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Romero:  Cuban Olympic wrestler and MMA fighter Yoel Romero Palacio (born April 30, 1977) is a Cuban mixed martial artist and former freestyle wrestler.  

Middleweight:  Yoel Romero Cuba Middleweight Racing Positions 22d.

Adesanya:  Most recently, Romero lost to current champion Israel Adesanya in the UFC 248 main event on March 7  

Israel:  The main event between Israel Adesanya and Yoel Romero went 25 minutes without   

Israel Adesanya:  Yoel Romero’s Top Finishes Watch some of Yoel Romero’s best finishes as he prepares for his UFC 248 title fight against Israel Adesanya.  Information Collected from

Knockout: He hasn’t won since a Knockout of Luke Rockhold at UFC 221 in February 2018.

Yoel Romero Quotes

“Where there’s a storm, from one moment to the next, God can bring calm. That’s why I have faith. I confide in him and give myself to his hands.”― Yoel Romero

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“I’ve always said it: God changes all the paths from morning to evening.”― Yoel Romero

“No one wants to work for what they have, to achieve a goal. No one wants to step outside of the house and go for a long run and sweat. Everybody wants to run inside the house, the treadmill. They want to trim up a little excess body fat, but they don’t want to diet and train. Go straight to the lipo and whatever else they do. The easy way out.”― Yoel Romero

“First of all, I am a man of God, and God is love. My expressions are always going to be about love.”― Yoel Romero

“This world is always working against a sense of honor, cleanliness, integrity.”― Yoel Romero

“Doesn’t matter what goes on in my life; I go forward.”― Yoel Romero

“A father is always going to be a hero to his son.”― Yoel Romero

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“I give you something, but I don’t want you to give me something tomorrow. When I give something, it’s because I want to give it.”― Yoel Romero

“My family taught me something: I don’t ask. What’s yours, you do not ask for.”― Yoel Romero

“I have respect for everybody. Dan Henderson is a legend for the sport. GSP, I have good respect for you, too.”― Yoel Romero

“I have great respect for Lyoto Machida.”― Yoel Romero

“I want to fight Bisping, whether it’s for a belt or no belt, because he doesn’t respect my country, my flag.”― Yoel Romero

“The people who critique me are the people who don’t know about the sport. They don’t really know about the rules of MMA. They aren’t a real fan or follower of the sport, or they’re just people who like to talk.”― Yoel Romero

“I have nothing against nobody in the UFC. This is a sport for me.”― Yoel Romero

“To be sincere, I’ve never been mad about what anyone thinks.”― Yoel Romero

“If you’re going to make comments on economy, study economy. If you’re gonna make comments on world history, make sure you learn world history. If you’re gonna save lives and be a doctor, you need to study medicine. Then, you will be able to make comments on economy, on medicine, and on world history.”― Yoel Romero

“The only thing that matters is what God wants, what the fans think, and what the UFC asks for.”― Yoel Romero

“God made man to be free. Anybody can do whatever they want.”― Yoel Romero

“I wouldn’t be the type of person to critique anybody. I’ve got to look at myself first, to be a better person.”― Yoel Romero

“If you go, go, go, you will get tired. So I had to learn to pace myself. I don’t have a problem with five rounds now.”― Yoel Romero

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“I knew that Michael Bisping didn’t have good wrestling or grappling. I knew this guy had nothing for St-Pierre.”― Yoel Romero

“Michael Bisping just speaks to speak; he just talks to talk. He just tries to open his mouth so that something can be heard, but nothing’s going to come out.”― Yoel Romero

“You know Rockhold is a very good athlete and great fighter. He is a champion in Strikeforce, in UFC.”― Yoel Romero

“If I’m number one in the world, it’s for a reason. People can talk about the cardio all they want, but the results show it. So people behind me, they have to have really, really bad cardio also.”― Yoel Romero

“People’s opinions, you’ve got to respect them.”― Yoel Romero

“I never don’t make weight.”― Yoel Romero

“I give the blessings to God, because you have to respect God.”― Yoel Romero

“God blessed me. I help God, too.”― Yoel Romero

“I love Germany. Unfortunately, I had to leave because there wasn’t any MMA clubs where I could train and continue to learn there.”― Yoel Romero

“I want to, when I say things on TV, to talk to the people in English.”― Yoel Romero

“I plan on becoming an American citizen and bringing over my family.”― Yoel Romero

“Time is in God’s hands.”― Yoel Romero

“I have a great passion for boxing. I have family members who are boxers.”― Yoel Romero

“I wish I would have started MMA earlier, but it was out of my hands. It was in God’s hands.”― Yoel Romero

“I’m going to try to continue to try to speak English because I live in the United States.”― Yoel Romero

“I thank God I don’t have a problem with any person. Nobody wants to have a problem with another person. I don’t want it either.”― Yoel Romero

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“It doesn’t matter what happens: God will always be there.”― Yoel Romero

“When you’re in God’s hands, you’re always blessed.”― Yoel Romero

“Time is not of man; it is of God.”― Yoel Romero

“No matter what age you are, as a fighter, your obligation is to win.”― Yoel Romero

“I give the utmost importance to each opponent; otherwise, I can’t move forward.”― Yoel Romero

“If a man puts a lion’s family in jeopardy, what would it do? Would it enjoy fighting? Of course it wouldn’t, but it’s going to fight.”― Yoel Romero

“When you fight to give your family bread, that’s not passion anymore: that’s conviction.”― Yoel Romero

“It doesn’t matter whatever has happened in my life; it doesn’t matter how many ditches I’ve had to go through in my life. I keep going forward.”― Yoel Romero

“People don’t see much further than their noses.”― Yoel Romero

“There was a time in my life I wanted that Olympic medal, and all I did was train, train, train and work harder than ever.”― Yoel Romero

“As an athlete, it’s very important to have an open mind and to be willing to learn.”― Yoel Romero

“You need to learn to improve, and I can say that I learn something every day in the gym.”― Yoel Romero

“God helped me with the desire to be great and the discipline to get myself ready, so I am an example of what can happen if you really put your mind to something and work hard for it.”― Yoel Romero

“This is mixed martial arts, so you have to be good at everything.”― Yoel Romero

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