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Working Dilemma!

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I love working!

But I love the projects that don’t generate money at all.

For example, designing an existing page, fixing fonts, adding a new logo or making videos of that topic using some automated software.

But I don’t love doing what exactly needs to do to grow that website i.e Link Building, Publishing New Contents and so on.

It’s a weird thing!

Every day, I make a plan for the next day and I become determined to do so.

But what happens at next day is – I myself find busy with doing all those mediocre stuff like designing existing pages, fixing fonts and layouts.

The funny thing is that – I also love checking my Amazon, Adsense and other affiliate site’s dashboard to check my daily earnings!

Luckily the stats doesn’t disappoint me as I did some hard work couple of days/months/years ago. And just reaping the benefits of all those good works now.

There is a saying – “What are you doing today, your future will be based on that”.

Its true!

I know.

But I can’t just resist myself doing all those non-sense, unproductive and little to no value task that adds no significance on my earnings and whatsoever.

Just found an article on Medium titled – Benefits of Doing Work You Really Don’t Want To Do

Going to read this tonight.

Let’s see! 🙁

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