placed to quiz my guests in dictionary corner about the words and phrases they use.”

― Susie Dent

“We are surrounded by hundreds of ‘tribes,’ each speaking their own distinct slanguage of colourful words, jokes and phrases that together form an idiosyncratic phrasebook, years in the making.”

― Susie Dent

“One of the joys of language is its constant evolution, and a lexicographer’s job is both to track new words and to reassess those from the past.”

― Susie Dent

“As dialect began to be collected in the late 19th century, such words as Yorkshire’s ‘gobslotch’ emerged, revealing the burgeoning association between gluttony and stupidity.”

― Susie Dent

“English may be the fastest moving language in the world, but there are plenty of concepts, sensations and everyday occurrences which lack a pithy word to describe them. Take the clunkiness of ‘the day before yesterday’ and ‘the day after tomorrow’: German provides single words for both.”

― Susie Dent

“We all know that little words or phrases can mean a lot, yet so few of us know just what to say. Phrases, such as ‘chin up,’ or ‘it could be worse,’ usually have the opposite effect; they feel tired and impersonal, even dismissive.”

― Susie Dent

“My work, my love of words, became my refuge, both when I was working on bilingual dictionaries for Oxford University Press and then via my involvement with ‘Countdown’ – and now ‘Catsdown,’ as I call it.”

― Susie Dent

“Slang moves on so fast that most new words disappear soon after they are coined. But there is always something that sticks behind.”

― Susie Dent

“The extraordinary thing about new words is that probably only about one per cent of them are new. Most are old words revived and adapted.”

― Susie Dent

“I work with the Oxford Dictionary databases, which sounds really boring, but they’re actually fascinating as they show you how current words are being used.”

― Susie Dent

“New words travel from one variety of English to another and at a rapidly increasing rate, thanks to the way language is exchanged today over e-mail, chat rooms, TV, etc.”

― Susie Dent

“Slang has different functions: many of the words we use are playful and a lot are tribal – we speak the same way as the groups we are part of. A great deal are also euphemistic, so it’s no surprise that a third of us are perplexed by their meanings and origins.”

― Susie Dent

“Almost half the adult population finds discussing the subject of money difficult. Slang words help us to navigate these conversations by making us feel more comfortable and confident.”

― Susie Dent

“Linguistic supersizing is on the increase, and it may show the influence of advertising-speak and corporate jargon on language, in which everything needs to be hyped to get noticed. It means that some of our greatest words are losing their power.”

― Susie Dent

“I remember as a child of five or six lying in the bath marvelling at the different languages displayed on the shampoo bottles around me. From that moment on it was always words not numbers that held a fascination for me.”

― Susie Dent

“I’ve done some TV and I’ve done a lot of theater, obviously, and the last character I played on Broadway was a very fast-talking broad. I’m used to learning material and words.”

― Sutton Foster

“I want our students to be so accustomed to children of other cultures that the words ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ won’t be in their vocabulary. They won’t need them – they’ll live it.”

― Suzy Amis

“Celebrities may get all the attention in the glossies, but when athletes set an example, their words are far-reaching – deep into the inner cities, across Mid-western farmlands, up and down coasts.”

― Suzy Shuster

“Flaubert called himself a human pen; I would say that I am a human ear. When I walk down the street and catch words, phrases, and exclamations, I always think – how many novels disappear without a trace! Disappear into darkness.”

― Svetlana Alexievich

“When people talk, it matters how they place words next to each other.”

― Svetlana Alexievich

“I collect the everyday life of feelings, thoughts, and words. I collect the life of my time.”

― Svetlana Alexievich

“It is divinity that shapes, not only your ends, but also your acts, your words and thoughts.”

― Swami Sivananda

“The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.”

― Sydney J. Harris

“Words can be like baseball bats when used maliciously.”

― Sydney Madwed

“A ghost is someone who hasn’t made it – in other words, who died, and they don’t know they’re dead. So they keep walking around and thinking that you’re inhabiting their – let’s say, their domain. So they’re aggravated with you.”

― Sylvia Browne

“Some days, you will sit down, and you write tens of thousands of words. Others, you have to force yourself to write a single sentence.”

― Sylvia Day

“We really wanted to circumvent that online learning curve, where it’s virtually impossible to use words to explain music.”

― Synyster Gates

“In other words, I’d say the whole story of Bob Dylan is one man’s search for God. The turns and the steps he takes to find God are his business. I think he went to a study group at the Vineyard, and it created a lot of excitement.”

― T Bone Burnett

“This creed of the desert seemed inexpressible in words, and indeed in thought.”

― T. E. Lawrence

“It’s strange that words are so inadequate. Yet, like the asthmatic struggling for breath, so the lover must struggle for words.”

― T. S. Eliot

“So the lover must struggle for words.”

― T. S. Eliot

“This universe can very well be expressed in words and syllables which are not those of one’s mother tongue.”

― Tahar Ben Jelloun

“Poetry is a form of mathematics, a highly rigorous relationship with words.”

― Tahar Ben Jelloun

“Poetry is not only a set of words which are chosen to relate to each other; it is something which goes much further than that to provide a glimpse of our vision of the world.”

― Tahar Ben Jelloun

“My style of working is I’ll often be behind the camera, or right next to the camera yelling words at people, like, ‘Say this, say this! Say it this way!’ I’ll straight-up give Anthony Hopkins a line reading. I don’t care.”

― Taika Waititi

“As a writer, one is obliged to release her words, to let them live in the world on their own.”

― Taiye Selasi

“I’m at a loss for words. But even my loss is amplified.”

― Talib Kweli

“I think hip-hop is no more misogynistic than America is as a society. I just think hip-hop is a lot more brash, a lot more bold, a lot more loquacious. There are a lot more words that go into a hip-hop song than go into a regular song.”

― Talib Kweli

“I’m still very much in the apprentice stage of writing. I read somewhere that you need to write a million words before you know what you’re doing – so I’m headed that way, but I’m nowhere near there.”

― Tana French

“Words are not even within me. They’re not in my vocabulary to really express the kind of feeling that I had.”

― Tanya Tucker

“I don’t think music affects what words I choose to type in what order, within what punctuation, at this point, because I’m rereading and editing each sentence, at this point, in my published books, probably 100-150 times each, on average, and listening to probably 20-60 different songs in that time.”

― Tao Lin

“’Me too’ was just two words; it’s two magic words that galvanised the world.”

― Tarana Burke

“I would go visit my mom on Sundays, and my brother was working on stuff. I’d go in there and sing a little melody, then we started working with words and the next thing you know it was just born organically without really trying.”

― Taryn Manning

“Mining is a dangerous profession. There’s no way to make a mine completely safe: These are the words owners have always used to excuse needless deaths and the words miners use to prepare for them.”

― Tawni O’Dell

“The Alanis Morissette tour, everybody thinks that was all sitting around, lighting candles and talking intelligently about synergy and big words. That band was so gnarly. We were such scumbags. Alanis had no idea. We were like Van Halen.”

― Taylor Hawkins

“I’ve always loved silent movies. I recently saw ‘Tilly’s Punctured Romance’ at the Academy, which is the first comedy made with Charlie Chaplin in 1914, and I sat there, and I couldn’t believe that the entire audience of 2,000 people were laughing that hard from a movie made in 1914 – and there were no words; it was all faces.”

― Taylor Negron

“Guarding your heart and protecting your dignity are a little bit more important than clarifying the emotions of someone who’s only texting you back three words. I’ve learned that from trying to figure out people who don’t deserve to be figured out.”

― Taylor Swift

“Poetry and lyrics are very similar. Making words bounce off a page.”

― Taylor Swift

“The truth of it is that every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation, so make your words count.”

― Taylor Swift

“You want to know what judicial activism is? Judicial activism is judges imposing their policy preferences on the words of the Constitution.”

― Ted Cruz

“We need a commander in chief that speaks the truth. We will not defeat radical Islamic terrorism so long as we have a president unwilling to utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’.”

― Ted Cruz

“I clearly understood the concept of wise use before I ever heard the actual words, for my father wouldn’t allow us to waste anything.”

― Ted Nugent

“We try to guide with a light touch. Sometimes we can be helpful, and my goal with my team, both on the series side and on the film side, is that the collaboration should always be invited. In other words, we’re not looking to impose our view on the filmmaker; we hire a storyteller because we love the story, and we love their ability to tell it.”

― Ted Sarandos

“It’s very, very exciting for me to hear my songs on the radio and to play shows and have people know the words.”

― Teddy Geiger

“For purposes of marketing, writers are designated as poets, novelists, or something else. But writing is about matchmaking, an attempt to marry sensations with apt words.”

― Teju Cole

“I can remember the frustration of not being able to talk. I knew what I wanted to say, but I could not get the words out, so I would just scream.”

― Temple Grandin

“I had problems getting my words out. If people spoke directly to me, I understood what they said. But when the grownups got to yakking really fast by themselves, it just sounded like ‘oi oi.’ I thought grownups had a separate language. I’ve now figured out I was not hearing the hard consonant sounds.”

― Temple Grandin

“Language just gradually came in, one or two stressed words a time. Before then, I would just scream. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t get my words out. So the only way I could tell someone what I wanted was to scream. If I didn’t want to wear a hat, the only way I knew to communicate was screaming and throwing it on the floor.”

― Temple Grandin

“It is very humbling to receive the Fields Medal. The words of a Fields Medallist carry a lot of weight within mathematics – for instance, in framing future directions of research – which means that I have to watch what I say more carefully now!”

― Terence Tao

“When I know I’m going to work on a cover, I practically run to the computer! After working with words for so long, it’s lovely to do something that’s creative yet also the professional equivalent of scribbling in your own coloring book.”

― Teresa Medeiros

“There are two words that send romance authors into spasms of rapture: ‘Downton Abbey.’”

― Teresa Medeiros

“Xi has made plain that he will no longer tolerate hearing the words ‘human rights’ spoken out loud in the same sentence with the word ‘China.’”

― Terry Glavin

“Mind you, the Elizabethans had so many words for the female genitals that it is quite hard to speak a sentence of modern English without inadvertently mentioning at least three of them.”

― Terry Pratchett

“The only thing I have done religiously in my life is keep a journal. I have hundreds of them, filled with feathers, flowers, photographs, and words – without locks, open on my shelves.”

― Terry Tempest Williams

“I will never be able to say what is in my heart because words fail us, because it is in our nature to protect, because there are times when what is public and what is private must be discerned.”

― Terry Tempest Williams

“It’s what all writers dream of, that our work finds a measure of immortality that long outlives the words of any critic.”

― Tess Gerritsen

“What President Bush has done speaks more than words about his feeling of compassion and commitment to people.”

― Thad Cochran

“I can hardly find the words to describe the peace I felt when I was acting. My dysfunctional self could actually plug in to another self, not my own, and it felt so good.”

― Thandie Newton

“Not many people get to say, ‘I’m a WWE champion.’ It’s pretty incredible just to hear those words coming out of my mouth.”

― The Miz

“I remember travelling up and down the road, and I kept journals during my whole career, and I was always making notes about things I wanted to say, words I wanted to create, actions I wanted to do, things I wanted to do to make the character more imaginative and fantastical.”

― The Ultimate Warrior

“Now begins a torrent of words and a trickling of sense.”

― Theocritus

“Individual tribes or, in other words, races or stocks, are the constituent elements of the earliest history.”

― Theodor Mommsen

“Proletarian language is dictated by hunger. The poor chew words to fill their bellies.”

― Theodor W. Adorno

“I prefer to make common cause with those whose weapons are guitars, banjos, fiddles and words.”

― Theodore Bikel

“The play is always fresh to me. It’s not the audience’s fault that I’ve said the words before.”

― Theodore Bikel

“Words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean. Little audible links, they are, chaining together great inaudible feelings and purposes.”

― Theodore Dreiser

“I’ve always written very tightly, and there’s a good reason for that. There’s no point in using words that you’re not going to apply.”

― Theodore Sturgeon

“Once I had all the facts in, I found I didn’t have the immoral courage to pull the caper. So I wrote it as a story. As a teenager, I didn’t have any skills for writing as such, so it came out in 1500 words.”

― Theodore Sturgeon

“Here’s the point to be made – there are no synonyms. There are no two words that mean exactly the same thing.”

― Theodore Sturgeon

“Art is beauty, the perpetual invention of detail, the choice of words, the exquisite care of execution.”

― Theophile Gautier

“My hope is for a literature that raises the language above the ordinary, makes words both functional and emotional, and to resonate at the frequency of the human spirit – the skill and insight of the writer lifting the parochial novel above the level of regional concern. Making it personal, national, and universal.”

― Theresa Breslin

“My buildings don’t speak in words but by means of their own spaciousness.”

― Thom Mayne

“Nothing is so galling to a people not broken in from the birth as a paternal, or, in other words, a meddling government, a government which tells them what to read, and say, and eat, and drink and wear.”

― Thomas Babington Macaulay

“The king is so subtle with his words that he would confound the apostolic religion itself. He will find the weak points of the pope’s character and will trip him up to his destruction.”

― Thomas Becket

“Silence is more eloquent than words.”

― Thomas Carlyle

“Be not a slave of words.”

― Thomas Carlyle

“Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.”

― Thomas Gray

“Dialect words are those terrible marks of the beast to the truly genteel.”

― Thomas Hardy

“When Roy Jones was young, he glowed. There was an aura about him, and words came out of his mouth like bursts of machine-gun fire.”

― Thomas Hauser

“A wise man should so write (though in words understood by all men) that wise men only should be able to commend him.”

― Thomas Hobbes

“Words are the money of fools.”

― Thomas Hobbes

“A moment’s thinking is an hour in words.”

― Thomas Hood

“It is in our lives and not our words that our religion must be read.”

― Thomas Jefferson

“Literature is the stringing together of pictures in words.”

― Thomas Kinkade

“Sometimes you just need words on a page to memorize.”

― Thomas Middleditch

“There is no greater impediment to the advancement of knowledge than the ambiguity of words.”

― Thomas Reid

“I rap on ‘Front Porch Junkies’ and ‘Whatcha Got in that Cup.’ I try to channel my inner Lil Wayne and Drake. It’s fun to be able to freestyle over a country melody and say country words over a rap song.”

― Thomas Rhett

“Words may be false and full of art; Sighs are the natural language of the heart.”

― Thomas Shadwell

“Wishful thinking is not idealism. It is self-indulgence at best and self-exaltation at worst. In either case, it is usually at the expense of others. In other words, it is the opposite of idealism.”

― Thomas Sowell

“There is no question that liberals do an impressive job of expressing concern for blacks. But do the intentions expressed in their words match the actual consequences of their deeds?”

― Thomas Sowell

“Sometimes when you remember yourself in a big, big fight, and you remember being very emotional, you use words, and you react in a way that you take back some hours later.”

― Thomas Tuchel

“Lyric writing is an interesting process in Sonic Youth. There’s three people writing now, and we’ve all had a lot of interest and involvement with expression through words.”

― Thurston Moore

“I remember reading Dr. Seuss books, and he’s rhyming so many words together and I just loved the way it sounded. It became a challenge for me, to put words together that nobody would ever think about putting together.”

― Tierra Whack

“When I’m recording, I usually just mumble and hum a melody and then fill the words in as I go.”

― Tierra Whack

“There are worse words than cuss words, there are words that hurt.”

― Tillie Olsen

“Never comment on a woman’s rear end. Never use the words ‘large’ or ‘size’ with ‘rear end.’ Never. Avoid the area altogether. Trust me.”

― Tim Allen

“It was really hard explaining the Web before people just got used to it because they didn’t even have words like click and jump and page.”

― Tim Berners-Lee

“I have a problem when people say something’s real or not real, or normal or abnormal. The meaning of those words for me is very personal and subjective. I’ve always been confused and never had a clearcut understanding of the meaning of those kinds of words.”

― Tim Burton

“It was a weird reaction to ‘Batman Returns,’ because half the people thought it was lighter than the first one, and half the people thought it was darker. I think the studio just thought it was too weird – they wanted to go with something more child- or family-friendly. In other words, they didn’t want me to do another one.”

― Tim Burton

“People enjoy sitting back knowing they won’t hear a lot of four-letter words.”

― Tim Conway

“To be functionally fluent in a language, for instance, in most cases you need about 1,200 words. To acquire a total of vocabulary words, if you really train someone well they can acquire 200 to 300 words a day, which means that in a week they can acquire the vocabulary necessary to speak a language.”

― Tim Ferriss

“When I was 11, I developed a new symptom – the worst one yet: I had to touch people before I talked to them. When I say ‘had to,’ that’s exactly what I mean: if I didn’t touch them first, I literally couldn’t form the words.”

― Tim Howard

“What Jerry has done, in a masterful way, is go through and select portions of the Scripture and put words in Jesus’ mouth that are legitimate because they already appear in the Bible.”

― Tim LaHaye

“I just see myself as someone who has a bit of a way with words, basically.”

― Tim Minchin

“I like stories, and I really like words. So I like stories that rely on dialogue.”

― Tim Minchin

“Inside I feel much like a 12-year-old or a 17-year-old who knows big words.”

― Tim O’Brien

“No matter how wonderful the story, it has to move on something, and that is language. The words that I use, the pace, the rhythm and cadences all need to be there. If they’re not there, the story is like a boat that just sits there and doesn’t move on the ocean.”

― Tim O’Brien

“There is people who make stuff with words. There is people who make stuff with programs. And I really believe that that whole creative culture, people didn’t realize how creative programming is. And anybody who’s done it of course knows that not only is it creative, but it’s incredibly absorbing.”

― Tim O’Reilly

“When President Bush left office, the deficit was approximately $500 billion. It is now approximately now $1.5 trillion. In other words, President Obama has essentially tripled the deficit.”

― Tim Pawlenty

“One of the problems with musicals and opera is you can’t ever hear all the words.”

― Tim Rice

“I like to write in fairly everyday language – I’ve always tried to write lyrics that, if people would speak the words, it wouldn’t sound like a song.”

― Tim Rice

“Microsoft’s intentions must be judged by Microsoft’s actions, not Microsoft’s words. Their actions speak plainly enough: they are working to turn today’s open-PC ecosystem into a closed, Microsoft-controlled distribution and commerce monopoly.”

― Tim Sweeney

“The minor choices we make are themselves a kind of vote. Our words and gestures, or their absence, count very much.”

― Timothy D. Snyder

“When listening to politicians, distinguish certain words. Look out for the expansive use of ‘terrorism’ and ‘extremism.’ Be alive to the fatal notions of ‘exception’ and ’emergency.’ Be angry about the treacherous use of patriotic vocabulary.”

― Timothy D. Snyder

“Think up your own way of speaking. When we repeat the same words and phrases that appear in the daily media, we accept the absence of a larger framework.”

― Timothy D. Snyder

“Humans can no longer ignore nonhumans: they end up haunting the words we use and interrupting everyday talk.”

― Timothy Morton

“Why does Medicare have such difficulty accommodating a cut – no, wait, a trim to its annual spending increase – of two measly percentage points? Two words: baby boom.”

― Timothy Noah

“Obama’s gift for delivering set-piece oratorical tours de force had special resonance to Americans fed up with a president who could hardly string two words together without a collision of syntax and whose idea of clever was the single entendre.”

― Tina Brown

“This is what I want in heaven… words to become notes and conversations to be symphonies.”

― Tina Turner

“In Buddhism there are words you can say… as you say the words with rhythm the conscious tells the subconscious.”

― Tina Turner

“I didn’t quite realise until we started to put together our first cut of ‘Wonderstruck’ how much time is spent with no words spoken whatsoever.”

― Todd Haynes

“I don’t know what the inspiration for most of songs really mean until I finish them. For the most part, I’m going for a visceral impression, and I write the words last.”

― Todd Rundgren

“It’s no longer necessary to slave over the vocals. I don’t sing the lyrics until I write them, and singing is the very last thing I do. I record the entire track, and then I worry about lyrics and vocals. The music will suggest where the words are going to a certain extent.”

― Todd Rundgren

“There is a responsibility as president to choose your words carefully, especially on foreign policy, and to speak as clearly as possible.”

― Todd Young

“I would have to work on the song and figure out how they wanted the song done, because they’re such high-intensity songs. We figure that out first, then I go back and listen to it and go over and rehearse stuff with it and try to get a feel for the words.”

― Tom Araya

“I don’t think anything about a personal legacy. I mean, those words would never come out of my mouth unless I just repeated them. Those things have never been important to me.”

― Tom Brady

“David Brinkley was an icon of modern broadcast journalism, a brilliant writer who could say in a few words what the country needed to hear during times of crisis, tragedy and triumph.”

― Tom Brokaw

“Once the words of a book appear onscreen, they are no longer simply themselves; they have become a part of something else. They now occupy the same space, not only as every other digital text, but as every other medium, too.”

― Tom Chatfield

“The earliest known writing probably emerged in southern Mesopotamia around 5,000 years ago, but for most of recorded history, reading and writing remained among the most elite human activities: the province of monarchs, priests and nobles who reserved for themselves the privilege of lasting words.”

― Tom Chatfield

“As a medium, electronic screens possess infinite capacities and instant interconnections, turning words into a new kind of active agent in the world.”

― Tom Chatfield

“Vast volumes of mixed media surround us, from music to games and videos. Yet almost all of our online actions still begin and end with writing: text messages, status updates, typed search queries, comments and responses, screens packed with verbal exchanges and, underpinning it all, countless billions of words.”

― Tom Chatfield

“Donald Trump may occasionally say things that are controversial or even objectionable to some, but those are words.”

― Tom Cotton

“I don’t do nonfiction anymore. Eventually, you just feel constrained by the facts. You want to go where the words take you, and people’s actual lives don’t always conform. And you can’t know them that well.”

― Tom Drury

“I’ve always really enjoyed sounds and alliteration and funny words and funny melodies.”

― Tom Green

“I try and do 2,500 words a day, every day of the year.”

― Tom Holt

“When I write, I see the pages in my head, not the words.”

― Tom King

“In my youth there were words you couldn’t say in front of a girl; now you can’t say ‘girl.’”

― Tom Lehrer

“I always prided myself on at least trying to be literate and use the right words, and if the audience didn’t get it, then they could go home and look it up.”

― Tom Lehrer

“When I was in college, there were certain words you couldn’t say in front of a girl. Now you can say them, but you can’t say ‘girl.’”

― Tom Lehrer

“Songs are about just being totally honest and putting those words to music.”

― Tom Odell

“The training of a journalist, of working with words for thousands of hours, is extraordinarily useful for a fiction writer.”

― Tom Rachman

“If I had been asked to write 1,200 words for a newspaper tomorrow, on any subject, I would just do it rather than leave a white hole in the page. And I think it’s a very healthy attitude to take to writing anything.”

― Tom Stoppard

“I don’t believe there is something called ‘film’ and something called ‘theater,’ and that words belong in the theater. Some rather bad films have few words in them; some good films have a lot of words in them.”

― Tom Stoppard

“This epidemic of student demands for ‘safe places’ to protect against threatening words and ideas would make a great science fiction film, but unbelievably, events seem to be outpacing the political imagination.”

― Tom Tancredo

“Sometimes words are just music themselves. Like ‘Chicago’ is a very musical sounding name.”

― Tom Waits

“You know that something is really well written when you have to think so little about the words that are coming out of your mouth, and you’re able to dwell in your own headspace to get there.”

― Tom Weston-Jones

“I used to go through the dictionary looking for unusual but nontechnical words. At one time, I thought the greatest word was ‘jejune’ and I would throw it into every piece because something about it appealed to me.”

― Tom Wolfe

“That’s mostly what the Internet is, just passing the time. But unfortunately you are dealing with words that can have meaning.”

― Tom Wolfe

“The ‘New York Honk,’ as it was called, was the most fashionable accent an American male could have at that time, namely, the spring of 1963. One achieved it by forcing all words out through the nostrils rather than the mouth. It was at once virile… and utterly affected. Nelson Rockefeller had a New York Honk.”

― Tom Wolfe

“Comedy is the ultimate truth. Jazz is hitting the notes that that no one else would hit, and comedy is saying words that no one else would say.”

― Tommy Chong

“I can remember, at the start of my career, there were reports of about 100 words here and there, and they would have got your name wrong or the name of the scorer wrong. It just wasn’t taken seriously at all.”

― Toni Duggan

“When there is pain, there are no words. All pain is the same.”

― Toni Morrison

“You marvel at the economy and this choice of words. How many ways can you describe the sky and the moon? After Sylvia Plath, what can you say?”

― Toni Morrison

“What my family’s been through I can’t even put into words. We’re very close.”

― Tony Bellew

“The uncut diaries are 16 million words. It’s very tiring to do your diary every night before you go to bed.”

― Tony Benn

“Choice dependent on wealth; those are the Tory words.”

― Tony Blair

“When you hear the words ‘magic’ and ‘story’, they will probably evoke thoughts of your favourite fairy tales from childhood. Storybook pages abound with all manner of magic: fantastical fairies, wish-granting genies, or even a certain boy wizard.”

― Tony DiTerlizzi

“There are things that can only be said with a good string of cussing. I’m definitely fond of a few choice words. They say things that nothing else can say. Gotta love it.”

― Tony Hale

“Words can make the illness a subject I can master, and not one that one simply emotes over.”

― Tony Judt

“In the grip of a neurological disorder, I am fast losing control of words even as my relationship with the world has been reduced to them.”

― Tony Judt

“I write plays and movies, I live and work at the borderline between word and image just as any cartoonist or illustrator does. I’m not a pure writer. I use words as the score for kinetic imagistic representations.”

― Tony Kushner

“In other words, Social Security is every bit as insecure as the stock market.”

― Tony Snow

“Swavey is the movement. Three words… It’s Unique, it’s true, and it’s yourself. It’s a very unique thing: it’s true to yourself, and it’s all about you just being yourself.”

― Tory Lanez

“I realized little by little that words are very powerful, and taking those words to encourage people rather than tear them apart was the desire of my heart.”

― Tracie Peterson

“I enjoy the research and love actually creating the words. There’s not too much I find a drudge when it comes to writing.”

― Tracie Peterson

“Putting my words piece online was an important part of my plan to help women learn how to love themselves and have a better life.”

― Tracy McMillan

“Some actors are better with words than me. I prefer to play it rather than say it – and keep people thinking.”

― Travis Fimmel

“It’s a good challenge as an actor to express feelings without saying too many words.”

― Travis Fimmel

“I’m attached to the beat. The beat speaks words. I love music.”

― Travis Scott

“Obviously, there’s always a battle over philosophical leanings and persuasions, but the bottom line here is that Americans need to understand that this is an ideology in jihadist terrorism that is dangerous beyond words, and we need the moderate Muslim voices to be heard here if this is to be diminished in Islam itself.”

― Trent Franks

“A poor choice of words conveyed to some the impression that I embrace the discarded policies of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by my statement.”

― Trent Lott

“Photographs don’t ‘reveal’ much at all but instead help us generate a kind of visual vocabulary that we can use to make sense of the world and direct our attention to certain things around us. In other words, they help us learn how to see.”

― Trevor Paglen

“Perhaps ‘photography’ has become so all-pervasive that it no longer makes sense to think about it as a discreet practice or field of inquiry. In other words, perhaps ‘photography,’ as a meaningful cultural trope, is over.”

― Trevor Paglen

“Rappers tend to use words sometimes that just rhyme and don’t really mean nothing.”

― Trick Daddy

“As the words of my book, ‘The Bloodless Revolution,’ accumulated, I envisaged a parallel growth: the stack of pages they would have to be printed on, thousands of times over; every page representing a slice of forest, a belch of fumes and a squirt of toxic ink.”

― Tristram Stuart

“It feels like an easy sum to gauge the balance between forests and, say, the proliferating free newspapers that litter our public transport. This noxious combination of words and paper represents a clear-cut crime against the biosphere.”

― Tristram Stuart

“Orthodoxy is like an abyss of beauty that’s just endless. I have read the Bible many times. But after fasting, and being baptized Orthodox, it’s like reading a whole new Bible. You see the depth behind the words so much more clearly.”

― Troy Polamalu

“Pride is tough. You go to high school, and its ‘pride,’ ‘courage;’ it’s all these types of words that we use to motivate us. I don’t think there’s anywhere in the Scriptures through the saints’ lives where pride was ever a positive characteristic of anybody.”

― Troy Polamalu

“To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music that words make.”

― Truman Capote

“We can never intimidate and discourage the people who voice their words with courage. The essence of freedom rests precisely here – in the freedom of expression of the people. And we must protect it.”

― Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj

“You can’t fix a problem if you don’t have the words to describe it. You can’t even think about it clearly.”

― Tucker Carlson

“Everyone reads the same words in a book but has a very clear picture of their own.”

― Tuppence Middleton

“By the time I was in my teens, I was reading science fiction. I had this maternal uncle who had cartons of books. It’s important to read because you have to fill your head with words.”

― Twinkle Khanna

“When your name is Twinkle, you are a bookworm, and a fat child, then you have to be ready to be made fun of. As a child, I used my fists a lot, but then the tongue seemed like a better option. So I started using words as a sword to jab fun at myself.”

― Twinkle Khanna

“I like crisp words like ‘blimey’, ‘yikes’, ‘crap’ which describe consternation, embarrassment, and sometimes wonderment without making me type so many alphabets.”

― Twinkle Khanna

“I’ve had my nose in a book my whole life. I never thought it would be useful, but it is now. What’s really nice is that I don’t have a photographic memory, so words get blurred, thoughts get mixed up, and they come out as something new.”

― Twinkle Khanna

“I have always been immersed in a world filled with words, earlier as a reader and now, finally, as both a reader and a writer.”

― Twinkle Khanna

“There is obviously a power and a truth in action that doesn’t lie, which words easily can do.”

― Twyla Tharp

“I think throughout the day; there are always lines or certain words, and I’ll just keep notes in my phone. It might just be one or two words, and then that could inspire a whole song, lyrically.”

― Tyler Joseph

“A transposable aphorism is a malaise of the urge to be witty, or in other words, a maxim that is untroubled by the fact that the opposite of what it says is equally true so long as it appears to be funny.”

― Umberto Eco

“The intricacies, the problems, the trials and tribulations in relationships inspire me to give words to people’s journeys.”

― Umera Ahmad

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”

― Unknown

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

― Unknown

“Actions should speak louder than words.”

― Urmila Matondkar

“What I want is for people to really grab hold of language and not be nervous about it. ‘The Word Spy’ is all about diving in and playing with words.”

― Ursula Dubosarsky

“The artist deals in what cannot be said in words. The artist whose medium is fiction does this in words. The novelist says in words what cannot be said in words.”

― Ursula K. Le Guin

“I have no words to express and completely speechless to talk about him. I am a big fan of Vidyut.”

― Urvashi Rautela

“In English, the sounds and melodies I created were an inspiration to me, and words came to me as I explored the sounds, and from there I was able expand on the meaning.”

― Utada Hikaru

“But in Japanese, there’s actually not much of a relationship between the music and the words.”

― Utada Hikaru

“The deeper the experience of an absence of meaning – in other words, of absurdity – the more energetically meaning is sought.”

― Vaclav Havel

“I really do inhabit a system in which words are capable of shaking the entire structure of government, where words can prove mightier than ten military divisions.”

― Vaclav Havel

“My talk is inside of the cage. This is my real words where I talk every time. I think this is really important. You can speak before the fight on whatever you want, but inside of the Octagon, inside of the cage, it shows who you are. You can speak whatever you want, but who you are is who you will be inside the cage.”

― Valentina Shevchenko

“These are issues we’ve been grappling with since the Constitution was written: how you hold your government to account for its words and deeds. It’s all about power and the abuse of power.”

― Valerie Plame

“With acting, when you’re reading a script, you’re regurgitating someone else’s words. There’s a whole part of your brain that’s off duty.”

― Vanessa Lachey

“Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause.”

― Victor Hugo

“At the end of day, what matters most to God, what moves His heart, isn’t our fancy words and impressive possessions – it’s the condition of our hearts.”

― Victoria Osteen

“It’s important to recognize that forgiveness is more than mere words; it’s a heart attitude that induces a spiritual transformation.”

― Victoria Osteen

“Of all the haunting moments of motherhood, few rank with hearing your own words come out of your daughter’s mouth.”

― Victoria Secunda

“I don’t like the ‘must’, the ‘always’, and the ‘never’ words. I don’t like ‘no’ either.”

― Viggo Mortensen

“Usually the characters I play are men of few words, who communicate in non-verbal ways.”

― Viggo Mortensen

“My grandmother taught me how to read, very early, but she taught me to read just the way she taught herself how to read – she read words rather than syllables. And as a result of that, when I entered school, it took me a long time to learn how to write.”

― Vik Muniz

“Too many trees are killed to print the words of people who may not have all that much to say, and authors and journalists are equally culpable in this regard.”

― Vikram Seth

“Anil Kapoor is fantastic. Words fall short to see his determination.”

― Vikrant Massey

“Since Kennedy’s death, the nation has not seen, in any of his successors, his cosmopolitan intellectualism or the oratorical eloquence with which he sought to lead the nation by the power of his words.”

― Vincent Bugliosi

“With Damageplan, we had to endure the Pantera fans, because Pantera is what they really wanted. But with Hellyeah, at a show in Baltimore, the crowd knew all the words.”

― Vinnie Paul

“My mom’s gonna be the biggest star – mark my words right now!”

― Vinny Guadagnino

“Someone enjoys your batting, and someone, your humour. Since I’m not batting any longer, I can at least say some words, so people enjoy and give me compliments, too.”

― Virender Sehwag

“Shakespeare had found language for the agony of living with one’s own mistakes. There were words for finding yourself isolated with your failures. Phrases for discovering that you were wrong, all, all wrong, wrong, wrong.”

― Virginia Euwer Wolff

“Good shot, bad luck and hell are the five basic words to be used in a game of tennis, though these, of course, can be slightly amplified.”

― Virginia Graham

“We can best help you to prevent war not by repeating your words and following your methods but by finding new words and creating new methods.”

― Virginia Woolf

“Harmony is an obscure and difficult musical science, but most difficult to those who are not acquainted with the Greek language; because it is necessary to use many Greek words to which there are none corresponding in Latin.”

― Vitruvius

“We were very deliberately not playing 12-bar structures, blues structures, which rock musicians turned into such a cliche. We tried to… listen to the rhythms within ourselves and take the normal words we used every day in our normal thoughts, which girls hadn’t written about before.”

― Viv Albertine

“Writing is so much about rhythm. If you’ve got another rhythm in the room, it spoils the rhythm of the words.”

― Viv Albertine

“Shaw is like a train. One just speaks the words and sits in one’s place. But Shakespeare is like bathing in the sea – one swims where one wants.”

― Vivien Leigh

“The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.”

― Vladimir Nabokov

“Poetry involves the mysteries of the irrational perceived through rational words.”

― Vladimir Nabokov

“How can a bureaucrat or a politician be trusted if he says loud words for the sake of Russia’s good while trying to take his funds, his money abroad?”

― Vladimir Putin

“One great use of words is to hide our thoughts.”

― Voltaire

“One merit of poetry few persons will deny: it says more and in fewer words than prose.”

― Voltaire

“I’ve read that an average dog possesses a vocabulary of 200-300 words, which is enough for him to have his own Twitter account.”

― W. Bruce Cameron

“Every great man, every successful man, no matter what the field of endeavor, has known the magic that lies in these words: every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”

― W. Clement Stone

“When you have mastered numbers, you will in fact no longer be reading numbers, any more than you read words when reading books You will be reading meanings.”

― W. E. B. Du Bois

“The words of a dead man are modified in the guts of the living.”

― W. H. Auden

“The idea of writing, to me, was, from the beginning, was writing something which was a little different from the ordinary exchange of speech. It was something that had a certain formality, something in which the words were of interest in themselves.”

― W. S. Merwin

“I overuse words. My kids catch me saying stuff. They’re like, ‘Hey, you say that all the time.’ ‘Boom’ is one of those things.”

― Walker Hayes

“I’m a very lucky man. It’s a beautiful thing for a writer, to see people allowing your words to enter their own unconscious and their souls.”

― Wallace Shawn

“In poetry, you must love the words, the ideas and the images and rhythms with all your capacity to love anything at all.”

― Wallace Stevens

“Human behavior in the midst of hardship caught my attention very early on, and my first stories were all pictures, no words.”

― Wally Lamb

“Apple very deliberately – and this was very much Steve Jobs’ point of view – Apple has concentrated its cloud efforts on being invisible. So in other words, stuff just would sync and appear. You change your contacts on one of your devices, and it would appear on all your devices changed.”

― Walt Mossberg

“The words of my book nothing, the drift of it everything.”

― Walt Whitman

“Public opinion is a permeating influence, and it exacts obedience to itself; it requires us to drink other men’s thoughts, to speak other men’s words, to follow other men’s habits.”

― Walter Bagehot

“There was a film called ‘FM,’ and we were asked to do the title song. And I said, ‘Does it have to have any specific words?’ And they said, ‘No, it just has to be about FM radio.’ It took a day or two to write.”

― Walter Becker

“I’ve got a 12-year-old grandson who, when he was 3 years old, before he could say many other words, could name the different kinds of dinosaurs.”

― Walter Cronkite

“I was a good student, but a speech impediment was causing problems. One of my teachers decided that I couldn’t pronounce certain words at all. She thought that if I wrote something, I would use words I could pronounce. I began writing little poems. I began to write short stories, too.”

― Walter Dean Myers

“Everything that’s created comes out of silence. Your thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence. Your words come out of this void. Your very essence emerged from emptiness. All creativity requires some stillness.”

― Wayne Dyer

“It’s not up to the employer to decide or to figure out what religious problems you may have as an employee. In other words, if I’m inquiring about your religious peculiarities or whatever they may be, I’m invading your privacy about that.”

― Wayne Rogers

“Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.”

― Wendell Johnson

“I’d like to play a guy who doesn’t think so much. I’d like a character whose words come out before he thinks about it. I want a character who is just kind of dumb in that way. A guy who doesn’t have too many dangerous, devious ideas. It would be fun to play a role like that.”

― Wes Bentley

“No, I don’t know why Bobby and Peter Farrelly bothered with a ‘Three Stooges’ movie, either. But if they’re anything like some men I know, their love for Moe, Larry, and Curly (and an assortment of fourth bananas) is deep, abiding, and unembarrassable. In other words: How could the Farrellys not?”

― Wesley Morris

“I think my favorite two words are ‘true blue.’ I think those words are really important, and the spirit of them has been lost.”

― Whit Stillman

“One of the best places to look for value is what I call ‘babies thrown out with the bathwater’ – in other words, scour the most out-of-favour sectors for good companies whose stocks have been crushed due to overblown concerns about the industry that do not, in fact, have an impact on the company.”

― Whitney Tilson

“The first novel I wrote was a monster – clocking in at 180,000 words – but it died a death, a death it deserved. It was called ‘The Gods First Make Mad.’ It was a good title, but it was the only good thing about the book. I didn’t let that put me off.”

― Wilbur Smith

“In other words, the Church acknowledges Science as the higher authority.”

― Wilhelm Ostwald

“Whether the issue was black political power or nuclear power, Scott-Heron didn’t mince words. His comeback record, ‘I’m New Here,’ doesn’t mince words either, but instead of political battles, these songs suggest he’s fighting personal ones.”

― Will Hermes

“Uncritical semantics is the myth of a museum in which the exhibits are meanings and the words are labels. To switch languages is to change the labels.”

― Willard Van Orman Quine

“I’m just honoring my mother’s words. She always told me, ‘The smaller your work, the bigger your name will become.’”

― Willard Wigan

“Basically, when I hear the words ‘family drama,’ I run in the opposite direction.”

― Willem Dafoe

“We can learn much from wise words, little from wisecracks, and less from wise guys.”

― William Arthur Ward

“Forget words like ‘hard sell’ and ‘soft sell.’ That will only confuse you. Just be sure your advertising is saying something with substance, something that will inform and serve the consumer, and be sure you’re saying it like it’s never been said before.”

― William Bernbach

“I discipline churchgoers with godly lessons and sharp words if they do not change their ways. My goal is to open their hearts so that they seek forgiveness.”

― William Brewster

“Words like feminism or democracy scare me. They are words with barnacles on them, and you can’t see what’s underneath.”

― William Collins

“You are a woman: you must never speak what you think; your words must contradict your thoughts, but your actions may contradict your words.”

― William Congreve

“Put a bridle on thy tongue; set a guard before thy lips, lest the words of thine own mouth destroy thy peace… on much speaking cometh repentance, but in silence is safety.”

― William Drummond

“Drawn by warm nostalgic feelings for the place and by two sweet little words: ‘Open Bar.’”

― William E. Geist

“Writing is finally about one thing: going into a room alone and doing it, putting words on paper that have never been there in quite that way before.”

― William Goldman

“If you’re going to abridge a book in the author’s own words, you can’t go sticking your own in.”

― William Goldman

“There is no more reason why the features belonging to a picture should be distorted for the purpose of such imaginative suggestion than that the poet’s metaphors should spoil his words for the ordinary uses of man.”

― William H. Hunt

“The atoms may be compared to the letters of the alphabet, which can be put together into innumerable ways to form words. So the atoms are combined in equal variety to form what are called molecules.”

― William Henry Bragg

“My mind still runs too fast. If we get the wrong fabric or something is stitched the wrong way, I get so angry and so flummoxed that I start spelling my words, just to slow myself down.”

― William Ivey Long

“We look to the history of the time of framing and to the intervening history of interpretation. But the ultimate question must be, what do the words of the text mean in our time.”

― William J. Brennan, Jr.

“We must teach our children to resolve their conflicts with words, not weapons.”

― William J. Clinton

“We focus upon pairs of words very often which are the same in some areas and different in other areas.”

― William Labov

“I don’t trust novels with points, do you? If a novel is only about a point, the writer should just say it in as few words as possible so we can take it in and go back to watching ‘The Bachelor’ on television.”

― William Lashner

“You can use all the flowery words in the dictionary, but sooner or later, you have to let people know where you stand.”

― William M. Daley

“It took me years to understand that words are often as important as experience, because words make experience last.”

― William Morris

“It’s too bad for us ‘literary’ enthusiasts, but it’s the truth nevertheless – pictures tell any story more effectively than words.”

― William Moulton Marston

“Speak properly, and in as few words as you can, but always plainly; for the end of speech is not ostentation, but to be understood.”

― William Penn

“Words of love, are works of love.”

― William R. Alger

“I see no reason why the artistic world can’t absolutely merge with Madison Avenue. Pop art is a move in that direction. Why can’t we have advertisements with beautiful words and beautiful images?”

― William S. Burroughs

“I welcome new words, or old words used in new ways, provided the result is more precision, added color or greater expressiveness.”

― William Safire

“Stop worrying about the ‘dumbing down’ of our language by bloggers, tweeters, cableheads and MSM thumbsuckers engaged in a ‘race to the bottom’ of the page by little minds confined to little words.”

― William Safire

“When words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain.”

― William Shakespeare

“Talking isn’t doing. It is a kind of good deed to say well; and yet words are not deeds.”

― William Shakespeare

“Words, words, mere words, no matter from the heart.”

― William Shakespeare

“Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”

― William Shakespeare

“As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.”

― William Shakespeare

“Well-written words are music.”

― William Shatner

“A fool and his words are soon parted.”

― William Shenstone

“Images have a unique power to impart that which is beyond words.”

― William Shirley

“Words alone cannot fully convey the realities of the soul or the greatness of the human spirit.”

― William Shirley

“You don’t need many words if you already know what you’re talking about.”

― William Stafford

“Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.”

― William Strunk, Jr.

“A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.”

― William Strunk, Jr.

“Omit needless words.”

― William Strunk, Jr.

“When I’m dying, I want to think I did what I felt was best for the words I was writing. This may mean, at any time, that I won’t be publishable anymore.”

― William T. Vollmann

“There will soon come an armed contest between capital and labor. They will oppose each other, not with words and arguments, but with shot and shell, gun-powder and cannon. The better classes are tired of the insane howling of the lower strata and they mean to stop them.”

― William Tecumseh Sherman

“’Give up… it’s time to quit,’ I don’t think I’ve ever really accepted those kinds of words in my life or vocabulary.”

― Willie Aames

“The Blues are the true facts of life expressed in words and song, inspiration, feeling, and understanding.”

― Willie Dixon

“We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out.”

― Winston Churchill

“Eating words has never given me indigestion.”

― Winston Churchill

“The short words are best, and the old words are the best of all.”

― Winston Churchill

“In the course of my life, I have often had to eat my words, and I must confess that I have always found it a wholesome diet.”

― Winston Churchill

“Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all.”

― Winston Churchill

“Short words are best and the old words when short are best of all.”

― Winston Churchill

“I have never developed indigestion from eating my words.”

― Winston Churchill

“Take it not amiss, O speech, that I borrow weighty words, and later try hard to make them seem light.”

― Wislawa Szymborska

“I’m fighting against the bad poet who is prone to using too many words.”

― Wislawa Szymborska

“I consider the process of gestation just as important as when you’re actually sitting down putting words to the paper.”

― Wole Soyinka

“I grew up in an atmosphere where words were an integral part of culture.”

― Wole Soyinka

“I ceased using words like optimism and pessimism a long time ago.”

― Wole Soyinka

“To make films, it always begins with two words: what and how. First of all, you have to find a story, or what are you going to tell? And you have to find a way to tell it visually.”

― Wong Kar-wai

“Some guy hit my fender, and I told him, ‘Be fruitful and multiply,’ but not in those words.”

― Woody Allen

“My first language is French. I just love words so much, and in French it feels like I can say whatever I want however I want.”

― Xavier Dolan

“I see that it is impossible to remember a long poem without practice and repetition; so is forgetfulness of the words of instruction engendered in the heart that has ceased to value them.”

― Xenophon

“Socrates gave a lifetime to the outpouring of his substance in the shape of the greatest benefits bestowed on all who cared to receive them. In other words, he made those who lived in his society better men and sent them on their way rejoicing.”

― Xenophon

“Thus, that one can find no place to walk through the breadth of the earth is not because the earth is not tranquil but because the danger to every step of the traveler lies generally with words.”

― Xun Kuang

“Words aren’t very good at describing complicated, strange visual things. You can try, and the reader will have some sort of image in their mind, but words aren’t good at that.”

― Yann Martel

“Words are much better at relating emotions and thoughts.”

― Yann Martel

“When the public doesn’t understand me, it’s a battle. So when I choose words, I choose them for their musicality, rhythm, and sense, and I choose the right dialect to express that.”

― Yasmine Hamdan

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

― Yehuda Berg

“If we were handling a bomb which could go off at any minute as a result of our actions, we would mind ourselves and be delicate. Our words have the same power, yet we wield them around as though they were powerless and insignificant.”

― Yehuda Berg

“It is not our sexual preferences, the color of our skin, the language we speak, nor the religion we practice that creates friction, hatred and wars amongst in society. It is our words and the words of our leaders that can create that disparity.”

― Yehuda Berg

“Many can argue that it is our power of intelligence that is the key to the human domination of our planet. I suggest that it is the ability to put our thoughts into words that can be communicated to others.”

― Yehuda Berg

“I’m from the South, and there’s a different understanding of how to chop. There’s a syllable play. It’s a delicate art. Your accent has a lot to do with it. If you’re from a certain area, words don’t roll of your tongue as slick.”

― Yelawolf

“A composition is always more than the sum of its parts. In other words, a really good piece of music is more than itself. It’s sort of like a prism, which you can see from each facet a single totality.”

― Yo-Yo Ma

“I think that there is incredible prejudice about witches while there is no prejudice about wizards. Words are very important, and I’m really into destroying myths.”

― Yoko Ono

“Words are power. And a book is full of words. Be careful what power you get from it. But know that you do.”

― Yoko Ono

“I am righteous and not afraid to speak my truth. My delivery might not always be as diplomatic as I would like it to be, but my words are truthful – spoken from the heart and to the point.”

― Yolanda Hadid

“I have an intense dislike of doctrines, because you will always end up eating your words.”

― Yotam Ottolenghi

“All my music is inspirational. You just gotta listen to the words and get what you can get out of it.”

― Young Jeezy

“I come from a jazzy, acoustic, folky background. Everything has to work with melodies; the words have to have meaning.”

― Yuna

“I kind of always struggled writing in Malay, because Malay is such a beautiful language. And it gets really hard, you know, if you want to make it into a song. You have to make it sound beautiful, use the right words.”

― Yuna

“Google never knew how successful key words would be.”

― Yuri Milner

“Google never knew how successful key words would be. Facebook didn’t know how successful Zynga would be.”

― Yuri Milner

“Poets are seen as the caretakers of language, so working with words no matter what the form is what we do.”

― Yusef Komunyakaa

“I used to like the word of the day and when I read, highlight words that I didn’t know and look them up.”

― Zach Gilford

“To win at Augusta and to win The Open Championship at St. Andrews, it’s hard to put it into words as a golfer, as an athlete, as a guy – I’m not rich in history, I can tell you that. I’m not a great historian.”

― Zach Johnson

“What I look for in a voice is for it to be unique. I don’t really care if a singer sings well. Really, it’s about emotion, or being able to sing the lyrics and actually mean it. A lot of singers sing good notes but forget about what words they use.”

― Zedd

“Where I come from, deeds mean a lot more than words.”

― Zell Miller

“Where can I find a man who has forgotten words so I can have a word with him?”

― Zhuangzi

“You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.”

― Zig Ziglar

“Screaming, it’s not me. I tried it before! Action is more my thing. Not talking. It’s hard for me to have word fights, fighting with words. I’d rather just listen.”

― Ziggy Marley

“Sometimes words are harder than blows.”

― Zinedine Zidane

“I think film writing, you’re thinking in pictures, and stage writing, you’re thinking in dialogue. In film writing, it’s also, you only get so many words, so everything has to earn its place in a really economical way. I think for stage writing, you have more leeway.”

― Zoe Kazan

“In terms of client & press requests, I operate under the assumption that anything I say will be blasted out in public, so I measure my words incredibly carefully because of the scrutiny I’m under.”

― Zoe Quinn

“Shakespeare’s taught me that there are more words in the English language than I have got in my head.”

― Zoe Wanamaker

“I like acting with no lines because all of a sudden you’re able to express things without always worrying about the text. It’s great to have a great text, but there’s a lot of stuff you can’t say in words, and I think there’s something really nice about good physical moments.”

― Zooey Deschanel
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